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"Oh such grace, oh such beauty— so precious, suspicious, and charming, and vicious,
Oh darling, you're a million ways to be cruel."
OK Go, A Million Ways

A classic character type, the beauty who uses her femininity and her sexuality as a weapon to undermine a moral and upright man, for evil purposes. She's evil and sexy, a liar, a manipulatrix and a sneak, and uses the good guy's sympathy against him, often with a sob story about her mother and some hospital bills or a Wounded Gazelle Gambit.

Unlike the Femme Fatale and the Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter, and even the Dark Feminine, she is rotten to the core, and will never be swayed from the path of darkness by love. (In eras where Makeup Is Evil applies, expect her to paint when no other woman does.)

The name comes from Rudyard Kipling's 1897 poem "The Vampire." It was popularized by the 1915 silent film A Fool There Was, which quoted liberally from the Kipling poem. It quickly became a trope of classic silent films, where this character is part of a standardized plot. A red-blooded American boy must choose between his familiar, cutesy-plain sweetheart and this seductress.


This trope is Cyclic. In certain eras, as with the "hat dichotomy" from Westerns, but more actual in fact, The Vamp is almost always black-haired, whereas the good girl is a blonde. In the Cold War era, the raven-haired temptress was a Soviet spy, when not just a torturer like The Baroness. At other times, blondes are inherently more evil. And of course, always keep an eye out for an Evil Redhead or two in the mix.

She may either wear a red dress or black lingerie.

Although the name is derived from "vampire," this character is most commonly a normal human, but some supernatural entities are known to influence men in this way. Succubi and Sirens are known to lure men in to be eaten or drained of Life Energy, or occasional literal vampires use their supernatural beauty and wit to lure male prey to their deaths, for example.


Expect some praying mantis imagery for these characters, as female mantises have been known to eat their mates' heads after mating (although the prevalence of this habit is greatly exaggerated in the media).

Compare with the Femme Fatale, the somewhat more sympathetic (and often less overtly sexual) version of this character (which may overlap with this trope if the character has an ambiguous agenda), and The Casanova. Often overlaps with the Black Widow, who is just a particularly successful Vamp, Gold Digger, who is motivated by greed for the target's wealth, and Intentional Heartbreaker, for when she strings the guy along for a while. See also Villainesses Want Heroes. Literal Man Eater is when this character literally eats the men she seduces.

Contrast with the Heroic Seductress, The Vamp's direct Counter Trope, who uses sex for noble and heroic purposes. Also contrast the Proper Lady, who saves it for her own man.

Not to Be Confused with the other Vamp.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Mitsuko Souma in Battle Royale.
  • Berserk:
    • Slan. Beautiful and enticing she may be, but she's still a cruel sadist who corrupts and destroys people using her wiles, as well as one of the five most powerful demons in the series universe. As if that wasn't bad enough, her interactions with Guts show her as an outright sexual predator.
    • The female Apostle that Guts kills in the very beginning of the manga is another big example, using her beautiful, naked, female human form to lure men into her embrace before assuming her Apostle form and eating them alive, with her most notable kill being Corkus during the Eclipse. Guts exploited this and pretended to fall into the lure, only to turn the tables and blow her head off with his Arm Cannon at point-blank range when she transformed to try to eat him.
  • Bloody Agatha from Claymore — she's one of the few Claymores who shows an interest in sex (although admittedly we only see her after becoming an Awakened One). Roxanne of Love and Hate could also count, depending on how you interpret her attitude towards her victims. Her modus operandi was to befriend another Claymore and copy her powers. That Claymore would later die in...mysterious circumstances. It also enabled her to leap up the ranks to Number 1.
  • In Corsair, Canale is treated as a vamp by a lot of characters, almost all of whom are trying to defer their guilt to him because they refuse to accept that their desire for him is their fault.
  • Light Yagami from Death Note is a Rare Male Example. This is how he gets Misa and Takada to serve him. Or rather continue serving him, given that they were Kira loyalists from the outset.
  • Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist is aptly named, making heavy use of this trope in every single version of the series. As one of the primary agents of the Big Bad, she uses her incredible beauty and cunning mind to manipulate men...often killing them once they are no longer useful. The manga and Brotherhood paints her as a cruel and dangerous woman, while the 2003 anime version presents her as more of a tragic Anti-Villain. Her design perfectly calls up the classic image, with flowing black curls and a slinky black dress, as well as smoky makeup.
  • Parodied in Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, where a woman tries to pull this to steal government secrets from a group of Otaku. Of course, they were specifically chosen to guard the secrets because their obsession with 2D girls would make them immune to The Vamp...
  • Seraph of the End: Crowley notes in the novels that Ferid has the kind of beauty that can lure people in and corrupt them, which is part of his MO as a Depraved Bisexual.
  • Tsukiyama initially before his Character Development used his good looks and charm to lure others to him in order to eat them, particularly with his relationship with Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul. He also shares the same voice actor as Light from Death Note.
    • Nutcracker is a female example, using her feminine wiles and beauty to lure men so as to crush and eat their testicles.
    • This was the MO of Rize Kamishiro. Known as "Binge Eater", she used her beauty to satisfy her infamous appetite by seducing attractive young men and then eating them. She attempted this on the protagonist, an innocent young man named Kaneki, but her feeding is interrupted and the plot of the series is triggered.
    • Eto seems to be this. She's mostly naked and acts seductive while committing acts of violence and mayhem.
  • Underdog has the buxom tournament coordinator Noa Takayanagi, who uses her feminine wiles early in the series both to convince Naoto to participate in the tournament and to get him out of trouble with a couple of police officers on patrol, by distracting them with her cleavage.
  • Kanoko's stepmother in Velvet Kiss is a chessmater who uses a combination of sex and blackmail to manipulate events, such as by having the wife of her lover killed due to neglectful hospital care, and then trying to do the same thing to the lover himself (now her husband). Deconstructed when all it takes is two people standing up to her and the entire plot crashes down around her.
  • In Windaria, Selenia is ordered by the Big Bad to seduce and then kill Alan. He's so taken with 'every beautiful inch of her' that it almost works.
  • Lilim in Monster Rancher.
  • Chizuru Kirishiki in Shiki.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! had a Sadist Teacher version named Ms. Chono from the first arc of the manga and the first anime series. She enforces arbitrary rules and enjoys expelling students, so much so that she regularly orders desk inspections to find out if any students are carrying contraband items. She also likes going on matchmaking dates just to crush men's hopes, and the one time a guy dumped her first she had a gigantic temper tantrum in the school bathroom. She gets her just desserts when Yami Yugi challenges her to a jigsaw puzzle game, where she cheats, and has her true ugliness exposed. Later on, she's able to appear normal with enough make-up, but when she acts mean or cruel her face will suddenly crack.

    Comic Books 
  • Sin City:
    • Ava Lord from the story "A Dame to Kill For" was an evil (by her own admission) and greedy seductress who manipulated her old lover, Dwight McCarthy, through a Wounded Gazelle Gambit into murdering her husband so she could get her hands on all his money, and then tried to kill him once he had outlived his usefulness to her. As Manute, her Dragon (who would later show up in "The Big Fat Kill"), explains, Dwight is not the first man she has destroyed with her deadly wiles. Lampshaded-slash-deconstructed in her admission, as she points out that "evil ruthless seductress" is so cliche nobody believes she can be one...until it's too late.
    • A number of other female characters play this up too, such as the assassins Blue Eyes and Mariah, whose looks are on par with Ava Lord and have a thing for seducing their victims before murdering them. Their boss actually gets annoyed with the former because she keeps wasting valuable time during missions getting into snog-sessions.
  • Batman:
    • Poison Ivy started out as an evil seductress but eventually became an eco-terrorist. She still has shades of it though.
    • When reintroduced Post-Flashpoint Kathy Kane, the first Batwoman. She was initially out to seduce Batman to uncover his identity for the crime league, Spyral.
    • Talia al-Ghul is one of Batman's more long-term and complicated relationships. She often fluctuates between ally and enemy as Batman and her father, Ra's al-Ghul, battle one another. For her guest appearances in Birds of Prey, however, she has decided to exploit her extremely well-formed figure to manipulate and dominate the men she targets, starting with the father of Black Alice.
  • Sandman Mystery Theatre had an arc titled The Vamp, featuring one of these. The title character became a bit more sympathetic when her Start of Darkness story was told.
  • X-Men:
    • Mystique, long time foe of the X-Men, is the absolute embodiment of this trope.
    • Selene, the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, also qualifies. Being a literal (psychic) vampire certainly helps.
  • Bridget Keating from Knights of the Dinner Table, although Bridget is more selfish than evil.
  • Lulu Romanov in Nikolai Dante. She is a member (and later leader) of the infamous Cadre Infernale and often seduces both men and women for her own ends. The narrations note that she's driven many of her lovers insane.
  • Fiona Fox from Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics). In addition, Rouge can qualify in her darker interpretations.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman (1987): Veronica Cale, CEO of Cale-Anderson Pharmaceuticals. She sleeps with a senator to manipulate him into going along with her agenda. She also has sex with a couple of scientists (Will Magnus and Baron Bug) to manipulate them into sharing their scientific designs for her own purposes.
    • Wonder Woman (1942):
      • Earth-Two: Draska Nishki spends most of her time flirting with male marks and cops in order to take advantage of them. She poisons Steve Trevor's drink while kissing him, in the full knowledge that he's been sent to act as a Honey Pot against her, and manages to convince an Officer of the Court to leave her alone and unsupervised to go get her some cigarettes.
      • Earth-One: Sometimes the second Cheetah, who wears a much skimpier costume than her predecessor, but this is Depending on the Writer.
  • Queen Bee of Bialya from Justice League of America.
  • The Mighty Thor:
    • The Enchantress at her most villainous. In a very clear-cut nod to her role as a stand-in for Freya in the Marvel mythos, she once traded a single night of lovemaking with three Dwarven master-smiths in exchange for the magnificent necklace Brisengamen.
    • Her sister Lorelei too. Like her sister, she is proficient in using her beauty and charm in order to seduce and dominate the will of others. Unlike Amora, Lorelei has no interest in mastering sorcery other than to learn a few spells and potions to aid her seductive techniques.
  • Madam Slay from Black Panther.
  • Raptors: Camilla is introduced after having seduced a young man who is willing to give up everything to be with her, claiming the raven-haired Spanish beauty to be the most desirable woman he has ever known. She swiftly murders him, which she had been planning on doing all along. She's also seen luring in victims by pretending to be a streetwalker.
  • The Ultimates
    • Black Widow seduced Tony Stark to the point they became engaged, and then turned on the Ultimates.
    • Lorelei spends most of her brief panel time controlling men and gloating to women about it.

    Fan Works 
  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Splash Woman brainwashes and seduces Mega Man, and forces him to promise not to tell anyone about her. Even thinking about Kalinka doesn't free him from her control, and Rush is enthralled by her powers.
  • Subverted with the plasmavore in Children of Time. She starts out as the seductress who wants nothing more than to suck all the blood out of your body, but she quickly becomes far more complicated a character than that and far more sympathetic. It should be noted that she does attempt to seduce Sherlock Holmes twice, and the second time, she nearly succeeds, helped along by a pheromone-enhancing concoction. However, she undergoes Character Development, namely Villain Decay.
  • Bart Simpson: Attorney at Law: Jessica Lovejoy has graduated into this from Fille Fatale. She is described as grown very hot and alluring and uses her seductive power to become the secretary for the successful attorney Bart Simpson and then sleeps with him. The relationship, however, causes Bart enormous stress, not liking being manipulated by the same girl who him in trouble when he was ten, and when he rejects her, she kidnaps him and tries drugging him into saying a marriage vow. When that doesn't work, she sues him for sexual harassment, claiming Bart took advantage of her citing to the court his bad-boy image, all the while mouthing to him "You're mine" .
  • From Episode 68 of the Professional Wrestling series The JWL: Khosrow Daivari had introduced Vladimir Kozlov and Aksana as the newest acquisitions of Daivari International during their appearance on The Rock's "The SmackDown Hotel". Later that same night, Shelton Benjamin defeated Cody Rhodes. Aksana walked out to distract Shelton, setting up Kozlov running in from the crowd and hitting him with a Battering Ram headbutt. Dusty Rhodes then walked out and paid off Daivari, Kozlov, and Aksana for the attack.
  • Fate/Black Dawn: Morgan views her body as just another of her weapons, albeit one that's more fun for her to use. On the first night of the tournament, she was planning on taking Shirou to bed and is extremely annoyed when he gets called away without even noticing that she was trying to seduce him.

    Films — Animation 
The Little Mermaid - When Ariel and Eric start to grow closer to each other, Ursula transforms herself into a slim beautiful young woman named Vanessa in an attempt to hypnotize Eric into marrying her, stop the two from hooking up and overthrow King Triton.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The character of Irma Vep in the 1915 french silent film serial Les Vampires. Her name is an anagram of "Vampire".
  • Played with in Beyond the Lights. Noni is clearly NOT a vamp. However, thanks to the hyper-sexualized image forced upon her by her record label, Kaz's father THINKS she is and warns his son not to get involved with her because "this one ain't First Lady material". Needless to say, Kaz does NOT take his advice!
  • In Body Heat, Mary Ann Simpson is explicitly labeled "The Vamp" in her high school yearbook. She's Kathleen Turner's character, which we've been lead to believe is Matty Tyler Walker, and is playing Ned Racine, the real Matty Tyler, and her husband for all they are worth.
  • Black Widow (1987), played by Theresa Russell, a serial killer of rich men she married, ostensibly for their money. Has strong bisexual theme as well.
  • The Parent Trap (1961) and The Parent Trap (1998). In this case, it takes the twin girls wreaking havoc on The Vamp to make Dad realize that he's about to marry a gold-digging bitch, which was completely obvious to everyone else from the moment the woman appeared on the screen. She'll likely overlap with the Rich Bitch in this case.
  • The 1967 version of Bedazzled (1967) has Lust, played by Raquel Welch. The Devil herself (played by Elizabeth Hurley) is one in the 2000 version.
  • Silent film actress Theda Bara in...pretty much anything, but especially 1915's A Fool There Was, where she's actually billed as "The Vampire". The film even quotes Rudyard Kipling's poem (see Literature below).
  • A whole series of Film Noir movies made in the 1940s and '50s: Phyllis in Double Indemnity, Kathie from Out of the Past. Even Marilyn Monroe's character in Niagara.
  • A significant portion of Marlene Dietrich's career was built on such titles as Devil Is a Woman.
  • Conchita in Bunuel's That Obscure Object of Desire. Hell, it took two actresses to carry all this vampishness.
  • Kara is even referred to as such in the 2006 high school noir, Brick.
  • Cthulhu (2007). Susan tries to seduce the protagonist, Russell Marsh, as part of the Cult of Dagon's plan to have him pass on his seed (creating a Hybrid Monster). As Russell is gay, her charms don't work on him, so she drugs and rapes him instead.
  • In Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, amazingly hot college girl Alice is intent upon getting with Sam for unclear reasons. She's a Decepticon spy. Pretender-style Decepticons can take on a human form.
  • Bridget in The Last Seduction (1994).
  • Suzanne Stone, the Villain Protagonist of To Die For (1995), is a partial parody of The Vamp - she's beautiful, utterly ruthless, manipulative...and dumb as a post.
  • Lady Kaede in Ran starts out as a Lady Macbeth to her husband. After he's killed in battle, she becomes a Vamp to his brother, seducing and becoming a Lady Macbeth to him and making him order the death of his wife, Lady Sue.
  • In Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde, Dr. Richard Jacks tampers with his ancestor's formula and adds estrogen, hoping to eliminate male aggression. His female alter-ego, Helen Hyde, uses her beauty and feminine charm to seduce the men at Dr. Jacks' company and climb to the top. She'll even injure anyone who gets in her way.
  • In Dracula's Daughter, the actual vampire Countess Marya Zaleska tries to play this role with Dr. Geoffrey Garth. This is lampshaded when the Head of Scotland Yard tells his man-servant that he is going hunting "vampires", to which the latter replies: "But I always understood you went after them with chequebooks, sir."
  • In Ghostbusters, Dana Barrett plays this role once she becomes possessed by Zuul, one of Gozer's demonic Terror Dogs. She becomes a wanton seductress whose sole mission is to bring about the coming of Gozer through mating with another demon, Vinz Clortho. She first tries quite aggressively to bed Peter Venkman when he arrives for a date with Dana, then later completes her mission when she finds and mates with Vinz, who has possessed her neighbor, Louis Tully.
  • Nazi Vamps like Ilsa Haupstein (from Hellboy (2004)) and Dr Elsa Schneider from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Unrepentant and black-hearted bitches. Also examples of The Vamp and Evil Is Sexy.
  • Myrna Loy was stuck playing this type of role for years in early Hollywood, often with an additional ethnic flavor; the success of The Thin Man helped her escape to better parts. Ironically, she ended her career being best known for wholesome wife-and-mother parts.
  • Lady Marsh in The Lair of the White Worm seduces both men and women to their doom.
  • Mini from Mini's First Time has elements of Femme and Fille Fatale, but her utter soullessness qualifies her for this trope.
  • In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the castle Anthrax is filled with 160 young blondes and brunettes who lure handsome knights by lighting a grail-shaped beacon. Once a handsome knight arrives at the castle, they try to tempt him into sexual activities. This is a subversion though, as these women don't seem to have any evil motives for doing this. Their only stated reason for doing this is loneliness.
  • Elektra King in The World Is Not Enough. She's really keen on having a relationship with Bond and guilt-tripping him, and the reveal that she's the true Big Bad of the film cements her as this, to the point that she thinks that Bond wouldn't shoot her. She's wrong.
  • The leading role of the theater troupe's play in the silent comedy Exit Smiling is a vamp, and is the role that the heroine is constantly trying to score.
  • Not only was Francesca in Ghost Ship involved in the mass murder, but she also seduced one of the crooks into killing his comrades before offing him herself. Unfortunately for her, her feminine wiles don't work on supernatural beings, but even after death she's still just as much a vamp as she was in life, tempting Greer and leading him to his doom. Inverted when Francesca's backstory reveals that said supernatural being actually seduced her into playing her role in the scheme.
    Benvenuto a bordo note 
  • Angelique in Hellraiser: Bloodline is a demon currently occupying the body of an attractive woman and seduces her victims only to kill or torture them to death later on.
  • Invoked by Kelly in Neighbors. Her plan to break up Teddy and Pete's bromance is to make out with both Peter and Teddy's girlfriend and then coercing the pair into have sex. She also claims that this isn't the first time she came between two guys.
  • In Ex Machina, when he reveals that the test was actually to see if Ava could manipulate Caleb, Nathan claims that she used her feminine charm to deceive him and does not care about him at all. This turns out to be true - she escapes the facility alone and leaves Caleb locked in it to die.
  • Doctor Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a male example, albeit a Creepy Crossdresser (or in his words, "a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania"). Note that while many other seductive male crossdressers in fiction try to manipulate other men's libido by posing as sexy women, Frank is quite openly a man, just one who prefers feminine clothing. And he doesn't limit his targets to men either; he's quite good at seducing Anything That Moves. Of course, what else would you expect from Tim Curry in his prime?
    I'm not much of a man by the light of day, but by night I'm one hell of a lover...
  • In The Shining, the ghost in room 237 seduces Jack with an illusory youthful form, only to reveal herself as a necrotic old woman during their embrace.
  • The Amazon Queen Farida in Sinbad of the Seven Seas is a beautiful evil enchantress employed by Jaffar to enthrall Sinbad and his crew.
  • The World of Kanako: Akikazu's daughter Kanako. She uses her charm and femininity to screw everybody around her. When Ogata is bullied she acts disinterested since she doesn't seem to care for the weak. Then she saves the narrator from some bullies just to set him up and completely destroy him afterwards, after he has fallen in love with her.
  • One villain in Freaks is the golddigging trapeze artist Cleopatra, who marries Hans (a sideshow performer with dwarfism) with the intent to kill him for his fortune and then marry the strongman Hercules.
  • In The Phantom of Crestwood, Jenny Wren is an extremely attractive young woman who earns her living through her 'relationships' with older, wealthy (and usually married) men. Her plan for retirement is to blackmail her paramours for a staggering amount of money.
  • In Thirteen Women, Ursula keeps the swami and Burns under thumb through a combination of hypnosis and raw sex appeal.
  • Vamps: Despite the film's title, only Cisserus qualifies for this. She hypnotizes or seduces men to feed on.
  • Dame Vaako in The Chronicles of Riddick. She uses her charms to lure Riddick into the Necromonger stronghold for interrogation. She also uses sex to manipulate her husband, Vaako, to overthrow the Lord Marshal.
  • Santánico Pandemonium in From Dusk Till Dawn.
  • Yan Erh is one of the main villains from Heroes of Sung, who seduces the film's main hero by pretending to be a mugged victim, and coerces him into bedding her while intending to have him killed after stealing a valuable jade seal from him.
  • In Lust for Gold, Julia Thomas strings both Pete and Walz along, playing them off against each other to her advantage.
  • M.F.A.: After her rape and her Accidental Murder of Luke, Noelle reinvents herself as a vamp: using her newfound confidence to seduce sexual predators to their deaths.
  • Alexa in Seven (1979), who uses herself as bait to lure the Hermit into a position where she can kill him.
  • In .45, Kat uses what Liz describes as her natural weapons ("tits, hips, and lips") to seduce Vic, Reilly, Jose, and Liz and drop hints until one of them decides to take out Big Al for her.

  • Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem called "The Vampire". Trope Namer.
  • Milady de Winter in The Three Musketeers.
  • Played for laughs in The Science of Discworld II: The Globe; the queen of The Fair Folk tries to seduce Rincewind, but all he desires is potatoes.
  • Berelain in the Wheel of Time started out as one, who seduced people for political advantage and spent multiple books chasing after Perrin to the detriment of Perrin's marriage, but is starting to look a bit more sympathetic. Her current infatuation with Galad, putting an end to the horrific Poor Communication Kills arc of the last five books, certainly helps.note 
  • The title character of "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen.
  • The White Witch of C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia, even more so in the films. In the film adaption of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Edmund even imagines her promising to make him "a king...and more", making it obvious that this was a large factor in his decision to become her mole. But even in The Magician's Nephew, she strikes Diggory as stunning (while Polly doesn't see the attraction), and Uncle Andrew loses his head over her, even imagining she might find him attractive. And, of course, the Lady of the Green Kirtle from The Silver Chair seduces and enslaves the prince. Jill does see the attraction.
  • Zenia in Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride.
  • In Graham McNeill's Warhammer 40,000 Horus Heresy novel Fulgrim, Bequa Kenska. When her attempt to seduce Ostian Delafour fails, she is enraged both to lose the chance to corrupt his youth and innocence and because she had never failed before.
  • The title character in Andrew Vachss' Strega (the second Burke novel) is explicitly The Vamp to the extent that she even Lampshades the fact that she can bend men to her will. The protagonist, Burke, does succumb to her sexual wiles, but subverts the trope in that he's perfectly aware of what she represents, and manages to pull away once her goals are no longer parallel with his. The girlfriend in Vachss' The Getaway Man plays the trope straight, however.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Lara Raith. She's also a psychic vampire who feeds on people's souls during sex.
    • Mab, the Unseelie Queen of Air and Darkness, has elements of this archetype. While it normally doesn't come up (since she's more powerful than most gods), she has proven capable of using seduction when the situation calls for it. Harry also describes her as "too terrifying to be beautiful."
      Mab: Are you frightened of me, Harry?
      Harry: I'm sane.
    • Maeve, the Unseelie Lady and Mab's daughter, uses this trick quite a bit more than her mother and is far more blunt about it. She's about as subtle as a prostitute sticking her hand down the front of your pants. A very, very, very beautiful prostitute, with friends, but still.
  • Nefer of The Egyptian, although she is considerate enough to actually warn him first. Doesn't help, though.
  • Vorkosigan Saga: Cavilo (who had already thus secured control of a mercenary warfleet) attempts this with Emperor Gregor Vorbarra in the The Vor Game. As you might guess from the "attempts", it doesn't work out the way she planned.
  • This trope is so old that even parodying it is Older Than Steam. At the end of the King Arthur story Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain claims he has learned never to trust women, that they only lead you to sin, etc., etc. The Green Knight tells him this is ridiculous and that he has to take responsibility for his own failure.
  • Male example: Spyros Stavaronas, the attractive young shrimp fisherman in Alexandra by Scott O'Dell. At first, he uses his charms to distract Alexandra so his henchmen can smuggle cocaine on her boat. When Alexandra finds out, he further tries to charm her into keeping his secret and not turning them in to the cops.
  • Marquise Merteuil in Dangerous Liaisons, a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing variety.
  • Mr. Wickham from Pride and Prejudice is another male example. Unlike the passive if Hedonistic Casanova Willoughby of Sense and Sensibility, who doesn't care if he breaks hearts, Wickham actively tries to win the heroine over and turn her against Mr. Darcy via Malicious Slander. This is years after he tried to get revenge on Mr. Darcy by seducing his sister. Later, he tries to get back at her by seducing her little sister Lydia and very nearly succeeds. Elizabeth later feels terrible over how easily she believed his lies.
  • The woman in Robert E. Howard's "The Gods Of The North", who lures Conan the Barbarian to her brothers to be killed. When this does not work, things get rather uglier for her.
    • Thalis tries this in "The Slithering Shadows". Conan is embarrassed because Natala, his slave girl, is watching.
  • Parodied with Muriel Kane in The Beautiful and Damned. She wants to be seen as a vamp (and happens to look like Theda Bara, mentioned above) but tries far too hard.
  • Roberta "Bobbie" Wickham from the Jeeves and Wooster series is a light comedic variant. A troublemaker with Evil Redhead tendencies, she makes a habit of luring Bertie into trouble and then working against him to benefit herself. Of course, Bertie is an Extreme Doormat who can get talked into anything, but in Bobbie's case, the fact that she's gorgeous and flirtatious doesn't hurt her cause.
    Bobbie Wickham ... went about the place letting the pure in heart in for the sort of thing I was doing now.
  • Matilda fills this role in The Monk, particularly if you read her character as deliberately leading Ambrosio astray rather than merely being tempting.
  • Extremely common in The Sword of Truth, especially among the Sisters of the Dark. Nicci is perhaps the best example prior to her High-Heel–Face Turn, and has a long history of using her beauty and sex to get what she wants. The generally antagonistic (though not evil) and neutral at best witch woman Shota tends to play this at times as well. Calling her default wardrobe "revealing" doesn't even cover it.
  • Lilith Eve Mabus in Steve Alten's Resurrection is an extreme example of the trope.
  • Cersei Lannister in A Song of Ice and Fire. Men desire her and she's willing to use that. Littlefinger actually pities her because her beauty is the only true advantage she possesses — everything else is due to the men in her life — in the game of thrones, and that will fade with time. Eventually Deconstructed, as the consequences of being exposed as the Vamp become apparent. The High Septon finds out and forces her to walk through the city naked and shaved. This destroys all the power she has gained; no one will respect her now that everyone has seen her in such a vulnerable state. Even Jaime is unsympathetic and abandons her in her time of need. He thought she was cheating on her husband with him because he was her true love, and the discovery that she's sleeping with other people to win their allegiance makes him question their entire relationship.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Luke Castellan is a semi-censored Rare Male Example. Because this is a middle-grade series, they can't exactly say he used sex to gain information, but Silena's confession that she spied for him because he seemed so "handsome and trustworthy" makes it pretty clear that something happened (especially considering that her love interest had just died recently). He wasn't above using Annabeth's Precocious Crush to manipulate her either.
  • Annabella Wilmot in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, as Lord Lowborough discovers too late. Gilbert warns Frederick Lawrence that Jane Wilson is not to be trusted before he can choose a similar fate.
  • La Belle Dame sans Merci, from the John Keats poem of the same name. She also has shades of The Fair Folk.
  • Delia of Eldorne in Song of the Lioness deliberately pits men against each other and seduces Prince Jon, toying with his moods by giving or withholding her attention (and sex) in order to keep him off-balance. All of this is in aid of Duke Roger's plan to usurp the throne because she wants to be the queen.
  • In The General Series Suzette Whitehall's modus operandi (seduction, manipulation, provoking duels over herself, having Obstructive Bureaucrats dumped in the river with 40-kilo roundshot chained to their ankles, etc.) fits with this... but she does so not For the Evulz but for the sake of the husband she actually does love (an honest soldier whom the Decadent Court of the Gubierno Civil would probably destroy otherwise).
  • Melisande Shahrizai from the Kushiel's Legacy series is an almost perfect example of this trope, especially early on.
  • Wyre from Dark Heart. She's not averse to using sex to manipulate men, though she's also good at mind-warping magic.
  • In the Archie Sheridan series, Gretchen Lowell is the extreme of this trope, as a beautiful female serial killer who claims to have over two hundred kills. Not just any kills, either—she likes to torture using blades and chemicals to extend the torture session for as long as possible. She uses sex to collect "apprentices," weak-minded selfish men who she can mold into serial killers themselves.
  • In Agatha Christie's stories featuring professional problem-solver Mr. Parker Pyne, one of his employees is the impossibly glamorous Madeleine de Sara, who plays this role as needed for a False Crucible or Operation: Jealousy.
  • In Terra Ignota, Danaë is so seductively feminine that she is able to make anyone do what she wants basically just by being in the same room as them. It is eventually revealed that she was raised in a brothel and educated to undermine others by using her sex appeal, giving her a dark streak despite her innocent demeanor. Justified in that it's quite clear that any modern person would easily be able to resist her charms, but in the genderless world of the 25th century, the only experience anyone has with sexuality and sexual appeal outside the bedroom are historical videos and pornography. Mycroft describes this as giving people "the weakness but no resistance."
  • Lee Gen, the darkly anti-heroic Chinese spy in Caliphate, is one of the very few male examples known to exist, thanks to science-fiction technologies which allow him to present a really convincing Attractive Bent-Gender.
  • Loyal Enemies has Tairinn. The only reason she approached Veres, slept with him, and generally played his girlfriend was to get her hands on his writings about werewolves and their origins and magical capabilities, secretly laughing about Veres' moral integrity. It worked because of her innocent, alluring dark-haired looks. After having latched onto another man and faked her own death, she tries that shtick on Veres again in the finale because she still hasn't figured out everything insinuated by his thesis, using her sex appeal to lure him to her side. This time, though, Veres sees through it.
  • Mercy Thompson features the Widow Queen otherwise known as Neuth, the Black Queen who serves as the Big Bad of the novel Fire Touched. The Widow Queen is a member of the ruling class of the fae who are known as the Gray lords. Her MO is the seducing good men until they are obsessed with her, luring them into temptation before destroying them and all they loved before ruining their lands.
  • Sophonisba in Santiago Posteguillo's Africanus Trilogy is a good example, managing to turn Syphax (and almost Masinissa) to the Carthaginian cause only through her feminine charms. This was Truth in Television, apparently.
  • Psycho Psychologist Lilith Ritter in Nightmare Alley is a particularly vicious and manipulative example. Pretty much immediately after the main character Stan comes to her as a client, she seduces and begins controlling him through sexual and emotional coercion. Within weeks Stan is so infatuated with her that he is willing to do literally anything she wants to ensure that she continues their secret relationship. It's later revealed at the end of the book that Lilith was conning Stan all along. She steals a majority of the money they have swindled together and when Stan discovers her betrayal and confronts her, she tells him he is deluded and attempts to have him committed to an institution, a fate he very narrowly escapes.
  • Anno Dracula: Christina Light expertly uses her beauty and sexuality to seduce men into joining her anarchist cause while caring nothing for their lives.
  • The Tough Guide to Fantasyland: The Enchantress. The Guide outright says "Enchantress" is "another word for seductress, only with more punch". They use magic to make themselves look more beautiful and thus be appealing for seducing a captured male hero.
  • Bazil Broketail: Zettila uses her beauty and charm to wrap Emperor Banwi around her finger, making him blindly follow her every advice and trust her word even when she's obviously using him.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Background material explains that Lady Cassandra from Doctor Who had this lifestyle when she was younger and her body wasn't deteriorated. She is a good foil to the doctor's companion Rose Tyler and due to different circumstances, mostly her desire for revenge and getting a younger body, she ends up possessing Rose. The two of them get further contrasted that way. Cassandra basically becomes Rose's Dark Feminine.
    • River Song was raised to be this - she killed the Doctor with a kiss. Fortunately, it was short-lived.
    It was never going to be a gun for you, Doctor.
  • Vorpax in Mortal Kombat: Conquest. Not that there's anything wrong with wanting to seduce Shang Tsung...
  • Victoria Metcalf, the psychotic, poetry-loving bank robber who was the love of Benton Fraser's life in Due South.
  • Lila in Dexter. Granted, Dexter is most certainly not your typical "moral and upright man", but Lila's willing to go places that even he won't. The nihilistic temptress comes complete with black hair, in contrast to Dexter's blonde good-girl girlfriend Rita.
  • "Saffron" in Firefly has married numerous men under as many aliases for pretty much the express purpose of ripping them off. Damn good criminal mastermind, too.
  • Oz. Shirley Bellinger, who drowned her own child in a fake accident based on the Susan Smith case. She gives sexual favours to both inmates and prison guards in exchange for preferential treatment, leading to a Funny Moment when, as she's being led off for execution, Shirley calmly informs Warden Glynn that the guard escorting her has been "coming into my cell every night and fucking me." Faced with a glowering Warden and a prisoner who'll soon be beyond any retaliation, the guard can only mutter, "Bitch."
  • Ashton Main Huntoon Fenway from North and South (U.S.). She marries James only to gain a sort of political power and wealth despite coming from a Southern aristocratic family, plots against her sweet sister Brett and Billy's romance-turned-marriage, seduces multiple men after a failed attempt to get into Billy's pants...and this is all just Book One...
  • Vala Mal Doran from Stargate SG-1 was introduced as a straightforward vamp, but she got better.
  • Shibuki Saori in Alice in Borderland, a Manipulative Bitch with a long history of using others to get ahead in life. She was in the middle of Sleeping with the Boss for a promotion when she ended up in the Deadly Game, and after joining the group she takes advantage of Chota's insecurities and fears to sleep with him with the intent of making him her pawn. When he refuses to help her betray his True Companions she throws this back in his face, saying that he should know whose side he's on after they slept together. However, when it becomes clear they won't survive the round, the two reconcile and embrace in their final moments showing that she did have genuine affection for him.
  • Princess Archerina in Power Rangers Zeo. Probably only effective on other robots, but she can entrance males via her arrows and make them follow her bidding.
  • Theresa Conners on the short-lived series EZ Streets, played by Debrah Farentno. She sleeps with her mob boss client as well as the detective tasked with bringing him down.
  • Tammy, Ron Swanson's ex-wife on Parks and Recreation, played by Megan Mullally. She's the deputy director of the Library department who seduces her ex Ron, the head of Parks and Rec dept., and sleeps with him again in exchange for the empty lot his deputy director Leslie Knope wants to turn into a park. As Tammy tells Leslie: "Les, there are two kinds of women in the world. There are women who work hard and stress out about doing the right thing, and then there are women who are cool."
  • On her first appearance on Hercules, Xena was this as well as a Dark Action Girl. By her second appearance, all traces of the vamp had disappeared and she was only the Dark Action Girl before being redeemed.
  • Sarah from Survivors is first seen using her feminine wiles to manipulate a smitten plague survivor, who she promptly leaves to die after he breaks his leg in an accident. She begins working her way through the male members of the main cast from there.
    • A very similar character appeared in the original version of the series under the name Anne, although she only appears in a handful of episodes.
  • The Vampire Diaries has Katherine, who uses her charm and seductive wiles in order to get what she wants.
  • The X-Files: Frohike and Langly saw Suzanne Modeski as The Vamp, and were really pissed off that Byers fell for it. The truth turned out to be a little more complex. She's actually a woman tormented by a shady government organization that wants to use her smarts and destroy her when she wants to expose them.
  • Professional dominatrix Irene Adler in the "A Scandal in Belgravia" episode of Sherlock is like this towards all her more influential clients (from whom she gains confidential government and MI6-related secrets during the course of "recreational scolding"), as well as the titular hero. It's not a personal vendetta: she is in cahoots with the "consulting criminal Moriarty and plays off of Sherlock's lack of sex knowledge to get him to do whatever she wants. It somewhat backfires in the end, though Sherlock is so impressed by the fact that she managed to fool him for so long that he compliments her - in a manner of speaking - by saving her life.
    • The notable thing about Irene is that she does, in fact, develop genuine feelings for Sherlock somewhere along the line; however, she doesn't so much as consider affecting a Heel–Face Turn like in a typical example of the 'villainess' who falls for the hero, instead fully intending to see her mission to thwart Sherlock and his brother Mycroft through to the end. This makes her an unusual cross between The Vamp and a Femme Fatale.
  • This happens often on Merlin (2008). Thus far we've had Morgana, Morgause, Nimueh, Sophia, Catrina, Lamia, and Helen/Mary using feminine wiles at one point or another to manipulate the men-folk.
    • In fairness, this could be partially because they believe that a seductress won't be seen as a powerful sorceress and that people won't see past the cleavage. On current evidence, Merlin (mostly) excepted, they're right. Ain't broke, don't fix it.
  • Regina in Once Upon a Time clearly wants to be this, invoking Evil Is Sexy and trying to seduce men to do what she wants. It never works (probably because the men are Genre Savvy enough to know sleeping with an evil witch-queen never ends well), so she falls back to her magic and/or loyal army.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has a downplayed example the Female Changeling, the ruthless leader of the Dominion and the public representative of the Founders. She served as an evil mentor to Odo in "The Search," teaching him about his Changeling heritage and helping him hone his shapeshifting skills. However, during the Dominion occupation of Deep Space Nine, she uses linking and sexuality to weaken Odo's resolve. We learn in "Favor the Bold" that her seduction of Odo isn't just about neutralizing an opponent, but about bringing her fellow Changeling home.
    Female Changeling (to Weyoun): Neutralize Odo?! Is that why you think I'm here?! Odo is a changeling. Bringing him home, returning him to the Great Link means more to us than the Alpha Quadrant itself. Is that clear?
  • Teen Wolf:
    • Lydia TRIES to be this. With anyone. Including Scott. And Allison's dad. While Allison is in the room. Neither of them notices. She does eventually succeed with Scott.
    • After a childhood of feeling sickly and unattractive due to her epilepsy and the meds she had to take for it, Erica wants as much attention as she can possibly get when the bite makes her healthy and beautiful. It goes to the degree of overcompensation.
  • Illithyia in Spartacus combines this with Lady Macbeth. Among other things, she uses sex appeal to encourage her husband in military ruthlessness and get a teenage boy to order a gladiator killed.
  • True Blood: A flashback shows Bill encounter a woman while badly injured. After she patches him up, Bill thanks her before taking his leave. Only for her to throw herself at him since he didn't try to rape/take advantage of her like every other man who ended up in her home. Bill demurs saying he has a wife and child to return to. The woman angrily reveals she's a vampire and turns Bill because If I Can't Have You….
  • Tony Stonem from Series/Skins would be a Rare Male Example. His whole character revolves around seducing Girls and a Boy for no other reason than boredom.
  • Babylon 5: Londo describes his wife Mariel as being drawn to men of power like a moth to flame, but in the end, she burns them.
  • Parodied in I Love Lucy. In one episode, Cousin Ernie visits the Ricardos in New York but likes the city a bit too much and just plain won't leave. Ernie's a sweet, simple, naive countryman whose mother warned him about "wicked city women" who would try to "vamp" him... which Lucy decides to use to her advantage dressing up as one of those "wicked city women" to scare Ernie away. This entails putting on a slinky, sparkly black dress (loaded with about 800 strings of pearls), Opera Gloves, and a black bob wig, in addition to carrying a long, elegant cigarette holder and walking around with a ridiculously exaggerated sashay (quote Ernie: "You got quite a hitch in yer gitalong!"). When Lucy introduces herself as a city woman ("I'm gonna VAMP you"), Ernie freaks out a bit, until she sashays over and begins "vamping" him... with involves her sashaying in place while repeatedly mussing his hair. After confirming with Lucy that she's vamping him, Ernie tells her he likes it, at which point Lucy panics and runs off, with Ernie in hot pursuit.
  • The Affair: Alison is pretty upset that she's portrayed this way in Noah's new book, where her character aggressively seduces him, is a drug-dealing sociopath, and is finally run over by Noah's character.
  • Forever Knight: The bad girl in one episode was a stripper who seduced various men and induced them to commit crimes for her before killing them, pretty much solely for thrills (she was already wealthy enough to live quite comfortably). Even Nick himself (a literal vampire) is tempted.
  • Supernatural has quite a few.
    • The very first Monster of the Week, Constance Welch, is one, a ghost who targets unfaithful men, seducing them into being unfaithful (or simply forcing them to be if they resist her) and then killing them.
    • Lilith, when she's not possessing a little girl. In the episode "The Monster At The End of This Book", she attempts to seduce Sam into making a deal with her - literally, since having sex with her is what will seal the deal.
    • Ruby is a much more successful example, completely succeeding in her goal to get Sam to kill Lilith, thus bringing about the Apocalypse.
    • April from the episode "I'm No Angel", who seduces Castiel as part of a plan to torture and murder him.
    • The Siren from "Sex and Violence", the Vetala from "Adventures in Babysitting" and the Amazons from "The Slice Girls" are all monsters that use sex appeal to lure their prey.
    • Bela Talbot from season 3.
  • Played for laughs in The Windsors, where Pippa is insanely jealous of her sister marrying a prince and so uses her good looks and great ass to seduce Prince Harry. However, she's not above dropping him when someone richer comes along.
  • Motherland: Fort Salem: Scylla is a beautiful young woman from the Spree terrorists who infiltrates Fort Salem, seducing Raelle to get her on their side. However, it gets zigzagged as Scylla then falls for Raelle genuinely, then is unable to go through with bringing her into their grasp.


    Myths & Religion 
  • The classic Vamp, of course, is Delilah, from the biblical story of Samson. The Biblical story clearly treats her as a villainess who tempts Samson away from his godly ways and thus brings about his downfall, emasculation, and captivity. She betrayed him very effectively, although her life was threatened. People weak in faith turning their backs on their powerful protector when threatened by the vast but easily avoidable powers of the wicked is a bit of a theme in the Bible, yes.
    • Samson was also a subversion, which indicates the trope is older than that. He consistently fed Delilah information she consistently used to get his enemies deployed where he could deal with them. Until he got arrogant enough to reveal all his secrets, he was managing her vamping quite well.
  • Another, more apt biblical example would be Amon's queen, Jezebel.
  • There are a few mythological creatures who act like this.
  • Older Than Dirt: Mesopotamian Mythology has the goddess Ishtar/Innana, who tends to cause her lovers' deaths, and the seductive Child Eater Lilitu. (Lilith if you were Hebrew.)
  • Chilota mythology has the Trauco. If he wants to be inside a woman, that woman is powerless to resist him. The same desire he has for a woman can also kill a man, so trying to deny him is not advised.
  • The Hone-onnanote  creates a look of a beautiful woman, based on how she looked when she was alive, to get close to her chosen lover and drain him of life so they can be together forever. The problem is it only works on him and everyone else sees a man flirting with and caressing a rotting corpse.
  • The White Witch of Rose Hall: Some takes on the legend make the titular slave-owning, Black Widow witch, an overtly sexual character, but no less malevolent.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Yinling from Fighting Opera HUSTLE used her feminine wiles in her matches and could beguile entire arenas with just her sexy poses. Her Tokyo Sports popularity award indicates the latter was not purely kayfabe.
  • Taeler Hendrix after her heel turn, would openly try to hit on men, especially referees, for an advantage. When she found out Heidi Lovelace had a fangirl crush on her, Hendrix was willing to exploit that too. This talent got her hired by Truth Martini for the benefit of his clients.
  • Melina used her wiles to have sex with Batista and impede him from teaming up with Rey Mysterio against her allies. Unfortunately for her, her charm didn't last much, so she then switched to Wounded Gazelle Gambit mode and brought in Mark Henry.
  • Gino, perhaps best known for his Major League Wrestling work, is usually equal parts sexy nerd and lovable jock; a Latin Lover with a nigh irresitible charm he cannot help but cast on ladies. When he isn't a baby face, however, he's this trope, purposefully using his charm to have ladies to advance his goals for him or even to turn them on their friends for his own ammusement. When Thunder Rosa was observing this side of Gino on commentary she was initially in awe, and even after she saw through his ruse had to continually check herself as she slipped into condoning his actions.

  • Melissa from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues is a sociopathic and seductive villainess who believes she can draw out the 'dark' sides of the morally good characters in the cast.
  • In Survival of the Fittest, several female players, such as Katherine Marks, Clemence, and Chi Masumi, have used their looks to try to seduce male opponents and catch them off guard or get protection/help from them. Usually, they try to kill the male once they're vulnerable. This has just about never worked, James Coombs, Naoji Hideyoshi, and Aaron Redfield being the only actual victims of this tactic so far. Non-player females sometimes try to do something similar to charm males into helping them, but this has become rare by v3.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The female, and literal, vampires of the Daeva clan from Vampire: The Requiem are the EMBODIMENTS of this trope. Although it depends on the player, the nicest Daeva vampiresses would be considered Femmes Fatales, but the book encourages you to play it straight; in other words, be downright evil.
  • Mina Devlin from Deadlands.
  • Dungeons & Dragons has a Temptress character class amongst its many third-party sources.
    • A far more obvious example in Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder are the succubi, who are reimagined from medieval sexual predators to deadly femme fatale Horny Devils who manipulate their prey into eternal damnation before ripping out their souls and dragging it back to their home dimension. The exact fluff changes from edition to edition.
    • In some editions, the Fallen Angel erinyes is similar but prefers to manipulate individuals to tyrannical ends, though the most recent version is just a vengeful warrior who happens to look like a hot lady angel (though they are perfectly happy to exploit it when they're mistaken for actual angels).
    • There are also always about a dozen variants on the theme, such as the vampy devils called Brachina. They corrupt the servants of good gods.
    • Drow see this as their masculine ideal (drow are heavily associated with spiders, where the female is the bigger gender and calls the shots), as embodied in their god Keptolo, the Eager Consort. Keptolo is sexy, hedonistic, a master of social graces (and intrigue- they're pretty much one and the same to drow), and happy to serve his mistress's whims... so long as he gets to ride on her coattails. Keptolo is worshipped by most male drow, who strive to live up to his social and sexual talents. Temptation to villainy doesn't come up much because most Keptolo-worshipping drow will rarely, if ever, meet someone with a good alignment, but they will manipulate anyone they can get to listen to them.
    • Incubi are usually depicted as the Gender Flip variant.
      • Ravenloft has the Gentleman Caller, a mysterious incubus who seduces and impregnates important women just to ensure their doom.
    • Jacqueline Renier of Ravenloft is an example of this trope; she's a beautiful, raven-haired noblewoman. She's also a murderous wererat doomed to assume her true form in the presence of anyone she actually loves. This is a setting where Friendly Neighborhood Vampire is completely averted, and any sane person in the Land of Mists would draw their weapon or start running upon meeting any lycanthrope.
      • Gabrielle Aderre is this trope incarnate, as a seductive poisoner who cuts through men like a hot knife through butter. Unlike Jacqueline, she is pretty much a normal Hot Gypsy Woman aside from some Gypsy Curse powers. She, too, is Blessed with Suck, as her relationship with the Gentleman Caller has him out-Vamping her; their offspring is supposed to lead to the destruction of Gabrielle's people.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Vampire Vamp's name and effect actually invokes the trope. Konami even supports it in their TCG blog article on her.

  • Lucy The Slut in Avenue Q. The extent of her character is, well, Self-Explanatory.
  • Lola from Damn Yankees is a subversion. She presents herself in her establishing song "A Little Brains, A Little Talent" to be The Vamp to end all Vamps, but her seduction of Joe is unsuccessful, in part because she fails to be evil enough.
  • Mallory in the musical City of Angels. She's redeemed by (in-story) Executive Meddling.
  • Not so much evil as irresponsible and immature, Mayzie La Bird is a kid-friendly version in Seussical.
  • The two female protagonists, Roxie and Velma, from Chicago are using their vamp skills to literally get away with murder.
  • Generally, whoever sings 'Turn Back, O Man' in Godspell tends to be a bit of a parody of this.
  • Sally Bowles from Cabaret is another more irresponsible and immature than evil version.
  • Fastrada, Pippin's Stepmother from Pippin, is this to a V. She manipulates both Charles and Pippin to make sure her 'darling' son Lewis is next in line to the throne. Of course, she's manipulating Pippin for other reasons..."Sometimes I wonder if the fornicating I'm getting is worth the fornicating I'm getting."-Charles
  • Adelheid von Walldorf in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Goetz Von Berlichingen. She uses her beauty to enamour and manipulate the Knight Adelbert von Weislingen; then, when he has outlived his usefulness, has him murdered.
  • Cirque du Soleil examples:
    • The Black Widow in Mystère tries to corrupt the Archangel who performs the aerial cube act.
    • Two of the Mutants in Zarkana, Kundalini and Tarantula, aim to lure the hero away from his quest to reunite with his sweetheart. They are both Mix-and-Match Critters — one a snake(s) woman, another a spider woman.
    • The pole dancer who performs to "Dangerous" (see Music above) in Michael Jackson The IMMORTAL World Tour.
  • The Play That Goes Wrong: The character of Florence in the Play Within a Play; Sandra turns it up to eleven by playing even her "hysterical episodes" seductively. It goes even past that when Trevor, forced to read Florence's lines, starts fake-grinding on the Inspector as a "hysterical episode".

    Video Games 
  • In ActRaiser's sequel, the demon of Lovaous, a ice creature made of beautiful ice crystals, representing lust, takes on a gorgeous form of a naked woman covered by a scarf, showing off her shapely legs, long wavy hair, and hypnotic hips. She used her beautiful charms to seduce the king of Lovaous into falling in an eternal sleep while making his subjects miserable.
  • Shin Megami Tensei I has Yuriko, who has the general look and mannerisms down, but quickly revealing her Murder the Hypotenuse tendencies kinda killed her effectiveness. Really doesn't help that she's actually Lilith and thus hit with a severe case of No Campaign for the Wicked.
  • The SiN series features Vamp/Baroness combo Elexis Sinclaire.
  • Metal Gear:
    • The series features a male character codenamed Vamp, who fits aspects of this trope. His codename is derived not from his taste for drinking blood, but from his bisexuality, playing off an older use of the term. The sexual aspects were downplayed in-game, compared to the original trailer, but it was conclusively stated that he is not, in fact, a vampire. Twice.
      • Vamp is a subversion. Vamp had a boyfriend in the form of Scott Dolph before said boyfriend was killed in the tanker incident. Although it's never outright stated that his relationship wasn't for some sort of underlying, self-centered motive, nothing about it ever gave him any kind of gain. His boyfriend was his best friend's father, on top of it, which could've conceivably risked damaging that friendship, so the only possible reason for him to have the relationship was out of genuine care for Dolph. It's played straight in Guns of the Patriots, however, as he's really friendly with Naomi, and she does have something of value he wants: his own death.
    • From Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, there's EVA, to some extent, though you don't find out 'til the ending. However, she's a subversion of this trope, as it's revealed that she genuinely did love Big Boss, and even joined him in overthrowing the faction of The Patriots lead by Major Zero, Para-Medic, and Sigint after the organization was split in two, thanks to a falling out between Big Boss and Major Zero, part of which was caused by Zero cloning Big Boss and creating Big Boss' "sons". Moreover, EVA volunteered to be the surrogate mother of Solid and Liquid, all because of her love for Big Boss, and even though Solid Snake was a clone, she still saw him as a son.
    • Image Song of Mistral mentioned this.
      So don't let me become the one you love, 'cause I'll just take your blood and use you up,
  • From the third Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, there's Dahlia Hawthorne, who manipulated at least 3 men using her innocent façade.
  • Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 has Reina, who attempts to get Derek to join her company, steals his Healing Touch, and finally carries the final Neo-GUILT.
  • Saya from Namco × Capcom. She even calls Reiji by pet names!
  • You can play one in the Neverwinter Nights mod A Dance with Rogues. There are a surprising number of quests in which having sex with enemies is a shortcut to let you kill them more easily, or, in the case of the Dhorn Generals' Heads quest in the first chapter, the only path to getting to kill them.
  • A literal example with Alva in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After becoming a vampire, her leader Movarth sent her into Morthal with the intent of seducing and enslaving all of the guards. She falls for a lowly lumberjack and then has her thrall slaughter his whole family to cover her tracks after seducing him.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, a female protagonist is able to seduce Benny and bypass the security. From there she can either sleep with him and kill him, or just kill him as soon as they enter the room.
  • Morinth from Mass Effect 2. Her modus operandi is seducing people, then killing them via her genetic defect that causes brain overload during sex. Interestingly, she's a recruitable character, and attempting to romance her goes about as well for Shepherd as it did for everyone else.
  • The Dark Jedi Sariss in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II seduced a wealthy baron after manipulating him into joining her cult and agreed to marry him, before seducing his Force-sensitive son Yun as well into killing him and becoming her apprentice, using his feelings for her to manipulate him further but never reciprocating as she grew to see him as a son and friend rather than a lover.
  • Kaliyo Djannis in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Imperial Agent's Rattataki companion, Token Evil Teammate (even by The Empire's very low standards), and potential Love Interest for those with no capability of pattern recognition. A Consummate Liar and Manipulative Bastard with a long history of getting men (and occasionally women) to care about her before inevitably bleeding them dry of everything they have. By the time of the Fallen Empire expansion, she's Jumped Off The Slippery Slope and become a full-on terrorist.
  • In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Chalis is a spy who specializes in charming kings out of national secrets (and into trouble) with "a rare beauty not often seen in Angara". She also tries to tempt Matthew into cooperating, and he literally can't turn her down. Her ambiguous motive still makes the fans argued that she is this trope or Femme Fatale.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule GB, Mai flirts with Yugi when she first sees him, much to Tea's annoyance.
  • Tala in Dark Watch. Though she is introduced as a member of the titular organization that hunts vampires, she is very seductive and clearly up to no good. She ends up tricking the hero to turn her into a vampire while they are having sex so she can gain his powers and takes up the Big Bad position after the hero destroys Lazarus, and she steals his power to remake the world in her image.

    Web Animation 
  • In Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged, Scarlet had sex with Reeve just so she could have the opportunity to mock his performance during a board meeting. One of Barret's flashbacks also revealed that she tried to proposition him, even after hearing that his wife was terminally ill.

  • In Girl Genius, the legendary Spark Lucrezia Mongfish would use seduction to manipulate others into doing her bidding. If that didn't work, she had Slaver Wasps.
  • Amelia Sturtz in Dominic Deegan used her looks to get men close enough to her to hypnotize them through eye contact.
  • Sabine from The Order of the Stick is a succubus in red leather. In a bit of a subversion, her vamping doesn't work on the Genre Savvy Roy Greenhilt the time she tried it on him, and most of it is directed at her boss, Nale. It didn't work on Miko, either.
  • Jezebel Starr from EVIL will seduce you, rob you, and likely leave you for dead.
  • The Fox Sister: The Kumiho uses the attractiveness of her human form to bait men.
  • In Oglaf, Mistertique is both a parody of the cliche and a male example.

    Web Original 
  • Whateley Universe: Vamp's MO. May or may not continue now that she's going to Whateley.

    Web Videos 
  • The Spoony Experiment did a Counter Monkey episode on how frequently this trope is employed in tabletop roleplaying games. As mentioned above, Dungeons & Dragons has a character class for it and more than one monster is built on this concept, most commonly the succubus.

    Western Animation 
  • Subverted in one of Saturday Night Live's "Ambiguously Gay Duo" cartoon shorts. An alien queen plans to use her feminine wiles to distract Ace and Gary, but Dr. Bighead replies, "I, uh, don't think that'll work on those two." Which it didn't. They have very strong moral constitutions, obviously.
  • Darla Dimple from Cats Don't Dance, despite being just a child.
  • Holli Would from Cool World. Kind of like the evil blonde version of Jessica Rabbit. She is a beautiful and seductive "doodle", an animated being who resides in the alternate realm of Cool World. She dreams of becoming real and will say and do whatever it takes to get the power she believes is so rightfully hers.
  • In the American Darkstalkers cartoon, Morrigan fits the bill. She only seduces men and fellow monsters to gobble them up, and works with Pyron.
  • The Martian Queen from Duck Dodgers tries. The hero's too stupid to fall for it. (In some episodes, she's a Defrosting Ice Queen who's genuinely in love with Dodgers, but he's still too stupid to notice.)
  • Hatta Mari from Looney Tunes short "Plane Daffy''.
  • Queen Chrysalis in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic plays this trope quite well, and takes it a step further by actually kidnapping someone's bride and replacing her with Voluntary Shapeshifting. Considering she's essentially a G-Rated Succubus, it's not too surprising.
  • Sedusa of The Powerpuff Girls. On two different occasions, she's tried to seduce Professor Utonium and the Mayor of Townsville. Almost literally in her third appearance as the animators added fangs to her teeth.
  • In Samurai Jack, there was Josephine Clench (also a Dark Action Girl) who once formed half of an Outlaw Couple with her husband Zeke. This seemed to be a vital part of the pair's strategy; she would cozy up to a victim in order to gain trust so that he would let his guard down, and be unprepared for the far-less subtle attack from Zeke. (Even better, if the victim tried to defend Josephine from him thinking she was in danger, he'd likely expose his back to her, and it would be over for him quickly.) Unfortunately for the pair, she was so rotten that Zeke divorced her and got a restraining order. They called a truce to collect the bounty on Jack (at which point her skills at seduction worked very well on the Samurai) but Josephine double-crossed Zeke in the end (which leads you to believe that may have caused the divorce in the first place). Ironically, this is what helped Jack defeat her as well.
  • Venus in The Tick is a G-rated example, played for comedy. She can channel her "feminine wiles" into a form of actual mind control.
  • The Mask: In Bride of Pretorius after Evelyn accidentally puts on the mask that had her glasses attached to it and her alter ego Eve comes out, while Eve is lustful and clearly trying to use her looks to get Stanley to kiss her she genuinely cares and loves him very much, she also has morals as well as she refuses to take Pretorius's offer to marry him and rescues Stanley instead showing that she has a good heart and, does not like anyone who will hurt or kill innocent people so that they can get what they want therefore the evil part is Downplayed
  • Blackarachnia of Transformers: Animated wavered between this and Femme Fatale. Even if she was redeemed, it would be very hard for anyone (besides Optimus, the sap) to trust her. Which is odd, because while she's fairly sexy by human body shape standards, she's also techno-organic—and most Transformers are repulsed by anything organic. However, many of the Autobots find her very attractive and only Blitzwing and Sentinel Prime react with anything approaching disgust. The latter even tries to kill her, despite the fact that she was once his girlfriend.
  • Minx from Jem is a manipulative heartbreaker who toys with men then throws them aside. It's left vague if Minx actually likes Rio or if she just wants to steal him from both Jem and Jerrica, however nevertheless he sees her as an Abhorrent Admirer. Minx tends to dress in black but is a blond.
  • The Hollow: Vanessa primary method of interaction with the main characters is to find one way or the other to seduce Kai into helping her.