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Sex Comedy

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...or don't look. It's more polite, and keeps things SFW.

A wacky romp, usually full of fanservice, blunt innuendos, and simple plans all to one purpose — to get laid! Expect tons of Boob-Based Gag, humorous dating or hook up scenarios, and maybe a large dollop of Virgin-Shaming, or Sex as Rite-of-Passage if they still is. These can be explicit or non-explicit. The hijinks don't have to end after our hero or heroine gets laid.

Note that the proportion of sexual material can vary; jokes on other subjects are certainly permitted. A comedy series can have episodes of sex comedy while completely avoiding the subject at other times. Many of the examples below actually feature variants of the trope, or deconstruct it in some way. Conversely, when Porn with Plot tries to be funny, the result is obviously some kind of sex comedy, if not usually a very good one.

Many long-running sitcoms aimed at grown-ups will have an episode of sex comedy sooner or later, sometimes featuring an attractive visiting character or guest star who catches the attention of one or more of the primary cast.

Related to Poor Man's Porn, because you can own a copy of the film and no one will know it's one scene you own the film for.

May occasionally overlap with Romantic Comedy. May be a cause of Best Known for the Fanservice. Compare Ecchi. Subgenre: Awful British Sex Comedy.


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    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Horacio Altuna's erotic fiction also includes a lot of comedy, usually a five-page set-up ending on a gag or punchline.
  • Cheat(er) Code is fully an adult work about a gay Asian-American man finding himself thrown into a video game world.
  • Money Shot is a Porn with Plot Space Opera about explorers finding aliens to make porn with.
  • Red Ears: This enormously successful Belgian comic book is nothing more than an erotic gag comic strip series.
  • Sex Criminals is a series about two people who can freeze time when they have orgasms. They use this ability to rob banks so that they can use the money to save a library.
  • Much of the work of Icelandic artist Kjartan Arnorsson is a comedic core wrapped in a thick layer of pornographic shenanigans, where the context may be sexual but the execution is often presented as silly, almost cartoonish antics.

    Fan Fiction 

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action  

    Live-Action Television 
  • Brass: Most of the lead characters are highly lecherous, leading to a lot of sexual plots and sub-plots.
  • Dream On is very much sex comedy, albeit with a gimmick.
  • Sex Education: Can probably be termed more of a Sex-Dramedy. It's very funny, and sex in some form or another is usually the subject, but it treats the characters' emotional journeys with utmost seriousness. The protagonist is actually a teenaged amateur sex-counselor, who tries to help his fellow classmates, for a fee. His mother is actually a professional (and licensed) sex therapist.
  • Sexify: A Polish TV series about a tech student who develops an app meant to make sex more enjoyable for women.

  • Most musicians know better than to make this a schtick. Thankfully, Bloodhound Gang does not.

  • The Ancient Greek play Lysistrata demonstrates that the sex comedy is Older Than Feudalism.
  • In the 19th century, Georges Feydeau not only popularized farce in the modern form, but was quite risqué about it by the standards of the time; many of his stories have elements of sex comedy, and the combination has remained popular in theatrical farce to the present.
  • "Nothing On", the Show Within a Show in Noises Off, is a Feydeau-style sex farce. As we only ever see the first act, we don't get to see how it develops, but the young ingenue spends most of the act stripped to her underwear and one of the male leads hops around with his pants around his ankles.

    Video Games 

  • Among (non-porn) webcomics, Ménage à 3 is perhaps the purest example, although it's relatively subtle and even deconstructive about it — some of the time, anyway.
  • Sabrina Online is mostly a Slice of Life Furry Comic story, but does slide into (relatively tame) sex comedy regularly (especially with the titular character's job as I.T. specialist for an adult film studio). Considering the series is a safe for work story set in the same universe as the author's NSFW stuff, one could argue its an overly complicated attempt to do Porn with Plot... with all the plot sequestered in the tamer wide audience series and the raunchier adult content depicted elsewhere.
  • Oglaf primarily revolves around sex comedy in a High Fantasy setting. Unlike the aforementioned webcomic, it is quite explicit and occasionally pornographic. Not all of it though, and some jokes could easily fit into a SFW fantasy parody.
  • The Rock Cocks is more of a Dramedy or Slice of Life story, but definitely has heavy sexual content.

    Western Animation 
  • The infamous 1929 cartoon Everready Harton In Buried Treasure is a sex comedy.