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  • Aincrad arc: Inosuke Hashibira is a skilled beta tester of the game Sword Art Online, who finds himself trapped in a virtual world of Beerus's creation who masquerades as 2003!Roy Mustang in game. Inosuke has to lead an unlikely crew including his Love Interest Zero Two, bartender Yasutora "Chad" Sado and samurai Vinsmoke Sanji to victory, while also running into Ikaros, his first love who tragically lost her life, blacksmith Derieri, dragon tamer Filo and system AI Nana Astar Deviluke in side stories.
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  • Fairy Dance arc: Zero Two's fiancee and Bastard Boyfriend Dio Brando kidnaps her and attempts to force her into marriage, so Inosuke has to play Alfheim Online, of whom Dio is the chief game developer, to rescue Zero Two, aided by his cousin Koneko Toujou and her friend Shoyo Hinata.
  • Phantom Bullet arc: Inosuke is contracted by Naraku to play an FPS game called Gun Gale Online, in order to investigate the real-life murders of some of its players. Goro Akechi is apparently behind the murders. Inosuke meets Fujiko Mine, and together they team up to hunt down Akechi. Fujiko's friend Ken Kaneki is creepily obsessed with her and is also one of the three people who control Akechi.
  • Caliber arc: Inosuke, Zero Two, Nana, Sanji, Derieri, Filo, Koneko and Fujiko go on a quest to acquire the prized sword, Excalibur, while being guided by Sango, who tasks them to save Sailor Saturn (who turns into Younger Toguro), and defeat the frost giant Nappa.
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  • Mother's Rosario arc: Zero Two befriends Tatsumaki, considered one of the strongest players in all of ALO, and helps her guild defeat a boss before AIDS claims Tatsumaki's life. Zero Two's mother Rei Ayanami, wants her to focus more on real life than virtual games.
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  • Alicization: After being drugged by Marco Bodt, Inosuke ended up in another virtual world, called Underworld, where he meets Darkness and Yuno while Zero Two, with the help from Naraku, Nobuchika Ginoza, and Beerus' ex-Love Interest Lucy, finds a way to heal him. The Big Bads are Sinister Minister Eto and Evil Overlord Kotaro Katsura, (whose respective dragons are Okuyasu Nijimura and Bang Shishigami) , both wanting to use the virtual world to develop technology to rule the real world.