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Religious Edutainment

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Religious Edutainment is that genre which seeks to teach children and sometimes adults the tenets and values of their religion. (Or at the very least, their care-givers' religion.)

Subtrope of Edutainment Show (a portmanteau of Education and Entertainment), and shares many of the same tropes.

Compare and contrast The Moral Substitute, which draws inspiration from an existing secular property and whose lessons don't always include specifically religious content. See also Religious Programmes and Christian Fiction.

Religious media is sometimes stereotyped as low quality, especially by viewers who may not share the religious beliefs in question. However, Sturgeon's Law applies in the same degree as any other genre, and you're just as likely to find a well-made show with good production values. Be that as it may, Don't Shoot the Message.

Tropes often found in Religious Edutainment:



...and many, many, many others.




  • Adam's World
  • Iftah Ya Simsim, the Arabic co-production of Sesame Street, covered Islamic principles as part of its curriculum because of the importance of religion in Arab culture.
  • The 99
  • Para Pencari Tuhan
  • Tomorrow's Pioneers, for all its extremism, still counts due to its Quran segments.


  • God's Gang is a multi-faith animated series that attempts to mash the religions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism into a group of four superheros.