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A Sitcom which generally confines itself to a place of employment. Seldom leaves that location. Often features a freakier assortment of characters in its core cast than can be found in the usual Dom Com, because they can come from anywhere; likewise, weird visitors and walk-throughs need not be justified as well as they might be if they had to show up in a living room. Depending on the type of work, when the action is moved elsewhere sometimes brings up the question of Who's Watching the Store?.

See also Set Behind the Scenes, for when the workplace is a movie or television studio.


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Ferengi Programming

Boimler ends up sidetracked watching Ferengi programming such as "Pog & Dar: Cop Landlords", a buddy cop show about two Ferengi cops who are also landlords, and "Will They, Won't They", a work com where everyone is secretly in love with each other.

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