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The 2004 Live-Action Adaptation of the Viz comic strip Fat Slags. The story follows two immense women from an over-the-top stereotype of the North-West of England going to the slightly less over-the-top stereotype of London, to sit in the Studio Audience of a current affairs show.

While there, they accidentally charm their way into the heart of a multi-multi-multi-billionaire, Sean Cooley (Jerry O'Connell), who has just suffered a severe blow to the head. The blow makes him forget to hide his Chubby Chaser fetish and, when he sees the girls on TV, he gets obsessed with them. He decides to make Fat Admirers the driving force behind all fashion and pop culture, while showering the ladies in gifts and unwittingly causing his besotten Personal Assistant, Paige (Geri Halliwell), to gorge herself into a Big Beautiful Woman. First Britain and then, offscreen, the rest of the world become enthusiastic Fat Admirers and either Big Beautiful Women or those who want to be BBWs.

This film provides examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody: Multiple instances, including a surprisingly in-depth one of Mission: Impossible (1996).
  • Balloon Belly: After the weight gaining trend takes off, Paige is seen unbuttoning her suit jacket to reveal her stomach is already bloated enough from eating to tightly strain the buttons of her shirt - and she obviously wants it to get even bigger.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: The Fat Slags spearhead the countrywide invocation of this trope, as it becomes a trend for all women to emulate them.
  • Big Eater:
    • Obviously the Fat Slags are the fat variety. Shortly after they start dating a multi-trillionaire, we have a scene showing one of the Fat Slags, then panning down her chest to follow a table piled three feet high with ridiculously fattening food for about a full minute before panning up the other Fat Slag. The pile of food is so long, they need a phone at each end to talk.
    • Paige becomes one out of desperation to please and attract Cooley, but soon she begins gorging herself for pure pleasure and gluttony all the same. Best seen when even the failed logic of her plan to fatten up for Cooley is pointed out, she still gluttonously shoves a slab of cake into her mouth moaning with pleasure the whole time.
  • Chubby Chaser: Cooley. Openly, after he gets a blow to the head.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The first we see of the Slags is them grabbing their mailman, dragging him into the house, and then throwing him back out half-dressed and dazed, heavily implying they raped him. This, incidentally, is as close as the film's versions of San and Tray get to the comics version.
  • Evil Brit: Inverted; Sean Cooly, played by Jerry O’Connell, is the only character to have an American accent and is a Rich Bastard as well as the main antagonist.
  • Fartillery: Played straight. Somehow a release of gas causes their gardener to explode and their morning release causes multiple animals to run away.
  • Fetish: Mr. Cooley suffers a blow to the head and suffers a change of personality, including suddenly being a Fat Admirer.
  • Formerly Fit: Paige, desperate to win over Cooley, fattens herself up to try to become attractive to him. She gets very fat in a short amount of time, losing her slender figure to the immense amount of food she stuffs herself with.
  • Hollywood Pudgy:invoked Subverted when Naomi Campbell does a cameo role in which her gain consists of about fifteen to twenty pounds and it is intentionally treated as not enough gain.
  • In Name Only: By the 20-minute mark, the Slags are no longer in-character, are no longer factory workers, and are no longer in Northern England. The existence of Baz and Dave was shoehorned into the film last-minute and is irrelevant to the plot.
  • Love Makes You Dumb: Paige has it pointed out to her that just because she’s getting fat doesn’t mean it’ll actually succeed in attracting Sean. But by this point, not only is Paige still too obsessed with winning over Sean to care, she’s too gluttonous to care and is now addicted to fattening foods.
  • Made of Explodium: The Slags' gardener explodes for no clearly defined reason, after having a fatally squished pet dog thrown into him and then falling into a wheelbarrow. Later on a laptop goes up in a similarly violent explosion, although it's implied at an earlier point that the laptop has a self-destruct mechanism which the Slags inadvertently trigger by whacking it around.
  • Musicalis Interruptus: When one of the Slags gets out of a bathtub, the opera singer who was part of the background music screams in terror, causing the band to halt.
  • Oop North: The Fat Slags, being from the Nottingham area, speak with the appropriate accent.
  • Plot Hole: Cooley was being wheeled in for penis reattachment surgery after Tracy accidentally fell onto the secretary general and the slags were thrown in jail. Yet he's released from the hospital as the secretary general arrives in an ambulance. As Bad Movie Beatdown pointed out, either the poor secretary general had the longest ride to the ER the world has ever seen, or Cooley's delicate and complicated surgical procedure happened at warp speed.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Subverted. Paige loses her figure fattening up to try to please and attract Cooley. By the time she’s grown fat, he’s already snapped out of his public fat fetish and surely wouldn’t love her even now. But now she’s seen how shallow and pathetic he is, and is embracing her new size as a Big Beautiful Woman and moving on from him, even if it cost her her thin body.
  • Status Quo Is God: Subverted - by the film's end they have lost not only everything they've gained over the course of their adventure, but even their house which was gutted to be put on display as a work of art. Their boyfriends manage to return from their little trip to Afghanistan, though how they did so is never explained. The national fad sparked from their shortlived television career also dies off about as abruptly as it began once Cooley stops promoting them.
  • Stock Footage: Of animals (many of them African) running away from the Slags' Fartillery.
  • The Unintelligible: The slags' boyfriends, Baz and Dave. Their thick northern accents and rapid speech are so incomprehensible they're mistaken for illegal immigrants and deported to Afghanistan - the interrogators think Dave, telling them that San gives Baz a "hard-on," actually said "Osama Bin Laden."
  • Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist: San and Tray themselves are very much this.
  • Vulgar Humor: A movie called "Fat Slags" featuring two overweight women who shag and curse their way to the top would necessarily feature at least some of this.