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Scarlet Lady is a Miraculous Ladybug Role Swap AU 4-Koma fan comic written and drawn by zoe-oneesama on Tumblr. The first part can be found here, with the master post for the series here and the index for the comic parts (starting from Season 1) here. Updates are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

In another universe, Master Fu decides to put the Ladybug Miraculous in Marinette's purse rather than her room. Chloé, still mad at Marinette for talking back to her, decides to rifle through the latter's purse for something she can steal to take revenge. She ends up finding the fancy box the Miraculous is in and takes it, concluding that it's a family heirloom of some sort.

Naturally, this backfires: not only did Marinette not know about the box's existence, but now Chloé finds herself saddled with an annoying fairy who's trying to get her to become an actual hero. Meanwhile, Chat Noir has to put up with a lazy, useless partner who treats him as anything but. Hilarity Ensues.

A fan-made novelization of the comic (written with permission from zoe-oneesama) by Milarqui can be found here.

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