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"In the battle between good and evil, it's hard to tell who's on which side..."

Hand of the Morningstar is a Christian graphic novel series created by Brett Burner, Mike Miller (Volumes 1-3), Eric Ninaltowski (Volumes 3-8), and Ben Avery (Volumes 6-8), combining Superhero Tropes with Signs of the End Times.

The plot adheres to two perspectives of the story. First, the focus is on a group of five superheroes, known as the Hand of the Morningstar, who wages a crime-fighting crusade for their god-like leader, the Morningstar, to spread peace across the earth. Conversely, the story follows Michael "The Tempest" Tempe, another super, and his conflicts with the aforementioned group. The premise gives a different spin on the usual conflict between heroes and villains: "- but what happens when the villain becomes a Christian, and the Superhero carries an evil secret?"

Volumes 1-3 are available to read for free on the main site.

This work provides examples of: