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Ah, Panic... a pain in Pain's ass.
Even though it hurts, pain can be funny. Butts can also be funny. So combining the two is hilarious!

This trope is pretty straight forward. A character receives some sort of trauma to their backside. As mentioned above this trope often appears in slapstick or otherwise humorous context. This is because in addition to the fact that butts, particularly large ones, are often seen as inherently humorous and because butts are naturally padded if something or someone strikes it there's less likely to be any serious injury involved.

This tends to happen to plumper characters more often since their butts are naturally bigger targets.

A super trope to Rump Roast, Butt Biter, Literal Ass-Kicking, Anal Probing, Thumbtack on the Chair, Shot in the Ass, Ass Shove, Comedic Spanking, and Butt Brand. Compare Attack the Tail, where the target is even further beyond the rear end. Contrast Butt Sticker and Ass Kicks You, where it's the butt that hurts someone else. See also Flirtatious Smack on the Ass, where it's not meant to be painful so much as sexy.



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    Films — Animation 
  • The page image is from Disney's Hercules, where the introduction to Pain and Panic has the two bumbling henchmen tripping down a flight of stairs and Pain landing bottom first onto Panic's horns.
  • Lampshaded in Disney's Moana. Maui is in the middle of a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Moana, while denying her the ability to sail the boat they are both on. Moana just takes it, but the Ocean intervenes by sticking a blowdart (from an earlier encounter) into Maui's backside, paralyzing him. Moana then takes control of the boat. (It makes way more sense in context.)
    Maui: Blowdart. In my buttcheek. You are a bad, bad person.
  • In Shrek, after a fight with Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Shrek ends up with an arrow in his butt. He doesn't even notice it until Fiona points it out and removes it.
  • In The Rescuers, Luke uses his pitchfork to prod Madame Medusa in the butt.
  • In The Lion King (1994), "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" ends with an elephant falling on an antelope's horns butt-first, eliciting a pain-induced Wild Take.
    • When Shenzi, Banzai and Ed are chasing Simba, Banzai ends up falling in a thorny bush, and Shenzi even calls him "cactus butt".
  • During the Training Montage of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" in Mulan, Yao gets his buttock pierced by a burning arrow.
  • In Cinderella, Gus ties his tail to the spout of a teapot and tries to reach for the key to Cinderella's room, which Jaq is handing to him from the stepmother's pocket. However, the pot tips and a drop of piping hot tea drips onto Gus' bottom, causing both mice and the key to fall onto the villain's dress and slide safely onto the floor.
  • Beauty and the Beast: LeFou comes close to melting Lumiere with a torch. Cogsworth saves him by sliding down a bannister and jabbing a pair of scissors in LeFou's butt.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: While getting a lift back to Bikini Bottom on the back of David Hasselhoff, SpongeBob and Patrick are ambushed by Dennis, the hitman Plankton hired. When SpongeBob dodged one of Dennis' knife attacks, it struck the Hoff in his right buttcheek. Fortunately, because Dennis and his knife are quite tiny in comparison to Hasselhoff, it wasn't enough to stop his swimming, or even slow him down.
    David Hasselhoff: Ooh! Take it easy back there, fellas.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the prologue of City Slickers, the three main characters are in Spain for the Running of the Bulls. The segment concludes with Billy Crystal's character Mitch getting gored in the behind.
  • In Smokin' Aces, Jeeves Tremor is killed when Sir Ivy forces him to sit down on his running chainsaw.
  • Space Jam: During the Tune Squad's retaliation against the Monstars, Daffy Duck paints the ass of one of their members red, getting the attention of Toro the Bull, who is in the audience.
  • Home Alone 2: Lost in New York: Kevin sets up a staple gun booby trap at Uncle Rob's townhouse. One of the staples punctures Marv's ass complete with a scream of "YEOW!"
  • The Bold Caballero: While trying to escape over the fence during the bullfight, the Commandante gets gored in the ass by the bull.


    Live-Action TV 
  • A mini-arc in Everybody Loves Raymond featured Robert's injury in the line of duty when he was gored in the Upper Thigh Region by a bull that escaped from an illegal rodeo. Certainly made for a memorable arc because of the nature of how a police officer was downed and partially the embarrassment Robert faced when it was revealed that the by-standard footage went viral.
  • Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators: In "Exit, Pursued by a Bear", Frank is interviewing a suspect when he sits down heavily on a pin cushion and jumps immediately to his feet. The pincushion later turns out to be a vital clue in solving the mystery.

  • The German "Stimmungslied"note  "Da sprach der alte Häuptling der Indianer" (Thus spake the old Indian Chief) by Gus Backus. (From 1972 - nowadays Political Correctness Gone Mad would get a seizure.) His squaw pokes him in the butt with an arrow to hinder him going on war path against the new railway. He gets better. And a job as train conductor.

    Video Games 
  • In Deadpool, DP ends up finishing the clone of Mister Sinister with a sword into his anus.
  • It is safe to say that Mario Party loves this, when considering the sheer frequency in which even someone like Rosalina, can get her butt burned, stung or otherwise comically injured.
  • There are several butt related injuries that Crash Bandicoot (and later Coco) can suffer from in the series, such as burning their butts from falling in lava, having them stung by bees, poked by spikes, or an explosive blast from a land mine.

    Web Original 
  • This comedy mechanism has been discussed in the Big Cartoon Forum, here: [1]. Granted, it's all Western Animation stuff, but posteriors get poked nonetheless.

    Western Animation 
  • Ren & Stimpy has featured a couple of examples in their time usually happening to Stimpy (one of the perils of having a big butt). One unique one is from the Christmas special when Stimpy tries to fart for Ren. Stimpy's butt cheeks strain so hard they actually wind up deflating like a couple of balloons. Then Ren kicks at the deflated remains.
  • Loonatics Unleashed has on three separate occasions delivered a low-level psionic zap to Danger Duck's tail, each time in response to some calumny uttered by Duck. It's a superpowered equivalent of a spank upon rude youngster. "Hey! Easy on the tail feathers!"
  • When the villain captures the dune buggy of Josie and the Pussycats with a claw lowered from a helicopter, Alan, Josie and Alexandra fall out of the vehicle onto the ground. Alan and Josie are fine, but Alexandra, as the Token Evil Teammate and Butt-Monkey of the group, finds herself sitting on a cactus. The Team Pet Sebastian amuses himself by extracting the needles from Alexandra's tender tissues.
    • In fact, throughout the series, whether it's getting poked in the rear by a drill, landing ass-first on a cactus, or getting her butt cheeks pinched by a crab or claw, Alexandra tends to receive a lot of rump-targeted pain.
  • This happens to Dick Dastardly as well in Wacky Races when one of his plans to stop the other racers ends up with him in a bushel of cacti. Muttley uses a wrench to pluck the needles from Dastardly's keister.
    Dastardly: And're not plucking a chicken!
  • Disney's theatrical short cartoons seemed unusually interested in Walt's cartoon animals' rear ends—and in particular, administering physical punishment to them when their owner is incapable of escape:
    • In The Band Concert (1935), a passing tornado leaves Donald Duck trapped between two intertwined trees, his arms, legs, and head facing one direction and his butt prominently pointed in the other. The tornado sends the band members, their instruments and assorted debris spinning in the air, and a particularly obese pig’s butt sliding along a picket fence, breaking off their pointed tops as he goes.
    • In The Practical Pig (1939), the titular character catches his brothers lying. His elaborate mechanical lie detector scoops them up, firmly straps them in butt-upwards and paddles their exposed fannies glowing red. Earlier in the cartoon, the camera (viewing from a low angle that suggests it’s eavesdropping on them) lingers on their butts as they squeeze into tight bathing trunks. (The shot is particularly curious in the fact they normally run about bare-assed to begin with.)
    • Donald Duck seemed particularly prone to wind up in this sort of situation. In Modern Inventions (1937) an automated barber’s chair turns Donald upside-down, ties a towel around his feathery fanny and tries to give his tail feathers an unwanted trim.
    • In Window Cleaners (1940), while being hoisted upwards on a scaffold, Donald’s tail feathers are clipped clean off by someone trimming their window plants, leaving the tip of his tail pink and featherless. (His feathers replenish themselves by the following shot.) The entire last half of the eight-minute cartoon is devoted to Donald’s battle with a bumble bee that he pisses off by trying to drown him in a tulip, which culminates with the duck completely tangled in the scaffold’s ropes, his butt fully exposed to the vengeful bee. The bee, himself exhausted by the battle, slowly summons his remaining energy to attack the helpless duck, allowing Donald plenty of time to fearfully await his impending punishment.
  • In "Goldringer" from Special Agent Oso, Oso finds a boomerang and is told by a girl that "If you throw it, it comes back to you." He throws it and comes back... and bonks him on the butt.
  • This happened all the time to Josie And The Pussy Cats favorite Butt-Monkey Alexandra Cabot. Whether she was being struck by a large drill penetrating the hole of a ship or her falling from a great height onto a cactus, her ass seemed to be a magnet for slapstick misfortune.


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