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"When I was little, I thought my father had it all figured out. He said men must be loyal to their friends and dangerous to their enemies. But when he prevented me from...from hurting someone, he had changed. He said enemies and ego are not as important as loved ones. I didn't want to hear it. I was...lost. I called him a hypocrite in a thousand different ways, said that he was going soft. Now...I think maybe he did have it all figured out."
Kolyat Krios, Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Some characters find out that their idols were not the people they thought they were, or see them do things that goes against their previous respect for them, such as a mentor who joined their enemies. Other times, they resent a person they would otherwise have admired, such as a parent who abandoned them.

But there is often more to the story than that, especially when the formerly admired character is mentioned to be a Broken Pedestal early on in the story. The characters typically learn more about the event or decision that caused them to lose faith in the person they once admired, sometimes circumstances that explain or justify the action, and sometimes that they were completely mistaken. This leads them to decide to reconcile with the mentor, and sometimes, learn a significant personal lesson in the process.

Rebuilt Pedestals are typically broken by the time they are first introduced unless both the revelation that caused them to break and the revelation that restores their admirer's faith are tied in to the main story. Sometimes this trope can be played for tragedy as the pedestal holder may be dead by the time the character learns the truth, making any sort of reconciliation impossible.

Quite literally the Reconstruction of Broken Pedestal. Compare Warts and All, in which the admirers accept the person for their flaws, and the pedestal may not have been broken in the first place. This is sometimes hand-in-hand with Good All Along when it involves an apparent Face–Heel Turn.

There will be some unmarked spoilers ahead, for the rebuilding and sometimes for the breaking.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Yoruichi for Soifon in Bleach, as Soifon initially hated her for leaving her behind after fleeing Soul Society, but apparently came to forgive her, as in fillers and manga extras, addresses her with the same respect and shows the same admiration she had when she was younger. (It helps a lot that at the time of their eventual confrontation the reasons behind the part which hurt her the most — that Yoruichi didn't just abandon her but abruptly disappeared from the world without ever explaining why or contacting her again — were in the process of expiring, and it turns out Yoruichi had very good reasons, so their basic relationship was quick to fix. We just don't happen to see it.)
  • Code Geass:
    • Kallen initially hated her mother for staying as a maid, seemingly out of love for her father who has already remarried, but learned that it was out of love for her that she did so. Happens to her several times with Lelouch.
    • Lelouch manipulates his Broken Pedestal status to his soldiers, the Black Knights, and to his friend Suzaku Kururugi, and deliberately expands that to enact a Zero-Approval Gambit/ Thanatos Gambit with the Zero Requiem, becoming the villain to the entire world. Upon discovering the Zero Requiem, however, several of those people rebuild his pedestal, including Suzaku, Kallen, and Lelouch's sister Nunnally.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Having grown up without Vegeta around in the Bad Future, Future Trunks is initially happy to meet his father... until he discovers that Vegeta is an arrogant, selfish Jerkass who not only doesn't give a damn about Bulma or the son he fathered with her, but is perfectly willing to sell out his own allies and put the entire world at risk just for the sake of a good fight. They reconcile when Trunks discovers that Vegeta went medieval on Cell after Cell killed him, and they part on good terms. When he returns in Dragon Ball Super to get help against Goku Black, Trunks is shocked at how much Vegeta has changed. He actually treats him like a son, trains him to fight Black, and gives him advice... in his own way.
  • Flame of Recca. After Mikagami fought against Kai, he's told that the one who killed his sister was his master Meguri Kyouza. Although utterly shocked, Mikagami already spotted some irregularities from that statement, and during the eventual fight with Meguri Kyouza, it was revealed that Meguri Kyouza didn't actually kill his sister, but failed to prevent her death by Mori's men, thus blames himself for it and becomes a Death Seeker. Mikagami forgave him and once again respects him.
  • In Fruits Basket, back when Arisa Uotani was in junior high, she greatly admired the legendary gang leader Red Butterfly. When she finds out that she lives nearby, Arisa waits on her chance to meet her. When she finally does, she finds out that Kyoko Honda, the Red Butterfly, has turned into a Doting Parent. At first, she isn't happy about it, but then she slowly warms up to her and when Kyoko helped Arisa quit her gang, she regains her deep respect for Kyoko and eventually vows to protect her daughter Tohru.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), the older of two Ishvalan brothers is quite bitter toward his mother, who ran out into the foyer of the home where the two boys were, then when soldiers arrived, ran into the bedroom seemingly out of cowardice, being killed when a shell hit. He eventually finds out that her eyesight had deteriorated, and she was running back to check on her children, not knowing where they were when he opens her old locket and finds eye medicine hidden inside. This causes him to forgive her.
  • Kawasaki from Kirby: Right Back at Ya! loses all of his respect for his teacher Shiitake once he comes to know that he uses chemical substances in his dishes. The pedestal gets rebuilt at the end of the episode when he comes to know that Shiitake never actually used the spice and everything was actually a ploy for Kawasaki to grow into a more capable chef. Even if Shiitake's reputation is now ruined, he's fine with it since Kawasaki has learnt from the experience.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, Subaru is left distraught after Nanoha, the mage she looked up to after she was rescued by her, seemingly callously struck down her partner Teana during a training situation, then removed her from the group. She later finds out from Shamal why: she actually cares for her students and refuses to let them go through Training from Hell as doing so nearly got her killed when she was younger. Subaru quickly rebuilt that pedestal.
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam. In the beginning, on learning that Master Asia tried to destroy humanity, Domon considers him a Broken Pedestal. But after the final battle and learning Master Asia's true purpose and the fact that he never resorted to infecting himself with Devil Gundam Cells, Domon re-earns the respect he had for his master, and cried for his death shortly after together reciting the motto of School of The Undefeated Of The East one last time.
    • The same happens with Domon and his older brother Kyouji. He believed that his brother had willingly betrayed humanity, sold out their family and become the pilot of the Devil Gundam; when he learned that Kyouji was The Scapegoat, that he was Brainwashed and Crazy by the DG-Cells and that he had managed to use his last bits of sanity to "create" his clone Schwarz Bruder, Domon forgave him and started to refer to Schwarz as "Brother". And then he had to Mercy Kill both Kyoji and Schwarz to stop the Devil Gundam, crying as he did so..
  • In Muhyo and Roji, Biko is initially shocked at her teacher Rio’s betrayal of the Magical Law Association but comes to forgive her after she rejoins the heroes.
  • In the very beginning of My Hero Academia, Deku is disillusioned when he sees All Might's weak form and is told off by his hero that because he was Quirkless meant he would never be a Hero. After Deku selflessly threw himself at a villain who kidnapped his former best friend Katsuki, giving All Might a Heroic Second Wind, the Hero quickly changed his tune and made Deku his successor to the One For All power, allowing him to rebuild his pedestal for his hero.
  • In My-HiME, Natsuki temporarily enters a Heroic BSoD after learning that her mother was supposedly planning to sell her, but later decides to believe in the mother inside her heart.
  • A few cases from Naruto.
    • Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke looked up to him before he massacred his clan, but after realizing he was forced into it, avenging what happened to him becomes his motive for revenge. This is not a good thing, as the Curse of Hatred led him to try to unleash his anger towards Danzo against all of Konoha, and it takes Itachi, the four former Hokage and Naruto to return him to his senses.
    • Quite a few filler characters also count; the princess in the Land of Vegetables arc realizes that her father regretted having her sent away as a hostage so his nation could survive, and Utakata realizes that his master wanted to extract Saiken the Six Tails for his sake.
    • Kakashi goes from being ashamed of his father Sakumo for breaking the rules to save his comrades, to believing he did the right thing in Kakashi Gaiden. Unfortunately, his best friend Obito, who rebuilt said pedestal, went the opposite direction, due to the Curse of Hatred destroying his sanity after watching Rin die.
    • While Naruto never showed any outward resentment for Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, he finally expressed his anger when he met him after nearly releasing Kurama during Pain's attack on Konoha (he did seal Kurama inside him, leading to almost all of Konoha ostracizing him, after all). Learning that Minato was his father helped towards rebuilding the pedestal, and now the respect he has for him is possibly even greater than it was before.
    • Hanabi Hyuga admired her older sister Hinata for years, but when Hinata was deemed weak, her views shattered. She didn't hate Hinata; however, she lost the bond between them. After seeing how strong and determined Hinata has become in Shippuden, Hanabi begins to admire her again.
  • In One Piece, Laboon desperately tried to break through the Red Line to reach his crew, believing that they sailed back to West Blue rather than circumnavigating the globe on the Grand Line, also forgetting their promise to return to him. It’s eventually revealed that they had been killed on the Grand Line. One of their crew, Brook, came back to life with his Devil Fruit power and is determined to return to Laboon to fulfill his promise.
  • Pokémon:
    • In the anime series, Trip loses his respect for Alder after seeing him act lazy and foolish. He later regains his respect for him after Alder curbstomps him.
    • Misty idolized the Water-specialist Nurse Joy who works at Lake Lucid. However, upon meeting her, Misty is distraught when she learns that Joy is actually so frightened of Water Pokemon that she refuses to touch them, wearing a special suit so she doesn't have to. However, once Joy manages to calm down an angry Gyarados with her bare hands after her suit was washed away, Misty realizes that Joy prioritizes her duty above her fear, and respects Joy again.
    • In Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Lucario resented his former master Sir Aaron for sealing him in a staff and supposedly abandoning the kingdom in its hour of need. It's near the end of the film that Lucario learns that Sir Aaron performed a Heroic Sacrifice to save the kingdom, with him sealing Lucario so he wouldn't share the same fate.
    Lucario: (Remorsefully) Forgive me for doubting you, Master.
  • Mai (Konami's daughter) from Popotan has a severe grudge against her namesake (one of the main characters), because she never came back to her mother before she died, despite the two of them being best friends who had promised to see each other again. In the last episode, once she's back in the same time period as Konami, Mai has her promise not to resent her for not being able to come back, since her time travel is out of her control. Judging from her daughter's attitude towards Mai in the same episode, it worked on her as well.
  • In Ratman, Shuuto is initially disillusioned with the Hero Organization when he discovers that some members like Ankaiser care more about fame and fortune than about helping people. As the series progresses, the heroes reveal their more redeeming qualities, even Ankaiser.
  • Sailor Moon: Chibi-Usa was quite disappointed upon realizing Sailor Moon was the ditzy and whiny Usagi, and decided to take away her broach since she felt she didn't deserve it. After this backfires, Chibi-Usa feels guilty for it and returns the broach to Usagi, in which Usagi is able to successfully defeat Rubeus. After this, while she still considers her a ditzy crybaby and likes to get under her skin, Chibi-Usa starts to have a better appreciation towards Usagi as time goes on.
  • In The Vision of Escaflowne, Van's Aloof Big Brother Folken was allied with The Empire, so when he had a Heel–Face Turn he was Reformed, but Rejected and Van was unable to forgive him. Then Folken saved Van and himself from a Dragon that was around when they were unarmed, and Van re-accepted him. By the time Folken fell victim to a Karmic Death, poor Van was screaming and crying for his brother's demise.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, Atem finds out that his father was responsible for the creation of the Millennium Items, which were made by sacrificing a village full of innocent people. The pedestal is rebuilt when he finds out that his uncle, not his father, was primarily responsible, and his father became sick with grief as a result.
  • Zombie Land Saga: Occurs a few times.
    • Sakura was a big fan of Ai Mizuno in life, who inspired her to become an idol one day. When the two meet as zombies, Ai exhibits a very hostile and cynical attitude because of their situation, both being dead and forgotten by the world, and being roped into the Zombie Land Saga project without much choice. Sakura, who values her second chance at life, becomes disillusioned with Ai. Once Ai helps her and the other girls save a failing performance, and Ai decides to stick around to help the others become idols, Sakura renews her appreciation for her.
    • After a failed concert that put Franchouchou in debt, Kotaro goes into a depressive slump, drinking heavily and withdrawing from his producer duties. Sakura, after many attempts to try and reignite his spirit, decides she's had enough of his attitude and leaves him to sit alone at a bar. Kotaro eventually snaps out of his funk and fully commits to helping Franchouchou rise from rock bottom, regaining Sakura's respect.

    Comic Books 
  • Rebel Heist: Loyal Rebel soldier Jan becomes extremely disenchanted with the Rebellion after he and Han get paired together on a mission, Han does a lot of reckless stuff, and the two of them get captured as a result. After he learns that it was all a Batman Gambit, he calms down and his last scenes shows him in a bar, praising the superiority of the Rebellion over the Empire.
  • In IDW's The Transformers comics, Optimus Prime becomes disillusioned with the legacy of the Primes and reverts his name back to Orion Pax after the conclusion of Transformers: Ongoing. During the events of The Transformers: Dark Cybertron, he's given a Rousing Speech about how he embodied the Primes not as they were, but how they were supposed to be by Rodimus. This convinces him to reclaim the name Optimus Prime.

    Fan Works 
  • At the start of The Apprentice, the Student, and the Charlatan, Nova Shine loathes just about every figure he ever saw as an idol or mentor figure for various reasons, the notable exception being Princess Luna, his current teacher, to whom he has unquestionable loyalty. His father and mother neglected him, his first mentor betrayed him, Princess Cadance refuses to stop pestering him about making his peace with all of them, and so on. The first half of the fic features him making his peace with all of them and growing to love them all as friends and family.
  • In Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home, Thea’s lowering opinion of her brother Oliver rapidly picks up once she learns that he’s the Arrow, justifying his previously inexplicable absences.
  • Blackbird (Arrow):
    • Thea is hard on Oliver for most of the story because she thinks he's trying to hook back up with Sara. Her opinion of him makes a complete 180 after he saves Laurel and she learns the real reason he was hanging out with Sara so much.
    • Laurel's opinion of Oliver is also improved after he saves her from the League at the near-cost of his life. While her current emotional and mental state means she is no position to even reconsider restarting their relationship, the situation has, at the very least, repaired their friendship, compounded by Oliver apologizing to her for his previous behavior towards her. It also means Laurel has no issues staying at his house and asking for a job to help get by while she gets back on her feet.
  • A Boy, a Girl and a Dog: The Leithian Script: During an argument with the Valar, Beren complains that he and his clan lost everything while fighting Morgoth in the gods' behalf. After a conversation with the heads of the pantheon and his patron goddess, though, Beren comes to the understanding that the Valar really want and try to do right for everyone. Nonetheless, they aren't perfect, so they're wont to make mistakes and then struggle to fix them... the same as his folks back home and even himself. Beren decides he can't stay angry after that revelation.
    Finrod: But you were— answered. What was the Answer?
    Beren: What I said— they're just muddling along like us, making it up as we go.
    Finrod: That... is essentially what I've been saying. All along. For great years.
    Beren: Yeah, but I didn't get it before.
    Finrod: But— how does that answer your outrage? How does that relieve your mind at all? I don't "get it," I fear.
    Beren: Don't you, Sir? I thought for sure you would.
    Finrod: [ragged laugh] I know what you're saying — that we your lords made our mistakes and led you into danger and and failed to protect you when Bauglir struck, even as I erred and failed in my attempts to save you, and still despite all that you loved me no less, for being powerless, but —
    Beren: [cutting him off, roughly] Not in spite of— Because. And all the more. [clearing his throat] So. They're just a bunch of poor bastards struggling along to do the right thing, same as me. I can feel for that. Respect it too. Kind of makes it hard to stay angry, though.
  • In the Dexter fic Break Me Every Time, Dexter and Debra experience this to a degree when they learn that Doctor Evelyn Vogel murdered Harry Morgan rather than Harry killing himself out of horror at seeing what Dexter had become. While it doesn’t excuse his other failings as a parent, they can at least now believe that he genuinely cared about them, where Dexter felt that Harry gave up on him and Debra saw this as proof that she just wasn’t enough for Harry to stay alive for.
  • In Code Prime, Lelouch had long since thought that Cornelia had abandoned him and Nunnally when they were exiled from Britannia. However in the chapter, ‘’Divided They Fall'', when Lelouch uses his Geass on Cornelia, she tells him that if she had known that Lelouch was Zero, she would defect from Britannia and join him. When he asks why, she responds that it’s because she loves him, and that she never stopped loving him even after he was exiled. This answer catches Lelouch off guard, and it makes him realize that Cornelia could be a potential ally. However, in order to protect her from the Emperor, and Megatron, Lelouch uses his geass to erase her memories of her encounter with him, even though he clearly doesn’t want to.
  • Deadly Nightshade: When a DNA test establishes Bruce Wayne sired him, Harry laments the fact he's related to such a vapid, air-headed person. He's quite startled when Bruce steps up to take care of him, no matter Harry being illegitimate, which makes him realize the man is more than meets the eye.
  • In the fanfic Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Harry slowly goes through this with Quirrelmort.
  • Basically applies to Giles's reaction when Angel tells him about the Day That Never Was ("I Will Remember You") in Home Before Dark, struck at the idea that Angel gave up basically everything he ever wanted just to save Buffy's life.
  • The Immortal Game: Celestia had become a Broken Pedestal for Twilight Sparkle when Twilight found out that Celestia had been manipulating her for years. However, at the climax of the story, Twilight also discovers that it was Celestia, not Luna (who she was disguised as) that comforted her the night before the Final Battle; this gets it through her head that despite everything else, Celestia did love her. This allows Twilight to forgive her.
  • Lady Luck (Miraculous Ladybug): Marinette had idolized the titular hero ever since her debut, even using her as her inspiration to stand up to Chloé. When she finds out that Lady Luck is Chloé, she is so distraught that she ends up Akumatized to Mis-Fortune. However, Lady Luck manages to convinces Marinette that she is genuinely working on improving herself from her Alpha Bitch days, even risking her role as a heroine by nearly letting her powers run up. It's enough for Marinette to break free of Hawkmoth's control, allowing Lady Luck to purify the Akuma, keep her identity a secret, and gain the former as a confidant.
  • In the first quarter of Loved and Lost, Prince Jewelius uses the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" to cause Twilight Sparkle and the citizens of Canterlot to turn against Princess Celestia, the Mane Five, Shining Armor, and Spike. The now-disgraced heroes spend the rest of the story desperately trying to prove their innocence and earn back everypony's — especially Twilight's — trust. While they first have to go through a considerable amount of physical and emotional pain, they eventually succeed by exposing Jewelius' secret crimes, saving Ponyville from his army as well as all of Equestria from the Changelings, and publicly apologizing for their personal screw-ups that made it possible for the Changeling invasion to occur. Celestia in particular starts regaining her former subjects' and faithful student's respect during her Public Execution, where she delivers a heartfelt apology speech in which she takes full responsibility for her failures, which leads to everypony demanding her execution to be stopped.
  • Loosely features in Part of the Night: The Wayne Legacy, regarding Bruce’s memory of Rachel Dawes. Able to move past his previous “obsession” with the idea that Rachel was his only chance for a normal life, Bruce reflects on how Rachel would have gotten along with Selina, and is pleased to think of how his children would call her ‘Aunt Rachel’.
  • In A Prize for Three Empires, Carol Danvers stops looking up to The Avengers after they allow her rapist to walk out with her. Later she accepts they had no way to know she was being mind-controlled, and the fact they made a terrible error of judgement doesn't mean they aren't her friends.
    Carol Danvers: At one time or another, I was on the outs with a bunch of you. Sometimes the Avengers, sometimes the X-Men. Sometimes I had reason to be, sometimes... it was just my own stupid fault. Sometimes I was right, sometimes I was really, really wrong. But the thing... the thing I was most wrong about... was thinking that you, and you, and you, and all the rest of you, were anything but friends.
  • In The Prodigal Daughter, while Noah Lessing always had a low opinion of Janeway after the destruction of the Equinox, seeing how far she's willing to go to save Marla helps him accept her as a captain.
  • In Tacos and Tea Parties, while Connor has been raised by Holtz to see Angel as nothing but Angelus, when he sees Holtz arrange his own death in a manner clearly intended to frame Angel, Fred is able to quickly assure Connor that Angel and Darla have always loved him without condition.
  • This features heavily in Hiccup's relationship with Astrid in The Treasure of Eyja Nott, a modern AU of How to Train Your Dragon based on The Count of Monte Cristo (2002); after spending most of the story believing that Astrid abandoned him and his disgraced father after his false arrest to marry the man who betrayed him, Hiccup learns that Astrid only accepted that proposal on Stoick's urging because she was pregnant with Hiccup's twins and Stoick wanted to ensure the safety of his grandchildren, Astrid acting as Eret's 'dutiful' wife so long as he took financial care of the children.
  • In The Witch of the Everfree, Sunset Shimmer eventually realizes that Celestia actually did love her and that her own actions were the main driving force behind their initial conflict.

    Films — Animation 
  • Kung Fu Panda:
    • Prior to the first movie, Po had always looked up both the Furious Five and Shifu & always dreamed of learning Kung Fu to become a part of them. But then come the events of the movie. Oogway chooses him to be the Kung Fu master, but Po's initial excitement soon fades when they repeatedly demean and insult him and openly declare that he has no place in the Jade Palace, even declaring that he should leave the place. When he gets confronted by Shifu after chickening out, he not only calls him out on their behavior but also demands to know if he even can or wants to turn someone like him into a Dragon Warrior to confront Tai Lung. When Shifu has nothing to say about it, Po ultimately leaves the Palace, his dreams of being a Kung Fu master being utterly shattered by their cruel actions. Fortunately, after remembering his promise to Oogway to train Po before the former passed away, Shifu decides to train him for real, and in a way that actually works.
      • And even before that argument occurred, the Furious Five, who weren't the most welcoming idols Po imagined, slowly began respecting his tenancity and willingness to put up with the hell they put him through. They (sans Tigress) even applaud him on the soup he made for them and start cracking up at his impersonation of Shifu. It also helps that Po's frustration in his argument with Shifu was more directed at him than them.
    • Po from Kung Fu Panda 3 becomes outraged at his biological father when he reveals that he lied about the chi and took him to the panda village just to keep him safe from Kai's clutches, greatly endangering his friends in the process. However, once Li Shan offers Po to train him and the other pandas to help him against Kai, Po eventually regains his respect for his father, treating him just like Mr. Ping as his dad.
  • The Little Mermaid (1989): King Triton very nearly destroys his relationship with his daughter Ariel when, after finding out she's in love with a human, he flies into an Unstoppable Rage and wrecks her collection of surface-world objects. He ultimately regains her love and trust when he rescues her from Ursula by willingly taking her place in their deal, proving beyond a doubt that he's truly sorry for his actions, and then overcomes his prejudice by turning Ariel into a human permanently so she can live happily with Eric.
  • In Robots, Rodney finds out he was wrong to romanticize Bigweld when Bigweld won’t help against the Big Bad Ratchet but regains his respect for Bigweld when he reconsiders and joins Rodney’s efforts to do so.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Big Fish: The movie revolves around Will trying to reconnect with his father Edward after he spent years without speaking to Edward because he became frustrated with Ed's endless stories about himself, which Will saw as nothing more than self-aggrandizement. In the end, he comes to realize that Edward really was a remarkable man (even if he had a tendency towards exaggeration) and, more importantly, a loving father.
  • A variation of this was done in Inception, as Cobb and his team’s mission is to plant the idea in Fisher Jr.’s head that his father wanted him to find his own path in life by causing him to once again respect his father.
  • In the second Legally Blonde film, Elle is happy to work for Victoria Rudd, whose work as a trailblazer Elle has long admired. Midway through the film, Elle is rocked to find Victoria has been trying to kill Elle's beloved dog protection bill in order to keep funding from a sponsor. She tells Elle off on "you can't get people to care" as Elle realizes Victoria is just another career politician trying to keep her seat for no reason. At the end of the film, after Elle has managed to get her bill passed, Victoria apologizes, admitting that Elle's passion has reminded Victoria of the person she used to be and wants to go back to that. Elle is happy Victoria is the idol she praised after all.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Tony Stark's father in Iron Man 2. Tony had initially thought of his father as highly distant and was upset to learn about Stark Corporation's dealings, but after learning of how much his father had done for his sake and his commitment for a better world in the sequel, he began to respect him more.
    • During the final battle of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) is shocked to see S.H.I.E.L.D.'s original Helicarrier floating above the clouds, coming to evacuate the citizens of Sokovia (seeing as S.H.I.E.L.D. disbanded at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier after they were exposed to be infiltrated by Hydra). He asks Captain America "This is S.H.I.E.L.D.?" to get the reply "This is what S.H.I.E.L.D. is supposed to be." Pietro then cracks a smile and states "This is not so bad."
    • It also counts as one for Steve, given his recent experiences with S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • In Thor: Ragnarok, Loki and Odin actually care about each other again, which is a significant change in both their attitudes, seeing as in the previous Thor movie, Odin almost sentenced Loki to death and told him he was destined to die on a frozen rock, and Loki hated Odin for being a hypocrite and refused to acknowledge him as a father. Five years later, when Odin tells both Loki and Thor that he loves them and acknowledges Loki as his son again just before he’s about to die, Loki has to fight back tears.
  • Ready to Rumble has the two protagonists, who are diehard WCW fans watch as their idol Jimmy King is cheated out of his title by a corrupt promoter. They find King, and then find out he's a drunken deadbeat who left his wife and son and stole his parents' mobile home. They find King a trainer and help him win the title. Jimmy King finally becomes what they always saw him as. Not only that, but they become Ascended Fanboys: one of them becomes Jimmy King's tag partner, while the other one becomes his manager.
  • In Star Trek: First Contact, the Enterprise crew meets Zephram Cochrane, the first human to conduct warp flight and make first contact with extraterrestrial life. While the crew is surprised to find that Cochrane is a boorish drunkard who was only interested in making a profit on his warp drive and Cochrane is uncomfortable by the hero worship he gets, they eventually learn to accept him, Warts and All.
    Riker: Someone once said "Don't try to be a great man. Just be a man, and let history make its own judgment."
    Cochrane: That's rhetorical nonsense. Who said that?
    Riker: [grins] You did, ten years from now.
  • Star Wars:
    • In the Original Trilogy, Luke Skywalker idolizes his deceased father Anakin upon learning that he was a great Jedi Knight who was murdered by the evil Darth Vader. That pedestal comes crashing down, however, when Vader reveals that he is in fact Luke's father and used to be the heroic Anakin before falling to the Dark Side. After going through a Heroic BSoD, Luke then sets himself to redeeming his father — and succeeds, as Vader gets himself mortally wounded while killing the Emperor to save Luke. After his death, Luke honors his father with a Jedi funeral and is then happy to see Anakin's Force Ghost.
    • In The Last Jedi (Sequel Trilogy), after admiring Luke as a myth and looking forward to meeting him, Rey is more than a little shocked when he gives her the cold shoulder and reveals himself as a bitter old hermit who lost faith in trying to rebuild the Jedi Order. Then his Heroic Sacrifice to delay the invasion of the Resistance base on Crait happens, and further in The Rise of Skywalker he encourages her as a Force ghost and gives her his X-Wing, and ends up among the Jedi who talk to/empower Rey as she's facing Palpatine with two lightsabers. In the end, Rey adopts the Skywalker name for herself to honor Luke (and Leia).
  • In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, John Connor learns and reflects that his institutionalized mother was right about the end of the world and the Robot War.
  • At the start of Transformers: Age of Extinction, the Autobots have lost faith in the human race, understandable given that humans have been hunting them ruthlessly and cannibalizing their corpses to make knock-off Transformers. Indeed, ahead of the final battle, the Autobots intend to abandon Earth after the fight. However, the Yeager Family's heroism alongside them reinvigorates their belief in how good humans can be. If only the feelings were mutual.
  • In The World's End, Andy eventually forgives Gary for years of Toxic Friend Influence, although the two part ways afterward, seemingly for good. As Andy says in the closing narration, "Wherever he is, I hope he's happy. That's all he ever wanted really — to have a good time. I just hope he found it not at the bottom of a glass".

  • The Chosen: Danny Saunders and his friend Reuven forgive Rebbe Saunders for his harsh treatment of his son Danny when he explains why he thought it necessary and how much pain it cost him as well.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Harry has a major falling-out with his mentor Ebenezer McCoy in the sixth book, upon finding out that he is the Blackstaff, a member of the White Council of Wizards with special carte blanche to break the Law of Magic in which Harry strongly believes — not least because it was Ebenezer who taught said Laws to him in the first place. Notably, Ebenezer reacts with complete understanding for Harry's feelings — and they ultimately reconcile (for the most part) after Harry learns from experience that sometimes, you need someone among the good guys who can break the Laws.
    • In Skin Game, Butters views Harry as a Fallen Hero after everything that's happened since he took up the Winter Mantle. Given that Harry's actions were rather morally dubious in context, Harry feels this is justified. Butters gets better after Harry proves he's still himself, happily enough.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Harry goes through this with Sirius Black in The Prisoner of Azkaban. Previously, all he knew about that man is that he was one of his parents' best friends, and the best man at their wedding. Then he discovers that Sirius was not only one of Voldemort's followers, but also the one who betrayed his parents to the Dark Lord and caused their deaths, naturally leading Harry to hate him. However, it's ultimately revealed that Sirius was actually a loyal friend to his parents and was framed for his crimes, which were actually committed by another one of his parents' friends, Peter Pettigrew, a.k.a. Wormtail, a.k.a. Ron's pet rat Scabbers. After Harry learns the whole truth, Sirius develops into a Parental Substitute for him.
    • This also occurs with Harry's father James. Up until The Order of the Phoenix, Harry believed that both of his parents were essentially flawless, and took particular pride whenever people mentioned that he looked exactly like his father. However, Harry loses almost all respect for James after discovering that he was once a gleeful and unrepentant bully, particularly towards Snape, and is especially disturbed by the notion that his mother Lily also hated him because of this. However, Harry comes to regain some of his admiration for his father after discussing these revelations with Sirius and Lupin, who explain that while James was indeed a major Jerkass as a teenager, he Took a Level in Kindness and mellowed out in his final years at Hogwarts, after which Lily reciprocated his feelings and started dating him. They further explain that part of James' dislike of Snape was due to the latter's obsession with the Dark Arts, which James, whatever else he may have been, always hated, which also helps Harry come to terms with his father's unsavory behavior.
    • Then with Dumbledore of all people in the final book, after increasingly coming to the conclusions his reliance on and Hero Worship of him was a little misplaced in the third book onward to that point. Possibly the 5th to a lesser extent, after Dumbledore explains why he's been ignoring him. In the end, though, Harry eventually sees Dumbledore as a flawed human being, but overall still the mentor and Big Good that he's always been, who has always cared about and done his best to help and protect Harry. He may not have always succeeded, but the important thing is that he tried.
  • Journey to Chaos: During A Mage's Power, Eric had a falling out with his magical mentor, Dengel, after learning that Dengel was not a benevolent sage and more of a backstabbing powermonger. After traveling to Dengel's Cehian Lair in Looming Shadow, he meets "Grey Dengel", which is a ghost of the real Dengel representing his scholarly aspect. They undertake a vision quest and Eric begins to admire Dengel once more. He still doesn't like the real Dengel but after learning more about him, he also doesn't hate him. It is "Grey Dengel" who becomes his new role model.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In the finale to 24 Season 8, Jack has regained some trust in Allison Taylor after discovering that she ultimately broke off her alliance with Charles Logan and has gone on to expose Russia's involvement in the attacks on New York earlier on as well as Logan's and her own involvement in covering it up even though it will mean the end of her Presidency. Dalia Hassan, having similarly lost faith in Taylor after discovering she's been protecting Russia despite them causing the death of her husband, is also shown to have gained some respect back.
  • In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., this applies to the Arc Villain of all people. Raina is upset to discover that The Clairvoyant isn't really psychic and lied to her about it, but when he later gets legitimate abilities, she starts warming back up to him. (As a primary motivation in his manipulation of her was to attain the exact kind of greater awareness she thought he had, she probably came to see it as a kind of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.)
  • In Season 2 of Arrow Oliver loses virtually all respect for Laurel when he sees just how bad her addiction problems are, and dismisses her warnings that Sebastian Blood is a Villain with Good Publicity. She eventually gets sober and finally acquires concrete proof that Blood is evil, but in a subversion Oliver actually doesn't regain his respect for her and continues to treat her poorly right up until her death.
  • In, of all things, The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon's admiration for Wil Wheaton returns when Wheaton gives the autographed action figure he missed out on when he was young.
  • An episode of Cold Case had Chadwick Boseman as an idealistic young councilman who was found murdered under suspicious, drug-related circumstances that caused a lot of his constituents and other locals to turn their backs on him. As the investigation unfolds, it's eventually revealed that he was trying his best to stop the drug-dealing and the like-minded conditions, only for an acquaintance of his to become disillusioned by everything and kill him anyway. At the episode's end, with his good name renewed, a headline in the paper about him reads "Faith Restored".
  • In Diagnosis: Murder, Mark Sloan hated his father for supposedly abandoning him and his mother when he was a boy, with the last he saw of him being what seemed like an empty promise to go see a baseball game. Mark's respect for his father is restored when he discovers that he never abandoned his family...he was murdered by a Dirty Cop.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Shakespeare Code": The Doctor is somewhat taken aback when the first thing Shakespeare does onscreen is shout "SHUT YOUR BIG FAT MOUTHS!" By the end of the episode, he's back to admiring him because, personality flaws aside, he really is brilliant and was instrumental in defeating the Monster of the Week.
    • Series 9 contains the example of Ashildr, a Viking girl who was given immortality by the Doctor. At first, she becomes a Broken Ace, as she has to live for centuries, watching everyone else (including her children) die around her, and when they meet again, the Doctor refuses to take her as a traveling companion. However, her pedestal gets rebuilt when she has a Heel Realization and the Doctor explains why he won't travel with her — it's because they're too similar. Immortals like them need "mayflies" (ordinary, mortal human beings) who realize the fragility and preciousness of life. Then it's sort of zig-zagged at the end of the series when she is indirectly responsible for Clara's death, even though she didn't want to be, and then the Doctor more-or-less forgives her eventually after having a Heel Realization of his own.
  • In the Mexican telenovela El privilegio de amar, Cristina used to admire Luciana and see her as a role model, but, after Cristina began to date Luciana's stepson Victor Manuel, Luciana erroneously considered Cristina as a Gold Digger and became very cruel to her. Luciana had a Heel–Face Turn after she discovered that Cristina was her biological daughter and tried to fix the damage she caused, but Cristina was too resentful to forgive Luciana. Cristina came to respect and admire Luciana again (and also embrace their biologial ties, calling Luciana "mother", which she was unwilling to do before) after the latter went full Mama Bear mode to save Cristina from being killed by Tamara (Cristina's Ax-Crazy rival), nearly dying in the process, surviving thanks to a blood donation from Cristina.
  • In Season 6 of Game of Thrones, several of the Northern houses refuse to help Jon and Sansa in retaking their home Winterfell from the Boltons due to their brother Robb's Tragic Mistake, which led to the Red Wedding. However, after Jon and Sansa successfully retake Winterfell and overthrow the Boltons, the Northern lords regret their mistake and vow to help House Stark (Jon and Sansa's family) when winter approaches by declaring Jon as the new King in the North, since Jon (with his knowledge and experience with the oncoming true threat) can lead them in the wars to come.
  • Played straight and subverted in Heroes. One of Hiro's favorite childhood stories is that of Takezo Kensei, a brave samurai who protected the weak and gave his life for his beliefs. Using his abilities, Hiro accidentally travels to Medieval Japan and meets the real Takezo Kensei, or rather Adam Monroe, a Brit who cares only about easy money. After Hiro's interference results in Adam discovering his Healing Factor, Hiro convinces Adam to be the hero he remembers from those childhood stories. Unfortunately, Hiro then messes it up by getting Adam's Love Interest to fall for himself instead. When Adam witnesses this betrayal, he makes a Face–Heel Turn and becomes a villain who nearly destroys the world centuries later. Then zigzagged again when said Love Interest makes Hiro realize that he was the real Takezo Kensei all along.
  • The Highlander TV series went through this in a major story arc. Duncan finds out that his Cynical/Big Brother Mentor Methos is a Retired Monster that was a member of the four Immortal marauders who went on an epic Rape, Pillage, and Burn spree across multiple continents back in the Bronze Age. This also included Methos turning Duncan's Sexy Mentor Cassandra into his Sex Slave. Duncan angrily declares their friendship over, but after Methos prevents the reunited Horsemen from taking over the world, helps Duncan bring them down from the inside and expresses regret for his past actions, they patch their relationship up.
  • iCarly (2021): In the episode "iHate Carly", Carly is attempting to track down the identity of an internet troll who has been harassing her. The troll turns out to be Justin, the guy she's been dating. Justin reveals that the reason he's been attacking her is because he was a huge fan of iCarly when he was a boy, but was hurt because a video he sent her of him reciting a poem was never played on the show. But after getting to know how wonderful Carly is, he got over it.

    Video Games 
  • John Morris for his son Jonathan in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Jonathan resents his father for only teaching him the basics of fighting before dying, and that he can’t use the Vampire Killer whip as a result, but after realizing that a non-Belmont using the whip shortens the life of the wielder if overused, he comes to realize why his father did what he did.
  • Final Fantasy:
  • In the Heroes Rise trilogy, you can pick Rebellion as your superhero idol at the very beginning. However, at the end of the second game, he turns out to be in league with President-Elect Victon and sets the Player Character up to get the people to give in to paranoia and support Victon's anti-Powered policies. However, during the final battle at the end of the third game, you are once again confronted by Rebellion. You have the option of trying to convince him to once again become the hero you remember and help you defeat Victon.
  • In Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Teba actually ends up meeting his hero the Champion Revali, a Rito that is hailed a hero in their tribe for his feats and fighting ability. But Teba learns that Revali's personality is that of a petty jerk and is clearly disappointed that his tribe, and especially Teba himself, are worshipping this guy. Even at the end of the game, he remains formal and polite to Revali, but nothing more. The Guardiance of Remembrance DLC gave more cutscenes to this relationship, with Revali saving and striking up a friendship with Teba's son, Tulin, showing that his hero has a soft spot for children and isn't as rude as he first appears, all of which causes a delighted Teba to start seeing Revali in a new positive light. The extra scenes put a new spin in Teba's farewell to Revali, in regards to the "face behind the champion"; before the DLC was released, it came across as Teba seeing that his hero turned out to be a jerk, but after the DLC was released, it now comes across as Teba seeing that his hero is a much kinder person than he lets on.
  • Subverted in Jade Empire. After realizing that Sun Li masterminded the plan to steal the Water Dragon’s power, Princess Sun Lian wonders if this reduces her father’s culpability, but realizes he was still to blame. This is played straight in one quest in the Necropolis, in which the Open Palm solution is to convince the ghost of Mister Ren that his wife didn’t mean to poison him and feels terrible about it.
  • In Mass Effect 3, due to Commander Shepard having worked with a known terrorist organisation and being responsible for destroying an entire solar system in the previous game, there is a running subplot that Kaidan/Ashley no longer fully trust their former leader. Depending on Shepard's actions, the friendship can be repaired or destroyed entirely, which in the latter case ends with Kaidan/Ashley's death.
    • This also applies to much of the rest of the galaxy, many of whom felt betrayed by Shepard's actions in 2, not realizing the full context and reason behind them, thus branding him/her a Rogue Agent. When the reason for his/her actions finally becomes apparent, s/he essentially becomes the Big Good for the entire galaxy.
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater: Naked Snake/Big Boss' mentor/mother figure, The Boss, apparently defects to the Soviet Union, leading to Big Boss being sent to assassinate her and succeeding. Big Boss immediately regains his respect for her when he discovers that The Boss' defection was faked and that the whole mission was, in fact, a Government Conspiracy to get rid of her, spending the rest of his life mourning for her and fighting in her name.
  • Mortal Kombat 11: After two timelines (plus many others) of turning against Raiden after being disillusioned, Liu Kang finally regains his trust in the God of Thunder after learning that they were being manipulated by the Greater-Scope Villain.
  • Tales of Symphonia :
    • Raine Sage resents her mother Virginia for abandoning her and Genis. However, in a side quest, she eventually learns that the Imperial Research Academy had sought her mother for her intellect, and she did what she had to in order to protect them, even if it eventually crushed her heart and mind.
    • To an extent, this applies with Kratos, as Lloyd starts out disliking him, then realizes that he can benefit from his experience, then is outraged by his betrayal, then questions his motivations before concluding he’s still his enemy, then is shaken by the revelation that he’s his father, then finally accepts him.
  • Mr. Hanekoma, also known as CAT, in The World Ends with You. Neku is amazed to find out that he's CAT, the one person he admired, but is gradually shaken as signs seem to point to him also being the Composer, Neku's main adversary. It ultimately turns out that he isn’t.
  • Garrosh Hellscream in World of Warcraft, grew up thinking of his father, Grom Hellscream, as a villain for leading the orcs to drink demonic blood and be corrupted, but realizes that his father also gave his life to kill the demon responsible for their curse.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Little Busters!, Riki pretty much adores Big Brother Mentor Kyousuke, following his every word like a chick after its mother and thinking of him as, if not perfect, then certainly incredible. So when he organises for Rin to be sent to a place where she's miserable and refuses to let her return, he's utterly heartbroken. But when he sees how much the whole thing is affecting him and gets the full story, his faith is restored. In this case, though, things don't go right back to the way they were — Riki still loves him dearly, but now he's able to see him in a more objective way, as an equal rather than a better.
  • In My Vow To My Liege, Fuchai has a rocky relationship with Wu Zixu, but after the worst of their fights, she manages to reconcile with him, admitting that he's important to her and that she knows he has good intentions, even if she's still going to follow her own judgment and do things that he disagrees with. It's possible to romance him later on equitable terms.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY: Professor Ozpin hides the Awful Truth about the Secret War with Salem because he's so used to friends and allies turning on him when they learn the truth; he's left shattered when the heroes do the same. It takes time and growth on both sides, but the damage done to Ozpin's image isn't irreparable. Ozpin spends Volume 8 doing everything in his power to help Oscar while in captivity, both giving and receiving trust. Once reunited with the others, Oscar explains how Ozpin is the reason he's alive and Salem's temporarily incapacitated. Ozpin personally apologises to them for hiding the truth and running when they learned it; in turn, the heroes admit that trusting others isn't as simple as they thought, given their own recent mistakes, and forgive him.

    Web Videos 
  • Mike Matei from Cinemassacre reacted poorly when he discovered the Joueur du Grenier, a French game reviewer heavily influenced by the AVGN, but with key differences, note  calling him a plagiarizer nonetheless. The two had a talk about this and Matei later admitted that JdG is, in fact, not the copycat he thought he was.
  • In Noob, Fantöm is working to achieve this step by step. His teammates were the first to get their esteem back after it turned out that he was Locked Out of the Loop about what had broken the pedestal in the first place, but the general public is taking a little longer.

    Western Animation 
  • The Batman: The Animated Series episode "Beware the Gray Ghost". The eponymous character (voiced by Adam West) was the hero of a Show Within a Show that Bruce Wayne loved as a child, and an inspiration to the latter's own vigilantism. The actor, although not mean, is a bitter old man who has suffered from long-term unemployment, and briefly grows to hate his old role. Batman is quite disappointed when this Surprisingly Realistic Outcome occurs, but once it turns out that rediscovering the past is vital to solving a crime, the actor fortunately rediscovers his passion, saves Batman's life and aids him on his quest, and the episode ends on a very high note with Bruce going so far as to trust him with his identity.
  • DuckTales (1987): In "Where No Duck Has Gone Before", the boys meet the unpleasant actor who plays Courage of the Cosmos, their favorite TV hero, to their delight and Launchpad's irritation. The current events and Launchpad's standoffish behaviour lead the kids to dismiss him as just being jealous of Courage. Doofus seems particularly broken by the prospect of his Big Brother Mentor acting like a petty Jerkass. Naturally when Launchpad is vindicated (and Courage proves to be a Miles Gloriosus) Doofus is the first to acknowledge this error and proudly declare Launchpad to be a real hero.
  • The penultimate episode of Season 1 of DuckTales (2017) has the triplets losing their respect for Scrooge when they blame him for the disappearance of their mother. They regain it back in the following episode after some talking down to by Mrs. Beakley, with the return of Magica De Spell accelerating the reunion.
  • In Generator Rex, Rex comes to resent his brother Cesar in season 3 for seemingly betraying him by siding with Providence under Black Knight. The brothers make up in the Grand Finale after Cesar reveals the reasons behind his actions.
  • Gravity Falls: "Not What He Seems" shows both the twins and Soos losing respect and trust for Grunkle Stan after he gets arrested by government agents. They eventually regained it back when Stan told his side of his story, and that his years of deception and secretly building a dangerous interdimensional portal were for the sake of rescuing his brother Ford.
  • Hey Arnold! features Eugene's idol, a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Eugene gets to meet him but sees him being a spoiled, entitled, nitpicky manchild who treats Eugene with apathy. Upset, Eugene trashes everything and starts acting up. Eugene's idol, however, realizes he let someone who liked him down and manages to regain Eugene's liking in the end, even saving both Eugene and Arnold's lives at great personal risk.
    • Another example is when Arnold met his favorite author who became bitter and angry after years of writer's block, but Arnold's faith to her despite her cruel treatment of him brought her back to writing.
    • "Monkeyman!" features the episode's titular character regaining Sid's admiration by personally retrieving the boots whose theft broke Sid's faith (and the audience forgiving him probably was helped by them seeing that he legitimately hadn't known Sid had been in trouble and was genuinely horrified that his fan had gotten hurt).
  • In Jackie Chan Adventures, Paco becomes disillusioned with his idol, the Masked Luchador El Toro Fuerte, when he discovers El Toro had been cheating in his matches by equipping himself with the Ox Talisman which gives its bearer Super Strength. When Jackie is kidnapped and El Toro bravely comes to his rescue even though he no longer had the talisman, Paco respects him again.
  • The titular heroine from The Legend of Korra had lost respect for her father after learning it was he who had her locked in the South Pole for her Avatar training instead of Aang, and for withholding that he was next in line for chief of the Northern water tribe until banishment. In the episodes that followed, she learned her uncle had manipulated her father so that he could become Chief of the North and her father admitting he was always proud of her, Korra reconciles with him. Same with Tenzin, who had a hand in keeping her in the compound. Further strengthened in the third season, which reveals why they kept her in a compound in the first place: the Red Lotus, a splinter faction of the White Lotus wanted to kidnap and raise her for their own ends.
  • In the PAW Patrol episode "Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown", the Princess loses faith in Chase after he is falsely accused of stealing the crown. However, the pups' retrieval mission reveals that it was actually the royal pup Sweetie who stole it, and the Princess once again declares Chase her favourite PAW Patrol pup.
  • The Pound Puppies (1980s) episode "Ghost Hounders" had Whopper's hero Biff Barker, who played a ghost hunter on television and is summoned by the Pound Puppies to take care of a ghost known as the Terrible Terrier. Whopper loses his respect for Biff Barker when he turns out to be a coward in real life, but he starts liking him again after Biff learns the truth behind Terrible Terrier and unhesitatingly comes to the Pound Puppies' rescue.
  • The Raccoons: In "Cold Feet!", Cyril Sneer develops a relationship with movie star Ingrid Bellamour, but when she finds out he supports the Rotco Corporation and their unethical business practices (which she's actively campaigning against), she loses faith in him and has an article in the newspaper published about it. However, she feels sorry for him after the ensuing backlash, and Cyril redeems himself by donating the money for the Rotco deal to her "Save The World" Fund.
  • Steven Universe:
    • In "Tiger Millionaire", Steven and Amethyst become masked wrestlers and the former gain the admiration of Lars. Later, Steven accidentally overdoes his heel behavior enough for Lars to hate him, leading to his own Heel Realization. He manages to fix things later by making an impassioned speech and defeating the League of Wrestling Haters (actually just Garnet and Pearl playing along), winning back him and the rest of the crowd.
    • Later, this happens with Rose Quartz, in Sapphire's eyes. She did not take the reveal that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond in disguise well, assuming that it was all just Pink's way of entertaining herself with her subjects by playing both sides of the war. However, after Pearl gives her the full story of how Rose ended up as the leader of La Résistance, Sapphire realizes that while it might have started out that way, in the end, Rose genuinely loved her friends.
    • Subverted with the titular character. A big part of Steven's arc is getting to know his late mother better. As the seasons go on, Steven becomes disillusioned with her as he becomes privy to her various hypocrisies, lies, and selfishness. This comes to a head in Season 5 with the reveal of her true identity as Pink Diamond and her part in orchestrating the war. Steven does come to understand her situation more, sympathizing with how trapped she was in her various façades and acknowledge how her desire to help others was genuine. But because he still has to deal with the fallout of her actions regardless, in addition to meeting more and more people who his mother's behavior has greatly hurt, he continues to hold a lot of resentment towards her that only grows as he gets older. Overall, Rose is an example of Warts and All as far as he's concerned.
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!:
    • Chiro idolizes TV superheroes called the Sun Riders until they make a Deal with the Devil and attack him and the team. He gets so mad after that battle, he immediately starts smashing his Sun Riders merchandise. Fifteen episodes later, the Monkey Team goes to a nearby planet where they discover the Sun Riders are protecting an endangered colony of miners. Chiro distrusts them after having been betrayed by them before, but the Sun Riders prove they have reformed and turned into the heroes Chiro admired.
    • Mobius Quint, an Ace Pilot who Sprx admired until the same thing happened to him via the Citadel of Bone. But unlike Offay, he was talked back to his senses.
    • Also, Nova's Old Master Offay, who was made Brainwashed and Crazy by the Dark One Worm, but then returned to his senses after losing to Chiro.


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