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The JWL was a Professional Wrestling Fan Fiction series written by JIKTV. It took existing wrestlers, in some cases with new gimmicks, and set them in the eponymous promotion. It ran from 2001/2002-2014. It is available here. It has had 80 TV episodes and 6 PPVs. It was slightly Alternate Universe because, while it focused on wrestlers/managers/valets from WWE, WCW, ECW and others, it featured in some cases gimmicks or alliances that do or did not exist.

The JWL was a Script Fic that presented itself as a regular wrestling show. There was no shipping, smut, or episodes without it. Often the content of the episodes reflected real life wrestling happenings. See the Real Life Writes the Plot section for more.

The JWL was shut down in January 2014 due to the author running out of ideas and having no audience.


Also, some rules:

  • 1. Much like on PG/Reality Era WWE programming, NO MEN HITTING WOMEN.note 
  • 2. NO Dusty Finishes, "Montreal Screwjob finishes," no WrestleMania IX/MITB run-in finishes, NO Fingerpoke Of Doom finishes.
  • 3.When a wrestler/manager/valet/etc. is released/fired, that's it. Said person can no longer return. If a character leaves of his/her own choosing, he/she could potentially return albeit in a different role. (See below under Screw This, I'm Outta Here! for the one time that this has happened.)
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  • 4.NO pregnancy/wedding/etc. angles.
  • 5.NO hotshotted title changes (i.e., someone winning a title on a PPV and losing it on the following TV show.)
  • 6.NO restraining order angles or anything that might involve a lawyer.

Finally, a warning: JIKTV'S personal biases toward/against certain people may come through at times.

Tropes Associated with The JWL (In-Universe):

  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling: The main event of the second PPV, JWL SuperBrawl I, was the 22-woman Royal Rumble to crown the inaugural JWL Women's Champion, which was won by Molly Holly.
  • Breather Episode: Being the first show after the Chris Benoit tragedy, Episode 54 was this, as all the Faces went over out of the need to send the crowd home happy.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Elijah Burke, who had a brief feud with Taz and then disappeared, never to be mentioned again.note 
    • Many wrestlers were either retired or released but did not receive in-universe explanations for their departures. This was partially due to there being a large cast.
  • Never Speak Ill of the Dead: Twice on Episode 53.
    • The show featured the debut of the Rock's "The Smackdown Hotel." The Rock ran down various Real Life wrestler interview segments, with the mention of Mike Awesome's note  WCW segment "The Lava Lamp Lounge" being deleted.
    • Later that same night, there was a tag match that was originally scheduled as the Royal Assassins (Randy Orton and Dave Batista, w/manager Jerry Lawler) vs. Balls Mahoney and Mike Awesome. Before the match, Orton started cutting a promo about "killing legends"note , and Orton's mic went out and a "We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties" message came up on the screen. When the show came back, Mahoney said that what Orton had said "was a load of crap." He then brought out his replacement partner, Masato Tanaka.
  • Scott Hudson replacing Jim Ross as lead announcer after JR's last health issue.
  • Jerry Lawler's heart attack led to the scrapping of an angle that would have involved his real-life ex-wife The Kat debuting and affiliating herself with the former Hardcore Alliance, Balls Mahoney, Masato Tanaka and 2 Cold Scorpio, against Lawler's Power Stable the Royals (The Rock, Christian, and the Royal Assassins [Randy Orton and Dave Batista]). See Aborted Arc above.
  • Jack Swagger being fired and stripped of the JWL World Heavyweight Title due to his pot/speeding/DUI arrest.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Get Your Kicks on Episode 66 featured HHH walking to the ring with his water bottle until he stopped and spat it out and started shouting "SALT! SALT!" He stormed to the back where he saw Jonathan Coachman with a salt shaker. HHH figured that Coachman must have been the one who put salt in his water bottle and started beating him up for it until Coach told him that he didn't do it. The question of who put the salt in HHH's water bottle was never resolved due to the total lack of response to it on