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"I'm so evil! And skanky! And I think I'm kinda gay."
Willow Rosenberg, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, about her vampire self, foreshadowing her own gay romance later in the series

She's got the raven-black hair, the tight leather bodice, the pale skin, and the fangs. The one thing this sexy vampiress doesn't have is a lust for hot male blood. No, only the blood of an innocent young woman will do.

The lesbian vampire is an old trope, stretching back to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 1797-1816 unfinished Epic Poem "Christabel" and the 1872 novella Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu. However, it didn't return into popular consciousness until The '70s, when Hammer Horror made numerous films in which voluptuous countesses nibbled nubile young women. Since then, lesbian vampires have become fairly common, popular particularly with young straight men (probably bisexual men as well) because they add an extra layer of titillation to an already heavily sexualised mythological creature.

This blatant sexualisation sometimes leads to a variation — the Bisexual Vampire. In this case, the sexy vampire will happily take people of any gender to bed, but her primary target for the duration of the story will usually be a woman. Often delves into Evil Desires Innocence.

A variation on the lesbian vampire, particularly in pornography and films aimed at the young straight male demographic, is the female victim who is seduced and converted by a vampire and—either during the process of her seduction or after being transformed—begins to find women sexually attractive. This is sometimes explained as the vampire warping her mind so that she can become one of his harem, but usually, it is assumed that as soon as a woman joins the ranks of the undead, she immediately starts playing for both teams—such is the power of this trope.

This can result in Unfortunate Implications, specifically the idea that lesbianism or bisexuality is the result of a corruptive and malign influence, representative of moral decay. And if a female victim is transformed by a female vampire, it carries the implication that lesbian women are predatory and waiting to ensnare and "convert" hapless heterosexual women. This can be presented as a positive or at least neutral thing however, such as becoming a vampire meaning that one is no longer bound to puritanical notions of sexuality that are often a part of human life, or can provide a convenient fantasy outlet. If you're going to be seduced by sexy minions of the night, no one will blame you for enjoying it, right?

In the works of some authors, the Gender-Inverted Trope (i.e., male vampires attracted to other males) does exist; typically, they are bisexual rather than exclusively same-sex attracted.

A Sub-Trope of Discount Lesbians, and often overlaps with Psycho Lesbian. For other non-mortals who have tendency not to be straight, see Immortality Bisexuality. See also Literal Maneater (for a female monster that preys on men), Succubi and Incubi, and Hemo Erotic. Given this trope, it may not come as a surprise that there is an entire vampire Yuri subgenre.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Bubblegum Crisis OAV Episode 5, "Moonlight Rambler", has overtones of this with two escaped sexbots who must drink blood in order to stay alive.
  • Hellsing:
    • In the first anime, Bubbancy (a corruption of a Baobhan sith) tricks the entire Hellsing organization, save Seras and Alucard, into thinking that she is Integra's sister. She licks Integra's chest after unbuttoning her shirt and attempts to drink her blood. While virgins (like Integra) are immune to being made ghouls by a vampire bite, this is only true if the vampire is of the opposite sex. Were Bubbancy to bite Integra she would have been rendered a mindless husk.
    • Possibly Zorin Blitz. She looks like your stereotypical Butch Lesbian, Pip calls her a dyke, and she does seem to take a lot of interest in Seras.
  • Invoked in Is This A Zombie? with the all-female vampire ninjas. In order to suck someone else's blood with the victim suffering as little pain as possible, if not none at all, the Kiss of the Vampire is required. However, the vampire ninja culture has an odd custom that makes the act of kissing a male equal marriage. Seraphim apparently knows her culture's marriage laws, as the only one she's ever seen kissing onscreen is Haruna. Interestingly enough, though she's been rather brash to him throughout the series, later on it's hinted she might have started developing feelings for the male protagonist, Ayumu.
  • Noel Ambrose from the Karin novels.
  • Killing Me! is about the relationship between Saki Fujimiya, a no-nonsense Vampire Hunter, and Miyoko Kujou, her prey. It becomes clear very quickly that not only is Miyoko amused and unbothered by Saki's attempts to kill her, but she has a thing for her would-be killer. At one point Miyoko actually compares herself to Carmilla, the original Lesbian Vampire.
  • Lady Bat of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, a member of a Quirky Miniboss Squad that themes itself around different sorts of fanservice, takes this image and wears it proudly — even when it turns out she's actually a he. (Was s/he intruding on the Black Beauty Sisters' territory?)
  • Reiri Kamura from Monster Princess is one of these, building up a reputation among the girls of the school and calling them her "little lambs". And, despite having a good amount of interaction with Hiro, there is next to no ship teasing with them, most of that happening between Reiri and Riza.
  • Ellie from Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood. She unilaterally declares herself to be Sophie's girlfriend, forcefully sucks her blood and tries to kiss her on the lips.
  • In the one-shot manga Nightmare Syndrome by Natsuneko, a lesbian vampire falls in love with the female Vampire Hunter who is after her head. It ends happily.
  • Rosario + Vampire:
    • Kokoa Shuzen. Unspoken but very obvious since she gets Nosebleeds from female Fanservice and has yet to show interest in anyone other than Inner-Moka (though she was caught reading a yaoi magazine once).
    • Akuha Shuzen. Her feelings towards Moka (initially towards Inner Moka, and almost instantly fell for Outer Moka) easily border on romantic.
  • Seraph of the End:
    • Chess Belle is a voluptuous female vampire who goes after Mitsuba in one scene, draping herself over her body when sucking her blood.
    • Lacus Welt, a teenaged male, prefers the blood of young boys. Make of that what you will.
  • Yurika in Touka Gettan, whose first act in the last episode she appears in is having her way with one of the minor female characters. She also falls under Cat Girl and Sinister Scythe.
  • Trinity Blood has Shahrazad al-Rahman a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who is very fond of the heroine, Esther Blanchett.
  • Vampeerz My Peer Vampires centers on the relationship between human girl Ichika and vampire girl Aria.
  • Vampire Princess Miyu:
    • There's some homoerotic tension between the girlish vampire Miyu and the shamaness Himeko, who attempts to fight against her.
    • The fourth OAV has a scene from Miyu's past where she tearfully tells Larva that she has just bit one of her school mates, and according to her that took place when she was staring at the other girl and thinking about how pretty she was...
    • In the Alternate Universe Vampire Princess, set in Imperial Japan, the Miyu stand-in Yuu Kamui has quite the fixation with the local Lonely Rich Kid Yui Shuugakuin.
  • Vassalord: Gender swapped with main characters Rayflo and Charles, and played straight with Rayfell and Cheryl. Gender Bender Barry the incubus also counts, if s/he counts as "undead".
  • Played with in Yurika's Campus Life, in that while the Big Bad of the Shinon Club Arc, Cecilia, does hit all the other checkboxes, she is still human and instead uses Daoism-based sexual positions in order to drain the chi of other women to keep her beauty.

    Comic Books 
  • During the Marc Andreyko run of Batwoman, the eponymous protagonist believes herself to have become this after being bitten/seduced by Nocturna. It eventually turns out that Nocturna does not in fact have the power to do this, and was just using More than Mind Control to play on Kate's fondness for vampire movies. Nocturna herself isn't an example; she isn't really a lesbian and she's probably Actually Not a Vampire either.
  • Risa del Toro in the Vertigo Comics series Bite Club is a bisexual female vampire. The sequel, Vampire Crimes Unit, features a lesbian sex scene in the opening pages of the first issue.
  • In Drain, Chinatsu is one along with her former lover turned enemy Freya.
  • Blackout, the vampire (sort of) from the early Ghost Rider comics, had very intense Ho Yay with his boss, Deathwatch. It didn't help that Deathwatch fed on pain to the point where he practically got off on it, and Blackout was the only person who he could mind-meld with and experience the pain he caused vicariously without giving the other person a tremendous headache.
  • Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space: Sure, they're zombies, but they're sexy female undead creatures who like to do only two things: make out with one another, and eat dick.
  • Chris Claremont addressed this trope openly in the Daughters of the Dragon story "Safe Streets", in which Angie Freeman, a childhood friend of Misty's gone vamp, drinks Misty's blood, establishes a psychic bond with her, stuffs her into a little black dress, and prepares to make her a vampire so that "we'll be together, you and I... forever!" At one point, they have this exchange:
    Angie: I had a wonderful time with you last night!
    Misty: Oh. Angie, I... I'm not... like that. I mean...
    Angie: I know. But you will be.
  • Moon Knight (2021): Lady Yulan's vampire coven appears to be made up entirely of women, and she calls the vampire whose blood the Tutor stole "one of my brides."
  • My Very First Vampire Blood Drive has Velvet, a gorgeous, prince-like butch vampire who Bunny quickly falls for. This is also hinted to be the case with Velvet's vampire friends, particularly the one who openly wishes to drink the blood of "a hot girl with big boobs" at the end of Part 2.
  • Nightmares And Fairytales has Dominique, a vampire who wants her girlfriend Morgan to become a vampire as well. It doesn't end well for Morgan, or any of her friends for that matter.
  • Purgatori, the lesbian vampire demon originally created by Brian Pulido as an antagonist for his main Stripperiffic heroine, Lady Death. She may actually be a Depraved Bisexual, having once been Satan's concubine, but all of the (semi-)consensual relationships we've seen have had her with women.
  • Vampirella has been shown with both male and female lovers, although Adam Van Helsing is her most frequent recurring Love Interest. Like many Bad Girls, she often gets into Cat Fights with female villains, but that usually goes no further than Homoerotic Subtext.
  • Requiem Vampire Knight:
    • Claudia Demona is a bisexual example, having no hangs up with seducing the vampire male Requiem, as well as having a sexual relationship with Elizabeth Bathory and expressing some lewd interest in Cute Ghost Girl Rebecca.
    • Nero qualifies as a male example, since unlike Claudia, he is exclusively into men and only men.
  • Screamqueen from Scare Tactics in The DCU. Although she had a growing Will They or Won't They? romance with her fellow band member Fang (a male werewolf), she fed exclusively on female victims, and it was implied that this was highly pleasurable for the women involved.
  • Chris Claremont openly skirted this trope in the X-Books with the ancient, nearly unkillable, and terrifyingly powerful mutant Selene. Admittedly, the mutants she was interested in making into her servants/disciples and teaching to feed off the life force of others (as opposed to merely using as lackeys or food) invariably had considerable Psychic Powers of their own, but it is hard to claim that them being attractive teenage girls had nothing to do with it.
    "Come to me child. Yield to my dark embrace, and you will never be weak — never need fear — again."

    Fan Works 
  • Bringing Me To Life, a The Matrix fanfic, has the secondary character of Niobe. She was turned into a vampire after the werewolf Cujo tried to kill her. That night was also when she first met her girlfriend Persephone.
  • There is a whole cottage industry in the Discworld that ships Polly Perks with her fellow soldier, female-vampire-pretending-to-be-a-male Maledicta. A goodly proportion of Discworld fics on FanFiction.Net are about Polly and Maledicta getting it on. Meanwhile, there is also at least one fic concerning Watch vampire Sally von Humpeding getting into a threesome with Captain Carrot - and his girlfriend Angua von Uberwald.
  • In the Doki Doki Literature Club Loops, Yuri is turned into a vampire by Alucard from Hellsing and Yuri is in a very healthy and loving relationship with Natsuki.
  • In the Little Witch Academia fanfic Halloweenie, Akko accidentally turns herself into a vampire for Halloween, and goes on to seduce Diana.
  • In the Twilight fic Luminosity, rather than seducing and turning impressionable teenage girls, Maggie is searching for her soul mate.
  • In the Twilight riff As Dreams Are Made On, Alice Cullen, though benevolent and concerned with consent, falls into the classic lesbian vampire mold in many ways, complete with raven locks, Lipstick Lesbian style, and a demeanor ranging from flirtatious to downright seductive. She becomes very interested, and downright incorrigible, when she learns that the protagonist and object of her affections, Cass, is relatively sexually inexperienced. Other lesbian or bisexual vampires have been named as Alice's former partners, including Tanya (of the Denali coven), Maggie (of the Irish coven), and a woman named Jessamine.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Rare Male Example in Sinners. Both Luke and Percy are actually bisexual, but it's something of a more neutral depiction given that both are outright stated to have liked men before being turned or even meeting each other.
  • In the DC Animated Universe fic Psalm of the Lark, Barbara has a Scarecrow-induced nightmare involving several Harley Quinns trying to rape her. The main one is a vampire with poisonous fangs.
  • A Justified Trope in the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls fanfic Sunlight, given that all the turned vampires in fic so far are either shown to already be attracted to girls, or are part of major fan female on female pairings.
  • Any Touhou Project fanwork that features either of the Scarlet sisters being romantically involved with pretty much any other character (or each other) qualifies for this trope.

    Films — Live Action 
  • Abel Ferrara's The Addiction, which features Philosophy-major vampires who spend a lot of time talking about Sartre, has a protagonist who will sometimes pick up other women. In this case, she doesn't deliver on anything sexual, and only uses it as a pretense for targeting a victim.
  • Bit: All four of the women Laurel joins are lesbians, and later it turns out they're vampires as well. She later counts, as she's lesbian and becomes a vampire too. However, aside from Duke they all seem nice (and it was revealed she influenced them in their darker actions). Duke was a lesbian before she became a vampire, and being turned so her sire could make her part of his Vampire's Harem—effectively a Sex Slave—has much to do with why she hates him and men in general.
  • Blood of the Tribades is meant to be a deconstruction: it centers around a conflict between lesbian vampires and a patriarchal vampire cult, with the former being the more sympathetic characters.
  • BloodRayne: Rayne, who's a dhampyr, is shown as attracted by a female vampire early in the film, seducing her with a kiss and then feeding on her. Later on she has sex with Sebastian as well.
  • The 1972 Spanish film The Blood Spattered Bride is a very loose adaptation of Carmilla. It's another example of the lesbian vampires being sympathetic characters, due to the brutally abusive husbands who drove them to violence.
  • Bordello of Blood features a scene with Lilith, the female vampire boss, standing above the bound heroine, discussing how she was about to take her for a "test drive". She escapes. Then, after you think the story's over, the heroine does get turned into a vampire - the vampire didn't bite her on the neck, but on the inner thigh instead.
  • The Celluloid Closet: Dracula's Daughter gets examined in detail over use of this trope.
  • Countess Bathory in the sadly overlooked Daughters of Darkness (1971).
  • The three brides of Dracula are sometimes portrayed as being lovers, although, in the original book, they were purely fixated on Jonathan Harker.
  • The 1936 film Dracula's Daughter, which is a sequel to the very famous 1931 Dracula movie, features much lesbian subtext from the eponymous character. One of its tag lines is even "Save the women of London from Dracula's Daughter!".
  • Embrace of the Vampire (1995), "starring" Alyssa Milano, has a lesbian vampire scene.
  • Elizabeth Kane (an alias for Erzsébeth Báthory, aka Countess Bathory) in another sadly overlooked movie, Eternal.
  • Gender Flipped in The Fearless Vampire Killers/Tanz Der Vampire, in which Count von Krolock's son, Herbert, is Camp Gay and attempts to seduce Alfred.
  • Fright Night 2: New Blood: More of a bisexual vampire, but Gerri vamps on several women in scenes that are played up very erotically, while also seducing men.
  • Vega in Frostbite.
  • A bisexual female vampire Femme Fatale played by the beautiful Catherine Deneuve was the subject of The Hunger.
  • Pretty much all the vampires in Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter, a movie that is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. The twist is that the vampires deliberately went after lesbians because they needed the blood and skin of virgins (specifically women who'd never been with a man) and lesbians gave them more to work with than pre-teen girls.
  • Kiss of the Damned: Maia is a bisexual vampire, to judge from her picking up a man and woman to have sex with (then later feed on). She later hypnotizes Paolo to have sex with her too.
  • The medium-core porn movie K-Sex goes one step further with a plot <ahem> revolving around alien lesbian vampires.
  • Lady Sylvia Marsh in The Lair of the White Worm likes both genders, but seems to take more pleasure in her female victims.
  • Unsubtly, Lesbian Vampire Killers, which is about the killers of lesbian vampires, and not lesbians who kill vampires or lesbian vampires who kill people. The reason the vampires all become lesbians is apparently the result of Camilla's influence, a demon who hated men and lusted after women. Except even when her curse is lifted, the former vampires don't stop being lesbians. Then again, with a name like that, you can bet it's a camp movie.
  • In Life Blood, Brooke and Rhea are lesbian models who are transformed into vampires by God. The transformation does not change their sexual preference.
  • Hinted at in 1935's Mark of the Vampire. There's Bela Lugosi as a vampire, and there's his vampire daughter. In both scenes where the heroine is attacked, it's the daughter, not Bela, that does the bloodsucking.
  • The 2007 film Mil Mascaras vs the Aztec Mummy includes a scene involving identical-twin teenage vampire girls, who express their attraction to each other as part of an attempt to lure Mil Mascaras into a three-way encounter that is actually a trap.
  • The Deliberately Monochrome movie Nadja (1994) has a scene where a female vampire slides her hand into the panties of a woman who's having her period and licks off the result.
  • Razor Blade Smile (1998), which presents itself partly as a series of homages to and clichés from other vampire films, includes an erotic lesbian vampire scene.
  • Rise: Blood Hunter: Eve seems very into Sadie. In the opening, Sadie picks up a female sex worker and acts like she's going to have sex with her. It's just a ploy to get close with an older vampire though, who Sadie delivers for him as bait and then kills.
  • Direct-to-video movie The Sisterhood features a lesbian vampire sorority.
  • Theresa & Allison: A female vampires seduces Theresa and then reveals this while they're having sex. Theresa becomes one as well after she's fed on by her. Soon however Theresa begins a relationship with bisexual vampire Allison. In her case, it's clear Theresa's a lesbian before she's been turned however. She's also different from the standard trope in other ways, as she tries to refrain from feeding on humans after seducing woman for this initially (frequently after having sex with them first), and be otherwise good. She's drawn into doing it again by Allison eventually though.
  • Became a Dead Horse Trope (or possibly an Undead Horse Trope) through overuse in 1970s Hammer Horror films, most famously, the Ingrid Pitt vehicle The Vampire Lovers (although the actress herself believed Carmilla was actually Asexual). The same character (with a different actress) fell in love with a man in the sequel, Lust for a Vampire, but she also had dalliances with female students at her boarding school. Twins of Evil features a female vampire biting a female victim on the breast.
  • Vampire Diary: Whilst making a documentary, filmmaker Holly meets the highly enigmatic and beautiful Vicki who claims she is a real-life vampire. By turns fascinated by and attracted to her, Holly thinks that Vicki could be her soul mate and soon the two embark on a passionate affair. Vicki claims that her powers make straight women want to sleep with her.
  • Seduction Cinema Productions have produced a series of erotic lesbian films, starting with The Vampire's Seduction (1997) and following through with numerous titles including The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula (2001).
  • Vampires vs. Zombies, a terrible movie from a terrible production company that should have been called Lesbian Having Wet Dreams.
  • The 1932 German film Vampyr, loosely based on Carmilla and another Le Fanu story, features possibly the least attractive lesbian vampire ever: an old woman who lives in a coffin and preys on a teenager. Quite a bit of the film is Mind Screw hallucination.
  • Vampyres has an example of the bisexual variety: a lesbian couple who hunt together, and sometimes bring home male prey.
  • Vampyros Lesbos, a film with pretensions at artistry. Relatively tame, it is still considered a cult classic and is well known for its soundtrack by Siegfried Schwab and Manfred Hübler and strong central performance by the late Soledad Miranda. The movie's director, Jesús "Jess" Franco, is widely known (in the right circles) for his horror/sexploitation films. Franco later took the trope much further in Les Avaleuses/Female Vampire/Erotikill, which can still be considered an "art film" despite occasionally crossing the line into pornography. Jean Rollin was also extremely fond of this trope in the 1970s.
  • In Van Helsing, the Brides of Dracula display some notable lesbian tendencies, especially Brides Verona and Aleera. The latter's attraction to Anna was made more explicit in a deleted scene, where she can be seen licking a hypnotised Anna's neck. Interestingly enough, her actress Elena Anaya actually is a lesbian in real life.
  • We Are the Night: Louise definitely is; she's explicitly attracted to Charlotte, Nora and Lena, while never showing any desire for men. She chose all three initially for their looks to be her companions in vampire life. Nora and Charlotte's kiss as well could point to them being bisexual (note Charlotte stroking Nora's hair and her reaction to Nora's death). The director says that Charlotte is open to sexual relations with both men and women and that Charlotte actually agreed to be bitten.
  • With a Kiss I Die imagines that Juliet was turned into a vampire and follows her pursuit of a relationship with a young woman in the present day (she is explicity a bisexual vampire, what with her love for Romeo plus some other men down the centuries).

  • "What did one lesbian vampire say to the other?" "See you next month."
  • What do you call a lesbian vampire from Cuba? Carmilla Cabello.

  • Edgar Allen Poe in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter tells Lincoln about a pair of Eastern European vampire noblewomen who liked to kidnap local girls.
  • There are several in the Anita Blake series, though, of course, they're usually evil, depraved, and want to rape Anita, so that the author can work out her "Ewwwwwwww...but hm" feelings about bisexuality.
  • Young adult vampire novelist Amelia Atwater-Rhodes has stated that many of the vampires in her canon are bisexual, having grown tired over the centuries of being romantically involved with a single gender.
  • Tina in the Betsy the Vampire Queen books by Mary Janice Davidson is technically bisexual and, as such, has emotional sway over both men and women (but not over gay men). However, she prefers women, which causes Betsy a bit of trouble early on.
  • A male bisexual vampire, Henry Fitzroy, in Blood Books. As well as Vicki Nelson, he also often feeds off of gay street kid and (former) male prostitute Tony, who eventually gets his own spin-off series. This element appears to be missing from the TV series.
  • In Blood And Silver, many of the vampire race are pansexual or at the very least bi, with Mia Addison pointing out that many vampires dislike being forced to stick to heteronormative relationships.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In Sins of the Father, Amazonian Beauty Jocelyn kisses another female vampire in one scene and dies while eagerly trying to feed on Willow.
  • Older Than Radio: As mentioned above, the 1872 novella Carmilla is about a female vampire who preys on young women by biting their chest as they sleep. She is romantically attached to and professes her love for at least one of her victims (the protagonist Laura). By modern standards it's very genteel, with Carmilla's attraction to Laura being something akin to Pseudo-Romantic Friendship.
  • Carry On: Gender-Inverted Trope, Baz is a gay male vampire. His homosexuality and his classically vampiric good looks are both treated as completely coincidental (for example, he inherited his widow's peak from his non-vampire dad). It's a hell of a coincidence, though.
  • In Chia Black Dragon, Chia is a vampire and a lesbian. She just doesn't get a lot of opportunities to practice.
  • Christabel: this is considered one way of interpreting Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem with the lamia-like Geraldine.
  • Pam Keesey edited two anthologies of lesbian vampire stories, Daughters of Darkness (1993) and Dark Angels.
  • The Diaries of the Family Dracul: Elisabeth and Zsuzsanna become lovers, though they also enjoy sexual flings with men as well.
  • In Discworld it is hinted that Sally von Humpeding's cheerful promiscuity extends to both sexes: she is definitely interested in Carrot, and drops ambiguous hints during her naked mud-bath confrontation with Angua. Though as she herself points out, when you’re having a naked mud-bath confrontation, the subtext kind of stops being sub and you ought to be selling tickets.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • According to Thomas Raith in the novella Backup, most of the White Court vampires of the House of Raith aren't particular worried about what gender they feed on. Since Raiths feed off of lust, especially lust generated through sex with their prey, this essentially means that most of the Raiths (including his sister Lara, who feeds on a woman in Backup) are bisexual. As far as we know, Thomas himself only ever feeds on women (most of his feeding is off-screen, but he's not averse to sharing details).
    • Lara Raith also killed her sister Madeline in Turn Coat by feeding on her. Lara also made a point of literally ripping Madeline's intestines out at the same time and lovingly telling her how she'd always wanted to do this, making for one the most gruesome and disturbing moments of the entire series.
    • Madeline herself actually claimed to dislike feeding on women, but even she made an If It's You, It's Okay threat towards Justine.
    • Red Court vamp Bianca seemed to favor feeding off of women, and went kind of nuts after accidentally draining her favorite snack/lover to death.
  • The original Carmilla appears as a character in European Travel For The Monstrous Gentlewoman. Unlike in the original novella she's a heroic character (albeit with a somewhat checkered past) and she and Laura have a confirmed long term relationship.
  • Hex Hall's Jenna is both lesbian and a vampire, but doesn't quite fit the trope. However, she was seduced into becoming a vampiress by a beautiful young woman named Amanda, who does. It ended... poorly, leaving Jenna to regret her choice to become a vampire.
  • Ivy Tamwood from The Hollows novels is a rare heroic version, though she is, in fact, bisexual. She still has a penchant for dressing in tight black leather. Her on and off again ex Skimmer is a more typical example of this trope, especially after her multiple Villainous Breakdowns.
  • Inverted in Interview with the Vampire, in which a man is seduced and transformed by a male vampire. Though Lestat is shown hooking up with a couple of women during his mortal life, he claims that before the twentieth century he was exclusively romantically attracted to men, since he didn't consider women to be very interesting. (Though he did seem fairly interested in his mother.)
  • Oscar and Eli in Let the Right One In may be a gender-flipped example, as Oscar is a boy and Eli was assigned male but castrated and now passes as a girl. Jury is out on whether she's a trans girl, genderfluid or something else entirely.
  • In Carmilla rewrite The Moth Diaries, the antagonist, Ernessa, is either one of these or a lesbian of the common or garden variety. Either way, she and her 'victim', Lucy, are surprised in bed by the diarist, also in love with Lucy.
  • In Overlord (2012), Shalltear Bloodfallen is a weird combination of But Not Too Bi and I Love the Dead. While she spends a lot of time with female "toys" and never does the same with men, the only person she has romantic feelings for is Ainz... a male skeleton. When Ainz is forced to come up with an alias for Shalltear on the spot, his first thought is "Carmilla" but he discards it for being too obvious.
  • Becoming a Bisexual Vampire is apparently a natural result of vampirism in The United States of Monsters by C.T. Phipps. Because the Bite is so intensely sexual and the Need so great for blood, vampires associate their hunger with sex and anyone who can satisfy it. This is commented on as a worry by Straight Outta Fangton protagonist, Peter Stone, while his creator rolls his eyes at his provincialism.
  • Inverted example: the eponymous character in The Vampire Tapestry usually selects male victims and sometimes has sex with them as well. He insists that this is solely for purposes of secrecy, as closeted gay men tend to conceal their trysts with care; he'd rather not engage in the sex part at all, but does so if it's necessary to hold a potential victim's interest long enough to reach a good body-dump site. Whether or not he's in denial is unclear, but the female psychiatrist to whom he unloads initially assumes that his tales of vampirism are a metaphor for gay self-loathing.
  • In Varney the Vampire Clara Crofton predates even Carmilla as a female vampire who prefers female victims. Her first victim is a 16-year-old village girl named Anna.
  • The Woman on the Stairs: Discussed — Miles Pennoyer initially mistakes the Vampiric Draining occurring between Princess Olga and Jerome's niece Pamela as a relationship between a predatory older lesbian and a confused teen girl. He repeatedly assures a worried Jerome that there's nothing sexual about Pamela's victimization.
    "...for a long time I was puzzled as to whether the bad psychic smell I picked up was simply a case of a supremely clever and ruthless lesbian having fastened her tentacles on a malleable young girl."

    Live-Action TV 
  • Blade: The Series: The heroine is engaged in blatant Les Yay soon after she's turned into a vampire, despite not showing any previous inclination towards girls.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • When Willow faces her vampire Evil Twin in "Dopplegängland", the latter hits on her, leading human-Willow to give the page quote above. (Actually, bisexual would have been more accurate). In later seasons, Willow does get a girlfriend or two, one of which eventually leads to a Freak Out, so this is really good foreshadowing.
    • It's implied that all vampires are, to some extent, bisexual, probably due to the whole vampirism thing historically being a big damn metaphor for sexual predation. There's especially a sire-offspring thing - note Darla and Drusilla in Season 2 of Angel. And then there's Spike's "Angel and me have never been intimate. Except that one — " bit. And Harmony, who rejects the idea of a threesome unless it's boy-boy-girl... or Charlize Theron.
    • That said, the degree of bisexuality amongst vampires seems to be at least somewhat dependent on the person pre-vampire:
      Buffy: Willow, just remember, a vampire's personality has nothing to do with the person it was.
      Angel: Well, actually— (Buffy glares at him)that's a good point.
    • Played up big when Cordelia interprets vampire Harmony's hunger as coming on to her.
  • In the Charmed (1998) episode "Bite Me", Paige is bitten by vampires and turns into one. Their queen is very affectionate with her, but of course Paige herself doesn't display too many of these tendencies, since the two other most prominent female characters in range are her sisters.
  • Doctor Who:
    • Camilla (the name's a giveaway) in "State of Decay" seems very interested in Romana.
    • The "sexy fish vampire" matriarch in "The Vampires of Venice" amassed a gaggle of brainwashed women that she feeds on, which almost included Amy. She's Actually Not a Vampire and there were important plot reasons why she only went after women, but the implications are blatantly obvious.
  • The 1968 adaptation of Dracula adds a scene where vampire-Lucy attempts (with reasonable success) to seduce Mina.
  • Bianca in the TV adaptation of The Dresden Files. Well, OK, Bisexual Vampire.
  • Farscape had a very, very well disguised example of this trope. The word "vampire" is never even said. The Wolaxian arachnid enters the ship to get one of the girls... er, that is, their personality traits. The homoerotic part is very short, though.
  • First Kill is a show about a lesbian vampire teenager, Juliette, who falls in love with vampire hunter Cal. However, she subverts the archetype: Juliette has no desire to be predatory to anyone and her love for Cal helps her stave off her Horror Hunger. It's played a little straighter with her sister Elinor, who likes to seduce her victims before killing them For the Evulz, and doesn't seem to care about their gender.
  • Forever Knight: Janette showed some interest in a young prostitute, planning, at one point, on making her a vampire. Her vampire bartender at the Raven can also be seen checking out the legs of a woman dancing on top of her bar in "A More Permanent Hell".
  • Interview with the Vampire (2022) uses this as a Gender-Inverted Trope.
    • Most of the male vampires in season 1 are same-sex attracted — Lestat, Louis, Armand. It's somewhat a Justified Trope when paired with I Love You, Vampire Son. Immortality can be lonely, so most vampires want a companion. If — just by chance — you have one vampire who's a queer man, he may intentionally turn other queer men into vampires for romantic purposes. Bisexual Lestat seduces gay Louis and turns him specifically so he can be his vampire husband sharing Eternal Love.
    • Inversely, the one significant female vampire in season 1 (Claudia) is straight.
  • Parodied on Key & Peele, in a sketch about a secret club of stereotypical leather-clad vampires complete with two lesbian vampires in the corner. A new initiate finds their style lame and pretentious and asks the two girls point blank if they're actually lesbians. One admits to having a boyfriend.
  • In season 3 of The L Word, Alice Pieszecki dates a sanguinarian named Uta Refson, a vampirologist who is part of the vampire goth subculture.
  • Hinted at in Power Rangers Mystic Force. Not with the main vampire, Necrolai, but, at one point, said main vampire temporarily turns pink ranger Vida into a fellow vampire, and Vida was about as obviously a butch lesbian as you can get on American children's programming.
  • Sanctuary:
    • Hinted at in a Season 3 episode, where a vampire queen is awakened. Former vampire Tesla is treated as a nuisance, but the queen is VERY interested in Helen Magnus, to the point of eagerly wondering how she'll taste. Made slightly more explicit in a deleted scene in which the queen promises to teach Helen how to enjoy being fed upon.
    • Another episode shows that Magnus herself is apparently bisexual; at the end of the episode she is kissed by a woman that she rescued, and returns the kiss after explaining that it's been awhile.
  • On Smallville, Lana Lang reluctantly joined a sorority of bisexual vampires in "Thirst".
  • True Blood:
    • Queen Sophie-Anne. Technically, she's bisexual, but she hasn't enjoyed sex with men since the Eisenhower administration.
    • Eric's right-hand woman, Pam, who also seems to prefer the ladies, usually. In a miniepisode involving casting for a dancing position at Fangtasia, Eric practically has to force Pam to leave before "enjoying the show" with a hot Russian dancer. Before she leaves, however, she mentions that she'd like a more private audience with the girl. She gets it in the series proper. See also the development of her relationship with Tara at the end of season 5, who's bisexual too.
    • It seems that all the vampire women, the oldest ones more specifically, are bi, but show much more interest in other women than men.
  • Two Sentence Horror Stories: In "Teeth" Olivia is a lesbian who's on a trip with her girlfriend Cara. During this, she's revealed to be a vampire as well, and initially Cara is repelled though soon she accepts it.
  • The Vampire Diaries:
    • The Season 5 premiere shows Rebekah, one of the Original Vampires, in a threesome with Matt and a female vampire named Nadia who turns out to be Katherine's daughter. However, this is the only time either Rebekah or Nadia is shown having any attraction towards women and it is implied Nadia was only faking it to steal Matt's Gilbert ring.
    • Season 6 has Mary Louise and Nora Hildegard, a lesbian couple who are vampire-witch hybrids. Unlike most examples of this trope, their orientation isn't really played for titillation and they genuinely love each other.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess's usual Les Yay turned up the volume in an episode titled "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", which featured Gabrielle dancing with some fanged female followers of Bacchus at a Bronze Age disco, one of whom bites her before she leaves, becoming a bacchae herself, then biting Xena later in the episode, which appears to be very enjoyable for both women. Xena then kills Bacchus and they revert to being human again.

  • U.K. goth band Scary Bitches made a song called "Lesbian Vampires from Outer Space".
  • Dr. Carmilla, though uniquely she's asexual as well.

    Tabletop Games 
  • A rather on the nose example in Bleak World where every Dracul class female vampire is gay. In addition there is the Society of Lesbian Vampires, which upholds the masquerade that vampires don't exist.
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse: Blood Countess Bathory seems to be one. She's only ever seen draining blood from women, and all of her vampiric servants are female but one. And that one is a "drudge" who is merely a fanatically-loyal manual laborer.
  • You can play as one in both Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Requiem, if you want to. Meanwhile two of the recurring NPCs in Masquerade are Lucita (a privileged member and skilled manipulator of the Lasombra clan) and Fatima (one of the Banu Haqim clan's greatest assassins). At some point in their long, long history, they were lovers, and now they want to kill each other (sometimes, if the novels are to be believed, they just want to bite each other).
  • While they are Out of Focus, Warhammer Fantasy's Lahmian vampire bloodline carries shades of this. Almost entirely women (rather homoerotic on its own), their first example and leader rather Does Not Like Men, may have had a thing for a female cousin (though her being turned into a vampire was actually a magical accident in an attempt to save her life by a man who had mutual feelings for her, which eventually was validated in Warhammer: The End Times) and dotes on her favored subjects. Lahmians are impossibly alluring (to women included), and some Lahmians became vampires after devotedly serving one who they probably were love-struck with. An early piece of lore for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar refers to one of the Lahmian vampires as Nefertata's consort, so take from that what you will.


    Video Games 
  • While they are actually oni, the supernatural girls of Akai Ito and Aoi Shiro invoke this image, due to them drawing power from drinking the blood of the main heroines.
  • Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition has the real Hexxat, who is female, a vampire, and romanceable for female CHARNAMES (and only females — she exhibits an interest in Viconia, but rejects any male attention).
  • Apparently, Carmilla succeeded in the Castlevania universe, as Laura is her servant in a couple of games. Also, Carmilla is a Cat Girl — for reasons obvious to anyone who has even passing familiarity with the original story — and Laura is what appears to be a bunnygirl, for no obvious reason except fanservice.
    • Inverted in Castlevania, Lord of Shadow, where in spite of Carmilla's literary origins, she's not only depicted as having a romantic interest in the male lead, but even worse, Laura is now depicted as her adopted vampire daughter.
  • The vampire protagonist in Cute Bite only feeds on female targets. It's not always romantic, but it can be in the endings if she's pursuing a particular character.
  • This is a possibility in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, both straight and inverted examples, partly because marriage is a feature of the game. For functionality, the player can marry any applicable character regardless of their or their spouse's gender, so them being bisexual is in full effect. It's also possible to become a vampire in-game, requiring the player to drink the blood of the living to nullify some negative effects. Naturally, this means that the player can choose any sleeping NPC (or use Vampire's Seduction when they're awake) to feed on, including ones of the same gender as the player character. It's practically recommended that the player get married if they're a vampire so that they can feed on their spouse while they sleep, reducing the risk of being caught and having a ready supply of blood without much other trouble.
  • Touhou Project fangame Koumajou Densetsu II: Stranger's Requiem strongly implies that playable Ninja Meido Sakuya Izayoi and her vampire mistress, Remilia Scarlet, are romantically involved with each other. The final boss theme against Remilia is even titled Rose-Killing Carmilla. It not only name-drops the quissential lesbian vampire but has some pretty suggestive lyrics, too.
  • In Legends of Runeterra, while they're not technically vampires per se, the Crimson Aristocrat and Crimson Disciple use Blood Magic, which is the closest thing in the setting to vampirism, and are in a pretty unambiguous same-sex relationship.
  • An Asari sex vampire called an Ardat-Yakshi appears in Mass Effect 2; the only specific victim we see of hers happens to be an impressionable girl, but she's been killing for at least four hundred years.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty originally conceived Vamp as one of these, but he got the Gender Flip treatment for Cast Speciation reasons once the sexy female villain Fortune was added, and became a sexy bisexual male character. Curiously, talking to Plisken about it reveals that Vamp's sexual orientation is the reason for his codename, rather than any of his obviously vampiric traits.
  • In interactive romance novel Moonrise, almost all the characters, including the vampires, are queer in one form or another. The narration specifically labels Lady Cassandra Mallory as an aromantic lesbian vampire:
    Your inner world reels at the thought of Cassandra as an aromantic lesbian Scarlet Pimpernel.
  • Lady Alcina Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village is not undead, but is otherwise highly evocative of a vampire and all but flat-out stated to be lesbian. Her castle is filled with sapphic artwork, she takes specific pleasure in torturing and feeding on her female servants, and despises men to the point that she only grudgingly regards them as a source of blood. Yes, she does have three daughters (whose proclivities are similar to their mother's but they're more eager to treat male protagonist Ethan as both a plaything and a snack), but you can find notes explaining how they were "created", and it wasn't through sexual reproduction.
  • In Sa Ga Frontier, Asellus is turned into one of the Mystics, a race which is basically a shade of vampire. Her sire, Orlouge, is obsessed with sex, and later Asellus ends up in a relationship with one of his "princesses". Unusually, Asellus is the protagonist of her short.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines:
    • Male vampires are mostly only able to seduce women to feed on, while female vampires can seduce women and men. There are only two women in the game that a female PC can't seduce (the option appears, but Nadia reacts with apparent confusion and Mira calls you a dyke), both from the violently homophobic Giovanni family.
    • Velvet Velour, who, apparently, has no trouble professing her love for the protagonist even if the latter is female. Also, there is Jeanette, whose famous sex scene doesn't... change any regardless of the PC's gender. Lastly, there is Heather the Ghoul, who doesn't mind whether you are male or female in her affection for you, but then, as a ghoul, she will always have Single-Target Sexuality.
    • Pisha mentions the name she tells you came from a long-dead companion and lover of hers who died many years ago, and adds "she has no need of [the name] any more".
  • Witches X Warlocks: Depending on the protagonist’s chosen gender, Carmilla can be a lesbian or bi/pansexual vampire. It’s notable that Carmilla is the only one of the love interests to have had an old flame, which is a human girl a long time ago.


    Web Original 
  • Carmilla the Series. Naturally, being a Setting Update of the Trope Maker, though it's played with somewhat; Carmilla only acts as a friend to the women she targets, but the women she tries to seduce she has no intention of harming. Laura's reaction to learning that Carmilla is actually interested in her, and not as a meal, is priceless. Apparently, being a Lesbian is just part of Carmilla's nature and most likely even without being a vampire she would be such.
    • Despite being a lesbian vampire, Carmilla is not shown to be a corrupting influence on Laura. Instead she saves her life on several occasions.
  • Viciously parodied in this The Onion article.
    "Why are the vampires lesbians?" sales agent Cal Fagan asked. "Were they lesbians before they became vampires, or did getting bitten have something to do with it? I never understood that. And is it necessary for them to seduce their victims before killing them? Why do they 'writhe sinuously' on every other page? And what did William's secret meeting with the dominatrix have to do with anything? I'm sorry, it just seemed gratuitous."
  • Sara Waite from Whateley Universe. She uses the codename Carmilla. She has fangs, pale skin, and a nearly irresistible lust aura, but she's not technically a vampire. Her core paradigm may be what all vampires in history were based on, since she's actually one of the Great Old Ones: she's directly related to both Shub-Niggurath and Cthulhu. She's mostly lesbian, and has turned a couple straight women, along with picking up a couple superpowered lesbians and even two hermaphrodites. (She's flexible.)
  • Vamp You relies on this trope.
  • Dicebreaker's livestreamed playthrough of the solo tabletop RPG Thousand Year Old Vampire, which can be found here and part 2 here, introduces their character, Isadora, as a, direct quote, "catastrophically bisexual" ancient Greek pirate who is also a vampire. A number of other vampires are introduced who at the very least seem interested in Isadora, and when their old captain, Sappho (not that one) inexplicably turns up alive two hundred years later and attempts to reunite with Isadora even though Isadora has long since forgotten her, it's implied that she may be a vampire too.

    Western Animation 
  • Adventure Time fans long suspected this of Marceline the Vampire Queen, which was eventually confirmed by her voice actress Olivia Olsen during a book signing, who said that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum used to date. (Though Marceline has also had a boyfriend, making her a Bisexual Vampire instead.) In the final episode, they kiss.
    • The Gender Flip version may also apply to their male counterparts Marshal Lee and Prince Gumball.
  • Season 3 of Castlevania introduces Striga and Morena, a pair of lesbian vampires who are in an apparently committed relationship with each other. A vampire named Carmilla also serves as main antagonist for seasons 3 and 4, but has little in common with her namesake, seeming mostly interested in men and only offhandedly considering women if all the men in the world dropped dead.
  • Castlevania: Nocturne introduces one for each gender. We have the Big Bad Erszebet Bathory who prefers to feed on virgin girls though she's also fine with a mother, and then we also have Olrox whose love interests both past and present are male.

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