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  • Creator Breakdown: Graham Dury was reportedly so disgusted by the film that he briefly considered discontinuing the strip.
  • Creator Killer:
    • Previously William Osborne had been a prolific screenwriter (most notably on Twins and The Scorpion King). Thanks to this movie and the almost-as-despised live-action movie of Thunderbirds (released a few months previously), he hasn't worked on anything since.
    • Director Ed Bye's career wasn't killed outright, but he never directed another film again, instead going back to his previous role as a sitcom director.
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    • For an Up to Eleven example of this trope? After this film was released, there was serious and honest discussion about whether or not the British film industry was dying.
  • Disowned Adaptation: Graham Dury hated the film so much that he briefly lost the will to draw the comic (and had to be replaced in the meantime). Viz themselves railed on it.
    Not even the most brain-dead teenage moron will find any enjoyment whatsoever in this truly irredeemable crock of horseshit.
  • Franchise Killer: ...or so one would believe from news reports at the time. It was claimed that Graham Dury was so dismayed with the quality of the film (which Viz had no involvement with, having sold off the rights years previously), that he was going to cancel the strip (like so). However, it later turned out that this had been misreported, and it wasn't cancelled.
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  • God Does Not Own This World: Viz had no executive control over the output, and it shows.
  • Reality Subtext: Hard to say whether it was intentional or not, but Paige's weight gain subplot carries an extra layer of subtext when you consider that back in her Spice Girls days, Geri Halliwell wasn't exactly fat per se, but definitely on the curvier side. After quitting the group she lost a lot of weight and has generally been quite skinny since then.
  • Romance on the Set: Jerry O'Connell and Geri Halliwell became involved in a relationship together after working together on the film. The couple eventually split up, however, with Halliwell saying that O'Connell was too "immature".