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Nausea Fuel

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For the sake of keeping your keyboard clean from barf, we let Ame take a look at the picture we had in mind for this page.

"Well, thanks for that. I know I'll never eat again."
Cassie Cage, Mortal Kombat X

This is not Squick, even though they are related. Nausea Fuel are scenes and events that are specifically meant to be disgusting. While Squick only makes some people go "ew, gross" and is extremely subjective, Nausea Fuel is created (and is often considered by everyone) to be sickening and horrifying.

For example, someone getting punched in the face and bleeding profusely is Squick. That same head getting crushed, graphically, is Nausea Fuel. When there's no gore involved, this trope is most commonly invoked by motion sickness or anything involving bodily functions.

Paradoxically (or maybe not), Glurge can also find itself in this category.

Also related to, Shock Site and Gross-Out Show. Eye Scream and Gross-Up Close-Up are subtropes of this. Frequently overlaps with Fan Disservice, Gorn and Nightmare Fuel.


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Other examples:

  • The Burger King ad "The Moldy Whopper" features a timelapse of a Whopper being left to rot until it grows a thick fur of turquoise mold. The point of that is to highlight that BK is eliminating preservatives from its menu.
  • An infamous ad for the Ouya console really makes you think what demographic they used to target for their product, using gratuitous unrealistic gore for it. It stereotypes the gaming community as a lazy, smelly and unhealthy person complaining over the price of a suspicious overrated game, then flooding his own room with his vomit, removing the skeleton of his body with his mouth and then beating himself to death with it, just because of the price of the product.

Films - Animated

  • In The Boxtrolls, Snatcher's cheese allergies are nasty, especially towards the end of the movie.
  • The Pebble and the Penguin: The sequence for the song "Good Ship Misery" involves penguins dumping disgusting-looking slop all over each other and breaking out into spots.
  • Shrek thrives on this (both the character and the movies).
  • In Frankenweenie, we are treated to sights such as cat feces in the shape of letters, mutant sea-monkeys exploding with liquidy guts splattering everywhere, and said cat being impaled.
  • Eight Crazy Nights has the scene where Davey sends Whitey down the hill in a port-a-potty, and emerges covered in shit. Davey then sprays him with a hose, causing him to freeze, and he is un-thawed by deer that lick the ice (they even get shit all over their teeth). "Smell ya later Poopsicle!"
    • Also, later on, a bunch of kids blow gallons of snot out of their nose from laughing hysterically over an (unfunny) joke, and said deer shit all over while laughing about it too.
    • The jockstrap-eating scene should also count.
  • In Home, there is a scene Oh consumes a urinal cake and urine from a urinal.


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