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I Have You Now, My Pretty

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Soon you will learn to appreciate me.

"I've got something very special in mind for you."
Clu, while touching Quorra's hair and smelling her, TRON: Legacy

Want a quick and easy way to show what a vile, evil scumbag your villain is? Well, you could have them abuse a cute little animal — or have them sexually molest the helpless Damsel in Distress or momentarily disabled Action Girl or Distressed Dude when they are at their mercy.

This can include Terms of Endangerment, unwanted kisses, licking, sniffing, groping, and haircuts, dressing them in skimpy clothing, or even out-and-out trying to rape themthough this last one is usually stopped before it gets too far, as the hero generally shows up in time to rescue them or they finally get the chance to regain advantage. In shows with a historical/fantasy setting, it can also include attempts to force the heroine/hero into marriage.

This trope is used for two purposes: to emphasize how utterly depraved the villain is, and/or to add a sense of urgency to the hero's efforts to rescue his true love. In the meantime, expect them to react with either angry defiance (possibly involving brandishing a Chastity Dagger) or silent, shuddering disgust (no one ever seems to play along in the hope of avoiding more serious harm, though if they do, characters and audience members alike might mistakenly accuse them of wanting it). Bonus points if the villain is grotesquely ugly/deformed and has a habit of snarling things like "Aha! I have you now, my pretty!" Another stock phrase, which seems to be more popular with Mooks, is "I like a girl with spirit!"

This trope has been a staple of movies ever since the early days of cinema, but it's a lot older than that. There are several examples in William Shakespeare's works — most notably, of course, The Rape of Lucrece, and others going back to Ramayana. Almost always involves a male villain and female victim; the few gender-reversed or same-sex examples tend to play it for comic effect. However, don't forget that Villainesses Want Heroes and if a villainess wants a male Sex Slave or a consort, this is just what might happen if The Hero is unwilling to wed or bed her, especially if he's too weakened to fight his way out. Other exceptions to the Black Comedy effect are usually seen in Boys' Love series and Slash Fics where it's treated as fodder for easy wangst and hurt comfort. (Or fetish fuel, in some cases.)

An alternative to this trope involves a villain not performing this action even when the opportunity obviously presents itself. This can be a way of showing a villain as being a Worthy Opponent, prepping them for a Heel–Face Turn, or demonstrating that Even Evil Has Standards. In any of these cases, the heroine might not be relieved at his disinterest. Heck, she may even be offended.

Compare the Scarpia Ultimatum. A Gilded Cage may be employed to "sweeten the deal" for the captive, or the villain may use mind control to get her to cooperate quickly. Something like this is usually on the mind of anyone who orders his Evil Minions to Bathe Her and Bring Her to Me. Also very likely to happen to someone who's Alone with the Psycho. If the villain is the authority, they may take one step further and abuse their position to get whoever they want.

See also: Villain Ball, And Now You Must Marry Me, And Your Little Dog, Too!, Yandere.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Ah! My Goddess: Aoshima makes unwanted advances on the innocent Belldandy and Skuld (when she aged up). Both times, he got shocked for his attempts.
  • Ask Dr. Rin!: Tokiwa who kidnaps Meirin, though he's possessed, freezes her in place and attempts to kiss her on more than one occasion.
  • Attack on Titan: While acting as a Body Double for Historia, Armin is molested by one of the kidnappers. It's a very disturbing and jarring moment, in a series almost completely devoid of anything sexual.
  • Berserk:
    • During the Eclipse, Griffith, as his very first act after his transformation into the fifth member of the Godhand, Femto, does this to Casca in the second act during the Eclipse that qualifies as crossing the Moral Event Horizon (the first being the sacrifice of his men that made the above transformation possible), escalating into out-and-out rape as Guts tries to get free of the jaws of the monster that's got hold of his arm and eventually has to chisel it off with a broken sword.
    • Several more men have tried Attempted Rape on Casca as well, before and after the Eclipse. And then there's when the Great Goathead tried to make her his "bride".
    • A Gender Flip occurs when Slan captured, tormented, and tortured Guts in the Qliphoth, post-Eclipse. Since she wants him as her personal Sex Slave, she made it all look like an S&M session with her as the mistress and him as the dominated boy-toy.
    • Emperor Ganishka pulls this on Princess Charlotte with the intention of marrying her so they can have a child and secure his claim to Midland's throne.
  • Black Bird (2006): Misao Harada is tied up and encased behind a magic barrier while an evil Tengu gloats about being able to ravish her.
  • Black Butler:
    • Lord Siemens drinks too much at a party in chapter 40 and gets a little too friendly with Irene. She tells him not to put his hands on her body, and when he does so again she slaps him.
    • Sebastian's implied seduction with Beast.
    • The Viscount Druitt putting the moves on Ciel when he was Disguised in Drag as well as flirting with him when he was dressed normally. Ciel doesn't approve.
    • Alois towards Ciel. And during their fight at one point, Claude comes up on Sebastian from behind and holds him close, caressing him.
  • Bleach:
    • In the manga, Nnoitra sticks two of his fingers in Orihime's mouth to prevent her from screaming when forcing her to watch his subordinate Tesla beat up Ichigo. He also refers to her as "pet-sama" and was hinted to have intentions of wanting to rape her. In the anime, this is changed to him covering her mouth with his hand.
    • Orihime tends to get this a lot in that arc. Her scene with Loly and Menoly positively reeks of the same-sex version of this.
  • Brave10 is equal opportunity about it, with Kakei being on the receiving end of Okatsu's attentions during their battle at Izumo, but Anastasia gets it the most, even in her introduction in the manga with villains whom she should have easily been able to take had she not fallen victim to Standard Female Grab Area.
  • Code Geass:
    • When Kallen has been captured, one of her captors comments on how beautiful she is, and then says (in the dub) that while she clings to life, he can "do anything he has a whim for, to [her] body". (In the sub he says that her life is all that matters, and that "As long as you live, what happens to your body...")
      • Note that another of her captors gave her the gentle version during her whole captivity. This guy had a crush on her (even before her captivity), and he wanted to help her negotiate her freedom if she switched side (keep in mind both sides see themselves as the good ones, except maybe the one who wanted to rape her).
    • Milly, Shirley, and Nina get captured by some terrorists. When Nina makes a target of herself by panicking, one of the terrorists says that he'll drag her off and "teach her a lesson". It's not specific whether or not it's a reference to rape... but her reaction couldn't be any more panicked. For this reason, Euphemia steps in and puts her freedom on the line.
    • Mao's first meeting with Shirley has definite vibes of this, though in fact his interest in her is not sexual. Raping her mind, on the other hand...
    • Strangely, Mao's interactions with C.C., in the infamous chainsaw scene, do not come across as this, despite the fact that his interest is sexual this time. This is probably because he truly loves her, (albeit in a very Yandere-ish way) and in any case, he is behaving too crazily by this point to act in the manner usual for this trope.
  • Embryo from Cross Ange constantly molests women including the people who work for him and is well aware of this fact. In the finale when Ange gets kidnapped and rejects Embryo his plan is to rape her and then beat her to near death, thankfully Ange's friends and her mecha arrive in time.
  • Dawn of the Arcana: Caesar to Nakaba in Chapter 1. Gouda to Nakaba and Lemilia in Chapter 22, though this turns out to be subverted as the guys arrive to rescue them only to find that Nakaka got Gouda drunk and already saved Lemilia and herself.
  • Genkaku from Deadman Wonderland, to lure the Scar Chain members over, takes Karako and Shiro hostage and makes it very clear that he'll have his soldiers rape them if they don't come to save them. Yes, his soldiers, not him. He's too busy getting a hard-on thinking about Nagi.
  • Dr. Muraki from Descendants of Darkness did this to a disturbing extent. He was fond of stalking Tsuzuki, touching his pretty hair and committing Mind Rape on him. He once actually raped Tsuzuki's partner Hisoka, as revealed in flashbacks.
  • Shoei Jinnai of Desire Climax is a textbook example of this and the perception of rape as an act of love at the start of Desire Climax, especially at the first party scene.
  • The English dub of Digimon Adventure; Myotismon says this near word for word after Kari surrenders to him, all while getting a Shout-Out in, in the process: "I've got you my pretty, and your little cat too."
  • Don't Meddle with My Daughter!:
    • Athena and Clara are a mother/daughter duo of superheroines whose only weaknesses are sexual harassment and molestation. Made worse since Athena is secretly horny, whereas Clara is a veritable fountain of pent-up sexual frustration from years of repressing her hormones. So the villainous organization (named "Blowjob") designs all of their agents to use Athena and Clara's own libidos against them.
    • Inverted during "The Amazing Eighth Wonder" epilogue chapters, which reveal that Clara is secretly horny for her own mom, but she doesn't get to act on it 'til she gets possessed by a phallic-shaped alien parasite. It causes her to seek out fertile women, starting with the entire staff at N.U.D.E's HQ. When Athena arrives to answer their distress call, Clara's lust enhanced strength allows her to quickly overpower Athena. Then Clara finally seizes her opportunity:
      Clara: [maniacally] Now I'll make you MY woman, mother!
      [Clara creates speed clones and uses the parasite as a strap-on to thoroughly ravish Athena]
  • Parodied in an early episode of Dragon Ball when Pilaf threatens to "do something perverted" to Bulma if she doesn't tell him where the last Dragon Ball was. It turns out that his idea of something terribly perverted was blowing a kiss at her (kissing is considered rather Serious Business in Japanese culture). Bulma is unimpressed and proceeds — to Pilaf's utter horror — to go into detail about what she expected him to do.
  • The Familiar of Zero: In episode 11 of season 3, Louise is almost subject to this by Barron Miscor, an obese perverted guy who has a thing for flat chests, but Tiffania and Saito rescue her. He tries to attack her again afterwards, but Louise puts her foot up making him slam into it and fall to the ground. And in the first season, Siesta is almost subjected to this by a guy buying her as his personal maid, but Saito rescues her. Also, Wardes wants to marry Louise for his goals because he's interested in her power and tries to brainwash her into marrying him but fails, and in episode 2 of the fourth season you get the feeling that Joseph was about to rape Louise for a second when he said she was gonna "lose her honor" then you see his robe lowering and how he kneels in front of her while she's tied up on the ground and touches her face...
  • Full Metal Panic!:
    • Gauron's "interactions" with Sōsuke are full of the same-sex version of this. One such instance is Season 1's showdown between Gauron and Sōsuke. Gauron's sudden grappling of Sōsuke's mecha starts looking suspiciously like he's raping him. Not to mention thick white liquid that starts dripping down on his face while he's grinning and calling Sōsuke "Honey". If one were to look deeper into it, in the novels, a very probable explanation is that Gauron is subliminally (or maybe not so subliminally) enacting out exactly what he wants to do — raping Sōsuke. In the novels, there is an instance where he very graphically describes to Sōsuke how much he has wanted to kill him, drag his corpse out of the AS and then fuck it.
    • Gauron's the king of this trope. Pretty much every single interaction he has with anyone has rapist vibes to it. In the novels, Kaname finds out that "that creepy, disgusting man" stripped her naked for the experiments, which made her writhe in disgust (coupled with how, later, he calls her "Kana-chan", something only her best friend Kyoko calls her). And then there's his manhandling of Tessa, where he makes it clear that he'll do "X-Rated things unsuitable for minors to see to this cute little captain" if they don't obey. And after she heads off one of his attempts at attacking a submarine, he handcuffs her, pulls her by her hair, gets close to her face, and tells her with a rapeface that he's "really mad", but that he'll "punish her" instead of killing her. When she acts defiant towards him, it "pleased him from the bottom of his heart," exclaims, "Ohhh, she's cute!" and proceeds to jokingly ask the Mithril traitors if they're sure they want to leave since this place seems like a nice place to work. And last but not least, there's how it's canon that he's obsessively in love with Sōsuke (ever since the latter was twelve years old) when he literally did a double-take the first time he saw Sōsuke and parked his jeep. He then told the younger Sōsuke, "Why don't you come to my camp? There's food, ammunition, and AS parts there." (Which sounds suspiciously like a "There's candy over in my van, little boy" scenario.) Knowing Gauron, it's highly doubtful that his plans were anything pure and kindhearted. Of course, Sōsuke refuses, and Gauron spends the next five years unable to forget the "beautiful" boy.
    • Then there's Leonard's crush on Kaname and how he plants a Forceful Kiss on her, surprising and humiliating her.
  • Goblin Slayer:
    • This is what almost invariably happens to any female that the goblins get their hands on such as what happened to the female Fighter, Sword Maiden and Goblin Slayer's older sister. Most often, this is for the purpose of making more goblins, as goblins are a One-Gender Race in this series, though they've also been known to do this out of pure vindictiveness and cruelty, such as what they do to the leader of the Female Party from the light novel. It's telling when the ones that are just straight up killed instead of violated are considered the lucky ones...
    • Outside of the Goblins, the Ogre also pulls this on the Priestess declaring that he will not just violate her, but also literally eat her.
  • This is Prince Lotor's plan for Princess Allura in both GoLion and the Americanized Voltron.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi does this to Mikuru on a regular basis. This is often played for laughs. Kyon usually prevents it from going too far, though. Oddly the future version of Mikuru seems to remember these times with nostalgia and affection. Makes you wonder...
  • Hayate × Blade: Played straight then subverted, when Meiko traps Yukari in an armlock and pins her to the ground, forcing her to watch as their respective partners duke it out. Later, Yukari breaks free and manages to help her partner land the decisive blow.
  • Hellsing:
    • The vampire preacher planned on raping Seras Victoria before killing her since she was a virgin and he didn't want an "equal" vampire. Fortunately, Alucard steps in before it gets to that, although the preacher gets a few good gropes in for effect.
    • Alucard almost literally namedrops this trope to Rip Van Winkle when he corners her.
    • In the first anime, a Lesbian Vampire character by the name of Bubbancy (actually a corruption of a Baobhan sith) tricks the entire Hellsing organization, save Seras and Alucard, into thinking that she is Integra's sister, Laura (a reference to Carmilla). She undresses Integra, attempts to drink her blood, and even bites and licks her chest, after which Integra realizes that she has no sister; shortly afterward, Bubbancy is dispatched by Alucard.
    • Jan Valentine is implied to have wanted to do this to Seras since he is outraged when she is restraining him by laying on top of him saying "Get off me bitch! I'm supposed to be on top!"
      • There's also Jan wanting to rape, kill, and rape Integra again. In that order.
  • The Count tries to do to Jeudi in Honoo no Alpen Rose. Several times.
  • Hot Gimmick:
    • Nearly happens to Hatsumi when Azusa lures her to a secluded place and tries to have his friends gang-rape her. Fortunately, Ryoki saves her, though he forces a kiss on her immediately after the act.
    • Ryoki himself basically tries to rape and/or assault Hatsumi several times but is always thwarted by a third person walking in on them.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Mukotsu paralyzes and abducts Kagome and is about to "make her his wife" before being interrupted by someone unexpected.
    • The Villainous Crossdresser Jakotsu cornering Inuyasha in human form has the same vibe.
  • Karakuridouji Ultimo: Rune almost does this to Yamato in chapter 21.
  • Kill la Kill has Ragyo doing this to Satsuki all the time, who is her daughter. She later does this to Ryuko after finding out that she is also her daughter. This is to get Ryuko wear Junketsu and have a Face–Heel Turn.
  • In the manga adaptation of The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Games, Onox is very intent on being around and looming over Din after he's captured her, with only the fact that she's currently stuck in a magic crystal preventing things from going too far. It only gets worse after he learns Link is making progress and Din mocks him, causing him to loom over her while partially assuming his draconic form and promising that Link will suffer and she'll have a front-row seat to it as she looks on in horror.
  • MÄR: the villain Phantom attempts to kiss a bishōnen named Alviss not just once, but twice, and molests him in another episode (Ho Yay anyone?)
  • Maken-ki!: Done by Yamato Takeru during chapter 56, when he finally corners his niece, Himegami. The moment he saw what she was wearing and how well her figure had developed, he pinned her on the ground and began tearing her clothes off. Thankfully, her friend (the other "Takeru") was there to put a stop to it before Yamato could get any further than that.
  • My-Otome has a lesbian variant, with Tomoe doing this to Shizuru. She wasn't the one who did the kidnapping, but she pins down and forces herself onto her captive with intentions of forcing her into an Otome contract.
  • Naruto
    • Played with when Filler Villain Fuka corners Naruto a few times and tries to administer the Kiss of Death to him so as to steal some of his chakra. She also made some rather suggestive comments such as "let's have a hot kiss", "we're going to have a lot of fun together", and the like.
    • Half the plan of Toneri Otsutsuki in The Last: Naruto the Movie is to marry Hinata, the other half being dropping the Moon on Earth to annihilate everybody. He goes as far as to hypnotize her when he realizes that she doesn't love him and was just playing along to try and foil his plans herself.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi: Another Les Yay variant happens with Tsukuyomi and Setsuna. Of course, Setsuna managed to save herself... after taking massive and highly intentional Clothing Damage from Tsukuyomi's blade. The scene was popular enough that it was put on the cover of volume 25 (in both a censored and uncensored version).
  • Ninja Scroll: Kagero gets kidnapped and molested by Tessai and later Shijima.
  • Ninja Slayer has Nancy Lee being constantly subjected to the lewd advances of Neo-Saitama's vile criminals. One of them has her tied up and gagged and declares she will be his trophy bride, while another one (along with his clones) actually attempts to rape her.
  • One Piece:
    • Absalom kidnaps and attempts to marry Nami (after spying on her in the shower no less). This promptly causes Sanji to go into an Unstoppable Rage, while Luffy merely comments on how brave the guy must be to want to marry her.
    • The Big Bad of movie 2 tries something similar to her, though he lacks the foresight to sedate her.
    • Blackbeard recently did this to Jewelry Bonney. He said that she was too weak to join his crew, but she could stay if she became his woman. Her response? A kick to Blackbeard's face.
  • Outlaw Star: Harry's hacking attempts on Melfina translate into assault in cyberspace.
  • Paprika: In one scene Osanai holds Paprika captive. Some brief fondling occurs and then the man pushes his hand under her skin and withdraws the naked secret-identity of Paprika (Dr. Atsuko Chiba), but before further molesting can take place his boss tries to kill Paprika/Chiba.
  • Peach Girl: Momo fights off Kairi's older brother Ryo when he makes advances on her. Sae gets a taste of her own medicine in the form of an obese rapist whom Momo saves her from before he can rape her. Also, Momo rescues Sae again when she is being forced to participate in a porno film. And on the beach in one episode Touji saves Momo from a guy who wanted to date her.
  • The Prince of Tennis: Keigo Atobe attempts to force An Tachibana to go into a date with him, despite her trying to slap him away. Momoshiro and Kamio had to play against Atobe's companion Kabaji to bail her out.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie: Rebellion: Non-sexual example. When Madoka descends to save Homura from Witchhood, Homura — having decided that she can and should ignore Madoka's free will to achieve her goals — seizes Madoka from the sky and forces her back into human form. This is the first sign that Homura's love has driven her off the deep end.
    Homura I've finally... caught you. [smiles]
  • Reborn! (2004):
    • Tsuna's battle with Mukuro came across as this when Mukuro started mentioning how much he "wanted Tsuna's body" (so he could possess it and cause a conflict within the mafia but still), how through his ultimate technique Tsuna would "become his", suddenly grabbing Tsuna from behind and resting his chin on Tsuna's shoulder while whispering into his ear. Also if you replay that part in the anime where he grabs Tsuna from behind, head-butts him, and pulls him back up by the arms to rest his chin on Tsuna's shoulder it looks like he's raping Tsuna.
    • Also, consider how during Glo Xinia's fight with Chrome he grabbed her hard enough to cause her pain, kept getting in her face, and told her things like: "You seem to like being touched by men. Your blushing cannot betray your desires." "Give me MORE!" (after hearing her screams of pain) and "It's time to eat... that ring and you!" It's hinted he might've done something to her had Mukuro not shown up, allowing her time to escape. Also, when fighting Mukuro he comes out with this line: "Is that girl so precious to you? Then I'm going to take my share of such a precious girl right before your eyes! This could just be the best situation, don't you think? My appetite for that girl just keeps getting better!" and "Don't worry Chrome, I will take good care of you for MUKURO TO SEE!"
    • Julie Katou expressed interest in Chrome, commented on her cuteness, and in chapter 298 he kidnaps her, telling her they have "date plans". And later on, he outright tells Tsuna that Chrome's "sleeping in my bed, looking like a little angel." He also finds her to be "so damn cute" and in chapter 309 Chrome awakens in his bed, he enters the room, offers her a change of clothes, gets onto the bed with her, grabs her face, gets real close and asks if she needs help changing. He then says they should "get to know each other, real nice".
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Saionji's behavior towards Anthy. Also, Akio's towards lots of people most notably towards Anthy and Utena. Touga is also raped by his adoptive father in the movie.
  • Sailor Moon: Gender Flipped, to no surprise, with Queen Beryl and Mamoru. Also a straight example in the next season with Prince Diamond and Sailor Moon.
  • Seraph of the End:
    • Ferid does this occasionally to Krul when he attacks her from behind, tells her that her beautiful neck is wide open, and bites her. He also demands for her to submit to him.
    • Ferid once patted Mika on the butt and a dream of Yuu's shows Ferid revealing Mika's shoulder, holding him close, and biting him suggestively.
  • Shaman King: When Big Bad Hao confronts Anna Kyouyama and her group as they cross the USA to reach for Yoh and his friends, at some point Anna tries to slap him. He catches her hand and comments on how spunky and worthy of marrying the Shaman King she is. Anna's response? * SLAP* (with her other hand). Hao is pleased, anyway.
  • Soul Eater: Giriko's fight with Maka had vibes of this sort. He was a bit too touchy-feely and it's heavily implied he was planning on raping her before killing her.
  • Souten Kouro: Played painfully straight with Zhang Rang and Shui Jing.
  • Strawberry Panic!: Hikari has fallen in love with her older classmate Amane. However, as a result, she is stalked, harassed, and almost raped twice by a Psycho Lesbian duo who want to get Amane to join the Etoile Election by threatening to harm her.
  • Sword Art Online: In probably one of the most infamous moments from the Fairy Dance arc, Nobuyuki Sugou, in his avatar as the Fairy King Oberon, attempts this on Asuna as Kirito is Forced to Watch, unable to stop him. Particularly horrifying on a visual level is Oberon licking Asuna. Fortunately, he soon gets what he deserves.
  • Tokyo Ghoul:
    • Kaneki is often the target of this: once by Rize, another time by Tsukiyama, and another time by Eto.
    • Kanae calls Mutsuki a "kitten" and says he has beautiful eyes while getting close to him.
    • Nutcracker preys on both men and women who take her fancy and also gives Mutsuki an unwanted sloppy Lecherous Licking kiss.
    • Torso has Mutsuki pinned after tearing his shirt open and beating him up in a scene uncomfortably resembling Attempted Rape. He also details his obsession with Mutsuki to a terrifying degree in Volume 4.
      • Chapter 64: Mutsuki wakes up to discover that Torso has kidnapped him. Torso declares that they are getting married, and shows Mutsuki his severed limbs (one of his hands has a wedding ring on it). He later is shown standing before Mutsuki while breathing heavily in a scene implying that he raped him.
      • Chapter 73: Torso brings Mutsuki a flower crown, but gets angry when Mutsuki glares at him and won't accept his compliments. He beats Mutsuki violently while screaming insults. Later, the two are lying together on a makeshift futon. Torso says that he only "scolds" his "bride" Mutsuki because of how deep his love is, and Mutsuki cries while agreeing. He thinks that he is cursed, especially since it's implied that he was raped by his own father. In the 2016 calendar, there's a picture of Torso writing Mutsuki a love letter saying that he would do his best to help Mutsuki with whatever he needed be it buying clothes, washing, or eating. He says he would help him with that because of course he would need help since he would have no arms or legs.
    • Eto captures and mind rapes Kanae who is revealed to be a girl as well calling her cute and sweet, stripping her when torturing her and putting her hands on her body.
  • Tokyo Mew Mew: Kish, Ichigo's Stalker with a Crush, finally kidnaps her near the end. It doesn't go well for him, as her boyfriend and Mysterious Protector chases after, awakens to his true power and beats him into letting her go. He also pulled a Forceful Kiss on her, generally makes advances on her, and calls her by Terms of Endangerment.
  • Vampire Knight: After noticing Yuuki's resemblance to her mother Juri, Yuuki's uncle Rido (who was in love with Juri) changed his plans from devouring her to keeping her as a substitute for Juri. Keep in mind Rido and Juri were siblings.
  • In X/1999, Fuuma reveals himself as Kamui's fate bound enemy, binds and tortures Kamui, murders his own sister and Kamui's childhood sweetheart; and since it was obviously not enough, he then licks Kamui's neck. It was hot, too.
  • YuYu Hakusho: A male-on-male variant, when Karasu runs his fingers through Kurama's hair.
  • The anime vesion of Zatch Bell! has a scene where Eido grabs Suzume (who struggles to pull away) and decides that she will be his new girlfriend, but he is easily defeated when Kiyomaro figures out how to use the spellbook to protect her.
  • A common theme in Hentai, which usually results in the victim being broken before the episode or movie is over.

    Comic Books 
  • The cheek-licking variety shows up in a late Avengers issue, between Whirlwind and The Wasp. Bonus points for the fact that not only had he been after her for years, he'd just knocked her unconscious seconds before, and was stroking her leg as well. This makes the fact that in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Whirlwind is pretty much a punching bag for the leveled-up TV Wasp hilarious.
  • B-list Avengers supervillain Graviton primarily uses his incredible, Magneto-level powers to chase after the ladies. In one memorable storyline, he leads a group of supervillains and masterminds in the capture of the West Coast Avengers... so he can mack on Tigra. Similarly, Thunderbolts had an arc where, after taking the titular team prisoner, he had Moonstone (who had previously called him out for having no goal beyond defeating heroes) brought before him, and tried to woo her by showing his accomplishments. Unfortunately for him, she was less than impressed and just laughed in his face, at which point he decided to just try to have her executed with the rest of her team (it didn't work).
  • In Batman: Legacy, Bane treats Talia like this as Ra's al Ghul made Bane his heir after Batman's repeated refusals.
  • Reginella from the Disney Ducks Comic Universe was once almost forced to marry the tyrant who had invaded her planet. Luckily for her, her love interest happened to be Donald Duck, and she managed to call him to the rescue-and he made short work of them.
  • Djinn:
    • The main protagonist is threatened to be handed over to The Dragon who plans to do "whatever he wants with her". This seems to be his favorite pastime since his boss Amin later threatens another woman with the same fate if she doesn't cooperate with him.
    • Defied by Sultan Murad when Lady Nelson joins his Royal Harem. The British diplomats become outraged when they hear this, but Murad assures them that she joined of her own free will and she is allowed to leave whenever she wants. Unfortunately, this is played straight when she is forced to "service" an Ottoman official.
  • Empowered frequently skirts this. The most explicit example involved half a page of the title character being stripped by someone rambling about his desire... only for the next page to show the (less-than-attractive) fellow in Emp's SpyBattlesuit.
    Empowered: (thinking) Image... scarred onto forebrain... scarred....
    • It should be noted that most supervillains will only skirt this trope. It's expected to harass a captured superheroine, but going too far will violate the unwritten rules of supering, which basically means a bunch of pissed-off supers baying for blood.
  • Fables has a few examples of this (most of it as backstory for various characters), but an unusual example is Prince Brandish's treatment of Snow White. He considers their Childhood Marriage Promise to trump her subsequent marriages, and he greets her with a Forceful Kiss and a great deal of unwanted pawing. Then he drags her to his room and locks her in, making it clear that he fully intends for her to bear him children. What makes this an unusual example is that, when she straight-up asks him if he intends to rape her, he says he won't... because she'll come "panting" to him of her own volition soon enough. Quite how he imagines this happening is unclear, considering he goes on to break her arm and tell her he's going to murder her husband and children, but he seems totally confident that he will have her consent at some point, and one can assume that the powerful magic he has would have played a part.
  • Back in the Golden Age, it used to be very common for the supervillain to have designs on the token superheroine. In the old Fantastic Four comics, Susan almost got forcibly married to Namor, Kang the Conqueror, or Mole Man every other issue.
    • In Ultimate Fantastic Four, Namor refused to return to the ocean and stop destroying New York until Sue kissed him and meant it — in front of Reed. Since Namor clearly had the upper hand and wasn't going to be removed by force, Sue is forced to go along with it. Interesting in that it's hinted at Sue and Namor have been rather... snuggly at times in other continuities.
  • In the controversial Identity Crisis comic miniseries, Doctor Light (no, not him) was revealed to be a rapist, having done this to Sue Dibny, wife of Elongated Man.
  • The titular Golden Eyes of the World War I serial "Golden Eyes" and Her Hero "Bill" enlists as an ambulance driver to be closer to her sweetheart, only to be captured by a German officer after her ambulance is hit by a shell. The officer takes Golden Eyes back to his camp and proceeds to doll her up in looted French evening wear before having her sit down to dinner and champagne, with intent to seduce her. It doesn't work out as he planned.
  • Lady Death:
  • Red Robin: After the Daughters of Acheron Have Tim captured and chained up the eldest of them starts undressing him to rape him, but his sister Cass shows up and puts an end to her attempt very quickly.
  • Red Sonja is a downright magnet for this trope. There is no shortage of evil kings and dark lords trying to claim her as their own consort or add her to their harems. Not even females are exempt from that such as the Queen of the Frozen Wastes also pulling this on our heroine. Of course, this almost always constitutes as Bullying the Dragon since Sonja is an unparalleled Action Girl capable of fighting her way through any peril.
  • Poor Rebecca in Requiem Vampire Knight. Being a lamia that was never bitten by a vampire which makes her highly sought by them, she got this from Claudia and then by Dracula himself, forcing her to become his bride. Claudia's instance calls this trope almost word for word:
    Claudia: I am sure my friend Elizabeth would love to sink her teeth into you... But I am going to have you all for myself, my pretty maid who's never been milked.
  • In Savage Sword of Conan issue #120, the evil Manu-Khaleem has the beautiful dancer Sheeyata brought before him and is glad to have her in his power, promising to teach her "the ancient forgotten ways of unbearable pleasure."
  • Teen Titans: The second Brother Blood pulled this on Raven when he tried to turn her into his bride. His goals were more destructive though since Raven is a daughter of Trigon and Brother Blood was his worshiper, he wanted to use their union to corrupt her and destroy the world with her powers.
  • In Thor: Ages of Thunder, the Enchantress is in the receiving end of this trope twice. In the first time, a Frost Giant disguised as a stone-mason attempted to cut a deal with the Asgardians to rebuild their walls in exchange for her hand in marriage. In the second one, Loki delivered her to another Frost Giant to be made his harem queen against her will. When Odin forces Loki to rescue her from his captor, he finds her in chains, sleeping and draped across the floor quite gracefully. He muses that she is indeed the most beautiful woman who has ever lived and briefly considers stealing her for himself instead.
  • In The Walking Dead, The Governor repeatedly rapes Michonne after Rick and his crew are captured in their initial encounter with Woodberry. She later dishes out some major retribution during their escape.
  • In Golden Age Wonder Woman stories in Vol 1 and Sensation Comics this happened to Steve Trevor with alarming regularity. One of the most notable occurrences was when the Valkyrie Gundra kidnapped him away to Valhalla which led to Wonder Woman leading a contingent of Amazons against the Valkyries and defeating one of the Axis's most powerful comics only allies. (Given the Nazi's attempts to co-opt Norse Mythology in Real Life their Golden Age DC counterparts had the Valkyries' support).
  • X-Men:
    • Astonishing X-Men: Iceman waits for Mystique to run a bath, then gets into the water system, so that he IS the bathwater, then when Mystique gets in, he holds her down and "does it"; she doesn't tell anyone for some time afterward, so her subsequent betrayal of the X-Men to the Marauders and attempt to abduct the baby "Mutant Messiah" Hope Summers is seen as just another example of her innate treachery.
    • A female-on-male variant when the Morlock leader Callisto abducted Angel specifically so she could marry him.
    • The villain Shadow King makes pretentious claims of being a nearly-indestructible Ancient Evil, but this line is undercut by his actual goals, which more often than not just boil down to stalking the nearest female X-Man in his vicinity. His favorite target is Storm, who has had to endure numerous attempts at Mind Rape and Demonic Possession by him, but he has also attempted to make Psylocke and Rogue his "Shadow Queens" at separate times, and Karma of the New Mutants was forced to endure being possessed by him for months at one point.

    Fan Works 
  • In Black Rose Admirer, Ruby chases after a crazed stalker to try and stop him. After a brief fight, Kaito is able to get a hold of her and forcibly kisses her, going so far as sticking his tongue into her mouth. Luckily for Ruby, Yang arrives and she is not the least bit happy.
  • Child of the Storm has Yelena Belova, the Red Room's newest (and psychotic) Black Widow invoke this in the sequel on a brainwashed Harry (and more specifically, his body's brainwashed, while his mind is elsewhere), primarily for the purpose of provoking Natasha, the original Black Widow, before their second fight. She does this because she knows that Natasha is semi-maternally fond of him, and she therefore sees him as something of Natasha's that she can take. So, she molests him right in front of Natasha, to the disturbance of her sane teammates and promises to do more when he's "done cooking" (it should be noted that, while he looks older, he's about 14 and a half at this point). Natasha's internal monologue notes this calmly, and then proceeds to a) reveal that it's a trap, b) comprehensively kick the crap out of her. Again. And that is positively kind compared to what Dream does to her; while the details aren't given, even Loki couldn't think of anything to add.
    • Unusually, it's not just brushed off after the arc ends - while Harry wasn't in his body at the time, certain memories, especially physical ones, linger, and recur from time to time (something which the author has indicated is based off personal experience), and it's also stated that that wasn't the only time. It's revealed in chapter 60 that she raped him. The flashback, from his point of view, is horrifying.
  • In Limitless Potential, Sting Chameleon often engages into Lecherous Licking when he crosses Roll, much to her disgust and horror. It dives directly into this trope when Sigma openly announces his rebellion and the lizard seizes the chance to capture Roll and pin her down during the riot at the Maverick Hunters' HQ, and decides that, now that she won't have to serve mankind as a maid anymore in their new world, maybe he can find something else to make her useful.
  • In Loki: Agent of Doomgard Loki the goddess of traps and poisons would bind a poor Distressed Dude to a bed forcibly kiss him several times while whispering about how much fun they will have and so forth. The fact that she is a pretty and small woman doesn't make this less terrifying or rapey. Neither that the mentioned distressed dude was one of her own alternate selves.
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Elec Man behaves this way towards Roll and Bree Ricotta. It's extra creepy with Bree as he knows she's married.
    • Splash Woman behaves this way with everyone she seduces, particularly Mega Man.
  • In the A Narrator's Story adaptation of "The Grey Smurfs" (which is a spinoff of the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf series), the Great Leader, once his Grey Smurfs capture their regular Smurf counterparts and burn their village to the ground, sees their Smurfette, touches her face, and sneers, saying, "Hmmmm, a feisty one. Smurf her somewhere special...she may be more useful in a very interesting way." While she was a prisoner, Smurfette is offered marriage to the Great Leader in exchange for her fellow Smurfs being treated properly...a promise that he actually had no intent on ever fulfilling.
  • Exaggerated in The Night Unfurls. After being captured by the Black Dogs, Maia is given to Fat Bastard Michelle by her former comrade Vault to do as he pleases. As Kyril advances further into the mercenary compound to rescue her, he finds a half-undressed Michelle with Maia restrained on the bed, clothing torn, indicating he raped her offscreen. Knowing that he has arrived late, the least he could do is to subdue Michelle and preserve Maia's remaining modesty by unbinding her and wrapping her up with a blanket.
  • In Prison Island Break Scourge does this all the time, his most prominent victim being Silver, who he delights in tormenting. Not only is he possessive, but he enjoys gloating to his victims about all the horrible things he's going to do to them.
  • In Sword Art Online Abridged, we first see Leafa cornered by three armed Salamanders players, who demand that she... strip down to her underwear while they flick mayonnaise on her. They're actually all roleplaying sexual predation, and since they're in Alfheim Online, what's ostensibly a kids' VR game, it's unclear how much they can actually do. For her part, Leafa wants to play the Damsel in Distress in that scenario, but has trouble overcoming her instincts to brandish her sword even while she's pleading for mercy in a Southern Belle accent.
  • In the Time Fixers: Nicktoons of the Future story "Wrath From Beyond", the Fentons go to Japan and Sam is kidnapped by a samurai ghost who mistakes her for an ancient princess he is in love with and dresses her in a kimono, and tries to force her to love him. He has also done it to her the last time she was in Japan, twelve years prior to the series.

    Films — Animation 
  • The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina: The Mole King kidnaps Thumbelina and tries to force her to marry him.
  • Aladdin: After taking over Agrabah, Jafar dresses Jasmine in a red harem outfit, forces her to wait on him, and tries to wish for her "to fall desperately in love with me." Unfortunately for Jafar, that's one of the three things a Genie will not do, but Jasmine plays along in order to distract him so he won't catch Aladdin stealing back Genie's lamp.
  • Beauty and the Beast:
    • Pretty much anytime Gaston is around Belle he makes aggressive advances on her and tries to blackmail her into marrying him. The entire 'coerced marriage' theme is pretty much a literary fig leaf for lust and rape.
    • The film's battle scene includes a man ripping the feathers from the sultry feather duster in another rape metaphor. Her candelabra boyfriend doesn't take this well and gives the jerk what's coming to him.
  • El Cid: The Legend: Rodrigo's Love Interest Jimena is taken captive by Ben Yusuf and pressed into his Royal Harem — a major case of Artistic License – History since there were no records of this ever happening in real life.
  • In the Fantasia 2000 segment "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", the jack-in-the-box does this to the ballerina. The soldier saves her.
  • In Fire & Ice, the bikini-clad Princess Teegra is abducted by Queen Juliana's minions to be made a consort or concubine for her son Nekron. Subverted in that he is absolutely revolted by the idea of mating with Teegra and has her thrown in a dungeon instead.
  • Appears briefly in Hercules when Meg is "negotiating" with the river guardian. "I like 'em fiery!"
  • Frollo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney) has it bad for Esmeralda in all the wrong ways, and even sniffs her hair while he has her captive. And then he has an epic Villain Song. Different from most in that he's ashamed of his lust for Esmeralda and wants her dead so she'll stop tempting him, and his rampant lust is explicit, unlike other Disney films.
  • Occurs in Kung Fu Panda 2 where Shen does this briefly to Tigress after she and rest of the Furious Five were captured and Po was believed to be dead.
    Shen: [leans in close to her face] You are going to be part of something beautiful.
    Tigress: [bares her teeth and growls at him]
  • In Rango, Jake creepily licks Beans' cheek when he's partially strangling her.
  • This happens in a Deleted Scene in The Lion King (1994). Scar attempts to propose to Nala and make her his Queen, but she refuses and is banished.
  • Rothbart from The Swan Princess does this: in his One-Winged Angel form he kidnaps Odette (and leaves her father and presumably others in the caravan to die) and places a curse on her that turns her into a swan during daylight hours and moonless nights. The only way she can get him to lift the curse is by marrying him.
  • Thumbelina (1994): The title character keeps getting roped into marriages with whomever she runs into, against her will.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Ivan Korshunov kisses and strokes the cheek of the First Daughter in Air Force One, causing her mother to recoil in disgust. Does not help that Korshunov is played by Gary Oldman, and that the First Daughter is established as being 12 years old.
  • The Avengers (1998). Sir August (Sean Connery) is practically drooling over Emma Peel (Uma Thurman) after he captured her and tied her down. It didn't help that Connery is 40 years older than Ms. Thurman.
    Emma Peel: Just the two of us?
    Sir August: Yes, like spoons in a drawer.
    Emma Peel: Perhaps I could help you, if I knew what you wanted.
    Sir August: The only thing I want... is you.
  • Back to the Future: Biff frequently makes unwanted advances on Lorraine, tries to rape her in 1955, and wants to marry her (he eventually succeeds in marrying her in the timeline he creates in Back to the Future Part II).
  • Barbarella: The evil Black Queen makes no secret of the fact that she fancies the titular heroine, and she expresses that fancy through kidnapping, blackmail and generally invading Barbarella's personal space and touching her without permission.
  • Batman:
    • Though not a kidnapping until much later in the film, the Joker's advances on Rachel in The Dark Knight could qualify as a light form of this. It was creepy too. What with the Joker sauntering up to Rachel and circling around her once like a vulture. He even sneaks behind her and leans into her neck a bit like he was smelling her and repeatedly refers to her as beautiful.
    • The Joker in Batman (1989) also pulls this on Vicki Vale.
    • It's sort of implied in Batman Forever that the Riddler wants to do this to Chase Meridian.
    • Subverted in The Dark Knight Rises — there's a tiny implication that Bane intends to do this to Miranda Tate when he spares her from "death by exile", but in reality, she's Talia al Ghul, who he's sworn to protect.
  • Subverted in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as Lex Luthor seems at first to be doing this when he kidnaps Lois, calling her "pretty" and creepily sniffing her hair (although it's left ambiguous whether this is genuine attraction, or just him screwing with her) but he quickly just shoves her off LexCorp Tower, as ultimately his only real interest in her is as bait for Superman.
  • David Lo Pan of Big Trouble in Little China gleefully notes after capturing Gracie Law: "This one has fire, as well!" Also, he's planning to marry both of the heroes' would-be girlfriends, as he plans to kill one of them in order to meet the demands of the ceremony, and then live out his fleshly lusts with the other one.
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid: Having already established the Kid (Redford) as a likable protagonist, the movie throws the audience a curveball by serving up what initially appears to be a rape scene. It turns out that Kid and his girlfriend are just roleplaying.
  • Crash: When he and his partner pull over a black couple, Ryan takes the opportunity to grope the wife, Christine, and threatens to charge her husband if he tries to intervene.
  • Daredevil (2003): Even though his job was to kill her, which he did, Bullseye seemed to enjoy his time with Elektra more than he should. Wolf whistling, hitting her while hitting on her and tries to kiss her before gutting her, but succeeds in the Director's Cut. He even speaks to her in a loving manner while holding her face so close to his.
  • In Deranged, the Villain Protagonist Ezra develops an obsession with an attractive young barmaid, Mary Ransum, and later kidnaps her in an attempt to force her to "marry" him. Mary attempts to flee, but is quickly incapacitated and bound in Ezra's closet. When she awakens, Ezra tries to force her to have dinner with him and his corpses and then attempts to molest her, but Mary once again attempts to fight back by flinging his mother's corpse at him, angering him and resulting in him beating her to death.
  • Dobermann: When things start unravelling for Christini, he grabs the handcuffed Nat, drags her to his car, and drives off with her. He takes a sadistic joy in explaining his plans to rape her before he kills her, knowing that the deaf Nat cannot hear him.
  • Despite discovering that she was responsible for his near-fatal injury, which started the main plotline off, Einon in Dragonheart attempts to seduce Kara after imprisoning her, even offering her marriage. Thankfully, she stabs him in the shoulder and later manages to escape. She's not so lucky in the novelization of the film, unfortunately. Before she can escape the castle, Einon rapes Kara at least once and later forcibly kisses her in front of Bowen during the confrontation scene.
  • A Field in England: When O'Neil menacingly explains his plan for making the deserters help him search for the hidden treasure, he uses sexual metaphors and caresses Whitehead's face.
  • Final Girl: Subverted. After the four guys tie up Veronica, they state that they're not going to sexually assault her. Their reason isn't much better though, because it "ruins the fun" of chasing her through the woods if she's physically impaired.
  • Fright Night (1985): After the vampire Jerry Dandrige captures Amy he takes her to his mansion and seduces her, eventually biting her on the neck to change her into a vampire.
  • In Girl with a Pearl Earring (as well as the book version), Van Ruijven's Attempted Rape of Griet.
  • In Gun Fury, outlaw Frank Slayton kidnaps Jennifer Ballard after shooting her fiance because she comes from Atlanta and reminds him of when he used to be a Southern Gentleman. He drags her along with him over his gang's objections, and it is implied he rapes her.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Scabior, the head Snatcher, tries this after he captures Hermione, calls her "My lovely" and sniffs her hair. The actor Nick Moran told Entertainment Weekly that they cut out a line where he said "You're going to be my favorite."
  • Otis in House of 1000 Corpses not only forces a kiss on tied-to-a-chair Mary, but later licks the cheek of bound-and-gagged Denise while wearing a mask made out of her father's face. Denise is delirious enough to think at first that he is her dad.
  • House of Wax (2005): Bo manages to capture Carly, but he doesn't try to murder her like his brother Vincent would have. It's hinted when he playfully flirts with her in front of her boyfriend and she seems flattered, but less flattered later. Given he calls her pretty and acts like he's about to kiss her on the mouth, it's hinted he planned to do something more sexual to her before her brother arrives.
  • In Time: After Fortis and his gang have trapped Will and Sylvia, he sits rather close to her on the couch, and strokes her cheek with his gun, then after challenging Will to a duel, he says he'll take her, and then take her time.
  • In The Intruders, the villain Marcus praises Rose's beauty before forcing her to wear his dead girlfriend's dress, then he tries to force himself on her.
  • Irréversible: Le Tenia beats on a prostitute before Alex witnesses it. Holding her with a knife in hand, he takes advantage of the situation and begins caressing and kissing her without consent. Under the threat of being stabbed, Alex can only cry in pain as he rapes her for nine minutes straight. What makes it horrific is not only has he been implied to have done this women in the past, but it's hinted he's actually gay and the apparent interest he had in her had nothing to do with her looks or how she felt, but just that he gets off on hurting people.
  • James Bond:
    • Dr. No. Rather than reserve Honey for himself, Dr. No orders Honey be handed over to his guards, dropping a hint that she might be gang raped—Bond has to be restrained from making a suicidal rescue attempt on the spot. Bond later finds her tied up in a Drowning Pit but we're never told if anything else happened.
    • In On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Blofeld makes advances on Tracey, even offering to make her his wife (she's the daughter of another crime boss, as he points out, so is hardly justified in getting uppity). Tracy responds coldly at first, causing Blofeld to threaten her, but appears to reconsider and starts being nice to him. This is because she's recognised her father's voice on the radio from the approaching "Red Cross" helicopters and wants to distract Blofeld, who gets annoyed when one of his men tries to draw his attention to them.
    • In The Man with the Golden Gun, Professional Killer Francisco Scaramanga forces agent Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland) to change into a bikini because there are "no concealed weapons".
    • Also seen in The Spy Who Loved Me. After Stromberg has taken Soviet agent Anya Amasova (Barbara Bach) to Atlantis (his headquarters), he has her dressed in a revealing outfit and tied up in his study (the latter because she'd kill him otherwise). In the novelisation he even threatens to breed her with his Giant Mook Jaws.
    • Alec Trevelyan (a.k.a. Janus), licks the cheek and later kisses his hostage Natalya in the movie GoldenEye. He later taunts Bond by telling him that she tastes like strawberries.
    • Gender Inverted in You Only Live Twice. Helga Brandt has James Bond tied up in her cabin and, in fact, says "I've got you now." Bond quips "Well, enjoy yourself!"
  • Exaggerated in Justice League (2017) when Apokoliptian warlord Steppenwolf threatens to turn the Amazons into his own personal harem and tells Queen Hippolyta that she "will love" him when his conquest of Earth is complete.
  • In Lockout, the prisoner Hydell is obsessed with raping Emilie throughout the film despite her value as a hostage. He almost has his way, but his brother Alex stops him in time for pragmatic reasons. Hydell actually ends up killing Alex for a chance to get to her.
  • The Lone Ranger: Butch Cavendish acts like this towards Rebecca, and his brother Latham Cole intends to force her to marry him. There's a creepy implication that since Cole is possibly a eunuch and only wants to marry Rebecca so he can make Danny his heir, he wouldn't mind sharing her with Butch.
  • In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Grima Wormtongue has a subtle one with Éowyn after his attempt to seduce her fails, and he points out how alone she is.
  • Said pretty much verbatim to Julie by Karg in the live-action movie of Masters of the Universe. "I've got you, pretty!"
  • Mortal Kombat: The Movie: Shang Tsung is infatuated with Sonya Blade, referring to her as "my sweet Sonya." Midway through the film, he forcibly takes her to his castle in Outworld, has her chained up and attired in a short leather dress, and tells her that no one will come for her. Shang Tsung is proven wrong, sort of; Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, and Kitana, all in disguise, are already inside the castle and reveal themselves in order to rescue Sonya.
  • The Mummy Trilogy: Imhotep, in his disoriented mummified form, mistakes Evey as a reincarnation of his long-dead lover Anck Su Namun, and even tries to kiss her. He later plans to use her body as a vessel for Anck Su Namun's spirit to possess. By the time of the second movie, he has gotten over Evey, since the real reincarnation of his lover has been found and joined the bad guys while Evey is revealed to be the reincarnation of the princess that snitched their love affair to the guards, and they both decide to kill her instead.
  • Richie from Murder by Numbers pulls this a bit on poor Cassie, going from unwanted flirting and complimenting her wardrobe to trapping her in her car and responding when she starts beating on him that this must be how she treats all her guys. Apparently he reminds her strongly of her abusive ex-husband, a fact that made her suspect him in the first place, which would in real life probably get her politely taken off the case. He also licks her face during their last scene together.
  • In A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Krueger invokes this trope repeatedly. There's his murder of Tina in the first film, his antics with Nancy in the first and third films, his killing of an asthmatic girl by sucking her life out with a kiss in the fourth film, and him kissing and trying to rape Lori in Freddy vs. Jason.
  • The Old Dark House (1932): The very drunk and very violent butler Morgan clearly has sexual designs on Margaret Waverton, which he comes close to acting upon when he gets her alone.
  • In a rare semi-subversion, the heroine of Once Upon a Time in the West goes along with this in order to save her life, even pretending to like it.
  • In P2, the heroine stumbles upon a video of her stalker/kidnapper molesting her when she was knocked out. This sets gets her really angry.
  • Peter Pan: There were vibes of this sort from Captain Hook towards Wendy. What's worse is that not only does Jason Isaacs play Captain Hook, he also plays Mr. Darling. (This is a carry-over from the original stage play, where Captain Hook and Mr. Darling were almost always played by the same actor.)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean:
  • In Plunkett & Macleane, General Chance, already a nasty piece of work, has an unwholesome interest in Rebecca who, of course, hates his guts. He even makes her watch as James Macleane, the guy she does love, gets hanged, just before Will Plunkett rescues him in the most awesome Big Damn Heroes moment in the film.
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark: After Marian is captured by the Nazis, Belloq is very affectionate with her and even gives her a beautiful dress to wear.
  • In Re-Animator the undead villain kidnaps the hero's girlfriend and subjects her to a visual pun. "I've always admired your beauty," has never sounded creepier.
  • Jackson Rippner in Red Eye to some extent. "Thanks for the quickie." It's definitely the feeling the writers were aiming for and gains Rippner a whole new level of Fridge Horror once you realize that Lisa has been sexually assaulted in the past, and he is intentionally triggering her.
  • Robin Hood:
    • Parodied (of course) in Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Rottingham tries this with Marian, but she's wearing an enormous metal chastity belt. He then tries using various tools to open the belt, to no effect, before Robin shows up and rescues her. In a Brick Joke, Robin can't get the chastity belt open either, thanks to Rottingham damaging the lock.
    • Like most of Men in Tights, the scene is a parody of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, where the Sheriff attempts to rape Marian in front of the wedding altar in order to consummate their Shotgun Wedding before Robin arrives.
  • In Shooter, Sara is kidnapped for Jack Payne in order to force the Hero Swagger out of hiding. Probably taken to the next level cause the movie seems to imply that she was raped.
  • In Showdown in Little Tokyo, Yakuza boss Yoshida makes some unwanted advances to Minako, the lead singer at his recently 'acquired' club. He kidnaps her and drags her into his bedroom by her hair before he shows her how he killed her friend Angel and warns that the same will happen to her if she disobeys him.
  • Parodied in Spaceballs. Shortly after Dark Helmet has captured the Princess, the viewer sees the top of his helmet, and hears him saying "So Princess! I finally have you in my clutches! To have my way with you, the way I want to!" As the camera moves down, however, we see that he is playing with action figures of all the primary characters of the film.
  • Star Wars: Return of the Jedi has Jabba the Hutt dress Princess Leia up in slave gear for his amusement and quips that he'll make her "appreciate" him. The Expanded Universe, however, muddies up Jabba's motivations. It's been claimed in non-canon material that Hutts breed by asexual reproduction. Quite why a non-gendered slug-beast-thing would harass humanoid women is never explained. The outdated Star Wars Encyclopedia suggests that Jabba is somehow jealous of the agility and grace possessed by humanoids. Another source posits that he does it to make his humanoid servitors envious of the power he has over what they desire. Still, another claims that he's just weird that way. It's the Expanded Universe, so it doesn't have to make sense.
  • Played with in Street Fighter — while Bison has Chun Li as his prisoner, he does not outright molest her, but tries to seduce her the old-fashioned way: a pretty dress, a nice and comfy lounge (if you forget the bone chandeliers), and ambient music. This could be almost touching if Chun Li didn't take this opportunity to properly beat the crap out of him. What's really hilarious is he forces her to wear a replica of the costume she wears in the game.
  • Sucker Punch: Blue, the Big Bad, acts in a sexually threatening way towards the women in his brothel in order to control them and considers them his property. His obsession with the main heroine, Baby Doll, ultimately leads him to try to rape her — twice.
  • Gender-Inverted Trope in Taxi 3, when the Idiot Hero/Butt-Monkey cop is captured by the Big Bad woman, played by Bai Ling. She assaults him by giving something to him with her mouth while he's married and want to be faithful.
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day has the creepy mental hospital warden licking Sarah Connor's cheek.
  • In Tricky People, Reginald Charming's photoshoots (with Carmen in flashback and Lyric in the climax) are treated as this.
  • In TRON: Legacy, Clu acts this way towards Quorra when he captures her, touching her hair and saying that he has "something special" in mind for her.
  • Troy: Agamemnon does this twice to Briseis. The first time while taunting Achilles, declaring, "Perhaps I'll have her give me a bath." The second time he taunts Briseis directly during the sack of Troy, to which she responds with a Chastity Dagger.
  • 28 Days Later: The good guys finally reach the base and other survivors, only to find that the soldiers there plan to force Hannah and Selena into being their sex slaves and are about to rape them before being interrupted by a zombie attack. This is most definitely a case of this in every which way — from forcing the girls to play dress-up in the late lady of the house's clothes for the soldier's benefit and telling them to behave, to the disturbingly zealous harassment some of the soldiers deal out. Granted, the soldiers were (ostensibly) only trying to repopulate England, but still... the scene is just plain squicky.
  • In Van Helsing Dracula has absolutely no problem molesting Anna while the audience waits for Van Helsing to make his big damn entrance.
  • Wait Until Dark: Roat is openly predatory towards Susy, going from casually sniffing her underclothes to stroking her face during an interrogation. This all culminates with him flat-out attempting to rape her right before she's able to mortally wound him with a kitchen knife.
  • Wild Wild West: Dr. Loveless and his crew kidnap the luscious Rita and leave Jim and Gordon for dead in the middle of nowhere. When Jim tries to make fun of Loveless being an impotent cripple, he sneers that he'll simply invent something that will allow him to have his way with her. Though in the end, nothing really comes of it, mostly because Loveless has more urgent priorities such as taking over the damn country first.
  • Your Highness: Villain Lazar licks the face of Damsel in Distress Belladonna when he abducts her from her wedding to the heroic Fabious. His evil plan basically involves raping her during the mystical joining of two moons in order to produce a dragon, but the heroes kill him before he can actually do the deed.

  • This trope is the mainstay of all early gothic novels, i.e. the damsel in the villain's spooky castle. Earliest examples were The Mysteries of Udolpho and The Castle of Otranto. Gothic novels were all basically the same until Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein, increasing their intellectual depth about a hundred-fold.
  • Ai no Kusabi: Badass Biker Riki is on the receiving end of this many times from Iason Mink who kidnapped Riki to make him into his Sex Slave.
  • Dune: Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and Piter De Vries make no secret of how they'd like to indulge themselves with Lady Jessica, the concubine of Duke Leto, but are too wary of her "Bene Gesserit witchery" to do so even though she's Bound and Gagged. Also, it's convenient for all concerned that her fate be unknown, so they order Jessica and her son Paul to be left out in the desert to die.
  • In Dragon Bones, this happens to Ward after he was kidnapped. The woman touched him earlier, with implicit consent, but when she touches his ear after she proved to be a traitor, murderer and sadist, he's disgusted.
  • In A Brother's Price this is what men fear if they are captured. Due to Gender Rarity Value, sons and brothers are guarded well, but occasionally a man is kidnapped. Jerin gets into such a situation. His female companion is Forced to Watch. One of the male examples where this is not played for comedy at all.
  • In A. C. Crispin's Han Solo trilogy, Jabba makes note of another female's "excellent, well-muscled shoulders" and that she'd make an excellent dancing girl. So that might be another clue. In the Expanded Universe, there seems to be an implication that Jabba is considered some sort of deviant for his proclivities toward humanoid dancing girls. What that says about the fact that most other Hutts in the EU are shown the same way is really up to you.
  • Kushiel's Legacy: Taken to its most brutal extreme in Kushiel's Avatar. The Markagir of Darsanga, a deranged psychopath, systematically rapes and murders a harem of slaves. The heroine, a natural masochist who also happens to be the most successful prostitute and spy in her kingdom, is chosen to infiltrate the harem expressly because she is the only person who can endure this mistreatment long enough to rescue a captive child prince. Ultimately, she kills the Markagir by stabbing him in the heart with a hatpin while he is trying to strangle her to death.
  • Vorkosigan Saga: Played almost straight in Shards of Honor. While in the process of being taken prisoner, the heroine Cordelia winds up in the clutches of the severely unbalanced admiral Vorrutyer, who has restraints built into his bed, an abiding interest in the Marquis de Sade, and a tendency to monologue — and who, yes, admires her spirit — but who doesn't take more than a bored, clinical interest in her until he realizes that she's his ex-boyfriend's fiancée.
  • In The Curse of Chalion, 16-year-old Princess Iselle is told in no uncertain terms that unless she marries the Evil Chancellor's 40-year-old (and even more evil) brother he will rape her until she conceives (on the theory that she will submit to marriage rather than bear a bastard). Her secretary/tutor prays for his death and gets it... but the book is only half over, and we (or at least he) has not heard the last of the frustrated bridegroom.
  • Jarlaxle, a charming but self-absorbed and mercenary dark elf from Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden novels, has Catti-brie Battlehammer captive. He caresses her hair, but goes no further, being the kind of person who much prefers to seduce rather than force. Then he arranges things for her to escape and save Drizzt, who's been captured by his employer. He's funny like that.
  • The Chronicles of Prydain: In the last book, The High King, the outlaw Dorath threatens to rape Princess Eilonwy and have her raped by his fellows "until she is a match for a swineherd". A variation in that Dorath never states precisely what it is he intends to do to her; only says he intends to "remove her charms." The dialogue is written just vaguely enough that the book's younger readers only know that Eilonwy is in danger, without knowing the specifics that might traumatize them. Older readers can ferret out Dorath's meaning for themselves, as Eilonwy did.
  • In Cooking With Wild Game, Doddo Tsun tried unsuccessfully to rape Ai Fa on the night of her father's funeral, and in Volume 6 his sister intends to do the same with Asuta. Fortunately, Asuta is as heroic as Ai Fa (if not as badass) and foils their plans.
  • The Doctor Who Expanded Universe novels of Terrance Dicks began to display a slightly alarming tendency in almost every novel to place the Doctor's companions in a position where they were threatened with rape by one of the bad guys, to the point where it really became more than a little disturbing. Not just for the obvious reasons or because it was every single time, but because his writing style hadn't really changed from his popular Doctor Who adaptations for children, meaning that it was almost like reading a children's book where the heroine was pretty openly threatened with rape at every opportunity.
  • Sansloy from The Faerie Queene establishes his merits as a vile villain after pretending to be courteous night by trying to rape Princess Una. Even a lion can tell what he's doing is evil and tries to get involved.
  • In Daniel Gonzalez's Ravencraft book series, happens several times to Laura Talbot when she is prisoner of the evil werewolf and main villain Gévaudan. She and Lucilla are also threatened with rape when prisoners of the evil Nazi werewolves' pack of the White Wolves.
  • Tolkien's Legendarium:
    • In Beren and Lúthien, when Beren and Luthien reach Morgoth's throneroom in the bowels of Angband, Morgoth's lust by Luthien helps buy her enough time to sing him to sleep and steal back one of the titular Silmarils. Earlier in Luthien's story, she had been captured by Celegorm and Curufin, two sons of Feanor, who intended to force her to marry Celegorm in order to manipulate her father into an alliance. Celegorm's sentient hound, Huan, helps her escape before anything happens.
    • The Fall of Gondolin: As Gondolin is being sacked and burned, Maeglin tries to make off with Idril and bed her, whether she likes or not. He is encumbered, though, because Idril fights him off fiercely, which Maeglin was not expecting.
  • Discworld:
    • In Wyrd Sisters, Magrat is accosted and held by a palace guard, who tells her, "I like a girl with spirit." The author lampshades this mercilessly and goes on to say that the guard was incorrect, as it turned out.
    • In Carpe Jugulum, Agnes asks a vampyre guard if they can skip all the "I like a girl with spirit" stuff and just go to the bit where she knees him in the groin. The answer is no.
    • Averted in The Last Hero, where a character says that, whatever Cohen the Barbarian's faults may be, he cannot be accused of rape. Ravishing, certainly, but not rape. Another character asks what the difference is, and the first replies: "I don't believe there were ever any actual complaints."
    • Subverted in Sourcery when Conina is taken to the Seriph's Royal Harem and her companion Rincewind fears what will happen to her. Except Conina goes along of her own choice just to see what is it like inside and the Seriph has no real perverted designs on her - he just wants to hear the girls to tell him stories.
  • In Outlander, this is Black Jack Randall's freaking M.O., when he's not being a remorseless sadistic bastard elsewhere. He treats the heroine like this at every opportunity — and this is also how he treats her husband. His other prisoners don't get this courtesy.
  • The protagonist of Typewriter in the Sky, having fallen into a swashbuckler novel and found himself cast as a villain, originally attempts merely to seduce the heroine of the story-within-a-story. When the editor complains that he's not evil enough, an abrupt rewriting has him fulfilling this trope instead — much to his distaste.
  • Use of Weapons: In one chapter, Zakalwe is stranded during a flood with a female soldier he's captured, who breaks down in Inelegant Blubbering when she thinks this will happen to her. Zakalwe (who would much rather she shut up so he can mull over what went wrong with his plans) just gives her a hankerchief to blow her nose, leaves her tied to a chair and tries to get some sleep. One of his officers then turns up to rescue him and jokes that you're supposed to tie the girl to the bed instead.
  • Used in the story-within-a-story of "The Author's Ordeal". The second-person individual writing said story-within-a-story makes certain to rush through it, so the reader won't have time to remember that the aliens threatening this are reptilians and would presumably have no interest in sex with a human.
  • Rigante features a rather nasty version of this in which the hero's rather feisty love interest is imprisoned and repeatedly raped. By the time that the hero finally manages to rescue her, she's suicidally depressed, is furious at the hero for not rescuing her earlier and at herself for needing to be rescued at all, and swears herself to a life of grim celibacy to overcome her shame. She seems to improve — a bit — as the series continues, with indications that although she'll never fully recover, she might at least be able put it behind her and get on with her life.
  • Flashman's Lady has a rare gender-reversed example not played comically at all: but then, the woman involved, Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar, is a completely genocidal tyrant.
  • In one of the sequels of The Princess Diaries, Mia writes a paper on the history of Genovia, explaining that the creation of the principality came about through the actions of her direct ancestor. This first Princess of Genovia had been the daughter of the local lord; said lord was murdered during an invasion and his daughter forcibly wed to the leader of the invading forces, whom she in turn murdered in his sleep on their wedding night. Mia notes that her ancestress may have been spurred to act by "having been forced to drink wine out of her father's skull during the wedding feast". Subverted in that in truth, she copied this from a 1961 movie starring Jack Palance.
  • Prince Xizor, in Shadows of the Empire, tries to seduce Leia while keeping her in his palace. He'd been tempting her with talk about supporting the Rebellion, but he was never even considering that and tried to keep her from leaving. She gets back at him.
  • In Harry Potter, Fenrir Greyback is just an altogether creepy character with horrific subtext, but in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, he begs Bellatrix to let him have Hermione after making some creepy comments to her. Later on, he has to be pulled off of Lavender Brown.
  • Darkest Powers: In The Reckoning, Liam corners Chloe in the woods. To distract him from Derek, who is in the middle of Changing from werewolf to human — and thus vulnerable — not far away from them, Chloe tells him that Derek is off dealing with Ramon, who has actually already been defeated. Liam proceeds to be a grade-A creeper and tell her that they should have some fun while Derek and Ramon are busy tearing each other to shreds. Lucky for her, Derek ruins this by finishing his Change and accidentally killing Liam after a long and difficult tussle.
  • In Conn Iggulden's Emperor books, Cornelius Sulla keeps summoning Cornelia to his presence after being declared dictator of Rome, primarily because she's the wife of Julius Caesar. He starts off just groping her in The Gates of Rome, but proceeds to eventually rape her while her baby daughter cries beside her in The Death of Kings.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • When Sansa Stark is at King Joffrey Baratheon's mercy in King's Landing, he orders her to look her best for him, harasses her (groping her breasts and pinching her nipples), and humiliates her by ordering his knights to tear off her clothes in front of everybody. There's also Donella Hornwood who was forced to marry the Bastard of Bolton and name him her heir and, after she'd been raped to consummate their marriage, thrown into a tower to starve to death.
    • There's also the Bastard of Bolton's treatment of the fake Arya Stark, really Jeyne Poole after their marriage. He breaks the poor girl so much that when she is rescued she says "No. This is some trick. It's him, it's my... my lord, my sweet lord, he sent you, this is just some test to make sure that I love him. I do, I do, I love him more than anything. Tell him, you tell him. I'll do what he wants... whatever he wants... with him or... or with the dog or... please... he doesn't need to cut my feet off, I won't try to run away, not ever, I'll give him sons, I swear it, I swear it."
    • Given the Rape, Pillage, and Burn tactics of many of the denizens of the Crapsack World of Westeros, this probably happens quite a lot, especially whenever Gregor Clegane or the Bloody Mummers are involved.
    • King Aegon IV "The Unworthy" Targaryen from the historical background was a big fan of this trope. He was an infamous womanizer and it's said that so long as they were female, he would nail Anything That Moves whether they were noblewomen or commonborn. It's said that his personal motto was "Wash Her and Bring Her to My Bed" and this was not hyperbole; the decent women of King's Landing were not safe, and he had his Goldcloaks search for women pretty enough for him.
  • In The Dresden Files, Lord Raith tries this on Murphy, but Murphy being Murphy, it doesn't quite go as he planned.
  • Conan the Barbarian:
    • In The Hour of the Dragon, this is why Countess Albiona is awaiting execution — she refused.
    • In "A Witch Shall Be Born", Constantius, before imprisoning Taramis on the orders of her Evil Twin Salome, requests that he takes "a little — ah — amusement first." Cue the Scream Discretion Shot.
    • In "Black Colossus", the Veiled One appears before Princess Yasmela in her dreams and declares that she will become his queen and he will teach her the ancient forgotten ways of pleasure.
  • Codex Alera: Brencis Kalarus Minoris does this to Action Girl Amara when he captures her in the fifth book, putting a discipline collar on her to make her a mindless slave with the express intention of bedding her, watching while another slave washes her, and even helping undress her. Fortunately, Amara and her husband Bernard had a back-up plan in case this very thing happened, and Amara kills him before he really does anything.
  • In Mariel of Redwall, there are brief hints of this when Mariel is captured, with the searats making snarky comments about "A warrior maid, eh?" However, the real example is Gabool's behaviour towards, of all things, the stolen church bell. He walks around it, licking and nibbling it, and tells it to "Speak to me, pretty, we must get to know each other."
  • An unusual example, as both characters are male and the intent is clearly psychological torture rather than pleasure on the part of the villain: In the Deryni books, Wencit of Torenth forcefully kisses Derry while he's got him chained up in a dungeon, in order to drive home his complete powerlessness. The scene is written like a rape, and things get worse from there. Not sexually, but there are a lot of ways to break someone's spirit...
  • In Grunts!, Ashnak does this with Magda; at least in appearance. He's pretending he's interrogating her and uses the phrase "Now, my prisoner" at one point; but he's really concealing their consensual sexual relationship from the rest of his orcs (during the Siege at Nin-Edin, anyway).
  • In Gone, lots of what Drake says about female characters is pretty ambiguous, but his threats to Astrid in Plague really stand out. Generally, winking at someone, calling them beautiful, and saying you'll "come up and play" isn't a prelude to whipping their skin off. When he tells Orc, who has a hopeless crush on Astrid, that the only way Orc will get Astrid is the same way Drake will, it becomes pretty obvious he's referring to rape, although it's never stated explicitly.
  • In The Pyrates, Vanity goes through this trope at least three times. She's saved by one captor going loopy, a couple Big Damn Heroes moments — and having played mixed lacrosse at boarding school. It's that kind of book.
  • Dracula: Dracula's attack on Mina in her bedroom reads very much like a rape scene, particularly when he reveals that this isn't the first time she has... sated his thirst.
  • In The Kingdom and the Crown, a camp of travelers is raided by a bandit who intends to have his way with one of the party's young daughter. Someone interrupts before he can.
  • Malkar does this at least twice in Doctrine of Labyrinths. On the first occasion, in Melusine, this leads to dubiously-consensual sex. In The Virtu, he taunts Felix, "If you're very good to me, my darling, I may not make you watch me murder your brother." Felix kisses him, but he's using their physical connection to forge a psychic bond capable of killing the villain.
  • Count Kalliovski in The Red Necklace to the much-younger girl Sido: "I will be the first man to kiss you... To bed you... Whether you come willingly or not. You will be mine, and mine alone."
  • John Carter of Mars had this risk happening to most princesses and noblewomen of Barsoom. In fact, most books' plots are kicked off by this trope, with it happening most often to Dejah Thoris, Carter's love interest.
    • Tal Hajus has her captured and declares he would rather defile the princess than hold her to ransom for her father and grandfather in Helium, but he is stopped in the last second by Carter.
    • Sab Than, in the same book, tries to force her into marrying him in order to stop the war between their city-states.
    • In the third book, Matai Shang of the White Martians gloats to Carter's face that he will make a plaything out of Dejah and once he grows bored with her, she will be handed over to his lieutenants for their own enjoyment. Later, Salensus Oll of the Yellow Martians, also becomes infatuated with her and declares she will become his queen.
    • This trope is played with in A Fighting Man of Mars: The main villain Tul Axtar frequently kidnaps women around Barsoom to be added to his harem. One of them was Sanoma Tora, whose capture kicks off the plot and near the end, she turns out to be a traitor who back-stabs the heroes, preferring to be Axtar's queen. Another one was Tavia, a slave-girl that disguised herself as a man to escape his harem and when she is captured again by Axtar, he finds her looks unappealing enough that he leaves her alone (much to the hero's relief).
    • The First-Born pirates are infamous for raiding the Therns' domains as well as the Red Martian kingdoms around Barsoom, targeting any beautiful women they can take their hands on.note  It's how Phaidor and Dejah Thoris were captured in the second book.
    • In Thuvia, Maid of Mars, this is done to the eponymous princess by Tario, Jeddak of Lothar and a White Martian with hypnotic powers who tries to make Thuvia love him.
    • Swords of Mars had Ul Vas, the evil ruler of Ombra who was prone to changing wives very frequently. He captures John Carter and his companions and takes shine for the only female among them declaring that she will be his bride... and being the death knell to his current wife.
  • In The Mad King, the heroine gets this treatment from The Dragon when she and the hero are captured by the villain.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events:
    • In The Bad Beginning, 14-year-old Violet is being forced to marry the much older Olaf, who is her guardian (it's a play so that no one will object to her being so young) because he has her sister Sunny and will kill her if she doesn't, all so he can have her fortune. However, this becomes Squicky considering all the lines he throws around about how pretty she is and how "You may not be my wife, but you are still my daughter". He also decides that he'll let her live even after he has the fortune. In the next book, he has a knife to her thigh under the table and rubs it against her leg. This implies that he intends to rape her.
    • And don't forget the line, "Violet imagined sleeping beside Count Olaf, and waking up each morning to look at this terrible man." Handler must have known what that would imply to his older readers. Then there's this line "Now if you'll excuse us, me and my bride will be off to have our wedding night..." This indicates that rather than just the money he's possibly interested in Violet in that way as well. This coming from a psychopathic criminal who looks like an old man, and who was most likely behind the fire that burned down her house and killed her parents, just makes the implications even creepier.
    • In order for a marriage to be fully legal (therefore entitling Olaf to the fortune) it has to be consummated...
    • When the hook-handed man has Violet cornered in the tower during the rescue attempt for Sunny: "Yes, boss. Yes, boss, of course I understand she's yours, boss." The emphasis is the author's. It sure seems like Olaf has to order the hook man not to rape her because he plans to do it first.
      • For that matter, quite a lot of Olaf's incredibly creepy group of sidekicks (most of whom are male) describe Violet as being very pretty. One such time is in The Hostile Hospital, in which they comment on how pretty Violet is while she is unconscious, Strapped to an Operating Table, and about to have her head sawed off (which they remember, given that they comment also about how smart she is and how it will do her little good in a short while). Erm...
    • Speaking of The Hostile Hospital, at the end of the book, Olaf and his troupe are talking about how they only need one of the orphans alive to claim the fortune and wonder which one it will end up being. Olaf says that he hopes it's Violet, because she's the prettiest.
      • Not only that, but in that very same book Violet mentions that Olaf was the one to prep her for surgery (i.e., changing her into the hospital gown). Given that, all the stuff above, the fact that Violet seems much more prone to having breakdowns after the eighth book (PTSD, much?), and how much more smug Olaf acts around the children, Olaf may have done more than just changed her clothes while he had her in his clutches.
  • The Elric Saga: As if he wasn't depraved enough by embracing his Melnibonean heritage, Prince Yrkoon does this to Cymoril, his own sister as he plans on making her his queen after killing her lover Elric (who happens to be their cousin too).
  • The Spirit Thief: A Distressed Dude version; when Benehime has Eli back in her grasp, she's acting very touchy-feely with him; though it's unclear how far that would go, given that Eli got himself kicked out of her place fast enough and she's not human.
  • Vampiros do Rio Douro: The vampire leader Inverno lusts after Eliana, the innocent student who unwittingly brought him back to life with her blood. What makes this creepier is that Inverno refers to her as "mother" since she gave him life once again, and says this at the same time he says he plans to make her his vampire bride.
  • The Horse and His Boy: Prince Rabadash of Calormen launches an invasion on Narnia with the intention of forcing Susan Pevensie to marry him.
  • In Triplanetary Patrol, the Space Pirate Gray Roger states that he will either ransom the heiress he's captured or use her for an "experiment in sex" — he hasn't decided yet. The fact that he states this in an entirely cold and emotionless manner is what freaks out the woman concerned. Unknown to the humans, Gray Roger is actually Gharlane of Eddore, so the experiment is on the level from his point-of-view, as he's trying to find out what makes humans tick to further his schemes.
  • Gender-flipped in City of Bones (1995)the Heir does take a moment to question Khat about his relic search when she captures him, but she really wants to sleep with him. He goes along with it and doesn't seem to be particularly troubled by the experience, at least until she tries to have him executed.
  • 1634: The Bavarian Crisis: Duke Bernard of Saxe-Weimar, now self-proclaimed ruler of the County of Burgundy, plans to kidnap Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria and marry her in order to provide his new realm with some legitimacy. The plan never goes anywhere, and he even provides her with an escort later to get some good PR, not to mention laying the groundwork for getting the United States of Europe to recognize his realm.
  • In the Warrior Cats book The Place of No Stars, Ashfur drags Squirrelflight into cat-Hell so that she can't get away from him and he can try to make her be his mate, stopping short of actually hurting her because he still cares about her in his own twisted way. He's completely baffled as to why she still rejects him after this.

    Live-Action TV 
  • American Gothic (1995): A disturbing inversion of this occurs. Not only is there no hero in sight to show up and save Gail from sexual ravishment by Magnificent Bastard Sheriff Buck — since Dr. Crower a) is absolutely clueless about what is developing between them, b) has his own problems and c) is never even implied to have any interest in Gail other than as a friend — but Gail actually wants it. (Because, of course, Evil Is Sexy and Evil Feels Good.) The fact she is willing, overcome by her desires, and unable to resist Buck, however, does not stop the scene in question from being depraved: it takes place in a garden replete with unsettling statuary, and the Discretion Shot used throughout is downright surreal, with imagery that switched from symbolism to Mind Screw territory.
  • Arrowverse:
    • Vandal Savage does this every chance he gets with Chay-Ara/Kendra. He always calls her "My love," leers at her, touches her face, embraces her as he stabs her, and, oh yeah, in one lifetime he somehow got her to marry him, conveniently leaving out that he'd murdered her in her previous life and that she was in love with someone else.
    • Zoom, aka Hunter Zolomon, aka Jay Garrick kidnaps Caitlin Snow in hopes of making her fall in love with him again.
  • Bitten: Thomas LeBlanc and Aleister are both fond of touching Elena's face and hair. Needless to say, it's unwelcome.
  • Gender-Inverted in Blake's 7. Servalan discovers Avon has been Made a Slave, so buys him for a hefty price. Their Foe Romance Subtext then reaches fetish levels when Servalan says that from now on he can call her Mistress. Unfortunately he's rescued before things get interesting.
  • Zig-Zagged in The Boys (2019) when Homelander forces Starlight into a Fake Relationship with him for ratings while she's Alone with the Psycho. He doesn't actually do anything sexual with her aside from stage kisses, but she's deeply uncomfortable with the entire thing (which he was hoping for) since he's a known rapist who's tried to kill her before and still wants to.
  • Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The villain Princess Ardala has the goal of making Buck Rogers her consort, most definitely including sex. It's often implied that Buck would take the sex if it didn't include marriage. She's not just doing it to be evil, however. She has a (completely unrequited) crush on Buck for much of the series, and if she fails to marry a suitable man within the required time period, she's going to lose her throne.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In season 2 episode "Halloween", Pirate!Larry has the upper hand on Buffy turned Damsel in Distress, drooling over her with the words "pretty. pretty pretty" until Soldier!Xander steps in and beats him up.
    • In the episode "Doppelgangland", vampire Willow (from an Alternate Universe) briefly does this to ordinary Willow (who ends up getting out of it by shooting her with a tranq gun). It's played more for comedy than horror, though.
    • In the Musical Episode, Dawn steals the talisman used to summon the singing demon Sweet, who naturally assumes that she's the one who conjured him.
      Sweet: You brought me down into this town / So when we blow this scene / Back we will go to my kingdom below / And you will be my queen.
      Dawn: No, you see / you and me / Wouldn’t be very regal.
      Sweet: I’ll make it real, girl.
      Dawn: What I mean / I’m fifteen / So this queen thing's illegal.
      • It's revealed who really conjured him.
        Xander: Does this mean I have to go to the underworld and...become your queen?
        Sweet: ...It's tempting...But I think we'll waive that clause just this once.
    • Warren tries to pull this on his ex-girlfriend by brainwashing her but she manages to break free from it leading him to kill her. This is seen as the moment when the Trio stop being an amusing nuisance.
  • Decoy: When Casey is taken hostage in "My Brother's Killer," the villain says, "Say you were a different kind of a girl. It might be very nice to take you along with me," and strokes her hair. When she jerks away, he hits her and says, "You just signed your death warrant."
  • Doctor Who:
    • At the beginning of the show, this happened to Barbara Wright quite a bit, most notably in "The Keys of Marinus" (where a villainous Mountain Man type tries to rape her), "The Reign of Terror" (where a jailor offers to be nicer to her if she's "nice" to him), and "The Romans" (where she spends most of the story fleeing a lustful Emperor Nero).
    • In "The Invasion", Vaughn is trying to get the TARDIS from the Doctor and has captured Zoe and the guest character Isobel Watkins. He threatens (in front of Isobel's father) to turn them over to his implied rapist second-in-command, Packer, unless the Doctor gives them the TARDIS.
    • One of the controversial elements about the show's Darker and Edgier turn under Eric Saward was the extent to which this started happening to the companion Peri. She is explicitly sexually harassed or threatened with rape in "The Caves of Androzani", "Timelash", and "Revelation of the Daleks", and subjected to metaphorically sexualised threats in a number of other stories.
    • There is a moment in "Journey's End" when Davros says of the captured Rose Tyler "She is mine, Doctor, to do with as I please." It gets no worse than that, but that line taken out of context is definitely creepy.
    • Hinted at in "Amy's Choice", when the Dream Lord traps Amy, the Doctor, and Rory between dream and reality. At one point, Amy is alone with the Dream Lord on the TARDIS as the Doctor and Rory try to survive on their own in the other dream. The Dream Lord uses this opportunity to royally creep out both Amy and the audience.
      Dream Lord: Poor Amy. He always leaves you, doesn't he? Alone in the dark. Never apologizes.
      Amy: He doesn't have to.
      Dream Lord: That's good. Because he never will. And now he's left you with me. Spooky old not-to-be-trusted me. [vanishes and reappears in an open-shirted, red-sashed outfit] Anything could happen.
      • This is made so very much creepier when we find out who the Dream Lord really is. He's the Doctor, or at least his dark side. As if it wasn't creepy enough to begin with.
    • "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" has the Monster of the Week making some of the most un-subtle rape threats to Queen Nefertiti you'll ever see on a kids' show.
    • In "Robot of Sherwood", the Sheriff of Nottingham wants Clara to be his queen when he takes over the world.
    • There's a squicky moment at the Cliffhanger in "The Magician's Apprentice" where Davros starts moaning with pseudo-sexual pleasure about the idea of Clara being about to be exterminated by a Dalek.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard: Carried out in the dark comic-toned episode "Daisy's Shotgun Wedding", where the nefarious Beaudry clan seeks a bride for the dim-witted man-mountain of the group (played by Richard Moll). As can be derived from the episode title, the hapless bride is Daisy, with the Beaudrys kidnapping her in the light of day and intending to drive her across state lines to marry her — and avoid prosecution by their long-running rivals, Boss Hogg and Rosco. The episode ends with Bo and Luke's Just in Time rescue.
  • In Firefly, what made Jubal Early different from the many people who simply want the bounty on Simon and River was him capturing Kaylee and threatening to rape her. It was also implied by his dialogue that, if he'd been successful at capturing River, he might have raped her.
  • Bandito leader Don Diego plans to have his way with the pretty showgirl Naomi when he captures the stagecoach in the Frontier Circus episode "Naomi Champagne".
  • Butch to Barbara Kean in episode two of season one of Gotham. He breaks into her apartment looking for Jim Gordon, with whom Butch's boss, Fish Mooney, has a bone to pick. While waiting for Jim to arrive, he harasses Barbara, sniffing her hair and asking if she's ever been with a criminal before. Luckily Jim arrives just in time. Butch will come to regret his behavior later when Babs goes to the dark side and he finds himself at her mercy.
  • In The Haunting Hour episode "My Old House", a girl named Alice falls in love with a house. She runs away from her family to be with it, but she finds out that her parents are worried about her safety. She says that she has to leave the house forever because she loves her family more, but the house doesn't want her to leave... ever again. The house ends up killing her and dragging her corpse inside its walls. Then, a new girl and her family move into it, and it's implied that the house will repeat the exact same events with her.
  • Heroes:
    • In the Volume Four finale, Sylar, pulls one of these on Claire. Subverted in the he apparently had no intention to rape her, he just used his telekinesis to make her body pour up wine and have a drink with him as he did his Evil Gloating. Toying with a victim is very Sylar... he just gets down the killing more quickly than this with his other victims (it's different with Claire since she can't die — he'd already taken her power, in fact.)
    • In Volume Five, he kissed her while holding her captive with telekinesis. He also tried to convince her why they were meant for each other.
    • He also kissed Angela while holding her. Yes, it works even if she's not so pretty.
    • Eric Doyle also pulled this on Meredith by using his power to restrain her and force her to dine with him.
  • iZombie: Hit man Sebastian gleefully touches Liv's face when she's recovering from being struck with brass knuckles, lying down with her as if they were lovers, and swipes a finger through the blood on her face and puts it in his mouth. It, uh, doesn't go well for him.
  • On The League of Gentlemen, demonic blackface minstrel Papa Lazarou is known for this, to the point where he collects wives and his Catchphrase is:
    "You're my wife now."
  • When The Monkees did a Pirate episode, at one point a door is opened and Peter Tork is shown struggling with an attractive young woman. He actually uses the "I like a wench with spirit" line, just before she slaps him and the door closes again.
  • Once Upon a Time: When The Huntsman refuses to carry out the Evil Queen's dirty work in assassinating Snow White, she invokes a magic spell to remove his heart and put it in her collection. She then orders her mooks to take him to her bedchamber. Even in the "real" world, the Huntsman was forced to be her Sex Slave. And after he figured out who he was and what had been done to him Regina kills him by destroying the heart she kept in her secret vault.
  • In Power Rangers Turbo episode 28, Divatox captured Cassie and the Phantom Ranger and stole the Phantom's ruby. Without it, he's going to die and Divatox gleefully plants a passionate long kiss on the ruby in front of Cassie.
  • In the Red Dwarf episode "Demons and Angels", the evil version of Rimmer greets Lister with "Hello, my pretty". He tells Lister that he's going to hurt him because he's not a very nice person. "I'm going to thrash you within an inch of your life, and then I'm going to have you."
  • In Rizzoli & Isles Hoyt's preying on his victims, most notably to Jane, is uncomfortably reminiscent of rape. Hell, he even threatens to rape Maura at one point.
  • In Sliders Wade Wells is sent to a Kromagg breeding camp.
  • Star Trek:
  • Supernatural:
    • Before her Heel–Face Turn, Meg had an unfortunate habit of doing this to hunters and angels. The first and most notable example was to Sam in "Shadow", where, after knocking Sam and Dean out and tying them up, she started talking about how she knew how Sam really felt about her, how she knew he had seen her undressing (he had been staking out her apartment due to his suspicions of her and she was changing shirts in front of the window) and that she had liked it. Then she slid into his lap and suggested they have "a little dirty fun" before she killed his dad, beginning to kiss Sam's neck and move against him in a sensual way. Because his hands were tied behind his back, he couldn't exactly fight back — at least until he cut through the ropes and headbutted her to get her off of him, luckily stopping her assault and sabotaging her plan before either could go any further. In the fifth and sixth season, she treats Sam's brother Dean in a similarly predatory manner, and her interactions in "Abandon All Hope..." with her future Love Interest Castiel have some shades of this. Not to mention that she's also the one who is really responsible for the attack on Jo that is detailed in the next example.
    • In one episode, Sam apparently began turning evil (it was later revealed that the demon Meg was possessing him) and started coming onto fellow Hunter Jo, possessively gripping her wrist as he told her he could be more to her. She told him to leave, but he grabbed her from behind instead, holding her uncomfortably close. When she tried to fight him off, he knocked her out and laid her out on the top of the bar while lamenting that it "didn't have to be this way." It was strongly implied that he was going to rape her, but instead he tied her up and broke her by screwing with her about how her dad died.
    • In the third season premiere "The Magnificent Seven", the Anthropomorphic Personification of Lust exhibits this attitude towards the hunters Tamara (once she and the other Sins capture Tamara and her husband) and Dean (during the siege on the house which has her cornering him).
    • Lucifer's interactions with Sam during the latter's hallucinations all throughout Season 7 once the dialogue quickly confirmed that Lucifer really did rape Sam in Hell and that he wants Sam to kill himself and come back to Hell so that he can do it again. ("That's what I'm talking about Sam, real interaction again! I miss that! The rapier wit, the wittier rape?") Similarly, Alastair (and possibly other demons) was implied in the show and confirmed by at least one of the actors (Gabriel's actor Richard Speight, Jr. at a convention, when talking about Alastair's actor Christopher Heyerdahl) to have raped Dean in Hell, casting an even uglier light on how they react to each other when they meet again topside.
  • True Blood: Done so often to Sookie that one can make a drinking game of it. In the season 6 episode "Death Is Not The End" one of the bad vampires tells Sookie: “Spread your legs, blondie. I want it from your nasty place.” However, Tara being held captive by Franklin in Season 3 is considered disturbing to the point that you had to cheer for Tara giving him the biggest "The Reason You Suck" Speech that broke Franklin, to the point that he ended up crying, as a result.
  • Gorman to Beth in The Walking Dead (2010). When they first meet, he expects to be thanked for "rescuing" her. When that doesn't work, he approaches her while she's alone and attempts to force a lollipop, which he had previously sucked, into her unwilling mouth. Finally he corners her in Dawn's office, where he tries to rape her as a means of blackmail.

  • "Margaret in Captivity" by The Decemberists has a line like this from the heroine's captor: "Don't hold out for rescue / None can hear your call / 'Till I have wrest and wrecked you / Behind these fortress walls."
  • This is the entire main theme of "Skullcrusher Mountain", by Jonathan Coulton. The villain/protagonist's henchman Scarface has brought him a "pretty thing" and he's trying to impress her, with really bad results. Technically she's free to go, but, well, this mountain is covered with wolves...

    Mythology and Religion 
  • Older Than Feudalism: The Shotgun Wedding variety is very common in Hindu Mythology, occurring in both Ramayana and Mahabharata (though averted in the former as Sita resists and thus remains pure). The Go-Go Enslavement type is also narrowly averted in the Mahabharata when Draupadi is lost by her husband in a bet (you read that correctly) and the winner, his cousin, tries to have her stripped. He fails, however, due to the gods' protection.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Discussed on WWE Raw, where Viscera was courting Trish Stratus, who offered to beat Playboy playmate Christy Hemme unconscious and deliver her to him as a substitute. Viscera refused though as he only had eyes for Trish.

  • Sofia Castillo was subjected to this after being defeated in a match by a man - After hoisting her unconscious body up in a cradle carry, he carried her around, taunting her for being so easily pinned, before (surprisingly) gently dropping her to the mat and leaving her to wake up.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer: This was present in Valkia the Bloody's backstory. When she was human, a Slaaneshi Daemon Prince was so enthralled by her barbarian beauty that he commanded that she serviced his hedonistic needs as a harem girl. Bad mistake as Valkia flew into a murderous rage and challenged him to a one-on-one duel which she won. However, when she tried to offer the Daemon Prince's head as an offering to her patron god Khorne, she died on the journey but he was so impressed by her power that he elevated Valkia to daemonhood.

  • The Lion King: Although it is nowhere to be seen in the film, Scar attempts this on Nala in the musical, motivating her to run away to the jungle. note 
  • The Mikado: The Gilbert and Sullivan comic operetta has hero, Nanki-Poo pursued by the obsessively amorous Lady Katisha, who is determined to make him marry her... or have him executed if he won't.
  • In The Phantom of the Opera, the Damsel in Distress asks her kidnapper/stalker "Am I now to be prey to your lust for flesh?" He doesn't really answer this, and fan opinion is divided as to whether the Phantom would have raped her if Raoul hadn't found them (though he is planning to force her into marriage).
  • Subverted in Ruddigore, when Robin, now Designated Villain Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd, is ordered by his ghostly ancestors, under pain of death, to "carry off a lady," and finds himself facing a Girl with Psycho Weapon.
  • Singin' in the Rain: A rather hilarious parody of this trope appears in the musical. As the movie-within-a-movie plays to a test audience, the soundtrack gets out of sync with the action on screen, so that the villain's voice says, "Yes, yes, yes!" as the heroine is mouthing, "No! No! No!", and vice versa.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Judge Turpin means to marry his adopted daughter Johanna (who happens to be the child of the man he had sent to prison and the woman he not only raped, but also drove to suicide. Well, not exactly.)
    Judge Turpin: How sweet you look in that light muslin gown...
  • In Sera Myu: Petite Étrangère, Prince Demand's song "Pure White Goddess" is all about how he now has Usagi under his power and is choreographed with him demonstrating his ability to control her body, finally culminating in him straddling and kissing her.
  • Elisabeth: Tamaki Ryou as Death embraces two characters and strokes their hair to emphasize (to the audience, complete with a Breaking the Fourth Wall look into the camera) their vulnerability and his influence over them. (Sisi in Saigo no Dansu/Der letzte Tanz, Rudolf in Mama, dokona no?/Mama, wo bist du? and the Mayerling Waltz).

    Video Games 
  • This trope is the first reason Makoto's bad ending in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend is legendary for its badness. It quickly gets much worse from there, so be sure to grab a gallon before viewing the Tear Jerker page for more details.
  • Blaze Union opens with a morbidly obese fifty-year-old nobleman and his soldiers attempting to kidnap an eleven-year-old little girl to sell her as a sex slave. They get as far as hauling her out the door before the party arrives to beat the living crap out of them.
  • In Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Komaru is subjected to this by Kotoko, a 12-year-old girl that intended to force herself onto her with a "Not If They Enjoyed It" Rationalization.
  • Dante's Inferno: Beatrice Portinari is subjected to this by none other than the Devil himself when they have a wager with her being the loser forced to marry him, and pushing her beloved Dante Alighieri to brave Hell itself to save her. In the animated adaptation of the game, he says to have done the same to Cleopatra, Salomé and Helen of Troy, who were taken as his brides before Beatrice as well. This trope is part of his master plan to free himself from Hell by luring and kidnapping women from powerful warriors and heroes that could break the chains of Judecca on their way and unwittingly release him.
  • Dragon Age: Origins:
    • Jarvia, the Orzammar crime lord will say this when attacking a female PC: "Kill them — but keep the pretty one alive. I have plans for her."
    • Also in the Dwarf Commoner Origin, the previous crime lord makes lewd comments about your character's sister and gives permission to some of the gang members to rape her.
    • This is the main plot of the City Elf Origin, especially if you're a female elf. Human aristocrats march into the Fantastic Ghetto during a wedding and carry off the women, leaving the PC to fight their way in/out. Poor Shianni...
    • Happens partway through Leliana's Song with subsequent dialogue strongly hinting that, yes, it was rape, but Leliana herself admits to being an Unreliable Narrator, suggesting that certain aspects of the story are untold, or played up.
  • In the Dragon Age II quest "Dissent", Ser Alrik's threats of making Ella Tranquil heavily imply that he intends to use her as a sex slave (NPC banter in the Gallows makes it clear he's done this before, and he isn't even the only one). There's also vibes of this between Fenris and his former master in the "Alone" quest.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • While not in-game, the novelization of Final Fantasy II has an illustration of the Emperor with a captive Princess Hilda which implies this trope.
    • Subverted in Final Fantasy IV, when Rosa is captured by Kain, who is implied to be in love with her. He torments Cecil about taking her from him, chains her up to a wall, and then gets back to whining about having to take care of Rosa instead of getting to fight Cecil.
    • Final Fantasy X: Seymour's marriage to Yuna, while also working on a political and evil-plot-furthering level, most definitely had some squicky elements of this in it, not the least of which the fact that he's technically dead at the time - showcased in the kiss scene.
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy has Kefka repeatedly sexually torment Terra. In the original game, he never seemed interested in her beyond her magical ability.
    • Sephiroth in Mobius Final Fantasy paralyses Cloud with magic, enchants him to fall asleep, and then begins creepily stroking his cheek while whispering in his ear that Cloud was always his perfect puppet to do whatever he wants with. There was always a Ho Yay tone to Sephiroth's interactions with Cloud, but it was generally limited to Worthy Opponent Stalker with a Crush stuff or More than Mind Control Gas Lighting, rather than... this trope.
  • Attempted by some of the sicker villains in the Fire Emblem games, but it never goes all the way.
    • Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade: Narshen intends to do this with Clarine. Rutger rescues her.
    • Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade: Marquess Laus wants to do this with Priscilla. The player sends a unit to rescue her from a village and recruit her.
    • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones: Gheb plans to do this with Tana. Ephraim rescues her.
    • Valter really wanted to do this with Erika. He never got the chance, but it was his wish.
    • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Oliver has "plans" for Reyson, whatever that may be. Ike rescues him.
    • In Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, it's implied that it did go all the way in Bramsel's case with Lene / Laylea:
      • (after Ares left Darna to fight Seliph and his army)
        Javarro: Ares, why would you of all people get wrapped up in a girl like that? Well, it's all behind us now, so I suppose we can let it rest.
        Ares: What's that supposed to mean?
        Javarro: Heheh... Well, right about now I'd imagine Bramsel is...
        Ares: How could... How could you know that and not tell me, Jabarro!?
      • (after Ares comes back to Darna and fights Bramsel)
        Ares: Bramsel! Return Lene / Laylea!!
        Bramsel: You're too late! Right about now, she's already... heheheh...
        Ares: Y—you! I won't forgive this!!
      • (after Ares frees Lene / Laylea)
        Ares: Lene / Laylea, are you alright?
        Lene / Laylea: ... I wish I could say so. Fortunately someone from the liberation army rescued me.
    • Elliot tried it with Lachesis. Knowing the man, she immediately asked Sigurd for backup.
    • Olivia in Fire Emblem: Awakening was nearly the victim of this in her backstory when a nobleman became smitten with her beauty and tried to kidnap and force marry her. Fortunately, she was rescued by Basilio, who became her father-figure.
  • The final battle of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin involves Alma doing this to Beckett while he is strapped down to the chair in the telesthetic amplifier. Being that she's the ghost of an immensely powerful psychic, she has little trouble... helping herself. It's as horrifying and nauseating as it sounds.
  • Haunting Ground: Riccardo intends on taking Fiona for himself and impregnating her so that he can be 'reborn'. He practically namedrops this trope to her later in the game when he has her captive in the water tower. "You are mine. I OWN YOU." Lorenzo also acts this way when Fiona encounters him for the first time. What makes these examples especially creepy is the revelation that Riccardo and Ugo, Fiona's father, are clones created by and from Lorenzo. This effectively makes Riccardo Fiona's uncle and Lorenzo her grandfather.
  • In Heavenly Sword, the main character, Nariko, is captured by the main villain, King Bohan. Confronting her in her cell, he slowly taps his crotch armour in front of her face, before outright asking her for sex, describing her as "pretty" and stating that he believes life is "all about having fun." However, it goes no further after she responds with a threat to kill him.
  • In Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb, Marshall Kai captures Mei Ying, keeps in her in a bird cage and then sacrifices her to the demon Kong Tien, who possesses her just in time for a boss fight.
  • In Knights of the Old Republic there is a scene where Darth Malak is torturing the captive Bastila in order to turn her to The Dark Side. He also strokes her cheek and tries to seduce her.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, the sorcerer Vaati abducts Princess Zelda with the explicit intention of making her his bride.
  • MediEvil 2: This trope happens in a Non Standard Game Over form; if Daniel loses the box match against the Iron Slug, Lord Blackthorne shows up to "declare his victory over the good guy and get the girl", referring to Dan's girlfriend Kiya.
  • Volgin in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, being a shameless monster with his single redeeming trait being that he tortures and kills people who hurt his boyfriend, does this to EVA — and to Naked Snake, after tying him up. His comment about Snake's appearance changes depending on how many injuries the player has suffered — high numbers of injuries get an impressed comment about how a lesser man would be dead, but low numbers causes him to gush about Snake's "beautiful" body.
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War: Certain Orc captains you find in the game with the Obsessed trait display a very creepy attraction to Talion and their intros drip with this trope so much.
  • In the Monkey Island series, forcing Governess Elaine into marriage is LeChuck's primary motivation for everything. The trope is averted in that Elaine is perfectly well capable of taking care of herself and outsmarts LeChuck on several occasions during his attempts, often with Guybrush's blunderings dealing the zombie pirate the deathblow (or ruining Elaine's plan. Or, frequently, one first and then the other). Also averted in Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4 when a weakened De Singe chases and corners Guybrush's Poxed hand at the Vaycaylian Wind Control Device and says, "Aha! I have you now, my pretty!" before the hand pushes him into the device with a Wilhelm Scream.
  • In Persona 5:
    • Ann Takamaki is captured by one of Kamoshida's Shadows and shackled to a rack upon which he can ogle her. His cognitive recreation of Ann suggests that he execute her for her filthy mouth, and he has enough guards that blackmailing her life stops the protagonists in their tracks when the inevitable happens. The one thing he didn't account for: Carmen.
    • Later, Junya Kaneshiro remarks about making Sae Niijima his "personal slave", and suggests Makoto start "taking customers" if she doesn't want that to happen. Like Kamoshida, his mind quickly changes when Johanna enters the picture.
    • Once again present when the shadow of Haru’s father offers her to a recreation of her fiancé. Not only does this reflect an Arranged Marriage for his political gain, it shows her that he knows what an abusive creep he’s forcing her to marry. Too bad for both of them that this steels her resolve enough to unleash Milady.
  • In Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, the Vizier now turned into a god-like sand monster called Zurvan captures Princess Farah towards the end of the game and attempts to transform her into his queen.
  • Sometime in the third act of Resident Evil 4, Ashley is once again being held prisoner by Los Illuminados. As she cries out for help, a Mook saunters up to her, grabs her and roughly shoves her to the floor. He then starts advancing on her before noticing the security camera in the room, and orders his buddy to cut the feed, evidently not wanting anyone to see whatever he's about to do. It's unclear what happens to poor Ashley after that.
  • Admiral Vigoro attempts to pull this on Aika during your imprisonment in the Grand Fortress in Skies of Arcadia. Being violently rebuffed and subsequently beaten by her only makes things worse. And when Vyse, Aika's best friend and The Hero of the game, rescues her, his reaction is more of amusement than pissed off. Luckily the only thing Vigoro actually managed to do was annoy Aika.
  • It's implied in Super Mario Bros. that Bowser attempts to get Peach to marry him during his kidnapping attempts. However, in games where we actually see the Princess in captivity, Bowser does very little in the way of wooing.
  • World of Warcraft: After Keristrasza kills Saragosa, Malygos forces her to become his new consort.

    Visual Novels 
  • Subverted in Double Homework when the protagonist finds Dennis in Johanna’s room, with both of them in their underwear. As it turns out, Dennis wasn’t actually molesting Johanna; it was all part of a prank that Dennis was playing on him (Johanna participated because she was being blackmailed).
  • Caster to Saber, Fate/stay night, while trying to make Saber her Servant. She puts Saber in a hanging position in a white dress. Thankfully Shirou and Rin arrive in time.
    • Also, Ilya to Shirou her brother in Fate.
    • Shinji attempts to rape Rin in the "Unlimited Blade Works" route, but Lancer put a stop to it by stabbing Shinji in the shoulder.
  • Implied in Melody when Steve corners the title character on her way to the bathroom at a party. It’s not clear what he intends for her, but one can assume that it is in the territory of sexual assault.
  • This is essentially the plot of Off the Cuff. Though the kidnappee in question is a little TOO into it...
  • Togainu no Chi: Akira falls victim to this in many a bad end and at least two actual routes. Generally, no one kicks down doors to save him, poor kid.
  • Umineko: When They Cry: A rare Gender Flipped version of this occurs in episode six when Erika forces Battler into marrying her after she has effectively locked his mind inside his own closed room. Complete with spit-lubed, too-small, internally spiked wedding ring that she forces upon the victim, while all the while, he's crying about how much it hurts. While doing so, she also tells him to his face that she plans to actually rape him regularly and even put a mirror on the ceiling so that he has to watch her do it.
  • The finale of Spirit Hunter: NG has a rare female-on-male example taken fully seriously. Kakuya reveals herself to be violently in love with Akira after she traps him in a Pocket Dimension with her, and makes it clear that she wants to have 'grown-up' fun with him, whether he reciprocates or not.


    Web Original 
  • In the Arkn: Legacy story Infiltration, this is Marchosias Aversen's first move after revealing to Shanna that he knows that she's not who she claims to be.
    Marchosias: [putting an arm around Shanna's waist and pulling her into an empty room] You know, I could do a lot right now, if I were in a bad mood.
    • He does the same thing to Moirah in Moirah's Quest, stroking her hair and referring to her as a "prize" before she wakes up and incapacitates him.
  • Doug Walker appears to have a thing for this, as The Nostalgia Critic gets it all the time and Ask That Guy with the Glasses has done it to other people. A few examples:
    • Critic getting manhandled by the Game Heroes in their Hostage Video when he was terrified enough already.
    • Sage stroking Ask That Guy's face and telling him he's being good during the Hostile Show Takeover.
    • Chick fondling Critic when he'd succumbed to her chloroforming.
    • Ask That Guy lifting an unconscious Ma-Ti's shirt and tracing a finger down his spine.
    • The crowd beating on Critic for not liking Howl's Moving Castle holding him down and biting/strangling him constantly.
    • Defied in the Critic's review of Heavy Metal, in which he rescues a naked girl who says "If there's any part of my body that pleases you, it's yours." Deciding that she has beautiful eyes, he rips out an eyeball.
    • The yandere family to Donnie in Demo Reel. They keep him on a bed, make sure he's helpless with muscle relaxants, and even the teenage daughter has No Sense of Personal Space with him.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Galeras Matheson forces Amarawyn Jardine to marry him and uses the marriage as a means to take over her business in Jardine.
  • You shall make an excellent queen for Gorzo The Mighty.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time:
    • Parodied in the pilot. Pen asks the Ice King why he's always kidnapping girls — the Ice King answers that he's going to make one marry him. Pen's response: "That's — STUPID!" This is continued in the television series.
    • Treated much more seriously in "Lady and Peebles", where Ricardio's villainous gloating to Princess Bubblegum before she beats him up is as unambiguous a threat of rape as the writers could get away with in an all-ages show.
  • Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers pulled a gender-inverted version. The Queen is beside herself with delight when she finally captures Zachary in "Psychocrypt". The most innocent interpretation ends with a hell of a case of Mind Rape. Fanon speculated that the Queen wasn't past the other kind. Some of Chris Rowley's comments on the matter did not help.
  • Batman: The Animated Series: Poison Ivy loved having Batman within her sensual yet fatal clutches in her debut appearance, getting up close to caress his shoulders and pull him in a for a deep kiss.
  • Another female-on-male example happens in Batman Beyond, where Inque gives Terry a Forceful Kiss to stop him from talking to Bruce through the radio line, and caresses his face afterwards.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: King Sandy tries to force Numbuh Three to marry him twice.
  • Another parody appears in the Chuck Jones short The Dover Boys when coward-bully-cad-and-thief Dan Backslide slinks up to his captive Dora Standpipe in this fashion.. only for Dora to be strong enough to effortlessly fling him across the room. He keeps coming back for more, even as she pounds on the door and calls for help.
  • Gargoyles:
    • Thailog's first appearance has him tenderly stroking Elisa's face while calling her "my dear" after chaining her to the wall. Considering he included her DNA in the genetic makeup of his perfect mate Delilah... no comment.
    • Angela gets this from everyone — no exaggeration. Sevarius runs his fingers creepily through her hair when she's unconscious, Thailog gives her a look when he meets her that clearly says "I want to hit that like a ton of bricks," and even Xanatos strokes her chin while complimenting Goliath on his lovely daughter... Thailog's example is extreme squick when you realize that he's biologically identical to Angela's father.
  • Justice League:
    • Queen Hyppolyta is subjected to this by Hades in "Paradise Lost" when he pins her to the ground and says she will be his.
    • Despero towards Hawkgirl in Hearts and Minds.
  • Gog-Ma-Gog in Korgoth of Barbaria is seen menacing a scantily-clad blonde in a hanging cage in his hideout when Korgoth comes to meet with him. Though with Go-Ma-Gog being as flabby, wimpy, and flamboyant as he is, it's played for laughs.
  • The Legend of Zelda (1989): This is a recurring theme of the cartoon version, in which Ganon openly states that he intends to make Zelda his queen once he conquers Hyrule, no doubt to legitimize his rule. Several episodes mention or focus on his obsession with her; one, "A Hitch in the Works," has him kidnap her and (almost successfully) hypnotize her into marrying him.
  • Something like this happens in one episode of the Muppet Babies from Gonzo to Miss Piggy, though it obviously stays in G territory since it's a kid show.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot:
    • The one-shot character Little Acorn in the episode "Puppet Bride" do something of the sort to Jenny, trying to force her to marry him. Thankfully her mother manages to save her and stands up against Little Acorn once and for all, after being antagonized by him for so long in the past.
    • Also Queen Vexus tends to fall into this slightly once she succeeds to capturing Jenny.
  • Ninjago:
    • Nadakaun captures Nya in season 6 and tries to get her to marry him.
    • There are also some quite disturbing scenes with Jay and Nadakaun, who nicknames him, "Canary". Jay gets captured by him in season 6.
  • The Pirates of Dark Water: Ioz is captured by a captain of a ghost pirate-crew, who chains him up so that he would stay on the ship long enough to become a ghost himself. To spend the time she muses if not to make Ioz her new First Mate.
  • In Plane Crazy, Mickey Mouse (he's a Jerkass in this short) forcefully kisses Minnie a few times to her disgust.
  • In the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power episode "White Out", Catra doesn't try to rape Adora while holding her captive, but she does stare at her unconscious body and monologue about how much fun it will be to control her. Then she informs her subordinates that getting back to base has suddenly become an urgent priority.
    Catra: (to Adora) Always so perfect, look at you now. You're coming back to the Horde, under my command.
  • The Seventh Sister, of Star Wars Rebels, has very creepily intimate interactions with Ezra in their first encounter, repeatedly touching his face and commenting on how "pretty" he is.
  • The first season Steven Universe brings us a PG-rated version of this with two female-identified agender aliens that still comes off as sexually threatening to the targeted party. Lapis Lazuli gets snatched by Jasper as she's trying to escape, manhandled (well, Gemhandled), and bullied and coerced into dancing closely with Jasper and fusing with her, an act that's supposed to be intimate and consensual whether you think it's a sex analogue or not; bonus points for Steven being Forced to Watch. Subverted in that Jasper isn't doing it out of lust for Lapis; she wants to destroy Garnet and the Crystal Gems, fusion provides her a handy power-up when she'd already had her butt kicked by Garnet and walked off a spaceship crash, and Lapis was just unlucky enough to be within grabbing distance. Like many victims of this trope, Jasper underestimates her "partner" and Lapis gets her own back pretty mercilessly.
  • In the last season of Superfriends (when it was called The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians), Darkseid is a Stalker with a Crush, positively obsessed with getting Wonder Woman to marry him. As Seanbaby points out, "That's why we hated his creepy ass so much. Lex Luthor tried to kill us and make us his slaves, but at least he wasn't a date rapist."
  • Teen Titans (2003):
    • Slade, Raven, and a symbolic rape in "Birthmark". Drawing on the comic books, some fans assume the real thing happened off-screen between Slade and Terra in "Aftershock".
    • There are also very disturbing overtones of this with Slade and Robin as well in the first season, going so far as having Slade painfully pin Robin down and tell him, "I want you to call me 'Master'."
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: A greedy, fat tick crime lord almost forced Itchy to marry him in one episode. Definitely Squick.
  • Totally Spies!: Happened once to Alex and to Clover at least three times. A notable example occurs in the episode "WHOOP-ahoy!" where a pirate named Salty falls for Clover at first sight and abducts her to try to make her his girlfriend.
  • The Venture Bros.:
    • Parodied in episode "Love Bheits": sadistic overlord Ünderbheit captures the Ventures and Brock and falls in love with Dean (who is dressed in Princess Leia's slavegirl outfit for a costume contest), believing him to be a girl. He invites him to dinner and pressures him into marriage. The wedding is carried through, but is rendered void when Dean is revealed to be male (since homosexuality is against the law in Ünderland).
    • In another episode Brock stumbles upon Dr. Girlfriend in her bedroom while rampaging around The Monarch's flying cocoon-base, and she expects him to ravish her.
  • Relating to the anime example above, both of the American sequel series to the original Voltron, Voltron: The Third Dimension and Voltron Force, involve Prince Lotor continually attempting to capture Princess Allura and make her marry him. At one point, Lotor captures Allura's near-identical distant cousin Rommel. He's shown taking her out a door, and then there's a scream...
  • Wakfu:
    • Vampyro chooses to kidnap Evangelyne for her beauty after spying on her through mirrors — though if he's interested in her body, it's to allow the Demoness sealed in his ring (whom he's in love with) to take it over. But before even doing that, he puts Eva in a revealing dress.
    • Evangelyne seems to attract the type since she later catches the eye of a pirate captain, who also tries to abduct her.
    • Amalia gets in on this in Season 3 when the leader of the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, Oropo, has one of his minions kidnap her and bring her to him, upon which he embraces and kisses her. This example is a bit more complicated, because Oropo is actually a clone/copy of sorts of Yugo, and like Yugo he has genuine feelings for Amalia.
  • Gorgeous Gal from the Woody Woodpecker cartoon 'A Fine Feathered Frenzy', an old, rich, widowed and extremely overweight bird who falls for Woody at first sight. Her first attempt, where she traps Woody in a dungeon made to look like a wedding chapel, fails when he escapes. Her second attempt, when she tracks him down to an island and drags him into a golden submarine, ends better with a priest emerging from the watercraft and placing a 'Just Married' sign around the hatch. The cartoon ends with the submarine sailing off into the sunset.


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