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The author's FAQ page for the AU reveals some future plot points of Scarlet Lady.

  • Marinette won't be akumatized. Chloé will.
  • Some of the villains won't be appearing because they either are not relevant to the overall plot or wouldn't work with the AU's changes (such as Dark Owl, as Scarlet Lady and Chat Noir wouldn't trust each other enough to detransform in front of each other without looking). It's also been stated that Bunnix won't appear, as the author does not want time travel to be involved (Timebreaker is an exception because she doesn't travel that far back). In the third interlude, Bunnix visits the AU from the show's universe out of boredom, confirms things are going well because they haven't met her local counterpart, and leaves.
  • Due to the way the plot is set up, despite wanting to include Polymouse, Purple Tigress, and Pigella, originally, they were not going to be included due to the comic already being stretched to set up the Season 3 heroes. That decision has changed since "Penalteam" came out. In addition, the author really does wish to use Zoé in the comic but was unsure if it will be possible before settling on "yes," though Sole Crusher will not appear due to circumstances being different from Zoé's role in canon. Zoé appears in the last page of "Frightningale" and arrives in Paris with Audrey in "Malediktator."
  • As of February 2022, the author has made a new decision: "Now that all the Zodiac Powers are known, I will be using almost all of them - The only Miraculous I will not use at all is the Rabbit Miraculous. This doesn’t mean all the Miraculous users will be the canon ones, but they will be used."
  • Chloé will not be redeemed. Sabrina and Lila will. Lila's situation is expanded upon in this post, which notes that Lila's canon personality would be redundant in this AU and that her grudge against Scarlet Lady would be far more justified due to the latter being a Jerkass who would actually go out of her way to hurt and humiliate Lila. Sabrina finally broke ties with Chloé in "Vanisher" and has begun her redemption in full. Lila's Heel–Face Turn happened in "La Befana," and she's grown to be much friendlier and more honest in the wake of that.
  • The author explained in the tags for "Rogercop" that "#marinette only gave into to emptying her bag because sabrina did it first" because "#fair is fair." This is a reference to the canon episode, in which Marinette declared that she will consent to her bag being searched, but only if the other suspects are subject to the same treatment; that way, she isn't being arbitrarily singled out due to Chloé's biases.
  • The author has stated that "I have personal rules against how much of canon I can change," though she admits she has had trouble following this rule.
    • The reason the Lucky Charms are the same as canon despite Scarlet Lady frequently not knowing what to do with them is that it's Tikki's way of being passive aggressive, creating items that Marinette would know how to use that Chloé has no clue what to do with.
    • A potential Adaptational Name Change was averted for the paralysis power that Pollen grants, "Venom," as the author would much prefer the name "Sting" instead.
    • The author did deliberately change the cops' actions in "Rogercop" from following an akuma's orders to not doing that since them obeying an akuma was so stupid, she couldn't justify why it happened in the first place. She also later admitted to having similar issues justifying other canon Idiot Balls and thus got rid of them too.
  • Regarding Scarlet's Kick the Dog moment in "The Gamer," since she is highly confident that she (and by she, we mean Chat) will beat the akuma, she figures trying to get Marinette zapped by an akuma doesn't count as attempted murder; just temporarily removing an obstacle in her path. The explanation becomes relevant in-story in Volpina. When Volpina threatens to collapse a building unless Scarlet Lady hands over her Miraculous, Scarlet says she'll just bring it and everyone inside it back when she wins. She mentions this idea again and more directly in "Captain Hardrock" and "Prime Queen," but Chat Noir and Marigold both immediately shoot it down.
  • Zoe mentions in a response to a fan that the reason Ondine appears more than in canon is because she likes her.
  • Zoe explains the reason Lila was redeemed is that while "Volpina" was a pivotal episode that had to be adapted, Lila as a third major antagonist alongside Chloé and Hawkmoth would have bogged down the story.
  • It's been confirmed that Lila quickly gave up on her crush on Adrien in this universe due to how much he visibly dislikes her due to her stealing the Grimoire from him, trying to trick him, and then throwing the book away.
  • Chat Noir will be the one who communicates directly with Master Fu. This started in "The Collector."
  • Marinette will get the Bee Miraculous and become the superheroine Marigold. She will also eventually get the Ladybug Miraculous back. The former happened when fighting Vanisher.
  • Kagami and Luka aren't going to be as prominent as rival love interests. They may have a role as platonic friends, though. Kagami first appears in "Riposte," while "Captain Hardrock" introduces Luka as a potential rival for Adrien.
  • When asked how Marinette was able to correctly identify Kagami's corps-a-corps violation and knew that the bout should be halted as a result, Zoe replied that, like in canon, Marinette had spent the entire weekend studying fencing rules due to how intricate they are. Since the author learned that Kagami committed a corps-a-corps violation via an internet search, it's plausible that Marinette would recognize it.
  • By the end of "Captain Hardrock," most of Paris is split into three general camps regarding Scarlet Lady, with a couple of outliers.
    • Alya, Tom, Sabine, Damocles, Bustier, Mayor André, Jalil, Manon, Nadja, Marc, Fred, Ella, Etta, Chris, Wayhem, Mr. Kubdel, André the ice cream man, Simon Grimault, Otis, Marlena, Rose, Mylène, and most adults in general are fans of her specifically, considering her the absolute hero of Paris. Kim and Ondine also fall into this camp, although they become more "pro-hero in general" after their respective akumatizations.
    • Max, Nathaniel, Roger, Aurore, Mireille, Alec, Jagged Stone, Penny, Vincent (both Adrien's photographer and Jagged's stalker), Gina, Clara Nightingale, Luka, Anarka, Mr. Ramier, Chef Chang, D'Argencourt, Mendeleiev, Juleka, and Sabrina approve of her in general, but basically approve of all of the heroes equally and are generally satisfied that the job is being done. Most of them are either simply not fanatical enough to worship one hero above the others or have been put off a little by her personality.
    • Adrien, Marinette, Lila, Nino, Ivan, Théo, Master Fu, and Alix hate her guts, having dealt with her persistent and/or extremely obnoxious and self-centered behavior.
    • Gabriel and Nathalie hate Scarlet Lady because they're the villains and hate the heroes in general.
  • The author shoots down the theory that Chloé was messing with Kim about his Valentine's Day present due to spite from her own love problems. When a commenter brings up the theory, the author replies, "She straight up thought it was for her." The tag adds, "Because, uh, why wouldn't it be? - Chloé probably."
  • The author has created some "sporty Not School Friends" for Alix who are featured in the "Intermission" episode, with sketches on the Tumblr site. Their names are Frédérique ("Freddy") and Suhayla.
  • The author complains about a difficult-to-draw object in "Sapotis": "I gotta tell you I have a personal vendetta against Alya's balcony now that I've had to draw it."
  • In "Sapotis," Chloé has what appears to be mud thrown in her face when clones of the titular akuma interrupt her soak in the hotel spa. After readers started suggesting that it may have been some, uh, other substance instead, the author confirmed that what the Sapotis threw was the mud used for facial masks.
  • Nino and Alya will each get a Miraculous and have a Kwami swap. Nino got the Fox Miraculous in "Sapotis" and became Fox Trot, while Alya got the Turtle Miraculous in "Anansi" to become Koki Marina.
  • The beginning of "Anansi" features a reference to the "Will Smith showing off his wife" meme, with the panel containing it being release the day after the 94th Academy Awards ceremony, where Will Smith's actions on behalf of his wife caused quite a bit controversy. The author has stated that these two events are completely unconnected, as she'd finished drawing the comic and scheduled its release date months ago.
  • The author has said that Adrien receiving his own Kitty Section costume at the end of "Silencer" is his reward for trying to help his friends by informing his father through Nathalie about Bob Roth's plagiarism in this AU.
  • As in canon, Adrien gives up on being Aspik and says he failed 25,913 times. The author was asked if this was true in the AU and replies, "Nah, that was a total asspull. 25,913 five minute intervals = almost 3 months, and he has better things to do."
  • At the end of "Desperada," Marinette and Luka talk about his love confession and reconcile their friendship, meaning Marinette doesn't start avoiding Luka as she did in canon. The author notes, "Did I take direct jabs at canon 'Crocoduel'? Yes. Yes I did."
  • In "Zombizou," the author has Plagg warn Adrien that if he figures out Marigold's identity (and tells Master Fu) that he will have to give up being Chat Noir. The author in the closing notes says, "for the record I think that rule of taking away the miraculous of the person who FIGURES OUT someone else's identity is fucking stupid" and believes the rule should be applied the other way around. (This is different from the canon rule for Ladybug and Chat Noir that both would have to give up their Miraculous if either figures out the other's identity.)
  • When asked why Hawkmoth would still attempt to akumatize Marinette in "Zombizou" after being relieved at not having to push Chat Noir's Berserk Button in "Troublemaker," the author responded that he's still willing to take a risk if the opportunity presents itself. He does make the attempt, but when Marinette gives a scathing What the Hell, Hero? to Mme. Bustier, she gains enough catharsis that Hawkmoth decides to switch to the teacher.
  • The author has indicated that the pigeon Marinette pretends to be talking to at the start of "The Mime" is the same pigeon that photobombed Rose and Juleka in a bonus panel in "Reflekta," hiding the latter's face in the process. This pigeon is supposed to be connected to the Tumbler blogger jacquesthepigeon, a writer the author admires.
  • Even though the author has Tikki snark that "Adrien the Fragrance" makes Chloé smell like "teenage boy and cheese," the author admits in the end notes: "realistically 'Adrien the fragrance' probably doesn't smell anything like Adrien or even smell like something Adrien likes," "they more likely just slapped his name and face on it lol," and "it probably smells like every generic cologne."
  • The reason why Bunnix's design in "Intermission 3" is the same as in canon is because she is the canon version of the character, watching the events of the Scarlet Lady timeline and deciding to visit it and patrol with Caprikid without interfering too much; a Scarlet Lady version of Bunnix will still not be appearing in the comic.
  • Chloé and Audrey still take the stairs down from the Eiffel Tower in "Style Queen" despite the elevator working just fine in the webcomic. The author has stated that she made the two forget the obvious choice to punish them for their antics at the fashion show.
  • Chloé's akumatized form was originally supposed to be called Red Hornet, with the implication that she would be akumatized as Scarlet Lady. That got scrapped due to Zoé being introduced in the show and the author's subsequent decision to include her in the comic, too.
  • Aside from "narrative reasons", Zoé doesn't try to use the Ladybug earrings after ending up with them because she feels responsible for Chloé's akumatization and therefore doesn't yet consider herself worthy of being a hero.
  • Ladygold will be the only instance in the entire story of somebody using two Miraculous at once.