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"Every villain is the hero of their own story."

Halcyon, originally announced under the name of Utopian, is a superhero comic published by Image Comics, premiering in November of 2010.

The premise seems simple: what would superheroes do without crime? Super-team Halcyon is destined to find out - their world has mysteriously become 'nicer' exponentially over the last nine months. Crime is practically at an end. Armed conflict has diminished to the point on non-existence. The 'would be ruler of the world' and Halcyon's primary enemy just turned himself in on television.

What happens to them now? Are they out of a job?

The series is co-written by Marc Guggenheim (Amazing Spider-Man) and Tara Butters (Reaper) with art by Ryan Bodenheim (Red Mass for Mars) and Alisa Tager (Serenity).



  • Chest Insignia: Averted. Nobody wears one.
  • Cool Mask: Both versions of Oculus that have appeared are wearing featureless, head encompassing metal masks with eye holes.
  • The Cowl: Deconstructed. Sabre is shown to be boderline psychopathic, which is why he's the one who has the hardest time adjusting to a perfect world.
  • Heroic Build: Obviously for the gents — but on Triumph?
  • Everything's Better with Monkeys: Enos is a "cybernetically enhanced space chimp".
  • Expy:
  • Flying Brick: Zenith, the World's Greatest Hero.
  • Licked by the Dog: Sabre is described as a "homicidal vigilante" (by one of his teammates no less!), but his dog likes him so he can't be all bad.
  • Mass Super-Empowering Event: Not one but two versions of Oculus describe attempting to use a "metabomb" in their reality.
    Oculus From Reality 2439-Gamma: [It] had the unfortunate and unforeseen effect of increasing the world's population of Super-Powereds by thirteen percent. Halcyon's membership is already up to six-eighty and counting.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Superhero naming convention aside, "Halcyon" means "peaceful" or "calm".
    • The original name of the comic was Utopian, which became the name of a city in the book.
  • Most Common Super Power: Both of the ladies, natch.
  • Mr. Exposition: It's lampshaded that Zenith has a tendency to explain to her teammates stuff they already know for the readers' benefit:
    Agni: You have a way of telling people that which they already know, Zenith.
    Zenith: I've been told.
  • The Multiverse: All versions of Oculus appear to be able to move through this freely. They even have a safe haven in Reality 4587-Beta.
  • Painting the Medium: Null 'speaks' through what appear to be black narration boxes.
  • Playing with Fire: Agni, also a case of a Super God.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: Zenith and Sabre
  • Start of Darkness: The entire story was one for Sabre. It turns out that he's so hell-bent on having someone to fight, he'll even fight a perfect world. Oculus knew this, giving all his resources to Sabre, who has become the new Oculus at the end.
  • Super Soldier: Jarhead.
  • Super Speed: Transom.
  • Sugar Bowl: The whole world seems to be becoming one!
  • Wham Line: I can't fly.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Triumph sports magenta hair down to her mid-back.


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