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Tara: Every time I walk by Dan in the kitchen, I grab his ass. I'm allowed to do that cause he's my husband. He's contractually obligated to let me grab his ass.
Nash: You guys have a strange prenup.
What the Fuck Is Wrong with You? Live - The Four Horsemen of the Axepocalypse - 9/3/18

Bob walks by Alice when Alice suddenly hops in place — she felt something grab her butt for a moment and Bob just smirks to himself.

The mid-air light-spank is a customary ritual of flirtation between two (or more) animals of mating probability since fish first crawled from the ocean onto dry land. How the person who got smacked on the ass reacts differs, either with violence or embarrassed indifference. For stronger males who do this, especially with smaller females the butt-smacked female could be shown visibly rubbing her bottom after the slap whether or not they enjoyed the action.

This can be subject to some Values Dissonance when coming from older works, as nowadays it can be a form of sexual harassment. The only time this is acceptable in Real Life, of course, is the case when a woman admits she enjoys an ass smack.


This trope isn't just relegated to an open-palm. Variations like pinching and finger-brushing are included. Unlike Someone's Touching My Butt, the smack presented in this trope is usually done completely on purpose, though the tropes could be confused by the person who gets the smackin'.

Not to be confused with Shot in the Ass, Ass Pull, and Ass Shove. Compare Kinky Spanking for more than one swat. See also Pain to the Ass.

Has a Distaff Counterpart in the form of the crotchgrab, which involves a woman groping a man's crotch. This is rarely seen in media since it may be interpreted as a sign that sex will occur - after all some women do like giving a handjob. If this version does appear, it's usually a retaliation, either flirtatious or a non-verbal "Don't do that to me, please" to the man that smacked in the first place.



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  • A televised commercial for Irish Spring body wash has a feisty redhead deliver an ass-smack to an athletic lad in a pub. Viewable on YouTube here at the 0:22 mark:
  • An ad for Lynx body wash (marketed as Axe in the US) had a young man who had apparently just spent the night with his girlfriend do this when he saw her the morning after as she was bending over in the kitchen. And then the actual girlfriend walks in a moment later...
    "Ah, I see you’ve met my mum!"

    Anime & Manga 
  • Miroku from Inuyasha is a serial butt groper, who is met mostly with giggles (with the notable exceptions of Kagome and Sango).
  • Before Haruka's rematch with Ayase in Harukana Receive, Ayase slaps her ass and compliments her on having a nice posterior, to Haruka's embarrassment.
    • Claire Thomas does the same to her sister Emily, to the latter's annoyance.
    • On the final episode Emily gets some payback by slapping her sister's ass, to her surprise and embarrassment.
  • One episode of Dirty Pair had Yuri in disguise as a stewardess in a train after tying one up and stealing her uniform, she encounters the leader of the gang she and Kei met earlier and she’s fearful he will recognize her, as all she’s done to disguise her face is put on a pair of glasses, he walks up to her and to her surprise he just tells her “nice ass!” and spanks her.

    Comic Books 
  • Empowered has the titular heroine repeatedly subjected to this by the superhero Phallik (wielder of the Mighty Phallospear,) with him justifying it as a gesture of "comradely affection". She gives him the benefit of the doubt at first, but as soon as it becomes obvious that he doesn't do this to anyone except her, and is just a sexist pervert taking advantage of her reputation as a helpless bondage-prone Damsel in Distress, she calls him out for it. It turns out this habit is so deeply ingrained into him that even after he's killed and comes back as a zombie, his reanimated corpse still tries to do it, and even when the corpse is out of the picture the semi-sentient spear can be charged up to its full destructive power when she slaps her own ass with it.
  • The Flash: On a number of occasions, Linda Park would do this to her husband, Wally West, whenever she was in the mood.
  • Nightwing is prone to receiving this from female villains and love interests.
  • Black Canary has both done this and received this, with Green Arrow (of the love interest variety), and the Birds of Prey (of the sport-team variety, but the team practically runs on Les Yay so there's a hint of flirting behind it).
  • One of the most (if not *the* most) infamous example of this in comics happens in the 120th issue of Daredevil. Him and the Black Widow have been partners for multiple issues and she expresses a massive dissatisfaction in going from being the most feared Spy in the world and an Avenger to his sidekick. Matt tries to comfort her with, as he puts it, some "horseplay" by first telling her to dress hot for the party they're going to. And then, when she (seemingly jokingly) calls him a chauvinist, he gives her a playful smack on the butt and says "I said move it darling". The panel is typically taken out of context online, making Matt look like a mindless misogynist, but whether the context makes it better or worse is up for debate/interpretation.
    • 2 issues later, Matt and Natasha have a more serious conversation where his hands (maybe accidentally, but we don't know) approach her derriere, but she then slaps them away saying "You're getting awfully liberal with your hands, Daredevil. Once, it's horseplay. Twice, it's developing into a decisively bad habit".

    Comic Strips 
  • The November 9, 1988 strip of U.S. Acres had Roy slap Lanolin on her rear while saying "How's it going, fuzz face?" Lanolin responds by slapping Roy's face off.

    Fan Works 
  • In Chapter 9 of The Viking Samurai, Hiccup smacks Astrid's rear during their fight, mocking her efforts to capture him.
  • Ladybug in a Half Shell: Johnny Smith (also known as "Johnny the Perv") is a student at April and Casey's school infamous for doing this. He has done it before with April (getting his tooth kicked out by her for his troubles), has been beaten up by Casey for doing it due to his Big Brother Instinct, and got a severe Death Glare from Adrien when he tried something with Marinette.
  • CRME: Roman does this to Cinder in Chapter 20 because they've had sex before and were keeping it from Emerald. She is shocked, but still reacts favorably to it. Even exchanging some flirtatious banter back.
  • Toph does this to Princess Yue in Chapter 6 of Sokkarem Week 2016. She doesn't stop there, going further by spending a few minutes fondling it.
  • In Master's Way, Akane does this to Shampoo at one point, much to her own surprise.
  • When Dusty Joy first appears in The Power of the Equinox, her bad day has already been made worse by the fact that she got smacked in her flank by a stallion who crept up behind her as she was leaning over during her cleaning duties. She retaliated by kicking his face, which her boss Peach Seed reprimanded her for before having the guards escort the stallion away.
  • The Bridge: Blade Dancer smacks Xenilla on the butt in the chapter "Ties That Bind", shocking him.

    Films — Animated 
  • During the Good-Times Montage in The Incredibles, Bob gives Helen a pat on the butt as he walks by her in the hallway, only to receive a pat right back from across the hall.
  • In Brave, Fergus does this to Elinor in the first scene just as Elinor is berating him on giving Merida her first bow, causing her to jump briefly in surprise.
  • In ParaNorman: Alvin has a crush on Courtney during the whole movie. The characters stick together against the Angry Mob when they decide to hold hands, but Alvin misses the mark, leading to this line:
    Courtney: (reacting) Hand, Alvin! My hand!
  • In Batman and Harley Quinn, Harley is working at "Superbabes", a diner featuring waitresses in skimpy versions of superheroine/villainess costumes. A customer grabs her ass, and she decks him. This cues in Nightwing that she's the real Harley rather than a lookalike.
  • G.I. Joe: The Movie has a scene where Lt. Falcon annoys Jinx by slapping her behind while she's repairing a vehicle.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • When the Boisterous Bruiser Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon is near Dale Arden he pats her on the bottom, startling her.
  • Baby Herman from Who Framed Roger Rabbit dispatches his nursemaid / handler with a smack on her ass, as well as sending her to get a racing form. Baby Herman does this in order to have a private and serious conversation with detective Eddie Valiant.
  • In Goldfinger, James Bond does this to a woman giving him a massage after the titles after asking her to leave so he can talk shop with Felix Leiter.
    • Bond does this to Tania in From Russia with Love. She responds in mock disapproval that there are some English customs she's not going to put up with.
  • In Bull Durham, Crash does this to Nuke when the latter is trying on a pair of Annie's garters in the locker room before a game.
  • Local hoodlum Johnny C from Flashdance both spanks and fondles Alex's derriere, because he thinks he can do as he pleases in Mawby's bar. Johnny C gets his drink poured in his lap as a comeuppance.
  • Son in Law: After waking up and entering the kitchen, Crawl pinches an unsuspecting Becca on the butt. She jumps before sternly saying his name.
  • The Way of the Gun: When Parker and Longbaugh enter the Mexican bordello with guns, the prostitutes all file out, and Longbaugh gives one of them a smack on the rear as she passes by. This was ad-libbbed by Benicio del Toro. The actress was reportedly not at all pleased by his improvisation.
  • Robot Jox has the "male-dominated sports/military" non-flirtatious variant, with one of the technicians helping Achilles prepare for battle giving him a smack on the ass before he enters his Humongous Mecha. Before the final fight, the same technician accidentally spots Athena when she reacts in shock to the same gesture after stealing Achilles' uniform to take his place in the match.
  • Sucker Punch: During the Storming the Castle fantasy sequence, the girls stack up before going through a doorway (a practice used by police and military in Real Life before entering a potentially hostile room). Rather than signaling her readiness to go through the door with the customary tap on the shoulder, Rocket instead elects to give Sweet Pea a very tactical smack on the butt. Given that they're sisters, this probably fits under "close camaraderie" rather than "flirtatious."
  • Mr. Theopolis in Fido does this to his zombie slave girl as "reward" for picking up the newspaper. He was forced into early retirement for fraternalize too much with female zombies.
  • Done in the first sequel of Revenge of the Nerds; Nerds in Paradise by the manager of the Flamingo Hotel, Mr. Buzz to Sunni (the lead female character and Love Interest of The Hero) although more in the sexual harassment field than flirting but that was the point.
  • In the 1980 sci-fi parody Galaxina, Sergeant Thor tries to slap the titular Robot Girl on the ass and gets an electric shock.
  • John Wick: Chapter 2. When John Wick turns up for a meeting with Santino, his mute female enforcer gives Wick a thorough pat-down, then reaches between Wick's legs to grab his ass just to troll him.
  • The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood: When Robin leaves his cell disguised as Marian, the jailer gives him a cheeky pinch on the butt. Robin cannot react in any way without blowing his cover.
  • Dead Again in Tombstone: When Boomer's gang takes over Alicia's saloon, Craven slaps Alicia on the ass as he sends her to the kitchen to fix his breakfast. Alicia visibly flinches when he does so, but otherwise cannot react.
  • Gender-inverted in Thunderbolt and Lightfoot when a black Sexy Secretary grabs the behind of a metal worker while he's holding a welding torch.
  • Death Race. One of the drivers does this to his female navigator, following a Male Gaze scene of them striding off a prison bus to appreciation of the watching inmates.
  • Clegg: When Harry Clegg first meets Francis Wildman, Wildman is is emerging from his study with one of his Paid Harem; both of them in the act of getting dressed. Wildman sends the woman on her way with a slap on the ass.

  • When the heroes in Everworld run into the Amazons, it's mentioned they play grab-ass with David and Christopher (Jalil having already been claimed by April, to his surprise).
  • One part of CARDINAL's chain of couriers in The Cardinal of the Kremlin is a woman who meets with a man who comes up behind her so she can't identify him to make their hand off. They have been doing this for several years and lately, he has been making a number of amorous physical touches (such as gently pinching her rear end), making her wonder what kind of lover her mysterious contact would be.
  • In Honor Harrington Paul does this to Honor while they are riding in an elevator. He manages to time it just before the elevator arrives so that she doesn't have time to get revenge before the doors open.
  • The LawDog Files: African Adventures. During a military wedding, LawDog and his colleagues are forming the traditional Sabre Arch for the bride and groom, except LawDog decides to smack the bride on the behind with the flat of his sabre and say, "Welcome to the Cavalry!" He only got the first two words out before she punches him in the face.
  • Flood, by Andrew Vachss. When private eye Burke gets sassed by martial artist Flood, he gets her to pick something up and smacks her while she's bent over, only her ass is so tight Burke just gets a sore hand. Later when Flood is in a more flirtatious mood she invites Burke to take another smack. He cautiously does so...and finds that Flood has somehow made her butt pleasantly bouncy.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Leverage episode "The Bank Shot Job" opens with the team on a job targeting a corrupt judge who is introduced by slapping the rear of a young woman. Upon finding out she's nineteen, he jokingly asks if she has a younger sister.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • In "Second Sons" (season 3, episode 8), Queen Daenerys meets with three officers of Second Sons, mercenaries hired by Yunkai, and she tries to bribe them to her side. One of the captains makes lewd comments, says he and the Second Sons will all rape her and generally behaves like an asshole. When they leave the tent, he smacks Missandei on her butt.
    • In season six finale, Walder Frey asks a serving girl, who is Arya Stark in a Faceless Men mask, if she's from his castle, to which she says no. Walder then remarks "You pretty," then smacks her in the bum.
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway? has covered "Times when the athletic butt-slap is inappropriate." A couple highlights:
    "Your Majesty." (butt-slap)
    "How're those hemorrhoids?" (butt-slap, causing loud screaming)
  • Star Trek
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In the first season, local bully Larry is practicing self-defense exercises with Buffy and she has to fake that he's stronger. He grabs her butt, prompting her to react with her super-strength. Joke is, Larry is actually gay and he's out of the closet a couple of episodes later.
    • Happens to Buffy again in the third season when she's working as a waitress in L.A. The fact that she doesn't knock the offender across the room is part of the drama.
  • Person of Interest
    • In "Bury the Lede", ruthless ex-CIA professional assassin John Reese is hilariously thrown when professional fixer Zoe Morgan gives him a smack on the ass as part of their ongoing Ship Tease.
    • Root does this to strait-laced Harold Finch after she gets a bit tipsy because they've been awake for days trying to get the Machine up and running. The irony here is that Root is more attracted to girls, so she probably meant it as a playful gesture.
  • Get Smart. Maxwell Smart is talking to a Control agent disguised as a cabaret dancer, who tells Max to pinch her behind so it won't look suspicious as to why he's standing close to her. She then slaps Max, because reacting any other way would also be suspicious.
  • In an episode of The Addams Family Gomez and Morticia pretend to be the servants of Lurch in order to impress Lurch's mom faking that he owns the mansion. Morticia tries to convince Lurch to pinch her in the butt as that's what would be expected from a boss and a maid, he's so uncomfortable with the idea that he can't go through.
  • The Big Bang Theory: In "The Thanksgiving Decoupling", Sheldon has a few beers which make him act looser than he usually is. When Amy scolds him for making fun of Howard, he apologizes... and then smacks her on the behind as he asks for a couple more beers. Amy is at first shocked, then leaves with a giddy smile on her face.
  • An episode of Friends had Chandler Bing's new boss express his appreciation whenever Chandler does something good by smacking him on the ass and saying, "Wait to go, Bing!" Chandler is initially uncomfortable with this, then annoyed when the smacks become frequent enough that he needs to apply lotion to his "sensitive posterior". But he also discovers that the other guys in the office are jealous since the boss never smacks them on the butt to show his approval.
  • In a promo for the Game Show Network original Burt Luddin's Love Buffet (think The Newlywed Game as a sitcom), Burt and co-host Tiffany Richardson are about to take the stage for a recording of an episode when he smacks her on the ass and says "Have a good game, slugger." Tiffany didn't expect or appreciate it.
  • Agent Carter: In the first episode, as a demonstration/reminder of the rampant sexism of the 40s where its set, has Peggy's best friend get this from a sexist customer at the diner where she works as a waitress. She takes it despite her visible horror, as she's used to such abuse, but Peggy promptly threatens the man into leaving a very big tip as an apology.
  • The West Wing: In "Game On", Pesident Bartlet gives his wife a quick smack on the behind just before he goes on stage for the big debate against his Republican rival. It's also playful revenge for her cutting off the tie he was planning to wear and forcing a mad scramble to get him a new one with seconds to go before the debate.
  • Firefly, Zoe does to Wash after Wash pulls her away from the joking exchange she’s having with Mal to tease Wash about his jealousy. Wash takes her by the arm, followed by a “we’ll be in our bunkCall-Back and the smack as they go through the entry.

    Web Animation 
  • Hazbin Hotel: While singing "Inside of Every Demon is a Lost Cause", Alastor smacks Vaggie's ass. Considering he's asexual, it's almost certainly just to piss her off.
  • In the "Breach" episode of RWBY, Coco gives Fox the "Good Game" variant of this.note 
    Nice hustle, Fox.

  • In The Rock Cocks, Clover gives Coral a pinch on the butt.
    Clover: Let me know if your cute butt needs a hand or two. [Clover pinches Coral.]
    Coral: Hey! All right, Mrs. Grabby-Crabby!
  • Averted in The League Of Super Redundant Heroes, when Buckaress gets a job as a waitress in a redneck bar and HATES this, ending in disaster...

    Western Animation 
  • Father of the Pride: In the Original Pilot, Sarmoti slaps a female co-star named Ginger on the butt. In "The Lost Tale," Lily gives one to him as a sign that she has humbled him.
  • Bob's Burgers: In "Torpedo", Tina watches how baseball players smack one another's asses to encourage one another. She then decides to become their water boy, so she can smack them on the asses as well. At one point she says that she is in love with all of them at the same time.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil has Janna do this to Marco in "Bon-Bon the Birthday Clown".
  • Justice League:
    • When Batman and Wonder Woman arrive on New Genesis in "Twilight", Lightray gives the latter a smack on the ass. Diana is not amused.
    • Hawkgirl gives Green Lantern a whack on the rear after a pep talk. It could have been just the kind of encouragement seen between two fighters, but they're already deep into Unresolved Sexual Tension territory as it is.
  • Kaeloo: One season 3 episode has Mr. Cat do this to Kaeloo. She, of course, gets angry and starts yelling at him.
  • Slimer's Evil Twin spanks Janine in episode "Trading Face" of The Real Ghostbusters, prompting Janine to get suspicious of his identity.
  • The athletic version is exploited in the American Dad! episode "The Missing Kink," as Francine indulges her taste for Kinky Spanking by... joining a softball team.
  • In the Bump in the Night episode "In the Bowl of the Squishy Prince", Squishington slaps "Princess Bumpelina" on the rear after rescuing her from the Closet Monster and just before learning that the princess is really Mr. Bumpy disguising himself as a princess in hopes of helping raise Squishy's self-esteem.
  • Satirized a bit in the Family Guy episode "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar", where Peter and his boss end up in trouble after telling a sexist joke to a female coworker. Mr. Weed tries to assure to the coworker's lawyer that their company had run workplace sensitivity training for 50 years... in the form of an instructional video from 1956 with very questionable guidance, including the advice that "Nothing says 'Good job!' like a firm, open-palm slap on the behind." The lawyer isn't impressed.
  • In the Tak and the Power of Juju (2007) episode "The Party", Killjoy Juju complains of how her ability to end parties isn't as appreciated as her significant other Party Juju's talent at starting them. One of her complaints is not getting a slap on her heinie in gratitude. Party Juju begins to raise a hand near Killjoy Juju's behind, but Killjoy Juju tells him not to think about it.
  • In Bo-Katan Kryze's introductory episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, she slaps Ahsoka's behind after Lux Bonteri introduces her to Death Watch as his betrothed.

    Real Life 
  • Isaac Asimov who had an unfortunate habit of groping any female in sight did this to fellow science fiction writer Judith Merril and was surprised when she grabbed his crotch in response.
  • While it's important to note that this is unacceptable between unfamiliar people, a loving spank is very much fair play between lovers (ass gropes also). It's essentially become an erotic acknowledgement of love, which is the reason you don't do this with foreigners who can't even recognize you.
  • It's not uncommon for guys to do this to each other in various male-dominated occupations like sports and the armed forces, displaying something between Gay Bravado and an implicit close trust between them. Or an attempt to establish dominance, depending on the people involved. In the US, this is known as a "Good Game." With increasing numbers of women serving in the armed forces, the acceptability of this practice has begun to come under scrutiny, for reasons mentioned above already.


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