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When this becomes literal.

Mortal Kombat is known for its violent finishers, so it's no stranger to being particularly gross. Much of this particularly comes from 9 onwards, though they're by no means limited to them.

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    1990s games 
  • Kano's "Heart Rip" fatality in the first game, where he rips the heart out of his opponent's chest, then hoists the still beating organ in the air in triumph. In 9, he even shows the heart to his opponent before crushing it in his hand. As you can expect, this was very controversial for its day.
  • Sub-Zero/Bi-Han's "Spine Rip" fatality, where he rips the opponent's head and spinal cord from the shoulders. It's little wonder that this was one of the things that spawned the ESRB.
  • Mileena's "Man Eater" fatality, where she literally inhales her opponent and regurgitates a torrent of bones onto the ground. The X version amps it up by having her regurgitate blood chunks.
  • Quan Chi's "Leg Beatdown" fatality, where he rips the opponent's leg out and beats the opponent to death with it and continues doing so even after the opponent is dead. Its 9 counterpart, Beat Down, has him beat up the opponent with the severed to the point that the head explodes.
    • And, speaking of Quan Chi, his hollowed out head rolling in front of the camera in Sub-Zero's ending is rather gruesome.

    2000s games 
  • Anytime Bo' Rai Cho performs his Puke Puddle special move.
  • Mileena's "Ferocious Bite" has her bite at the opponent's jugular and rip it head off with her teeth. She then throws it with her mouth like a dog and then does a sexy pose soon afterward.
  • Dairou's "Binding Ribs" fatality has him rip the ribs out of the opponent and impale the eyes with them.
  • Sub-Zero's "Skeleton Rip" fatality has him rip an entire skeleton from the opponent. From the ass, no less.
  • Sonya Blade's "Poison Kiss" takes this to literal levels. She blows a mist into the opponent's face, causing them to convulse and vomit their stomach contents, lining and blood. Sonya finishes this by drop-kicking the opponent's head, crushing it into pieces.
  • Johnny Cage's "Testicle Assault" fatality takes his famous nut-punch attack and apply it as a fatality. Johnny repeatedly punches the opponent's groin repeatedly, each with a splash of blood and guts before punching the opponent's legs and torso off.
  • Another Johnny Cage example is his brain rip fatality from Deadly Alliance; He punches the opponent in the stomach causing them to keel over and then shoves his hand into their head, ripping out their brain and then raising his blood soaked fist in victory. And the camera is thoughtful enough to give us a lovely close up of his hand, covered in blood and brain matter.
  • Cyrax's "Smash and Grind" fatality has him use a chest-mounted metal claw to grab the opponent and slam him to the floor repeatedly before eating the opponent through its chest compartment and vomiting out chunks of blood and viscera a la Mileena's "Man Eater" fatality.

    2010s games 

Mortal Kombat 9

  • X-Rays, which are a the series' equivalent of a Super Move, have the character violently beat up his/her opponent, complete with X-Ray close-ups of their bones and organs being smashes and torn apart.
  • Noob Saibot's "Together Again" X-Ray has takes this literally, where the finisher has him kick the opponent in the stomach so hard that he/she vomits. And the puke stain will remain on Noob's leg for the rest of the match.
  • Sub-Zero's "Deep Freeze" X-Ray has him crush the opponent's stomach and entrails. The X version takes it further by having him rip out and freeze them into an icicle before ramming it into the opponent's eyeball.
  • Kano's "Eat Your Heart Out" fatality has him rip the opponent's heart out and then the head and places he head in place of where the heart was.
  • Reptile's "Acid Yak" fatality has him vomit out acid down the opponent's throat, corroding it from the inside. Reptile then proceeds to yank out the opponent's stomach.
  • Sektor's "The Scarecrow" fatality has him fire a star-shaped contraption to the opponent's chest. After he programs it to activate, you'd think it would explode, but no. It instead ejects multiple spikes from each star point locking itself to the ground and separating the victim into fleshy chunks, giving the frightening appearance of a dismembered scarecrow.
  • Skarlet's "Blood Bath" fatality has her slit her opponent's throat with her knife and douse her face with said opponent's blood. Her "Make It Rain" Fatality has her trapping the oponent above her with spikes, then she proceeds to slice them in the stomach and shower with her blood. Notice a pattern here?
  • Cyber Sub-Zero's "Brain Freeze" fatality has him fire shurikens from his chest, one into each of the opponent's eyes. After that, he charges an ice blast and fires it while shooting a third shuriken. Both get into the opponent's brain, where they spin, shredding it, which is shown in a fashion similar to the X-Ray moves. The opponent then enters rigor mortis.
  • Goro's "Torn Apart" fatality has him rip the opponent's legs and then the arms, before finishing it off by ripping the opponent into two, complete with a grandeur eruption of guts and gore.
  • Stryker's "Time Served" fatality has him electrocute his opponent and shoot it in the head execution-style, right above where the tongue is.
  • Kabal's "It Takes Guts" fatality has him slice the opponent's abdomen, exposing the intestines. He then plants his hookswords into the trailing intestines on the ground and watches as the opponent slowly keels over and skewers themself through their lungs onto the shimmering blades.
  • Sheeva's "Stripped Down" fatality has her rip the entire skin from the opponent.
  • Kung Lao's "Razor's Edge" fatality has him bisect the opponent vertically on the floor with his hat.
  • Kenshi's "Scatterbrained" fatality has him slam the opponent repeatedly on the screen before cutting him in half with his telekinetically-controlled sword. Oh, and there's also the eye that comes out of its socket and sticks to the screen.
  • Shao Kahn's "Great Divide" fatality has him thrust his hands directly into the opponent's ribcage before ripping him in half.
  • Noob Saibot's "Make A Wish" fatality has him and his shadow clone grab the opponent and slowly begin to split them in half from the groin up, exposing piles of viscera before splitting it completely in half.

Mortal Kombat X

  • Everything about D'Vorah. EVERYTHING. Special mention goes to the way she executes Mileena, a truly horrific take on the Kiss of Death where after Kotal Kahn finally puts an end to the rebellion, he says "You're not worthy to die by my hand. That honor will instead go to my trusty minister, D'Vorah". Cue D'Vorah using her mouth to fill Mileena's with maggots that consume her head and leave a husk behind. To think the Kombat Kids had to watch this.
    Cassie Cage: Well, thanks for that. I know I'll never eat again.
  • Ermac's "Inner Workings" fatality takes this to literal levels. To start, he breaks the upper and lower halves of the opponent's body before ripping out his victim's organs from their mouth and crushing them like a ball, leaving his victim in the air with his/her guts dangling from their mouth.
  • Mileena's "Tasty Treat" fatality just has her straight-up maul her opponent like a wild animal, tearing them in half and the opponent subsequently dies as she feasts on their innards.
  • Liu Kang's "Sore Throat" fatality is almost similarly literal. He grabs his opponent's trachea, then shoves it back into their mouth, letting his opponent stand and choke on their own blood.
  • Takeda's "Whip it Good" fatality has him rip the opponent's spine through the mouth with his whip-blades.
  • Tremor's "Stalag-Might" fatality has him summon three stalagmites, which each impale the opponent through the head, back, and ass before he crushes their head in an explosion of gore and the stalagmite that was speared into their head with his hands-turned-hammers, truly killing the opponent, with blood coming up from the bloody stump.
  • Scorpion's "Stop Ahead" fatality has him slice off the opponent's face whole with his sword, and what's next is a nice close-up of the opponent's brain and tongue.
  • Tanya's "Edenian Drill" has her launch herself through the opponent's chest but what makes the fatality this is that there are squishing noises and Tanya is covered in the opponent's innards after literally drilling through them, making the fatality look like the opponent gave birth to her.
  • Par for the course is none other than the resident Drunken Master himself, Bo' Rai Cho, who could very well make D'Vorah look clean by comparison; many people have little stomach for his Toilet Humor aesthetic, particularly the weaponized Fartillery and Vomit Indiscretion Shot.
    • His X-Ray starts with him puking on the floor.
    • On top of that, his "Bottoms Up" Fatality literally is this, where he forces some liquor on the opponent, causing them to vomit uncontrollably. And when they fall down, Bo'Rai Cho takes advantage of this by stepping on the opponent's stomach causing them to violently vomit their entrails. It doesn't truly hit home until he walks over and stomps the remainder out, which, in muddier stages like the Kuatan Jungle, can make it look like they've also thrown up feces.
    • His "Bottoms Up" Brutality is even worse, as he vomits into the opponent's mouth causing them to throw up his vomit alongside with theirs so much and hard, that their vomit contains blood, the puking causes mortal trauma and they drown in their own vomit. Bo' Rai Cho also joins in the puking party, chucking up his drink.
    • Lastly, his "Drunken Master" variation revolves around him powering up his attacks by frequently drinking, and if he doesn't drink in time, he will vomit.
  • The meat cube caused by Triborg's "Death Machine" Fatality can trigger this, especially with how disturbingly Jello-like and squishy it is when it lands.
  • Leatherface holding the cut-off faces of Shinnok and Cassie Cage in his ending grossed a lot of people out.

Mortal Kombat 11

  • This game turns this trope Up to Eleven, to the point where the blood is so realistic that YouTube tends to flag videos showing unedited versions of the Fatal Blows and finishing moves as age-restricted or unsuitable for monetization. The animators have stated that the gory material used for research was downright traumatizing.
  • Baraka's newest Fatality "Food for Thought" involves ripping off his opponent's face, then the skull, then stabbing the brain with his arm blades and taking a bite out of it.
  • D'Vorah's "New Species" fatality. She vomits bugs down her opponent's throat and causes a giant spider to grow inside their body. Mere words cannot express how horrifying it truly is.
  • Kitana's "Gore Nado" fatality starts with her cutting open her opponent s chest, then she spins around fast enough to vacuum their guts out.


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