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  • In the Whateley Universe Tennyo is a Big Eater, but she's not always picky. In one story, some horrific part-Were part-animal part-Mythos monsters invaded the Whateley Academy campus and she ate them.
    • She also eats ectoplasmic monsters called spider-rats that a demon lord summons. When the big showdown between her and the demon comes and he summons a bunch of insect-like demon warriors, she somehow eats their souls. The demon is naturally terrified of her and begs her friend to get her to spare him.
  • SCP Foundation
    • SCP-524 ("Walter"), a rabbit which eats anything. No, really, anything. Including himself.
    • SCP-913 ("Mr. Hungry") is normally a regular Big Eater, but will eat any solid matter he can get his hands on if he doesn't get enough to eat.
    • D-43134, who had already gotten the nickname 'Goat' from the other D-Class for being able to tolerate the disgusting food that the Foundation gives them, drank a solution of water mixed with SCP-1049-J, which transformed his digestive system into being able to digest rock, metal, etc.
  • Steve 1989 MRE Info: Steve is a downplayed example, being a regular human with a Bizarre Taste in Food and a penchant for old military rations. He has regularly commented when something looks like it might be spoiled, and then confirms by eating it, and then kept eating it to completion. Only a handful of times has he had ill effects from eating food with a shelf life years out of date.
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  • In episode 8 of The G Mod Idiot Box, RED Scout eats BLU Scout's Force-A-Nature. After daring BLU Scout to Rage Quit, he gets kicked, which apparently is enough to set off the gun inside him, sending him flying into the blades of RED Heavy's flying machine.
  • In We Are Our Avatars
    • Kelly Distasio is "Matter Powered". Thus, she can eat practically anything to gain energy.
    "Wuah~ Can I eat it?"
    • Since Glutonny is a personification of the sin itself, she can and loves to eat anything.
  • The youtube sensation of Epic Meal Time features a group of drunken Canadians who like to eat heinously fatty and sugary meals of 3,000+ calories!!!
  • "Brad Tries...", where Brad Jones eats weird food and drinks sodas which stopped being manufactured years, if not decades, ago.
    • Others have taken to similar stunts, including Ashens, who has been opening and tasting(but not actually consuming, because that would likely kill him) food that expired decades ago- including a bottle of 130 year old olives.
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  • Giratina The Second deserves a mention in The Pokédex - Extended Fanon Edition, where it is stated that Cynthia has discovered the critters will drink anything and everything ranging from water to art paintings and scientific research equipment. At least he's diligent enough to eat at scheduled times, on his desk. Which he then also eats.
  • Not Always Right features this customer, who is concerned that he won't be able to replace his ticket if he eats it. Then he worries about eating the ticket and the receipt.
    “Yes, I eat things, I can’t help myself.”
  • Rhett & Link's Will It videos on Good Mythical Morning mainly consist on them trying a meal or snack with an unusual combination. They start with food items that aren't normally used, then they try combinations with something that's edible but one wouldn't want to eat (e.g. worms, fish eyeballs, etc.)
  • Youtube channel Kluna Tik has Charlie, a Venus Flytrap that has been fed numerous foods and is a type 1. Kluna himself is a type 2, having eaten money, a first aid kit, art supplies, sewing supplies, grass, wood, paint, lit candles and other otherwise inedible objects. Albeit with a safety warning in the videos saying that it's not real, to prevent viewers from actually trying to do any of this.
  • Fluffle Puff has eaten a lot of things that aren't supposed to be eaten (ranging from foam packing peanuts, to Monopoly house, to even part of her own Rebus Bubble), in addition to her unusual (for ponies) appetite for meat.
  • Jack Vale Films: One series of pranks is about pretending to eat goldfish.
  • Danny Gonzalez: One lyric from "Yummy" has him declare he'll eat a person's feet, and then their shirt.


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