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I Ate WHAT?!

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Gneelicks: (proudly) The Food of the Future! Chlorella algae.
Buster: (spitting out his mouthful) WHAT! You're serving us pond scum?

This trope covers instances in which a character eats or drinks something unaware of what they're consuming and then finds out what it is, to their dismay. Typically results in a Spit Take, Vomit Discretion Shot (or not), Discreet Dining Disposal, or some other response once the discovery is made.

Almost always produces lots of squick and Nausea Fuel. Might lead to It Tastes Like Feet when the dust settles. Often played for laughs as a form of Vulgar Humor. A common lead-up is to have the unfortunate consumer use Sommelier Speak to describe the item's supposedly rich and complex flavor before being told that what was consumed was not the delicacy they originally thought it was.

This trope often overlaps with others such as Foreign Queasine, Reduced to Ratburgers, Gargle Blaster, Masochist's Meal, Fire-Breathing Diner, and Asians Eat Pets. Bob unknowingly drinking Rigelian bloodwine ("a delicacy on my planet!") is this trope if Bob retches and then pours it onto an unsuspecting potted plant. Alice not knowing what chicken eggs are and unknowingly eating them, only to Spit Take upon learning they come out of chicken bottoms, is this trope as well.

Occasionally subverted by having a character (an Extreme Omnivore, perhaps) find out what they are consuming, then just shrug their shoulders and keep on chowing down.

Compare Eat That and Secret Ingredient. Contrast with Bizarre Taste in Food and Unconventional Food Usage. Also see Cordon Bleugh Chef, Lethal Chef and Evil Chef, three people who may be involved with this trope. Cool, Clear Water might be in play for the drink-based version of this trope. Subtropes include You're Drinking Breast Milk, Revenge Is a Dish Best Served, The Secret of Long Pork Pies, and Pooping Food. The darkest possible variation is Familial Cannibalism Surprise.

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  • One commercial begins with a couple waking up to their kids serving them pancakes in bed. The dad takes a big bite as the mom realizes something and whispers to him, "We don't have the stuff to make pancakes." That's when it's revealed to be a commercial for Pepto Bismol. The extended version of the commercial takes it even a step further as the girl proudly adds, "We made the syrup too."
  • One 2001 FedEx commercial had a group of Japanese businessmen taking a call from their Texan client, expressing thanks to him for the shipment of beef jerky they're eating at the moment.
    Client: Gee boys, wish I could take credit, but I didn't send y'all any jerky.
    Businessman: You didn't?
    Client: No. Last gift I sent you was that box of filet mignons about two months ago. Y'all got that, didn't ya? [the businessmen examine their "jerky" in horror, then run to puke somewhere]
  • One Canadian Cheese commercial in the mid-90's had Mina cook Dracula a lovely casserole, containing "...a single clove of garlic!" as its final ingredient. Dracula has just swallowed (with a cartoony "GULP!" sound-effect), and has an expression you'd expect from someone with a severe allergy who's just been told a half-second too late.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Battle Girls: Time Paradox has Hideyoshi become sick, so Nobunaga gives her a secret medicine passed down through the Oda family for generations. Sengoku-era medicine happens to be boiled dried horse manure, mixed in with some slugs and worms. It bears repeating: slugs and worms mixed into horse manure, passed down for generations. And they wonder why Hideyoshi's fever gets worse.
  • In Beastars, Legosi is invited to dinner by Yafya, the current holder of the Sublime Beastar title, who serves him the most delicious carrots Legosi has ever had. Then Yafya reveals that the carrots are fertilized with the corpses of carnivore criminals that Yafya has murdered, and threatens to do the same thing to Legosi if he doesn't apologize for being born a carnivore. Legosi responds to this by ripping out all of his own teeth.
  • Count Cain plays this absolutely for drama in Doctor Jezebel's backstory, showing him to have been a sensitive child who loved his pet lamb Snark, and hated to eat meat because he didn't like the thought of animals dying to sustain him. His father told him one night that he could see Snark if he polished off his dinner. Guess what dinner was.
  • Chilchuck and, later, Marcille from Delicious in Dungeon both suffer major freak outs when they find out Laios added fish men eggs to their porridge. Apparently they made it nice and crunchy.
  • Variant: Noi and Shin in Dorohedoro aren't thrilled to find out what they've eaten in En's restaurant. It's mushrooms, no real alterations there... but they were originally people En transformed with his magic.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Dragon Ball: Launch serves Krillin and Master Roshi fish. They say it is excellent, then she says it is puffer fish. They freak out and end up bedridden from the poison. Goku is spared because he lost the trial Master Roshi had put him and Krillin through in which only the winner would get to eat dinner. A trial Krillin won by cheating.
    • Dragon Ball Z: Majin Buu offers Hercule some candy that he transformed some people into. The horrified Hercule spits it out when Buu turns his back. Subverted, because Hercule knew the candy was made of people from the get-go, and only put them in his mouth in the first place to avoid angering Buu.
  • Occurs halfway into The Draw of Cambyess (a one-shot manga from Fujiko Fujio), when the protagonist, Sark, unexpectedly gets flung several millennia into the future from Assyrian times from entering a dimensional portal. He meets a mysterious young woman, Estel, who apparently lives alone in a scientific facility, and dines with her only to find out the food was made of Human Resources.
    Young woman: We had a draw. We went into cold sleep 23 times. I'm the only one left.
    Sark: That means... that meat cube...
    Estel: Uncle Henry. He WAS a kind man.
    [cue an epic Oh, Crap! on Sark's face]
  • In Fate/Zero, Zouken Matou feeds Kariya a Crest Worm to increase his magical powers. After he eats it, Zouken reveals that worm had previously violated Sakura and stolen her virginity. Kariya flips out and cries, while Zouken enjoys seeing him suffer.
  • In Heterogenia Linguistico, the werewolves give Hakaba an unknown but tasty circular disc of food for breakfast. When he asks what it is, they answer with a word he doesn't know yet. Later, he checks the Professor's notes and discovers it's a slice of giant earthworm. In a later chapter he eats some fresh worm guts, knowing exactly what they are, and admits it's pretty good.
  • More of an "I Drank What?" example happened in episode 3 of Is the Order a Rabbit?. Sharo suggests an unnamed herbal tea for Cocoa. She then brings out some cookies, but Cocoa says they aren't sweet. Sharo then tells her that the tea she drank numbs your tongue's sweet receptors for a short while.
  • Chapter 13 of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War ends with the reveal that the coffee that Kaguya and Shirogane were drinking was actually Kopi Luwak (i.e. processed from civet droppings).
  • In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, just when a humongous flaming asteroid is closing in on Dream Land, most of the citizens decide to reveal secrets they kept from their friends, with Chef Kawasaki revealing to Ebrum and Like that he accidentally fed them something that they shouldn't have eaten. They both react with shock and beg Kawasaki to not say whatever it was as they're better off not knowing what they ate.
  • In chapter 31 of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life, Kanna makes some homemade candles shaped like brands of chocolate and chocolate-shelled ice cream as her summer craftwork for school. The candles get accidentally eaten by Ilulu looking for a late-night snack. She admitted they were delicious (and tasted a little like wax) while apologizing.
  • In NPC, Galador the orc refrains from eating sapient creatures due to ethical reasons, and routinely hunts animals and monsters for food, such as the local werewolves. When he realizes that the captured werewolf is perfectly sapient, can talk, and has a name... as was presumably the case with the ones he just ate, and have been eating for a while... well, bathroom calls. Ironically, his freeloading amazon "wife" has no concerns about the ethics of it whatsoever
  • Pokémon: The Original Series: A Johto episode features a Ninetales with powerful illusion abilities. Jessie, James, and Meowth, who are all starving, find rooms that are full of delicious food, such as a room filled with popcorn. But when Ninetales returns to its Poké Ball, all of the illusions vanish and they discover they were eating leaves the whole time.
  • In season 2 of Re:Zero, Subaru notices something funny about the tea Echidna serves to him. Echidna states in response that it is made from one of her bodily fluids, to which Subaru responds “What the hell did you just make me drink?!”.
  • In Seton Academy: Join the Pack!, Yukari the Koala's introduction and motivation for joining the Cooking Club is centered around trying to discover the tasty food she ate as a child that wasn't the eucalyptus her family always ate. When it's revealed that mother koalas feed their babies their own poop to help them develop vital antibodies, Yukari is shocked at the fact that was what she ate. However, she quickly goes on to embrace it as her Trademark Favorite Food besides eucalyptus.
  • Played For Black Comedy in Shimoneta Episode 5, courtesy of Anna Nishikinomiya's cookies. They were made with her "Love Nectar" mixed into the dough. Tanukichi's immediate reaction upon finding out about this after having a bite is to rush to the nearest drinking fountain to wash his mouth out.
  • Another variant in Silver Spoon — Hachiken finds out firsthand what a cloaca is and loses his appetite for eggs for most of the day. Quite a while later, he decides he doesn't care anymore.
  • In one episode of Slayers when Gourry and Lina are eating fish that they caught, Lina eats every part of the fish, but then Gourry points out that if she eats the fish's stomach, she is also eating the worms they used to catch the fish, grossing her out.
  • In Episode 6 of Suite Pretty Cure ♪, Souta makes cupcakes filled with wasabi, which he gives to his unsuspecting sister Kanade and her friend Hibiki. Both girls take a bite and turn green, then go chasing after Souta for his prank.
  • In Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar, everyone celebrates Kenshi's excellent cooking. They ask what his secret is, and he innocently reveals he crushes dried bugs into powder and sprinkles the food with it. The only one who doesn't freak out is the nature-attuned elf Aura, who says it's genius and she should have thought of that. Kenshi doesn't understand why everybody else is freaking out.
  • In the The Testament of Sister New Devil OVA, Maria tricks Basara into eating Mio's panties by rolling them into balls to look like dumplings and putting them in soup. When he finds out, he beats her up. The only consolation is that Maria used her magic to make the panties digestible.
  • A couple times in The Tower of Druaga. Melt absolutely hates "Sea Peppers", crab sized "insects" who's bodies look just like a green pepper, and strictly forbids Coopa to use them in her cooking. In one episode he spots her using them and chastises her only for her to reveal that she's been secretly putting them in EVERY meal because they're so nutritious and she knows better than him. He's less than pleased. Later just about everyone gets squicked out when they learn they're eating Roper Tentacles.
  • Played for deadly seriousness in Uzumaki. Kirie, the heroine, is suitably shocked when she finds out the "mushrooms" she's been eating are actually the placentas of the mosquito-women's bloodsucking babies and again when she finds out she's been eating the people who turned into snails.
  • At one point in Zatch Bell! the group are at a ruins site where they find a stream of drinkable water. Tia is happily drinking until she sees Zatch is now swimming in it. Naked. She goes ballistic and starts strangling him, while Kiyo just calmly tells her to drink from further upstream.

  • Jeff Foxworthy tells a tale of when his daughter made a little peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Ritz crackers. He's just polished it off when...
    Jeff's daughter: You wanna know how I made it?
    Jeff: [Beat] Maybe.
    Jeff's daughter: Well, I got two crackers and then I got some peanuts and I chewed them up and spit them on one cracker, then I got some raisins and I chewed them up and spit them on the other one.
    [audience is roaring in laughter at this point]
    Jeff's daughter: You want me to make you another peanut butter and jelly sandwich?
    Jeff: [Beat] No, honey. I am full as a tick...but I bet your mom would like one.
    [audience roars in laughter again]
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus' "Live At Drury Lane" album has a skit about a cocktail bar that three businessmen frequent. Their choice of drinks—a special with a "twist of lemming," a "mallard fizz" (prepared by the bartender subduing and subsequently killing a duck) and "Harlem Stinger" (a black dishwasher gargling and spitting out the mixture into a glass)—all have the expected result. All three men run to the bathroom to throw up. The guy who ordered the mallard fizz is then asked if he'd care for a dog turd and tonic.
  • One John Mulaney routine describes a time when he was drunk enough to chug a bottle of what turned out to be perfume instead of simply smelling it first.
  • Utah Phillips' "Moose Turd Pie" sketch is Exactly What It Says on the Tin, although the guy eating the eponymous dish doesn't deploy this trope's title, as he instantly recognizes it.
    • This sketch is also known as "Good, though!", after the actual final words. Anybody who complained about the cooking got stuck with the additional work of being the new Camp Cook.
      • Which explains why the cooks keep serving the likes of moose turd pie.
  • One Ron White comedy bit starts with him drinking with Larry the Cable Guy and waking up with a severe hangover. He takes some Excedrin and washes it down with what he thinks is Diet Coke—but is actually Larry's spit.
    • Happens to him again with what used to be iced tea with lemon, but after two weeks looks more like a "nasty science experiment."

    Comic Books 
  • In American Born Chinese, the caricature Chin-Kee urinates into someone's can of Coca-Cola as part of a prank. When the character later discovers this, he throws up.
  • In Blue Monday, one of the events in an escalating prank war involved the boys sneaking pubic hair into the girls food. When the girls find out, two of them shriek and fling their burgers away in disgust, but the third one doesn't mind the taste.
  • Chew. The protagonist psychically knows the past of everything he eats (except beets). He ends up using his powers to take a bite out of crime as all he has to do is eat a piece of, say, a murder victim to know exactly what happened to him. Expect plenty of squick. He first discovers his powers when checking out a lead on a place illegally serving chicken soup. It turns out to be something else entirely.
  • Futurama:
    • In issue 42, Bender takes a sip from what he thinks is a barrel of brandy tied around the neck of an alien St. Bernard. The alien dog explains that what he has around his neck is actually his bladder, causing Bender to spit in disgust.
    • In issue 55, Bender turns out to have mistakenly put black licorice balls into the ship's fuel tanks instead of dark matter. It is then implied that Fry ate dark matter mistaking it for black licorice balls, with Fry understandably grossed out by the mix-up since dark matter is Nibblonian poop.
  • Hellblazer had a story where the First of the Fallen showed up to collect the soul of Constantine's friend Brendan, a consummate drinker and magician. One of his last tricks was performing a working that would turn a spring under his house into pure stout, and John claims to want to "upstage" Brendan by sharing a drink with the prince of darkness. It's only once the stout goes down that John reveals the spring was blessed by a saint, making the base of the stout holy water. The First's reaction: "Interesting — what?" And then John cuts off the spell, turning the stout back into holy water.
  • In a story from the Little Archie comic, one of Little Dilton's inventions receives an alien cooking show. Little Jughead makes up a batch of cookies, following a recipe from the show. People love them until they find out what is in them. Among the ingredients are wood chips.
  • Rat-Man author Leo Ortolani once made a spoof of the Star Wars prequel trilogy. The character Dark Mouse, a parody of Darth Maul, was asked by his master (an expy of Emperor Palpatine) about what evil deeds he did that day, and he answered: "Did you think it was beer in that glass I gave you before?". Some time later, the master replied: "Did you think the cake you ate before was a chocolate one?".
  • Red Ears: There's a comic in which a soldier and his buddies are going out on the town and when they get back to the motel open a package with some cookies that the soldier's wife sent him. Included is a video in which she admits that she's cheating on him, fellates the guy in question and spits out the result in the cookie dough. Cut to the soldiers face down on the toilet.
  • In an issue of Secret Six, Cheshire and Dr. Psycho dined with Vandal Savage after failing him. During the meal, Cheshire suspiciously asks what the food was. The answer: Solomon Grundy. Cheshire throws up, while Psycho asks for more, and Vandal Savage delivers the immortal line:
    "Shut up and eat your Grundy."
  • In Sturmtruppen:
    • The resident Lethal Chef and his less-than-healthy cuisine: in one strip his Sitcom Archnemesis, the Sergeant, points out that today's soup looks like motor oil, only for him to dismiss it as childish taunts. Then a motorist asks the Sergeant to give him back his can of oil. Cue to the eating soldiers having an Oh, Crap! moment.
    • In another strip, the Sergeant tells the Cook he's tasked with carrying the "special lunch" to the ill Captain. As soon as the Cook warns him not to spill it, the Sergeant swallows the whole tin and asks him what he's going to do now. Then the Cook mentions that said lunch included a powerful laxative medicine prescribed to the Captain. Cue to the Sergeant running for the toilets.
    • During the Africa Korps strips, the Sergeant tries to lecture the newbies on edible cacti and picks up and eats one which he claims its called "Camel Cactus" due to its resemblance to camel's poop. Cue to the camel handler:
    "Hey Sarge, if you vant a fresh one you can look here!" (cue to vomit)
    • In one strip, a soldier orders the cheapest drink the bar has: a low-cost brew called "Old Sergeant". When he asks why it's so cheap, he gets the following explanation on its name:
    "Well, sometimes ze old sarge forgets to throw away ze water after he baths"

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes:
    • Inverted when Calvin, halfway through a hamburger, excitedly asks whether the meat in them is made out of people from Hamburg — only to find himself too disgusted to eat the rest when he finds it's just cow.
    • His mother quickly catches wise to Calvin's weird ways and starts claiming that her food is something grosser than it really is to get him to eat it: stuffed peppers become "stewed monkey heads", and the rice in his soup are claimed to be maggots. It works like a charm, at least on Calvin. It does have the side effect that her husband promptly loses his appetite.
    • One comic has Calvin complaining about how processed and artificial modern food is, grossing Susie out, but the punchline is that Calvin is happily eating Twinkies (a food that is infamous for the long list of chemicals in its ingredients), thinking that they are healthy.
  • Dilbert once invented a filter that could turn raw sewage into pure drinking water. The company's CEO swiped the bottom container from the filter and downed the contents only for Dilbert to explain that the clean water ended up in the upper container. Thus, as Dilbert related to Dogbert later...
    Dilbert: There was some confusion about my water purification prototype, and our CEO drank eight ounces of untreated sewage.
    Dogbert: So... best day ever?
    Dilbert: It'll be hard to top.
  • One The Far Side cartoon had a crowd of scientists gathered around a cup with one of them saying, "What the—? This is lemonade. Where's my culture of amoebic dysentery?" while another scientist on the other side of the panel is drinking from a glass with a surprised expression on his face. Even funnier when you remember that the most prominent symptom of dysentery is chronic diarrhea.
    • In real life, laboratories have rules to prevent this from happening, as things like this really have happened. Food containers should never contain anything but food, and non-food containers should never contain food, it should be clear what all containers are for, and food items should never be stored in the same refrigeration unit as lab materials. After the strip was first printed, it became very popular to post it on the refrigerator of a lab to remind people of why those rules existed.
  • Foxtrot combines this one with the running gag of Andy's terrible health food by having Roger sample something out of a soup pot, declare it to be the best thing Andy has ever cooked - only to discover that it's "a compound for sealing the cracks in the driveway."
    Roger: Please tell me it's poisonous.
  • Garfield:
  • Knights of the Dinner Table:
    • This is Weird Pete's reaction on discovering that his character drank two pints of owl bear urine.
    • In another story, B.A. buys a case of "Hacky-Snacks" from Weird Pete. Only after one of them bites into a particularly rancid one do they notice that the snacks are years past their sell-by date.
  • Suggested in this strip by Argentinian cartoonist Quino:
    Chef: This sir?
    Waiter: This sir.
  • One The Wizard of Id strip had the King touring the kitchens. He tastes something in a pot, spits out and yells "You call that soup?!". One of the chefs replies "No, I call it dishwater".

    Fan Works 
  • The Bolt Chronicles: In "The Teacher," Bolt and Mittens sample the contents of Penny's water bottle, a blue colored energy drink, licking the spout to get the full flavor effect. Later, Penny takes the same water bottle outside. When she samples the contents, she comments on how lousy the drink tastes, noting it has a distinct flavor of dog kibble and tuna. She dumps the offending beverage out, though she never makes the connection between the flavors and her pets who drank from the bottle before she did.
  • The Boy Who Cried Idiot: Martin accidentally eats part of Bun-Bun the stuffed rabbit, mistaking it for food.
  • In Call Me In the Morning, Draco thinks that Harry's using an aphrodisiac to attract girls and offers to pay Ron for the recipe. Ron, recognizing the prank potential, gives him several unlabeled recipes for things Fred and George allegedly make specifically for Harry. Draco drinks the first one, a tropical-scented suntan lotion, and promptly tosses his cookies.
  • Hobbes unintentionally bites into a "Slab 'O Scabs" in Calvin & Hobbes: The Series, thinking it was jelly toast with raisins.
  • In a Breather Episode of Futari Wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon, Binbeat, who's perpetually nine and can't read Japanese, accidentally eats the moldy bread from Mia's science project. He's sick for the rest of the day, and doesn't even bother fighting back when his Monster of the Week is defeated, just going home and complaining about a stomachache.
  • Harry Potter and the Lightning Scar:
    Kreacher, knowing this was his last opportunity to do battle against the "mongrel half-blood," had made what appeared to be a delicious breakfast—enough that Harry forgot who he was dealing with, and bit into an innocent-looking doughnut. Unfortunately, that doughnut happened to be filled, not with cream or jam, but with mayonnaise. Retching, Harry tried to wash the taste out of his mouth with what looked like pumpkin juice, but which was in fact carefully-diluted muddy rainwater.
  • Omoito: Yuuka becomes concerned when she hears the black tea Alice gave her was made by Marisa with mushrooms and asks if it's safe to drink. Alice doesn't know, so Yuuka demands Alice drink it instead.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: Having ripped out and eaten somepony's eye in the heat of battle, Wind Breaker starts retching when he has a moment to think and it finally hits him what he'd done.
  • Quiververse: In "New Horizons", Quiver briefly has this reaction when he realizes the "tofu" spring rolls Luster served him were actually prepared with pork, but gets over it fairly quickly, in part because he hates to waste a meal.

    Films — Animation 
  • In The Angry Birds Movie, Red, Chuck, and Bomb go to the Mighty Eagle for help with the Piggies. Reaching his mountaintop lair, they find his famed "Lake of Wisdom." Over Red's protests, Chuck and Bomb play in it, even drinking some of the water. When Mighty Eagle shows up, the three hide, and bear witness to their hero...relieving himself in the lake. The sight of it is enough to make Bomb cry while Chuck frantically tries to scrape his tongue off with a rock.
    Red: Horrible turn of events, horrible.
  • In The Ant Bully, Lucas enjoys a substance known in the ant kingdom as "honeydew", remarking that it tastes like green apple bubblegum. Only after he asks for seconds does he see that it is the end product of a worm-like creature's digestion process.
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire pulls this on poor Milo. Subverted in that it's actually just a canteen of water.note 
    Vinny: You didn't just drink that, did you? That's not good, that's nitroglycerin. Don't move, don't breathe, don't do anything... except pray...
    Mole: [sneaking up behind Milo] BOOM!
  • Back to the Outback : Chaz turns around to vomit when his son gives him . . . something to drink based off of something he read in one of his father's adventure/survival books.
    Chaz: I’m parched. Where’s the FIJI water?
    Chazzie: We drank it all, but here.
    *pours a liquid in his father’s mouth with a leaf*
    Chaz: *gulps* What is it?
    Chazzie: *smiling innocently* My urine.
  • Brave: Elinor is horrified to learn that the berries she's eating are poisonous nightshade berries and the water she's drinking is worm-infested.
  • Madagascar has Melman stumbling out of a washroom with a urinal cake in his mouth ("Free mints!"). Interestingly, the typical "reveal followed by squicked-out reaction" is absent, especially considering that Melman is a raving hypochondriac most of the time.
    • Earlier in the film, Marty gets a thermometer from Melman as a birthday present and puts it in his mouth. He spits it out once Melman tells him it was his first rectal thermometer.
  • In The Polar Express, The Boy accepts a cup of what is ostensibly coffee from the trainhopper. A Spit Take occurs when the hobo removes his freshly-cleaned socks from the kettle.
  • Subverted in Shrek. Fiona is eating a meal Shrek prepared, and asks what it is. He tells her it's a weed rat (Rotisserie-style!). She seems a little surprised at first, but then keeps on eating.
    • In Shrek 2, King Harold attempts to look busy by tasting from a dish a servant is carrying. He exclaims it's exquisite and asks what the dish is called. The servant replies "That would be the dog's breakfast, your majesty".
  • In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dopey chases down a bar of soap that keeps slipping out of his hands. Amidst the slapstick the soap ends up flying into his mouth without him noticing. He persists in looking for the soap, but only after hiccuping bubbles does he eventually figure out where it went; complete with him feeling up his belly in disbelief until the hiccups continue.
  • Spies in Disguise: While Walter prepares an experimental formula for "concealment tech", Lance drinks the beaker it's in, thinking it's an ordinary glass of water, which causes him to turn into a pigeon.
    Lance: Blegh, diet stuff has a weird aftertaste. Wh-What's the tech?
    Walter: Um... well, you... just drank it.
  • In Titan A.E., Cale is informed that the "spaghetti and meatballs" he was offered was actually laced with alien poop. Granted, Cloudcuckoolander Gune is the one to tell him this, but judging from Cale's reaction it's probably true. Luckily for him, unlike most examples, he didn't actually eat it.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • 102 Dalmatians has a scene where Chloe absentmindedly munches on a dog biscuit while watching the morning news, to which she soon looks down at her hand and realizes just what she's been eating.
  • 3 Idiots: While Farhan and Rancho are eating the roti (an Indian flatbread) made by Raju's mother, Raju's paralyzed father suddenly starts making sounds asking to be scratched. Raju's mother uses the same rolling pin she was making roti with to scratch her husband's chest, and the audience is treated to a shot of chest hair still on the rolling pin as Raju's mother starts flattening another roti. Farhan and Rancho are gagging at the sight and when their friend's mother asks if they want more roti they are quick to turn it down.
  • Jim Carrey does it again in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls:
    Ace: My, my, my—this fruit paste is delicious. And the pottery is lovely.
    Ouda: It's made from guano.
    Ace: Guano! That sounds so familiar. (starts licking the plate)
    Greenwall: Bat droppings.
    (Ace freezes before dropping the plate. Cue gag reflex.)
  • In Apaches, Sharon dies after she unwittingly drinks some pesticide. Played for Horror rather than laughs.
  • In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Austin drinks Fat Bastard's stool sample, thinking it is coffee.
    Austin: Cor! This coffee smells like shit!
    Basil: [sees the stool sample] ...It is shit, Austin.
    Austin: Oh good, then it's not just me. [drinks] It's a little nutty.
  • In Blonde Savage, Hoppy is none-too-pleased to discover he is eating snake meat in the native village.
  • In Borat, Congressman Bob Barr is offered some cheese. After he eats it, Borat tells him it's made from his wife's breast milk.
  • In the Irish short Cáca Milis, Catherine kills the blind and chatty Paul by telling him that there was a worm in the titular cake that he ate, inducing a severe asthma attack.
  • Cecil B. Demented: "It's goat urine!"
  • Clue: Near the end, when Wadsworth is explaining who the killer is and how they did it, Mr. Green is especially nauseated upon finding out that what they had for dinner was a very popular Cantonese dish; monkey brains.
  • Subverted in Demolition Man. As Spartan enjoys a contraband burger and a beer, Huxley points out that there aren't any cows living in the ruins under San Angeles. After the cook confirms that he's eating carne de rata, Spartan pauses for a moment... and concludes that he actually enjoys it (he'd spent decades as a Human Popsicle and then thawed out in an Orwellian Veganopia, so any meat was fine by him).
    Spartan: "Not bad. In fact, it's the best burger I've had in years!"
  • In Dennis the Menace, Dennis tries to clean up spilled paint with a vacuum cleaner. Reversing the vacuum causes a large blob of paint to launch into the sky and plop into a meal Mr. Wilson is cooking in his backyard. Mr. Wilson casts a Death Glare towards Dennis' house when he tastes his food and makes the connection.
  • In Due Date, Darryl unwittingly brews Ethan Tremblay's father's ashes into a coffee. After realizing that he just drank his father he takes another sip momentarily forgetting what was in the coffee.
  • Dumb and Dumber:
    • A cop who pulls Lloyd and Harry over takes a sip from a bottle of pee which he thought was beer (Lloyd had to go to the bathroom that badly). They try to warn him, though after sipping, he immediately turns nauseated and tells them to get out of there.
    • Also happens when an enemy poses as a friendly hitchhiker, intending to drop pellets of rat poison into Harry and Lloyd's food. Before he can succeed in this, he needs first aid for a stomach ulcer flareup (which was induced by Harry and Lloyd's own practical joking). Harry and Lloyd try to administer his emergency medication, but they mistakenly feed him the rat poison instead.
  • In Dumb and Dumber To, Harry and Lloyd drink cups of blue juice before Fraida tells them that it's embalming fluid. But they still drink it.
    Lloyd: Oh... Does it have aspartame?
    Fraida: No.
    Lloyd: Cool. [Both continue drinking it.]
  • In Elvira's Haunted Hills, the title character is a guest in a castle, and stops a servant to taste the contents of the tureen they are carrying. She comments that the cook went a little hard on the Tabasco sauce, before being informed that it's her host's chamber pot.
  • Epic Movie (2007): In the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-spoofing stretch, Edward notices what he thinks is the chocolate river, and quickly gulps some "chocolate" up in enjoyment. After a beat, Willy points out, "That's actually the sewer line," causing Edward to gag in disgust. (How could he mistake the taste of sewage with that of chocolate?)
  • In Escanaba in Da Moonlight, Reuben drinks a potion given to him by his Native American wife, which is said to be a special spiritual remedy of the Ojibwa tribe to bring good luck during deer hunting. They all drink it without question, after which Reuben reveals the contents. They start out innocent enough, with cow's milk, spices, maple sap and barley, then quickly go on to dried earthworms, squirrel gizzards and moose testicles. Cue Spit Take from two of the other guys, followed by Cloud Cuckoo Lander Jimmer finishing off the rest of the other guys' drinks.
  • Eternals has Kingo initially liking the beer Gilgamesh serves, but then he reveals he brews it by having the grain ferment in his saliva. Cue Spit Take.
  • Fresh Meat: On being told that the pork and rosemary pies her mother sent her at boarding school actually contained human flesh, she vomits over herself.
  • In Funny Farm, Andy (Chevy Chase) takes a liking to lamb fries and breaks the restaurant's record for the number downed in one sitting. When he finds out that they're lamb testicles, he promptly pukes, and the waiter lowers his official score.
  • Goliath Awaits: One of the rescue party members is quite upset to learn that he is eating octopus eyes..
  • Also averted in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: At the Slug Club Christmas party, Hermione tries some dragon tartare to get bad breath and avoid her date that evening, Cormac McLaggen. Minutes later, Cormac tries some of it himself and asks Harry, "What's this thing I'm eating again?" Harry then says, "Dragon balls." Snape appears and Cormac ends up throwing up on his shoes.
  • In The Help a maid who's been unjustly fired gives her ex-employer a "chocolate" pie. When the victim discovers what she'd really been eating, her own mother finds it hilarious.
  • The Hollywood Knights: The heroes all urinate in the punch which is then served to the authority figures.
    Policeman: I can't quite place it, but I've had this taste in my mouth before.
  • In Invisible Mom, Laura becomes invisible after drinking her son's cola, into which, unknown to her, he had dumped a portion of her husband's invisibility powder.
  • Kingpin
    Roy: Hey, I hope you don't mind, I got up a little early, so I took the liberty of milking your cow for you. Yeah, it took a little while to get her warmed up, she sure is a stubborn one, whew.
    [takes a drink from the bucket]
    Mr. Boorg: We don't have a cow. We have a bull.
    Roy: I'm gonna brush my teeth.
  • In The Legend of Zorro, Elena is mortified to discover that her messenger pigeon was cooked and served to her as dinner by The Dragon Ferroq.
  • In Little Monsters, Brian's monster friend Maurice takes him on a tour of his nightly pranks. For the last house (a bully's house — by request), Maurice switches out the tuna salad in the bully's lunch with cat food and the apple juice with fresh urine. Next day, during lunch, Brian is audience to the hilarity.
  • The Lost Boys: Michael is tricked into drinking blood by a series of illusions that make it look like his Chinese food is worms one minute, noodles the next, and again with rice/maggots.note  By the time he gets to the bottle of red liquid, he doesn't believe anything he hears.
    David: (to Michael as he's eating some of the Chinese food) Maggots. You're eating maggots, Michael, how do they taste?
    Star: (to Michael as he is about to drink from the bottle of "red wine") Don't. It's blood.
  • Love in the Villa: Julie is disgusted to learn that the delicious food Charlie just served her is horse (a Veronese staple, pastissada de caval) and throws her food at him. He admits later that it was mushroom marinated to taste like meat.
  • Main Street Meats: When everyone finds out that Main Street Meats has been feeding them people meat, they all start throwing up and running away.
  • Masters of the Universe: Upon arriving on Earth, Duncan, Teela and Gwildor steal some food. Teela says it is good but wonders why it is placed on these "white sticks". Duncan matter-of-factly says the sticks are bones. Teela and Gwildor are disgusted that they have been eating a dead animal, but Duncan happily keeps eating it.
  • Variant combined with Senseless Phagia: in Minority Report, the doctor who performed the eye transplant on Anderton left him a sandwich and milk in the fridge... while also leaving rotten similars as well (after all, Anderton's temporarily blind and was responsible for his arrest). Guess which he goes for?
  • In Mortal Engines, Tom does a Spit Take after drinking Un Coffee with water filtered from the sewerage tank. Earlier he expresses horror that they are eating a thousand year-old Twinkie and seeing Hester drinking from a muddy puddle.
  • In Moving Violations, Deputy Hank performs Fingertip Drug Analysis only for Dana to tell him the white powder he is licking is actually guano.
  • In Naked Gun 33⅓, Frank goes to the crime lab where Ted has been examining the explosive used in the bombing their investigating. Frank dips his finger in the petrie dish on Ted's desk, tastes it, and begins to deduce what it tastes like, when Ted informs him that the petrie dish contains fertilizer, evidence relating to a completely separate case. Frank makes a "yuck" face and while Ted continues his monologue, Frank grabs a random beaker full of yellow liquid off his desk to wash the taste out of his mouth with. In a double-whammy of this trope, Ted then takes the beaker off Frank's hands saying, "Let me take that urine specimen from you, Frank.", leading to the mandatory Spit Take.
  • In National Lampoon's Vacation, during a rest stop, the family is eating lunch in a park. However they realize the food smells rather funky and is soggy. Its then that Ellen realizes that Aunt Edna's dog has wet on the basket. Clark, who was busy ogling a girl he had seen on the highway and had taken a bite of a sandwich, promptly spits it out. Edna on the other hand, shrugs and continues eating her sandwich.
  • No Retreat, No Surrender 2 have this happening in the dinner scene, when Scott goes on a date with his Vietnamese girlfriend, Sulin. After witnessing a whole bout of Foreign Queasine, Scott quickly takes a mouthful of what he assumes is Chinese beancurd … only for Sulin to tell him it's monkey's brains.
  • In Oculus, Kaylie Russel takes out food to eat around the mirror. The mirror, which can alter the perception of those in its radius, tricks her into biting down on a light-bulb instead of an apple. It's a subversion — turns out that it was an apple all along, but it does reasonably give Kaylie a pause of shock.
  • In The Private Eyes, Don Knotts sips liquid from a black bottle while interrogating the house staff. It takes a few sips before he thinks to ask exactly what it is he's drinking, and he is informed that he's been quaffing ink. A rare ink from the Middle East. Made of buzzard pus.
  • Problem Child 2 has Junior doing this with a pitcher of lemonade that he was asked to refill by two snotty twin girls running a lemonade stand. He tops off the lemonade by peeing in it. Naturally the father of the snotty twin girls buys a glass and drinks it, describing it as tangy.
  • Real Genius is the Trope Namer, but the actual example of this trope is in an unrelated scene, and subverts it. Chris gives Mitch a beaker of something to try, then claims it is something he found in one of the labs. As Mitch spits it out, Chris mentions that it is actually just yogurt.
  • Holmes gets chastised by Watson in Sherlock Holmes (2009) for drinking a bottle of a chemical intended for use in eye surgery. The sequel has a similar line when Holmes pours himself a glass of formaldehyde. Subverted in the fact that Holmes knows perfectly well what he is drinking.
  • In The Smurfs, Grouchy lands in a candy dish full of blue M&Ms in a toy store which he mistakes for "Smurf droppings" and ends up eating them. Earlier on, Clumsy mistakes liquid soap for something edible and tries it out, only to not like the taste of it before he burps out a bubble.
  • In Striptease, Ving Rhames puts a cockroach in a yogurt pot in order to make a phony lawsuit to the manufacturer. The lawyer's secretary eats the thing... and despite the "CRUNCH!" sound, she remains unfazed.
  • In Superman III, Clark Kent and Lana Lang have a picnic out near the wheat fields with her son. Clark tastes what he thinks was good pate that Lana made, only for Lana to point out that it was dog food. Clark still continues to eat it.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: The one person who realizes what Ms. Lovett's meat pies are made of is Toby, as when he is in the bakery, not only does he find a finger in the pie he's eating, but he gets to see a corpse falling from the chute in Todd's barber shop.
  • The Terminator: The police officer takes a swig out of a coffee cup: "That coffee's two hours cold." He shrugs and takes another sip, then: "And I put a cigarette out in it." This followed by a flat stare and another shrug.
  • In Theatre of Blood, Merridew discovers partway through consuming what he thinks is a special meal that he is actually eating his beloved dogs.
  • In the WWII movie They Were Expendable, an ensign is touring the temporary camp the naval company has made, and he shows a visitor where the cook is and takes a sip of the "soup", which leads to a Spit Take. Turns out it's dishwater.
  • A Running Gag of The Three Stooges involved various characters, usually the supporting cast, to drink what they assume to be coffee but what is really brown paint.
  • A non-bodily waste example in Top Secret!.
    Nick Rivers: [grabs bottle off of table] Mind if I have a swig of this?
    Chocolate Mousse: Go right ahead.
    [Nick drinks, then spits it out]
    Nick Rivers: What the hell is this stuff?
    Chocolate Mousse: Gasoline! HAHAHAHAHA. (glug, glug, glug)
  • Transylvania 6-5000: While Lupi is preparing lunch, Radu picks up a glass of what he thinks is grapefruit juice and drinks a mouthful. His face starts puckering up as Lupi tells him that was the lemon juice she was squeezing for the tea.
  • In Tropic Thunder, Tugg Speedman tries to prove a decapitated head is a movie prop. He licks blood from it and nibbles some of the insides while thinking it's just corn syrup and latex.
  • Tyranno's Claw have two of it's characters (both of them cavemen) coming across the remnants of a previous feast, and being hungry they eagerly gobbled up some remaining meat... until one of them realize where the meat was from, a severed, barbequed human hand. Turns out they're in the lair of some monkey-people who feasts on humans, leading to both cavemen quickly digging their throats.
  • In UHF, "Weird Al" Yankovic accidentally switches a box of cookies with Yappy's Dog Treats. As he's filming product placement for the cookies, he feeds the dog biscuits to his co-star, who is disgusted by their taste but has to pretend to like them. At the end of the ad, Al recognizes his error and smoothly transitions into a pitch for the dog biscuits, which causes his co-star to run offstage and barf. "That's right! Bobbo's been eating Yappy's Dog Treats! Your dog will love that real liver and tuna taste ... [puking sounds from offstage] ... with just a hint of cheese!"
  • In Valentine, Lily takes a bite of one of the chocolates sent to her, only to discover it is full of maggots.
  • The "dog pastry" scene in Van Wilder, where Van sends a basket of eclairs to Richard's fraternity, ostensibly as a gift from a sorority... while leaving out the fact that the cream filling was replaced with dog semen. Only after eating them and finding them incredibly tasty (one of them even remarks "I think I've had these before!") do Richard and his fraternity brothers find the pictures that Van left at the bottom of the box showing just how the eclairs were made. Cue the projectile vomit.
  • Averted in The War of the Roses: The wife feeds the husband some pâté she made. Once he says it's delicious, she asks him if he's seen his dog lately, heavily implying that's what he ate. He freaks out. Later the dog is shown still alive. (Apparently the novel the movie is based on played it straight.)
  • In The War Wagon, Billy tricks Wild Horse into taking a swig from a whiskey bottle filled with nitroglycerine. When Wild Horse spits it out and angrily throws away the bottle, the resulting explosion gives the gang the distraction they need to fight back.
  • Winterskin: When Billy and Agnes sit down to eat a stew Agnes made, he comments on how tasty it is, and she reveals that the meat came from King's flayed corpse. Billy reacts by spitting its contents back into the bowl.

  • In the fourth Sorcery! book, you can eat from a jar of meatballs in the fortress' larder... only to find out it's Mutation Meatballs. Cue inescapable Body Horror transformation.

  • A classic joke has this phrase being Socrates' final words.
  • When Paris Hilton had to serve time in jail in 2007 for her driving offenses, she had special dispensation to eat in her cell. One morning, the inmate cooking the oatmeal for breakfast decided to prank Paris, and having ladled out her bowl of oatmeal, proceeded to masturbate into it. Other cons working in the kitchen got in on it too, as did the guard who delivered Paris her breakfast. After she had one mouthful of her swill, her face wrinkled in disgust and she exclaimed "Eww... I can taste some oatmeal in this cum!"
  • A biology professor announces a pop quiz: students will be forced to identify species of birds from their droppings. "Our first specimen—" He reaches into a brown paper bag and pulls out a ham sandwich. He frowns and dumps out the bag, revealing an apple and bag of chips. "My word," he blurts out, "What did I eat for lunch?"
  • An old joke: What's worse than finding a worm in the apple you're eating? Finding half a worm!
  • There is also an old army joke about a visiting general inspecting the mess hall, and tasting the contents of an unnamed pot. After proclaiming the contents to taste like dishwater, the mess sergeant calmly informs him that's what it was.
  • A large, burly man walks into a bar where another man is weeping and grabs that man's drink, downing it. The other man starts crying even harder. "Aww, don't be so sad, I'll buy you another," the large man says. The crying man wipes his eyes and says, "No, it's not that. This was the worst day of my life. My alarm didn't go off, so I got to work late. When I showed up, they fired me. When I walked outside, someone had stolen my car. While I was walking home, I got mugged - they took my wallet and all my credit cards. When I finally got home, I caught my wife with the Fed Ex guy. So I come here and decide to end it all - and then you show up, and drink all my poison!"
  • A tourist goes to a restaurant in Spain. He sees a heavenly smelling dish at the next table which he mistakes for two giant meatballs and asks the waiter about it. The waiter explains that they are bull's testicles from the bullfight this morning. He's undaunted and decides to order them, but the waiter explains that they can only serve them once a day (due to only having one bull fight a day) so the tourist agrees to come back tomorrow. When he does, he is disappointed to see that what's he's served is much smaller than the serving yesterday, being barely bigger than a couple of eggs. He finishes them, but then calls the waiter and demands to know why his serving was so small. The waiter explains:
    "Well, señor, sometimes the bull wins."
  • Two people are having a picnic. One asks the other, "Are spiders good to eat?" The other says, "I don't think so; why?" The first replies, "Because there was one in your sandwich."

  • In W. F. Miksch's The Addams Family Strikes Back, the Addamses throw a party to celebrate Grandmama's success as one of the witches in the PTA production of Macbeth. The wife of the school principal asks for the recipe for the Demon Dip and after "witch's butter" - which gives it the blue color - and lizard entrails are mentioned, snaps that Morticia doesn't have to tell her if she doesn't want to. A similar goodie is the "Whirling Dervish Wassail," a punch which consists of "an exciting and tangy blend of quicklime, witch elm, mare's tail, Saint Elmo's fire, and several other potables which could hardly be described as inert ingredients."
  • Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess: The Geisterdamen hate European food, and reveal they've been getting by on cheese they made themselves. Not from cow milk, goodness no, that'd just be silly. They milk their giant spiders. Tarvek is horrified on hearing this, since he'd been eating some for himself and rather enjoying it.
  • In Animorphs, Ax's Sense Freak tendencies resulted in him eating non-foods on several occasions. He's lucky that morphing heals.
    • And yet he doesn't seem to care when he eats something that's not supposed to be eaten (engine oil, cigarette butts, dryer lint, etc). Everyone else complains, but not Ax.
  • Anodyne Liniment is a medicine that relieves aching muscles and is meant to be rubbed into skin, not taken orally. In Anne of Green Gables, Marilla breaks a bottle of the stuff and pours it into an old vanilla bottle. Anne Shirley gets such a cold that she couldn't tell the difference between the medicine and the bottle's original contents, and Hilarity Ensues when her cake is served for tea.
  • Ash (2012): At Comraich Castle, an expensive retreat for the disreputably connected, all the food currently being eaten suddenly transforms into maggots. Which then mature into flies.
  • Bazil Broketail: While imprisoned in Tummuz Orgmeen, Bazil and Nesessitas are fed some sort of unidentified meat. When Bazil furiously demands that their captors reveal what it is, he is told that it is from humans killed in the arena. He does not take it well.
  • In Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, after Grandma Georgina eats too many anti-aging Wonka-Vite pills and disappears, the Oompa-Loompas sing a song about a girl named Goldie Pinklesweet who greedily ate an entire jar of her grandmother's chocolates, only to realize too late that they were actually very powerful laxatives.
  • A hotel maid in Dedication finds herself compelled to eat some semen left on the sheets by a talented author by a black magic spell intended to replace her rotten husband as the father of her unborn child.
  • Discworld:
    • The Canting Crew regularly dine on old boots. In Hogfather, Death swaps their boots-and-mud Hogswatch dinner for the contents of a fancy restaurant's kitchen, so the restaurant's chefs improvise a complete menu of "aged beef" recipes from what's available. And wind up having to cook their own footwear too, when unwitting diners keep ordering more.
    • In The Truth, William pays a visit to the Canting Crew in their home under a bridge, and worries when they serve him a cup of tea. To his surprise, the tea turns out to be perfectly sanitary, and he relaxes...only to learn that the lemon he added was found floating in the toxic River Ankh.
    • In Unseen Academicals, Pepe is looking for the bathroom in the middle of the night but finds an empty champagne bottle first. Madame unwittingly drinks it and says "this stuff has gone horribly flat."
    • The Seriph of Al-Khali in Sourcery offers Rincewind some crunchy, sweetened things on sticks. He enjoys them very much until it transpires that the Seriph had failed to understand what earlier poets meant when they used the phrase "wild honey and locusts" (the "locusts," Conina points out, should actually be a kind of fruit).note 
    • In The Colour of Magic, Rincewind has this reaction several times while "enjoying" the Krullian's marine-invertebrate-based cusine, to the point where he does make a point of asking if the wine is made from "crushed octopus eyeballs" or something before he tries it. Unfortunately, he relaxes on being told "sea grapes", and has already drunk some before it's further explained that a sea grape is a kind of jellyfish.
    • The witches (except Nanny, who'll try anything once, or even several times) have this reaction several times with Foreign Queasine in Witches Abroad, including Granny says "cwussies de grennolly" were nice, but she doesn't know what it means, and Nanny making the mistake of telling her "frogs' legs", then having to pretend it's a joke name like "toad in the hole". Nanny also gleefully tells the others that Mrs Gogol's gumbo is made with lady's fingers and snakes' heads. Granny knows lady's fingers are a plant, but isn't so sure about the snakes' heads. Magrat does know they're also a plant ... and Nanny decides to let her keep believing that.
  • The Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures novel Timeless has Fitz doing this with a chunk of "cheese" he found in his friend Anji's flat, which had been abandoned for months anyway. She says she didn't have any cheese, and he is understandably perturbed.
  • Epithet Erased: Prison of Plastic: Rick Shades, a near-literal Fish out of Water, eats several of Phoenica's business cards, but not to worry, Phoenica paid extra to get edible business cards. Then she mentions another upgrade she paid for.
    Feenie: What if I was stranded on a desert island and I had nothing to eat but my business cards, hmm? What then? The graphic designer insisted on it. That’s why we also sprung for the option that turns the card into a signal flare when ignited.
    Rick, swallowing his third: Turns the card into a what now?
  • In The Gianduiotto Code (an Italian parody of The Da Vinci Code), the protagonists and several friends are enjoying several samples of a new type of gianduiotti when their maker explains that it's made from the seeds of a type of Mesoamerican berries which are eaten by some local iguana, then recovered from the dung and prepared. And no, they're not washed before, that would completely ruin the flavor. As the narration mentions, the tasting rythm slowed down considerably after the reveal.
  • In Harry Potter Harry, Ron, and Hermione are eating what they think is a beef casserole in Hagrid's hut... then Hermione finds a large talon in her serving. They lose their appetite pretty quickly after that.
  • In The Help, a servant does this to her employer. Let's just say, it's a chocolate pie, and what she puts into it is brown. She later tells the employer what, exactly, it was. And that's why you should never be mean to the people who cook your food. (Or accept food from people you treated horribly.)
  • Sacre bleu!! In one of the earliest Jules de Grandin stories, "The Isle of Lost Ships", de Grandin and Trowbridge are most displeased to find that they had been eating "long pig" at the dinner table of Goonong Besar. This is one of the few times when a villain manages to get one over the invincible Jules de Grandin.
  • The Name of the Wind: Played for Drama when Denna realizes that the maple candy she found is actually denner resin, a ruinously addictive drug. She has to resort to eating burnt wood to neutralize the worst of it and avoid dying of an overdose, but still suffers some poisoning — and gets out of town before the resin's former owner comes looking for her.
  • One Running Gag of the Nightside series is for Alex, bartender at Strangefellows, to offer a beverage called "Angel's Urine" to the unsuspecting. Sales declined after word got out that it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • The Occupation Saga: Invoked in Between Worlds Two. Due to their larger size requiring more calories, the Shil'vati diet tends to be higher in fats and sugars, so a noblewoman whom Jason meets in Between Worlds Two thinks she can make a killing by importing honey from Earth. Her would-be customers are thoroughly grossed out when Jason explains that honey is technically bee vomit... which turns out to be the intended outcome for the trader who brought him along as her plus-one: she is able to buy up the honey cheaply and make a tidy profit from less squeamish customers.
  • In Pretty Little Liars Aria becomes a vegetarian after eating puffin.
  • Ramona Quimby: In Ramoma and Her Father, the family is halfway through dinner when Mrs. Quimby mentions that the meat they're eating is actually tongue. Cue Beezus and Ramona freaking out and refusing to finish their food, to the exasperation of their father, who remarks that they could eat it just fine before.
  • Rick Brant: In The Phantom Shark, Barty is appalled when her dinner turns out to be a kind of bat.
  • In The Saga of Darren Shan, Darren is enjoying the stew he's been served at Vampire Mountain. When he asks what's in it, Mr. Crepsley simply tells him to look up, revealing a swarm of bats hanging on the ceiling. Darren quickly loses his appetite afterwards.
  • In the fourth Spy School book, Alexander Hale has this reaction to learning that rocky mountain oysters are made of bull testicles right after finishing them at a restaurant.
  • This is how Rock in The Stormlight Archive gets sent to the bridge crews. "I may have, uh, enhanced the soup".
    Teft: Wait, you put chull dung in Highprince Sadeas's soup?
    Rock: Er, yes... Actually I put this thing in his bread too. And used it as a garnish on the pork steak. And made a chutney out of it for the buttered garams. Chull dung, it has many uses, I found.
  • Survival in Another World with My Mistress!: Attempting to court Kousuke, the harpy flock that lives in the village makes him a breakfast that includes eggs they themselves had laid that morning. Kousuke, who has finished the meal by this point, is initially grossed out and it takes a few minutes for them to explain to him it's not cannibalism as far as they're concerned: fertilized harpy eggs are gestated internally.
  • The Tough Guide to Fantasyland: After going into how (under Domestic Animals) very few livestock seem to exist, although many cats and dogs do, there's a suggestion that this should make Tourists wonder at just what the meat in Stew is.
  • The main character of The War of the Flowers by Tad Williams has to be told what "pixie dust" means when you're in a reality with actual pixies.
  • In Watersong, Gemma throws up when she learns that the "liquor" the sirens gave her was actually a mixture of human and siren blood.
  • A case of "I almost ate what?" in the Xanth novel, Isle of View: Che Centaur and Jenny Elf are captives of a goblin horde. When a guard gives them a hunk of barely-cooked meat for dinner, they both refuse. (The guard says "suit yourself" and eats it himself). Jenny refused because she's a Friend to All Living Things and eating meat squicks her. Che's also a vegetarian, but says he wouldn't have eaten that even if he wasn't. In clarification, Che asks where the goblins would get fresh meat, since there were no livestock or meat trees around. Jenny realizes in horror that the meat could've only come from the nymph and faun they earlier saw the goblins force into a hate spring and then watched beat each other to death.
  • Warrior Cats: In ThunderClan, apprentices sometimes prank kits by telling them that drops of rabbit dung are actually delicious berries.

  • Bob Dylan's "Po' Boy":
    Othello told Desdemona,
    "I'm cold, cover me with a blanket
    By the way, what happened to that poisoned wine?"
    She said "I gave it to you, you drank it."
  • The Offspring's "Don't Pick It Up":
    I saw a little kid
    As he walked around
    He picked a candy bar up
    Off the ground
    He chowed about a half
    And his face turned blue
    Turned out that candy bar was a doggy-doo
  • In the Run–D.M.C. song "You Be Illin'":
    (For) Dinner, you ate it, there is none left
    It was salty, with butter, and it was def
    You proceeded to eat it, cause you was in the mood
    But homes you did not read it was a can of dog food
  • The song/sketch "Barbecue" by Dutch comedian Andre van Duin has this spoken exchange during an instrumental break:
    "This chicken leg is completely scorched, would you look at that!"
    "That's not a chicken leg, you're munching a piece of charcoal! By the way, there's a good sauce in this jar, have you tried it yet?"
    "What jar? Yuck, that's not a sauce, that's a can of wood stain!"

    Music Videos 
  • In the music video for Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup", one man at the party in the video pees into the cup and gives it to another man, who then drinks it and punches the first man out.
  • Also from The Offspring, one scene of the video for "Original Prankster" has a guy buttering another's bread with poop. The other guy cluelessly eats it.

    Myths & Religion 


  • Implied in Shel Silverstein's poem "The Crawfee":
    ''Oh, that silly fish, the Crawfee
    Has been swimming in your coffee
    And you've gone and drunk it up
    And he isn't in the cup
    And he's nowhere to be found
    Do you think that he has drowned?

    Pro Wrestling 

    Puppet Shows 
  • Fraggle Rock: In "The Doomsday Soup", Boober is making his famous radish gumbo. He puts a pot of laundry on to boil while the gumbo is simmering. While Boober's peeking into the garden to see if he can get a radish for the gumbo, Gobo and Wembley accidentally take a taste of the wash water instead of the soup.
    Gobo: Ah, this must be it, Wembley!
    Wembley: Mmm-hmm!
    Gobo: Boober's famous radish gumbo!
    Wembley: Oh boy, oh boy!
    [They each take a taste, then make disgusted noises.]
    Wembley: [choking] If that's soup, I'm on a diet!
    Gobo: Yeah!
    Boober: [walking over] What are you doing to the laundry?
  • In a sketch of The Muppet Show, a monster eats a machine that has a recording explaining it. Only when he has finished does he hear that its purpose is to create the largest explosion on record. Sure enough...

  • From an episode of The Goon Show (paraphrased from memory):
    Grytpype: What's that smell, Moriarty?
    Moriarty: Here. Taste, taste.
    Grytpype: Mmm, delicious. What is it?
    Moriarty: Your laundry.
  • In Our Miss Brooks, this happens in the episode "The Model School Teacher". The editor of Snap Magazine has eatten Cordon Bleugh Chef Mrs. Davis' waffles. He thinks they're good, until he learns what was in it. The joke is ommitted (along with the magazine editor's character) in the television remake "The Model Teacher".

    Tabletop Games 
  • An event in Arkham Horror involves your investigator stumbling across a table of food and helping himself. Depending on how much you fail the perception check, you'll either go on your merry way, or have some of your stats restored. But if you pass it, your investigator will realize to his horror just what the stuff was and lose points on the Sanity Meter.
  • Also shows up as an anecdotal example in the Ancient Rome setting for Vampire: The Requiem. In the setting, vampires are capable of enthralling humans to serve them by giving them a taste of blood; with three tastes, the "blood bond" sticks for a damn long time. So this vampire whose family doesn't know he's dead keeps visiting them for dinner, and brings along these delicious blood sausages...

  • From the original Broadway production of Dracula, discussing The Renfield:
    Seward: An unusual case. Zoophagous.
    Harker: What's that?
    Seward: A life-eating maniac.
    Harker: What?
    Seward: Yes, he thinks that by absorbing lives he can prolong his own life.
    Harker: Good Lord!
    Seward: Catches flies and eats them. And by way of change, he feeds flies to spiders. Fattens them up. Then he eats the spiders.
A step left out of this, but in the original book, feeding spiders to sparrows, then eating those. And Seward mentions he's repeatedly turned down Renfield's request for a pet cat.

    Video Games 
  • Bomb Chicken: BFC's "irresistible" hot sauce is a shade of blue found nowhere in nature. Seriously, it looks like liquefied Smurf, and people apparently can't get enough of the stuff. The gross-out factor increases exponentially once you find out the sauce is actually a giant mutant chicken's blood...
  • In Borderlands 3's Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC, the Vault Hunters are treated to meat called Kife by the hunter Eista. Then they're tasked with hunting a Wendigo for more to progress on their journey. After killing it, they eventually learn that Kife are the Wendigo's testicles.
    Amara: Wait, so the balls are Kife...? O-okay, okay whatever. Just making sure...
  • Early on in Divinity: Original Sin II the party comes across Buddy the starving dog and can feed him whatever meat they have in their inventory. Surprisingly he has higher standards than the setting's elves and if fed humanoid meat he'll spit it out in horror, angrily assert that he doesn't eat people, and turn hostile.
  • In DmC: Devil May Cry, the first part of Vergil's plan to bring down Mundus is to destroy Mundus' means of slowly making humanity docile cattle. When Dante asks what it is, Vergil replies that Dante's holding it. It being the soft drink Virility that Dante is drinking. After a beat, Dante spits it out and tosses the can into the trash though Vergil tells him that Virility only affects humans. Virility is spiked with the toxic bodily fluids of a huge disgusting demon.
  • Dragon Age: Origins:
    • One can only wonder where Oghren's home-brewed ale comes from, as hinted by him and Zevran in party banter.
    • In the Awakening expansion pack, Oghren's response to drinking a (potentially lethal) combination of darkspawn blood, lyrium, and archdemon blood? "Not bad". This is after complaining that the (rather large) cup the mixture was in was too small. And unlike everyone else who drinks it and doesn't die from it he doesn't even pass out or show any kind of discomfort.
  • Dragon Age II has a companion quest that involves gathering components for a potion... one of which is crystallized sewage. Hawke reacts with a heartfelt "EEEWWW."
  • Dream Daddy: When Craig invites the Dadsona over to Robert's dinner, the latter serves them osso buco. The Dadsona compliments its taste, but Robert tells him that he got it from the trash can, making him almost gag. Subverted since Robert was just kidding.
  • In Elden Ring, one NPC you can encounter is Lightseeker Hyetta, a blind seer who can sense lost grace that she believes can direct her to her destiny, but to do so she would have to consume "Shabiri Grapes" in order to see the light. Unbeknownst to her, said grapes are in fact human eyes. You can actually tell this to her when she asks you what they are, with predictable results.
  • Eating a human corpse in Elona gives a message "Eek! It's human flesh!" and makes your character have a fit of insanity. However there is a point in doing so repeatedly, as it may give you the cannibalism trait, which lets you eat human flesh without penalty.
  • Takeshi from Ever17 tries to invoke this trope on Tsugumi in Kid's routes. During "picnic" he gives her special sandwich "just for her", and when she bites it he laughs and mentions every single one of over 30 spices that he put in there in order to make the sandwich inedible. Tsugumi then says she likes it and it tastes like pizza.
  • Fallout 3 has "Strange Meat", which turns out to be human flesh. Despite the squick factor, it has essentially the same effects as any other kind of meat: some health recovery, and your radiation points go up slightly. (The Cannibal perk allows you to eat the corpses of defeated humanoid enemies, but doing so lowers your Karma; eating Strange Meat has no Karmic effect.)
  • In Fate/hollow ataraxia, we learn that Saber's terrified of octopus, which she believes is an Eldritch Abomination like the ones the Fourth Caster summoned. When Shirou mentions that some riceballs she ate had octopus in them, this is her reaction.
  • Final Fantasy IX: During the feast after the Hunting festival in Lindblum everyone, save for Garnet and Steiner suddenly collapse after taking a few bites. Garnet hasn't been eating at all, and Steiner, who has, and now noticed that everyone had collapsed, dramatically falls on his knees and gasps that the food was poisoned and he is dying for his princess... that until Garnet says there shouldn't have been any in his plate. Upon hearing it, he utters that now that she mentioned it, he suddenly feels much better and stands up again. The alleged "poison" is revealed to be sleeping pills.
    • Later in the same game there's a cooking scene and you have the option to put an "Oglop" (a kind of insect) into the recipe. Doing so will cause the I Ate What? reaction from the other characters when they eat it.
  • Final Fantasy XIV
    • A very dark example in Shadowbringers: early in the main story, it is shown that the powers that be in Eulmore, a decadent society of idle nobles who while away the time while waiting for The End of the World as We Know It, keep the population of the city and the surrounding shantytowns appeased with "Meol", a mysterious foodstuff that look like bread rolls and that those who eat it find irresistible. Later on in the story, when you and your companions return, your allies who can detect the power of the primordial Light discover that Meol is actually made from sin eaters, the selfsame Eldritch Abominations and, in many cases, monsters of humanoid origin that you're fighting against. The implications are highly unsettling even before you figure out that the Arc Villain who can control sin eaters can also control people who ate them.
    • A lighter example in the sidequest line starting with "A Costly Meal", which begins with a newly-sapient amaro unthinkingly eating a Nu Mou's "porxie" familiar. While porxies look (and apparently taste) like flying pigs, they're actually made of enchanted clay, a fact the amaro is appropriately nauseated to hear.
  • Playing Hatoful Boyfriend? Courting Dr. Shuu? He sends you a lovely roast bird for Christmas... after finding Yuuya going through his desk for the last time. Ho ho ho ho...
  • Haunting Ground has Daniella/The Maid cook a meal during an early stage of the game. Later, this meal is served, and after two spoonfuls and one hell of an awkward conversation, an obviously sickened Fiona excuses herself. Once the cutscene ends, all she can do is walk incredibly slowly, and clutch her stomach. If you examined the unattended cooking pot at an earlier point, there is a chance that Fiona will recoil in horror, realising that human hair and meat is what is being cooked inside.
  • In I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, one event at the Prosaic Plains has Sol coming across a pond with seemingly clean, potable water. Unless they have enough knowledge in Animals to analyze it first, they only realize after drinking it that balneals pee into the pond to mark their territory.
  • Cure from Jade Cocoon 2 tricks Kahu into eating Ginui powder at one point (Ginui being a race of newt-like monsters that live in the water forest). Kahu is disgusted when she tells him what he just ate.
  • Combined with Lethal Chef in Jade Empire, where an NPC in the tea house near the beginning serves food that reduces your health/spirit/focus reserves and rewards you if you eat enough.
  • Jazzpunk: The drop-in diner in Japan. The player will Spit Take EVERYTHING that the chef gives him once he learns what was used to make it.
  • In Little Big Adventure 2, Twinsen visits the planet Zeelich and is invited to join a family of miners for dinner. When he's informed that the tart he just ate had fireflies as a main ingredient, he faints.
  • Naked Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will eat almost anything he finds in the woods with glee. The one exception to this is if Para-Medic informs him that the vultures are known to eat human flesh after he's already sampled some of their meat. He's notably disturbed by the prospect of being a cannibal. If you eat a vulture that fed on a dead soldier, when you reach the Sorrow's river, that soldier's ghost will have a vulture on its shoulder and moan, "YOU ATE ME!"
  • Persona:
    • In Persona 4, you get rewarded for eating Nanako's science project, which is a pot of grass. The protagonist feels more guilty about eating it than disgusted, though.
    • Done in the Portable release of Persona 3 with These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, when Theo refuses to tell the player what was in the takoyaki they just ate.
      Theo: There are things your kind is better off not knowing. So I've been taught, which means... I mustn't... But using THAT for cooking...
    • In Persona 5, during one of Haru Okumura's Confidant rank ups, she invites you to try out an expensive blend of coffee at a buffet. After you've taken a sip of it, Haru then reveals the coffee beans are fed to elephants, collected from their poop and processed into the coffee note . Your possible answers are:
      Wait, you mean poop?!
      I can taste the elephant.
      Excuse me while I vomit.
  • Kay from Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs accidentally drinks the ashes of his deceased grandfather, thinking them to simply be really old tea. When his older sister Gwendolyn tells him the truth, they (along with his younger sister Elaine and his bodyguard Griffith) react with Stunned Silence for a few seconds before Grandpa Des' ghost appears before them.
  • The Saints Flow energy drink in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV is not only stated to taste terrible but is not-so-subtly implied to contain questionable ingredients. Especially in the Enter the Dominatrix DLC when the Saints have to fight a giant, anthropomorphic Saints Flow can named Paul by flying into it and dropping a bomb into his brain.
    Zimos: Hold on. This thing has a brain? What exactly have I been drinking all of these years?
    Pierce: I'm contractually prevented from divulging the secret ingredients in Saints Flow.
  • In Sam And Max: Situation: Comedy, you have to rig one of these in the Show Within a Show. Specifically, you need to get Mr. Featherly to eat a cow pie (which is fortunately a prop).
  • The player in the Shadowgate game series can drink any number of noxious beverages, only a very few of which are nonlethal.
  • In Shadowrun Returns Hong Kong, the player can accidentally eat some meta-human flesh in Gaichu's hide out. Or drink blood when sampling the "red wine" in a vampire's apartment. You can even get an achievement for doing both. Hilariously, if Duncan is the party either time, he berates the player for being so stupid as to eat random food on a mission. The narration comments that as long as you don't know what it is, Gaichu's people sashimi is actually pretty damn good, and you can talk him into giving you the recipe.
  • Implied in Shin Megami Tensei IV with the stuff served at the Hunters' Associations. Whatever it is, it's filling and tastes good. The problem is that the croquettes are still kind of alive when served, and about the yulmucha, your navigational AI scans it and is only mostly sure it has no dangerous components. And let's not get started on the waffles... Small reminder that, whatever it is, it's ALL they had to eat since past 20 years ago. No better, or even healthier, options available. It comes to the point that, depending on which ending are you going for, you can hear comments about their foodstuffs from Merkabah, who even sees eating the food from the bars as a feat of courage, and Lucifer, who all but says that whoever lives by thriving on that diet should be part of his loyalists by default! This doesn't change in the sequel. Dagda's pretty squicked at the Associations' food.
  • A pretty dark example from Sleeping Dogs (2012). After Winston Chu and his girlfriend get killed during their wedding, Mrs. Chu asks the main character to get her the hitman who murdered him (Johnny Ratface) to find out who was the mastermind. After getting the information that it was Dogeyes Lin, a childhood friend and member of the same gang as Winston, she asks to get him as well. When you bring Dogeyes in, she welcomes him with a bowl of soup she force-feeds him, before revealing that it contains the meat of Johnny Ratface. You leave just as she grabs her cleaver and says that she's going to add him to the soup next...
    Mrs. Chu: Sammy! I left the bones in for you! Just the way you like it, right?
  • Downplayed a bit: In Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan, Moose drinks the manatee ichor (kind of a bloodlike fluid or discharge) and, surprisingly, it doesn't sicken Moose at all (though Guybrush and Morgan do seem kind of grossed out by it). He even tells Guybrush that the orange ichor (which has "a bubbly effervescence with a tangy palette") has been pure and unfiltered since he got hooked on it when he and the other crew members of De Cava landed in the belly of the manatee. Moose adds that the other ichor, the yellow bile, is acidic and hazardous to the digestive system when drunk. Since De Cava only likes the orange ichor, Guybrush can trick him into drinking the yellow bile served on a mug for one of the key expressions in a Pirate Face-Off.
  • In the Team Fortress 2 video "Expiration Date", as Medic reveals that a loaf of bread that was recently sent through a teleporter has tumors, Heavy pauses eating his sandvich and looks down at it. In the next scene, he is seen inspecting it before deciding to eat it anyway.
  • In story mode of Them's Fightin' Herds, Arizona (a young calf) tells an NPC reindeer where milk actually comes from. After she does, the deer goes into a state of shock.
  • Undertale:
    • The Dog Salad recovers a random amount of HP each time it's eaten, but the player gets a disgusted reaction each time.
      Oh. There are bones...
      Oh. Fried tennis ball...
      Oh. Tastes yappy...
      It's literally garbage???
    • As pointed out by the incredulous Burgerpants, the MTT-brand Glamburger is made out of sequins and glue. "Edible sequins", as the item description clarifies if you buy one, but considering what other sorts of things are considered edible to monsters...
    • A lot of the food can provoke this reaction with the Info text. Spider Cider "made with whole spiders, not just the juice", Hot Dogs "made of something called a 'Water Sausage'"(cattail), Junk Food "that was probably once thrown away", Temmie Flakes which are "just torn up pieces of colored construction paper"...At least that same info text assures us that the glitter and sequins on the Glamburger really are edible.
  • Vacation Story has a bit of a delayed example. Apples found on the island later prove to be rotten. Anyone who ate them will collapse dead on the spot.
  • The Walking Dead: This is Larry's expression when the St. John family reveal they've been purposely killing survivors and eating their flesh while giving that flesh to the group. Made even worse if Lee decides to goad Larry into eating the flesh after getting sick and tired of Larry's hostility.

    Web Animation 
  • Brain POP: In the Fractions video, after eating a piece of Moby's cake:
    Tim: Three-quarters of a cup of... motor oil?
    Tim: I have to... go to the... bathroom.
    [Tim runs to the bathroom, then we hear spitting sounds]
  • Subverted in the The Cyanide & Happiness Show short "Birthday Boy". The father of the birthday boy gives him a pony as a present, but naturally the boy shows disdain. The father proceeds to reveal that the boy and his friends ate a poisoned cake and the antidote was inside of the pony. Naturally for C&H, the real birthday present (a gaming system) was inside of the pony and the boy and his friends are left traumatized. Whether or not the cake was actually poisoned is left unknown, but it can be implied to be a lie.
  • DEATH BATTLE!: In "Sanji vs. Rock Lee", Wiz discusses the former's Raid Suit while Boomstick is drinking a beer; the suit is contained in a can, which Wiz explains he can pull out and activate for a "Magical Girl transformation sequence". When Wiz attempts to open it, beer promptly spills out of the can. Boomstick then questions what he's drinking if Wiz has his beer, and then vomits a sock at Wiz's face immediately afterwards.
    Boomstick: I'm gonna either need to go to the bathroom... or the hospital.
  • Used in the third part of Decline of Video Gaming to a ridiculous extent.
    JT: Hey, this local dish is pretty good!
    Dim: Um... that's the potpourri. It makes the room smell nice.
    JT: Eh? Ah, it doesn't matter, these giant oriental crackers are much nicer anyway.
    Dan: Yeah, you see, that's the towel from the bathroom.
    Dim: You didn't eat anything else, did you?
    [soap bubbles start to foam around JT's mouth]
  • Doris & Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out of Prison: In Episode 7, some inmates give Doris bootleg hooch which she takes a sip of and then spits out when it turns out to really be urine.
  • Half-Life: Zero Viscosity: The first episode consists of repeated examples, as a Shock Trooper provides his collection of fluids for "Human Guy" Gus to drink for some manner of program, and the dehydrated Gus is willing to try everything just to get some actual moisture in him. Unfortunately for him, the collection includes City 23's dystopically tampered tapwater, sea water, stuff from a stagnant pool by the roadside, canal sewage and cyanide (though circumstances fortunately interrupt that one).
  • Homestar Runner subverts this in that many characters have been known to consciously eat inedible items, whether due to ravenous eating habits or just plain ignorance.
    • At least once, however, in one Strong Bad Email, there is an instance of a character eating something unintentionally, as when Strong Bad and The Cheat (wearing a towel) give Coach Z what looks like a bowl of ice cream (with toasted coconut), which he eats:
      Coach Z: Ooh! Sweet mercy! (keeps eating) This is awrful! (still keeps eating)
      Strong Bad: Aw, it's okay, Coach. You're the proud new eater of a healthy bowl of sour cream and The Cheat fur.
      The Cheat: [takes off his towel, revealing the lower half of his body being shaved clean] Ta-da!
      Coach Z: [coughs up fur] Oh! I think I'm gonna puke my pants!
      Strong Bad: Ugh! Please don't elaborate on that.
      Coach Z: Naw, it's easy. I do it all the time.
    • In the same email, Homestar has eaten some of Strong Bad's "ice cream" and tries to offer some to Marzipan:
      Marzipan: Homestar, didn't anyone tell you? That's, like, cottage cheese and The Cheat hair!
      Homestar: WHAT?! (does a Spit Take) Strong Bad told me it was sour cream and The Cheat hair!
  • Object Terror: "I drank WHAT!?" (suddenly barf-beams on Carpet) Dang, that was my new carpet! What was she thinking!?note 
  • Otakebi: Tomoe often gets scolded by her husband for not being able to cook him the "Shiitake rice" that he loves and he claims his mother is good at making it. He eventually cheats on her and asks for a divorce just because she can't cook his favorite rice. Tomoe becomes suspicious of the rice and asks her husband to come to his house to try out the rice cooked by his mother. It's revealed that the rice wasn't "Shiitake rice" at all as his mother had no idea about it, and the rice was instead infested with bugs, causing him and his mother to be disgusted, his lover also turns out to be a untidy person, her house was infested with bugs, which explains she was able to make him the rice.
  • Puffin Forest: In "D&D Story: PEE IN MY BUCKET! The Adventurer's League Game", Ben's Party tries rescuing the crew of an airship that crashed in the trees. This crew was exhausted, hungry, and dehydrated. To alleviate the last problem the party peed in a bucket, cast a purification spell on it, and gave it to the crew to drink.
  • The Team Fortress 2 fan video "Sniper Soda" is all about this. Sniper really has to pee, and since all of his jars are full, he pees in a soda can, and then Scout finds it and unknowingly drinks from it.
    Scout: Yo, keep yo' hands off the soda, man!
    [he drinks from the soda can, and then vomits]
    Soldier: Yeah, they should probably teach you how to use a toilet, like normal people.
    [Sniper makes a silly face]
    [cut to Scout vomiting into one of Sniper's hats]
  • Played With in the Weebl & Bob song "The Amazing Horse". It's never explicitly said, and it's never drank, but after the woman declares the horse's "winky" as dirty, the horse rider has this to say.
    Do you think so?
    Well, I better not show you where the lemonade is made!
    Sweet lemonade! Mmm, sweet lemonade!
    Sweet lemonade! Yeah, sweet lemonade!
  • In the first episode of Zombies Vs Ninjas, the ninjas are seen eating pizza made of cardboard. And you thought the pizza was real?
    Spencer: I'd rather be the back end of a human centipede than eat one more slice of this cardboard pizza.
    Andre: This tastes worst than little brother Andre ate back in homeland.
    Rogie: Yeah, Tanzy, why don't you through some ketchup on this *censored*?

    Web Comics 
  • Ansem Retort: Axel discovering that Chuck E. Cheese doesn't sell tequila.
    "Ugh-oh. I think I've been drinking bleach for the past hour. Fuck."
  • Double Subverted in an Awkward Zombie strip, Roy prepares a Coffee for both him and Marth, but before drinking Marth suspects he did something to it, so he switches cups and Roy just leaves annoyed. Then, as he is drinking from the other coffee, Link enters asking for Roy, as he had peed in his coffee.
  • Happens to Kirby occasionally in Brawl in the Family, obviously given his eating habits. One instance here.
  • Collar 6: At one point, Michelle is putting Stella and Claire through a series of sex games, one of which involves being dressed in cow costumes and milked. She gathers the rest of the girls in the kitchen for coffee. Guess what's served as cream?
    • A later strip has Linda gotten up at 5 after going to bed after midnight to make everyone breakfast. The result is green pancakes and purple bacon. It's delicious, but "It's best if you don't know all the ingredients."
  • Atari from Consolers has this reaction when she finds out she ate snake ice cream.
  • Vaelia of Drowtales was jokingly told that the meat she was eating was human meat. This was a very real possibility, as the drow from which the meat came from have no problems eating human flesh. Through the likelihood of it actually being human meat is debated, Vaelia decides to just stick with a loaf of bread instead...
  • Eddsworld: In "Cider", Edd drinks what he thinks is apple cider, only for Tord to tell him that there's blood and guts inside the liquid he drank. Edd immediately chokes on his drink.
  • In Exterminatus Now, Lothar's new cybernetics are powered by his own metabolism so he needs a lot of calories. He immediately dunks his head in a vat of Lime Cool-Ade. Then Eastwood points out the corpse floating in the tank. Lothar pauses for a beat, then keeps drinking saying it's still not the most disgusting thing he's ever drunk. It gets even more gruesome in the next strip when Virus discovers that the Lime Cool-Ade drink mix is made of the missing townsfolk. Lothar smacks his lips for a beat, and remarks that they didn't use enough sweetener while his teammates look on with a mixture of disgust and horror.
  • In Henchgirl Mary has Fred come to her apartment to hide him from The Butterfly Gang (which she is a part of) from hunting him. As she introduces her roommate, Sue and Tina, Tina serves some carrot cake while everyone is talking about the situation. When the conversation goes into superpowers, Tina reveals she has a power of her own: The power to make carrots come out of her wrists. Naturally Mary, Fred and Sue lose their appetite (and in Mary's case, her lunch) when they see this.
  • Apparently, it was not an egg the guest ate in this strip from Loading Artist.
  • Averted in Marry Me (Bobby Crosby), where the characters ask what they're drinking BEFORE they consume it. It turns out to be blood. They drink it anyway because they'd allegedly done it before, one for a 'vampire marathon' and the other just for grins. And the friend who horsed them into this turned out to be drinking Kool-Aid.
  • This infamous official Pizza Tower comic shows the Noise delivering what appears to be a bottle of milk to Peppino. Peppino gratefully drinks it, only to immediately recoil in disgust and whimper "this isn't milk" afterward. Outside of Word of God stating that it wasn't any other kind of bodily fluid, whatever the mystery liquid that the Noise tricked Peppino into drinking was is not elaborated on further than that.
  • PvP's Skull once bit into what he thought was a brownie.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal had a comic with the line of dialogue "You put what in my cereal?" The cereal in question was "Everything But Urine-Os".
  • Skadi: One of the "Lil' Skadi" strips shows a prank Skadi's sisters played on her where they tricked her into licking frozen urine by telling her it was lemon treats.
  • VG Cats has this:
    Leo: ...So I've been secretly peeing in her coffee ever since.
    Aeris: So I've been switching our coffee ever since.
    • And then he drinks some coffee. Eeew...
  • Doc from The Whiteboard was cooking, the kitchen caught fire, automatic extinguishers doused it with BBQ sauce ("...if the food was going to be on fire, might as well take advantage of it!"). While cleaning the aftermath, Doc found a turkey leg and started eating: "It's juicy, it's tasty...'s a scrub brush." After realizing the error, he casts Aside Glance and continues crunching anyway.note 

    Web Original 
  • Sweet Jesus Pooh, That's Not Honey is an exploitable meme consisting of a comic where Pooh eats what he thinks is honey until Tigger informs him it is something else. The original comic had it that Pooh was eating Tigger's father's ashes, but most versions of the meme substitute other things that are either just as unpleasant to eat or something that can't really be consumed.
  • This led to a variation where the contents are described as "bone hurting juice", which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. "Bone hurting juice" became the name for an entire subsequent trend of turning memes into anti-jokes of a similar caliber.
    ouch oof ow my bones
  • NES Godzilla Creepypasta: In chapter 6 of Replay, the story’s sequel, Carl finds himself playing a level where healing items don’t randomly drop, and instead restoring health requires Godzilla and Rodan to purchase packaged meat. Later on, a stage takes place in a factory, where a worker is seen dying from overexertion and being carried away, before reappearing in the final part of said stage, a slaughterhouse where the factory has dead workers butchered and their meat packaged. Carl quickly realises the implications, and is quite horrified at this, particularly since the only way to keep his monsters’ health up is to buy more of this packaged meat, despite now being very much aware of what it actually is.
  • SCP Foundation:
    • SCP-198, a cup that fuses to a person's hand and fills up with their bodily fluids such as blood, urine, sweat, feces and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Unfortunately, it rapidly malnourishes the person, and the only way to gain any nourishment is to consume the contents of the cup.
    • SCP-294 is a coffee machine that can dispense a cup of practically any liquid. Just don't make the mistake of asking it for a "cup of Joe" when someone named Joe is in the room.
    • SCP-4495 is the disemboweled corpse of a porcine Eldritch Abomination that almost constantly produces monsters made from its intestines. As they're functionally identical to pork (actually better, disturbingly enough) and have a Healing Factor, the only way for the Foundation to prevent them from overrunning the globe and ending all life on Earth was to trick their staff into eating them. They would even salvage the half-eaten portions and reprocess them to make sure they stayed dead.

    Web Videos 
  • Inverted in Help Not Wanted, where the four main goblins are so desperate for money that they willingly drink from buckets of animal excrement. Fortunately, it turns out to be melted chocolate. This is later played straight in chapter 6, where the goblins end up eating human flesh Ogrell secretly fed to them.
  • Dave Reardon of How To Cook That fame. Whenever Anne debunks a so-called baking hack, Dave will be the unfortunate taste tester. He's eaten charcoal flavoured ice cream, skittles made out of waffles and chocolate brownies with ramen noodles in them.
  • This often happens in React's People vs. Food videos, as they usually don't tell the people eating the food what it is until after they have tasted it. They have fed people things like brains, rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles), rattlesnake, shirako (fish semen), century eggs, tripe (cow stomach), and more weird foods. In one episode they fed them raw meat and then told them it was human meat, but this time they were just kidding, it was actually a mixture of other raw meats designed to taste like raw human, which is still disturbing.
  • Smosh:
  • SuperMarioLogan's video titled "Bowser Juice Infomercial" reveals that the Bowser Juice is made from Bowser's pee.
  • This may have been fully intentional on the developers' part, but Omikron: The Nomad Soul features an edible item called a "koopy sandwich". When the Super Best Friends played through the game, they thought this was funny. Until a little later on when they spotted a lounging reptile, hit the interact button on it, and got the description "A giant koopy." Then it was hilarious.
  • Why Would You Eat That is I Ate What: The Series. It's a show about explaining why people eat these gross foreign foods, and then press-ganging the studio who makes these videos into eating them without knowing exactly what they are. And then telling them.

    Real Life 
  • A weatherman in Connecticut ate cat vomit on live TV from his shoe, thinking it was Grape Nuts.
  • Gordon Ramsay:
  • If you make a habit of taking food that isn't yours in a communal fridge, you'll end up getting hit with a case of this. Many stories involve sneaking laxatives in food, and at least one woman replaced her coffee creamer with breastmilk. It's highly illegal in the US and many other countries to sabotage food this way, even if it's with a product that's meant for human consumption (such as ghost pepper hot sauce), so don't do it.
  • Italian Serial Killer Leonarda Cianciulli, aka "The Soap-Maker of Correggio", would dispose of her victims' bones and blood by using them as ingredients for homemade tea cakes and soaps, the former of which she would serve to unwitting guests.
  • There have been multiple cases of real-life Yanderes secretly feeding their male partners their period blood out of a superstition that this will bind the men to them forever. At least one victim was severely disgusted and broke up with his girlfriend upon learning that she had been doing this to him.
  • On The Ultimate Fighter, most early seasons featured an escalating prank war between the fighters. It culminated when one fighter whose California rolls kept getting stolen from the fridge got revenge by masturbating onto one of the rolls, which was promptly eaten by the food thief. From that point forwards, food theft (and contamination) became much rarer than before.
  • This trope is why you never eat in the laborotory, at work or school.
    Billy had a tummy ache, but Billy don't no more!
    'Cause what he thought was H20 * was H2S04 *!
  • Not exactly eating, but an urban legend exists about a high school where teenage girls would put on their lipstick in the bathroom and then kiss the mirrors, leaving lipstick marks that were hard to clean up. The janitor got tired of it and asked the principal for help. The principal called the most popular girls in the school to a meeting, where he explained that the lipstick kisses on the mirrors were hard to clean. He had the janitor demonstrate by dipping a mop into the toilet and using it to clean the mirror. From that day on, there were never any lipstick kisses on the mirrors ever again.
  • In 2023, an energy drink called Release appeared out of nowhere with a "bitter lemon" flavor and shot to the top of Amazon's sales charts. It turned out to have been made from human urine collected from bottles discarded by Amazon's delivery drivers. Its creator, Oobah Butler, made it as a publicity stunt for his Channel 4 documentary The Great Amazon Heist, an exposé of Amazon's dangerous working conditions and lack of proper checks and safeguards on what they were selling in their marketplace and who they were selling it to, and admitted that he was scared when he saw people actually trying to order it.
    Butler: Releasing the drink was surprisingly easy. I thought that the food and drinks licensing would stop me from listing it, so I started it out in this Refillable Pump Dispenser category. Then the algorithm moved it into drinks.

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