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A series of games developed by ASCII Corporation and published by Agetec and Enterbrain. It consists of four games, 2D Fighter Maker 95 and 2D Figher Maker 2nd (Both 2D games for Microsoft Windows) and Fighter Maker and Fighter Maker 2 (3D games released for PlayStation in 1998 and PlayStation 2 in 2002 respectively).

This game provides examples of:

  • Afro Asskicker: Andreas Gotz sports this hairstyle.
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  • Anime Hair: While almost every character averts this, one notable character that plays this straight is Michael Sypher as can be seen here.
  • Ass Shove: In Fighter Maker for the PlayStation, It's possible to create a long and intricate fatality attack that ends with a deadly kancho. Observe.
    StolenFridge: Is this Fist of the North Star?
    Sniperblast: More like Fist of the South Moon
  • Badass Beard: Sported by Faleh Al-Falch, Ginzou Kamada, and Tsung Lau.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Some characters who wear some snazzy (though not, ahem, suitable for fighting) suits include Andreas Gotz, Jennifer Lloyd, and Michael Sypher.
  • Character Customization: While the appearance of the fighters can't be changed, the moves can be edited however a player pleases ranging versions of various common moves (e.g. punch, kick, throws), to the range of attacks, amount of damage they can inflict and etc. Some elaboration on this here for those who are curious.
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  • Cool Shades: Worn by Keith Storm and Sergei Gorchev.
  • Death from Above: Again, Fighter Maker for the PlayStation. It's possible to create an attack where your character shoots up into the air, soars in place for a few seconds, then dive-bomb the opponent headfirst.
  • Game Maker: Specifically devoted to the crafting of fighting games and also unique as a commercially software in contrast to freeware programs such as M.U.G.E.N. They didn't necessarily allow you to create a full game from scratch, the fighting engine you're given to work with is pretty basic, and creating fluid, realistic animations for moves was an extremely long and often tedious process, with the tradeoff being that if you could think it up, you could put it in the game.
  • Guest Fighter: Skullomania from the Street Fighter EX games (and much later Fighting EX Layer) is included as a guest fighter in the first Fighter Maker game (but only on the Japanese version).
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  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: While the characters featured have default names, those names (and just about all other biographical info such as their nationality, birth date, blood type, hobby, and etc.) can be changed to whatever the player wishes.
  • Obvious Beta: If you half-ass your characters' moves, the game can actually end up looking like one.
  • Virtual Paper Doll: Something of a reverse in comparison to other fighting games. Instead of creating a character from the ground up and giving the character another pre-existing characters abilities and/or fighting style (e.g. Soul Series), it has a cast of pre-made characters (For interest in those characters are available here and here) that serves as templates whose moves and animations are up to players to make and edit as they please. Played straight in the second game which lets you customize faces and clothing, although male and female characters each have a single height and body type that cannot be changed.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Several of the male characters of which include Archey, El Bushido, Faleh Al-Falch, Ginzou Kamada, Kazuki Togo, and Septiego.

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