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Likes Clark Kent, Hates Superman

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And I heard Harry's said he wants Spider-Man dead
Aw, but his buddy Pete he can trust.

Many people have a Secret Identity. And since the whole point of a secret identity is to have as few people know it as possible, sometimes you might get a person who likes that guy in the office without realizing he's actually the superhero they absolutely hate, and in the worst of cases are trying to kill.

See Loves My Alter Ego and Hates My Secret Identity, which is similar except the person in question is neutral to or unaware of your other self. Contrast Two-Person Love Triangle.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Death Note, police chief Soichiro Yagami hates the wanted serial killer Kira, but deeply cares for his son Light, unaware that they are one and the same. Even after Light becomes the prime suspect for the murders, his father insists that Light is innocent and the real Kira must be brought to justice.
  • Fresh Pretty Cure!: Before finding out she's a Pretty Cure, Miyuki's brother Daisuke is a male Tsundere to Love, but he's very polite and respectful to Cure Peach and he thinks Love should be more like her. However, he's also attracted to Love instead of her as Cure Peach. When he finds out that Love is Peach, being too stupid to confess to her other her about his feelings for the real her, Daisuke tells Love that he will wait for her to tell her feelings to him. However, in the end, she's not going to tell him.
  • In Magical Project S, Hiroto has unrequited love for Misao, but hates Pixy Misa for being a victim of her troubles. Luckily, he gets to find out they're the same person.
  • The title character of Ranma ½ is a Sex Shifter and a Chick Magnet in both forms, but also tends to make a lot of enemies. This has resulted in numerous characters who love one form but hate the other:
    • Kuno hates Ranma as a rival in martial arts and for Akane's love, but is infatuated with the "pig-tailed girl". Once Ranma exposes his identity to the school, Kuno fails to comprehend this development and continues going on, the same as before.
    • Kuno's sister Kodachi has it the other way around, loving Ranma, but hating his female side because she mistakenly views her as a romantic rival.
    • Shampoo lost to both of Ranma's forms in a fight without knowing they were the same person. Because of the customs of her village, she has to kill female Ranma and marry male Ranma. When she learns that they're one and the same, and the male form his original one, she wholeheartedly opts for marrying him.
    • Mikado hits on female Ranma, but hates male Ranma.
    • Picolet Chardin the 3rd loves female Ranma, but... demands that male Ranma pay his bill for the French food he (Ranma) ate.
    • Sentaro, Densuke, and Yohyo all love female Ranma (see a trend?) but are rather nonplussed to discover the truth. Sentaro turns vindictive, Densuke tries real hard to forget, and Yohyo is completely flabbergasted and fails to react at all.
  • The title character of Sailor Moon quickly falls head-over-heels for Tuxedo Mask, but hates Mamoru for always picking on her. This is one reason she brushes off any chance of them being the same even when she temporarily sees through his Clark Kenting. This is unlike the original manga and Sailor Moon Crystal, where Mamoru didn't pick on Usagi, who finds both attractive and often finds herself strangely flustered when she encounters Mamoru.
  • Anna Nishikinomiya from Shimoneta has a crush on Tanukichi Okuma before and (especially) after she becomes a Nymphomaniac Yandere after him, but she hates his SOX alter-ego (the only male member of the ero-terrorism group) without knowing it's the same Tanukichi behind the panty mask. However, her body recognizes him anyway, playing against Anna, who reacts against her will when she's getting close to him under the mask.
  • Exa from Superior loves Sheila but absolutely despises the demon queen for killing his parents and wiping out his home village. He does not take it well when he finally learns that the two are one and the same.

    Comic Books 
  • In the Jem and the Holograms comic, Rio is obviously in love with Jerrica, but he dislikes Jem, finding her conceited and an outsider.
  • Marshal Law: Joe Gilmore's girlfriend Lynn hates superheroes and doesn't know he is really Marshal Law, who she thinks is a "fascist pig" no better than the superheroes he fights.
  • Robin Series: Darla Aquista is trying to date Tim Drake, despite his repeated assurances that he's not at all interested, while trying to murder Robin without knowing that the two are one and the same.
  • Spider-Man:
    • Early into their feud, Norman Osborn had great respect for Peter Parker, in fact seeing him like a surrogate son because of Peter's brilliant intellect and go-getter determination, in opposition to Norman's actual son, and Peter's best friend, Harry who was an unmotivated, emotional wreck. As the Green Goblin, however, Norman hated Spider-Man with a passion, and once he figured out Spidey and Peter were the same person, his affection for Peter died immediately.
    • J. Jonah Jameson, when he's not ranting about "that wallcrawling menace" is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who tries to look out for Peter, although he'd deny it if asked.
    • Flash Thompson bullies Peter throughout high school and much of college, but is Spider-Man's biggest and most loyal fan.
    • Aunt May loves her nephew Peter dearly, but in some continuities she can't stand Spider-Man (reasons vary from her thinking he's a dangerous vigilante to her having arachnophobia).
  • Superlópez: Luisa Lanas (the Lois Lane expy) is Juan López's girlfriend, but hates Superlopez.
  • Superman:
    • As the Trope Namer, many iterations of Superman either have Lex Luthor and Clark Kent being Childhood Friends or Lex at least deeply respecting Clark Kent's journalistic work. But Lex Luthor always hates Superman; in some portrayals, deeply jealous and distrusting of the superhero's powers and lack of checks and balances, or angry that Superman is the one person in Metropolis who does not fear him.
    • One female love interest of Clark Kent played this straight in the late Silver Age comics. After being traumatized during a rescue, she ended up a psychosomatic paraplegic who blamed Superman and hated his guts. However, she liked Clark quite a bit and her debut story ended with him wondering what lay ahead for them. She didn't last.
  • Inverted in Will Eisner's Wonder Man. Brenda Hastings can't stand her "chaperone" Fred Carson, but she falls in love with Wonder Man, to the point of kissing him on the cheek as thanking him for rescuing her as well helping people.

  • Becoming Lífþrasir: Astrid feels guilt for being partially responsible for Hiccup's self-imposed exodus and proudly refers to him as her betrothed, thus finds Cattongue (Hiccup's Secret Identity) incredibly suspicious when he admits to knowing him. This comes as a shock towards Cattongue, who still has lingering feelings towards Astrid.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Izuku's powers make him the envy of his classmates, who all expect him to become a top-ranking Hero rivaling All Might. On the other hand, almost everyone around him would like nothing more than to imprison and savagely beat the alien whose spaceship crashed into Mt. Fuji solely for being an alien.
  • Aizawa falls into this in Powdered Gold And Pottery, where he's unaware that new coworker Yagi Toshinori isn't actually All Might's secretary, but the man himself. While he respects the organizations that the retired hero has funded, such as the Peacemakers, he dislikes how others offer All Might personal credit for those projects when it appears that all he's done is funnel money into them. He also feels that All Might encourages and butters up the media too much, while others see that more as Necessarily Evil and part of the business.
  • In Scarlet Lady, Chloe's just as clingy towards her Childhood Friend Adrien as ever. But she absolutely can't stand Chat Noir, as the two of them constantly butt heads in their superhero identities.
    • Downplayed on Adrien's part. Though unaware that Chloe is Scarlet Lady, his experiences with her alter ego make him far less tolerant of her bullying behavior, leading to him calling her on it and making clear that unless she changes her ways, they won't be friends anymore.
    • Played for Laughs in "Lady WiFi". When Nino tells Adrien about Alya's theory that Marinette is Scarlet Lady, he reacts with utter horror, and Plagg later taunts him about how, if that's true, it means he "has a crush on Scarlet Lady."

    Film — Animation 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Spider-Man: Norman Osborn is impressed with his son Harry's best friend, Peter, and sees him as a kindred spirit. He hates Spider-man, however, and eventually turns against Peter when he realizes they're the same person. His respect for Peter comes back just a bit as Norman dies at the end, as he begs Peter not to tell his son about his double identity.
  • In Spider-Man 2 Harry Osborn is friends with Peter Parker, despite having sworn revenge on Peter's alter ego Spider-Man for his (supposed) role in the death of Harry's dad Norman (aka The Green Goblin) in the previous film. Naturally, Harry is not pleased to learn that Peter and Spider-Man are the same person, and spends the next film trying to kill his (former) best friend.
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming downplays this.
    • Adrian Toomes, a.k.a. The Vulture, likes Peter Parker, the teenaged boy who is trying to date his daughter, and doesn't really hate Spider-Man, who he respects for his heroism but is annoyed that he's starting to interfere in all his nefarious plans. In an aversion, Toomes figures out that Peter is Spider-Man soon after meeting the boy in his civilian identity.
    • Flash Thompson appears to admire Spider-Man despite hating Peter Parker in real life.


    Live-Action TV 
  • In the early seasons of Arrow, most characters had a specific preference where they either liked Oliver Queen and thought the Hood (soon to be Green Arrow) was a menace or thought Oliver Queen was a douchey playboy but the Hood was doing what no one else would to save the city.
  • In The Flash (2014) while most of the city knows and loves the Flash, very few people know who Barry Allen is. However Eddie Thawne, Barry's coworker, is good friends with Barry but obviously initially distrusts the Flash and sought his capture.
    Ralph Dibny: (after learning that Barry is the Flash) I used to like the Flash, now I have to hate the Flash!
  • Lois & Clark has Mayson Drake, an old friend of Clark's from Smallville who adores Clark, but views Superman as a vigilante menace.
  • In Merlin (2008), Prince Arthur is Vitriolic Best Buds with his manservant Merlin, unaware that Merlin is a powerful warlock - a capital offense in Camelot. However, "Dragoon the Great", the hammy Older Alter Ego that Merlin uses for his more flagrant feats of magic, is seen by Arthur as a criminal and a threat to the realm. In the series finale, he takes The Reveal very hard at first.
  • In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Bulk and Skull have a deep respect and admiration for the Power Rangers, but had nothing but contempt for the Rangers' civilian identities. This gradually changed in later seasons.
  • On Supergirl (2015), Cat Grant initially thinks Kara is a hopeless simpleton, but loves the idea of Supergirl and considers the superhero her own creation and intellectual property. On the other hand, Max Lord is ambivalent about Kara but thinks Supergirl is a dangerous menace. In a later episode, Kara meets an imprisoned hacktivist. The guy considers Supergirl to be a "malignant narcissist", who does more harm than good. But when he meets Kara Danvers, he immediately gushes about her articles and journalistic integrity, considering her to be a kindred spirit. Where Supergirl fails to get any information on Lex Luthor from him, Kara gets all that and more.

  • The Cyanide & Happiness short "Shark Dad" is about a kid who disrespects his father while idolising the superhero Shark Rad, not realising they're both the same person. His dad eventually reveals the truth to him in the hopes of winning his respect, but the kid suddenly decides that Shark Rad sucks and sarcastically thanks his dad for ruining Shark Rad for him.

    Western Animation 
  • American Dragon: Jake Long: Rose is part of a group that tries to kill all magical creatures, but doesn't know that her love interest Jake Long is one. There's even an episode where they're working on a school project in an apartment building and trying to kill each other on the rooftop as their alternate identities.
  • In the Batman: The Animated Series/Superman: The Animated Series crossover "World's Finest", Lois falls in love with Bruce Wayne, but greatly dislikes Batman. She was upset to find out they're one and the same. As a result, Lois breaks up with him.
    Batman: She loves both Bruce Wayne and Superman. It's the other guys she's not crazy for.
    Superman: Too bad we can't mix-and-match.
  • In Big Hero 6: The Series, Karmi is bitter and jealous over Hiro taking her position as the youngest student at SFIT, but is madly in love with his unnamed superhero identity, who she has dubbed "Captain Cutie". As of the second season she's lightened up and started being nicer to Hiro in his civilian identity.
  • Danny Phantom:
    • After an accident Valerie swears revenge against all ghosts, but she doesn't know that one of them is her classmate who has the ability to switch between ghost form and human form. They even date for a while.
    • Danny's parents are ghost hunters who are a liable as the general public to distrust their son's alter ego.
  • DC Super Hero Girls:
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • Marinette has a massive crush on Adrien, and while she respects his alter-ego Chat Noir as a partner and friend, she still finds him obnoxious and is turned off by his constant flirting. On the other side of things, Adrien has a crush on Ladybug, but does not realize that she is secretly Marinette.
    • Chloe hates Marinette, but considers herself to be Ladybug's biggest fan.
    • Gabriel Agreste appears to genuinely love his son (despite being a horrible parent). Unbeknownst to him, his son is one of the two superheroes that his akuma minions battle on a daily basis.
  • Moe from The Simpsons swears that if he ever catches that kid who keeps prank calling him, he'll kill him gruesomely. But he thinks of that Bart Simpson kid as an amusing little scamp.
  • South Park: Shelly Marsh hates her dad Randy, who was revealed to be Lorde, a singer that Shelly looks up to.
  • Steven Universe:
  • Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters: Stretch/Jake's crush, Riya, finds Stretch overhyped, but likes Jake enough to accept his invitation to the school dance. After the Flex Fighters learn that one of their enemies, Blindstrike, was Riya in disguise, it seems hard to blame her for hating Stretch, seeing how he kept getting in the way of her mission. (This reveal also turns Stretch's and Omni-Mass/Ricardo's feelings for Riya into another example.) It also must not have helped that the Flex Fighters unknowingly worked for the man who killed Riya's parents. After Stretch and his friends cut ties with the murderer, then assist Blindstrike with her mission, they learn to like both sides of each other.
  • TRON: Uprising: Beck is well-liked among his co-workers and Occupation Commander Paige is even romantically interested in him (feeling is mutual). However, Beck's alter ego as the Renegade is very much a Hero with Bad Publicity. Especially after Beck's predecessor Cyrus murders the garage's boss Able. Paige is under direct orders to kill the Renegade on sight.


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