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Thin Characters

  • Coraline sure enjoys eating, to put it simply.
  • In the animated adult parody film Tarzoon: Shame of the Jungle, Tarzoon encounters the Everything-Devouring Multitudinous Munchers who eat everything in sight. They devour three people, a tree, several hippopotamus, an alligator, an ostrich, a giraffe, and several water buffalo all in a manner of seconds.
  • In The Return of Hanuman, Maruti is a Big Eater. As a baby, he drank milk from two buffaloes. It only made him look like an elementary school student when he's only three months old. He's not done there yet. He ate all the food supplies from the village where he lives in one night. He also ate bread his friend's mother was making until all of the ingredients were finished.
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  • In Beauty and the Beast, Gaston sings about how, when he was a lad, he ate four dozen eggs every morning to help him get large, and now that he's grown, he eats five dozen eggs, so he's roughly the size of a barge. Though he's more muscular than thin. He also took a bite out of a leather belt, although he did that just to spit it out afterwards.
  • Don Lino & his piranahas from Shark Tale.
  • Su in Mulan II is always very excited whenever food gets involved. It certainly does make her Birds of a Feather with Chien Po below.
  • Ichabod Crane from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, he is tall and bony but he can pack away large quantities of food in a manner of seconds.
  • In Penguins of Madagascar, not only does Rico eat everything, but he can also cough up whatever he ate on cue. Skipper and Mort become this after they've been mutated.
  • Frozen:
    • It may not be that evident, but Princess Anna is implied to be one. She sings about wanting to "Stuff some chocolate in [her] face", finishing Hans' sentence with "sandwiches" in their song, and when she blabbers about the wedding ceremony with him, one of the the first details she goes through is that "there'll be soup, roast, and ice cream".
    • Sven the Reindeer is pretty much always thinking about lots of carrots. Always trying to eat the one off Olaf's nose. Though he manages to suppress himself in the end.
  • Meeko the raccoon from Pocahontas is a very obvious one. He loves to eat whatever he can find, even if it means stealing from Percy.
  • It's never shown but supplementary material The Little Mermaid say that Andrina is one of these. All of Ariel's sisters have a Trademark Favorite Food but she likes everything.
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  • Kung Fu Panda: Similar to Po below, Shifu has been shown putting away large amounts of food in a very short amount of time, most notably during the dumpling fight - 10 or so, each the size of his mouth, within 2 seconds.
  • Ratatouille: As a food critic, Anton Ego has a passion for food. He even says "I don't like food, I love it".
  • One of Beauty's sisters (the redhead who wears a yellow dress) in the second Golden Films version of Beauty and the Beast she's almost always eating sweets in most of her scenes and she brags about eating ten pies and cakes in one sitting, despite this she never seems to put on any weight.
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The corrupt Mayor Shelbourne takes this Up to Eleven by eating tremendous amounts of food non-stop from Flint's new food weather machine. It goes to the point where he even turns from a rather small and skinny-looking guy into a monstrously obese blob who needs a scooter for mobility. He even thoughtlessly orders an all-you-can-eat-buffet on Flint's new machine, which, after he unintentionally destroys the machine, causes the entire food apocalypse (but still pins the blame on Flint for what happened). He also devours his entire sandwich boat, which leaves him stranded in the middle of the ocean.
  • Little Angels: The Brightest Christmas has Zeke Eaterman, who excitedly gives Daniel food and goes on and on about the contents of his gigantic sandwich. Later, he offers Daniel even more food before he leaves, before deciding that he needs another snack.

Fat Characters

  • Kung Fu Panda: Po eats all the time, but especially when he is upset. That is what makes the climactic dumpling fight so significant; when he finally wins the dumpling and throws it back to his master, it's a welcome sign that he has grown beyond needing that kind of emotional crutch. Furthermore, his girth actually turned out to be vital in his fight with the villain Tai Lung. His fat protects his pressure points.
  • In Yellow Submarine, a denizen of the Sea of Monsters vaccuums up other monsters... it then vaccuums up the submarine...then vaccuums up the background art...then, spotting its own twitching tail, vaccuums itself into nonexistence, leaving the sub slowly spinning in a featureless white void.
  • Russel the hedgehog from Once Upon a Forest.
  • Madagascar's Gloria, apparently her favorite breakfast is six loaves of wheat toast, buttered on both sides, with no crust
  • Helsa from The Princess and the Pea.
  • Felicia, Ratigan's cat from The Great Mouse Detective
  • Ferdinand from Tom and Jerry: The Movie, a spoiled dog so fat he has to get around on a skateboard.
  • Chien Po in Mulan to the point where he is shown eating a bowl of rice randomly in the middle of a brawl, is the only named character to engage in the "order" pun that annoys Chi Fu, and declares he doesn't care about what his potential girlfriends look like or wear—as long as they provide him with food. In the sequel, he ends up with another Big Eater, Su.
  • Spike in The Land Before Time and its sequels.
  • Pig from Home, for a cat, anyway. How many cats do you know that could scarf down an entire hot dog in a few seconds?
  • In the Cosgrove Hall production of The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship, the Glutton is replaced by the Forester's Wife, who - though she is introduced sharing a basket of bread and cakes with the rest of the group - gives no indication of her ability to tuck in. When the Tsar lays out the task that the group must eat an entire feast or be beheaded (long story) she attacks the food with gusto, at one point even forgoing a drinking mug and just drinking wine straight from the spigot. When the Tsar then rolls out a feast table full of desserts, everyone else gets an Oh, Crap! look on their face. The Forester's Wife just licks her lips and goes at it again.
  • Rolly from 101 Dalmatians. "I'm hungry" is his catchphrase.


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