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This is just the appetizer!
"This... this girl's stomach is a Cosmos unto itself! It's connected to the void of the universe!"
Eating Contest Judge (on Fuu), Samurai Champloo

Characters (who may or may not be fat) that regularly eat enough for an entire football team, often devastating the whole table — and sometimes entire restaurants in their insatiable hunger. Often with a speed-eating technique that makes food seem to vanish spontaneously from the plate. Primarily a comedy trope, a common sight gag with these kinds of characters in cartoons or anime is having piles upon piles of plates and bowls stack up as the character chows down. Cut a Slice, Take the Rest is a common joke involving this type of character, as is I'll Take Two Beers Too.

Extreme Omnivores and people with eating related powers tend to be Big Eaters by default. Large characters, such as the Big Fun and Boisterous Bruiser, tend to be this trope. In fact, the Fat Comic Relief is almost always a Big Eater. However, Big Eaters who remain thin despite their habits are considered the best examples.


Don't interrupt a Big Eater's meal, or worse, try to steal his or her food, as this is a very good way to piss the character off...

Although it's often Played for Laughs, serious examples and deconstructions are known to exist. For example, a Big Eater may be suffering from bulimia or overindulging as a symptom of deeper emotional problems.

Characterization wise it can also be used to fulfill the needs of many Required Secondary Powers adding depth to a trait commonly dismissed as a comedic quirk and make a character's abilities more believable. Characters with a Healing Factor, Super Speed, or the ability to change shape and size, don't have to flout the laws of physics, they can simply explain that the extra mass and energy come from their over the top eating binges. Magic users in general can use this trope and say that they cast from their calories, which would explain why mages are often rather thin characters (though obese wizards aren't unheard of).


In action series, this is often a trait belonging to the Kid Hero, Boisterous Bruiser or other types of high energy characters. Because many wild animals exhibit this in real life it's also a popular trait for Wild Child and Raised by Wolves characters.

In comics and manga it's become common to make a Comically Serious character or badass a Big Eater as a way to add a humorous quirk that doesn't take away from the character's seriousness. A common justification for a female big eater is that all the fat goes straight to her breasts. Consequently, female characters with big boobs are often big eaters. Occasionally they have Bizarre Taste in Food or are Obsessed with Food when not eating.

Truth in Television, though without proper exercise it can lead to obesity. People with higher metabolisms are better able to avoid weight problems caused by overeating and teenagers are known for being able to eat amounts of food that will make them fat if they continue to eat like that in their 20s and beyond. Vegetarians can come off as this - because vegetable matter doesn't contain a lot of calories. Most wild animals need to be this because they usually have no idea when or where their next meal will be, especially in harsh environments like deserts or the arctic.

See Extreme Omnivore for when someone doesn't limit themselves to things usually considered food. If two Big Eaters are pitted against each other it's an Eating Contest. For a villain that has this as their biggest vice (especially an obese villain), see Villainous Glutton. Players can invoke this trope in any video game where the characters have a Hyperactive Metabolism and eat food to heal their injuries. Characters who have this kind of metabolism paired with such an appetite often Never Gets Fat. Compare Really Fond of Sleeping, which has a similar attitude toward sleeping and also are themselves likely to be a Big Eater. Characters like this may have a Delicious Daydream or sing an Ode to Food.

Don't expect the question of how exactly they manage to compact so much material into the space of a human stomach to be addressed.

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    Asian Animation 
  • In Motu Patlu, Motu seems to love eating food in general, but in particular he's crazy for samosas and will do just about anything to eat them.
  • Paddi of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is known to eat a lot of food, particularly cake and candy. He likes candy so much that he builds a house out of it in the Joys of Seasons episode "Candy House Fantasy".

    Audio Plays 
  • Tenshou Academy has a couple of these.
    • Satsuma, resident smart guy who eats constantly to make up for all the calories he burns while thinking.
    • Mike, who asks for seconds mere minutes after he'd been ladled out an o-mori (ginormous) portion of curry rice.

    Card Games 
  • Magic: The Gathering:
    • The Atog creature type are a race of these. The original ate artifacts, but subsequent Atogs ate things such as enchantments, dead creatures, other Atogs, and time.
    • Similarly, anything with the devour ability, which can eat any number of other creatures when it's summoned to grow bigger.
  • The Emperor in Yu-Gi-Oh! is one, given the art of Tyrant's Tummyache.
  • Tachyon in Sentinels of the Multiverse uses calories to fuel her super-speed. In the baseball-themed card game Bottom of the Ninth, which has a jokey expansion using Sentinels characters, she gets paid in food, "a decision the League regrets".

  • New Zealand comedian Billy T. James had this as part of one his jokes. He and his friends roll up to a fast food joint and are asked to take their order. He asks for "Five burgers, six fries, eight Cokes..." before turning to the back and asking "You guys want anything?".
  • Jim Gaffigan makes a lot of jokes about himself being this. Many of his routines are food-related, such as the "Hot Pockets!"
  • The late John Pinette also did a lot of jokes about food and his weight.

  • In the Kinsey Sicks song "Don't Rein in My Buffet" Rachel almost leaves the show she's performing to go chow down at the buffet in the casino next door.
  • "Me So Hungry," a parody of 2 Live Crew's "Me So Horny."
  • "Three Hundred Pounds Of Hongry," a song from the perspective of a Chubby Chaser (who seems to be something of an encourager) rhapsodizing over a Big Attractive Person Of Indeterminate Gender (who seems to be something of a feedee).
  • In Mamamoo's "Um Oh Ah Yeah" MV, Wheein plays a chubby guy who is eating or drinking something in every shot he is in.
  • In the Jonathan Coulton song "Big Dick Farts a Polka," the titular professional Gasshole:
    Now, Big Dick started dinner with some cabbage and some greens,
    Some broccoli, a pair of turkey legs,
    Some jalapeño poppers and a tub of kidney beans,
    Several liters of cream soda and a dozen deviled eggs.
  • "Just Eat It" by Whale Island (鯨魚島樂隊).
  • "What did Mrs. Goldfarb have for breakfast?" in Allan Sherman's Grow Mrs. Goldfarb? (To the tune of "Glow Mr. Glowworm")
    You had for breakfast two pounds bacon,
    Three dozen eggs, one coffee cake and
    Then you had something really awful,
    Four kippered herrings on a waffle,
    Nine English muffins, one baked apple,
    Boston cream pie, Philadelphia scrapple,
    Seventeen bowls of Crispy Crunch,
    Then you said "What's for lunch?"

    Myths & Religion 
  • Heracles (also known more commonly as Hercules) was often portrayed as having a huge appetite, especially in ancient Greek comedies, which fit well with his Boisterous Bruiser personality.

  • Riley from Less Is Morgue is shown to consume people, huge quantities of food, and in one instance, a whole goat. They even end up with a Balloon Belly after comfort-eating four whole meals in Episode 9.
  • Sequinox has Tellie, who will eat anything but food. Somewhat justified in that it's an Earth spirit and believes it's cleaning up trash, but it considers almost anything trash (cameras, clothing, cars, you name it). More mundanely are Chell and Sid, notably when they arrive at the Fall Festival and declare their intent to eat their weight in fried dough. Chel's player Jake even compares Chel to Rusty from Oceans Eleven 2001.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • The Wild Samoans were known for coming to the ring devouring raw fish.
  • Royal Hawaiian would devour two pineapples at a time on her way to the ring in GLOW.
  • Sky Deviler was always hungry in Kaiju Big Battel.
  • At Smackdown in Iraq, John Cena rapped about his opponent Big Show and how unlikely he was to lose to him because "This ain't no pie eating contest!". Kurt Angle would later make the same joke, proclaiming he would accept Big Show's challenge to any athletic competition, but warning him that pie eating contests did not count as athletic. Eddie Guerrero once gave Big Show diarrhea after conning him into eating a tainted burrito.
  • Alicia Fox has the reputation of eating everything but her own cooking.
  • Dolph Ziggler confirmed this, saying that a mere one hour workout will make him hungry (granted, his is probably a little more intense than average Joe) and that he is always looking for something to eat.
  • At Sudbury for Pro Wrestling Eve, Alpha Female went to market in between workouts(which consisted of pressing Nikki Storm) to obtain meat, which she ate raw after rinsing in a sink.
  • DTU and AAA wrestler Niño Hamburguesa, who routinely breaks out sandwiches before his matches are even finished.
  • The motif of Ryback, right down to his theme opening with "FEED! ME! MORE!"

    Puppet Shows 
  • Eureeka's Castle has Emma which is funny, since not only is she a small mouse, but she is smaller than the main characters.
  • The puppet for Jacques Chirac in Les Guignols de l'Info is portrayed as a Big Eater, always willing to devour large quantities of food. This is an exaggeration of the real-life Jacques Chirac, who has nonetheless the reputation of a healthy appetite.
  • The Funday Pawpet Show's Hugh Manatee is always looking for mass quantities of chalupas. From the 420 show... "The Heart Attack Grill".
  • Animal on The Muppet Show is both a Big Eater and an Extreme Omnivore.
  • In Thunderbirds, the eldest Tracy son Scott has next to no self-control when it comes to his beloved apple pie.
  • The Dark Crystal and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: Villainous Glutton skekAyuk the Gourmand, the most voracious of the Skeksis. He likes sweet liquors and hot spices, and he boasts to have a different menu for every feast. He's in charge of the Crystal Castle's kitchens and feasts, and cares little for etiquette, possessing few table manners and shamelessly urinating in public.
  • The Letter People: If it's not enough that Mister M's sound is "Munching Mouth", his song cements his status this way as he lists foods starting with M that he loves to eat. And if that's still not enough, his introductory episode had him at a market, eating foods beginning with M, making a mess.
  • Sesame Street: Cookie Monster. "ME WANT COOKIE!!!"
  • The Adventures of Slim Goodbody: The Gobbler was an obese mafia-esque villain whose sole purpose in life in his introductory episode seemed to be to eat as much as possible, to the point where he had his henchman hypnotize an entire city's children into losing their appetites so that he could eat all their food!

  • "The Stoned Pelican": Mike August, a frequent guest on The Adam Carolla Show, is notorious for never turning down free food, ever, even if he just ate and it's the same thing he just ate (famously once eating a free steak at a live show and then eating another one when Adam took the gang out later).

  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues has Emmanuel, a Formerly Fat super-speedster who burned off all his weight but kept his healthy appetite- in fact, it's necessary for him to eat lots so that he can regain all the calories he loses speeding around. His introduction has him scoffing down a classroom's worth of cookies after Mirielle drops them.
  • Ronove in The Gamer's Alliance eats a lot and always seem to stay hungry no matter how much he has eaten. His favourite foods are strawberry cakes and sand gnome legs.
  • In Survival of the Fittest, Reika Ishida is shown to be one of these in pre-game, judging by the fact that when she orders something from A&W she gets a large hamburger meal alongside some chicken all for herself, and then snags some of the KFC bucket her sister and a friend are sharing. Note that this is a 4'9 tall and 95 pound teenage girl. Jay Holland also shows tendencies of this when he orders six McDoubles that have fries inside them, small cups normally used for condiments to be filled with Oreo McFlurry, four more burgers stacked together, a bunch of milkshakes, a large Pepsi, and coffee at a McDonalds. Though, he does use the justification that he just survived a terrorist attack, so he has the right to get fat.

  • Algernon Moncrieff from Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest. In his Establishing Character Moment, he's seen eating the cucumber sandwiches his butler left for his aunt. In fact, it's Lampshaded by the protagonist Jack Worthing on more than one occasion — including his very first line!
  • Little Red Riding Hood from Into the Woods is described as being rather plump, and when she's at the Baker's she nearly cleans him out of his bread and sweets. She says it's for her grandmother, but she ends up eating all of the sweets along the way as well as half of a loaf of bread. When she gets eaten by the wolf later on, who just at Granny as well, the narrator laughs and comments that it was a full day of eating for both.
  • Falstaff from Shakespeare's Henry IV plays. In addition to being a drunkard, he runs up quite the food bill at Mistress Quickly's.
  • The titular protagonist from Ubu Roi attends a banquet his wife cooked up for their various co-conspirators including such delicacies as "tarty-farts", "turkey bum", and "balogna soup". Upon realizing that his wife is going to give away all that lovely food, Ubu chases the others out with a toilet brush so he can finish it himself.

  • Flick-to-Stick Bungees: Kitor, a character from the Bionic Bungees set, is described in his bio as having a habit of gobbling up metal without considering whether the other Bungees will need it.
  • The Transformers: G1 Sparkabot Guzzle is described in his bio as having originally been known to his friends for his extremely energy-efficient alt-mode, but after the war broke out he upgraded himself to transform into a powerful tank. This caused his fuel consumption rate to skyrocket by a factor of 100, so he has to consume massive amounts of Energon to stay operational.

    Web Animation 
  • Nora in RWBY Chibi can eat a whole cake in one go, and devour stacks of pancakes and still be hungry for more. If she eats too much, she gets a Balloon Belly, but it goes away when she burps. Yang is jealous. It's presumably because she really does have a Hyperactive Metabolism- the warm-up to her workout is enough to leave the others exhausted, so she probably needs to eat so much just to stay on her feet.

    Web Videos 
  • Like Doug Walker in the Real Life example down below, The Nostalgia Critic seems to live off booze, cereal and junk food but never gets spots or looks fat.
  • The guys from Epic Meal Time, who routinely prepare massive dishes with five- (sometimes six-) figure calorie counts and then eat them on camera. What probably helps their frames is that Harley is rather tall and Muscles Glasses (a personal trainer in real life) is often hitting the gym.
  • Ian and Anthony of Smosh both qualify, although Ian seems to be the bigger eater.
  • Steve 1989 MRE Info: Some of the rations Steve features include multiple meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, all of them high calorie and designed to keep soldiers on their feet and he lets nothing that's edible go to waste.
  • Strippin jokingly refers to himself as a food disposal unit, and the premise of one of his challenge videos is to face off against Smiffy from Hat Films in a burger eating contest, with the forfeit being that the loser is slapped with a half-eaten burger. Smiffy wins. It is worth nothing that Strippin gets away with this since he is very well-built and does lots of exercise to counteract this. Since moving to LA in early 2014, this has started to catch up with him.
  • Not exactly thin, but beefy/muscular Pretty Dudes character Jay is constantly eating.
  • Turpster, by reputation. Smiffy of Hat Films says that Turps has bought an entire family bucket meal from KFC and eaten all of it, himself. He and Turps have a gentleman's agreement that they will, at some point, do an eating challenge.
  • The chefs from Epic Meal Time
  • Simon Lane constantly jokes about this in Yogscast real life videos, with a joke in "Kicky Kicky Flow" about his consumption of Jaffa Cakes.
  • While Mario isn't exactly fat, in The Sonic Amigos he eats all of his and Luigi's spaghetti offscreen. Maybe.
  • Lulu from Cream Heroes is notorious for his large appetite and us usually the first in line when Claire brings out treats. Lala also counts, as she's never far behind him when food is concerned. Kittens Toto and Dodo both have large appetites and copy some of Lulu's antics in the hopes of getting more food.
  • Boris from Life of Boris always cooks in servings that would feed multiple at once, or one hungry Boris. His food also tends to be loaded with sugar and carbohydrates or deep-fried in sunflower seed oil.


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