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There are some pages that have been permanently etched into the annals of TV Tropes history by being removed and then locked, so that they may never return. The list of these is below, along with the "Unlisted cut pages" folder for certain categories of pages that are mass-prohibited.

If you wish to have a page added to this list, you can ask in this forum thread.

To see a list of pages that were locked but not removed, go to Locked Pages. See also the list of Recent Cuts, not all of which become members of this club.

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    Pages cut and locked for reducing the overall quality of the wiki 
There are Verbal Tics and Overused Running Gags, and then there are these. These are former tropes that were deleted outright for being so misused by having potholes to these pages sprinkled around this wiki on pages for no reason other than perhaps to be funny.

    Main namespace Darth Wiki and Sugar Wiki redirects 
Due to heated complaining and gushing involving these on the main wiki, as well as unnecessary Pot Holing involving them, we discourage linking to these Darth Wiki and Sugar Wiki tropes and pages outside of those areas. Their main page redirects were cut and locked to discourage tropers from using them as such.

    Misused trope name 
Sometimes when we rename a trope, the original name has to be deleted if the misuse was really bad.

    Pages locked for being cut then recreated 
Cut pages sometimes have a habit of reappearing very quickly, usually due to tropers simply being unaware why the page had been deleted though sometimes as part of a trolling effort, so they may be locked to deal with this.

For a time, all cut pages were locked automatically as a preventative measure. Such pages are not listed here, so if you find a locked blank page not listed here you may ask here for it to be unlocked.

    Pages cut and locked due to being nothing but complaining 
Becoming a platform for actively complaining about anyone or anything is basically the worst sin any page on this wiki can commit, short of being created expressly for the purpose of trolling and/or conveying hate speech. With the exception of a few Darth Wiki pages which exist as carefully monitored outlets for this sort of thing, any such page is nuked with extreme prejudice.

    Overly-controversial pages/soapboxes 
Let's just say the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement exists here for a reason.

    Pages that were cut for being too NSFW/Squickish 

  • Innocent Panties: A trope made separate of Panty Shot by portraying visible girls' underwear as a cue of girlish cuteness with no sexual intent (while Panty Shot is for fanservice). Just like Panty Shot, however, people were listing every random upskirt... of prepubescent girls. Even worse, many examples included pictures. This could have just gotten an Example Sectionectomy, but the pedophilic potential was too great.
  • JustForFun.Troper Dating Service: Cut and locked because the concept itself was determined to be too creepy to host.
  • Legal Jailbait: The page was originally locked to resolve an issue with the description being overly creepy, but then cut as it was considered to be a creepy variant of Older Than They Look.
  • Naked Shotaro Boy: Was a listing of works featuring nude prepubescent boys. In addition to the generally creepy undertones of the article, it didn't attempt any real insight into or analysis of the trope, leaving no reason to keep it.
  • "Rape is Okay/Funny if..." tropes: Very troublesome names for the "Double Standard Rape" tropes that led to issues with advertisers. All five of them (Female on Male, Female on Female, Male on Male, Divine on Mortal, and Sci-Fi) were renamed and cleaned, with the original trope pages outright purged.

    Pages that were made to bypass an Example Sectionectomy 
Sometimes when examples on a page become problematic the examples will be deleted. See Example Sectionectomy for more on that. When we delete the examples from a page, we don't want them back.

    Unlisted cut pages 
These groups of pages are too large to be listed individually, but general reasons are given for their lock and deletion:

  • Pages cut under The Content Policy: Pages for works that violate our content policy will be cut and locked and are listed on the policy page.
  • Headscratchers about tropes: The Trope Talk forum exists for discussing tropes. Relevant material can also be moved to the Analysis/ tab.
  • YMMV pages about Real Life people: Your Mileage May Vary subpages about Real Life people, while not forbidden from creation by default, tend to become about the people themselves, which is beyond the scope of this wiki. If a person's YMMV subpage is redlinked and locked, it's for this reason. YMMV pages for creators and musicians can only be about their works, not themselves.

    Real Life subpages for items that don't allow Real Life examples 
If a page that forbids Real Life examples is split and has its examples put into sub-pages, the ban on Real Life examples will extend to the existence of Real Life subpages. If they appear, they will be cut-and-locked immediately.

    Potshot redirects 
Before creating a redirect to a trope page became a mod-only task, sometimes people made redirects that were nothing but Take Thats, and recreating these redirects is off the table.

    So Bad It's Horrible subpages which were just that 
While this is one of the few areas on the wiki where outright derision of a work is permitted, there are certain standards that are expected, and limits as to how much edit warring will be tolerated before it's decided that a subsection just isn't worth keeping around.

    Problematic Image Links 

    Former locations of locked pages 

    Persistent initialisms 
We prefer people not to use initialisms and acronyms as redirects to a page, considering that they're often confusing for non-fans and can have multiple referents. Note that some of these are accidental; initialisms with numbers or lowercase letters count as Wiki Words.note