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Mysterious Woman

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"Secrets are what make us irresistible to men, don't you think?"
C. Viper, Street Fighter IVnote 

You know the one. The classy dame in the bar with a black outfit (hat optional), deep lipstick, a knowing stare, and a sly smile. She is both sensuous and dangerous, but calm and collected as well, and knows far more than she reveals. Her appearance in a story is a portent of Strange Things Happening; sometimes, she may join The Hero, and other times, she may be his worst enemy. However, something's certainly going to happen, and she'll most likely be right in the middle of it.

If she can fight, too (and she usually can), then anyone who gets in her way should watch out...

See also Mysterious Stranger. Not to be confused with Women's Mysteries.

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Alternative Title(s): Mysterious Women