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Spoilers Off applies to moments pages. You have been warned.

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    Origins Part 1: Tales of Chloé the Ladybug 
  • Marinette even as a civilian tells off Hawk Moth in her "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Adrien tells off Chloé, saying that they can’t be friends if she continues to act like a bully.

    Stormy Weather: Tales of Aurore the Weather Girl 
  • A villainous moment when Stormy Weather manages to defeat both Chat Noir and Scarlet Lady (working together for once) in the span of four panels. One to notice the charge, one to beat Chat, one to beat Scar, and one to perform a 'flawless victory' pose. If she hadn't promptly gotten distracted by her own goals, Hawkmoth might have won right then.

    Gamer: Tales of Max the Pro Gamer 
  • Sabine not only refuses to let Chloé go to Marinette’s room, recognising her as her bully, but overcharges her for her usual cookies order.

    Reflekta: Tales of Juleka the Goth 
  • Sabrina actually refuses to help Chloé with her latest bullying scheme.
    • Adrien also gets a chance to call her out, clearing baffling her.
  • Marinette gets to use the Black Cat Miraculous.
  • Rose performing a Diving Save for Sabrina.

    Timebreaker: Tales of Alix the Skater 
  • Marinette swiftly grabbing Timebreaker and knocking her to the ground, citing gùn training her mother had her undergo.
    • Her basically trying to blackmail Scarlet Lady into fighting by recording her doing nothing. Even if this does get her tagged.

    Simon Says: Tales of Simon the Hypnotist 
  • The reveal that Aurore basically has Alec wrapped around her thumb as a result of how his attempt to rig the weather girl competition was exposed.
    • And by the episode's end this is true for Nino too, thanks to Alec's antics with Gabriel.
  • Nathalie in general. She singlehandedly foils Scarlet Lady's attempts to be alone in Adrien (especially since he's (supposedly) showering), takes down Simon Says' brainwashed minions, and keeps Gabriel from jumping off the roof of the studio. To quote the author's note:
    "Look Nino, when your boss is Gabriel I-Make-A-Living-On-Being-An-Asshole Agreste you learn how to defend yourself."

    Volpina: Tales of Lila the Fox 

    Collector: Tales of Gabriel the TOP SECRET 

    La Befana: Tales of Gina the Witch 
  • After La Befana hits his Berserk Button of hurting Marinette, Chat Noir's rage is enough to actually make Scarlet Lady listen to him.

    Kung Food: Tales of Wang Cheng the Chef 

    Evillustrator: Tales of Nathaniel the Artist 

    Vanisher: Tales of Sabrina the Invisible 

    Riposte: Tales of Kagami the Fencer 
  • Through a video that Plagg and Tikki watch from Chloé's purse, we get to see a moment from Marigold's debut TV interview. It is captioned, "Bravo Marigold!" showing that she is off to a great start in the public eye.
  • When Chloé angrily asks why Marc is allowed to watch the fencing tryouts and she isn't, not only does Marinette state that Marc has permission, she uses the proper pronouns for them after they correct her.
  • For her first time fencing, Marinette actually does very well, managing to land a good hit on Adrien.
  • Kagami's Dramatic Entrance.
  • When Chloé taunts Kagami over her biased ruling by claiming that she knows when to listen to "her superiors", Kagami stabs the ground so hard she actually makes a crack in it, causing Chloé to flinch. It's also unclear if Kagami actually was aiming for her foot or not.
  • When Marigold makes a major blunder in the initial Riposte fight (talking too much to Adrien about getting him to safety and missing an incoming attack by Riposte), Adrien has to has to do a Diving Save for her and he injures his ankle. Marigold is mortified that he was injured protecting her when she was supposed to protect him, and she promises to do better. A cartoon "respect meter" shows she has gained a little respect in his eyes.
  • Marigold pulls off an Offscreen Moment of Awesome by getting Adrien away when they are cornered by Riposte on the rooftop. Riposte was looking the right direction to see her and try to stop her, and Scarlet Lady was very close, ready to take Adrien away herself. This move took amazing timing and stealth.
  • Chat Noir and Marigold coordinate much faster in this version, defeating Riposte before there is any threat to the sarcophagus where Adrien is supposedly hidden. To be fair, Scarlet Lady helps by providing a third opponent to knock around, and by reluctantly providing the Lucky Charm radiator they need to break the sword/arm.
  • Adrien, pretending he watched the fight from the sidelines, compliments Marigold, saying, "You should give yourself more credit. I saw how helpful you were." Marigold blushes and replies, "Helpful?! Really?!", and Adrien thinks, "Cute."

    Captain Hardrock: Tales of Anarka the Pirate 
  • Chloé's tendency to invite herself to every event and expect to be allowed to stay is not welcome on the Liberty. Ivan's solution, instead of arguing with someone he KNOWS will not listen to anyone but herself, is to haul her off the boat and pull up the gangplank before she can react and get herself back on the houseboat, showing that he and everyone else is DONE tolerating her.
  • With Marinette not being obsessed with Adrien in this timeline, she shows her ability to focus on the task at hand (setting up the concert) and avoid Alya's hints, even innocently reversing one on Alya, pointing out her crush on Nino.
  • When Pollen is about to blurt out what she did to open the lock in a secret-identity-exposing answer to Luka's question, Marinette manages to grab the kwami and shut her up, smoothly finish her sentence with a little "erm" to cover the Vocal Dissonance, and get out her guitar pick with the other hand to show Luka. It's a great feat of quick thinking.
  • Marigold gets another Dynamic Entry, freeing Scarlet Lady from the chains that just caught her. She gets no gratitude from Scar, however.
  • One to Captain Hardrock, who already has Chat pinned to the mast of the ship and is getting ready to take his ring before Marigold and Scarlet Lady even notice.
  • The entire Kitty Section and friends (Luka, Rose, Juleka, Ivan, Nino, Alya, and Mylène) become Adaptational Badasses under Luka's lead. Using Chat Noir's extended baton as a steering pole, they force Captain Hardrock's ship to crash onto dry land. This also provides an opening for Chat Noir and Marigold to use the Lucky Charm chain against the akuma. Their action is not without cost; as Luka says, "We're gonna be so sore tomorrow!"
  • After helping with three akumas in a row, Marigold gets recognition as a partner from Chat Noir and a fist-bump "Bien Joué!" with him, to her delight.
  • Roger getting even with Chloé for what happened in "Rogercop": He allows the band to play their music cause, well it is a music festival, which in turn recedes the violation order he issued. When Chloé objects and threatens to have her dad fire him (again), he points out Sabrina and he looked over things and realized the mayor doesn't have the jurisdiction to do that, complete with a shaded face as he tells her this. Chloé's sweatdrops as he does are both hilarious and cathartic.

    Syren: Tales of Ondine the Mermaid 

    Dark Cupid: Tales of Kim the Romantic 
  • Scarlet Lady manages to stop Dark Cupid by throwing a candy heart at him.
  • Scarlet Lady uses her yo-yo to stop a brainwashed Marigold from stinging Chat Noir.
  • Once he's saved, Kim wastes no time indirectly calling Chloé out for ruining his gift to Ondine.

     Intermission: Tales of Marinette the Bee 
  • While not concentrating on action and more Slice of Life, the ending has Chat Noir and Marigold discussing how Scarlet Lady isn't the intended owner of the Ladybug Miraculous. When it turns to the subject of if or when they defeat Hawkmoth, Chat doesn't think would give the Miraculous up willingly. Marigold's clenching her fist indicates that there will come a time in the future where the two true heroes of Paris will have to bring down SL like any other villain.

     Animan: Tales of Otis the Zookeeper 
  • Sadly he gets interrupted by Animan releasing the animals, but Adrien finally takes a chance to tell off Chloé for intruding on their group activity when she wasn't invited.
    • While she completely misses the hint, Adrien makes it as clear as possible that he's aware that Chloé's nothing more than a Stalker with a Crush and doesn't want her there.
  • When trapping Animan in the bus doesn't work (because he rips the roof by transforming into a dinosaur) Marigold gives him an One-Hit KO with Venom, handily defeating him. Even the caption for this makes it clear how fast it went.

     Puppeteer: Tales of Manon the Doll Master 
  • Multimouse dominates the fight. First, she grabs the Lucky Charm electrical extension cord and whirls it, along with her jump rope, to make twin shields the villains cannot penetrate. "That all you got?" she mocks. Then, with Multitude power, she attacks the dolls controlling the puppet villains, making them flop on the ground. While Puppeteer is distracted by this, another copy bites her hand to make her drop her wand, and two more carry her wand away.

    Guitar Villain: Tales Of Jagged Stone the Rock Star 
  • Marigold not only does the dragon-taming feat that Ladybug did in canon but also picks up both Chat Noir and Scar for the ride.
  • Marigold drops off the others at the top of the Eiffel Tower, gets the Fang Dragon stuck in the Tower, and gets back with the others extremely fast, so fast that Scar is shocked when Marigold pops up and points to her newly-created Lucky Charm with an idea for how to use it.
  • Jagged has enough of Roth's crap, so he quits, and is planning to go find another company that truly appreciates him.

    Princess Fragrance: Tales Of Rose the Princess