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Sabine: ...Do I really seem like I would get hung up on who you sleep with? Heck, I had sex four times while I was away.
Nale: You — you were gone for three hours!
Sabine: Yeah, well, I had errands to run, too.

A character for whom sex is an obsession, bordering on unhealthy. Perhaps the character Really Gets Around, thinking they'll find fulfillment, but instead they're left empty. Or perhaps they use sex to cover up deep-seated emotional issues. Or maybe they're just simply addicted and pursue sex compulsively. Whatever the reason, this person just doesn't feel at ease if they go more than a day without screwing. The term for this particular condition is hypersexuality, which is divided into nymphomania (for women) and satyriasis (for men).

Often overlaps with Really Gets Around and The Pornomancer, when a character has screwed or been screwed by quite a few people. Compare Extreme Omnisexual when a character will screw if it has a pulse... or maybe even if it doesn't. Also comparable to All Men Are Perverts and All Women Are Lustful. Usually standard operating procedure for Succubi and Incubi, especially if they have a particularly large "appetite". Hormone-Addled Teenager is a subtrope for when the sex addict is overcome with hormones during puberty, and this trope tends to overlap with Trans Equals Hypersexual when the character is transgender.

No Real Life Examples, Please!, both due to the theme and to the libelous potential.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ayakashi Triangle: Suzu is The Hedonist in general, but over the course of the series her lust for Matsuri steadily ramps up from present to intense, becoming a major driver for her Psychoactive Powers. Once she finds out Matsuri loves her as well, Suzu regularly tries to make a move on him and begins having graphic sexual fantasies with little provocation. Matsuri thinks Suzu's compensating for multiple past lives that died too young to experience any kind of romance.
    Shirogane: A mere nightmare... cannot possibly beat Suzu's 1000 years of lust!
  • Tamura from Bokura no Hentai is a teenage boy who is depicted as overly sexual. It started out with erotic dreams of him as a nymphomaniac woman. It turns out his dreams were caused by Repressed Memories of being abused by an older neighbor boy while crossdressing. After Tamura broke off his sexual relationship with an abusive senpai, he began having casual sex with men and tries to bed with all the designated-male-at-birth characters. Even as an adult he's shown to still be this way but he isn't happy with it.
  • Prince Valdrigr of Crimson Spell appears to be this. His demon self at least has the excuse of being something close to an incubus, but his human self proves almost as insatiable. When his Love Interest, Havi, becomes determined to end demon and human Vald's arguing by having a threesome, we see the trio dozing happily in the afterglow, with Havi wearing a self-satisfied smirk. Then both Valds sit up and demand to know when he'll be ready to go another round, and Havi starts to sweat. By the time they return to the human world, the twin Valds are carrying Havi.
    Halrein: [shaking him by the collar] Halvir? What happened? Were you defeated by the enemy?!
    Havi: There's nothing left....Not even one drop....
  • Don't Meddle with My Daughter! stars a mother/daughter duo of superheroines, who are publicly hailed as paragons of virtue, justice, and beauty. The public doesn't realize that they're literally goddesses, or that they secretly have raging libidos:
    • In chapter 2, Athena gets captured and raped by the giant plant monster. However, it doesn't realize who it is dealing with. Athena's orgasm is so intense, that the plant monster can't contain the energy from it, causing it to spontaneously explode.
    • And during the "Amazing Eighth Wonder" epilogue story, Clara becomes possessed by a phallic parasite that causes her to seek out strong, fertile women. So she uses it as a strap-on to bang her secret crush, Mei, 'til the latter collapses, then moves onto N.U.D.E's HQ. By the time Athena arrives to answer the distress call, she finds the entire staff passed out naked on the floor... and Clara still isn't satisfied.
  • Played for Drama in The Feelings We All Must Endure, when Asuna Yagi is revealed to have an extreme case of sex addiction, craving it pretty much every waking moment (Word of God even says that she is an Embodiment of Vice for Lust). It is what ultimately ruins her relationship with her long-time girlfriend, and they break up despite still being very much in love with each other.
  • The one-shot Hentai manga Futanari Tenshi no Rakuen -Her-Mafroid- is about a Lady Land future where the only way they can reproduce is with hermaphrodites, or girls with a male member. The problem is when one of them have an erection, all girls around lose their mind and become hungry nymphos that won't stop until they get satisfied turning back into normal. The story is Played for Drama for The Protagonist, a schoolgirl who's one of them and hates her body because of that effect in other girls, including her friends. Thinking in that, she accidentally got an erection, provoking her entire class change into Everybody Wants the Hermaphrodite (even the teacher.)
  • Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia: Kizuna's older sister, Reiri, has the highest HHG level of all the girls at the academy, which also gives her an equally high sex drive.
    • Kizuna installs Reiri's 'Ros-core (LN chapter 5 of Volume 10) in what became a marathon of consecutive Climax Hybrid sessionsnote . According to the narration, the combined energy released from their eventual mutual orgasm was so intense that it obliterated the Love Room.
    • By volume 12, they have unprotected sex almost every day, usually for hours at a time. It eventually causes Aine and the others to complain that Reiri's monopolizing Kizuna since he has a responsibility to perform CH sessions with them too. Later in the next volume she becomes pregnant with Kizuna's child.
  • Interspecies Reviewers: This is what makes Lilim so dangerous, as they will refuse to stop until they are completely satisfied sexually even if their partner can't take any more. This would be bad enough in smaller numbers, but there are literally dozens of them working at one brothel, and they all jump in at once. The reviewers are only saved thanks to the arrival of a group of equally horny orcs, distracting the lilim long enough for them to escape.
    • A slightly less extreme, but still notable example is shown in the Blu-Ray exclusive bonus manga chapters, where an elf succu-girl talks about how after she married and outlived some human men, she ended up gradually adapting to the much faster and more aggressive human sex drive, and ended up becoming a succu-girl to deal with her expanded libido without having to mourn more husbands once she inevitably outlived them. This also indicates that the Reviewer Zel, who is a wood elf, has a sex drive far more active than normal elves, which has indeed caused him to get bonked for inappropriate behavior by Meidri and her predecessor Waybee.
  • In the Hentai Jiburiru the Devil Angel, the rules state that only women can become angels that battle demons, and to recharge her power she needs to have sexual intercourse, while new powers can be attained by using different sexual techniques. Her boyfriend uses this as an excuse to have sex as frequently as possible, which comes in handy whenever the villains attack as she's always powered up. However, when a succubus decides to intervene, she seduces the boyfriend so as to leave him too drained to power up his girlfriend. However, when he hears his girlfriend cry for help, he leaves the succubus in the middle of a session, and runs to help his girlfriend. The succubus laments that she wasn't able to drain him, and that she's impressed with how much energy he has.
  • Maken-ki!: By her own admission, Love Espada is always in heat and willing to let anyone fuck her. Chapter 111 illustrates the extent of her carnality by allowing the apparitions in the Lust Swamp to sexually assault her, but her own lusts proves too great even for them. The apparitions only manage to last a few minutes before dissipating, leaving Espada wanting for more.
    Espada: They went and disappeared right after I did them a favor. I would've awakened to something new if they had just stayed for a bit longer. The real ones would've tormented me to no end and they'd continue to <bleep> me and <bleep> me ♥. I should go see them once this is over.
  • Monster Musume: Several species, like the Alraune (flower dryads), lamia (especially the Melusine tribe), and satyrs have a much higher libido than normal.
  • In Naruto, Jiraiya has a reputation as "The Pervy Sage," writing dirty books, and even spending Naruto's money (despite being a millionaire himself) on entertaining prostitutes, after having warned Naruto about the evils of "wine, women, and song" no less!
  • Rooster Fighter: Keiji has a supposed special condition called Lord of the Rut that requires him to mate with someone twice a year or he'll get violent. He's father was no better.
  • Sex Warrior Pudding presents to us the male protagonist Shuuta Todoroki who cannot seem to go without sex whenever the opportunity arises when it comes to the wait staff he is now suddenly in charge of by order of his father and previous A La Mode owner. This is played with regarding having both expected downsides and surprising upsides to this: the wait staff in general quite like him personally and similarly take any chance they can to get into his pants and enjoy it too (with the exception of his seeming lesbian and vitriolic, tomboy, childhood friend Misuzu) and has some in-universe justification as them frequently getting it on helps power their special weaponry to combat King Libidoll's forces—happiness itself being that energy which fuels such weaponry and supernatural strength, and they are quite happy when together with Shuuta; however, this also makes Shuuta easy to manipulate by King Libidoll's forces and cause a wedge to be driven between him and the girls if he focuses too much on one girl alone (or if he has sex with the other girls besides Pudding too much around the girl which can set the titular heroine off to disastrous results)—namely Ai Sudou taking advantage of this to try and steal him away from Pudding on three separate occasions to use him against the Famires Fighters, King Libidoll himself both calling this out and exploiting it when using a robot in the form of Shuuta's favorite eroge heroine to turn him over to their side, and when said character's in-universe voice actress Shiho turns out to be a Famires Fighter to Shuuta's extreme joy where he starts focusing almost exclusively on her to the other girls' chagrins and detriments (and leads to the two of them being effectively on their own when "Ice" strikes back with Black Pudding in tow). His libido does not cause too many problems in the setting and usually helps him out more often than not in exchange for the few problems that it does cause being quite serious and detrimental to his side.
  • Shimoneta: The moment Tanukichi accidentally kissed Anna set off her long-repressed hormones like a dam bursting. From then on, she becomes so horny that she habitually leaks excess amounts of vaginal fluid (or as she calls it, "Love Nectar") whenever she's aroused. By episode 11, she literally has to shower multiple times per day as a result.
    Anna: [sighs wistfully] No matter how much my love nectar flows, there's always more to clean from my loins...
  • Tayu-Tayu:
    • Seen and discussed between Haruka and her younger twin sister, Sayaka, during chapter 6. Haruka explains (to Reiji) that she and her sister were sexually frustrated because all the boys their age moved away, leaving them no other outlet besides masturbation and each other. Later, during the orgy in chapter 7, Haruka comments on her sister's sexual prowess twice and says it's addictive, whereas Sayaka's lust is almost soley fixated on her. Which is why it's become near impossible for them to be in the same room without tearing each other's clothes off.
    • Also applies to Reiji's harem as a whole. Each of the girls (including the aforementioned twins) are shown to be perpetually horny and regularly engage in all manner of sex, from monogamous to threesomes to full-on orgies. By the final chapter, Reiji has to satisfy them on a daily basis, usually for half a day or longer. At the end of each session, he's left physically exhausted while the girls are still raring to go, so he resorts to taking a homebrewed aphrodisiac just to keep up with their demands.
  • The Testament of Sister New Devil: Chisato's status as a high-level angel endows her with immense power and an equally impressive libido. Completing her master/servant contract with her nephew, Basara, required him to screw her into submission, so she created a space-time barrier for them. An entire "year" passed before he succeeded in conditioning her body to respond to his touch alone and her lust had finally been sated.

    Comic Book 
  • One of the Lanfeust artbooks mentions a newly-crowned young and energetic Darshanid emperor who filled his harem with the most volcanic-tempered women in his lands. Two weeks later, the poor bastard was on the verge of death and had to be slowly nursed back to health.

    Fan Works 
  • Ben 10 has spawned loads of H-art, fan comics, and web videos. Nearly all of them portray Ben and his cousin, Gwen, as perpetually horny for each other and usually having sex on an almost daily basis. Some even have them make it a contest to see who can either outlast the other, or to see which of them can screw the other into submission first.
  • In New Tamaran, Supergirl is quite proud of hers. She's a peeping tom, thinks mostly dirty thoughts, has had sex every day since losing her virginity, uses her super-senses to make the act perfect every time, her list of partners includes every other sidekick and most Honorary Titans, and has an open relationship with Jimmy Olsen. None of this prevents her from being a sweet, kind-hearted, inspiring superheroine.
  • In Ultra Fast Pony, Spitfire is implied to be addicted: in "Top Dumb", her husband gives her oral sex for hours on end, and she insists she's still not satisfied.
  • Vow of Nudity: Fiora stands apart from the other heroines (who are Accidental Pornomancers at worst) by regularly seeking out diverse sexual situations of pretty much any kind. Her origin story shows it came about due to growing up in a remote clan where her species' Exotic Equipment made sex painful, so she pivoted hard in the other direction once finally leaving and encountering a world of sex partners who don't cause her physical pain throughout the entire act.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Beyond the Valley of the Dolls: Ashley is a porn star and doesn't seem to have any other interests beyond looking for people to have sex with, or having sex in "creative" places.
  • Black Snake Moan has Rae, a nymphomaniac struggling with her sex addiction and other psychological problems now that her boyfriend Ronnie has gone off to the military.
  • In Blades of Glory, Chazz is a sex addict. It's played for laughs as he attends a recovery group for other sex addicts... who all start screwing each other as soon as the meeting is over.
  • Don Jon is about Jon Martello, Jr., a modern-day Don Juan who loves his body, his pad, his ride, his family, his church, his boys, his girls and, most especially, his porn. But soon he realizes his life is feeling rather empty, so he decides to try searching for a more meaningful relationship while learning about himself in the process.
  • Bollywood Sex Comedy Mastizaade has almost every main character being a sex addict:
    • Sunny and Aditya are sex addicts who take advantage of rehab groups to meet and sleep with other sex-addicted women.
    • Laila is revealed to be a sex addict herself and is running a similar scheme, being only part of her sister's sex addict clinic so she can meet men for casual sex.
    • Laila and Lily's mother Seeme started to sleep around and become a sex addict after her husband Ashit failed to "satisfy her sexual needs". Sunny and Aditya meet her later in the film, being part of a sex guru's cult.
  • Nymphomaniac. The title says it all; it's about a girl who is addicted to sex.
  • Shame has Brandon Sullivan, a 30-something yuppie New Yorker suffering from sex addiction. Things only get worse for him when his little sister, Sissy (Carey Mulligan), shows up and insists on staying with him. His life then spirals out of control.
  • The Other Wiki and IMDb have various other titles about sex addiction here and here.

  • A man goes to the doctor, complaining of tiredness and feeling sore. The doctor asks him to describe his average day.
    "Well, let's see... I wake up in the morning, wake up my wife, and we have sex. I go downstairs to let the cleaning lady in, we have sex, then when the nanny arrives to pick up the kids I have sex with her. Sometimes my wife joins in, and I have sex with her again. When I get to the office I have sex with the receptionist, then Brenda from Accounting, then my secretary. At lunch I go to the Italian restaurant close by and have sex with the waitress. I go back to the office, have sex with my secretary again, then at 3 o'clock I have sex with Vera and Felicia from Marketing, then usually my boss Alice drops by so we can go over the day's progress and have sex. I go home, have sex with the babysitter, and when my wife comes home we have sex before dinner and before we go to bed."
    "... I
    see. Well, it's possible your feeling tired and sore just might stem from you having too much sex."
    "Really? Oh man, that's a relief."
    "How so?"
    "I was afraid it was from all the masturbating!"

  • Played for Horror in The Age of Desire, as a test subject is injected with a drug that boosts his libido exponentially. He becomes so possessed by lust he murders people with his bare hands in the course of trying to have sex with them.
  • In The Belgariad, the Nyissan queens' youth-sustaining drugs aggravate their libidos so badly that all the palace staff have to be eunuchs. After the last Queen Salmissra is turned into a serpent by Polgara, she's quite relieved to be free of the mess of hormones.
  • In Jackie Boy, both Jackie and Morgan describe themselves as hypersexual.
  • Hyperion Cantos: At some point in his life, Martin Silenus underwent extensive body modifications into a satyr. Changes to his sexual apparatus were included. He states that he "learned what 'priapic' and 'satyriasis' really mean" during that time.
  • In I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, Ellen was a chaste woman before The End of the World as We Know It, so AM decides to turn her into a mockery of her former self by making her into a nymphomaniac for the others to take advantage of. Ted quietly resents her for getting off easy (in his opinion), even more so over the fact that Benny is her favorite.
  • In the Modesty Blaise novel The Night of Morningstar, Earl St. Maur's wife is a woman of "lusty appetites". As her husband is frequently away on business, she's having an affair with a neighbour to keep her appetites fed. Several times a day, apparently. She also makes a move on the messenger who visits the estate at the end of the novel to inform her that her husband is dead.
  • In Book Two of Portals of Infinity, "The God Game", a group of Champions portal-hop from world to world on a quest in service of their various gods. Each world is different from each other, with some being so different that natural laws and living creatures work by entirely different rules. Their Champion powers compensate for this by transforming them into a form that blends in seamlessly with that world. Cue an instance upon which the group passes through a portal and immediately commence a massive orgy. It's only after they've utterly exhausted themselves that they regain enough faculty to transform back into their true forms to assess what happened; it turned out that the rules of this world changed the men into satyrs and the women into nymphs with irresistible urges to mate with each other. They realize that they'd been having sex for entire days without rest, food or water, and had actually come very, very close to killing themselves with sex.
  • Amerei Frey, a noblewoman from A Song of Ice and Fire, is a nymphomaniac, which greatly reduces her value in an Arranged Marriage between House Frey and House Lannister, as she was once found bedding down in a stable with three grooms.
    Jaime: Lady Amerei's mother is a Darry. Our uncle thought she'd help Lancel win the Darry smallfolk.
    Daven: How, by fucking them? You know why they call her Gatehouse Ami? She raises her portcullis for every knight who happens by. Lancel had best find an armorer to make him a horned helm.
  • To Sail Beyond the Sunset: Maureen Johnson is choosy about her sexual partners, but she still goes through them like toilet paper.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Cheers: Sam finally realizes he's a sex addict and starts going to meetings.
  • Farscape. Although she's a hot space chick with an exotic skin color, Chiana's constant sex drive has nothing to do with her culture unlike other versions of that trope. In fact, Nebari society is shown to be repressive and conformist, and the lack of a Free-Love Future was probably one of the things that made Chiana a rebel outcast.
    Chiana: You don't need it. I do! It's not a crime.
  • Girlfriends: One of Joan's early love interests was a man named Sean who was a recovering sex addict. This caused some problems in their relationship regarding him being intimate with her.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has featured a handful of these over the years as both victims and perpetrators. When Stabler (of course) scoffs at the idea that sex addiction should be an excuse for rape, Dr. Huang makes it clear that he does NOT believe that, only that it may explain such behavior.
  • Lexx: Zev/Xev. Her Love Slave transformation gives her an amplified appetite for sex, and the infusion of Cluster lizard makes her especially aggressive in seeking it.
  • Married... with Children: Kelly Bundy's friend, Fawn, takes this to a comical extreme admitting to have slept with every guy at her high school reunion in one night. Another episode has her eager to have sex with Bud because she's gone a full 15 minutes without sex.
  • The Lifetime Movie of the Week "A House Of Secrets And Lies" has a woman struggling to deal with the fact that her husband is a sex addict, and worse yet, unable or unwilling to seek meaningful help for it. The final straw is when he cheats on her yet again in the midst of them trying to reconcile from a previous infidelity.
  • Six Feet Under: In the second season, Brenda admits to sex addiction after repeatedly having casual sex while engaged to Nate, and goes to a twelve-step group for it. It's strongly implied that the real problem was her fear of commitment driving her to sabotage the relationship.
  • St. Elsewhere: In "The Children's Hour", Mrs. Dowd is a nymphomaniac whose propensity to have sex with her husband Ramon, a traction patient, almost leads Helen to ban her from the hospital. Ehrlich is sympathetic and has Luther find the Dowds somewhere quiet and out of the way. To Ehrlich's consternation, Luther puts them in Dr. Craig's office as he is at a Soviet-American medical conference. However, Dr. Craig returns to St. Eligius a day ahead of schedule as the conference ended early due to someone (possibly him) making a Red joke. Ehrlich and Luther are forced to hide the Dowds. Dr. Craig does not find what was his office was being used for in his absence but he does find Mrs. Dowd's underwear in his chair.
  • Ugly Betty has Daniel Meade who is heavily implied to be one - in fact, the main reason why Betty was employed was to get Daniel to stop sleeping with his assistants. Betty later gets a boyfriend in the third season, Matt, who refuses to get intimate with her initially - and it's discovered that he's still receiving treatment for his sex addiction.

  • The Buzzcocks song "Orgasm Addict":
    You're a kid Casanova, you're-a no Joseph
    It's a labor of love, fucking yourself to death
    Orgasm addict, you're an orgasm addict
  • "Can't Get Enough" by the Scorpions is all about the subject, like many of their songs.
    Move you legs stamp your feet
    The language of your body
    Is right now all I need
    To understand you're ready for love (are you ready for love?)
    I can't get enough
  • Evillious Chronicles: Duke Sateriasis Venomania, as pretty blatantly described in his song (or its rather faithful English dub, if that's your preference). It probably helps that he literally has to keep on screwing to feed the demon he is possessed by, the actual Demon of Lust.
    The libido dying in darkness falls plentiful
    Infinitely, passion spreading, without an ending
    Real or trick? We’re making it stick; we know how to be
    New and fresh, we’re making humanity cry and bleed

    Hating God, yet making love like fallen angels
    Here, the King of the Night, it’s the madness that I always felt right

    Mythology and Religion 
  • From Classical Mythology, we have a lot of these—Zeus and Aphrodite as the most infamous examples—but Eos, the titaness of the dawn, takes the cake; after flirting with Ares, she was cursed by his lover Aphrodite with an unquenchable lust for anything even vaguely shaped like a man—since then, Eos has slept with (or raped) countless men in her desperation to get her fill of it.

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 
  • Sistina in Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 is one of the Single-Target Sexuality type towards her leader ZedΩ. Not only is she a Ms. Fanservice, but her Limit Break is outright called "Relentless Libido"/"Sexualical Bullet" and during her rematch near the end of the game she devolves into a rant about how badly she wants to be ZedΩ's queen and bear his child. To help facilitate this, she forced her way into becoming the leader of the ATEMS Knights. Fellow Knight Serpentine despite her own unhealthy obsession with their leader outright derides Sistina (albeit not directly naming her) just before her own rematch as a "sex-obsessed sycophant."
  • The Intoners in Drakengard 3 all have supercharged sex drives and a male Disciple to help meet their needs, though each exhibits the trope in different ways. Five is the most openly lustful, to the point of raping Dito and flirting with the woman trying to kill her, while Four tries to suppress her desires as The Fake Cutie, which has left her a psychological mess and given Decadus a neglect play fetish. Three is now more interested in Playing with Syringes than sex, much to the consternation of Octa, Two is Sickeningly Sweethearts with Cent, and One tries to act above such earthly urges, but will sate them in secret (with her Opposite-Sex Clone, no less). Zero is no different, openly boasts "I kill my sisters. I take their men," and amasses a Battle Harem from the Disciples of her slain siblings. This is all due to the fact that Zero had been sold into prostitution before being infected by the Flower, which resurrected her after her execution and created the other Intoners based upon aspects of her personality and modeled after women Zero knew in life. Five for example represents her materialism, while Four is her Madonna-Whore Complex made flesh.
  • Goddess of Victory: NIKKE: Whole it's left ambiguous how much she acts on it, Rapunzel spends an unhealthy amount of time thinking about sex, even when she really doesn't want to. This is because Red Hood let her read tons of dirty magazines and then pretended to be a god of list claiming that such feelings weren't bad. Red Hood didn't have any malicious intent behind this - she did it For the Lulz.
  • Aphrodite and her handmaidens as depicted in God of War III. She only cares about having sex (no matter who with). Yes, even sex with Kratos, the guy currently destroying Mount Olympus. Skewed Priorities indeed.
  • Mass Effect: Ardat-Yakshi are basically "Succubi...In Space". They're members of the asari species (who have the ability to mate with any species via Mind Meld) born with a genetic mutation which leaves them sterile and, after mating, they burn out their partners' nervous system while greatly increasing their psychic abilities. We're told that this is euphoric and addictive to the Ardat-Yakshi, meaning that the most powerful and ruthless of them also have the largest sex drive.
  • The Witcher: Succubi are entirely Non Malicious Monsters whose only goal is to have sex as often as possible. The only real "danger" they pose is coercing humans into having so much sex with them that they die from exhaustion. The quote from their bestiary entry in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt goes thusly:
    "Again?! Good grief, woman, I’m spent..."

    Visual Novels 
  • The Fate/stay night character Sakura, courtesy of her incredibly abusive family, is a host for worms that eat a setting where magic can be transferred by semen (among other things). Even on the few occasions she's able to sate the worms' need with a partner she likes, it's made abundantly clear that the hurried, shame-filled frenzy that follows is not something any sixteen-year-old girl should be doing. And it stems from the same hunger that drives her to eat people, as cannibalism is another source of magic energy. Said partner intuitively senses the latter, which makes him have nightmares after the act.

  • Chainsawsuit: the comic "Addiction and the Human Toll" depicts the protagonist of Least I Could Do as a realistic sex addict. The Rant further drives the point home by giving a dry, clinical description of sex addiction.
    The behavior is commonly brought on by unresolved feelings of shame, anger, or unresolved conflict. this ritualized, life-interrupting need for sexual conquest is an attempt to resolve these feelings in an unhealthy way.
  • Exaggerated in Girly, with El Chupacabra, who literally can't live without almost constantly having sex as his libido is directly tied to his life force. As a result, he and Autumn end up getting a divorce while on their honeymoon and switch over to an open relationship to keep him from dying.
  • The Order of the Stick: Sabine is the succubus ("an evil incarnation of illicit sex", to quote Sabine herself) girlfriend of Nale, leader of the Linear Guild — the villainous counterparts to our heroes. At one point, she catches Nale seducing his twin brother Elan's girlfriend and confronts him... for trying to kill her by himself instead of murdering as a couple as they always do. When Nale is surprised that she's not jealous that he almost had sex with another woman, she scoffs at that and says she's had sex four times since the last time they saw each other. When Nale points out that this was only hours ago, she says it would've been more, but she was busy.
  • Super Rivals: The main heroine Awesome Girl is described having a "super libido" so between (and sometimes during) crimefighting, she's usually looking for someone to bang, with great success.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Cyril from Archer is apparently actually diagnosed with sex addiction between seasons 1 and 2, after a few... well, several incidents of cheating on Lana. Everyone tells him it's not a real thing.
  • Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy. His "body count" is somewhere in the thousands (at least), and some of his exploits were questionable at best and illegal at worst. It's because he's trying to cover up hurt from a failed relationship with a celebrity. In an Alternate Timeline, where he's the one married to Lois, Meg takes after him.


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