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     Plot Summaries 
  • English: Shugo is a skilled beta tester who finds himself trapped in a virtual world of Guts's creation — though he masquerades as Kain Fuery in game. He has to lead an unlikely crew — including Lucy Heartfilia, Isshin Kurosaki, and Shiro Fujimoto — to victory.
    • Fairy Dance arc: Lucy's Bastard Boyfriend Death the Kid attempts to force her into marriage, so Shugo has to play again, this time aided by his cousin Saki and her friend, the lady who introduced Pegasus.
    • Phantom Bullet arc: Shugo plays an FPS in order to investigate the real-life murders of some of its players. Numbuh 1 is apparently behind the murders. Shugo meets Yoko Littner, and together they team up to hunt down Numbuh 1. Yoko's friend Makoto Tachibana is creepily obsessed with her and is also one of the three people who control Numbuh 1.
    • Caliber arc: Shugo gathers Lucy, Shiro, Uni, Nepgear, Saki, and Yoko on a quest to acquire the prized sword, Excalibur.
    • Mother's Rosario arc: Lucy befriends Ryuko Matoi, considered one of the strongest players in all of ALO, and helps her guild defeat a boss before AIDS claims Ryuko's life.
    • Alternative Gun Gale Online:
    • Alicalization: After being drugged by Uno, Shugo ended up in another virtual world where he meets Emilia and Theo Cornaro while Lucy finds a way to heal him.

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