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Ninja Rangers Fear No Danger!

"It's Morphin' Time! Ninja Spin!"
Morphing call, Power Rangers Ninja Steel

The 24th season of the long-running Power Rangers franchise, adapting footage from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. It is also the third season with a ninja motif, following the third season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Power Rangers Ninja Storm. The follow-up, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, is the franchise's 25th season; as such, its Milestone Celebration episode, "Dimensions in Danger", aired on August 28, 2018, exactly 25 years to the day of the premiere of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The Ninja Nexus Prism is a mystical object, covered in powerful Ninja Steel and containing the awesome Ninja Power Star. One day it landed on Earth at the home of a ninja master and his two sons. Soon it was followed by the evil Galvanax and his henchmen. The ninja master sent one son into hiding with the Ninja Steel, and used the Power Star to become a Power Ranger and defend his other child. Though it was not enough and he was seemingly killed in the fight, he was able to split the Star into six individual pieces which retreated back into the prism, protected from Galvanax. Not wanting to leave empty handed, Galvanax took the now-inaccessible prism and the young child back to his spaceship.

Ten years later and Galvanax is running the most popular intergalactic game show in the universe, Galaxy Warriors, where monsters battle each other to prove their might and hope to earn a chance to retrieve a Power Star from the Prism—so far to no avail. Meanwhile, the child Brody has grown into a formidable ninja despite being a prisoner on the ship. When Brody overhears Galvanax's plans to return to Earth and claim the Ninja Steel in the hopes of forging his own Power Star, he and his fellow prisoners escape with the Prism itself. On Earth he and four other worthy teens are able to claim the the Power Stars from the Prism and become the Power Rangers Ninja Steel, who now must fight off the Galaxy Warrior contestants that Galvanax sends after them as he broadcasts them across the universe.

It was the final Power Rangers series to be produced by Saban Brands, as Hasbro brought the license from them in 2018. As such, Ninja Steel was succeeded by Power Rangers Beast Morphers, the first series under their banner.

Common Power Rangers tropes:

  • Adaptation Distillation: This is one of the seasons that strays the furthest from the source material, if not the absolute furthest.
  • Animal Mecha: The Kodiak (dog), Rumble Tusk (elephant), and Lion Fire Fortress Zords. Other Zords are themed after animals, but are just that: animal themes on what are otherwise vehicles.
  • Big Bad: Galvanax, later Madame Odious.
  • Big Good: The Ninja Nexus Prism itself. It chose the Rangers itself and actively gives them visions to aid them in their battles, and often provides them with new power stars and Zords when they're in need of them.
  • Clueless Aesop:
    • Live and Learn teaches the Aesop of choosing between what is right and what is easy: Brody uses alien technology from Galvanax' ship to look up the solution for every question he comes across at school and during a battle against a monster. While this utterly defeats the purpose of him learning at school, the show also portrays Brody being in the wrong when he uses it to defeat the Monster of the Week. Here the show seems to forget that these monsters are a big threat to the earth and using whatever shortcuts to defeat them would actually be perfectly acceptable or even required as a means to limit casualties.
    • Prest-o Change-o tries to teach an aesop of not using powers for personal gain through Preston acquiring real magic from the Ninja Nexus Prism. It works during a fight with a monster, but his magic powers fail to cooperate as his attempts at his magic show prove faulty and nearly kill Victor and Monty. However, the show proves Preston's dreams and actions as irresponsible by claiming that he can only use his powers for selfless reasons, which doesn't make sense seeing as how Preston attempted to restore Monty's body and used his magic to stop a monster from acquiring the Power Stars.
    • Grave Robber seems to want to teach kids to give and take in a friendship. The Ranger teens listened to Levi's music and then invited him to play a board game with them. Levi refused, admitting he really doesn't like to play board games. The show then presents him as selfish, as the Rangers did take their time to listen to his music, but he doesn't want to do something they like. While "give and take" is good lesson to learn to kids, its portrayal veers more into The Complainer Is Always Wrong territory, making it seem you must always go along with the majority, even if you dislike what they're doing.
    • The episode Moment of Truth tells the classic Aesop of "Always tell the truth". In this episode, Victor buys a pair of extravagant looking sunglasses, thinking they are cool enough to attract girls to him. After the rangers defeat a monster that gets stronger when hearing lies by learning the Aesop, Calvin bluntly tells Victor the sunglasses look stupid, to the point of coming over as slightly insulting. The show treats this as a good thing, making it seem Calvin successfully learned the Aesop, turning the overall message into "Insulting people for having a different taste is the right thing to do, as you are telling them the truth."
    • The Need for Speed goes for the same Aesop as Live and Learn. Sarah gets her hands on some alien technology and plans to use it to defeat Victor and Monty in a hoverboard race. Yet again, her using it to actually defeat the monster is portrayed as wrong.
    • Caught Red Handed once again goes for a truth Aesop. Brody is falsely accused of stealing a precious family heirloom from the principal. Once the truth comes out and his name is cleared, the principal actually proclaims him to be courageous for sticking to the truth and gives said family heirloom to him as a reward for his "courage". This gives the message that you should always expect people to reward you for sticking to the truth.
    • Sheriff Skyfire has the Aesop that it is best to always stick to the rules and comply to authority figures, no matter how strict they are, because they know what's best for you. This review explains it in depth, but to make a long story short: Hayley is fined by an overly strict security guard and forced to do detention. The episode then goes out of its way to victimize the security guard for being stressed out because none of the students care for the rules, making it look like Hayley is one of these wrongdoers. Meanwhile, known douchebags Victor and Monty become interns to the security guard, but instead they abuse their newfound power to steal stuff. This power abuse culminates in a Willy Wonka joke as a well deserved punishment. Basically: Always comply to authority, even when said authority is unreasonably strict or even malevolent.
    • Car Trouble is about how you should always finish your education at school. Calvin is offered his dream job as car mechanic and plans to quit school to do so. He even admits he isn't good at school, but is shown to be a natural mechanic. However, his friends don't seem to be keen on this idea and because he is unable to repair the Lion Fire Zord, despite it being unknown alien technology, he decides to stay at school after all. The message instead seems to be to always do what society expects you to, even if that means you should pass up good opportunities.
  • Combining Mecha: The main team combines their mecha into the Ninja Steel Megazord, Levi gets a two-part Bull Rider Megazord; and the two can combine with one another into the Ninja Fusion Megazord. The Blaze Megazord is introduced later on, where all six Rangers get a component that is introduced later on. There's also the Lion Fire Fortress, which can combine with the Bull Rider and either the Ninja Steel or Blaze Megazord to form the Ninja Steel/Blaze Ultrazord.
  • Compressed Adaptation: A downplayed example. Ninja Steel was given 2 seasons of 20 regular episodes, a Christmas Special and Halloween Special each to Ninninger's 47, including a single episode team-up which loosely adapted Ninninger The Movie.
  • Cool Bike: Episode 5 introduces the team's Mega Morph Cycles (though only one appears onscreen, the episode ends with Mick showing off five copies of the Ninja Power Star that summon them).
  • Elemental Powers: The Rangers have Element Stars that give them powers of fire, water, earth, forest, and metal. Levi has his own Storm Star with wind and lightning.
  • Every Car Is a Pinto: Near parody-level in "The Royal Rival." The monster jabs two holes into a car - in a back door. The car explodes into a massive fireball. He then cuts two more cars in half. They do the same. Out of the sea of flames walks the monster, who is now carrying a motorcycle. He tosses it, and when it lands, KABOOOOOM! Even by Power Rangers standards, whoever made those vehicles used all the explodium. Of course, fans wouldn't have it any other way!
  • Five-Token Band: Roughly the same setup as usual, with two white and three varying minority Rangers. Calvin was originally going to be played by a black actor, giving the show its first team with only one white member and two active members of African descent, but the role had to be re-cast at the last minute for unspecified reasons. Interestingly, both Calvin and Sarah's actors are of Latin descent. Nico Greetham's father is Scottish and his mother is Colombian while Chrysti Ane is Brazilian.
  • Fleeting Demographic Rule: 14 years since the last ninja series.
  • In the Name of the Moon:
    "Power of the ninja! Ninja Steel Red!"
    "Stealth of the ninja! Ninja Steel Blue!"
    "Strength of the ninja! Ninja Steel Yellow!"
    "Spirit of the ninja! Ninja Steel White!"
    "Speed of the ninja! Ninja Steel Pink!"
    "Rhythm of the ninja! Ninja Steel Gold!"
    "Ninja Rangers fear no danger! Power Rangers Ninja Steel!"
  • Invocation: "It's morphin' time! Ninja spin!" 'It's morphin' time' is more important than ever as 'Ninja Spin' is said when activating any star. It feels more like the proper morph call than in any series before, even the original.
  • Leader Forms the Head: With the Ninja Steel Megazord, it's usually Brody's Zord controlling the Meta Mecha. Subverted when Preston's Zord or the Mecha Expansion Packs take control instead, demoting Brody to the formation's arm.
  • Mecha Expansion Pack: The Rumble Tusk, Astro, and Sub Surfer Zords.
  • Meta Mecha: New to Power Rangers, both the Ninja Steel and Bull Rider Megazords feature a smaller Zord controlling the bigger Megazord, and combining the two has both do it at once. Later on, the Ninja Steel and Ninja Blaze Megazords can sit in the Lion Fire Fortress Zord and control that.
  • Mini Dress Of Power: Part of the girl Rangers' suits.
  • Super Mode: As with Samurai and Dino Charge, the Rangers have an upgraded form used only while piloting their Megazord, the Ninja Master Mode, first seen when they entered their Megazord and found new Ninja Power Stars waiting for them.
  • Transforming Mecha: The Mecha Expansion Packs and the Lion Fire Fortress all can switch between an animal/vehicle mode and a warrior mode.
  • Transformation Trinket:
    • The main heroes use the Ninja Battle Morpher, a large transforming shuriken, with their Ninja Power Stars. Levi uses a modified gold-colored version.note 
    • Brody's father used the Ninja Nexus Star,note  which was subsequently split into six fragments that were reabsorbed into the Ninja Nexus Prism and became the six Ninja Power Stars the Rangers would use to transform.
    • The anniversary special gives returning Ranger Tommy Oliver a new one - the Master Morpher, an upgraded Power Morpher which lets him access four of his past forms (Green Mighty Morphin', White Mighty Morphin', Red Zeo and Black Dino Thunder).
  • Two Girls to a Team: Sarah and Hayley as the Pink and White rangers, respectively.
  • Weapon-Based Characterization:
    • The Rangers' main weapons are a Sword and Gun, the Ninja Star Blades and Ninja Blasters. The blades tend to get used much more, though.
    • They also use the Ninja Battle Morphers as a secondary Mix-and-Match Weapon, as they have sword, claw, and bow modes. Levi has a modified, gold-colored one that becomes a blaster instead.
    • Levi's main weapon is another Mix-and-Match Weapon, a rifle/sword/guitar called the Rockstorm Guitar.
    • When piloting the Megazord, the Rangers get a BFS called the Ninja Master Blade. It even has shuriken embedded in its blade, invoking Chainsaw Good. Super Ninja Steel keeps this but adds a Hand Cannon, the Ninja Super Steel Blaster, used only by the Ranger invoking the finisher.

This show provides examples of:

  • 555: In "Echoes of Evil", Victor and Monty sell a "monster repellant" and the ad directs potential buyers to call 555-321-456.
  • Adapted Out: The Kakuranger and Hurricaneger (or in Power Rangers terms, Alien Ranger and Ninja Storm) Power Stars were cut from the show while their effects were still used in #8; the Kakuranger power was instead attributed to a gadget (and later a new Power Star) that Sarah and Mick made, while Hurricanger's was treated as just another ninja technique. Oddly, the stock footage used still showed the team logos (Kakuranger's wouldn't be recognizable to an American audience, but Hurricanger's/Ninja Storm's would).
    • Ironically, despite Sekai Ninja Jiraiya being adapted as Space Sheriff Skyfire, what would have been Skyfire's Ninja Power Star is omitted from his episode. While the Ninningers used Jiraiya's Power Star to channel the power of his Humongous Mecha Jiraishinnote , Ninja Steel retains this power but modifies the scene to remove the image of Jiraishin, presenting the Ninja Blaze Fire Burst as a natural ability of the Ninja Blaze Megazord.
  • Alternate Universe: Subverted — Dimensions in Danger confirms that the series is set in the main Power Rangers universe. RPM and Dino Charge, on the other hand, are their own universes, and the villain Lord Draven comes from the Antiverse dimension.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: In contrast to her teammates's parents, Sarah's mom is... enthusiastic to help her daughter, but isn't quite as smart as her. Which results in some awkward situations when she wants to help with her inventions.
  • An Aesop: "Love Stings" emphasizes the importance of consent and sound judgment. Sandy had asked Preston out to the school dance, but Preston, thinking Sandy had been affected by a love spell, didn't take advantage and turned her down.
  • Ascended Extra: The Fuuma Shuriken weapon was originally a secondary weapon in Ninninger; now it's made more prominent as the team's morpher in place of the swords. Word of God is that the switch was requested by the toy company, who believed the sword toys were going to sell well anyway and wanted to promote something different so they could have two big-ticket items.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Odius' plan to distract the Rangers while she, with a brainwashed Mick's help, uses a very unwilling Victor and Monty (who have been forced to become clowns) to hypnotize half the planet's population into becoming her soldiers comes to fruition.
  • Battle Couple: Calvin and Hayley, who fight their first two battles by each other's side.
  • Bound and Gagged: Pretty much happens to every Ranger except for Brody in the first season finale.
  • Brick Joke: Trapsaw in "The Ranger Ribbon" sets up traps that never seem to go off at the right time, including one that's apparently still there after the Rangers beat him. The episode ends with Victor and Monty sitting at a bench marked with an X...
  • By-the-Book Cop: Clint, the school security guard, follows every rule in the book to the letter, writing up tickets for any students who break even the smallest rules.
  • Call-Back: In "Galvanax Attacks" Cosmo mentions that his suit costs over 10,000 Space Bullion, the same currency from Dino Charge. The same episode has Galvanax ask if he's being hit by a Magnabeam when Odious drains out his Ninja Steel.
  • Chainsaw Good: Activating Ninja Master Mode and Ninja Super Steel Mode bequeaths the Ninja Master Blade, which is a more elaborate version of the Ninja Star Blade, with three shuriken blades sandwiched in between its main blade. Engine sounds can even be heard when the Ninja Steel Megazord's finisher is activated.
  • Clueless Aesop: Many of the Stock Aesops told in this series are handled a bit clumsily.
  • The Complainer Is Always Wrong: Rangers are often portrayed as wrong whenever they have a different opinion than the rest of the team. A few examples are:
    • In the episode Grave Robber Levi is being treated being in the wrong for refusing to play a board game with the others, as he doesn't like them.
    • In the episode Car Trouble Calvin is offered his dream job as a mechanic, but has to quit school to do so. Instead of being genuinely happy for him, the rest of the rangers worry more about him leaving school. The episode then goes out of its way to teach him quitting school for his dream job is wrong.
  • Contrived Coincidence: In "Love Stings", it is revealed that the only Ninja Medallion that survived the Foxatron's destruction was the one belonging to the sole surviving Galactic Ninja, Venoma.
  • Conveniently Empty Building: Averted in #9, where the monster attacks one of Levi's concerts. The stadium is inconveniently not empty, and the Rangers have to help stage an evacuation before the place comes down.
  • Crack in the Sky: In "Dimensions in Danger", the villain Lord Draven attempts to use his "mega arrows" to break down the barriers between dimensions. Firing two of the arrows causes a large crack to appear in the sky, with a third being all Draven needs to finish the job.
  • Deadly Game: Galvanax's game show, which pits monsters against each other in gladiator-style battles. Originally, the winner gets a shot at pulling out the Ninja Power Stars, the whole thing being Galvanax's plan to acquire them after he himself was rejected by them. After the Rangers acquire them, the object of the game is now to take down the Rangers and get the Stars back.
  • Dismantled MacGuffin: Dane's fight with Galvanax causes the Ninja Nexus Star to split into six individual Power Stars. The final battle with Galvanax involves the Red Ninja Power Star being broken into three, resulting in three Red Rangers active at once — Brody, Mick and Dane.
  • Distressed Dude: This happens to every Ranger but Brody in the first season finale.
  • Disqualification-Induced Victory: In "Monkey Business", Calvin and Hayley are running for School Council President and the rules say that, as the position's current holder, Victor will keep it if both candidates are disqualified. He tries to make it seem like each candidate is sabotaging the other. It doesn't work but the two candidates leave the run and he gets to keep his presidency.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Unlike previous ends of an era series, the Rangers close off the series still together, with their powers still accessible at a moment’s notice.
    • This also applies to resident Butt Monkeys Victor and Monty, who after saving the citizens from being enslaved by the Galaxy Warriors, are presented with an award for their deeds, which was their goal throughout the series.
  • Expy:
  • Fantasy Metals: Ninja Steel, the metal covering the Ninja Nexus Prism when it first lands on Earth. What came with it to Earth is all of it, and the finite supply inevitably starts running dry towards the end of the first season and forces them to go looking for more sources of it. Later, the Ninja Super Steel, which is even more powerful.
  • Foreshadowing: The Rangers' Zords are hinted at in some of the early scenes of the premiere — Redbot is Brody's friend in the Monster Dome, Sarah's hover board resembles the Zoom Zord and she makes references to freight trains' speed and power, Calvin works on a yellow truck akin to the Nitro Zord, Hayley has a dog to match her Kodiak Zord, and Preston has a blue dragon costume akin to his Dragon Zord.
    • While handing out flyers in The Ranger Ribbon, Levi misremembers a non-existent hot dog restaurant being nearby, prompting Sarah to tease him about his memory being rusty. This turns out to be (presumably) one of the fake memories Madame Odius planted in him, as revealed in Family Fusion.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: In "Monster Mix-Up", the monster Versix switches the Rangers' bodies with that of his minions, the Grusome Grunts, then brings the captured Rangers to the Intergalactic Court in hopes of having them destroyed for the crimes of the bodies they're currently in.
  • Fuuma Shuriken: This series loves 'em, having several with different abilities - you can do pretty much anything but throw them.
    • First, there's the Ninja Nexus Prism, a giant one that contained the Ninja Nexus Star. It also has a mind of its own, landing before the Rangers-to-be at different times. It also shows images such as new Zords, or where the monster is attacking, or things the Rangers don't understand until later. Also, all new weapons and powers are gained by throwing regular shuriken made of Ninja Steel (the substance it was covered in) into the Nexus Prism and they are returned as new power stars. You can't be sure what they'll do until you try them out!
    • The Ninja Nexus Star is a dinner-plate-sized elaborate one contained in the Prism, at least until it was broken into six shards which became the Ninja Power Stars the Rangers morph with.
    • The Ninja Battle Morphers appear when you hold out your Power Star. They're able to turn into different weapons. Like Lost Galaxy's Transdaggers, they can each become any one of the weapons.
    • The Ninja Star Morph are when the rangers themselves turn into these! Sometimes it’s just spreading out their arms and legs into an X shape and being launched by one or more of the others surrounded by energy, but sometimes they actually turn into giant versions of their main power star.
  • Giant Novelty Check: In "Echoes of Evil", Victor and Monty earn so much money with their monster repellant scam they leave the school and, as a parting gift, donate a million-dollar novelty check and a statue of Victor. In the end, they return and the Principal informs them that their check bounced and shows it now has a giant red X on. They say they had to refund their customers.
  • Green Rocks: The Ninja Steel can do basically anything. The material can be used to make ninja stars that have plenty of effects (summoning Zords, controlling the elements, creating motorcycles), not to mention the stuff itself is capable of making a users's greatest dreams a reality (like giving Preston genuine magical powers).
  • Heroes Love Dogs: Hayley's dog rides with her and Calvin to school.
  • Highly-Visible Ninja: Subverted. In episode 8, the Rangers prove themselves capable of stealth when the situation calls for it, and wear black fatigues when sneaking around.
  • History Repeats: In "Galvanax Rises", Brody chooses to destroy his Power Star to prevent Galvanax from getting it, just as his father did with the original Nexus Star. The destruction of the Star creates an explosion that blasts Brody and Mick into the Ninja Nexus Prism - which is soon after revealed to be what happened to Dane Romero. And, just as the Nexus Star's fragments transformed into the six Power Stars, the pieces of Brody's Star become three new Red Power Stars.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Both of the following are Played for Laughs.
    • In "The Ranger Ribbon", Trapsaw falls for all of his own traps except for the last one (instead, resident Butt Monkeys Victor and Monty are hit by it).
    • In "Monkey Business," as the last part of his plan to trick the Principal into disqualifying his rivals for School Council President, Victor and Monty set a water baloon trick for when the winner is announced. The other candidates, Hayley and Calvin, renounced and Victor becomes victim of his own trick.
    • A pretty serious one involving the super-version of Victor and Monty's ninja steel magnet - activating it to betray Galvanax has the added effect of pulling an incoming ninja steel asteroid towards Madame Odious!
  • Hover Board: Sarah rides one to school.
  • In the Hood: The ninja armour that the rangers wear for practice and unmorphed fights have long hoods that hide their faces.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Ace from "Ace and the Race". He uses Calvin's Hero Worship for him to get him to fix up his car's engine for free, and openly mocks him when Calvin figures it out. He then tries to drive his car out of the workshop (despite Calvin warning him that it isn't ready yet), causing the whole engine to blow.
  • Lighter and Softer: Ninja Steel is overall the lightest of the Neo-Saban Era featuring less stakes than the previous six seasons, a more comedic tone, and a simplistic story as opposed to the Nighlock invasion, galactic invaders and race for the energems.
  • Logical Weakness: Super Ninja Steel is stronger than regular Ninja Steel. Unfortunately, this means that any stars made from it can't be melted down and reforged, which becomes a problem after the battle with the Foxatron damages the Rangers' Zord stars. Mick is forced to search for an alternate solution to repair them.
  • MacGuffin:
    • The Ninja Nexus Prism that Galvanax sought, which itself contained the Ninja Nexus Star and was covered in Ninja Steel. The Ninja Nexus Star was subsequently split into the six Ninja Power Stars used by the heroes to transform. The Prism also shows the group visions from time to time.
    • The Ninja Steel, which is being reforged from scraps of metal into new throwing stars. Whenever a vision appears in the Prism, these throwing stars can then be tossed into the Prism, which upgrades them into full Ninja Power Stars related to whatever it previously showed them. As of episode seven, this method has been used to create seven Zord Stars and five copies each of the Element Star and Mega Morph Cycle Star. (At least three other stars have been created presumably in the same way, but not onscreen.)
  • McNinja: Even before the Rangers came to be in this series, Dane is said to have been a ninja master, and was already passing the art down to Brody and Aiden when the Nexus Prism came crashing down in his backyard.
  • Mirror Match: In Dimensions in Danger, Tommy ends up facing off against a duplicate of himself using his Dino Thunder power. He starts off doing the same until he reveals his "Master Morpher" can allow him to access his Zeo, White Ranger and, of course, Green Ranger power.
  • Mistaken for Cheating: In Attack of the Galactic Ninjas, several incidents lead Calvin into believing that Hayley is cheating on him with Preston. It turns out that the two of them are practicing lines and scenes from Romeo and Juliet.
  • Mythology Gag: Has its own page.
  • Never Say "Die":
    • Brody's father is said to have "disappeared", "sacrificed himself", "been destroyed", etc. But then again, they Never Found the Body, so who knows what really happened. It eventually turns out his spirit was taken into the Ninja Nexus Prism and protected for years, until he's finally released in time to join the final battle with Galvanax.
    • Averted in "Drive to Survive", where Calvin bluntly claims that the motorcycle he's trying to learn to ride "nearly killed [him]". We get another death reference as well as the word 'lethal' in the same episode. However, even here, 'destroy' is what the villains want to do to the Rangers.
    • In The Ranger Ribbon, Marcus Tien cries while reminding Preston how they "lost your mother", with the obvious implication that Ellen Tien is dead. Brody's mom is also established as "lost." (It's a rarity in this franchise, where many Rangers have one parent as an important character with no sign of the other ever having existed. Them being established as “lost” and the families still affected by it... wow. It feels like a stunning aversion even without the word ‘Dead.’)
    • When Cosmo taunts the Bound and Gagged Rangers, Levi shouts what sounds like a muffled "I'll kill you!"
    • After the first season finale, the Ninja Nexus Prism is often referred to as "dying" or "dead".
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: At least twice, the morph has been invoked by blocking one of the enemy's most powerful attacks, including Galvanax attacking Dane, which gives Brody the idea of blocking a strike with his morpher.
    • Odius' attempt to create her own evil Ninja Stars just ends up giving the Rangers back their powers and stronger to boot.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Hayley gets a dog Zord based on her own dog Kody, and names it the "Kodiak Zord" after him. One problem: Kodiak is a breed of bears, not dogs. However, it's a popular name for Huskies and Malamutes, which Kody is.
  • No Ontological Inertia: As is typical for Power Rangers, destroying a monster usually undoes any effects the monster causes to its victims. Though this is averted in "Fan Frenzy"; Victor remains a werewolf even after Dreadwolf (who turned him into that by hitting him with a claw) is destroyed, with Victor only returning to normal after the claw is removed.
  • Official Couple: Calvin and Hayley, from the beginning for once.
  • Oh, Crap!: The Rangers start to react this way in the season opener of Super Ninja Steel, when they find out someone's teleporting into their base. Immediately averted when the person teleporting in turns out to be Mick, whom they're very happy to see again.
  • Painting the Fourth Wall: The first season finale has Galvanax and Cosmo mention several times that it's also the season finale of Galaxy Warriors.
  • Police Lineup: In "The Royal Rival", after being arrested for stealing a cow, Victor and Monty are forced to stand in one with four other suspects. The witness asked to identify the cow thieves is the cow.
  • Plot Detour: The human plots and ranger battles against monsters are mostly separate, forcing the team to combat different issues with their school life and Galaxy Warriors.
  • Plot Hole: In episode 7, Sarah creates a virus made to destroy and disable the technology Hacktrack stole from them. However in episode 37 when the Ninja Star Blades are infected with a virus, Sarah claims that she's not much of a programmer and doesn't know anything about computer viruses despite making one, thus leaving the plot for Emma to solve.
  • Purple Is Powerful: The Super Ninja Steel from the second season of the same name is purple.
  • Rearrange the Song: Averted for the first time since RPM, though the Ninja Steel theme song does still include the phrase "Go go Power Rangers".
  • Relationship Sabotage: In season 2, Hayley and Sarah find out that Hayley's dad and Sarah's mom are going on a date and decide to sabotage it because they each think it'll be weird if their parent is dating their best friend's parent. They end up realizing the error of their ways and help the two get back together.
  • Robot Buddy: Redbot, a refugee from Galaxy Warriors along Brody and Mick. As all the team's Zords are modeled on things related to the Rangers, he ends up being the inspiration for Brody's Zord.
  • Second Episode Introduction: Calvin and Hayley are in the premiere, but they only make minor cameos with a full introduction kept until the next week. Various major pieces of gear, such as the Element Stars, Megazord, and Ninja Comms don't show up until the week after that.
  • Series Continuity Error: Assuming this is the same continuity as all previous installments, the heroes should really know more about Power Rangers than they do. The aliens seem to know what they're dealing with, but the Earth teens are clueless. It's not the first time something like this has happened (the last ninja show caused a stir when Rangers were dismissed as an urban legend), but it's a bit weird when Hayley has to piece together the word "'mega'... zord?" out of Buffy Speak. Even weirder as other times they have hints that they do know some things, like Hayley having no problem accepting alien monsters exist in the second episode, and even asking for clarification on the type of monster, which only really makes sense in that context.
  • She's a Man in Japan:
    • Madame Odious, whose Ninninger counterpart was the male Kyuemon Izayoi a.k.a. Kyuemon Shingetsu Kibaoni (who was voiced by an actress and thought to be female for a long time).
    • Also happens to a few Monster of the Week contestants. Toxitea was originally the male Enraenra, Cleocatra was the male Mataneko, and Spyclops was the male Kasabake.
  • Shout-Out
    • The mobile cameras used by Cosmo Royale, instead of something more contemporary like quadcopters, look more like the Insecticon drones that appear in Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.
    • When Brody is fighting Slowgre in episode 4, he says "A ninja versus a turtle? That's a wacky combination!", undoubtedly a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (And of course, a Ranger team has met a version of the Turtles, a long time ago.)
      • In the same episode, when Monty gets his legs back Preston accidentally turns his body (minus his head) into a Minecraft like figure.
    • When Brody first lands on Rumble Tusk in episode 5, he says "Ready to have some elefun!", a possible reference to the ED of Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger.
    • Another one to Zyuohger: Madame Odius's treatment of her "stowaway" with the Gold Ninja Star is quite similar to Genis's manipulation of Misao and subsequent conversion of him into (Zyuoh) The World.
    • In episode 6, Cosmo Royale lifting his coattails and farting on the audience might be a reference to the movie Amadeus.
    • In Episode 7, Hacktrack says "I've fallen and I can't get up" after Calvin and Hayley launch a Ninja Earth attack at him. A very clear reference to the very famous commercial for Life Alert.
    • In "The Adventures of Redbot", Cosmo's self-serving blog is titled "Cosmo v Rangers: Dawn of Showbiz".
    • In "The Need For Speed", after the Speed Star that hit him in the head starts to take effect, Brody says "My legs!", a reference to the famous Spongebob meme.
    • In "Sheriff Skyfire", Victor and Monty eat what they believe to be blueberries (but are actually a student's experimental astronaut food), causing them to turn blue and expand until they look like big blueberries, similar to Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Brody lampshades this by saying Victor should change his name to "Violet".
  • Space Is Noisy: The Megazord battle with Hacktrack goes all the way to the moon and makes noise in episode 7.
  • Split-Screen Phone Call: Several happen in Episode 16, because of Phonepanzee.
  • Spoonerism: Mick does one in Galvanax Rises before he goes home; flustered but happy, he reminds the Rangers to "Eat your safety goggles, and wear your greens." The Rangers are clearly amused by the mix-up and promise to think of him when they do.
  • Tempting Fate: After the last battle in The Ranger Ribbon, Victor says that at least nothing else can go wrong for he and Monty. That's when Trapsaw's third and final trap of the episode goes off, dropping the boys into a big hole.
  • The Chooser of the One: The Ninja Nexus Prism, which is sapient and will only allow someone it deems worthy to reach inside and pull out one of the Power Stars. Even Galvanax isn't powerful enough to brute force it. He's spent 10 years trying to find someone capable of pulling them out, but the Prism refused to budge until Brody stole it back and brought it to Earth where people actually worthy of the Stars could be found.
  • Those Two Guys: Victor and Monty, a Bully and Wimp Pairing.
  • Toilet Humor: A major case is featured in Episode 5: Victor and Monty get webbed up together by a spider monster... after both had downed a can of beans in order to fart so much they get excused from class (sort of a poor man's stink bomb). They end up stuck in a giant gas bubble for the entire episode. To top things off, Ripcon is punished for his monster's failure by being forced to clean the ship's toilets... and Madame Odious smugly informs him that beans are being served for dinner that night.
  • Valentine's Day Episode: "Love Stings".
  • Wham Episode: A few come up.
    • "Poisonous Plots": Integrating Brody's brother Aiden to the team hits some rough spots due to his aggressiveness in training, but an attack changes things with Aiden stepping in to fight some Kudobots. After the monster poisons Brody, the rangers pull some tricks in order to get the antidote and beat the monster. However the big wham is when we find out Madam Odious is working with Aiden to steal the power stars.
    • "Family Fusion": Madam Odious makes her move after weeks of plotting, using Aiden to convince Ripcon to attack the rangers while he sneaks into the rangers base to steal the ninja steel. Several close calls ensue, but in the end, Levi fights off Aiden who turns out to be a robot Odious created with all his memories. Angry at him going behind his back, Galvanax sends out Ripcon giant to destroy the rangers, but they use their new fusion star to destroy him for good. The big wham comes at the end though. It turns out Levi was Aiden all along! He just had his memories removed during his time aboard the ship. He and Brody tearfully reunite, and they pledge to keep using the Levi name to keep him hiding in plain sight, but happy to be reunited again.
    • "Caught Red-Handed": An ordinary camping trip, and fighting one of the Galactic Ninjas takes on a much more grave dimension when Madame Odious reveals her secret plan: use the Galactic Ninja Medallions to create her own Zord. A Zord powerful enough to defeat all the rangers, and damage their Zord magic. The Ninja Medallions run out of power before Odious can finish the job, but with no effective counters at this moment, the rangers are left on the defensive, trying to figure out how to beat this latest threat.
    • Using diversionary tactics, Odious and her crew manage to Mind Control Mick, bringing him up onto the ship, and planning on using him to create a massive evil mind control ray across the planet.
  • Wham Line: From only the 2nd episode!
    Madame Odious: [in response to Galvanax saying he's going to get the ninja stars] We'll see, Galvanax. The Gold Star is already mine!
  • Wham Shot: The shot of Madame Odious talking.. with Aiden.
    • In a preview for the second half, who should walk onto the Warrior Dome stage but... Sledge and Wrench!
    • As the rangers fall back from defeating Voltipede, we see General Tynamon walk over, and pick up their lost fusion star.

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