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Extreme Omnivore

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Matter-Eater Lad doing what he does best.

"If it looks good, eat it. And it all looks good to me."
Andrew, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

The Extreme Omnivore will eat just about anything out of hunger or curiosity, so long as it looks like food. And sometimes even when it clearly doesn't. They don't fear the Lethal Chef, and you will never hear them say I Ate WHAT?!

There are two versions of this trope:

  1. Unpicky Eater: The milder of the two and can apply to ordinary unpowered individuals. This character is willing to eat things that may be perfectly nutritious, but are either considered unhygienic (e.g., it fell on the floor, or another character has been eating it, or it's expired and/or spoiled), or taboo (e.g., insects, horseflesh) in that character's society. They may be indifferent to, or ignorant of, the social conventions that keep most people from eating those things, or they might be from another culture or species where such things are accepted. Perhaps they may just be so desperate for food that they don't care, in which case that would overlap with Too Desperate to Be Picky. Often they have a Bizarre Taste in Food. This version can exist in real life. They may also be the only one who likes food produced by the Cordon Bleugh Chef or the Lethal Chef.
  2. Can Eat Anything: For super powered individuals there may be overlap with type one via Personality Powers. They can and will eat anything, even things that would make a person gravely sick if they consumed them in real life. Rocks, sticks, dirt, metal... nothing is too tough for this character to eat, and they can digest it with few ill effects. They can digest completely inedible items and may either have strong enough teeth to bite through said material or stomach acid that can digest it as a Required Secondary Power. Their stomach may also be able to hold an excessive amount of food. If a video game character, they are likely to be able to consume their foes whether living or not.

Both versions may also be open to the idea of cannibalism when the opportunity presents itself.

Please note that instances of someone being forced to eat something disgusting or inappropriate isn't Extreme Omnivorosity. Likewise for unintentional ingestion. A true Extreme Omnivore has a long-term pattern of eating everything knowingly, willingly, and usually cheerfully.

Compare Paste Eater. Horde of Alien Locusts can be an entire species of this. Extreme Omni-Goat is a subtrope where this applies to goats. A character like this is likely to be a Big Eater, though a Big Eater generally restricts themselves to things ordinarily considered food. Compare Extreme Omnisexual. Contrast Picky Eater.

Don't Try This at Home, seriously. People have died trying to eat things not meant for human consumption. At best, you'll feel sick to your stomach. At worst, you'll die because of it.


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  • For a few McDonald's commercials, Ronald McDonald and the McDonaldland gang knew a diminutive monster named Bernice who tended to eat anything. For one ongoing series of commercials, she ate a movie script that Ronald needed, and Ronald had to use things like an X-ray and a flashlight on her to find out what the script said. (In the second case, she ate the flashlight.)
  • Played with in a Canadian commercial for Tim Horton's. A group of Big Eater types are talking about their gastronomical adventures. One subverts the game by telling the group about a nice bowl of chicken stew he ate..."And then I ate the bowl!" The ad is for Timmie's stew in a bowl made of bread.
  • At the end of the infamous Nickelodeon Egg and Spoon Vanity Plate, the egg monster turns to the viewer and eats the camera like it's nothing more than pie.

    Comic Strips 
  • Garfield fits this.
    • He'll eat anything that's edible, including things like chocolate that would kill a real cat. Although even he has his limits - he hates raisins, and Jon's cooking at times. He also refuses to eat mice, much to Jon's disappointment.
    • He's eaten a few inedible objects too, although in most cases it's by accident because he's shoveling down his food so fast he doesn't realize until it's too late. Deliberate examples include swallowing the TV remote to keep Jon from getting it, and eating Jon's wallet because it was made from cowhide. On another occasion, he starts eating the fridge after finding it empty, and says that he's "had worse".
  • Get Fuzzy: Satchel is one; he has eaten seat cushions, candles, and the remote for the TV.

    Fan Works 
  • While it was already clear in canon, in the Steven Universe fic Selaginella Lepidophylla, Amethyst discusses marinating something in soap as part of her meal.
  • In The Parselmouth of Gryffindor All food gets magically vanished — turned into magical energy — the moment it enters his body, anyway, so Maximilian pulls no stops and does things like eating the wrapping along with the candy.
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures fic Queen of All Oni, after Jade becomes a Shadowkan girl once more, her appetite and metabolism go way up, and in one chapter, she eats a rib, BONE AND ALL!
  • In the Jackie Chan Adventures and Teen Titans crossover fic A Shadow of the Titans (by the same author), this is also true, and focused more on, with Jade lampshading it multiple times, and Jinx making a Running Gag out of asking Jade if she's part goat or something (to be clear, she once bit the tongs off her spoon, and only noticed when she tried to pick up another bite!).
  • In Twila The Girl Who Waz In Luv With A Vampyre, the protagonists eat Bella's bed after they kill her "so there would be no evidenze (lol geddit like evinezenze.)"
  • In Hard Being Pure, Noa cannot properly eat like a normal person, and instead gains sustenance from the matter she disintegrates through her telekinetic power. She can use her power to digest just about anything.
  • In several Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfics, Doc Boy from Garfield would often show up or be mentioned. In these fics, he's been known to eat ANYTHING, including people.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series has DreamFuture!Calvin and Hobbes forced to eat tires while deserted. Later in the same episode (after the dream ends), Calvin remarks that gum ointment is somewhat tasty and contemplates eating a tire.
  • An aged-regressed Reimu from the later parts of the Gensokyo 20XX series. Slightly justified because she was mentally conditioned to not have a sense of danger or question anything that doesn't seem right (her own reasonings, especially), so, besides Sniff Sniff Nom or putting things in her mouth in general, she'll eat anything the other kids might find disgusting or get bored of.
    Reimu:"I like ratburgers."
    Sakuya: "Reimu, you eat anything in which it is you pick up[...]"
  • L is this in Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami. At one point, the narration casually mentions him eating a TV remote.
  • Blackjack, from Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons, starts out as just an unpicky eater, nomming down happily on a Lethal Chef's cooking and Foreign Queasine with gusto, but when she's augumented, it really takes off. Bonus points go to when she's hit with an assassination attempt and, instead, eats the knife.
  • A good chunk of humor in Harry is a Dragon, and That's Okay is Dragon!Harry being able to eat virtually anything. He's eaten everything from plastic packaging, hedge trimmings, metal cutlery and glitter to potion ingredients and Howlers. Once the House Elves get wind of this, they start serving specially marked Harry-only dishes made with otherwise inedible ingredients, like metal and hemlock. The hemlock was actually a poisoning attempt, but Harry didn't notice.
  • After transforming into a dragon in Enter the Dragon, Harry Potter eats pretty much anything and everything, with a particular fondness for petrol and steel. The only material Harry is shown to dislike the taste of is wood. When he gets a cave to use as a lair, Harry expands it by eating the stone until he decides his lair is big enough.
  • Humans and dinosaurs in Tyrant Kings are noted as being the only sapient species that can safely consume both dextro and levo amino based foods, whereas every other race will at best gain no nutrition from one and at worst have a fatal allergic reaction.
  • Izuku in Eater has a Quirk called Real Eater that lets him eat anything including things that have no substance like laughter, Quirks, and his injuries (not his flesh, the fact he was injured at all).
  • In The Nightmare House, baby Lily Loud doesn't know what a mortgage is, so she dreams it's a ravenous beast named Mor-Gaj, who eats money, Rita's purse, and tries to eat her.
  • The Secret Return of Alex Mack: The Downingtown Blob appears to be able to consume any organic matter and grow larger; even upholstery is fair game. It can be injured by fire or electricity, but will immediately consume the damaged cells and thus minimise its losses.
  • With This Ring: The orange light is the light of avarice, so as his skills progress, the protagonist is able to use it to "consume" anything, even intangibles like magic. He's not literally eating things, but at a conceptual level, his ring is feeding on them.

  • Ghouls from Less Is Morgue will eat pretty much anything - examples in the show so far include both living things and corpses, as well as glue, soap, straight mayonnaise, a car tire, bugs, and rodents. It's pretty gross.
  • Tellie from Sequinox is able to consume anything inorganic because it's not part of the Earth. Technically this means it's supposed to eat trash, but in the end it eats basically anything put in front of it except for food. And Tootsie Rolls.

    • The Spikit. It has been known to tear parts off people's cars and eat them.
    • The Kinloka Rat. It can and will eat anything and everything.

    Visual Novels 
  • Amnesia: Memories' fandisc Amnesia LATER: Ukyo gets a pasta dish, loaded with extra spicy habanero sauce he knows nothing about, adds tabasco on top and eats it. The guys that put the habanero sauce on there as a prank are amazed that Ukyo ate it without flinching or even commenting on the taste.


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