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"Kim Possible: Okay, so Belle and Eric Matthews are a crime-fighting team aided by a naked mole rat with the voice of Bart Simpson and the kid from Smart Guy. Said team fights Bender, Joan of Arc, Professor Utonium, Guru Pathik, Khan, Remy the Rat, Sookie St. James, Reese, Deputy Trudy Wiegel, and the blond girl from High School Musical, all while receiving advice from Harvey Birdman and Monica and Ross's dad on Friends, and being tormented by twin brothers who grow up to be Freddie from Scooby-Doo. That sentence took a half-hour of Wikipedia research." on their Disney Channel topic.

Imagine you are watching your favorite movie. Somehow, you recognize the character's face or voice from another TV show. If you can't shake the thought of the actor's other role, you can insert that role into the plot of the movie, making your viewing an interesting trip down memory lane. It's Actor Allusion, I Am Not Leonard Nimoy, and I Am Not Spock taken up to eleven, all rolled up into the plot of a work.

Writing a role association is simple. Just For Fun, insert any actor's random roles (well-known or your favorite characters) into the plot of your favorite work. This way, readers can discover new roles by the actor.

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