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A demonstration of both versions of the trope.

"Five long years, he wore this watch up his ass. Then when he died of dysentery, he gave me the watch. I hid this uncomfortable hunk of metal up my ass for two years."
Captain Koons, Pulp Fiction

Quite simply, this trope covers the act of putting something into or pulling something out of a character's rectum — or, alternatively, merely implying the act. Usually, this is done for comedy.

A variation of this trope is to give a character a rectal examination, an enema, a rectal laxative, or some other similar medical procedure, whereupon hilarity ensues. Often, just having the character bend over while the physician or Battleaxe Nurse snaps on a rubber glove is enough to play the joke.

In Science Fiction and Alien Abduction stories, this is usually an Anal Probing.

Sometimes paired with All Gays are Promiscuous, to demonstrate that gays chase anyone.

Also see Trouser Space, Bowel-Breaking Bricks, Orifice Invasion, Suppository Gag, and Thermometer Gag. Nose Shove can be a variation used in child-friendly works. See Mister Seahorse and Homosexual Reproduction for when the ass in question belongs to a male and the object in question is an infant.

Truth in Television, but such things are almost never as funny or as safe as they are in fiction; the rectal walls are surprisingly fragile and can be easily ruptured if a foreign object is recklessly inserted. Indeed, a number of people who got a little too experimental with their exhaust pipes have suffered serious blood loss and even death from accidentally tearing these walls open. For these reasons, Don't Try This at Home.note 

Subtrope of Joke of the Butt. Not to be confused with Ass Pull, which is when a plot device or explanation seems so poorly contrived as to have a rectal genesis (although sometimes both happen to walk hand-in-hand — or rather, dance cheek-to-cheek). Nor to be confused with Ass Kicks You, when using one's backside as an actual weapon. Or with the saying "Shove it up your ass!"

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  • Suggested in a commercial for pretzel M&M candies.
  • Two guys have their heads literally in their asses in this commercial for a texting service.
  • The Big Dig, Explained.
  • You can find a video on YouTube of an old beeper commercial where Emmanuel Yarbrough (the largest athlete in the world) goes against another sumo wrestler. The smaller wrestler drops down and crawls between his legs. The bigger wrestler sits down. We are treated to a few slurping sounds as well as the smaller wrestler disappearing. Seeing the other wrestler gone, he shrugs and walks away, and we see the smaller wrestler shoulder deep in his ass. The video can be found here.
  • There was a commercial where a guy was skateboarding. He tried to do the railing trick where you glide down the railing on the skateboard, but he fell, and the skateboard ended up in his butt with some of it sticking out.
  • From the Parody Commercial Big Bill Hell's: "If you find a better deal, shove it up your ugly ass! You heard us right, shove it up your ugly ass!"
  • A Bounty Paper Towels commercial has a young girl in a pirate costume running through the house when she accidentally impales her dad in the butt with her toy sword, causing him to spill the drink he was holding.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest: When faced with a dragon attack, after getting the dragon onto the ground, Hajime rams a sizable pile bunker up the dragon's ass, revealing the dragon to be female, then tortures her by repeatedly hitting and twisting it. This awakens the dragon's masochistic side, and after he pulls it out, she gets an orgasm, then takes her human form as Tio Clarce and begs him to be her master and punish her some more.
  • Are You Lost?: Homare and Shion are stranded in the middle of the ocean with no drinkable water. To stave off dehydration, they are forced to give each other enemas with the sea water so that their anuses can absorb the water and not the salt.
  • Attack on Titan:
    • Team Dad Reiner claims this is the other way to kill a Titan. That some of his comrades think he's serious makes it funny during an otherwise bleak situation. It gets arguably funnier when you realize that Reiner himself is a Titan.
    • Another soldier, trying to get a Titan's attention, threatens this (the Titan's expression when it turns on him would almost suggest that it even understood).
  • Ayakashi Triangle: When Reo goes to fight a kappa, she uses its habit of Anal Probing humans to take their shirikodama against it with a fake covered in anti-ayakashi poison. A bonus comic even shows her head poking out of a bush when she's preparing herself.
  • In Boku no Sexual Harassment, a guy first gets the contents of a bourbon bottle poured up his anus and then has a whole corncob shoved up it as punishment for being a rapist. More specifically, for forcing Mochizuki aka the uke of the series to be his Sex Slave. Mochizuki is the one who, with the help of the seme Honma, came up with this "revenge". The corncob part has reached massive levels of infamy among anime fans, specially after being featured in AMV Hell.
  • Cross Ange:
    • This happens to main heroine Ange in the first episode. She's imprisoned in a dungeon, where she's forcibly bent over and manacled to a table. She's then given a rectal cavity search so vicious that it leaves her lying in a pool of blood.
    • Later, Ange attempts to escape captivity after having been stripped naked. She retrieves a case holding her ring and hides it either up her ass or her vagina.
  • A Cruel God Reigns plays the trope straight in a horrifying way when Greg uses the wooden Easter egg Valentine gave Jeremy on the latter before raping him.
  • Date A Live: Origami Tobiichi, because of her obsession with and desire to seduce him, once tried to get Shido Itsuka to take her temperature by sticking the thermometer up her butt, but he refused.
  • During Ninja Murasaki's fight with Goku in Dragon Ball, Murasaki jumps into the air and Goku positions his magic pole in such a way that when Murasaki lands, it ends up lodged up his ass. To make it even more painful, he accidentally jerks it around when he hits against a tree and Goku yanks it right out when he wants it back.
    Goku: Ahahahahahaha! Now you have a tail! Just like mine!
  • In Episode 26 of Excel♡Saga, the doctor shoves a gigantic syringe up Hyatt's butt.
  • In Fairy Tail, after every Bar Brawl, Max gets knocked out with a broomstick up his ass.
  • In the first chapter of Finder Series, Asami punishes Akihito for trailing him by shoving a film roll up there.
  • Frame Arms Girls: In episode 9, the FA Girls gather materials to try to cure Ao's illness, but end up bringing lots of useless items including live chickens, potted cacti, and a hard drive with an antivirus software installed. Ao appreciates the Materia Twins bringing a negi because it's something she could cook into a stew... until it turns out they want to shove it up her ass as per a traditional folk remedy.
  • Envy of Fullmetal Alchemist gets kancho'd in a big way. His reaction is so very outraged by it.
  • In Gamaran, there's Kashitarou, a genius teen studying both anatomy and martial arts, who also happens to be a pervert with the recurring fantasy of sticking apples or tangerines up women's asses. He offers to do this twice to the same girl, and both times he gets beaten for his trouble.
  • In the Ginga Densetsu Weed manga, a running gag has Sasuke shoving either a long pole or his paws into GB's butt during comic relief moments.
  • Gintama loves this, with Hattori and Kondo being the most frequent victims of it. They aren't always so fortunate as to be wearing pants or underwear when it happens, either.
    • Kondo willingly subjects himself to it on one occasion when Otae suggests the aforementioned "Spring onion up the butt" remedy for his influenza. Having him do it outside while naked (in the dead of winter), standing on one leg and posing with two other onions was something she added in just because she knows how willing he is humiliating himself at her demand.
    • Doman gets subjected to this from Gintoki, who hits him with a kancho multiple times while Gedomaru bends him over, and was also given the same treatment from Seimei in the past (which is a joke on the fact that his family name of Shirino literally means "butt").
    • Gintoki spends the majority of the Excalibur arc with Kusanagi using his butt as a makeshift scabbard since he feels insecure without one. Unfortunately for Gintoki, the sword is able to resist being removed by force, even when Kagura attempts to do so with a truck and a length of rope.
  • Girl Friends (2006) combines this, Trouser Space, and Victoria's Secret Compartment in the third omake. First, a tiny Akko hides between Mari's breasts, but the train is so crowded that she is getting crushed. Where she moves next is heavily implied.
  • Great Teacher Onizuka:
    • Onizuka hides a Treasure Map up his ass for a while before realizing what it is.
    • The class (specifically Urumi) punishes him for trying to use them as a free work force by forcing him to wear an S&M outfit. The whip naturally goes up his ass.
  • Gyo plays this trope straight in the least comedic and most horrifying way possible with the victims of an airborne plague which are strapped to mechanical walkers. The disease produces gas within the infectees that is used to power the machines carrying them, which siphon the gas out with tubes going both into their mouths and literally up their asses. This is not immediately clear with the sea creatures that initially caught (or were caught by) the disease, but it most definitely is with later instances of infected humans.
  • HEYBOT! has Awesome Fine Screw show he's the savior by defeating a Turtle Burger this way...with his screw head, visibly in the anus, making the Turtle Burger blush.
  • Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia: When Hayuru Himekawa cosplays as a Cat Girl, it is revealed her tail is attached to a line of anal beads that are stuck up her butt. Inserting or pulling it makes her orgasm. She develops a fetish for anal sex.
  • Himouto! Umaru-chan: In one chapter, Taihei catches a cold from Umaru, who goes to the store to get several gross/unpleasant home remedies for him as revenge for him not pampering her when she was sick, including a leek to shove up his butt. When she gets back home and sees how much Taihei is suffering, she feels guilty and instead tries to nurse him back to health, with an Imagine Spot where she defeats the cold germs (which look like Umaru) with the leek.
  • How Clumsy you are, Miss Ueno: This is Ueno's fate with a small, suspiciously shaped invention of hers, when she slips and falls down, causing her to painfully land her butt on the object. She tries to hide her accident from the unknowing Tanaka (in a squeaky voice), before Yamashita looks up Ueno's skirt and determines it only got stuck in her panties.
  • Is This A Zombie? has a Running Gag of Ayumu getting something (usually a bamboo shaft) rammed up his ass. He actually orgasms from it.
  • In one of the Kämpfer OAV's, Shizuku de-brainwashes Mikoto via pulling one of these on her. It's done Thousand Years of Death style... With a cover of the Ode to Joy as backing music...
  • Kill la Kill has Sanageyama finishing off Takarada by shoving his bamboo sword up his opponent's ass violently and repeatedly.
  • Non-comic example: it's said explicitly that Munakata of Medaka Box probably has around thirty-something or more swords shoved in there. Yowza.
  • In an early chapter of Moyashimon, Tadayasu discovers one of the downsides of going to an agricultural school when he gets volunteered to give a cow a rectal examination. He just stands there with a horrified look on his face, one (thankfully gloved) arm up to the elbow in a cow's butt.
  • In a My-HiME sound drama between Episodes 9 and 10, when Natsuki gets sick and her fever rises despite efforts to reduce it, the group turns to a folk cure which involves shoving a spring onion up the sick person's ass, much to Natsuki's horror and Shizuru's pleasure.
  • In My-Otome, the same trick is used when Aoi becomes ill, although Arika initially hangs the leek around her neck. Shizuru, when she comes in, proposes the ass-shove method.
  • Akira Shiodome from Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea is very, very fond of kancho-ing people, and he hilariously demonstrates it on his own aunt Chisaki much to the exasperation of his mother Akari.
  • Naruto:
    • Kakashi has his infamous scene with an unorthodox jutsu called Sennen Goroshi ("One Thousand Years of Death"), where he shoved his fingers up Naruto's ass-crack, and sent him flying. This is based on a real-life prank called Kancho. Naruto nearly gets revenge on Kakashi for this during Shippuden's third episode, but a terrified Kakashi managed to dodge it.
    • Naruto used it himself on Ebisu to check if the man was really unconscious or just pretending. As he didn't react, Naruto concluded he was unconscious.
    • Naruto used it himself against Gaara. With a kunai. One of the summoned toads thinks it's absurd that Naruto wasted his time giving the giant sand monster "an enema"... and then the kunai explodes. Ouch.
    • Lampshaded by Tenten, in the fourth chapter of the spin-off Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth.
      Tenten: It's just a KANCHO!!!!
    • Apparently Kakashi's father used the same technique.
    • For more on the real-life version, check the earlier articles on Gaijin Smash. Warning: may result in an Archive Binge.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • A Running Gag in is Chizuru's attempts to test out a folk remedy for fevers, which involves shoving a spring onion up the sick person's ass (as if having a fever wasn't bad enough already). Kotaro and Natsumi are understandably terrified of her. Doubles as a Stealth Pun since a spring onion in Japanese is "Negi".
    • It's no longer just a gag: Chizuru does it for real with her artifact (yes, a leek) in chapter 348! And to poor Negi himself!
    • Ako's Artifact is a Giant Medical Syringe (the needle alone is noted to be 1.8 cm wide) that can bestow effects like boosting her allies' abilities or messing with an enemy's sense of direction. It has to be injected through the butt.
  • The male characters, such as the Sextuplets and Iyami, of Osomatsu-san can be a victim to having flag poles shoved up their asses.
  • One-Punch Man: Puri-Puri Prisoner is revealed to keep his cell phone up his ass. Which actually makes sense, as his fighting style consists of his muscles ripping his clothes to shreds before beating the crap out of the enemy.
  • In Ox Tales, Cecil the Skunk becomes a bit of a problem, so Ollie corks him.
  • In Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Brief accidentally swallows Panty and Stocking while they were shrunken. After a while, the two are near the end of his digestive tract but get stuck. Garterbelt straps Brief down and shoves his hand up Brief's butt to retrieve them, despite Brief's horror and protests. Afterward, Brief is incredibly miserable and sore.
  • A skit in episode 1 of Please Tell Me! Galko-chan discusses this. Galko even mentioned when she was in elementary school, a boy attempted to do this on her and broke his finger in the process. According to chapter 20, that boy is Charao.
  • In Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, Croagunk has taken up Misty and Max's role as the one to take Brock away from girls (before he makes a complete fool of himself), by using Poison Jab, paralyzing him. It's almost always depicted as Brock being stabbed in the ass. It's still better than the alternative, where Croagunk cockblocks him.
  • Pokémon Adventures. A girl in Fortree is busy getting her Zigzagoon out of a tree when the branch breaks and sends them both on a messy fall—or it would have been if Sapphire didn't jump down (from a higher altitude, no less) and catch the branch with her bare hands, occupants and all. The girl notes that her Zigzagoon isn't feeling too well and needs to get it to a Pokémon Center; Sapphire saves her the trouble, produces a berry, and feeds it to the Pokémon, curing it of its affliction. Where this trope comes in is how she came to this conclusion—she sticks her nose up its butt!
  • Kiyoshi from Prison School gets a stiletto heel and later on part of a tree branch lodged on his anus. Despite bleeding profusely from his butt in both cases he takes his injury surprisingly well.
  • Another not-comedic example in Sakura Gari: one of Katsuragi's torture methods against Masataka included him forcibly shoving a household object up the guy's anus right after having raped him.
  • Seitokai Yakuindomo:
    • It was briefly mentioned in that at a time Yokoshima was a student in the Ousai Academy, the aforementioned kancho was a common prank.
    • What was in Aria's mind when the topic of "temperature tolerance" included, among others, a large enema syringe, implying she would do this... should Shino didn't clarify what was in the latter's mind.
  • One time, Sgt. Frog is forced to study overnight, and assorted devices are used to keep him awake. One splashes water into his face. Another drops a tin bath on his head. A third one involves a massive Kancho prop made of plastic and mounted under his chair... with a pretty powerful spring.
  • Seven Mortal Sins: When Lucifer gets hospitalized, her enemy Belial disguises herself as a nurse and subjects Lucifer to a humiliating and extremely painful suppository.
  • Slam Dunk: Hanamichi Sakuragi does it to Ryonan's coach, Taoka. Let's remember that Sakuragi is extremely strong, almost superhumanly so, and that he doesn't know what "holding back" means. The mere memory causes poor Taoka to jump from his seat and grab his ass... several weeks afterward.
  • Super Radical Gag Family: Minor recurring character Shonji Anagawa is very passionate with the kancho, striking his victims with his "44 Kancho" which he coined. It's an addition which this series run on toilet humor.
  • In a deleted scene from the Hot Springs Episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Kamina attempts to look into the lady side of the bathhouse through the impossibly tall wall that separates both sides. While he tries to see while riding on Simon's shoulders, he asks Gimmy to "find a hole". Misunderstanding this request, Gimmy sticks his finger into Simon's "personal hole", which causes Simon to leap into the air with a scream of pain, rising high enough to get a glimpse of the other side. When Kamina finds out what he managed, he asks Gimmy to poke him as well. While this scene was among the content that wasn't included in the TV version of the episode (which replaced much of its racier content with a Clip Show), it did go on to serve as the inspiration for the "attack" Gimmy uses on various characters in the very NSFW fifth Parallels Works video.
  • Time Stop Hero: Kuzuno Sekai freezes time and strips Lovisa naked, only to find that she saw this coming and concealed pieces of paper with messages for him. He finds one in her cleavage, one in her vagina, and one in her butt.
  • In the second season of The Tower of Druaga, little kid character Ki fights soldiers and people that annoy her by employing this technique with a spoon.
  • Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher!?:
    • Satou is forced to give Kana a suppository when she gets a cold. Making matters worse, since he was blindfolded to let Kana keep her dignity, the first try was... “not successful.”
    “No, not *that* hole... stupid... further up!”
    • The next day when Satou gets her cold, Kana returns the favor when she finds out he pretended to be sick to skip class. And she's not gentle about it.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Yusuke performs a kancho on Kuwabara before the Chapter Black arc.

  • In Clinic, one of the old man's nightmares involves a Creepy Physical where, among other indignities, the doctor pulls the patient's pants down and gives him a turpentine enema.
  • In Larva, Yellow becomes a problem in "Gum Fart", and needs a good plugging. Of course, it doesn't work for long.

    Comic Books 
  • Deadpool has Hammerspace-like abilities which he once explained as "involving an awful lot of lubricant".
  • Averted in Warlock and the Infinity Watch. Most of the Watch keep their Infinity Gems on their foreheads, but Drax swallows hisnote  and when Pip is asked where his is, he is seen walking away from the camera with the focus suspiciously close to his backside. A later issue reveals that he somehow stored it between his toes.
  • In Alan Moore's Lost Girls, Alice describes an occasion where her governess Mrs. Redmond taught her how to play Chess. This led to a sexual encounter where the older woman inserted an ivory pawn into Alice's ass. This left her unable to play Chess.
  • In an issue of the older Batman comics, Robin's tackling of a bad guy from behind places his face too close to said bad guy's posterior to be comfortable.
  • One of the "superheroes" in The Boys apparently has a fetish for getting screwed by his own gun(s) and licking them afterward.
  • An early Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist story had Hothead shove a telephone pole up a random man's ass as retribution towards women getting raped and her belief that all men had claimed that women liked getting raped.
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: During Johnny's rampage at a Taco Smell:
    Victim 1: Oh dear God!
    Victim 2: My eyes!! I can't see my eyes!
    Victim 3: Aaagh!
    Victim 4: Noooo!
    Victim 5: Eeek!
    Victim 6: Somebodeee! Pull this churrito out of my ass!
  • A short but full-color Judge Dredd story introduces The Great Arsoli, whose act involves pulling ever larger things from his nether regions. The last is his lovely, smiling assistant. Dredd arrests him for not declaring those items through customs.
  • Lanfeust: The giant troll is deafeated when Or-Azur rams a pointy branch and his sword up his backside. According to Hébus, the hemorroids are the weakpoint of trolls.
  • Level Up: While in medical school, Dennis has to shove his finger up the butts of male patients to do prostate exams. Much later, he finds out he saved one man's life by finding something bad that was up there, and they were able to operate and remove whatever it was that he found.
  • In Nodwick, after Artex and Yeager do something that actually succeeds in making her angry, Piffany threatens to "deliver religious literature to [them] every day for the rest of [their] lives as a suppository!" if they don't fix it.
  • A rather nasty Ass Shove occurs in Preacher (and given the general nature of the series, that's really saying something) when Jesse is attacked by a psychotic goth punk with a sword. Though the actual act occurs off-panel, the next page shows the sword tip poking out of the man's stomach and the hilt protruding from the seat of his pants. Ouch.
    • An even worse one where Jesse uses the Word of God when telling the asshole sheriff to go fuck himself. As the paramedics explain to the sheriff's son, they can't pull his father's severed penis from his rectum.
    • In the "Good Ol' Boys" arc, Jodie is tricked into pit-fighting a gorilla and is given a baseball bat as his only weapon. After winning, he asks the promoter if he needs the bat back.
  • It is implied that this is where Max of Sam & Max: Freelance Police keeps his gun, though it's still none of your damn business. Though maybe later, when everyone's sitting down, he'll tell us.
  • In The Sandman (1989), Loki tells the Puck about a prank he once played on the "not very bright" Thor. Disguised as a doctor, he convinces Thor that he's pregnant and tells him to lie face down and wait for him to deliver the baby. Loki then feeds him a gallon of castor oil and sticks a cork up his butt, then goes off to sleep with Thor's wife. Eight days later, Thor is still lying there waiting when Ratatosk, the squirrel of the World Tree, comes by and, curious, pulls the cork out, releasing eight days' worth of backed-up feces. Thor picks up the stunned Ratatosk, embraces him, and says "You're ugly, you're hairy, and you're covered in shit. But you're mine, and I love you!"
  • Something similar occurs in Sin City - The Big Fat Kill. Miho apparently shoves her katana up a merc's ass. We see the hilt behind him and the tip protruding from his face. Considering the angle, that's exactly what happened. In the same story, Jackie-Boy slips and falls on Miho's swastika shuriken and it gets stuck in his backside.
  • A rather serious example is implied in a two-part story in Spider-Man's Tangled Web featuring Tombstone as a Villain Protagonist. While in prison, he recruits small-time super-villains Hyno Hustler, Rocket Racer, and Big Ben to work for him, and in an early part of one issue asks what they've managed to "hold onto". Racer says he has some vaseline, and Tombstone says that "might be useful". Later, after Tombstone is beaten up by a corrupt corrections officer working for the Kangaroo, he manages to smuggle a knife into his cell. When Racer asks where he got it, Tombstone says, "Hid it. Told you the vaseline would be useful." (A career criminal like Tombstone would probably be good at a trick like this, which Real Life convicts can and do manage on occasion.)
  • In the JMS iteration of Squadron Supreme, Emil Burbank once shoved Tom Thumb (who, as his name suggests, is quite small) up Shape's rectum, ostensibly to gauge the feasibility of using Shape to smuggle things into battle. Knowing Burbank, his actual intention was probably just to make both Shape and Thumb miserable out of spite.
  • Superman:
    • Supergirl (1982): As she is arguing with a police in issue #12, Supergirl is said to get a badge if she wants to play cop. Kara retorts by asking if he wants to know what he can do with his badge.
      Lieutenant Peters: You wanna play cop, join the department and get yourself a badge! Until then, stay out of my way!
      Supergirl: You need a hint as to what you can do with your badge, Peters?
    • In Superman: American Alien, Superman threatens to do this to Lobo with his bike.
  • Tommy "Banana" Johnson from Viz usually ends up getting the titular banana shoved up his ass with his body stretching to take the shape of it.
  • In the first phase of Zenith, the final battle with the Eldritch Abomination villain takes place inside its colon. Though, thanks to Bizarre Alien Biology it quickly becomes a field of mouths and eyes.
  • One crossover event in Marvel's Ultimate universe feature the Hulk walk into a diner, stark naked, and politely ask for pancakes, producing a wad of bills to prove that he could pay for them. The diner staff immediately noted that as he A) had no pockets and B) his hands had been empty before he'd produced the money and were disturbed by the implication of where that meant he'd been carrying it.

    Comic Strips 
  • One Dilbert strip has Dilbert open a software package, and by doing so agree to a full-body cavity search at any time. Enter a woman with the Glove Snap.
  • The implication of this is the punchline for one The Far Side cartoon, which depicts a time-traveling scientist with a giant thermometer approaching a dinosaur from behind.
    "An instant later, both Professor Waxman and his time machine are obliterated, leaving the cold-blooded/warm-blooded dinosaur debate still unresolved."
  • Madam & Eve:
    • After Madam and Mother are arrested for attending an illegal rave party, one of the other prisoners offers to let them use the cell phone that he snuck in.
      Mother: "I hope it's one of the small ones."
    • This is Eve's response when she's asked about what she'd do if she were to win the All African Domestic Games.
    • President Mugabe finds another 50,000 votes.
  • In one Ogri strip, Mitzi responds to a loutish driver's proposition by shoving his head up his own arse.
  • When Bob's Player Character is exploring Uzer's pyramid in Knights of the Dinner Table, he finds a valuable-looking medallion. He has his character "keister" it so he doesn't have to share it with the others. This turns out to be instrumental later when it's revealed to be a component for the Scepter of Five Parts. Amusingly, Bob had actually forgotten about it, meaning it's been... keistered for some time.

    Fan Works 
  • For a while in Dr. Jackson's Diary, there's an on-base betting pool over who makes the pleasured moans during rectal exams. It's Major Davis.
  • In Breaking Point - Part I Draco and several of his cronies end up in the hospital wing with prickly cactus cones stuck in their asses. This happens shortly after Pansy comes in with one in her vagina.
  • Here Be Monsters: The 2023 update to the very first chapter adds a new scene where Pit enters the mysterious realm containing the Thrones of The Fated Eight for the first time, namely by being flung bodily into it via a wormhole. During the ensuing crash-landing, the angel loses his grip on his bow, and ends up getting speared through the back-door by the pointy end of one of its limbs when it falls on top of him. He complains about this later, saying that it "went right up Main Street".
  • Gaz, Taster of PTSD: When Gaz is having a several-days-long PTSD attack regarding the pork curse incident, Torque makes the mistake of taunting her by serving her a pig's head with an apple in its mouth on a silver platter. He ends up having to go to the hospital with the platter shoved up his ass and the apple stuffed in his mouth so hard he can't close his jaw.
  • In All the Time in the World Harry states that during one of his repetitions of Tuesday he shoved Pettigrew's rat Animagus up Lucius Malfoy's ass. When Pettigrew turned back into a human to save his life, the results weren't very pretty.
  • In Chapter 114 of Odd Ideas by Rorschach's Blot, "Tales from the Hogwarts Hospital Wing", most of the maladies Madame Pomfrey treats are the result of something sexual. Draco keeps "falling" on long, vaguely cylindrical objects, or in one instance, twenty golf balls, that go up his rectum and become lodged in his colon. In another of his works drunk!Shinji does this to EVA03.
  • In Burnt Dumbledore pulls an emergency portkey out of his ass.
  • There's a line from Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series making note of Marik using Hammerspace: "Now I'm going to use my Millennium Rod, which I keep clenched between my buttocks..."
  • Ace Lives: Uranus shoves Doflamingo's glasses up his ass after eviscerating him.
  • Referenced in Blame It on the Brain; Hermes, Scruffy, Mom and Zapp Brannigan each independently wonder at various points where exactly one shoves things when dealing with a flying brain, and Bender informs Nibbler to 'cram it wherever you three-eyed critters traditionally cram things' when he believes he will have to walk across a narrow bridge over a deep pit.
  • Cat Tales: Ivy inflicts this on Two-Face with a clay pot after he accidentally kills her pet flytrap Ivan.
  • Operation Hedgeclipper in Gorn fic CW Collateral ends with Chris being tricked into shoving Cera up his ass; Cera being a thirty-pound hedgehog.
  • Kid Icarus Uprising 2: Hades Revenge has this move used for combat. The various villains have felt First Blades, and at one point, a lightsaber, enter their rectal cavity. Pit2 is especially bitter about Cloud inflicting this upon him, and constantly carries around said First Blade, with the intent of shoving it up Cloud's ass.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: In Equipment Test, it's the only thing that can have something shoved up it, as Jared says when describing Marda fighting the Reaperbots:
    "Whoa, she shoved its own scythe up its..."
  • In A Force of Four, three Kryptonian criminals from Earth-Two end up in the Phantom Zone and meet their Earth-One equivalents. When Earth-Two Kizo tries to taunt them by saying they came from a rip-off of their Krypton, Earth-One Jax-Ur suggests him to put both planets where he knows.
    Kizo: You came from a copy of Krypton. We came from the original.
    Jax-Ur: You can take both Kryptons, and you know where you can put them.
  • Variation in Hivefled; Dualscar ends up dying with a gun up his nook.
  • I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC: An early After Hours episode has Superman carrying Wolverine off-screen, slung over his shoulder.
    Superman: Easy, Logan. I've gotcha.
    Wolverine: You've got me, huh? Guess who's got you?
  • Three separate examples in Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox:
  • The "keeping things in your ass" version is implied in Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami when Dark pulls his cell phone out of his "secret place" in his pants.
  • Implied and discussed in The Loud House fanfiction Lincoln is Done, when Luna says that she wants to stick Lola's tiara right up some orifice of hers, but changes her mind when she notices baby Lily nearby.
  • Little Hands, Big Attitude: Obsidian thinks that the dog with the squiker toy up its but (which squiks every time it barks) is the funniest thing he's ever seen.
  • Naru-Hina Chronicles: When Suigetsu makes fun of her umbrella, Yuko threatens to "shove it where the sun don't shine."
  • This trope is exploited by Ranma in the fanfic Smartarse ½. Ranma beats up Kunō for the first time, then writes "At least it can't possibly get any worse" on his forehead. When Kunō reads the phrase out loud, a Battleaxe Nurse walks in while putting on a rubber glove and orders Kunō to bend over. Much screaming occurs.
  • Sailor Moon Abridged: All the cool devices Luna produces for the cast come right out of her butt.
  • A common meme in Touhou Project fanworks is to have the character Kamishirasawa Keine "cave" somebody, meaning she uses the horns of her Were-Hakutaku form (or as Touhou fans call it, Ex-Keine) to perform this trope. This is usually Played for Laughs.
  • Chapter 32 of What Lies Beyond the Walls has Benrath shoving pine cones, followed by a spear, inside Jurlick's anus.
  • Deconstructed and Played for Drama a few times in With Pearl and Ruby Glowing:
    • Aldrin Pesky attends a rape survivors' support group after a hazing incident involving a beer bottle, saying that his teammates probably didn't think of it as rape, but he did.
    • Rattlesnake Jake forces a gun inside Lucky Luke and fires it.
    • The Normanmeyers force Wednesday and Norman to have bleach enemas, thinking it will cure their autism.
  • In X-Men: The Early Years, Scott Summers threatens to shove the larger object he can find up a bully's butt.
    Scott: Since we are making ourselves perfectly clear, Bruno, let me tell you how it is. You're going to be polite and respectful to everyone going on this trip. You're also going to leave Bobby and me alone.
    Bruno: Or?
    Scott: Or I'm going to wipe the ground with you, punk. I'm tired of your insult throwing, bad attitude, delinquent wannabe, whiney-ass, momma's boy, country-music-reject, self, already. If you don't behave, I'm going to take the nearest blunt object, something close to the size of Warren, Hank, and their tents and stuff it up your largest body crevice. I don't like bullies and I won't tolerate them. Bullies tend to bring out the worst in me. Did I make myself perfectly clear to you Bruno?

    Films — Animation 
  • Duck Duck Goose has Peg the goose get his head stuck up a pig's butt briefly. Later, a pig comes down on his face frome above, as he weakly says "not again".
  • Hotel E: At the very end, a farmer rabbit in overalls has a carrot stuck up his rear, and lit on fire. Via cartoon logic, this inflates the rabbit, and the gas shot out propels him a ways.
  • A long Running Gag of Beavis and Butt-Head Do America is that Agent Flemming of the FBI has nearly every character in the story subjected to a full body cavity search.
  • Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return has Wiser the owl say he has a large piece of wood lodged in his hindquarters after tumbling over and destroying part of a fence.
  • Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted had a kid shooting spitballs at an elephant trying to balance on a ball. Unfortunately, the elephant overbalances, and rolls towards the offending kid.
  • The Missing Link: Oh helps a dragon who shoots fire out the wrong end in the obvious manner.
    Dragon: He stuck a cork up my ass!
    • Later, humans shove burning torches up triceratops rears to make them charge into no-lobes as bowling-ball-like weapons.
  • Stella the Skunk from Over the Hedge is given a makeover to look like a cat so she can seduce distract Tiger, the housecat owned by the film's antagonistic suburban homeowner. Unfortunately for her, this included getting "plugged" with a cork, which she complains about more than once. (And the whole getup eventually turns out to have been unnecessary anyway, since Tiger falls in love with her and remains attracted even when he finds out the truth.)
  • Surf's Up 2: WaveMania has a brief imagine spot where Vince McMahon as an otter dreams of milking a fish, showing one with a straw shoved right up its rear as he sucks a few times on it.
  • Done in the epilogue of Toy Story 3, when Mr. Potato Head discovers the Peas-In-A-Pod popping out of his rear hatch.
    Mr. Potato Head: I told you, kids, stay out of my butt!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Jim Carrey seems to have a fair amount of his films involving this.
    • In The Mask, Stanley Ipkiss uses the mask's powers to get back at his shady car mechanics by shoving exhaust pipes up their asses. It makes more sense if you remember to call them "tailpipes".
    • Bruce Almighty. The title character uses god-powers to exact ironic revenge on some guys who taunted and attacked him earlier in the film. Really the wrong time to say that the chances of something happening were as low as the chance of a monkey climbing out of your ass. Worse, when he's done with the monkey, he has it go back where it came from. So: a Butt-Monkey produces a butt monkey.
    • In the uncut version of Me, Myself & Irene, Charlie's "sons" punish a big-mouthed cop for insulting their "father" in front of them by shoving a chicken head-first into his backside.
    • A variation occurs in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. When Ace is trapped in an overheating mechanical rhinoceros (It Makes Sense in Context), he has to escape by pushing out through the "back door"... only to be spotted by tourists on safari who think the rhino is giving birth.
  • Dance Flick begins with a dancer accidentally shoving his head up his ass.
  • The Brazilian film Tropa de Elite/The Elite Squad has the BOPE squad menacing sodomy with a broomstick as part of the interrogation.
  • The skit/film shown at the closing ceremony of AmeCon has a doctor prescribe one large glass of "Otaku Juice" a day to someone suffering "Con Withdrawal Syndrome".
    Patient: So if I drink this, I'll be cured?
    Doc: Oh no, you don't drink it... (brings out rectal syringe and bends him over)
  • The direct-to-video Japanese movie Shyness Machine Girl's protagonist fights with a machine gun protruding from... well...[1]
  • In the 2005 film Chaos, the title character is enraged at a girl for fatally wounding his son. In revenge, he anally rapes her with a very large hunting knife. It's neither Played for Laughs nor given much of a Gory Discretion Shot and her screams are truly terrifying.
  • The Jackhammer Massacre. Is any further elaboration really necessary?
  • Jim Levenstein gets a trumpet shoved up his butt in American Pie 2. Michelle, who in the first film tells him she shoved a flute up her pussy, does it to him, being all kinky and everything.
  • Occurs frequently in Another Gay Movie, especially with Andy.
  • In Are You Being Served?, Mr. Humphries and Mr. Lucas have to measure an emir's inside leg without touching him. To do so, Mr. Humphries uses a deflating balloon, which blows up his robe... and ends up being quite pleasurable for him.
  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
    • Austin and Felicity Shagwell are in a tent unpacking gear to infiltrate Dr. Evil's island base. Their silhouettes look like Felicity is pulling various stuff—including twelve feet of rope and an umbrella—out of Austin's posterior... to the astonishment of Evil's mooks watching outside.
    • Felicity is ordered to plant a homing device on Fat Bastard by any means necessary. She complies by having sex with Fat Bastard, and then planting the device by shoving it—you know where—thinking that he's so fat he won't notice. Unfortunately, he does... and assumes it's some type of kinky foreplay, causing him to develop a "crush" on her (what follows is the most disgusting scene ever to hit the big screen, when Austin performs a one-man version of "Two Girls One Cup").
  • In Avengers: Endgame, Thor threatens to do this to a Fortnite player named NoobMaster69 for calling his friend Korg a dickhead.
    Thor: NoobMaster, hey, it's Thor again. You know, the God of Thunder? Listen, buddy, if you don't log off this game right now, I'm gonna fly over to your house, come down to that basement you're hiding in, rip off your arms, and shove them up your butt!
  • Implied in Avengers: Infinity War: Rocket gives Thor a cybernetic eye to replace the one he lost in Thor: Ragnarok, explaining that he stole it, had only one good place to hide it, and that Thor might want to wash it before using it. This explanation is delivered just after Thor inserts the eye.
  • ABCs of Death 2: How the casting director is killed in "T is for Torture Porn". The object shoved up his ass is a tentacle from the Humanoid Abomination.
  • Described in Beerfest. Barry explains that he once beat a bunch of Thais at a game of ping-pong, and they didn't appreciate losing and shoved a ping-pong paddle... you know where. When one of his friends says that having a ping-pong paddle handle shoved up one's poopchute wouldn't be that awful, Barry elaborates that it wasn't the handle. He's been "shitting pancakes ever since". The protagonists' great-grandmother then replies that she's had plenty of things shoved up her butt. Then again, she used to be a German prostitute.
    • Also worth mentioning that during their final matches against the Germans, Todd was partnered with Barry in the pong match. Seriously drunk, he proposed another challenge: the losers of this match has to take their paddles up their asses. Barry & Todd ultimately won, with the Germans they played against proceeding to shove their paddles up their ass. Cue their reaction faces expressing some form of butthurt.
  • In the biopic Before Night Falls, imprisoned Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas smuggles his novel out piece by piece with the help of drag queen Bon Bon (Johnny Depp plays the 'retrieval' scene with amazing aplomb).
  • The Big Lebowski: The Jesus threatens to do this to Walter with Walter's Colt .45 and yank the trigger "'til it goes click" if Walter ever tries jamming a gun in Jesus's face.
  • The serial killers trio in the X-rated thriller Body Weapon indulges in doing this. Notably, their first two onscreen kill is a couple making out, the man who's subjected to an Undignified Death by having fifty coins shoved up where the sun doesn't shine. A later scene had the policeman protagonist investigating a handful of bloodied coins in a plastic evidence bag, said to be extracted from the rectum of the corpse.
  • In Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman, Mecánico is killed by having a dipstick shoved up his ass.
  • The entire premise of Butt Boy, in which the Villain Protagonist is a man who shoves objects, animals, even entire people up his ass. It eventually turns into a full-blown superpower.
  • Captain Marvel (2019): Maria Rambeau threatens to do this to a Skrull.
    Maria: Call me "young lady" again and I'll shove my foot somewhere it's not supposed to be.
    Talos: [confused] Am I just supposed to guess where that is?
    Everyone: Your ass.
  • Carry On Henry. Queen Marie has been thrown into the Tower of London and asks Cardial Wolsey to smuggle a letter out. Cardinal Wolsey says he is searched thoroughly by the guards, but there is one place they don't look, but has second thoughts when Queen Marie produces an enormous scroll.
  • The baseball-themed slasher film The Catcher has character Billy killed by being duct taped to a table, and a baseball bat shoved up his rear. The fact that it was a bat that went up there isn't revealed until a little bit later, so it initially looks like poor Billy was just plain raped.
  • Non-comedy example: In Crank: High Voltage, Chev Chelios escapes from a makeshift hospital (where his organs were to be harvested) with a gunfight that ends with him shoving a pump-action shotgun up his opponent's ass.
  • In Dad's Army (1971), the Home Guard make their way into the Nazi-occupied church hall disguised as choir singers and singing "All Things Bright and Beautiful". Lance Corporal Jones sings about how he'll stick his bayonet up one of the Nazi's bums.
  • In the first Deadpool movie, Wade and Vanessa are going to celebrate International Woman's Day by having Vanessa pound Wade with a strap-on.
  • Deadpool 2:
    • When Russell Collins/Firefist is arrested, he reveals to Deadpool that he stuck a pen up his ass to use as a shiv. Deadpool is disgusted every time he pulls it out.
    • Colossus defeats Juggernaut by shoving a live wire up his ass.
    • Juggernaut threatens to shove people into other people's asses. He never gets the chance to do so, however.
  • Deep in the Valley: Finding Lester strapped to an examination table, Suzi shoves a sphygmomanometer cuff up his ass and starts pumping.
  • Diamonds Are Forever: Diamonds. In a dead body. Flight bound for Vegas.
    Bond: Alimentary, my dear Leiter.
  • Doctor... Series:
    • In Doctor at Sea, Archer accidentally gives Miss Mallet one with his umbrella when the two are boarding a lifeboat:
      Archer: Let's take our proper places, Miss Mallet.
      Miss Mallet: Oh! (Beat) Please, let us keep our umbrellas in their proper places, too.
    • In Doctor in Love, a jealous Dr. Hinxman tries to arrange for Dr. Hare to be given a turpentine enema.
    • Doctor in Clover:
      • As Miss Rubikov is being wheeled through Hampden Cross, Digger stops in front of her gurney and yelps in pain when one of the gurney's rods prods him.
      • Wendover's war wound was caused by shrapnel from a grenade lodged in his rectum.
  • In Dolittle, a dragon has an intestinal blockage that needs to be cleared, and Dolittle proceeds to shove a large leek into her butt (making her exclaim "Oh good heavens!") as a tool to begin removing things.
  • In one of the Eddie Murphy's Dr. Dolittle films, a dog's anus swallows a thermometer during a veterinarian's examination. It has to be "retrieved manually".
  • The Empty Beach (1985). Australian private eye Cliff Hardy is given a Tracking Device by police and told to turn it on when the villains have made contact. To forestall the Obligatory Joke on where to hide it, the detective adds, "If you stick it up your ass, you won't be able to flick the switch!" It's left deliberately vague if Hardy really did hide the transmitter this way.
  • In Even Lambs Have Teeth, Katie and Sloan kill Boris by ramming a branch wrapped in barbed wire and nails up his ass.
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once: Two Alphaverse Jumpers have shove their butts into butt plug-shaped trophies in order to gain martial arts abilities. It very much makes sense in context.
  • In Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain, the Shape murders Gary by shoving his hand up Gary's ass and ripping out his intestines.
  • Evolution
  • Final Score (1986) have the scene where Richard escapes from his tormentors, one who's trying to torture him with a branding iron. After getting the iron for himself, Richard then shoves it's still red-hot tip into the mook's anus, with a really graphic close-up of the results. OUCH.
  • Fletch. The title Intrepid Reporter undergoes a rectal exam from a proctologist while masquerading as a patient.
    Fletch: You know, my kidneys feel a lot better in this position? Maybe it's because I'm not doing any calisthenics. You know, if I did some sit-ups in the morning... bent over like this, I feel 100% better (squish!)... Moooooooooooon riveeeeeeeeeeeer! Thank you, Doc.
  • Tae-goo, the "Weird", kills two people this way in the Korean film The Good, The Bad, The Weird. When the Japanese soldiers find the bodies, they think he's a pervert.
  • One of the rapists in Gutterballs is sodomized with a sharpened bowling pin.
  • Hancock
    • Hancock's favorite threat is that he'll shove the head of one of the guys bothering him up another's ass. He actually does it in prison (accompanied by the Sanford and Son theme music).
      Hancock: If you don't move, your head is going up his ass. Y'all fellas sure you wanna ride this train?
      Matrix: (Mocking) Choo, choo, asshole...
      (Hancock shoves Matrix's head up Man Mountain's ass, with accompanying bystander horror.)
    • At the start of the movie, he makes this threat against a whole car full of Asian gang members, ending in this gem:
    Hancock: And you drew the short stick, 'cause your head's going up my ass.
  • In the comedy film The Interview, Skylark and Rapaport are given a secret package sent to them via missile to North Korea by the CIA. In order to keep it from being discovered by the guards at Kim Jong-un's palace, Rapaport is forced to shove a package the size of a Coke bottle up his butt.
  • I Spit on Your Grave
    • Jennifer from the remake of this Rape and Revenge movie does this to one of her rapists, a corrupt sheriff (who anally raped her) by shoving the business-end of a shotgun down there. And then gets one of the other rapists to fire it while it's still in him.
    • In the third film, she does the same thing to the rapist stepfather of one of the people in the rape survivor group she's in. Only instead of using a shotgun, she uses a length of metal pipe. Which she proceeds to drive into him with a sledgehammer. Damn.
  • The Jackass Movie
    • One of the "stunts" in the first movie involved Ryan Dunn inserting a toy Hot Wheels car into his rectum. The crew then filmed the reactions of the doctor when Ryan explained how he had supposedly passed out at a Frat Party and woken up that way.
    • In the second movie, Bam Magera gets a golden dildo launched into his anus by one of those carnival "test-your-strength" games. From the same movie, the Butt Chug.
    • Another one in Jackass 2.5 involved tying a kite to anal beads in his ass.
  • Keeping Up with the Joneses: Dan apparently smuggled microchips in his butt. When told this, Jeff curiously sniffs one and recoils.
  • In Killer Party, the fat Bee-Boy is murdered by having a spear gun fired up his ass.
  • The handgun example was done for real in the CAT-III action film, Lethal Panther, with one of the characters getting raped anally with a loaded pistol. Yikes.
  • Little Nicky has a Running Gag about Hitler getting a pineapple shoved up his ass every day in Hell, with the demons forcing him to always choose the largest one. Later, he gets a demonic flask, which contains demons Adrian and Cassius, emptied up the ass.
    Hitler: Holy schnit!
  • The Love Guru has a barroom brawl that ends with a character having a pool cue shoved up his butt.
  • Machete. The title character rescues a naked woman, but it turns out to be a trap by the Big Bad. After taking down Machete, she reaches down so her hand is off camera and produces a mobile phone with a squelching sound. Or she took it out of her vagina.
  • The opening battle of Major Payne has Payne threaten to do this to the enemy commander with his own pistol.
  • In the Belgian movie Man Bites Dog, the protagonist's flautist girlfriend suffers one of these offscreen with her own flute. With, unfortunately, fatal consequences.
  • The Man in the Iron Mask has Porthos get in a fight over some prostitutes and shove an angry brothel patron's flintlock pistol up the man's rear-end through his clothing. Bonus points for being utterly in character for Porthos.
  • Man on Fire. Creasy uses the following Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique on a corrupt police officer. The thimbleful of C4, as promised, produces Impressive Pyrotechnics while Creasy demonstrates his Unflinching Walk.
    Creasy: Do you know what this is?
    It's a charger used by convicts to hide money and drugs. They tuck it up their rectum.
    This is pencil detonator, timer, used as a receiver from the pager.
    This is C4, highly explosive; you put it all together you've got a bomb, not very sophisticated, but very powerful.
    (whispers) That's what you have in your ass right now. Don't move! Don't move!
  • Agatha Trunchbull in Matilda threatens to shove the entire faulty car Harry Wormwood sold her “up [his] bazooga” over the phone.
  • Once Upon a Time in Mexico has Sheldon Sands, who appears to have a mild preoccupation with this trope.
  • Operation: Dumbo Drop: The pills to tranquilize the elephant aren't taken orally.
  • In the climax of Out Cold, Luke does this to Eric with one of his snow boots. The irony is lampshaded by Luke, as Eric had threatened to do that to him several times.
  • In the film Papillon (1973), the title character describes prisoners as "The only animals that shove things up their ass for survival." Usually money, although Dustin Hoffman's character kept a spare pair of glasses down there.
  • Implied in the Extended Disarming scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End when Elizabeth produces a damned big gun from somewhere.
  • Police Academy
    • The first movie features a scene where Lieutenant Harris suffers a motorcycle mishap and lands headfirst up a horse's ass.
    • Also, the second movie has Mahoney somehow getting Lieutenant Mauser subjected to a body cavity search (complete with Glove Snap by the nurse who does it).
  • The whole "your father's watch" scene from Pulp Fiction. By the time Butch gets it, at least 3 different men have had it up their ass.
  • Shows up in RoboGeisha with the cybernetic AssSword, which is exactly what it sounds like. Considering the rest of the film, it's surprising when the girls point out that using a sword protruding from your ass is not only embarrassing, but also really awkward to use. It doesn't stop them from having a sword fight around a conveniently placed stripper pole.
  • The woman vigilante of Run Bitch Run! plays it to the extreme, and very unexpectedly, with her rapist. This particular ass shove involves a machete and a lot of reciprocal motion.
  • The Running Man. Amber Mendez steals the raw footage of the Bakersfield Massacre and tucks it away, but is captured. Later she produces the tape.
    Ben Richards: Where did you hide that?
    Amber: It's none of your business.
  • In Rush Hour, this is Carter's response to being offered a job at the FBI (via an FBI badge) by the two FBI agents who were heckling him throughout the movie.
    Carter: Why don't y'all...take that badge...and shove it up your ass. All up in your asses. I'm LAPD.
  • In Say It Isn't So, Gilly gets his hand stuck up a cow's behind.
  • The DVD version of Scary Movie 3 has an alternate ending where farmer George turns into the Hulk to fight off an alien attack. One fight move involves shoving an alien up his butt.
  • Played for Drama in Slaughter in Xi'an, an excruciatingly violent Chinese film, where one of the characters is killed by having a long, steel rod pointed on one end shoved through his rectum, all the way until penetrating his guts. Apparently this was done to kill a person without leaving injuries on the outside.
  • Referenced in The Tall Guy. Dexter is talking to Kate at the hospital, when a man on another guerney starts groaning.
    Patient: Nurse, if you wouldn't mind? I am in some pain here.
    Kate(walks over to him): You will be treated when I see fit. You forfeited the right to be treated in a reasonable manner when you made the decision to stick a vacuum cleaner pipe up your bottom.
  • Similarly, from Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead: "Buckwheats for everyone!"
  • Averted in Thunderball as Bond is given a large capsule-shaped homing device—he asks what he's supposed to do with it and Q replies "Well, obviously, you... swallow it!"
  • Also hinted (but with a mere handgun) at Tropic Thunder.
  • The movie version of Undercover Brother literally puts his foot up someone's arse (yes, there's even an X-ray to demonstrate).
  • In Up Pompeii, Lurcio asks a Christian who survived being thrown to the lions if Nero has his thumb up, before stumbling over his words when he recognises the Double Entendre.
  • Watch Your Stern: When Commander Fanshawe tells Chief Mundy that he knows what he can do with his bicycle, Chief Mundy's first thought is that Commander Fanshawe is telling him he can stick it up his arse.
  • One can't help but notice Wayne's World's Officer Koharski's glee, both in his eyes and in the snap of his glove, as part of a roadside check no less. The walk of poor Benjamin's when we see him next speaks volumes.

  • There's a joke about three explorers who were captured by a native tribe. The natives say that the explorers may survive if they collect and bring back ten pieces of a fruit of their choosing. The first explorer returns with ten berries and is told he'll go free if he gets all ten inside his anus. He succeeds and is released. The second explorer returns with ten apples and is told the same. He suddenly bursts out laughing; when the natives ask what's so funny, he tells them that the third explorer was collecting pineapples.
    • A variation has the third man arrive, have the task explained to him, and choose death after some consideration. The natives then proceed to execute him in the traditional way, by inserting a fatal number of pineapples into his anus.
    • Yet another variation has the natives telling them that they will kill them if they make any facial expression whatsoever during the 'challenge', and the one telling the joke is encouraged to announce the number out loud. The first explorer, having something large-ish (like apples), is killed after a few (3-4) for grimacing. The second explorer, having picked something small (berries or grapes), allows the one telling the joke to count up to 7 or 8, then the explorer inexplicably bursts out laughing and gets killed as a result. The two explorers meet in Heaven, and the first one is distressed, asking the second what had happened since he was doing so well... the second explorer, still laughing, says "I just saw the third guy, and he's got PINEAPPLES!".
    • Yet another variation: a trader is heading through the jungle with a load of bananas, but then he's captured by cannibals. They decide they want to stuff him before cooking him, so they proceed to shove the bananas up his ass...and the trader starts laughing hysterically. The cannibal chief asks, "What's so funny?" The trader's response? "My partner's a half-day behind me, with a load of pineapples!"
  • There's a Christmas joke that an angel approaches Santa Claus while he's in a bad mood and asks "Where should I put the Christmas Tree?" As you might have guessed, Santa's reply was something along the lines of "Stick it up your ass!" ...and that's why the angel goes on top of the Christmas tree every year.
    • One version has him asking for it by saying "Oi, fatty! Where should I stick this?"
  • This joke from a WWII vet regarding rectal exams: "Well, first he put his right hand on my shoulder. No, wait, he put his left hand on my shoulder. Wait a minute, he put both his hands on my shoulders." Oh, yeah, the days when man rape was supposed to be funny.
  • A doctor is making his rounds through the hospital when he stops to talk to the head nurse. The nurse says, "By the way, doctor, did you know you've got your thermometer stuck behind your ear?" The doctor feels around his ear and says, "Great, some asshole has my pen."
  • A farmer looked out his window and saw that one of his cows was near the road and having difficulty giving birth, so he went out and took a hold of the calf's legs and started tugging. Before long a luxury car stopped and a man got out asking if he could help. The Farmer said it would be appreciated. The man took off his Rolex and rolled up his sleeves, and after both men did some tugging the calf came out just fine and healthy. The farmer thanked the stranger, who said: "I just have one question... how fast was the little cow going when it hit the big cow?"
  • A doctor was surprised when he examined his elderly patient. "Sir... do you know you've got a suppository in your ear?" The old man promptly takes out his cell phone and calls his wife. "Martha, you can stop looking for my hearing aid. I think I know where I put it."
  • A hillbilly goes to the doctor for the first time in decades. The doctor prescribes him some suppositories, which he doesn't know how to use but isn't about to admit to some city slicker. A week later, he comes back absolutely furious. "Dammit doc, I took them suppositories like you said and the damn things don't work! One a day for a week with a glass of water, and lemme tell you, I could've shoved'em up my ass and it'd have had more effect!"
    • Another variation has the doctor tell the patient to put the suppository "in his back passage." The punchline is the same but suggests the patient left the supp on a table just inside the back door of his house.
    • Yet another one has the patient complain that he'd used all the suppositories but there was no effect whatsoever. To which doctor incredulously replied: "How can this be? Did you eat them or something?" - and got this response, Sarcasm Mode full on: "No, dammit, I shoved them up my ass!"
  • A man walks into a bar with his pet monkey. He orders a drink while the monkey hops up onto the pool table. The monkey grabs one of the pool balls, shoves it in his mouth, and swallows it whole. The angry bartender tells the man he has to pay for a new ball and the man agrees, paying. The man returns several weeks later, with the monkey. The man orders a drink, while the monkey hops onto the bar and goes for the jar of pickled eggs. He takes out an egg and shoves it up his ass. Then he takes it out of his ass and eats it.
    Bartender: [disgusted] Gross! Your monkey just ate a pickled egg that he shoved up his ass!
    Man: Yeah, ever since that pool ball came out of him, he makes sure to measure everything first.
  • A man goes to the doctor and is diagnosed with a tapeworm. The doctor says he can get rid of it if the man comes back the next day with a banana and two cookies (or some other combination of health and junk food). The man comes back with the items, and the doctor tells him to drop his pants and bend over. The doctor then shoves the banana up his ass, followed by the cookies. He then instructs the man to come back the next days with the same items. Wanting the tapeworm gone, the man obeys. The next day, the process is repeated, and the doctors tell him to come back tomorrow. For a length of time, the man comes every day and has the items shoved up his ass. Finally, the doctor tells him to come back with a banana and a hammer. After a sleepless night wondering what the hammer is going to feel like, the man returns. The doctor shoves the banana up his ass, grabs the hammer... and waits. After a few minutes, the tapeworm sticks his head out and demands his cookies, at which point the doctor hits him with the hammer.

  • In the Animorphs book "The Sickness", Tobias (a boy turned into a hawk) angrily says Cassie's veterinarian father is a quack because he tried to treat him by shoving a pill up his rear.
  • In the tenth Captain Underpants book, Tippy Tinkletrousers' Robo-Trousers are equipped with a thermonuclear bomb, which are activated by having a robotic tentacle pull it out through the nether regions. It Makes Sense in Context... sorta.
  • In part of Greg Stillson's backstory in Stephen King's novel The Dead Zone, some people who anger him end up with objects inserted in their rectum. To be fair to the character, said people were mooks send to give him a hard time. In a 3 to 1 fight. Armed with brass knuckles. Guess what it is that ends up there.
  • In the Deathstalker series a woman was forced to approach a man who would decide her fate completely in the nude. She had decided to break clean but she couldn't carry any regular concealed weapon... but a deactivated monofilament blade's handle was relatively easy to hide in the one place the guards wouldn't look.
  • In "Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption" from Different Seasons, this is apparently how Andy smuggled several hundred dollars into jail, and how Red gets his manuscript out... Willing suspension of disbelief (or perhaps Fridge Horror) applies because the manuscript is better than 100 handwritten pages. Ahem.
  • Inverted in Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, when Dirk demonstrates his facility with stage magic by (apparently) drawing a string of colored handkerchiefs from the posterior of a small dog, and from Richard's, a slim bunch of anemones. Which he presents to the dog's owner, a little old lady who just watched Richard take off all his clothes and jump into a canal. It makes sense... sort of... in context.
  • From Terry Pratchett's Discworld:
    • In Feet of Clay, after the golem Dorfl is freed, he visits his previous masters and exacts (non-lethal) ironic revenge on them. As Vimes, Carrot, and Angua chase him, they hear about... incidents at the poultry merchant's and the pork butcher's.
      "Er... I think I've got an ointment that might be—"
      "Will it help with the apple?" the man demanded.
      "It shoved an apple in his mouth?"
    • In Soul Music, this happens to musicians who don't pay the dues to get into the Musician's Guild. Nobby Nobbs mentions that it's not fun unless you're a piccolo player.
    • Vimes threatens a comparable punishment for any assassin caught carrying a spring-gonne within Anhk-Morpork city limits. "Rest assured, I can find a short cut." This line makes more sense when you know that people have previously referred to a little place near Lancre where the sun doesn't shine (which, if you know your Disc geography, means a deep gorge near the village of Bad Ass).
    • The whole bit about the monkey's nut and the garderobe in Lords and Ladies.
    • Self-inflicted by a drop bear in The Last Continent, when it unwisely drops butt-first onto an unsuspecting victim who happens to be Rincewind. Turns out that pointy "WIZZARD" hat is good for something after all...
    • Vimes actually does this in Night Watch... to a couple of oxen. With ginger. The ensuing carnage changes the course of history.
    • The Truth: Dibbler takes up feng shui as a sideline and tells customers to beware the Dragon of Unhappiness which flies up one's bottom if the toilet seat is left up. The nature of belief within the magical field of the Disc has predictable results.
  • In Michael Shea's The Extra, one of the main characters hides a 20 gauge mini-shotgun and ammo in her rectum and vagina when she goes to take part in a movie shoot (in the future, movie shoots involve extras fighting for their lives against animatronic monsters). A sympathetic make-up artist could tell by her walk that she's keistering something. Instead of snitching, he tells her a location where she can safely take out the gun and gives her a fanny pack to store the ammo.
  • Gangsta Granny: Ben talks about how in the olden days, people were punished with a "red-hot poker up the bum".
  • Millennium Series: Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is the recipient of a brutal one, and then repays her attacker in kind (giving him a non-consensual tattoo into the bargain.)
  • Chuck Palahniuk's short story "Guts" from the novel Haunted (2005).
  • Little Boy Blue is offed in Robert Rankin's Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse by his shepherd's crook being shoved up his arse and all the way out his mouth. That's gotta hurt.
  • Incarnations of Immortality:
    • In Bearing an Hourglass, Norton is forced to reverse the course of time for the entire world. While most people don't notice, anyone close to Norton becomes aware that they're doing everything backward... including one unfortunate man who'd just used the toilet. Despite his struggles to stop himself, the man backs into the bathroom and shuts the door, through which sounds of horror are heard, and the rather confused-looking dog that was behind a nearby bush as well.
    • In For Love of Evil, a past incarnation of Gaea humiliated Parry by having him subjected to a cavity search by an ape.
  • A Liar's Autobiography by Graham Chapman discusses his dealings with people who either put things in their butts, or got things stuck on their penises, while he was a medical student and resident at St. Barts, London.
  • Played for Horror in Moon (1985), in which a sadistic Serial Killer, in attempt to burn Jonathan Childes's internal organs, psychically projects into him the effects of a reaching hand, which becomes a ball of fire.
  • Ernie Miklos from Naked Came the Stranger once had sex with a hooker who inserted a chunk of ice up his rectum. The resulting orgasm was so powerful that it left him traumatized. He still wakes up screaming about ice cubes.
  • In the Brazilian novel O Homem Que Matou Getúlio Vargas (released in English as Twelve Fingers), Henry Maturin of Papillon had a way to leave prison with important stuff such as money: fill up bamboo with it and shove it up there. The protagonist gets afraid of doing this to himself, so Maturin decides to "carry it" for him ("where one fits, two can!").
  • Paladin of Shadows: In A Deeper Blue, the central receiver for the bugs Katya plants on Juan Gonzales' boat is hidden in her rectum prior to being installed.
  • In Papillon, this is critical survival tactic. Shoving a small metal cylinder full of money, called a plan, up the rectum and using the cash to buy supplies or make bribes.
    • In Banco, the sequel to Papillon, it's revealed that Papillon held onto his plan; the metal tube used to hide money and valuables up his ass, after his release from prison. Even on the outside it was a good way to protect his cash and he had gotten used to it after fourteen years, he wasn't bothered by keeping it another year or two while he funds his revenge.
  • Sharpe does this with a picklock, which he then uses to bust out of jail. He actually does it "onscreen" too (though not explicitly), making this "Chekhov's Buttscratch".
  • In the fourth entry of The Snuff Network, Kill Wu, Misty tortures Andy Wu by sodomizing him with a sword.
  • In one essay in Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!, Scott Adams discusses the acceptable level of ass in a comic strip. One unpublished Dilbert strip included in the article shows a manager getting "face time" with the VP as part of an appointment with him, which consisted of having his head half-buried in the VP's rear.
  • Tortall Universe: In Mastiff, the third Beka Cooper book, Farmer Cape hides emergency magical supplies in his rectum. This practice allows him and Beka Cooper to escape from the villains and rescue the kidnapped prince.
  • In The Windup Girl, getting a champagne bottle rammed up the rear is what leads the titular windup girl to go on her rampage.
  • In Tom Clancy's Without Remorse, two prisoners hide iron shanks up their arses in order to kill two other prisoners in the shower. "A determined man always has one place he can hide something."
  • In David Barnett's Gideon Smith and the Mask of the Ripper, a brothel madame named Lizzie Strutter finds an extremely beautiful amnesiac girl named Lottie (Charlotte Elmswood). Even better Lizzie learns that Lottie is a virgin, so Lizzie can sell that to the highest bidder. She also needs a rival thrashed so she gets thug Henry Savage for wetworks. Henry lusts after Lottie, but Lizzie needs her a virgin. So she offers Henry a jar of goose fat, if Henry succeeds he gets to anally rape Lottie as much as he wants, provided he doesn't otherwise hurt her (no bruises on the face...etc). Luckily Maria, a clockwork girl who's looks were based on Charlotte's, discovers the girl and takes Lottie's place and then gives Henry a different kind of encounter.
  • In the Anno Dracula novel One Thousand Monsters, during the human sacrifice of Japanese undesirables at the Suicide Park of Yokai Town, the westernized obstructive bureaucrat begs for a swift death as he's bent over and buggered by the long, barbed tongue of a hungry Kappa. Lord Majin obliges and cuts his head off.
  • In Gregory Frost's Shadowbridge, Leodora has broken many of her village Bouyan's taboos - including public nudity and riding a sea dragon that are only for men. Her uncle Gousier is blacklisted until he brings in Leodora for a terrible "purification rite" that hadn't been used in 3 generations. Leodora is first to be dunked in the sea until everything from the stomach, bowels and bladder is voided out. Then a sharp stick is to be slowly pushed up her ass until it's all along her spine. She'll then be cooked over an open fire, then chopped up and sprinkled in the sea.
  • Reborn as a Space Mercenary: I Woke Up Piloting the Strongest Starship!: Among the ways Hiro finds to make money is selling his genetic information to a pharmaceutical company (his Earth genes are apparently quite unique). The scientist requires it in the form of both blood and semen samples, and determines to acquire the latter via a prostate massage. After Elma teases him about it, he has anal sex with her offscreen (this part is Adapted Out of the manga adaptation) and later threatens her with further sessions for the next time she decides to get blackout drunk.
  • The Road to Hell... has Gurchun getting killed after Jervow maims his face, followed by him inserting a claymore into his rectum.
  • In Chris Bunch's Warrior King the 3rd book of his Seer King trilogy, the beautiful young sorceress Cymea becomes addicted to anal sex after ex-General Damastes makes out with her. They quickly go through a large bottle of olive oil as Cymea wants to get sodomized almost daily.
  • In So I'm a Spider, So What?, despite an Enemy Mine situation, Potimas deliberately tries to kill Kumoko by giving her a weapon that explodes on use. Kumoko takes petty revenge by using her razor-sharp spider leg to drill a hole in Potimas's ass. Hyuvan and Ariel are delighted; Potimas swears revenge.
  • In World Domination in Retrospect, the ass-shove is practically the main character's Signature Move, he does it so often. He refers to it as 63ing your ass.
    "First, insert hand into enemy ass. If your hand is a hook, this is even less pleasant for the other person. Then, you rotate them 63 degrees along a random axis... Then you release."

  • Stephen Lynch:
  • Gorillaz: Murdoc's gonna feel that tomorrow.
  • "London Underground" by Amateur Transplants ends with the line: "Take your Oyster card and shove it up your arsehole..."
  • Stab Me In The Back by X Japan is about seeking this via sex with another man.
  • King Missile's "Up My Ass" is a list of things that the lead singer shoves up his ass.
  • One of the Ruff Ryders compilation albums features a skit called "Put it in Your Hole" about 2 people getting pulled over and the driver telling the passenger to hide his cannabis in his prison pocket. He refusesnote  and the pair is subsequently arrested.
  • Eddie Murphy's "Boogie In Your Butt" is made of this trope, revolving around one man trying to convince another to shove various increasingly bizarre objects up his ass.
  • GWAR often shoves things in people's asses.
  • Dos Gringos track S.O.S contains a short spoken part, where the narrator has a BSOD at his instructor and yells:
    I'm going to shove that red hat so far up your ass, you'll be shitting through mesh for a week!
  • Shows up in Toby Keith's controversial "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue," with the line, "We'll put a boot in your ass; it's the American way."
  • Garth Brooks has this to say about Prince Charming in "It's Midnight, Cinderella."
    From the way he's walking, I can guess where your slipper's at.
  • DJ Lubel with Taryn Southern have the song Wrong Hole, which is about a man who had a sexual encounter with a woman but went in the wrong hole. He offers to let her peg him as payback, but the twist is that she liked the experience and from then on, each night it's the "wrong hole".
  • The last verse of Eminem's infamous "Fack" describes inserting a gerbil in one's rectum through a cardboard tube, as in the Richard Gere urban legend.
  • Alestorm's "Fucked With an Anchor" involves the singer very profanely swearing to do this with an anchor to the witch doctor that cursed him with with Hollywood Tourette's.
  • The cover for blink-182's album Enema of the State heavily alludes to this. As if the title wasn't enough, the image on the cover is that of porn star Janine Lindemulder in a Naughty Nurse Outfit putting on a blue latex glove as she gives a seductive smile to the camera, as if she's gonna enjoy this.

    Music Videos 
  • At the start of the video for Bubble Butt, three women are accosted by a Giant Woman who summons bike pump hoses from her mouth that shove themselves up the women's butts and inflate their rear ends to a cartoonishly large size. This is all a prelude to the Giant Woman conjuring up a dance party in the women's apartment.

    Mythology & Religion 

  • Many of the Ghost Doctor's prognosis in America's Most Haunted involve this trope.
    "Patient is unruly. Recommend enema, repeat until condition improves."
  • The end-of-game match sequence in the Family Guy pinball has Brian the dog blowing and popping a bubble-gum bubble... from his rear.

  • As discussed in Fat, French and Fabulous, Canadian serial killer Alan Legere escaped from prison using a TV antenna he hid up his anus to fight off the guards. Presumably, he removed it from his anal cavity first, but it's much funnier to imagine him attacking the guards with it still sticking out of his ass like a bee stinger.
  • The genetically designed CLINTs of Mission to Zyxx keep a backup weapon in their anal cavity. Dar is enthralled by the visual.
  • This gets discussed on the Rooster Teeth podcast, where Burnie quite openly mocks the whole "it just happened to go right up my arse as I fell" story.
  • Referred to as "corndogging", the subject is a repeated topic of discussion in the comedy podcast Walking The Room. Notable examples include the open question as to "Why you gotsa go corndoggin' when you know you got frien?" (sic) and the discussion of plans for Corndog: The Movie, summed up as "A man puts his arm elbow-deep into another man's ass, and then they solve crimes."

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling had the "anal explosion" match, in which victory could only be achieved by successfully making a firecracker go off in the opponent's ass.
  • WWE has twice done skits involving a colonoscopy—both with the same "You have your head up your ass!" punchline and both Gooker winners. The second came days after a commentator actually had one!
  • One of The Rock's (in)famous catchphrases. He occasionally adds a few more phrases before shoving in the last three:
    "Take [this/that] [noun]... SHIIIIIIIIINE it up reeeeeeal nice... turn that sumbitch sideways, and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!"
    • Mick Foley pointed out how unrealistic that is in his second book, Foley Is Good... and the Real World is FAKER Than Wrestling.
  • Unforgiven 2006 had DeGeneration X shove Vince McMahon's head up Big Show's ass.
  • Pure Wrestling Association champion Eddie Osbourne had lots of nasty, disrespectful habits he developed due to his confidence to control other wrestlers on the mat with his superior amateur skills, including sticking his thumbs up their butt. This earned him some righteous beatings from equal mat technicians who were a lot bigger and stronger than him like Samoa Joe.
  • Joey Ryan suffered this after Karlee Pérez pulled down his trunks and exposed his thong to the crowds of Beyond Wrestling. She used blow pops, Ryan's Trade Mark Favorite Food, for extra humiliation.
  • During the Austin/McMahon hospital skit, one of the things that Austin did to poor Vince is to give him a forceful enema right in Vince's ass.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Ass of Holding. Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • This story from 4chan's /tg/ board details how one player played as a concubine who was nothing but The Load to the party throughout the entire campaign, much to the other players' great frustration. When the party reaches the Dark Lord's fortress, the concubine immediately betrays the party and declares her undying love for the Dark Lord. The party is locked in the dungeon while the concubine and the Dark Lord get married. They return to his chambers to consummate the marriage, and as soon as he turns his back, a halfling rogue emerges from the concubine's ass, shoots straight up the Dark Lord's ass, and tears him apart from the inside. The rogue was the poster's real character all along, making use of the "Extremely Tight Space" skill, and the concubine was merely a hired NPC. He had even secretly been making rolls the entire campaign in order to avoid falling out early and ruining the surprise for the rest of the group, who were all naturally left speechless by The Reveal.
  • The infamous "arseplomancer" build for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5: the Exemplar class lets you pick one skill which can be used to impress people, and a high enough Escape Artist skill lets you pass through a space narrower than your head. The result is a character who climbs into a guy's rectum in a manner so awesome that everyone in 60 ft becomes undyingly loyal to him. Then the poor guy explodes.
  • Magic: The flavor text on the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, or Tenth Edition printings of Might of Oaks.

  • In Jerry Springer: The Opera, Jerry's primary motivation in Hell is to not be "fucked up the ass with barbed wire!"
  • In The Book of Mormon, Elder Price gets his own copy of the Book of Mormon shoved up his butt by General Butt-Fucking Naked.
  • In Avenue Q, Princeton gets an unexpected one by Kate. He likes it.
  • Figuratively implied in the last stanza of "Master of the House" in Les Misérables.
  • The scene in Marlowe's Edward II where the titular king is murdered with a red-hot poker demonstrates how effectively horrifying this trope can be.
  • During the song "Cabinet Battle #1" in Hamilton, Hamilton implies he wants to do this to Jefferson.
  • In The Club, one of the tips Jock gives Geoff for distracting an opposition player is to jam your thumb up his bum as he's going for a mark.

    Video Games 
  • Kokonoe threatens to do this on her 'Help Me, Professor Kokonoe' segment with Hazama. Exaggerated, however.
    Kokonoe: You say that again and I'll fill every hole of yours with my special candy!
  • This trailer for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where a stray attack by Morrigan touches an unsuspecting Deadpool in a bad place. The look on her face when she realizes what she's done is priceless. Or maybe she's just confused by the giant "GYAAAAA" sticking out of the building.
  • Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirits
    • In-game example, whenever you have Delma in your party. So, you're in a fight, maybe you're in trouble, one of your characters is in critical condition, you'd really need a healing item... Then you remember that you put one in Delma's inventory. Come on, try and guess where she pulls it from. Exactly.
    • Also seen in cutscenes when Darc draws his sword. We don't actually see much apart from Darc reaching toward the hem of his kilt-like garment and seeing the sword in his hand after a sword-drawing sound effect. Its never explained where he stows his sword between fights but...
  • Inverted in Assassin's Creed II, where Caterina Sforza's rant against the Orsi brothers includes the threat to shove their heads up her vagina; this isn't scripted dialog but something the historical Caterina actually said.
    • The captive Bartolomeo d'Alviano promises his jailors that when he escapes, he's going to shove their heads up their asses — and he's not going to be matching heads and asses, either.
    • In Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, the player character gets hold of an obsidian eye belonging to a one-eyed mercenary known as the Cyclops. In a later confrontation with him, the player character proceeds to shove the eye up a goat's butt, and lets the goat run away with it. Afterward, you can even hunt down that goat and retrieve the eye; the item description now states that it smells really bad.
  • Baldur's Gate II: Minsc manages to keep Boo hidden from Irenicus's capture party. Supposedly there is ever so much of Minsc to search. Imoen speaks for everyone by going, "Ew, I don't want to know." Not that Minsc looks anything like Richard Gere, but...
  • Bloodborne: An unfortunate, unforeseen consequence of making backstabs in this game work by way of ramming your hand into the foe and ripping it back out, along with making one of the game's enemies a giant boar, is the fact that backstabbing this same boar looks less like a brutal finisher, and more like, well, this trope.
  • The Korean arcade game Boong-Ga Boong-Ga requires players to jab a plastic finger into a protruding butt (euphemistically described as "spanking" in English advertisements). Higher scores are rewarded for stronger pokes. However, to win the prize (which is a gold-colored plastic keychain in the shape of a poop, by the way), you need to deliver a poke that is within the strength marked by the power bar on the screen.
  • Burrito Bison Revenge is a Launch Game about a buffalo-man trying to retrieve his wallet from the Gummies that stole it in the previous game. However, the main character also grabs hundreds of dollars from the gummies to be used for upgrades, leading one player on Kongregate to ask where he was keeping his money before he got his wallet back. The developer's response? "You don't want to know".
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day:
    • The Great Mighty Poo, in his operatic Villain Song, threatens to take Conker's head and ram it up his butt. Conker is noticeably grossed out.
    • When two fire imps decide to burn Conker up, one of the imps asks his friend what he should do with his lit cigarette. He tells him to shove it up his ass. The first imp responds… by actually doing it.
  • Since most enemies in the Dark Souls series are much taller than the player, the majority of backstabs in these games become ass shoves. The Fang Boar in the Undead Parish also has an opening in its armor around its tail, allowing "backstabs" straight up the wazoo. But, importantly, the ones in the Duke's Archive do not, making them much harder to damage.
  • The skills in Disco Elysium tries to convince the Detective to do this to himself at several points.
    • By choosing enough dialogue options, where the Detective makes a pledge by swearing on his honor, causes the Authority skill to chime in, and try to convince you to perform the "Rite of Honour":
      Authority: You need to bring the thumb of your right hand — your sword hand — to your rectum and stick it in there to form the Arch of Honours.
    • Upon getting the flask of Blue Medicinal Spirit, the necktie and the Electrochemistry skill are both gleeful:
      Horrific Necktie: Bratan, I am so proud. Now — whatever you do, don't drink it. This deserves so much more than just regular oral consumption.
      Electrochemistry: The tie is SO on the money there! Up the bum it goes!
  • In Discworld II, Rincewind has to convince the mortician that he's dead and uses some ice to lower his body temperature. Guess where the thermometer, and thus the ice, have to go...
  • Similarly, in Dragon Age: Origins the player might run into a prisoner who offers a key in exchange for food. If the player asks how he managed to slip the key past his captors' search, he'll answer that he swallowed it and it has... later come back into his possession. The key, upon further examination, is... "Strangely warm."
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • Implied at one point in An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire. When asking a Scamp where it hid the key:
      Scamp: Keys? Keys in dark, NASTY place. Near my tail. Want look? See?
    • In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, there is an imprisoned Morag Tong assassin and a note from his captors mentioning how they have no idea who hired him to kill them because they couldn't find his orders anywhere on his person. If you attempt to pickpocket the assassin or kill him and loot his body, you will find a "Soiled Writ of Assassination".
    • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, if the player is arrested and sent to prison, and they elect to escape, they will have a single lockpick on their person to use to try to get free. Precisely how they got it into their cell isn't stated, but considering all of their other possessions, including clothes, are confiscated, it is implied that they smuggled it in someplace that wasn't searched....
  • Fear & Hunger: Termina: Failing the Poe's coin flip attack sees it inflict one of these on the player, slamming them onto the floor before repeatedly ramming one of its hands up your backside.
  • In Fighter Maker for the PlayStation, It's possible to create a long and intricate fatality attack that ends with a deadly kancho.
  • This is implied to have happened in an early scene in Final Fantasy IX when Steiner inspects a large barrel by poking it with his sword, only for Zidane to pop out howling in pain.
  • In Guilty Gear one of Faust's overdrives has him do this to his opponent using his oversized scalpel. The vocal responses he gets out of them are rather comical at times (Such as Chipp's "OH YEAH!").
  • In Hypnospace Outlaw, Counselor Ronnie warns teens about a new recreational drug, T-Nubs, that is taken as a suppository. Ronnie is an Invented Individual, and T-Nubs don't actually exist. The Plus DLC adds a minigame, Drug Runners, where Ronnie has to escape from drug dealers who are trying to "shonk" him.
  • At one point in Knights of the Old Republic, the player character runs into a prisoner who says he'll give you a hacker's tool if he's freed. You can ask him how he has it—wasn't he searched?—and he tells you that they did, but they didn't search everywhere. The player character can then choose to be either Squicked or pragmatic.
  • Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!: Let's just say Larry doesn't know what a High Colonic Treatment is.
  • In MadWorld, the Dummied Out execution for Jude the Dude has Jack take his revolvers, jam them up his ass and reaming him before firing him up into the air.
  • Marvel: Avengers Alliance has an enemy attack called "Where the Sun Don't Shine", though the sprite animation (thankfully) is just a generic attack.
  • Used as a possible solution in a disturbing amount of puzzles in McPixel. Actual success rate of this solution varies.
  • In the pre-fight dialogue between Sonya Blade and Erron Black in Mortal Kombat X, Sonya threatens to do this to him with her gun.
  • In Pillars of Eternity you can threaten a guard at a drug den with this if your Resolve is high enough.
    Watcher: [Resolve 14] Get out of my way or I'll break your sword in half and feed it to you at both ends.
  • Like its anime counterpart, Croagunk in Pokkén Tournament kanchos both its trainer for the heck of it, (which you can experience in first person before some matches) and its opponents.
  • The Postal 2 Expansion Pack Apocalypse Weekend has this as a possibility in one of its levels where the Postal Dude is running around smashing cow heads with a sledgehammer. It's possible to throw said hammer at the cows as well. If it hits the front, it kills them. But if it hits the back, the hammer... erm... gets stuck. At which point you can pull it out of the paralyzed cow's anus. Making matters worse is the audible *pop* when you retrieve it.
    The Dude: Geez. Those things are like black holes!
  • Another Rareware example; in Banjo-Kazooie, one of the tasks in Mad Monster Mansion is to take a Jiggy from Napper, a sleeping ghost, without waking him up. Once you successfully get the Jiggy, this exchange occurs between Napper and Grunty:
    Napper: Grunty's gold, how it shone, she'll be mad, now it's gone!
    Grunty: Yes I'm mad, my boot I'll put, up your useless spooky butt!
  • The Ratchet & Clank series is quite fond of innuendos. The third game in the series is actually named Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, after all.
    • This bit from the opening of Ratchet: Deadlocked, when Al activates the speech function on Ratchet's new armor:
      Ratchet: Let me outta this thing you Blarg-headed frack monkey! I can barely breathe and my tail feels like it's shoved right up my—! -speech function cuts off-
  • In Resident Evil: Outbreak the characters seemingly pull out items out of and put in the same items in and out their rectums depending if they are storing or taking out.
  • Turn your enemies around and propel them into orbit, by shoving the Alien Anal Probe up their butts in Saints Row IV.
  • Salt and Sanctuary: Sometimes you may end up behind a Split Swordsman who has fallen to his knee after being parried, and the result of a backstab can be this.
  • The Headless miniboss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has this as one of its most dangerous attack. If it lands the hit, it'll take out a huge chunk of Sekiro's health as it rips out his shirikodama (a mythical organ located in the anus that contains the human soul).
  • The player can use an "Ass Shove" execution in Shank 2.
  • In the fighting game Skullgirls, Cerebella has the kancho version of this trope as a move.
  • In South Park: The Fractured but Whole, two of your Buddy Powers used to clear through obstacles involves shoving things up your ass. Toolshed's power, "Sandblaster", has you hooking his sandblaster up to your ass to power it with your farts while Professor Chaos's power, "Haywire", has him shove one of his hamster minions up your ass so you can use your farts to fire it at electronic locks and short them out. Rebecca also threatens to do this to the New Kid in her intro.
  • In South Park: The Stick of Truth, Mr. Slave is a summon who can one-shot enemies by shoving them into his ass.
    • Taken to extreme lengths when the New Kid has to shrink down and journey into Mr. Slave's ass to defuse a Snuke. Inside, you'll find a number of semen blockages, a condom, an iPhone with an incoming call from Big Gay Al, a flashlight, a vibrator, a live bat, a rodent skeleton, anal beads, Mr. Hat, two armed guards protecting the snuke that the government agents placed inside Mr. Slave's ass, along with the snuke itself, and of course, the spirits of the Frog King, the Sparrow Prince, and the Catatafish. You can also somehow summon Mr. Slave to shove your enemies into his ass while you are inside his ass, however that works. Doing so gets you the "Inside Joke" achievement.
  • Subverted in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow: In a late-game mission, you have to get a USB drive from a guy, who has been taken hostage. When you get to him and take it you can say "Where were you keeping this? It might be good to know." His response: "Not where you think I had it. I just have experience hiding things."
    • Implied in the first mission in the same game, however, where you get a storage device from a hostage, and when Sam asks how he hid it, he says to "just wash your hands when you're done with it."
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:
    • Mentioned in the very first mission the player takes when you have to obtain a Flash drive off of a captured Stalker. When questioned where he hid it, he claims "I didn't hide it down there, so don't worry." Also, when stalkers sitting around campfires begin to play guitar, the way in which they get the guitar out can raise players' eyebrows. It appears out of thin air and they pull downwards, and it sure did not come from their backpack. Sure, it's hammerspace, but still.
  • Implied in Star Wars: Republic Commando where you get these lines:
    Boss: Did they find the data?
    Scorch: No, I hid it pretty well.
    Boss: Where, exactly?
    Scorch: Mmmm, you don't wanna know.
    Boss: Roger that.
  • Chun-Li seemingly reaches into her strongest butt in the world in Street Fighter V Shadow Falls to grab the MacGuffin to show to Cammy.
  • Tales of Monkey Island:
    • Near the end of Chapter 5, while Morgan stabs LeChuck after Guybrush has trapped him, Elaine gives the villain one by stabbing him with the Cutlass of Kaflu... let's just say... right in the fundament! And this is an E10+ rated game, too!
    • Previously subverted near the end of Chapter 1: when the player tries to use the ancient weather vane on De Singe while he's in the messed up idol, Guybrush will say, "Oh, I'd love to, but I'm pretty sure that De Singe doesn't have the necessary... slots."
  • Tales of the Abyss: In the scene before the final battle with Van, Anise makes this comment:
    Anise: We're gonna take the Commandant's ideals and shove them up his ass!
  • Mentioned by a few of Team Fortress 2's characters.
    Demoman: (to Engineer) You come wide at me again, boy, I'll stick that wrench right up yer arse!
    Demoman: (to Engineer again) Go on and build more o' yer little guns. I'll shove every one of them up yer arse!
    Soldier: Merasmus! I am going to pull a rabbit out of your ass!
    Soldier: (to Medic) I'm gonna mail my boot to the Kaiser with your ass around it!
    Soldier (to Administrator): Then I guess you'd better take me to the gravel pit and shoot me, lady. 'Cause if you ever ask me to kill my friend again, I will put my boot so far up your ass it will be on the news.
    Soldier (to Merasmus): Tonight, your ass will be visited by three ghosts: my foot, my other foot, and a ghost!

    Visual Novels 
  • This happens to Akira in Keisuke's route in Togainu no Chi, in a non-comedic example. One word: screwdrivers.

    Web Animation 
    • Wario vs. King Dedede: This happens at the end of the battle. As Wario is charging at King Dedede with a Waft ready to fire, King Dedede fires a Gordo at him... which gets stuck in Wario's butt. This causes the Waft to build up and eventually backfire on Wario, obliterating him.
    • The One Thousand Years of Death technique appears in Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Kakashi. Bonus points for Kakashi interrupting one of Obi-Wan's memes...:
      Kakashi: Well, now. You've fallen for the deadliest stratagem we ninja know: One Thousand Years of Death!
      Obi-Wan: Don't try it! I have the high gr- (Gets kancho'd by Kakashi.)
  • In Episode 2 of Gorgeous Freeman, Gorgeous, after stripping to his underwear, is somehow able to absorb a moving train into his butt. Then he seduces the "Wilsons" with said butt. Then launches the train at the Wilsons.
  • Gossip City: In one story, when Sumomo used her toy wand bought by her mother Himari to heal her treacherous "ex-daddy" Masaki of his paraplegic state, she ended up shoving it up his butt, after which she runs off. After the passersby look at the scene, he became known as the town pervert for having a toy wand stuck in there in public.
  • hololive:
    • Former member Kiryu Coco would often comment that the tail she sports is actually a butt plug that she could remove at any time. It was also the preferred method of adminstering her drug Asacoco. During the meme review with Amelia Watson, they come across one that questioned how Ninomae Ina'nis' tentacles work. Coco believes they're all in her ass, but Ame believes they're all connected to a base that goes in her ass. Coco also asks if Ame can stick a finger inside her butt after showing her model's ability to scratch it.
    • In one episode of hololive - Holo no Graffiti, Subaru attempts to motivate Noel by threatening to take her beef bowls away. Noel responds to this by shoving her mace handle-first up Subaru's ass.
  • How It Should Have Ended's take onPulp Fiction (see the film folder above) has Butch taking a moment to ask himself whether he should entrust his most valuable possession — that watch — to the care of his ditzy girlfriend. A prescient Imagine Spot later (in which he foresees having to shoot one man with a submachine gun, ram another with his car, face down a leather-clad sex maniac, and disembowel another man with a sword, you know, the usual and predictable results), and he chooses to make sure that watch is packed properly.
    Butch: In fact... I'm continuing the tradition, baby!
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device: This is apparently Marneus Calgar's go-to threat when Cato Sicarius is getting too annoying, notable in that he threatens to shove his Power Fist up his ass. He later ponders that he should actually go through with it once, both to give him an actual punishment for once, and because maybe that way he'll stop lounging on his throne whenever he's out. Because, you know, his ass will be in ruins.
  • Indigen does this to an elephant. With a ballistic missile. Ridden by an african savage and a jackall. Yeowch!
  • On The Edge: Some of the tortures featured involve shoving things into the victim's backside.
    • Rhaphanidosis: A sleazy go-getter who forced a miscarriage on his wife and then took embarrassing pictures of her after stripping her down, is punished by Shigeo ramming a white radish into his anus, followed by an enema with live candiru.
    • Impalement: Shigeo subjects a gang leader who beat up a couple and had the woman gang-raped in front of her boyfriend to the titular punishment. Said crook died the next day.
    • The Pear of Anguish: Both a corrupt Minister of Justice and his delinquent son who framed a mentally-disabled man for murder and rape (which led said man to death row) are subjected to the torture with the titular device. They both died in minutes.

  • In a strip of Wulffmorgenthaler, the object in question is a dog's snout.
  • Implied to happen in comic #48 of Spider and Scorpion.
  • Implied in this Times Like This strip.
  • Boy and Dog: When Murphy gets taken to the vet, he gets his temperature taken rectally.
  • Bronze Skin Inc.: Dante and Julia accidentally fall in between Dandara's butt cheeks. Luckily, she was wearing a thong.
  • Casey and Andy: After the titular duo uses one of their contraptions to "rescue" Jenn from the Hunkinites, they find themselves in need of "an emergency proctologist".
  • Crops up in Collar 6 during a guest strip when Laura needed to hide a vibrator present from Sixx. Ginger went to fetch the bleach afterward.
  • White Mage in 8-Bit Theater, after Black Mage uses necromancy to unnecessarily move a block of rubble that was only partially in his way. Rather than just walking around it, he animated dozens of corpses to move it, causing it to fall over and crush a number of innocent people to death. (Comics 718 - 721)
    White Mage: "This hammer will be introduced to your anatomy in a way that is neither comfortable nor sanitary. The White Mage's oath forbids me from speaking further on this matter, but consider it a guarantee that you will taste splinters for a week when I'm through with you. However, that very same oath precludes me from enacting this extremely warranted if invasive act until I have made every effort to save the lives of those still trapped in the debris."
  • Freefall: Subverted in this strip, where Florence the Uplifted Animal tells a doctor that she's intelligent enough not to bite an oral thermometer and therefore would really rather not have a cold, uncomfortable thermometer shoved in her... ear.
  • In Kevin & Kell, two poachers make the mistake of going after a rhino who not only has his gardening teammates (including one fox/wolf cross) backing him up but who is dating a lioness. They wind up atop two Christmas trees in an apparent reference to the tree joke above.
  • While it doesn't actually happen, Let's Speak English does discuss the concept of 'kancho' (mentioned in the Real Life folder.) It comes up in the training seminar Mary attends, where she mentions that it could be blocked by clenching, but another ALT teacher mentions that he nearly broke a kid's finger doing that.
  • Implied in MeatShield, by way of a Shout-Out: "Papillon, I need some money..."
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Implied with Belkar during an arc in which he's imprisoned, though it could be referring to a number of places.
    Belkar: But speaking hypothetically, if I had managed to conceal a Ring of Jumping someplace on my body that I was reasonably certain no one would search...
    • He also threatens to do this to "Durkon" in Strip #957.
    Belkar: I am going to shove the sunshine so far up where the sun don't shine that you will vomit nothing but warm summer days!!
    • After Redcloak loses an eye and Xykon's Soul Jar in a battle with the heroes, Xykon forbids him from healing it on pain of this trope.
    Xykon: If I ever see you with more eyes than assholes, I'm going to shove one in the other and give your cloak to that hobgoblin.
  • Happens between robot characters in Questionable Content... long story.
    Pintsize: I'm never gonna be able to use that USB port again.
  • Raven's Dojo had Dornail wearing a literal fanny pack (as in a latex fanny with a pack inside). It turns out it was a promotional item from his favorite lube company: Sodomease. Seen here, very NSFW.
  • Sailor Ranko: Tatewaki, a kendoist and a creepy stalker, got his wooden practice sword. His pineapple-crazy father, supposedly, got a pineapple. Don't mess with Sailor Pluto, and don't cut her hair.
  • Scandinavia and the World: the Nordic Lodge now only has two rectal thermometers thanks to Denmark's misunderstanding.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • In the 2001 Schlocktoberfest epilogue, it's stated that the smuggler that brought the diamond-beetle eggs aboard the Princess Tyola as a suppository.
    • Action Girl Elf once treated a reality TV host to this trope with one of his own cameras.
  • Shortpacked!'s take on this trope is extremely... well, just go see it.
  • Something*Positive:
    • Mike and the Redneck Trees. While nothing actually happened, it was only because Peejee allowed her conscience to get the better of her and put a stop to things; otherwise, the audience is led to believe Davan and company would indeed have gone there. So to speak.
    • Also mentioned when Davan goes to the doctor and refuses a rectal thermometer.
      "I'm not an infant. I'm a grown man who thinks his doctor should be able to check his temperature in other ways, like the forehead, ear, or, and this may seem novel, under the tongue."
      "Whatever you say, boy, but you're the first person to ask me to stick a rectal thermometer in his mouth."
  • A Gory Discretion Shot in Suicide for Hire shows Arcturus looking down at a beaten victim and mumbling "How did they manage to jam his arm in there without removing his shorts first? Aren't they denim?"
  • In strip #15 of the Touhou Project doujin Life of Maid, Patchouli gets sick and Sakuya has to take her to the hospital. Eirin prescribes a spring onion in the rear as treatment (see Real Life) and poor Patchy's response is something to the effect of "GET ME OUT OF HERE!"
  • Trigger Star:
  • Unsounded: The prostitute Bastion is seeing gets pissed when he reveals he didn't bring any money since he can't take anything with him while offsetting. She yells at him to shove his wallet up his rear then, and he replies he's tried that; it just falls out when he shifts.
  • The Wheel of Time fan comic WoT Now? has this as a running joke. The first instance is Mat getting his [literal] staff shoved up his arse; it reaches its pinnacle when Rahvin gets a battleship shoved up there.
    Rahvin: Umm... I'm going to have a series of sharp implements thrust up my ass, aren't I?
    Kinslayer: Yup.
    Rahvin: Dammit.

  • Darwin Awards
    • An Urban Legend recounted on the site starts with two youths trying to sneak into a rock concert, and ends with both dead, one in a car that's hung up in a tree, the other under the car in the same tree with a branch rammed up his rump.
    • There are several examples of people getting killed or injured by putting strange things up their bums, often for erotic purposes.
  • Start of winter term in the Whateley Universe: Don Sebastiano gets what's coming to him when the mindslave spell on Cavalier and Skybolt fails. Everyone who reads the hospital report cracks up laughing when they get to the part about the doctors having to remove the lamp base.

    Web Video 
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd shoves horrible / horribly hard Batman games up the Joker's ass in one of his videos.
  • A Running Gag in Barney Bunch videos is that characters mention liking to use assorted things as "dildus".
  • The Cinema Snob has a running gag about a (fictional) YouTube series called Will It Fit? about the protagonist shoving various large objects up his ass, and yes, it always fits.
    Host: If it tears, it still fits.
  • Chester A. Bum mentions the scene where this happens in Hancock and expresses hope that it happens in The Dark Knight.
    "He defeats people by putting them up other people's asses! That better happen in the new Dark Knight movie! The Joker will be like "I am going to kill everyone!" and Batman will be like "You are going inside an ass!" Bloo-bloo-bloo-bloo-splut! THE END!"
  • The Minion gets this treatment in Diamanda Hagan's review of Project Million.
    Minion: That sniper rifle was a pain in the ass to get through security. Literally...
  • In the 80's Dan Christmas Episode, a drunk Mrs. Crabtree shoved a Christmas tree star up there.
  • Epic Rap Battles of History has a crapload of these. Just to quote a few:
    Napoleon Bonaparte: "I'm going to shove your moon boots straight up your poop chute!"
    Columbus: "I'll stick a flag up your ass and claim you for Spain!"
    Master Chief: "Cortana says you're Greek, so why don't you stick these lyrics up your ass?"
    Obama: "Republicans need a puppet and you fit, got their hand so far up your rear, call you Mitt."
    Al Capone: "So show respect or get that tongue ripped out your neck and shoved straight up your poop deck!"
    Renaissance Artists: "You beat the Foot but it won't go well when you catch an Italian boot to the half shell!"
    Oprah Winfrey: "I'll lodge my fabulous shoe up your suit pants, baby!"
    J. Robert Oppenheimer: "We're in the Endgame now, Tinky Winky! / I'll finish this like Ant-Man, all up in your stinky!"
  • Filthy Frank: When Salamander Man misbehaved, he got sparklers shoved up his rear end. Subverted in that he enjoyed it.
  • Ferr of the Freelance Astronauts firmly believes that Link is shoving carrots up Epona's ass to make her move faster. Plus the cries of "ASSWINGS" whenever the Song of Soaring is used.
  • The Greatest Freak-out Ever. Steven, having a freak-out in the vid over having his World of Warcraft account cancelled by his mother attempts to shove a remote control up his ass at one point. With his boxers on. The video is supposedly real.
  • The Jelly Bean Story (NSFW language). Saying anything else would spoil it.
  • One of the main running gags of Jobby the Hong is to have a character or himself say "putitinmyass". He tried (unsuccessfully) to get David Kaye to say it during his Masterpiece Beast Wars Megatron review.
  • Linus Tech Tips released a video in March 2022 showing off an incredibly tiny mobile phone which was allegedly designed for the specific purpose of being shoved up one's ass and smuggled into a prison.note 
  • This LoadingReadyRun video, at around 2:00.
  • In My Little Pony: Totally Legit Recap, when the Crystal Heart is shattered and clouds of darkness start coming in, Twilight Sparkle's friends if she has some way of getting them out of this mess up her ass. She says she may have a lot of things up there, but this isn't one of them.
  • When talking about the watch scene in Pulp Fiction, The Nostalgia Critic squirms in sympathy pain at the reminder of how he hated seeing his proctologist.
  • "OBJECTS THAT I HAVE SHOVED UP MY ARSE" by Bruno Powroznik. It's just him reciting a long list of objects (that he's shoved up his arse).
  • Implied to happen accidentally in this College Humor short, entitled "The Problems with Jeggings Continue." (NSFW.)
  • Frequently discussed in SMPLive. Thankfully, we are spared from seeing the results due to the limits of Minecraft.
    Poke: I'm gonna put you inside of my ass!
  • The guys in the 2008 let's play of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) think Sonic and crew store their Chaos Emeralds in their anuses.
    Please spread your butt cheeks!
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • In "Cody the Magician!", Bowser Junior shoves Cody's 6 of Clubs card up his ass after Cody tells him to do it.
    • In "Jeffy's Birthday!", Jeffy does this with the giant pencil Mario gets him as a birthday present.
  • This video (in Portuguese) (somewhat NSFW).
  • Strange anal doings are one of the wheelhouses of Nash on What the Fuck Is Wrong with You?. On the New Years Eve 2012 podcast, he, JesuOtaku and Linkara shared a list of strange objects found in bodily orifices.
    • Starting in 2015, Nash has made it a tradition to end the last show of the year with the yearly edition of said list for that year.
  • Wood is on the receiving end when Mistress Lena allows the bears to look at her records if one of them stays behind to get a mechanized dildo shoved up his ass, and Reggie and Nelson volunteer his services.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time:
    • In "To Cut a Woman's Hair", a balding Tree Witch captures Jake and threatens to shove him up her "bottomless bottom" if Finn doesn't get her some beautiful hair with which to make a wig.
    • In "Incendium", while contacting BMO to check in on Finn if he's cheered up, Jake gets a good view of BMO about to kancho him. Finn didn't take it well, especially considering BMO used both of his hands.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball has some, mostly involving Alan the balloon and his balloon knot.
    • In "The Decisions", he takes in a whole eggplant up there, with another character pointing out he was talking the whole time, not using his mouth to eat.
    • "The Traitor" exaggerates it with a flatulum transplant from Alan to his mom, involving a lot of digging around up inside him.
    • "The Loophole" has an instance with Darwin instead. Bobert, on told to just pick an option to save Darwin, inflates him via vacuum tube arm up the rear.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force:
    • The episode "Deleted Scenes" has Carl shoving a broomstick up his butt.
    • The opening to another episode has Dr. Weird:
      Dr. Weird: My ass has decided to hand!! (shoves his hand up his ass even further) It hungers for more!
  • Archer:
    • When the eponymous Archer goes on a rampage, this happens during an interrogation. With a fragmentation grenade, though he thought he was lying, and had intended for it to be a smoke grenade.
      Archer: Did you know that men can also benefit from Kegel exercises?
    • In an earlier episode, Archer pulls out a grenade immediately after a threesome with Lana and the villain. Lana asks the obvious question of where he got it, and while his response is "Hanging from the lampshade", it's pretty clear it was a combination of this and Ass Pull.
  • Beavis and Butt-Head
    • In "Prank Call", after Beavis and Butt-Head repeatedly play telephone pranks on the biker Harry Sachs, he ends up thinking that Stewart's father is responsible and shoves the cordless phone right up Mr. Stevenson's ass. Afterwards, the duo calls Stewart to ask about the police cars and ambulance in front of his house, and it rings while inside Mr. Stevenson's butt.
    • "Butt Flambé" features Beavis at the hospital in agony over something that's charred his butt and bursts into a propelling flame when the doctors try to examine him. It's never explained and thus, unfortunately, left for us to imagine.
    • There's the infamous episode where a joke was made about sticking a live firecracker up a cat's behind, which caused so much outcry that MTV was forbidden from airing it again. Clearly, the fact that they thought it went too far was saying a lot, given the type of humor this show is famous for.
    • In "Huh Huh Humbug" (the show's rendition of Yet Another Christmas Carol), Buzzcut (playing the Ghost of Christmas Future) threatens to do this to Beavis (filling out the Scrooge role), by promising he'll resort to sticking a Christmas tree where "the sun don't shine" if he doesn't change his ways.
  • This is taken to ridiculous proportions in Celebrity Deathmatch in the match between Lucy Lawless and Calista Flockheart. An accident in the fight has Callista wind up with her head up Lucy's butt, at which point, after a few minutes of struggling, Lucy is able to completely "absorb" Callista into her body through that end of her. This somehow causes Callista to end up in her womb, which results in Lucy, at the end of the episode, giving birth to Callista as she would a newborn daughter.
  • In Cracké, Ed ends up sliding right up a rhino's rear in "Factory".
  • In the John Dilworth short The Dirdy Birdy, one of the ways Fergurina retaliates to Purdy mooning her is by shoving a helium pump up his ass. After inflating his buttcheeks, she then pops them with a safety pin.
  • Family Guy:
    • In "Stewie Loves Lois", Peter gets his first ever prostate exam and thinks he got raped.
    • At least two Winnie the Pooh-related cutaway gags use this as part of the gag. In "Road To the North Pole," Pooh finds out that Eeyore is a grouch all the time because "I have a nail in my anus." In "Saturated Fat Guy," Pooh – when lodged in the door to Rabbit's house (after overeating) notices what feels like a fist up his rear and, when commenting about why Rabbit isn't using his shoulder for leverage, is told, "Don't worry about it!"
    • Another episode involves Quagmire returning from a vacation in Mexico with a large number of "illegal" fireworks smuggled in up his rectum...even though fireworks aren't illegal in Rhode Island.
    • Quagmire also claims to do this with carrots; it's best not to ask why.
    • The episode "Barely Legal" has yet another example involving Quagmire: when he, Peter, and Cleveland go to the police academy, the first lesson is on doing cavity searches, with Peter as the police officer and Quagmire as the suspect. Among the many, many things inside Quagmire's rectum are a cellphone, a doorknob, a wedge of cheese, a wind-up toy car, a fish (which, judging by its flopping around after hitting the ground, was still alive), a DVD copy of Good Burger, and a xylophone, complete with mallet.
      Peter: I... think that's everything.
      Bruce: You want me to double-check?
    • When Stewie is preparing to compete in a tennis tournament, he declares that he knows exactly where he's going to put the 1st place trophy. Cut to two doctors looking at his X-ray after he apparently died shoving the trophy up his ass (he doesn't actually die for that episode).
    • In the "Fellas at the Frickin' FCC" musical number, Stewie responds to the mention of the FCC sending a warning to your mailbox by remarking that he can think of quite another place they should've stuck it first. While he's saying this, he is shown to have made a sculpture around the mailbox the warning letter has been inserted, which makes it all the more obvious that Stewie meant they can shove it up their asses.
    • According to Mort, he had pine cones shoved up his ass by other kids during his youth.
    • When Peter lost his memory, he tried to give Stewie a diaper change and stuck the new diaper up his ass, traumatizing him.
    • In "Peter's Two Dads", Peter, as "Pee-Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown", accidentally crushes Francis while riding a unicycle, then tells Lois to call an ambulance for each of them because the unicycle got lodged in his ass.
  • Father of the Pride: In "Sarmoti Moves In", Sarmoti hides his poker winnings in the rectum of his zebra rug.
  • Futurama
    • "The Deep South":
      • Professor Farnsworth presents Fry with an enormous egg-sized pill.
        Fry: I can't swallow that!
        Farnsworth: Well, then good news! It's a suppository!
      • Later in the same episode:
        Farnsworth: Before we go out, has everyone taken their pressure pill?
        Amy: (Annoyed look) Yes. Stop asking.
      • Referenced later still, when the crew is introduced to a more efficient nose-plug-based method of breathing underwater:
        Farnsworth: This is uncomfortable and humiliating! Now, if they could put it in the form of a suppository...
    • Also, "Parasites Lost":
      Zoidberg: I'm going to have to take a look inside you with this camera.
      (Fry opens his mouth.)
      Zoidberg: Guess again.
    • Later in the same episode Fry decides to confront the parasites using a microscopic robot duplicate that goes inside his own body. He inserts the robot by dropping it down the back of his underpants.
    • From "Xmas Story" when Fry tries to placate a homicidal Santa robot with milk and cookies:
      Santa: You dare bribe Santa? I'm gonna shove coal so far up your stocking you'll be coughing up diamonds!
    • From "Law and Oracle" as Crazy Roberto makes demands of the cops while holding the Planet Express Crew at knifepoint.
      Roberto: Listen up piggies! I want a hover-copter, and an unmarked sandwich, and a new face with like, uh, a Hugh Grant look! And every five minutes I don't get it, someone's gonna get STABBED IN THE AASSSS!
      Zoidberg: He's bluffing. (Slicing sound) Aahh! He's not bluffing!
    • In "Lethal Inspection", Bender demonstrates his built-in pencil sharpener, which is located exactly where you expect. The owner of the pencil immediately picks it up with a pair of tongs and throws it into a furnace.
  • In the HouseBroken episode "Who's A Mole?" Chief has a UTI and refuses to take a pill that will make him better. Jill spends the entire episode hiding it in various treats, but he refuses to eat them all, She finally settles on putting it up his butt which cures him.
  • In Johnny Test, the titular protagonist gets a suppository shot up him in "Johnny Testosterone" as a last-ditch solution to undo him being Hulk-like.
  • Kaeloo:
    • In the episode "Let's Play Treasure Hunt", Kaeloo sets up a fun game of treasure hunt for Stumpy and Quack Quack with the promise of a "surprise" at the end. Mr. Cat changes the clues to make the game so they get injured. In the end, Kaeloo gives them the "surprise" she had promised, and it turns out to be a photo of herself. Stumpy decides to shove it up his ass just to spite her, but she stops him before he does.
    • In another episode, Stumpy sticks a pencil up his butt because he thinks it's funny. To his chagrin, nobody else finds it amusing.
  • King of the Hill had an episode where a doctor inserts a camera into Hank's anus to check for an intestinal blockage. Hank is humiliated, but nobody else understands what the big deal is. Also, it is implied that Dale's constipation remedy using bacon grease (which Hank reluctantly tries later) involves doing this with it.
  • In episode 8 of Season 2 of The Legend of Vox Machina, a de-powered and cursed Grog needs to receive a huge magical suppository in order to recover. Since he's too weak to do it himself, Scanlan volunteers to do it for him.
    • In order to bypass the dragon Umbrasyll's Acidic Breath, Scanlan proposes they enter through the other way. Cue Scanlan's magic hand carrying him and Vax in position to make a prostate check, flying straight towards Umbrasyll's cloaca.
  • Looney Tunes Cartoons has Sylvester go up an elephant's rear in RHINO ya DON'T.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has a subtle one in Feeling Pinkie Keen where Twilight rescues Spike from being Hydra lunch by putting him up on her head before running away. As it so happens, she's a unicorn, and unlike a similar maneuver earlier in the episode, her horn is not seen bent to the side, and Spike looks none too comfortable as his upper body and limbs jiggle, but his butt stays firmly in place.
    • Troubleshoes also has a cactus enter where the sun don't shine in Appleoosa's Most Wanted as the climax of a string of slapstick mishaps in his house.
  • My Little Pony: Pony Life features multiple instances of Hammerspace storage conspicuously using the butt near the tail base on ponies not wearing pants:
    • The first time, in The Fluttershy Effect, is the most blatant, as before Rainbow Dash pulls out a tablet about the size of her torso out seemingly from her butt, it makes a notification noise with visible sound indicators to say it's inside her butt.
    • The Rarity Report features two nearly back-to-back, with first DJ PON3 pulling a vinyl record out from seemingly between her cheeks, and then Rarity pulling a microphone out from below her tail, conveniently obscured by a TV news overlay.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar has quite a bit of butt humor, and King Julien seems to be the literal butt monkey of these particular kinds of it:
    • In "The Big Squeeze", Cloud Cuckoolander King Julien mentions how happy he is not to be a mammal when the mammals start disappearing. In order to verify his warm-blooded nature, Kowalski produces a thermometer from Hammerspace and briefly moves it under the table before yanking it back out. Julien's expression makes it abundantly clear what's going on.
    • King Julien tries to catapult himself into a penguin party, but ends up going in Roy the rhino's butt in "Action Reaction".
    • Later in the same episode, Julien tries digging his way up to the party, but finds himself under Roy, who promptly sits down. The flashlight on Julien's helmet shines out Roy's eyes.
    • In "The Terror of Madagascar", Julien for once does this on purpose, going up Burt the elephant's butt and immediately out his mouth to escape through a window Burt's head was sticking out of. Burt is, of course, disgusted by this.
  • Happens twice in the Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon" episode "Altruists". The first is Ren accidentally shoving his finger into Stimpy's ass while they were performing their routine beatings, and the second happens when Ren intentionally pushed a tile in between Stimpy's buttcheeks.
  • Rick and Morty:
    • In the first episode, Rick asks Morty to hide some alien tree seeds in his butt to get them through customs because Rick has done the same so many times that the seeds would just fall out.
    • In "Look Who's Purging Now", while Rick and Arthrisha are brutally murdering the rich people who arrange the Festival every year, Rick puts a rocket in one guy's ass, sending him a short distance before it explodes and gibs him.
  • One episode of Rocko's Modern Life has Rocko going to the hospital for a checkup. During the examination, the doctor (Dr. Ben Dova) puts on a rubber glove and tells Rocko to bend over. The next scene is Rocko stumbling down the hallway holding his rear in agony. It is then revealed that the doctor is actually an escaped mental patient pretending to be a physician.
    • Implied, but not executed, later in the episode: Rocko crams a gigantic pill down his throat, though he's still not feeling well. He checks the label on the back of the pill's container, which reads... "Warning: Not to be taken orally".
  • In Sealab 2021, Sparks's punishment in hell is to get an ass full of red hot coals "right to the rim". Murphy (who gets sitting in a lava bath) considers him to have gotten the better punishment.
  • Shaun the Sheep has one when the Farmer's glasses break again in "Ewe've Been Framed". His tractor needs oil. His cow does not. Her look says it all, even if it happens off-camera.
  • The Simpsons: In the episode "Sweets and Sour Marge", after sugar is banned in Springfield, Homer and Bart get a team together to smuggle sugar into the city. Before they dock at the harbour with their boat full of sugar, Homer asks if everyone has keistered (slang for concealing contraband in your ass) their personal supply and gets squicked-out looks from the others. He picks up on this and says that he sure hasn't.
  • South Park: Considering that this show is known for its adult-oriented usage of Toilet Humour, it should be no surprise that this comes up every now and again:
    • The premiere episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe", culminates with a 50-foot satellite dish emerging from Cartman's ass.
    • "Canceled" shows the return of the said satellite, having it emerge and retract again:
      Kyle: Are you all right?
      Cartman: You know the feeling when the huge dump you just took shoots back up your ass? NO, I'M NOT ALL RIGHT!
    • "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" sees Cartman smuggling the following into juvenile hall inside his ass: cigarettes (which he then absentmindedly flushes down the toilet), a board game and the entirety of Disneyland.
    • In "Red Hot Catholic Love", Cartman tried to eat through his butt to see if he would then crap through his mouth. It works! In fact, it becomes quite a trend and leads to Martha Stewart shoving a Thanksgiving turkey up her bum.
    • "The Death Camp of Tolerance" was about Lemmiwinks, a gerbil that had to make the journey through Mr. Slave's digestive system.
    • "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" gives the same treatment to Paris Hilton.
    • The episode that aired after the 2008 US Presidential Elections has Barack Obama shove the Hope Diamond up his ass in order to steal it.
    • The No Celebrities Were Harmed version of Steve Irwin in "Prehistoric Ice Man" was always sticking his thumb up some poor animal's butthole. Also, Cartman being shoved up a cow's butt at the end of that episode.
    • "The Death of Eric Cartman": Cartman (who think he's dead) trashes Butters' room, which gets Butters sent to an insane asylum where he's examined by a questionable doctor whose methods included having a machine anally probe him for hours on end. The probe itself is about the size of a football.
    • In "Timmy 2000", Phil Collins gets his Oscar, which he had been clutching throughout the episode, shoved up his ass.
    • "Pre-School" has Trent Boyett give one of the sixth graders a Texas Chili Bowl, which involves Tabasco sauce, a telephone, and the anus.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • The episode "The Bully" starts with SpongeBob repeatedly asking his boating school classmate where he should put his pencils. She responds by telling him "I think it goes stuck inside your-"
    • In "Spy Buddies," after SpongeBob is done talking to Mr. Krabs using Patrick's telephone pants, the pants tell him "If you would like to make a call, please deposit 25 cents," to which SpongeBob responds by pulling out a quarter.
    • A small gag in "Goodbye, Krabby Patty?" involves Squidward pretending to be an animatronic to keep his job at the Krusty Krab Museum. A repair man comes in and bends him over so that his butt is up in the air. He then pulls out a drill, and the painful screams from off-screen fill in the blanks.
  • Teen Titans (2003): In "X", when Red X returns, the Titans want to make sure that Robin (who was Red X before) is really himself and not some kind of trick. After Starfire establishes he's not a hologram, they consider a cavity search to rule out other possibilities:
    Beast Boy: He could still be a robot. Check him for batteries.
    Cyborg: (Snaps on a rubber glove, raises index finger, and wiggles arm.)
    Robin: (Horrified) Wait! Please! It wasn't me this time! I promise!
  • The Venture Bros.
    • Brock Samson tells the ghost pirates the key is up his ass. He then proceeds to use the goon whose hand is up his ass to beat the other one to death.
    • Dr. Girlfriend, having just been naked in order to have sex, somehow produces a list of demands that she dictates to the Monarch. He proceeds to wonder where she got that "magic, and probably moist" list from.
    • In "Escape to the House of Mummies Part II", the team gathers various historical figures via time travel over the course of a fake Previously on…. When Dr. Venture calls for the "hand of Osiris" to further their plans, they discover that Caligula took it upon himself to store it in his rectum.
    • In "Tears of a Sea Cow", when Dermott is convinced that an attack by The Monarch is an alien invasion, he stows a cigarette lighter as a booby trap against anal probes.
  • Occurs in Zambezia. Kai, the young falcon hero, is showing off with his flight skills ...just to be distracted for a moment by his father. It's not actually shown on-screen but it's obvious he collides with the backside of a giraffe.

  • There is an entire porn genre centered around this concept called anal vore, in which a predator eats a victim alive and whole through the anus. In some cases the victim is unharmed, while in others the victim is digested, or absorbed, or magically transformed into poop.

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