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Incest Yay Shipping

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I know that they are siblings, but I think there's something more
If she weren't dating that guy, they'd be banging, I am sure.
The third scene in episode four, come on, look at him stare.
Twincest can't really be that bad—
I don't care! I ship it!
"I Ship It", Not Literally Productions

When a pair (or more) of characters who are related to each other are given the Shipping treatment.

Incest is a serious taboo among human beings—most cultures have an incest taboo.note  Despite this, or perhaps because of it, there is a significant amount of people interested in it, and this being the Internet, they can't wait to share their shipping theories with you.

Even with the taboo, they might have an easier job than the Ho Yay Shippers, since normal family members are often so close to each other, both physically and emotionally, that with any other partner the same scenes could easily be interpreted as romantic and/or sexual. Just pick up any dialogue between relatives, ignore the intended meaning, and Ta-da! you have subtext. There's also a good chance that you have repelled, or otherwise alienated a good part of the fandom — but if the fandom is big enough, there's a chance you'll find like-minded company anyway.

This is a subpage for fandom theories. When the same effect is featured in the work in question that is actual Incest Subtext. See also Ho Yay and Foe Yay Shipping for other shipping tropes that are based on fan-speculation, and Incest Is Relative page for a collection of other incest-related tropes.


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  • In 2009, Folgers debuted a holiday commercial about two siblings reuniting at home on Christmas morning over a cup of coffee. The brother returns home from a volunteer trip to West Africa, and surprises his sister with a gift. She peels off the bow and places it on her brother's chest, declaring, "You're my present this year." It's saccharine, and overflowing with Incest Subtext. Since then, it has spawned a small, bizarre fandom known as Folgerscest. AO3 even has a tag for them: Folgers "Home for the Holidays" Commercial. It is all parody, ranging from affectionate to absurdist. The phenomena is so prevalent, that GQ Magazine did an oral history of the ad.

    Asian Animation 
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Some fans pair Wilie and Angelalily, even though they are cousins related through both of their parents. This ship is known as "香灰" in the Chinese community.

    Comic Books 
  • Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, aka Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver from the The Avengers, were seen in this light, especially Pietro and his overprotective instincts. In the alternate universe title The Ultimates, however...
  • Batman:
    • Nightwing and Batman are popular, especially amongst the LGBT Fanbase and Yaoi Fangirls side of DC fans. Though there's no blood relation, Bruce has raised Dick since he was at minimum 12 (sometimes younger). The two have either a father-son bond or a brotherly bond Depending on the Writer.
    • An even more popular ship is Jason Todd with Dick Grayson or Tim Drake. In either case the two are adopted brothers with a knack for sibling rivalry. Some even like to ship him with Batman cause of their complicated relationship after Jason's resurrection.
  • Daken's private thoughts about little "sister", X-23, upon seeing her in action once their various conflicts, double-crossings, and manipulations are put aside so they can focus on dealing with Colcord are out of the way, can easily be read with a romantic subtext. And considering this is Daken we're talking about... it certainly puts fuel into the fire among some of the fans and makes Daken one of Laura's many fandom pairings.
  • Power Pack, being a sibling team, gets this a lot. In the all-ages version, Jack and Katie get this from some fans due to their constant bickering. A sweet moment between their future selves doesn't help due to the way it's drawn.
  • A number of Superman and Supergirl fans ship both characters together despite being first cousins, either because they think there's no getting around the "Kryptonian of Steel, Human of Kleenex" trouble or because they genuinely think Clark/Kal and Linda/Kara make a good couple. To be fair, Silver and Bronze stories provide plenty of fuel, accidental innuendo and subtext if you know where to look places to look. Fanfic writers such as Megamatt09 have penned long tales featuring them together.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
    • Half of the time Leonardo and Raphael fight, it comes off more like Belligerent Sexual Tension than actual Sibling Rivalry. This is especially noticeable in the 2007 film.
    • All four Turtles get paired up with each other, or sometimes all at once. You would think the 2007 film wouldn't inspire Leo/Don or Raph/Mikey fanworks but... Sometimes fans write them as adopted brothers due to the franchise not clarifying if they are from the same parents, but most keep them blood siblings.
    • The franchise also has a history of people involved with the series shipping, or encouraging shipping the Turtles as well, from artists, to voice actors, and even the rather infamous comic The Birds, the Bees, and the Turtles by Mirage artists featuring Donnie and Mikey in an explicitly sexual relationship.
  • Nate Grey a.k.a. X-Man had this with Madelyne Pryor, clone of his mother, Jean Grey. Their relationship was... complicated. The narrative fuelled a lot of UST between them, and while Nate backed off hard once he worked out their relationship, they remained the Fan-Preferred Couple (and writer preferred, going by the amount of suggestive writing). Certainly, Maddie didn't seem bothered, as the infamously suggestive cover of X-Man #41 shows - it literally says "If Maddie can't have Nate... no one can!". She flitted in and out of Nate's life as half Tsundere, half Yandere; sometimes nursing him back to health and sharing a slow dance with him, sometimes getting him into trouble for the hell of it, sometimes running out on him, once even killing Threnody, a competitor for his affections after a heart to heart about how they both "needed" him (though in both cases it was literally addictive - Threnody fed off death and Nate was immensely powerful and slowly dying, while Maddie had been resurrected by him and depended on his powers to stay alive), and rarely gave him any warning about any of this. Really, it's no wonder that when Nate created his own reality, the first rule was 'No Relationships'.

    Fan Works 
  • Child of the Storm has some In-Universe and out-of-universe shipping of Harry and his cousins, Jean and Maddie. While they're second cousins, which isn't necessarily taboo in the UK, and they had some enthusiastic shippers...
    • Jean acts like the big sister Harry never had, so he spends most of his time trying to wrestle his hormones into submission. While he mostly succeeds, Word of God observes that he hasn't exactly become blind to the way she looks.
    • Maddie, on the other hand... well, the chemistry between them is significant. It involves a lot of psychic intimacy, and Harry extending a mixture of the Power of Trust and Power of Love to help her break free from Sinister, who brainwashed her from infancy into believing she was an Artificial Human Living Weapon, in much the same fashion as Maddie's actual boyfriend. He's later shown thinking more than cousinly thoughts when he sees her in a nightie (to his own discomfort), which is brought up by a villain rooting through his mind - and Harry doesn't entirely deny it.
  • The MLP Loops: In-Universe. Changelings, being insects, don't have much of an incest taboo. Two changelings think Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor would be a cute couple despite them being siblings. So they get really drunk and decide to act out a confession scene in public... and since they're shapeshifters, they do this as Twilight and Shining. No one is happy with them when they wake up.

    Films — Animated 
  • The most popular Big Hero 6 ship by far is Tadashi and his younger brother Hiro. The fact that Tadashi dies within the first twenty minutes is usually ignored.
  • Periwinkle and Tinkerbell from Disney Fairies have a relationship quite comparable to Elsa's and Anna's; in fact, some consider them the proto-Elsanna. They're played up in a way that resembles Starcrossed Lovers, are very affectionate and are literally compared to a pair of starcrossed lovers. Understandably, many ship them.
  • Encanto: Because the film focuses mainly on the Madrigal family with a limited glimpse of the villagers, a segment of the fandom ships the Madrigals with each other, which is often collected under the tag "Madrigalcest". Bruno's rat telenovela, with its Surprise Incest story where an amnesiac aunt falls in love with her nephew, is something the aforementioned shippers have gotten a lot of mileage from, making jokes about it and working it into their own fan-fics.
    Bruno: Their love could never be. […] Well, because she's his aunt and she has amnesia so she can't remember that she’s his aunt. It's like a very forbidden kind of…
  • Frozen fans love shipping the sisters Elsa and Anna. Even though she has a male love interest, Anna spends the entire first film wanting to see Elsa, wanting to spend time with Elsa, worrying about Elsa more than anyone else, and risking her life to save Elsa, fulfilling the "prince rescuing the princess" role. For her part, Elsa's fear of showing off her ice powers to anyone and hurting her sister has an "in the closet" subtext thing going on. And in the end, the movie subverts the trope of True Love's Kiss by having the love that saves Anna being her sisterly love for Elsa. Many fanfics work around this by making them Unrelated in the Adaptation. Frozen II and the shorts Frozen Fever and Olaf's Frozen Adventure have all provided much material to keep this going.
  • In the CGI-animation/live action Easter film Hop, a lot of the fanbase shipped human protagonist Fred O'Hare (James Marsden) with his sister Sam O'Hare (played by Kaley Cuoco). As most of their interaction together come off as a couple rather than as siblings. Sam is the only adult female on-screen dedicating the most of her time to Fred, she lets him sleep over her boss's house (she housesits for her boss) and then drops over unannounced to check up on Fred. A lot of her behavior towards Fred comes off as "overly concerned girlfriend" rather than sister. Even Carlos shipped them together when he interviewed them in disguise at the behind-the-scenes movie premiere.
  • The Incredibles: Helen/Violet has a sizeable fandom, judging from the growing amount of fan art, femme slash fics, and H-videos of them being all over each other.
  • The Lion King:
    • There are a few fan-works that ship brothers Mufasa and Scar together.
    • Vitani is commonly shipped with Kiara and especially Kopa. It's never explicitly confirmed but it's likely that Vitani is Scar's daughter, making her the second cousin of Simba's cubs.
  • Meet the Robinsons:
    • Meet the Robinsons has some fans who ship Wilbur and Lewis, his father. The ship is aptly referred to as "Timecest".
    • There's even a small shipping with Wilbur and mother, Franny Robinson, considering how they first met accidentally in the present where he makes the mistake of insulting her as an "annoying little girl" causing her to show off her karate moves to him (with a smile...) and he has to help her collect all her pet frogs. Even in the future, the way she hugs and kisses her son after surviving a near-fatal encounter with the T-Rex proves to be a little unnerving (not to mention a little more than motherly by the looks of it).
  • In 101 Dalmatians, because 84 of the Dalmatian puppies were bought and paid for by Jasper and Horace before being rescued and Happily Adopted by Pongo and Perdita along with their 15 puppies, many of the fanbase ship them together in fan works since the puppies are Not Blood Siblings.
  • Arrow and Rudolph is a pretty popular pairing for fans of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1998) due to their rivalry. Most fans do not notice they're cousins, likely because it's never directly stated; you only realize it when you pair a statement that Cupid is one of Rudolph's uncles with a later statement by Arrow saying that Cupid is his father.
  • Happened accidentally with When Marnie Was There. Prior to release, many were clamouring that it was Ghibli's first movie about a same-sex romance or, at least, an implied one. However, it turns out Marnie is the protagonist's grandmother. A lot of complaining and Abandon Shipping occurred but many either ignored that or went with it.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Back to the Future: There are quite a few fans who like to pair Marty up with the past version of his mother Lorraine. There are a few fanfics about it and some sites even discuss how they would (in their opinions) work as a couple.
  • There seems to be no sign of incest in the original book, but that didn't stop the The Chronicles of Narnia fans. The most popular pairings are Peter/Susan and Edmund/Lucy, with Peter/Edmund and Edmund/Susan all very popular as well. "Blame the chemistry between the actors." As you can imagine, given the Christian origins of the stories, this is a large division for the fanbase.
  • A not-insignificant portion of the fans for Doom is solely made up of those who ship the fraternal twins John "Reaper" Grimm and Dr. Samantha Grimm, a Brother–Sister Team who are the film's primary protagonists and serve as The Not-Love Interest to one another. Part of this is thanks to a combination of their actors (Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike) both being incredibly attractive and having shockingly good romantic & sexual chemistry together (with their mutual character arc of overcoming their estrangement following them having chosen different career paths being more akin to two embittered ex-spouses slowly coming back together).
  • Denis Villeneuve's Dune:
    • Dune: Part One: There's been more than one such thought born from the scene where Paul takes his shirt off to put on the stillsuit with his mother Jessica watching maybe a second too long and looking a little disturbed after turning to look away, although the more likely explanation for their awkwardness is that even though they're not looking, each knows the other is disrobing ten feet away, and that's just not something highborn mothers and sons do. Although it doesn't help that the age gap between Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson isn't that big (12 years),
    • Dune: Part Two: A lot of fans walked away from this film shipping Paul and Feyd-Rautha (Austin Butler), despite the reveal that they are cousins, partially due to their fight at the end where Feyd-Rautha congratulated Paul on killing him. It also crosses over with Foe Yay Shipping due to them being enemies as well.
  • The Halloween fandom really likes the Michael/Laurie pairing even though he wants to kill her. The 2018 reboot retcons them being related however.
  • By far the most popular pairing in the fandom for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters is Hansel/Gretel. This is despite a short-"haired" witch taunting them by saying they should fornicate with each other in the film, which only disgusts them. Hansel also has a canonical female love interest not Gretel in the white witch Mina, but chemistry between their actors was rather lacking (with it coming off as the two of them being Strangled by the Red String). Add an instance of Platonic Writing, Romantic Reading with Hansel and Gretel themselves (both characters are quite physically affectionate with one another, several scenes where they show concern for the other can come across as pining, and both actors being rather attractive), and you get this.
  • After the release of the first The Hobbit film, Fili/Kili was the most popular pairing in the fandom for both brothers for a while. This died down somewhat after the next two films introduced Tauriel as Kili's love interest and Fili/Ori and Fili/Sigrid gained steam as alternative pairings for the elder Durin heir in fandom, but it's still one of the easiest Hobbit pairings to find fics for on Archive of Our Own.
    • Then with the release of the later two films, people started shipping Legolas with his father Thranduil.
  • While House of Wax (2005) starts out with Carly dating Wade, a lot of fans like the idea of pairing the fraternal twins Carly and Nick together instead. Their story plays out more like estranged lovers than estranged siblings, with Nick's blatant dislike of Wade coming across more like jealousy than just him being an overprotective sibling, one scene consisting of Nick exchanging his shirt with Carly after her's is ruined, and the twins' Sibling Rivalry-laden arguments all coming across as pretty flirtatious. What certainly helps is that they ultimately save each other's lives like a Battle Couple and some deliberate parallels are made contrasting Carly and Nick's tumultuous but ultimately positive sibling dynamic with the genuinely toxic sibling dynamic between the Big Bad set of formerly conjoined twins Bo and Vincent (who are heavily implied to have a Villainous Incest-style dynamic in at least some way).
  • In a director's-cut scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, many of who we'll call Stewardcest fangirls point for evidence to this moment that's very subtle, but oddly difficult-to-explain-otherwise when you notice it: Denethor dismissively comments about his younger son, Faramir, "I know his uses. They are few." Now think about the implications of the word "use." And rewind and look at Boromir's expression again: It's not "oh, dad, you're so mean", it's embarrassed.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Thor and Loki is a very popular ship; it helps that they're Not Blood Siblings (or even the same species, for that matter). It’s so heavily shipped that apparently some marketers in China failed to figure out that it wasn’t official and printed ads for one of the films with photoshop fanart of it.
    • From Avengers: Age of Ultron we have Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, following in their comic counterparts' footsteps. The fact that their actors played husband and wife in Godzilla (2014) just adds more fan video material.
    • Following the release of Black Panther, the T'Challa/Erik (T'Cherik) ship became strangely popular.
  • invoked In Pacific Rim, two (or in one case three) member teams pilot giant robots using the techno-telepathic Drift. Between the very intimate memory sharing and emotional connections, special "drift compatibility" needed between pilots (and the one successful Drift compatibility trial seen on screen being described as akin to a sex scene by the director) and the fact that a pretty large number of teams seem to be related, incest is a pretty common in the PR fandom. The most prominent example is the lone parent/child team of Herc and Chuck Hansen, which also happen to be one of the most shipped pairings in the fandom. Probably helped that other characters comment on Chuck's "daddy issues", that supplemental material and Word of God states that Herc never remarried after Chuck's mum died and that Chuck never dated at all, and that the age gap between their actors is only a bit more than a decade.
  • In Repo! The Genetic Opera, Luigi and Amber. Particularly the bit where she knees him in the groin and licks his ear at the same time. According to their brother Pavi's myspace page, he and Amber are also rather unhealthily close. And a surprising number of fans ship Luigi and Pavi (or "Pavigi").
  • Not only did a lot of Star Wars fans ship Luke and Leia back in the day, but so did a lot of merchandise, advertising, and spin-off material (most infamously Splinter of the Mind's Eye, published before The Empire Strikes Back). Nowadays, you have to look to find material for it, but it's still around; both relics of the original ship and new shippers.
  • Some fans of Stoker ship India with her Creepy Uncle Charlie in earnest. To be fair, the mutual attraction is canon.

  • The Chronicles of Narnia has Pevencest. Considering all four main characters are siblings, there really isn't a whole lot of shipping alternatives.note  The first book implies they're the only humans that live in Narnia, without mentioning the fact that there are other lands around Narnia, in which other people reside. So it's either incest or bestiality — take your pick. Pevencest comes in all possible configurations of the four, but Peter/Susan and Edmund/Lucy are the most popular, and serve as a nice pair of Ship Mates. Though there's a whole lot of Peter/Edmund, too, since people love their Slash Fic. Previously the trope page image.
  • The Dresden Files fanbase commonly ships Harry with his half-brother, Thomas (usually ignoring the fact that both of them have serious female love interests). This is probably because Thomas is an incubus, who naturally arouse sexual feelings in those around them, and because it was several books before said relation was revealed. The fact that Thomas masquerades as a gay hair dresser and they were Mistaken for Gay as a couple at least once in series (which they would later use to their benefit) doesn't help matters.
  • GONE: Despite them being mortal enemies and having strong canon pairings with people of no blood-relation to them, Sam and Caine have been shipped together, and it's actually pretty popular. The ship is known as "Saine"... or "twincest".
  • The Hardy Boys: A strict No Hugging, No Kissing policy during the original run (alongside the stressful adventures giving the boys a very powerful brotherly bond) led a lot of people to acknowledge that Frank and Joe seemed very indifferent to their respective girlfriends Callie and Iola and way more interested in each other.
  • Harry Potter:
    • invoked Many fans think that Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissa Malfoy (older and younger sisters respectively) fit the bill for this and have written extensive fanfics about it. Word of God confirmed that Bellatrix loves Voldemort above all else, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child reveals that she gave birth to his daughter; some fanfics manage to get around this fact.
    • Fred and George Weasley have a veritable library of slash work dedicated to them, even though their actors are disgusted by it all.
    • Ron and his sister Ginny. Ron is quite annoyed when Ginny dates Dean and he silently interferes with her and Harry's relationship at first, but he relents later and becomes more accepting of their relationship.
  • Maria Watches Over Us has Rei and Yoshino, who are canonically soeurs. The soeur relationship ranges anywhere from a Pseudo-Romantic Friendship to ambiguously romantic. Many people ship the two without even realizing that they're cousins.
  • Adoptive siblings Katarina and Keith Claes have this in My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!, especially with Keith having one sided attraction to his older sister (who sees him as her cute younger brother), with it being one of the fan-preferred couples.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Shipping any demigods together is both incest and not. The books say that the only people in camp who are off-limits incest-wise are those with whom you share a godly parent — although these seems kind of contrived. If you take a broader view, the gods are related somehow, so all campers are part of the same family, usually cousins or something — and since the Greek gods didn't let incest stop them, why should their kids?
    • Percy and Annabeth. Despite being closely related via their respective parents, Poseidon and Athena (they’re first cousins once removed), they get together by the end of the series.
    • Some fans pair Percy and/or Annabeth with their demigod cousins, including Thalia (Zeus's daughter) with Percy and Annabeth with Luke (Hermes's son). Annabeth also has a crush on Luke early in the series.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events had a small Violet/Klaus fandom that got quite a bit larger after the release of the movie adaptation. This is no surprise, considering they're a Brother–Sister Team who has been Promoted to Parents for their baby sister, and the two of them are pretty much the only people they can trust.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire has this in abundance, not exactly helped by the canon being quite bold about incest — such as cousin marriage being quite common in Westeros, a certain royal family marrying siblings together, and there being a well-known twincestuous pairing in another family. Many fans ship characters the same way. In addition to shipping Jon Snow with girls who aren't related to him (Val, Ygritte) and a distant cousin (Alys Karstark), fans also ship Jon with Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, and even Arya Stark. Sansa and Arya are both Jon's half-sisters and if the popular theory of Jon's parentage is true in the books (as it is in the television adaptation), Daenerys would be Jon's paternal aunt, and Sansa and Arya would be Jon's blood cousins but raised as his sisters. These pairings may be due to Jon being a Launcher of a Thousand Ships, but he gets shipped with his relatives quite a bit — in fact, by pure numbers, Jon x Sansa and Jon x Daenerys are by a wide margin the most well-represented ships for all three characters on and Archive of Our Own. The Arya one is not helped by an initial draft of the books that had Arya and Jon falling in love with each other to their mutual horror (although this same outline also included Catelyn being killed by the Others, Tyrion falling in love with Arya as well, Benjen being Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, etc.).
  • Tolkien's Legendarium:
    • The Lord of the Rings: Merry and Pippin are first cousins and are often shipped together by fans. Sometimes Frodo, more distantly related to both of them, is thrown into the mix as well. See Bag Enders's "Random Slashy Interludes" for a prime example.
    • Perhaps one of the most popular pairings in The Silmarillion is Maedhros/Fingon; these two share a grandfather, Finwë. As do Celegorm and Aredhel, also paired rather often. And then there's Curufin/Finrod, which is popular despite the fact that canonically Curufin sent Finrod off to his death and tried to steal his throne.
    • Then there's Fëanor/Fingolfin, who are half-brothers and... don't get along well in canon.
    • Most fanfic treats the canon Túrin/Niënor pairing as tragic, like the book in which they're the title characters — but there's fanfic.
    • As soon as the first The Hobbit movie came out, there was an explosion of Fíli/Kíli slashfic. Many (but not all) of them operate from the canonical statement that dwarves love only once, and assume that the brothers have bonded to each other. Reactions of those around them vary from complete acceptance to revulsion.
  • Warrior Cats:
    • Hawkfrost/Brambleclaw, which has its own ship name: Brothershipping. They're half-brothers, which is probably the only reason it isn't banned from discussion on Warriors Wish.
    • The reveal that Firestar and Scourge are half-brothers means Altershipping also falls under this trope.

  • Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812:
    • Sonya/Natasha is a pretty vocal ship in the fandom, despite the fact that they're cousins. To be fair, at least some of the shippers don't seem to realize/remember they're family; their relation is only mentioned in passing twice at the start of the show. If you listened to the song "Sonya Alone" out of context, you could easily make the mistake of assuming they have a Pseudo-Romantic Friendship instead of a close familial bond.
    • Anatole and Hélène are siblings, and everyone in the fandom absolutely knows this; it's just that a lot of them don't care. This one actually has canon support; they get way too touchy-feely and comment on each other's attractiveness more than once, Pierre makes a dig at Anatole implying he thinks/knows something is going on, and Anatole's character bio in the program has him admit he often wishes Hélène wasn't his sister. Given that they get along fine and seem to be close, you have to wonder what the reason for that is... The subtext was present in the source material, too, leading some fans to declare "we have Tolstoy on our side!"
  • Richard II (particularly as presented in The Hollow Crown and/or the RSC version starring David Tennant) has Richard/Bolingbroke, as well as Richard/Aumerle (who share a lengthy kiss in the RSC version), all cousins. (Specific to the Hollow Crown version of Henry IV, Part 1, the sight of Jeremy Irons slapping Tom Hiddleston caused a few fandom ripples.)

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney caters to this trope in various ways: there's shippers for Mia/Maya, Lana/Ema, Jake/Neil, Edgeworth×Franziska (who are adoptive siblings), and even Apollo×Trucy, all of which have a fair bit of subtext to them. The two incestuous pairings that are by far the most popular in the fandom are Dahlia/Iris, from Trials and Tribulations and Kristoph/Klavier, from Apollo Justice. To be fair, many fans shipped Apollo and Trucy before they knew they were siblings, and they themselves never find this out.
  • Danganronpa:
  • Higurashi: When They Cry:
    • Rika and Hanyuu are one of the most shipped Rika pairings. It helps that they're very distant relatives as Hanyuu died centuries ago.
    • Pairing the twins Shion and Mion is relatively common. Going by Pixiv tag results, it's their first and second most popular pairing respectively in Japan regarding fanart. It doesn't help that Shion said she'd marry Mion if she was a boy, or that official art for the anime adaptation likes pairing them together.
  • It's not uncommon for Morenatsu fans to ship Tatsuki with his father Tappei, even though no official route involves this happening.
  • Umineko: When They Cry also gets a lot of this, not least of which because a majority of the cast is related, and three canon ships (George/Shannon, Jessica/Kanon, and Battler/Beatrice) are all Surprise Incest

  • Since Jay Naylor's webcomic Better Days contained actual Twincest, readers have been joking about something similar happening on its sequel Original Life ever since it got started. Early in the series, there were definite undertones of BST between Janie and a cousin.
  • Ennead: It's a comic about Egyptian mythology, so this trope is practically a given. The most prevalent ships in the fandom are Seth/Horus (who are uncle and nephew) and Osiris/Seth (who are brothers). Nephthys/Isis (sisters) has a fair following as well.
  • Homestuck:
    • John/Jade and Dave/Rose (especially the latter) are confirmed ecto-siblings with rather large shipping bases.
    • The amount of Bro/Dave shipping is unsettling when you find out that Bro is not only Dave's brother, but also Dave's ecto-father. According to Google Trends, "Stridercest" (Dave/Bro, or sometimes Dave/Dirk) got much more popular after Act 6 began, which was when the post-Scratch versions of the Guardians were introduced.
  • Tower of God: On the rare occasion that the person Khun Aguero Agnis is shipped with isn't Bam, then it'll likely be Maria, who's his half sister. This is likely to do with the In-Universe rumors that have yet to be confirmed or denied, as well as a... mildly suggestive sketch of the two that the author posted on his blog, with Maria standing in a door way and Khun getting dressed over an unmade bed. (He later had to clarify that Maria was telling Khun to hurry up as he was preparing for a banquet, and that Khun was a virgin.)

    Web Original 
  • Button's Adventures: If Button Mash is not being paired up with Sweetie Belle the he is definitely being paired with his mom, Cream Heart. Taking into account how the Brony fandom reacted to her, is understandable why.
  • In Cinnamon Bunzuh!, an Animorphs Review Blog, reviewer Ifi ships Ax and Tobias (who are uncle and nephew) while the latter is morphed into the former.
  • Shifty/Lifty is a pretty common pairing in the homosexual or Yaoi crowd in Happy Tree Friends.
  • RWBY:
    • In a poll of 817 RWBY fans (held after Volume 1), 23 said their OTP was Ruby/Yang, who are half-sisters. The ship is known as "Enabler". It isn't uncommon to see Ruby/Yang in Pollination (Ruby/Weiss/Blake/Yang) fanworks, though many fans also just depict them as sharing girlfriends in that scenario.
    • Going one generation up the tree, the infamous "Entire Team" ship (Summer/Taiyang/Raven/Qrow) contains Raven and Qrow, who are twin sister and brother. Most supporters interpret it as "Taiyang Really Gets Around" to avoid the problem, but a full-on STRQ orgy isn't unheard of.
    • Ruby and her Cool Uncle Qrow together is one of the more popular incestous couples in the fandom. This is likely attributed to the fact they're not blood related (Qrow is the biological uncle of Ruby's half-sister, Yang, but not Ruby herself).
    • Yet another fan-favorite pairing matched Weiss with her older sister Winter, primarily because until Volumes 7 and 8, Winter was the only person in her family that Weiss had any positive relationship with.
  • Lenny and Elizabeth Priestly of Survival of the Fittest v3 are seen by most handlers as having an... interesting relationship, due to Lenny's protectiveness of her. Some handlers also ship Reiko and Reika Ishida (twins), and Rosa, Frankie, and Ilario Fiametta (triplets).

Alternative Title(s): Incest Yay