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Turning "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!"s to "D'Awwwwwww!"s.

"Little ghost, little ghost
One I'm scared of the most
Can you scare me up a little bit of love?"
The White Stripes, "Little Ghost"

Simply put, the Cute Ghost Girl is a female member of the cast who just so happens to be a ghost after she met her demise. Despite this fact, they often look entirely like a normal person (except for the presence of Hitodama Light and Fog Feet), will act accordingly, and are treated more or less normally by the rest of the cast. The whole "they're dead" aspect is not considered a big deal by anyone, and once they are inducted into the cast the fact that they are a ghost will only come up on occasion. Oftentimes, it can be easy to forget that they're a ghost because they act so much like the rest of the cast... to the extent that the cute ghost girl herself is sometimes afraid of ghosts.

In some cases, the ghost girl will actually have some sort of artificial body that allows them to act even more like a normal human.

A subtype of Cute Monster Girl, and a Sister Trope to Attractive Zombie and Seductive Mummy. Often overlaps with Reluctant Monster, especially when they are first introduced. Invariably, a Friendly Ghost. If the Ghost Girl is terrifying to see and trying to scare the crap out of or curse everybody, she's a Stringy Haired one instead — although it's not impossible for these two tropes to overlap. Could be a Wight in a Wedding Dress. One of the three polar opposites to the Ghastly Ghost.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Chapter 29 of Ai Kora has Maeda and Shibusawa hunting one down: Maeda's interest is piqued when he finds the ghost girl has a really sexy back. Seriously, he's just that kind of guy.
  • Menma, the focus of Ano Hana, whom only Jinta can see. She is suspected to be stuck on Earth until her wish is granted, which she cannot remember.
  • Orihime was one of these in Bleach's pilot chapter, and if you don't think that tiny Rukia is adorable as well, there's something wrong with you.
  • CLANNAD has Fuko Ibuki who, despite not actually being dead, is still not exactly... well, basically, the real Fuko Ibuki is in a coma, while her "ghost" of sorts is running around at the school. For a time, Tomoya refuses to believe it, thinking that it must be someone else claiming to be her, but it ends up being true. Thanks to the Cosmic Reset, however, she gets better.
  • Sarah from Daisuki! BuBu ChaCha
  • Di Gi Charat:
    • One of the cast of Di Gi Charat Nyo! is one of these. Her name is Yu-reinote .
    • One episode of Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat finds the girls helping one who has the Ghostly Goal of learning to ride a bicycle — she apparently needed and failed to for a part when she was a child actress in life. It's not outright revealed that she's a ghost until the end of the episode, but there's mention of the studio being haunted beforehand that might lead the viewer to suspect.
  • Alice McCoy of Digimon Tamers might be one—it's never made clear whether or not she's dead.
  • Yuuko Kanoe from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia. Although she has a scarier aspect.
  • Fairy Tail: Mavis Vermillion is the founder and first guild master of Fairy Tail who passed away before the start of the series. Despite this, those who have the Fairy Tail emblem are able to see her spirit. Even as a ghost, she is very sweet and innocent to the point where she'll actually cry if something goes wrong and she blames herself for it.
  • Okinu from Ghost Sweeper Mikami. She comes back to life eventually, since her lifeless body is found uncorrupted and still in use..
  • Jolokia-tan in Habanero-tan. It's a Stealth Pun, as naga jolokia is also known as "ghost pepper".
  • Hanako-san, a ghost who haunts school bathrooms, is often depicted as one of these in such anime as Haunted Junction, Toshi Densetsu and Yo-kai Watch.
  • One such ghost girl is a student under Hell Teacher Nube.
  • Here is Greenwood had Misako who died prior to getting to date Mitsuru Ikada and is determined to have a good date with him before she passes on. Misako had so much fun that she decides to stick around at the end of the episode.
  • The Zashiki Warashi that lives in Japan's home in Hetalia: Axis Powers. It's all but stated that she and the Kappa have to leave, though, since Japan cannot see them anymore.
  • Hanyuu (also known as Oyashiro-sama) from Higurashi: When They Cry. Although she contributes to the ominous atmosphere in the first season, once she actually appears onscreen, she's revealed to be more of a Moe Spirit Advisor who fits this trope perfectly. Until the final chapter.
  • Mitsu from Honey Crush, the main character.
  • Kagome meets one of them in Inuyasha. The girl's name was Mayu, her little brother was Souta's best friend and was in the hospital. Mayu herself died when her family's apartment caught fire; the same fire hospitalized her brother. All this happened after Mayu had a huge fight with her mom, which poisoned her spirit with hatred and anger, making her something of a poltergeist. The same episode introduces a spirit that plays with nice ghost-children... and drags nasty ghost-children to Hell. Kagome has to save Mayu from such a fate by convincing her to forgive her mother, and manages to do so.
  • Reimi Sugimoto from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4. Reimi is a cute 16-year-old girl killed by the serial killer Kira, the Big Bad. After the death she, as a ghost, chooses to stay in Morioh city in the hope of meeting someone willing to help her bring Kira to justice. She turns out to have been a Cool Big Sis to one of the protagonists, Rohan, who joins the group when he realizes that and goes It's Personal against Kira.
  • Last Period episode 3 has Liza encounter a ghost girl in a haunted mansion. While she's spent the episode scared of ghost stories and the fake ghosts she's encountered, the only actual ghost is a cute girl that doesn't scare her at all.
  • Given the art style of the anime, the Missing Mom Kanata Izumi from Lucky Star could certainly count as one, as she visits her family in one episode. Hilarity and Heartwarming ensues.
  • Kana from the manga My Lovely Ghost Kana. She "haunts" the apartment that protagonist Daikichi moves into at the beginning of the story, and quickly goes from Pretty Freeloader to Magical Girlfriend when she discovers, to everyone's surprise, that she and Daikichi can physically interact.
  • Arashi and Kaja from Natsu no Arashi!. While they actually are ghost girls, to the uninformed, they display no signs of actually being dead. Later on, another two girls called Kanako and Yayoi are introduced, and are revealed to be ghosts as well.
  • Sayo Aisaka (seen pic) from Negima! Magister Negi Magi. A little more "ghostly" than others, but mainly because nobody can see her. When they finally figure out she exists they start treating her like a normal girl. Currently possesses a Voodoo doll and pilots Asakura's artefact.
  • "Ghost Princess" Perona from One Piece is an interesting variation. She isn't dead, but she has the power to leave her body as well as create various ghosts to attack with.
  • Ichiko from Otoboku - Maidens Are Falling For Me. She was a Delicate and Sickly girl who once was in love with Mizuho's dead mother, and after dying she kept haunting the room they shared at their boarding school.
  • The Ranma ½ episodes with Kogane, although it is obvious she's a ghost. Also, when the negative energy from Ranma's female persona was released, she became a female ghost. This has led to some confusion since when the positive energy from Ranma's female persona was released, she was clearly alive. Both seem to share Ranma's memories, but seem separated from them.
  • Re-Kan! gives us several examples (including the aformentioned Hanako-san), but it's the small one in white that takes the cake.
  • Omiyo from Sgt. Frog. In one chapter, she has Fuyuki examine a photo for possible ghosts, which is hardly the strangest thing that happens in the house.
  • Elaine from The Seven Deadly Sins. At least until she Came Back Wrong.
  • Oshizu from To Love Ru. Has an artificial body made by Mikado-sensei that she possesses.
  • A few in Urusei Yatsura, all of whom Ataru flirts with. Nagisa is the most notable, being a Wholesome Crossdresser and thus a gender-inverted version. The cast figures out that he's a boy only because Ataru and Mendou start to wonder why they're not flirting with Nagisa. He soon gets a physical form and romantically pursues fellow crossdresser Ryunosuke, his fiancée.
  • YuYu Hakusho has Sayaka, a Delicate and Sickly girl who was desperate to have some kind of fun before she went to heaven. Botan plays the trope a bit more straight, despite being a Shinigami instead of a ghost. There's a scene in the manga where she has to rush back to Reikai, and Yanagisawa freaks out because her body suddenly falls over—what he doesn't see is that she's left it behind and is flying away on her oar. In the anime, Sayaka's story was different. She was still a Cute Ghost Girl, but actually was an employee of Koenma who has to observe Yusuke to see if he's really worthy of being revived.
  • Yuuna Yunohana, the titular character of Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs who is bound to Yuragi-sou until her lingering regret has been dealt with.
  • Yomi, the ghostly narrator from Zekkyou Gakkyuu, is a cute if creepy schoolgirl, and is easily the nicest person in the whole anthology. (Admittedly that's not saying much.)

    Comic Books 
  • All-Ghouls School: Winifred Spector, part of Elle's Girl Posse (and her secret weapon when it comes to cheating) is this.
  • Anya's Ghost: Titular character Emily is a nice, polite little spirit, wearing an old-fashioned dress and poofy 'dandelion' hair. Once her true colours of being a Control Freak and a Yandere are revealed, she transitions into being a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl
  • In Lucifer, murdered schoolgirl Mona continues her Pseudo-Romantic Friendship with Elaine, with the fact that she's dead being a comparatively minor thing once they take revenge on her murderer. She can't be seen by normal humans, but the entities who are aware of her treat her with the same level of respect/contempt they would have for living humans.
  • The Perhapanauts has Molly, a cute ghost girl who works with a team of paranormal investigators. She died under unfortunate circumstances and is very uncomfortable discussing her condition.
  • Rebecca in Requiem Vampire Knight is a lemure; tortured innocent spirits that other residents of Hell have killed in their lifetime. Despite dying in a very tragic manner as a Holocaust victim (and looking like one), she is very gorgeous as a ghost, with one Lesbian Vampire saying she is beautiful enough to become Dracula's bride.
  • Izabel from Saga.
  • Supergirl: In Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot, Kara Zor-El appears for the first time since her death to help another hero in need; and despite being dead, Kara keeps being a beautiful woman.
  • Young Justice had Secret, a sweet and naive ghost girl who showed up in a prequel issue and stuck around. She later becomes human, again.

    Fan Works 
  • Echoes of Eternity: In the final chapter of The Promise and throughout The Memory, Maria is a ghost but is physically the same as she was at twelve. She can't physically age, but by the time she meets Christian she no longer considers herself mentally a child.
  • In the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal, Rebecka Smith-Rhodes is the first Witch to be born into a family who have never really selected for magical ability before. As such, she has contact with previous generations of her family who keep an active interest in its fortunes and who are all pleased to be able to speak to a living member. A family tradition is that the oldest girl in every new generation is named Johanna, in honour of the founding matriarch. Bekki therefore has four deceased Johanna Smith-Rhodeses close to her, who act, individually or as a group, as her Spirit Guides. Bekki sees them as they were in life: women who led active lives, often in the context of using heavy weaponry with extreme prejudice. She is therefore captivated when the Family founder, Johanna Livinia, manifests one night, not as a woman of seventy but as she appeared in the prime of her life. She is accompanied by Bekki's great-great-grandfather, who she meets for the first time. And by a little girl of about six, who Bekki at first does not recognise. The little girl ghost, in look and mannerism a girl of six, turns out to be Johanna Cornelia - a woman who was mortally wounded in battle in her late twenties and who usually manifests as an adult woman with terrible scars on her face. Johanna Cornelia explains that age is not fixed in the Afterlife. And it's so nice, you know, just to go back to an age and a time when I was really happy. You can do that here. It's a nice thing about being dead. Her parents agree.
  • The Little Phantom Gals (Glenda, Mavis, Lucy, and Saimy) made by rogelis. They like to play pranks and scare whoever comes into their abandoned factory.
  • In Danny Phantom fanfic Resurrected Memories: Technically half-ghost and one who spends a lot of time in human form but Ember is one especially when she starts to fall for Danny, though for the most part her attitude tends to make her more "hot" then "cute".

    Films — Animation 
  • Cute Skeleton Boy, Manolo, after he dies and goes to the Land of the Remembered in The Book of Life. However, Manolo is more of a cute skeleton, than a creepy one.
  • All of the ghost children fit this trope (even the boy), but special consideration is given to the Sweet Ghost Girl, a.k.a Wybie's grandma's sister, in Coraline.
  • Agatha Prenderghast in ParaNorman when she isn't going all One-Winged Angel. Bonus points for using the aforementioned The White Stripes song over the end credits.
  • Phantasma from Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School.
  • Marnie from When Marnie Was There died several years ago. She was a senior at the time but appears as a child as a ghost. She is also Anna's grandmother. Marnie is very sweet natured and becomes friends with the shy Anna quickly.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • Misao from Asura Cryin'. Though she's not actually a ghost ghost, she's close enough.
    • Everyone who has an Asura Machina also has one.
  • Mayoi Hachikuji of Bakemonogatari. The fact that she's a ghost is only ever mentioned in the storyline that introduces her.
  • Bones of Faerie: The main character, Liza, has her baby sister come back as a shadowy ghost.
  • The Choose Your Own Adventure books have some of these:
    • The ghost of an Aloof Dark-Haired Girl clad in a green Pimped-Out Dress is seen many times through Louise Munro Foley's Curse of the Highland Crest. It turns out to be two different ghosts - aka the souls of the dueling twin sisters Margaret and Emily. Margaret ghost is always friendly (if cryptic), whereas Emily is antagonistic in one ending and benevolent in another.
    • In Jay Leibold's Secret of the Ninja, the Protagonist sees a long-haired girl combing her hair inside a deep well... Her name is Yayoi, she was a servant girl killed by her cruel mistress, and her soul is bound to a Magic Mirror. If the Protagonist refuses to go inside the well and take the mirror out (which will release her spirit), Yayoi will use her Master of Illusion powers to make them fall in the well and drown. If they do agree to help her, Yayoi will go to Heaven and the mirror will help them against the Big Bad.
  • Sheyenne from Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I..
  • Two rather tragic examples in Ghost Roads and InCryptid (which share a universe):
    • Mary Dunlavy has been 16 since 1939, and has babysat three generations of Prices.
    • Rose Marshall was murdered in 1952. The Character Song "Pretty Little Dead Girl" mentions that she's
    "So long dead and she’s sixteen still.
    She never grew up and she never will."
    • A "younger" version, Corletta, was seven years old when she died, and spends a lonely afterlife at the ghost of her family's farm. After Rose meets her, she sends other ghostly children there to play with her.
  • Alice Foster from The Ghost Who Ate Chocolate.
  • In the Goosebumps book The Ghost Next Door, Hanna Fairchild turns out to have been a ghost all along. She realized that the boy is still alive.
  • Liza Hempstock from The Graveyard Book was put to death under accusations of witchcraft (which may have been legitimate) and is now a ghost in the graveyard who becomes friends with Bod.
  • Jane Thayer's Gus Was a Friendly Ghost series is a rare male example. Gus seems to have always "lived" in the attic of an old house (later converted to a museum), and the people he interacts with have no real trouble accepting him as a roommate.
  • Myrtle Elizabeth Warren aka "Moaning Myrtle" in Harry Potter is a ghost who essentially died because of bullying (she was hiding from the bullies and then ran into a horrible monster). Her appearance isn't traditionally cute (overweight with Nerd Glasses and bad hair and skin) and she can be a little unwelcoming (which is understandable since students are still being jerks to her), but she does really like Harry and helps him out a few times.
  • Sanae Higashihongan, one of the contenders for Room 106 in INVADERS of the ROKUJYOUMA!?. Intangible, unseen, and can possess people (sort of). Very cute and a bit of a Tsundere.
  • I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level: An abandoned factory in Nascúte is haunted by Rosalie, a semi-transparent teenage ghost girl with two Hitodama Lights. She starts out trying to drive people away, but quickly befriends Azusa and joins her family. Once they work out a way to break her bond to the factory building, she can travel freely with them.
  • Karina Ortiz from Lovecraft Middle School. She seems to teleport out of nowhere.
  • In The Lovely Bones, as well as The Film of the Book, the main character becomes this early on. As this is the focus of the book, more attention than usual is paid to the fact that she's a ghost.
  • Elizabeth from Maburaho is the ghost of a young girl who lived in the Holy Roman Empire when it still existed.
  • Madison Avery: Main character, Madison, is a ghost and fairly cute (to some readers) to most people.
  • Nanana from Nanana's Buried Treasure. Despite being murdered in her room, she remains upbeat though lonely at times.
  • Dee Ensy Stratmitos from from Sunday Without God. Although she's not actually dead, and she manifests as a ghost in the outside world because she can't physically leave the sealed city of Ostia.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Annie from Being Human (UK). The fact that she is a ghost is brought up a bit more often than average, seeing as how the whole premise is "monsters as roommates," but in a lot of her scenes she's just a normal female roommate who happens to be dead. And she definitely counts as cute. Her counterpart Sally in the American version is also an attractive specter.
  • Esme from Dani's Castle, the sequel to Dani's House. Although in her case it's frequently acknowledged she's a ghost, and she regularly engages in ghost activities like scaring people.
  • Sarah Collins on Dark Shadows first appeared as a ghost, mostly to young David Collins, and in fact became his friend. The few other people she appeared to usually thought that she was just a regular little girl (budgetary constraints of the show prevented her usually looking particularly "ghostly" aside from her late-eighteenth century attire.) She was cute (if sometimes annoying, pretty much constantly accompanied by her theme music, "London Bridge," and usually bouncing a toy ball) and was also later instrumental in helping Maggie Evans escape from Barnabas Collins, Sarah's cursed vampire brother.
  • Thelma Bates in HEX is a prime example of this character type.
  • Komachi from Madan Senki Ryukendo. She's a ghost that only Kenji can see most of the time, and when she temporarily regains her body in one episode, she ends up faceplanting into the wall, since she can't walk through it anymore.
  • The Outer Limits (1995):
    • Kyra in the episode "The Beholder", though she's actually an alien who is "out of phase".
    • Another episode has a woman's experiment leave her disembodied and her body in a coma. This being Outer Limits, she totally dies for real by the end, as does her husband who is trying to get the machine to restore her. It's made as un-depressing as such an ending can be - unusual for The Outer Limits, which almost always went for dark twists - by having them appear in spirit form and reunite, before vanishing for parts unknown but seeming optimistic about it.
  • The Twilight Zone (1985): In "If She Dies", Paul Marano sees a young girl on the roof of St. Amelia's Orphanage but she disappears as soon as he turns his head. When he tells a nun named St. Agnes, he learns that the orphanage is having a rummage sale as it is closing down and buys an antique wooden bed. As he leaves, Paul sees the strange girl again. That night, the girl visits him in his bedroom, telling him that she is looking for Toby. The next morning, he pays a visit to the convent and St. Agnes tells him that there was a girl named Sarah who died of tuberculosis in the bed many years earlier. Her teddy bear Toby was her prize possession. Paul realizes that Sarah was trying to tell him to place his comatose daughter Cathy in the bed with Toby so that she could restored to health. He does so and Cathy recovers almost instantly.



  • At least one Limerick that goes, rather naughtily:
    There was a young man from the coast
    Who had an affair with a ghost—
    At the height of orgasm,
    Said the pallid phantasm,
    (alt. "This she-ectoplasm")
    "I think I can feel it, almost!"


    Video Games 
  • D from Another Code is a Cute Ghost Boy. He manages to freak Ashley out at first, since she'd never seen a ghost before, but after that, he's basically harmless and just wants to move on.
  • Pamela Ibis, a recurring character throughout the Atelier Series. She's harmless (mostly), but she does make a hobby of scaring the freshmen during summer break in her Mana Khemia incarnation.
  • Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers. Technically, she's a Chinese hopping zombie.
  • Dungeon Munchies has Simmer, your ghostly boss, necromancer, and mentor in the art of cooking magical creatures.
  • Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon features Sai and Chiyo.
  • Ferry from Granblue Fantasy. While initially played as a stereotypical ghost girl (being incorporeal, turning transparent when sad, etc.), her existence is later clarified as "alive and dead at the same time", meaning that she is an irregularity even by the setting's standards. Due to this, she has kept her beautiful physical body from before she died, no longer ages and has a variety of ghostly abilities, such as bonding with ghostly creatures and perceiving otherwordly phenomena.
  • Lady Katarina from The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing easily qualifies.
  • Several of the ghosts in Luigi's Mansion straddle the line between this and Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl.
  • Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: The spirit Shinigami, usually a cartoony ghost, has the power to turn into an attractive young human girl.
  • Fiona from Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.
  • In Mitsumete Knight, Anne is heavy implied to be one due to her Backstory and her ending.
  • In MySims, you might get to see a Cute Ghost Girl named Cassandra wandering around town. She is also the only source of the rare Ghost essence, which she'll drop if you are nice to her. Oddly enough, you can plant a Ghost essence and it'll grow into a Ghost tree that drops more Ghost essences.
    • And in The Sims 3, you can get a (male) ghost to have sex with one of your (female) sims, then having a 50% chance of having a ghost kid as one of your sims. You can also make them have kids with another ghost, but for that you'll need some cheating.
    • Then there's Lolita Goth from The Sims 3, who is also prone to Wild Mass Guessing. She's not in the Goth family tree, but she's arguably one of the favorites in the game.
  • Bow from Paper Mario 64 is this, to an extent.
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has Peeka and Lahla, two boos in Rogueport who are "so pretty... for boos" according to Goombella.
  • Maya Amano's ghost in Persona 2. She's the most adorable little girl as a human, but admit it, the sailor outfit is twice as precious in "transparent blue".
  • The Pokémon Misdreavus, while it can be either male or female, has long, wavy hair and wears a pearl necklace, giving it a feminine appearance. (In fact, it's partially based on a banshee, who are exclusively female, and its evolution Mismagius is based on the Witch Classic archetype, which is similarly feminine.) And as a small, first-stage Pokémon, it's quite adorable.
  • One of the playable characters in the Puyo Puyo series is Yu, an energetic ghost girl. Later games pair her up with her twin brother Rei, who, while not nearly as energetic as his sister, is just as cute and harmless.
  • Light from The Rewinder is the ghost of a spunky teenaged girl, and still looks like one.
  • RosenkreuzStilette Freudenstachel has Rink Refraktia, who uses her sister Lecht's ability Falschgestalt to appear alive. It's very useful when defending her from various threats, especially against the likes of Freudia.
  • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero: Hypno Baron's Castle has Ikki who can infinitely spawn from Mook Maker chests, not limited to one at a time. She's a blue ghost with a green sweater and Fog Feet who uses a Ball of Light Transformation as a Travel Transformation to be invincible when she's not attacking by lobbing flames that are are in her colors.
  • Sorcerer's Lair: Whisper is a friendly blue ghost girl with a playful personality.
  • In Slay the Princess, If you catch the Princess by surprise and kill her without hesitation, and then kill yourself to start a new loop, she'll manifest as the Spectre in Chapter II. She's not as monstrous as others like the Wraith, and while she's snarky about her demise, she's open to forgiving the Hero.
  • Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: Spooky herself. Albeit less benign than most examples of this trope. And she absolutely hates being considered "cute".
  • Tales of Monkey Island: Morgan LeFlay in Chapter 5 due to her getting killed by LeChuck.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, Princess Zelda herself spends most of the game in this form.
  • Since it covers a lot of Cute Monster Girls, Touhou Project naturally has a few, with the ghost princess Yuyuko Saigyouji being the most famous one. Her Battle Butler, Youmu Konpaku, is half-ghost (don't ask how that works). Ironically, Youmu is actually afraid of ghosts.
    • Touhou Seirensen ~ Undefined Fantastic Object adds in Captain Minamitsu Murasa.
    • Long unseen fan favorite Mima has a ghost tail, but she's only referred to as an evil spirit, which may or may not make her an actual ghost.
    • Though classed as poltergeists rather than ghosts, the Prismriver Sisters could count too. Same for Kana Anaberal.
    • Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires adds in Soga no Tojiko, who has two ghost tails in the place of legs.
    • The Bridge Princess is supposed to be an undead spirit, so Parsee technically qualifies (well, depending on your definition of "cute").
  • Rosalia from Trauma Team is revealed to be a ghost attempting to warn Maria of the incoming Rosalia Virus epidemic.
  • Schall from pop'n music. She is a Friendly Ghost who lives inside an old piano.

    Web Animation 

  • In Catena, Bryony, the deceased sister of Bear and Patches, more or less fits this trope. Most of the cast isn't actually able to see Bryony for quite some time. She's actually an angel (complete with pink wings).
  • Crowshed: Elba Hart.
  • Dont Look It Sucks has Tero, who upon dying shortly after being introduced, turns into a ghost. The cast don't seem to mind much that she's a ghost. Tero, herself, is still afraid of dying.
  • The titular character of Erma. She's a little Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl who gets up to antics that are simultaneously creepy and adorable.
  • Shion from Experimental Comic Kotone goes one step further, actually being able to pass for living...when she remembers to use doors.
  • Aranea of Homestuck, formerly. Also potentially any of the female players who could be considered cute, since practically everyone has died in an alternate timeline at some point, which means that those versions of them can be encountered in dream bubbles. Special mention goes to Aradia for becoming a ghost well before the dream bubbles were even introduced.
  • Athena in Jet Dream is a strange magical figure who only appears to Harmony. She doesn't look especially "ghostly," perhaps due to the author's apparent confusion over whether Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare or a "ghost girl warrior of olden times."
  • Karin-dou 4koma: Ran starts out as the vengeful ghost of a girl who was raped and murdered on Halloween. Seren confronts her after she kills a psychopathic pedophile and forcefully convinces her to drop her grudge and become a Cute Ghost girl instead.
  • A few of these show up in minus.., who only the eponymous character can see. The first is a nice kid who doesn't harm anyone, but the second is a Jerkass who can best be described as "minus without her innocence", who goes out of her way to cause trouble. (Though she does have a soft spot for one mortal.) Later in the series, minus herself becomes one of these, and acts no different from how she did while alive. This starts a chain of events which leads to everyone on Earth dying and choosing not to come back, so that by the end of the strip, every female character would qualify.
  • Oyama Youko, a teenage revenant from Muertítos. She's a little obese and smart.
  • Phantomarine: with a crew full of ghost people, it's no surprise that Phaedra and Lani both fit this trope.
  • Subverted in The Phoenix Requiem. Child shades are still shades, and however cute they look, they are still dangerous.
  • Twistwood Tales: Eve Tuesday wants to be this, as despite already being an adorable human-like ghost girl, she still doesn’t want to scare anyone, so Professor Crisp recommends her in "Ghost Sheet" to dress up like a Bedsheet Ghost due to it being a more recognizable type of ghost.
  • Mahalah from Undead Friend is basically everything you would want from a cute ghost girl.
  • Unlike Minerva has Nina, the library ghost who is mildly fixated on the protagonist Brisbane. It's left ambiguous, though, as to whether she's actually a ghost or if she just grew up in the crawlspaces of the library.
  • Wilde Life: Sylvia is the ghost of a mid-century mathematician who lingered in the family home after her death. She shows very few signs of the Sanity Slippage that usually affects ghosts and is friendly with her new housemate Oscar, Unresolved Sexual Tension notwithstanding.

    Web Original 
  • Far too many fanworks to list turn The Ring's Sadako into a Cute Ghost girl to be hugged instead of feared. Some apply Defanged Horrors by using her iconic coming-out-of-the-screen sequence... out of a smartphone screen, that is.
  • Most depictions of Boosette tend to go for this depiction, barring those who portray her closer to the more unhinged nature of King Boo, the character she's based on - being a Boo and all, she is depicted as a Shrinking Violet type that directly contrasts Bowsette's more firey personality, with more regal dresses and flowing white hair to match.
  • The Creepypasta story Play With Me, gives us Sally Williams, an innocent girl who was the rape/murder victim of her pedophile uncle Johnny. The experience didn't even corrupt her, so she remains a sad ghost of an innocent little girl. Fan-art often depicts her befriending other monsters of Creepypasta including Slenderman and Jeff the Killer.
  • Evelyn Hooper, one of the two main characters of Less is Morgue, is absolutely this. She died during a Nickelback concert in 2004, only to come back in 2020 after her now-roommate ate her corpse. She's kind, bubbly, endlessly optimistic, and has seemingly limitless enthusiasm for everything from dogs to her favorite childhood cartoons.

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