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No purely pornographic Eroge examples, please, as per wiki rules.

  • Covetous, a flash game, which can be found at Newgrounds. Basically, you can understand that is about a stillborn who resides inside his twin brother's body. The game is about you making your twin get more and more sick, as the stillborn sucks his life and eat up his life force, growing like a parasite inside his body. Each level of the game is more deranged, the twin alive getting visibly affected by the stillborn, who gets more and more aggressive, and speaks more and more disturbing things. It does not help the fact that the graphics are pretty precarious. Oh, and since you play as the parasite stillborn, you get a good and a bad ending. Guess what happens in the good ending.
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  • The retro SEGA R360 arcade cabinet is literally nauseating. That is, it has an emergency "STOP" button and an attendant in waiting if the player cannot handle all the spinning. Heaven help us if Sega decides to team up with Interplay to make an arcade version of Descent on this cabinet.
  • Bad Mojo, an old DOS adventure game from the mid ninenties. In this game, you're a freaking cockroach and, as predictable, you get to witness all sort of weird and disturbing things, such as a dead rat, shown in all its nauseating glory.
  • Master Belch from EarthBound; he starts out as a pile of living vomit, then becomes a significantly grosser-and-more-realistic-looking pile of living vomit when he changes his name to Master Barf later on in the game.
  • Mother 3: The Dur-T Cafe, particularly its Festering Floor Fungus, its old-chewed-gum-covered eating table, the mold-oozing cracks in its walls and furniture, and its cigarette-ash-and-ketchup-covered, rotten-anchovy-containing jukebox. The fact that its women's restroom gets used by a wild cow certainly doesn't help either.
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  • Protozoid Slimers from Duke Nukem 3D are toothy piles of boneless slush that leap from ceilings and crawl onto you face, providing you with plenty of Interface Screw in the process, until you kick them off.
  • The Freak Show level of CarnEvil. If the Bearded Lady's corpse doesn't make you sick, the worms with human faces that come out of her body, and the gimp-grinding machines, will.
  • Dead Space, There are several sections of the game that involve running around solving puzzles and fighting creatures in zero gravity. You're able to jump around and stick to surfaces, so what was the ceiling a minute ago may become the floor. Especially pukeworthy if you have to fight while doing it.
    • Not to mention the fact that the game contains enough severed body parts to choke a whale.
    • Even Isaac seems to think Meat Moss sections are disgusting; not only can you not run over the ick-covered floors, but he adopts a new walking animation where he appears to be moving gingerly and trying not to come into contact with any of it. That these segments also have corpses fused into the walls - some of them still moving - does not help.
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    • The appropriately-named Pukers from Dead Space 2, they who projectile-vomit acid onto you, the same acid which is causing their bodies to visibly break down, are especially disgusting, even among the horrific menagerie of the Necromorphs. It has been said by Visceral Games that the sound designer who was recording their audio was attempting to make himself dry heave through a method he obtained on the Internet, only to do it wrong and actually make himself vomit - and because the microphone was on, it captured that in all its messy glory and the sound team decided to actually use that sound in the game. Oh, and its grapple attack is to rip Isaac's helmet off and vomit into his mouth.
  • Psychonauts:
    • The Meat Circus is pretty nasty, and Raz agrees:
      Raz: My memories were bad enough. This is just gross.
    • For some... inexplicable reason, Raz has a habit of kissing human brains whenever he comes across them. Yeah, make of that what you will.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess:
    • The Hylian Toad: It's just all... warty and swollen and disgusting and ugh. Even Midna is squicked out.
    • The Twilight Bloat, a massive, swollen insect-like thing that Link (in wolf form) has to repeatedly chomp at with his fangs.
    • In the Bulbins' camp at the Gerudo Desert, the bulblin with a key you need to progress is sleeping near a Bullbo (a pig) roasting on a spit. You can attack the roast pig by slicing it with your sword and shooting arrows at it. If you do this enough, you get a Piece of Heart.
  • The inside of Lord Jabu-Jabu ain't pretty either. Especially in the Master Quest, in which we see live cows trapped in the stomach walls. Not to mention the disgusting way Barinade dies.
  • Halo: Combat Evolved: "343 Guilty Spark"! Some people may feel sick after plowing for a lengthy time through twisted and mutated both enemies and comrades, some of them spontaneously exploding with wet balloon-like bangs and everybody leaving yellowish-brown "blood" stains everywhere... it doesn't help much that if you don't pay attention, you can easily get lost in that large complex with said mutations constantly respawning...
  • Silent Hill 3:
    • The legendary fetus-eating scene. Nothing is really shown, but just the idea that someone is scarfing a fetus is Nausea Fuel.
    • All the monsters are purposefully designed to be as nauseating as possible. The third game once again provides the best examples, including but not limited to hulking, vaguely humanoid bloated masses of flesh (appropriately named "insane cancers"), a massive, grotesquely phallic worm, and horribly burnt, loosely-bandaged dogs with their heads split in half.
    • The Abstract Daddy/Doorman monsters in the second game really deserve a mention. Their appearance is disgusting enough, but as for what they, just no.
    • In the same vein, Haunting Ground has a similarly gut-wrenching death where Daniella is heard ripping out Fiona's uterus and moaning loudly, having stolen her Azoth.
  • Boogerman. It's... a superhero game. With toilet humor.
  • Chaos from Primal Rage, a giant ape whose arsenal of special moves includes "the Fart of Fury", and a Finishing Move where he urinates on his opponent's carcass.
  • Some of the Cobra Unit fall to this trope, especially the Pain who is covered in bees and has his face swollen from all the stings, as well as the Fear who is a human spider capable of twisting his body in unnatural ways and a tongue to rival Orochimaru's. Eww... And The End, whose eyeballs bulge out a lot.
  • In the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mission "Boomshine Saigon," Tommy has to take Phil Cassidy to the hospital after he blows off his arm. The risk of nausea comes from trying to drive him to the hospital through the Woosy-cam where the screen appears to rock from side to side. If you suffer from motion-sickness, this might induce it. See it here.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV also has the camera get blurry and shaky every time you decide to get drunk with a friend, making especially driving a cause for motion sickness. It is amusing however to see Roman walk into a pole and fall over.
  • Trevor's storyline in Grand Theft Auto V is chock full of Toilet Humor. Also, the protagonists can use drugs & alcohol which makes the camera shake around.
  • FEAR 2:
    • With stumbling into rooms to find them covered in blood. Or walking into a room you just tossed a proximity mine into, only to find the floor coated in blood and the remains of one of the two soldiers killed by it — a pair of feet and shins, and an arm.
    • Or toppling over onto a corpse, only to have it twitch spasmodically as if it were still alive and in pain. At least, after you stop laughing at it.
  • Saya no Uta — Play this and try not to get ill at least once. Trust me, unless you have the morals of Hannibal Lecter, it's hard.
  • The Bee Bee Gun power in Bioshock is both frightening and downright disgusting. You can actually see the flesh on your arm covered with inflamed lumps full of bee eggs, while bees crawl around on your twitching hand... nasty.
  • Mohawk And Headphone Jack gave many players motion sickness thanks to its heavy abuse of Mode 7.
  • The Suffering:
    • "Remember, blood's the best lubricant!" And anything else the Creeper has to say.
    • The swarm of rats that comes pouring out of a Fester's torn-open stomach.
  • Parasite Eve is full of this. A rat's skin peeling apart and hanging from its body in bloody strips? Check. A woman's mouth splitting at the corners and stretching her face into a toothy rictus? Check. And that's just the beginning.
    • The second game even manages a sort of Nausea Fuel Discretion Shot in the animal testing lab. Nothing's shown on-screen, but examining a monkey in a cage brings up a message informing the player that it's eating its own fingers.
  • Doom for Xbox. It didn't get much right, but they did do well on the gore. In one player-activated scene, a corpse is drawn up into the air conditioning vent, and then highly detailed chunks of it fall back out. Most of the corpse wetly slams back into the floor. Apparently that's Cookie Monster up there.
    • Some Game Mods for the desktop versions may cause this, such as one that constantly rotates your FOV at high speed, as well as inverting forward/backward controls when the screen is upside-down!
  • The giant maggot type mobs in World of Warcraft. For extra format, there's Borelgore. And abominations and diverse other Frankensteinesque mobs.
    • The Forgotten Depths subzone of the Throne of Thunder. Specifically, the corpse-ridden sewer system beneath Ji-Kun's roost, riddled with such delightfully-named enemies as Bore Worm, Corpse Spider and Bow Fly Swarm that inhabit the fly-infested ribcages and murky waters you have to wade through. This isn't the first time World of Warcraft has featured bloody and/or rotten corpses lying around, but before this they didn't really show what kind of horrors tend to migrate to such things...
  • The Gluttony punishments in Afterlife (1996) all revolve around making the damned eat things they aren't supposed to. Special mention goes to "The Bowels of Hell," in which the damned are a) sewn to the inside of the intestines of a giant archdemon who has been eating nothing but Mexican food and b) have a plastic feeding tube crammed down their throats, which is connected to the "other end" of the digestive tract of the SOUL next to him. It makes its own in-game description throw up.
  • Left 4 Dead: Have you ever tried to listen to all the sounds the Boomer makes? It really begins to make you feel kind of sick, yourself.
  • First-Person Tetris. Hope you don't get motion-sickness easily...
  • Phantasmagoria has its fair share of gruesome deaths and outright disgusting scenes. The all-time winner, however, has to be Regina's death. She's locked into a chair, while a massive funnel is forced into her mouth. Carno then walks in, carrying a massive plate of sauce-covered entrails, brains, and other assorted guts. He then proceeds to force feed them down her throat, pausing occasionally to ram a pole down the funnel to make sure everything's going through all the way. When she finally dies, either the sauce or her blood is oozing out from the funnel's sides.
  • Pokémon:
    • Read some of the Pokédex entries in the series. Two notable ones are Muk's entry from Ruby, which claims that it smells "nose-bendingly horrible" and that "just one drop of its body fluid can turn a pool stagnant and rancid" and Darumaka's entry from White, which says that people used to put Darumaka poop in their clothes to keep themselves warm.
    • The bit on the S.S. Anne in Red and Blue versions where the player character (10 YEARS OLD) gives the captain of the S.S. Anne a back rub. It gets even worse in the ROM hack Pokémon Quartz where you meet said captain and he brags about it like a pedophile.
  • Cubivore features you as a cube who goes around tearing off meat flaps from other cube in order to add said meat flaps to your own being. How is a cube able to do all that? Well it's All There in the Manual your cube is full of organs including a digestive tract and a stomach. Just Squick.
  • In Shin Megami Tensei and Persona, we get Mara. Enough said. The thing could function as a Shock Site all by itself...
    • Whenever the game reveals its equivalent of Human Resources, it's usually this. Of special note is Shin Megami Tensei IV which reveals that an entire underground skyscraper was dedicated into harvesting brains to turn into pills to keep demons at bay. The conditions shown here are not clean at all, and not even women and children are safe, with the former even being referred to as "breeders" and the latter being brainwashed into loving the people who are doing this to them. Even the local Eldritch Abominations are disgusted by this.
  • In Amnesia: The Dark Descent, when your sanity starts to go down when you're in the dark, the screen gets all wibbly-wobbley and you hear a strange gravelly noise. The sound you are hearing is protagonist grinding his teeth together.
  • A minor one from Super Mario Sunshine: The eel in Noki Bay. The pollution is caused from his cavities. Let that sink in for a second. The pollution is actually globs of saliva (and whatever else was in his mouth) laden with cavity-causing bacteria to the point of becoming HIGHLY TOXIC. And you had to swim through that spit to get down to him, didn't you?
  • In Maniac Mansion one of the ways you die is to play the Tentacle Mating song with Green Tentacle in the room. Just think about that.
  • Marimo's death CG in Muv-Luv Alternative is especially gruesome. The BETA themselves are fairly nauseating.
  • The barnacles in Half-Life 2 have been graphically upgraded so that they're slimier and grosser.
  • Yoshi's Island is a cute, heartwarming game all the way through, except for the boss battle where you are eaten by the frog and have to kill it from the inside. The part inside the frog isn't the gross part. Not even close. The gross part comes after you defeat it, Yoshi goes down the intestine and then comes out the other end, and looks completely disgusted while the frog is lying there dead.
  • Jet Force Gemini: On the topic of Womb Levels, the one in this game is even more gross.
  • Kelly Chambers' death scene in Mass Effect 2 if you fail to reach her in time: she gets...processed. You can see it here
  • Waxworks (1992) has some pretty unsettling ways to die. Especially any that involve the plant mutants.
  • More than one of the "Zetsumei Ougi" moves in Samurai Shodown. The absolute worst is Kusageredo's... in which he eats his opponent alive and throws up their skull.
  • Limbo gives us pulling off a giant spider leg with visible veins attached and having to roll the husk over spikes. With sound effects! Ughh. Even those who aren't arachnophobic or bothered by gore will at least cringe a bit.
  • While not disgusting, Mirror's Edge can be this because the camera perfectly follows the protagonist's eyes and when she rolls, so does the camera.
  • Likewise Descent can cause this problem as well because of the six degrees of movement that the player has.
  • The fucking slaughterhouse level in the PS3 version of The House of the Dead: OVERKILL.
  • Probably unintentional but the swaying camera, acid colors, and bizarre music in Hotline Miami have cause this for a few players.
  • The 9-minute "Red Band" trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has a scene where a surgery is performed on a person in order to remove a bomb that was placed inside them. Thanks to the amazingly life-like graphics of the FOX Engine and PS4, it looks just like you're looking at real bodily organs.
  • Top Banana's backgrounds resemble a random arrangement of 16x16 pixel tiles from some digitized painting of a rainforest. The Acorn Archimedes version is less pixelated than the more widely distributed Amiga version, but still not much easier on the eyes.
  • Ark Area, an Arcade Game by UPL, abuses a feature of UPL's later 8-bit hardware in Area 16 and Area 23 to make every single player, enemy and bonus sprite leave artifacts all over the screen, with the palette constantly flickering on top of that.
  • If the body horror-ific mutants in S.T.A.L.K.E.R isn't squicky enough, the player can get drunk with vodka. The more vodka you drink, the screen gets woosier for a longer time.
    • Controllers can use their psychic abilities to cause this effect as well.
  • Darlene, one of the psychopath bosses in Dead Rising 3 and representing the sin of gluttony, is a woman who has become so morbidly obese that she needs a motorized wheelchair to move around. Her primary method of attack is to throw up, causing you to slip in the puddles so she can run you over and stab you with her spork. And when you beat her, her wheelchair slips in one of her puke puddles, causing her to crash into a wall and land on her back, unable to get up as she chokes on her own vomit.
  • Flash game series The Visitor. You play as a Chest Burster alien that adopts traits of its host each time in crawls inside one. Besides the Chunky Salsa Rule being in full effect, there's one point where the creature jumps into a cat's butt.
  • All of the death scenes in Corpse Party.
  • Indie game ViViD has this as a major gameplay mechanic, as each day is compounded with an annoying screen effect that makes it more difficult to play. These can range from mundane, such as Day 2 having a jittery screen and Day 6 causing static whenever you move too much, to the truly sickening. Day 9 can be genuinely painful for some to look at, with dual screen split and each half moving independently and erratically. There's a reason the game gives a Content Warning in the beginning.
  • Killing Floor 2 got some rather sickening upgrades between games. One of these is the Firebug's Microwave Gun, which works by expanding the fluids and gases in the Zeds, cooking them from the inside-out and causing them to inflate and swell up. Pop! This is especially pronounced on the fat, wobbly puking Bloats, which look even more gross as the Firebug microwaves them.
    • While the game is seriously bloody and gory already, with Zeds visibly getting blasted apart and getting blood everywhere, the game later added compatibility with Nvidia Flex, an advanced particle simulation system, for said blood and gore. Turning it on will turn the game utterly disgusting, with an increased amount of body parts and even streams of intestines flying around when Zeds get gibbed. The game also supports Flex fluid simulation which causes bigger and more dynamic sprays of blood and the same fluid physics are even applied to the puke of the aforementioned Bloats. Short version: this setting is not for those with weak stomachs...
  • Pretty much the entirety of the obscure Japan only game Toilet Kids.
  • A hallmark of badly-made Oculus games, among other VR experiences whose devs didn't know what they were doing. A few mistakes in both perspective and how things are supposed to move, and most players can be put on the ground from the sheer motion sickness. As an example, take Cr1TiKaL trying to play the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle VR game and nearly losing several lunches in the process. Even good ones can have this problem if you're new and/or don't do the setup right; Cr1tikal again makes the seemingly innocent mistake of lying about his height in Boneworks (his short stature is a Running Gag to his audience), and it's a wonder there was anything left in his abdomen by the time it was over.
  • The 1996 horror game Harvester features a level titled "The Mystery of Motherly Love", where the main character encounters a mother being eaten alive by her own children who gleefully take chunks of flesh out of her legs in bites and if that weren't bad enough, attempt to eat the main character next.
    • The slaughterhouse which is covered in blood and the many carcasses of dead cats.
  • In Spelunky, if you have the right artifact, you can gain extra lives by collecting and drinking mummy vomit.
  • Played for Laughs in West of Loathing, in which you can fish through spitoons for one-of-a-kind gear. Even the narrator is disgusted, and will describe each one in hilariously graphic and nauseating detail while begging the player to stop being so gross.


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