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The JWL was a Professional Wrestling Fan Fiction series written by JIKTV. It took existing wrestlers, in some cases with new gimmicks, and set them in the eponymous promotion. It ran from 2001/2002-2014. It is available here. It has had 80 TV episodes and 6 PPVs. It was slightly Alternate Universe because, while it focused on wrestlers/managers/valets from WWE, WCW, ECW and others, it featured in some cases gimmicks or alliances that do or did not exist.

The JWL was a Script Fic that presented itself as a regular wrestling show. There was no shipping, smut, or episodes without it. Often the content of the episodes reflected real life wrestling happenings. See the Real Life Writes the Plot section for more.

The JWL was shut down in January 2014 due to the author running out of ideas and having no audience.


Also, some rules:

  • 1. Much like on PG/Reality Era WWE programming, NO MEN HITTING WOMEN.note 
  • 2. NO Dusty Finishes, "Montreal Screwjob finishes," no WrestleMania IX/MITB run-in finishes, NO Fingerpoke Of Doom finishes.
  • 3.When a wrestler/manager/valet/etc. is released/fired, that's it. Said person can no longer return. If a character leaves of his/her own choosing, he/she could potentially return albeit in a different role. (See below under Screw This, I'm Outta Here! for the one time that this has happened.)
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  • 4.NO pregnancy/wedding/etc. angles.
  • 5.NO hotshotted title changes (i.e., someone winning a title on a PPV and losing it on the following TV show.)
  • 6.NO restraining order angles or anything that might involve a lawyer.

Finally, a warning: JIKTV'S personal biases toward/against certain people may come through at times.

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