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Today's forecast: Cloudy with a chance of divine fury. Bring umbrellas.
"All the power of the storm, from all the world, flows through my veins, and can be summoned by mine hammer at any time, wherever it is. A lightning storm in Japan? Mine. A hurricane off the coast of Barbados? Mine again. A brace of tornadoes in Kansas? Aye... mine. All that might, all that destructive force, mine to command. Channeled and guided through the mystic might of this hammer, guided right at thee!"
Thor, Captain Marvel Vol. 4, #17

The ability to manipulate the weather, a stock superpower.

This is a Combo Platter of Elemental Powers: Blow You Away, Making a Splash, An Ice Person, Shock and Awe and thermal manipulation. Weather manipulation is very versatile. For example, using the wind, some weather manipulators can fly. And, as everyone knows, Lightning Can Do Anything.

Sometimes these powers are used for Painting the Frost on Windows. The difference between Elemental Powers and weather manipulation is that storm manipulation is limited to the elements that make up the weather. Compare with Weather-Control Machine, for when you need a dash of Applied Phlebotinum to achieve the same ends. Compare Artificial Outdoors Display for when even the weather itself isn't real.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Toshiro and Chojiro's Zanpakuto have this power in Bleach. Toshiro's crosses with An Ice Person because his ability to create a snowstorm is based on his general ice power.
  • Darker than Black: April can make it rain in a small area, though she shows more general control of water in the second season.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: The Storm card has the ability to create tornadoes and summons huge rainstorms.
  • A Certain Magical Index: Accelerator can do this if he cares to show off, having once used his powers of vector manipulation to redirect and compress the very winds in the sky above Academy City to generate a massive ball of plasma.
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun: Mikoto Misaka is powerful enough to not just call down lightning bolts from the sky regardless of season, but also create massive thunderclouds regardless of weather forecasts. This is noticeable in that she's one of the few Espers with the right power and strong enough in it to pull this off, another being the aforementioned Accelerator.
  • Weather Report (real name Wes Bluemarine, originally born as Domenico Pucci) and later Emporio Alniño using Weather's disc from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean can use the weather-manipulating Stand, Weather Report, to create small clouds, rain, lightning, increase the power of his fist by adding atmospheric layers to them, make air suits to prevent suffocation, summon tornados, feel the air around him, rain frogs, rearrange the ozone layer so that light refracts in an angle to place subliminal messages on sunlight, and make oxygen toxic. To elaborate: the Stand manipulates the weather, but "the weather" includes freak storms that rain frogs and tiny nimbus clouds flying at head-height. When Heavy Weather is unleashed, it turns out to be more accurately described as manipulating the atmosphere, which includes the ability to bring the oxygen concentration to 100% — which is deadly because oxygen actually is toxic in high concentrations.
  • "Les Dernier Quatre" are the four strongest automata in Karakuri Circus. Each of them possesses the ability to manipulate the weather in a short range, but most of them can summon only one kind of weather - Graziano can cause wind, Diamantina fog, and Brighella rain. Harlequin is the exception, being capable of causing any effect he wants - mostly for summoning devastating lightning bolts.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Fate Testarossa, as well as her mother Presea, demonstrates the ability to conjure thunderstorms. However, Fate rarely uses this, preferring more local applications of her lightning-based abilities. The last time this shows up is during one of the manga chapters leading to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, in which she manipulates the weather to summon natural lightning that gets around the Anti-Magilink Field of a group of Gadget Drones.
  • In My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising, Nine's original Quirk allows him to do this. It enables him to cause rain, lightning, and tornadoes.
  • Naruto:
    • Darui uses Storm Release by combining water release and lightning release.
    • The Ten-Tails can actually create an entire storm system, filled with lighning, rain, and dozens of tornados, in a split second after merely powering up.
  • In Onegai My Melody, a weather girl constantly got her forecasts wrong, pissing off the townspeople (example: saying it would be a nice sunny day when it would actually rain). When she wished her forecasts would be right for a change, Kuromi granted her wish by giving her the ability to control the weather, meaning the weather really would conform to whatever she said it would be. The power goes to her head, and she starts using it to terrorize others, so the heroes defeat her and change her back to normal.
  • One Piece:
    • Nami's Clima Tact gives her the ability to manipulate the weather.
    • Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors, uses her Soul Power to infuse a storm cloud and a miniature sun with a bit of her own soul, and through them can control the weather.
  • Overlord (2012): Control Weather is a spell that's been heard of, but entirely beyond the reach of most mortals. So the Imperial delegation to Nazarick is appropriately awed when Nazarick's maids have the clouds go away so that they can set up a picnic table.
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, this is Walpurgisnacht's main power. She can warp physics around her to manipulate weather, allowing her to create huge storms coupled with very hard rain and thunders, with her mere presence. She can even manipulate them precisely, creating whirlwinds to hurl entire skyscrapers as projectiles.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. Groudon's storm manipulation is limited to creating Sunlight. Kyogre has the ability to create rain and lightning. Rayquaza has the power to negate the powers of the two others.
    • Mewtwo also initiates a big storm in the movie.
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime:
    • Veldora Tempest is known and feared as the "Storm Dragon", and many of his personal techniques involve the manipulation of wind and lightning. Indeed, as True Dragons are considered closer to sentient forces of nature rather than living creatures, many not without reason tend to view him as a living incarnation of the storm, and just as temperamental when riled up.
    • Ranga evolves into a "Tempest Star Wolf", which grants him the ability to call down massive twisters and black lightning bolts. The black lightning in particular is considered a sign of Veldora's own power, which makes sense given Veldora's relationship to Rimuru, whose actions were part of the reason Ranga ever evolved.
    • Due to his bond with Veldora, Rimuru Tempest can manipulate weather in a similar manner. Once he evolves into a True Demon Lord and obtains [Veldora, Lord of Storms], his mastery of this is unmatched by all but Veldora himself.
  • Hina Amano from Weathering With You has the ability to bring sunshine into rainy areas like Tokyo, among other atmokinetic traits.

  • In Primavera, Mercury appears to be raising his staff to some dark winds, which are blowing away from the garden.

    Comic Books 
  • Thor: As the quote indicates, he is the God of Storms. This is one of his main abilities, and he is the (former) Trope Namer.
  • X-Men: Storm's mutant abilities allow her to create storms and manipulate wind, rain and lightning. Using the wind she can fly.
  • The Incredible Hercules: Zeus, much like the character from Classical Mythology.
  • The Weather Wizard - member of the Flash's Rogues - has this as his hat. Either through a weather controlling science wand or because of some internal ability, various depictions of Weather Wizard can summon and control rain, clouds, wind, and blizzards (making him a nice complement to fellow Rogue Captain Cold) among others. Depending on incarnation, altering weather in a particular fashion can affect his mood, which usually leaves him stressed and volatile.
  • Crystal of The Inhumans can control the classic Greek elements, but usually uses this power to create weather effects such as storms and earthquakes. (This is likely the result of writer confusion about her vaguely-defined control of "the elements".) Once when she and Thor were on The Avengers together, they tried combining their weather powers... indoors. Hilarity Ensued. note 
  • Sarah Rainmaker of Gen¹³.
  • One of Joshua Brand's abilities in Shaman's Tears. He most commonly uses it to create rain.
  • The Powerpuff Girls deal with odd weather through Townsville (they even have to save some of their foes in the process) which is traced to a figure called the "Weather Girl." It turns out to be Princess Morbucks, trying yet again to one-up the girls at being a hero (DC issue #58, "Weather Vain").
  • When Cassie was upset in Wonder Girl Vol 1 thundering clouds accompanied by rushing wind would start to build, though she's usually limited to just lightning and electric attacks inherited through her father Zeus.

    Comic Strips 
  • In a Story Arc in Peanuts, Linus discovers he has the power to end rainstorms by singing "Rain rain go away/Come again some other day." He's really freaked out by it.

    Fairy Tales 
  • The Snow Queen: Although, as her name suggests, she's limited to manipulating Snow and Ice.
  • Mother Nature is responsible for everything that happens in nature; naturally this includes the weather.

    Fan Works 
  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon): Besides the late, partly Back from the Dead Ghidorah which could generate world-ending tempests, the Many which are created from Ghidorah's remains can cause thunderstorms with their presence when they surface, although the storms themselves don't appear to be half as powerful as Ghidorah's were.

  • Amanda from Fly or Fall is the Fairy of Weather.
  • Child of the Storm has Thor, naturally, on a global scale. Storm of the X-Men has similar abilities on a more limited scale, while Magneto can create truly vast super-cell thunderstorms by manipulating electromagnetic energy (though he notes that his control is very limited and his technique crude compared to Thor's).
  • The Vestrians from the Warrior Cats fanfic Golden Dawn: Lost Sunrise can control the weather through their power over the sky. Karis, their queen, notes that she could bring the strongest storms or the most torrential rain down on the world if she wished.
  • Susano in Jewel of Darkness and A Shadow of the Titans has this as his primary set of powers.
  • Shadows Awakening: Tempest, one of Daolon Wong's new dark chi warriors, has the ability to summon storm clouds to attack people with.
  • Rarity in Divided Rainbow, when the main cast's cutie marks and talents are switched around and she gets Rainbow Dash's.
  • The Palaververse: In the same vein as the ponies, most of the Palaververse’s sapient species are divided into a number of subspecies with particular magical gifts, with the ability to craft clouds and control the weather manifesting in pegasi, markhors (who seem to specialize in storms) and magpies.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: In Audience With The King, it's one of the surfacer's fears about what Ami might be doing:
    "I overheard her henchmen talk about her plans! She is trying to control the weather and to tame lightning storms!"
    "Alarming if true," the king said. "Dumat, how likely is she to succeed?"
  • Gaz's Horrible Halloween of Doom: Right after Gaz gets her costume torn up by a thorn bush, Samhain decides to make her night a little more miserable by using his power to start a thunderstorm so she'll have to walk the rest of the way home in the pouring rain.

    Film — Animated 
  • Encanto: Pepa has the power of controlling the weather based on her mood — happiness and calmness cause rainbows and sunny days, while angerness and nervousness cause storms and hurricanes.
  • Elsa from Frozen, much like the Snow Queen that she was based on, has the ability to create all kinds of snow and ice-related weather. The conflict of the movie is caused when she does this by accident with no way to shut it off until the end of the movie, where she learns how to reverse her powers to make it Summer again.
  • In Gandahar, the Deformed can pool their psychic powers to create a thunderstorm. They use this ability to drive off the Metal Men attacking their desert home, though doing so leaves them drained and weakened.
  • The Incredibles: Posthumous Character Thunderhead had the ability to harness and control extreme weather conditions.
  • Chanticleer the rooster from Don Bluth's Rock-A-Doodle can raise the sun by crowing; in effect, Chanticleer commands the dawn. Once, when the sun arose unbidden, Chanticleer lost faith in himself, and abandoned the farm and his friends. Keeping Chanticleer from crowing is critical to the Grand Duke's Evil Plan of keeping the farmlands under perpetual night and the owls in ascendancy.
    The Duke: Never let him crow.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In Dracula Untold, upon fully embracing his identity as a vampire, Vlad is capable of making clouds to blot out the sun, as well generating as thunderstorms. Thunderstorms with a cloud formation that looks like a roaring dragon.
  • Fast Color: Ruth makes it rain and is visibly seen changing the clouds after her powerful telekinesis gets under control. Other telekinetic women out there are also implied to be this powerful too.
  • In The Lord of the Rings Saruman raises a snowstorm over the Pass of Caradhras to prevent the Fellowship from passing through. This is in departure from the original book, where it's implied that the mountain's own, malicious Genius Loci raised the storm.
  • The Malay Chronicles: Bloodlines: The film's secondary villain, Taji the sorcerer, can summon thunderclouds and weather storms to sic on his enemies, using his powers as a distraction when the villains are out performing raids and massacres. His powers made the Garuda pirates The Dreaded, because they're believed to be an army of demons with supernatural powers.
  • MonsterVerse: Ghidorah in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) is the most prominent and direct example, but it's suggested or outright confirmed that several Kaiju can influence the weather with their mere existence.
    • Ghidorah's electrical powers cause him to generate a devastating, typhoon-like Perpetual Storm around himself filled with yellow lightning, aided by the hurricane-like winds produced by his wings. When he first awakens in Antarctica, his awakened presence immediately causes unnatural winds and tempests before he's even taken flight; and over the film, Ghidorah's storm rapidly evolves into a hurricane nearly the size of Central America, and by the time of the final battle is a Category 6. Although Ghidorah's hurricane gets a lot of Do Not Touch the Funnel Cloud treatment in the film, it still makes conditions around him very ominous and foreboding and can damage aircraft with lightning bolts. And the superpower doesn't even end there: when Ghidorah takes over as the Alpha Titan, his hurricane begins producing massive offshoot storms and spreading them all over the planet, threatening to plunge the planet into a makeshift volcanic winter while the perpetual rainfall drowns and over-saturates entire ecosystems.
    • Meanwhile, Mothra disperses Ghidorah's storm over the Yunnan Rainforest, leaving the sky clear again, right before emerging from her cocoon. And she does it again when she arrives at Castle Bravo.
    • In the tie-in graphic novel Kingdom Kong, Camazotz draws the Perpetual Storm leftover by Ghidorah away from its original position anchored above the Pacific Ocean and into Skull Island's storm barrier to create a Fukushima effect. What makes it even creepier is that Camazotz started doing this before he was even awake.
  • Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe maintains this ability from his comics self. It's most obvious in his first film where he summons a tornado to immobilize the Destroyer and Avengers where he summons storm clouds at a few points to draw lighting down from. In the first movie he also causes an ice shelf to collapse by tapping it; while the film leaves it somewhat vague to what exactly happened the producers and artbooks have both confirmed that his weather manipulation powers extend to being able to cause localized earthquakes with magic, and that's what happened here. He uses lesser versions of this power for visual flourish after a lot of his attacks too, e.g. disturbing the ground for large distances yet not actually harming the people near it (indicating he isn't just creating an explosion or hitting the ground really hard) when he makes his entrance in his second film.

  • The Afterward: The Mage Keep has all its weather controlled by powerful spells. Successful control over them serves as a test of a mage to become a master.
  • In The Chronicles of Amber, Amberites easily change weather of shadow worlds, but not of Amber — the centre of the universe is too stable. An openly known quality of the Jewel of Judgment is the ability to control the weather in Amber.
  • Circleverse: Trisana "Tris" Chandler. Her curly hair collects lightning, and breezes happily follow her around. The British edition of her book in the Circle of Magic quartet is even called The Power in the Storm. In Tamora Pierce's interpretation, weather isn't just in the sky — it includes tides, tectonic plates, and magma. Because Tris' emotions can call on her powers, her teacher makes self-control a huge part of her curriculum.
  • Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.: In Slimy Underbelly, rival sorcerers with this trope's abilities compete for the chairmanship of the Weather Wizards' Fraternal Order. Their ham-handed attempts to win votes by showing off their powers means the Unnatural Quarter's weather patterns shift drastically from hour to hour and street to street, and attract far more hostility than support.
  • The Divine Comedy: The devil mentioned in Purgatorio Canto 5 naturally has the power to send vapor flying into the sky and cause a heavy rainfall, a blessing he abuses to wash away the body of a man who repented of evil with his last breath.
  • This is one of the original Dracula's Combo Platter Powers.
  • Dragon spirits of Dragon Pearl can do this as part of their terraforming abilities. A young dragon spirit who hasn't fully mastered her powers is one of the main characters; she ends up with a literal Personal Raincloud at one point due to Power Incontinence.
  • Forbidden Sea: Many of the more powerful merfolk have this ability. A hundred years ago, they forced Lauretta's family to release her and allow her to marry the Sea Prince by causing catastrophic storms to strike Windwaithe Island. In Shadow in the Sea, Araedyn causes the ship carrying Sadelyn to her murder trial to be caught in a violent storm so Captain Westwood will have to release her.
  • In Gaunt's Ghosts: Ghostmaker, the Imperial landing on Caligula is interrupted by a storm-summoning daemon. The storm removes all air support and causes several troopships to crashland, but Corbec takes it out and ends the storm by calling in an orbital strike from a frigate whose first officer he'd befriended on the way to the target.
  • In The Hour of the Dragon, Xaltotun tries to trap Conan the Barbarian by creating a flood with rains. He dismisses it as a fluke when it fails; actually, other magic was used against it.
  • The League of Secret Heroes: Mae Crumpler can do this as part of her powers. She has to constantly correct people that the power's proper name is "Atmokinesis". Zenobia had this superpower, too.
  • The One Who Eats Monsters: The weather reacts to Ryn's emotions, but only in the wilderness, not in the city. She can consciously use this to bring down literally as much lightning as she wants, or use it unconsciously; snow, for example, is generated when she's afraid, never mind that it's summer.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians:
    • Zeus and his children, again, like classical mythology except the children have the same powers.
    • In addition, Poseidon and his children have this ability, but they're limited to Sea-Storms.
  • This is one of the responsibilities of the noble houses of Caederan in The Quest of the Unaligned. The fact that random earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes are ravaging the countryside is one of the first signs that Their Majesties King Kethel and Queen Tathilya are seriously neglecting their duties.
  • Roar: The Stormling royalty are so called because they can wield "stormhearts", magical stones that allow them to battle the sentient storms that regularly rage against human cities. Protagonist Aurora is a Muggle Born of Mages who wants to gain these powers. It turns out she, along with a mysterious antagonist, possess the power to connect and empathize with the storms, allowing her to calm them without needing stormhearts.
  • Septimus Heap: DomDaniel uses a storm to try and sink the boat of the protagonists in Magyk.
  • Shade's Children: The Overlords have this ability with their Change energy, and frequently use it in ways which benefit them.
  • Played for laughs in So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish, wherein one very minor character (a trucker named Rob McKenna) is, unbeknownst to himself, a rain god, with the power that it always rains wherever he is. Always. As an indirect result of a brief conversation with Arthur (who encourages him to sell his story to the media), he ends up finding ways to make the best of it; popular tourist destinations are offering him large sums of money to be somewhere else, for a start.
  • In the Tempest (2011) trilogy, the titular half-mermaid has these powers. They first appeared when she was about fourteen, although she didn't realize what they were at first and thought it was just a coincidence that it always rained when she was really upset. In Tempest Rising, she's fighting with Tiamat when lightning starts striking the beach, hitting Kona and almost killing him. After Kona tells Tempest she has weather control powers, she starts learning to control them.
  • The Tough Guide to Fantasyland: Storms can be invoked by magic, of various weather. Jones finds this uninventive though, asking why they don't get creative like in Exodus with rains of blood, frogs or locusts.
  • In The Treachery of Beautiful Things, the storm that blows up when she is in the cottage is attributed to the piper.
  • Weather Wardens is all about an association of people who have the ability to control the elements — earth, fire and weather. They manipulate these elements to stop natural disasters from devastating mankind. The main character herself is a Weather Warden, so weather manipulation plays a large role throughout the series.
  • The female magic-users of the Sea Folk in The Wheel of Time primarily use their channeling to produce winds favorable for their boats. Their assistance in using a ter'angreal, the "Bowl of the Winds", to overcome a prolonged magical drought is a major plot point in the middle of the series. In this case, however, No Ontological Inertia is averted:
    Caire: Do you think Weaving the Winds is like throwing the helm over on a darter? I just moved the rudder on a skimmer with a beam as broad as the world! He will take time to turn, time to know he is supposed to turn. That he must turn. But when he does, not the Father of Storms himself will be able to stand in his way.
  • Cyclone and Mistral from Wild Cards are wind-controllers.
  • "Wizard Bait": One of the wizards that arrives is the Storm Mage, a weather-centric wizard who arrives to proclaim the Rod of Zorb from the treasure hoard.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The 4400: In "Till We Have Built Jerusalem", one of Jordan Collier's followers has the ability to control the weather. Jordan has them create minor earthquakes and tornadoes which destroy property but do not harm anyone in order to warn NTAC and the government against attacking him.
  • American Gods (2017) has the Thunderbird implied to summon a storm, dispelled by the God of Thunder.
  • Doctor Who:
  • Based on the Weather Wizard (above), Clyde Mardon's power in The Flash (2014) is to generate and control storms, which he got when his and his brother's plane was hit by the shockwave from the S.T.A.R. Labs Magical Particle Accelerator explosion (the same one that caused Barry's lightning strike). Being a bank robber, Mardon initially uses the power to continue the trade, but later begins to feel that he's a god. He starts by generating wind and fog, but later moves on to creating and controlling twisters with himself in the eye. Barry is able to stop him by generating a counter-wind by running in the opposite direction of the twister (Barry has already proven to be able to to go supersonic at that point). Clyde is initially able to knock Barry away with a wind blast, but Barry speeds up and eventually collapses the twister back on Mardon.
    • His older brother Mark, the actual Weather Wizard, is shown to be even more powerful than his now-deceased little brother with greater precision to the point of creating a large piece of hail to use as a weapon. The next episode featuring him as a villain showed him breaking into Iron Heights, which at that point had a 'Metahuman Wing', and mentioned being able to create acid rain though apparently it can be 'tricky'. He also sends a tsunami to flood Central City. In later appearances, he learns how to float on air currents.
  • H₂O: Just Add Water: In the second season, the girls get an upgrade to their powers that allow them to control an aspect of the weather. Cleo gets the ability to make wind, Rikki can call down a lightning strike, and Emma can make clouds and snow. Working together during the full moon, they're able to create a miniature cyclone.
    • Mako Mermaids: An H₂O Adventure: The mermaids of this series have enough skill to use all the powers mentioned above, as well as create localized effects like a Personal Raincloud. With their Moon Rings, they can do even more. Sirena and Ondina playing tug-of-war with a small thundercloud inadvertently created a storm that caused trouble for Cam and Erik, and dispersed just as quickly as it was made.
  • In Haven, this is Marion Caldwell's Trouble. The more stressed and angry she is, the worse the weather gets. She has some degree of control over it, like making the weather target people she doesn't like, but has to calm down to get it to stop.
  • This is the power of Alice Shaw on Heroes.
  • The power of the Weather Dopant in Kamen Rider Double.
  • Motherland: Fort Salem: The witches are capable of "singing up a storm". In the opening sequence, we're shown a painting with a witch in Continental Army uniform before a tornado. The present day witches learn how to do this as part of training while at Fort Salem.
  • The aliens from the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Tattoo" use this ability in response to any act of aggression, nearly destroying Voyager until Chakotay convinces them of his peaceful intentions. Either they didn't think it through or the special effects team screwed up, since the hurricane we see should really have devastated a good chunk of the continent.
  • Supernatural: Some demons are able to manipulate the weather to their will, and there are some pagan gods who grant mild weather after consuming Human Sacrifices. Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Lucifer have been shown manipulating weather on a large scale, as has Death.
  • Super Sentai and Power Rangers: Used as a motif in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger and Power Rangers Ninja Storm, though the Rangers' actual Elemental Powers don't fully reflect it. (One faction, the Thunder Rangers, does control lightning, but the Wind Rangers' powers align with Land, Sea, Sky instead.)
  • The Twilight Zone (1985): In "Welcome to Winfield", The Grim Reaper Griffin St. George has the power to create thunder and lightning. He first uses this ability to try and coerce the people of Winfield into telling him where Matt Winnaker is and later to get their attention when they plead with him to take them instead.
  • Some Ultra Series kaiju:
    • Seamons and Seagorath from Return of Ultraman are a mated pair of Sea Monsters that can create huge typhoons and thunderstorms when enraged. Later on, Ultraman Jack faces against a another sea monster named Varricane, which has many of the same abilities..
    • The Gilas Brothers from Ultraman Leo were able to create massive rainstorms and hurricanes to flood entire cities and drown islands.
    • Tenkai from Ultraman Gaia, one of three machine-like beings called the Nature Control Machines. Of the three, Tenkai is the only one that controls weather, as its purpose is to remodel the atmosphere, creating titanic hurricanes and powerful windstorms in the process.
    • Maga-Basser from Ultraman Orb is able to conjure huge clusters of tornadoes by manipulating atmospheric pressure in selected regions.
  • The X-Files:
    • "D.P.O": Darren Peter Oswald can manipulate lightening.
      Sheriff Teller: Let me get this straight, now. You're telling me this kid's throwing lightning bolts.
      Scully: In effect.
    • "The Rain King": Holman Hardt controls the weather instinctively: when he's sad, it rains; when he's enthralled with joy, smiling faces appear in the clouds. And when he's on the verge of a mental breakdown, all hell breaks loose.
  • Wonder Woman (1975): In "Judgment from Outer Space", Andros demonstrates this ability.
    Wonder Woman: You can control the weather, can't you?

  • The Merry Wives Of Windsor: "Mad Jenny": The titular Jenny is a mad old woman who uses devilry to call up storms and wreck passing ships to avenge herself by proxy on a sailor that wooed and abanonded her in her youth.

    Mythology & Religion 
  • Most religions have at least one Weather God, and the Weather God is frequently the most powerful or one of the most powerful gods in their Pantheon. Set in particular is the Ur-Example, with Zeus and Thor being later Trope Codifiers.
  • While sailing through a storm in The Four Gospels, the disciples of Jesus began to fear the ship might sink, only for Jesus to come out and calm the storm with only his words.
  • In Japanese folklore, the amefuri kozou ("rainfall youngster") brings rain wherever he goes, and will do so at the request of kitsune who don't want their weddings disturbed by humans.
  • Slavic Mythology held that certain people are born with the power to control weather. Sometimes it was as mundane as conducting a ritual on the field, sometimes involved the spirit leaving the body to combat evil weather spirits and dragons in the sky.
  • In Romania there is the Solomari, dragon riding wizards with power over the weather. They were tall, with red hair, carrying only a piece of birch bark, an iron axe and a large book where all of their spells are written. They dressed as beggars, walking unnoticed amongst the people of a village. It is said that they bring rain to those who treat them well, while those that treated them poorly had thunder, winds and hail brought down upon them. They are taught at The Scholomance, an evil magic school which equips its students with powers such as this.
  • In the Middle Ages it was widely believed that Lapland witches could raise deadly thunderstorms in the Baltic Sea. Later this myth mutated so that it was thought that sailors from Finland could give favorable winds to the ship they sailed on.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Champions: In the supplement The Coriolis Effect, the heroine Coriolis has a variety of powers that effectively allow her to control the weather over a wide area.
    • The Spring Court can use the Contract of Eternal Spring to summon rain from even a cloudless sky, which can range from a light drizzle to a deluge that causes mass flooding.
    • The Summer Court can use the Contract of Punishing Summer to sear the land as if it was facing the desert sun, causing people to become drained of energy, plants to die and causing water to turn to steam.
    • The Autumn Court can use the Contract of Eternal Autumn to create a hailstorm, potentially intense enough to be lethal to people unlucky enough to be unable to get inside.
    • The Winter Court can use the Contract of Eternal Winter to create snowstorms, which can range from a light flurry, enough to allow people to build snowmen and have snowball fights or to bring a city to a standstill.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The control weather spell allows general changes in the weather, such as the degree of cloudiness/precipitation, how hot or cool it is and the wind strength. Weather summoning allows the caster to call up a specific type of weather such as a blizzard, tornado, thunderstorm or hurricane. A number of more specific spells, such as fog cloud, call lightning, gust of wind, sleet storm and others, allows casters to alter specific aspects of the weather such as wind, cloud cover and precipitation.
    • Storm drakes have a close connection to weather and the sky, and have innate access to a list of spells that allow them to create fog and clouds, manipulate the wind, create blizzards and sleet storms, and call down lightning.
    • In 3rd Edition, topaz dragons naturally have access to control winds, fog cloud and control weather, allowing them to direct and manipulate weather patterns in their immediate surroundings.
    • Controlling the weather is one of the more common special powers afforded to the darklords of Ravenloft, to better control their domains, although they generally don't need a device to do it.
    • Forgotten Realms got some impressive magic for this, too, up to Killing Storm spell that scoured a forest kingdom for 3 month so thoroughly it's still a near-desolate moor 10,000 years later. Netheril was covered in permanent 'Mavin's Worldweave' climate-shifting spells until most of it became subtropical, then water-drained by longterm 'Lifedrain' spells of Phaerimm — which explains why there's a hot desert so far up North that it borders a big glacier. In the middle of its North side lies the High Ice — over 30 millenia earlier, before continents' shapes changed, this area was swamped by the Sarrukh to drive out the Phaerimm. This kind of worked, but upset local ecological balance enough to do in their own empire too — which maybe gave Phaerimm ideas about drying spells and ecological warfare the next time. To the East stands the Great Glacier — a mountainous pile of ice grown around the tomb some power buried with his ice-related artifact; it used to cover Damara and Vaasa too, south of them was a forest of elves who they stopped its spread with magic; much later it shrunk for no obvious reason. Many of Elven mythals make local weather more pleasant and stable. As to the High Ice, returned Netherese melted a good portion, upsetting the climate over half of the continent... In short, for many millenia Faerûn didn't even have completely natural weather patterns.
  • In Nomine: The Songs of Storms allow their singers to control the weather. The Corporeal Song of Storms creates or halts precipitation of whatever kind is appropriate for the current place and time. The Ethereal Song of Storms generates or suppresses wind. The Celestial Song of Storms raises or lowers ambient temperature.
  • Shadowrun: Weather control is an ability manifested by certain Awakened species. Storm dolphins are particularly adept at it, and can combine it with electrical manipulation to create storms, whirlwinds and thick fog banks with which to attack and interfere with oil rigs, whaling ships and fishing vessels.
  • Villains & Vigilantes, The Weather Control power allows a character to summon a variety of weather types, each of which gives appropriate attack forms (e.g. a blizzard gives Ice Powers, obscures vision and causes high winds).
  • Warhammer:
    • Blood Bowl: Some of the more specialized Hireling Wizards available that teams can recruit are Weather Mages, who can use their abilities to alter the weather to a limited degree. The 5th Edition rules for Weather Mages represent this by allowing them to attempt to change the weather effect for a single turn per game.
    • Warhammer 40,000:
    • Warhammer Fantasy Battle:
      • Kholek Suneater, the Herald of the Tempest is a Dragon-Ogre Shaggoth so named because whenever he goes to battle, stormclouds follow (whatever his Deal with the Devil to get immortality was, it was so horrible the sun refuses to look at him). And if he's hit by lightning, it heals him.
      • The Lore of Heavens covers most kinds of celestial and atmospheric phenomena, and in addition to seeing the future and calling down meteors its wielders can call down lightning bolts, summon powerful gusts of wind and manipulate weather patterns to aid their allies and hinder enemy forces.
  • The World of Darkness:
    • Changeling: The Lost: Each of the Seasonal Courts can do this with their Contracts.
    • In Mage: The Ascension and Mage: The Awakening, weather manipulation is part of Forces magic. At increasing levels of skill a mage can call down lightning from an existing storm, create or dismiss storm systems, and at Mastery create hurricanes or tornadoes.

    Theme Parks 
  • The backstory of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at the Disney Theme Parks makes mention of a spirit from within the mountain that destroys the nearby towns by triggering a natural disaster (a flood or earthquake, depending on which version of the ride).

    • Elemental Powers such as Ice, Air and Water can be used to manipulate the weather in regards to the power. It should be noted that Lewa and Gali combine their powers at one point (Air and Water respectively) in order to create a huge hurricane-like storm in the middle of an island. It's useful for taking out a horde of foes.
    • Makuta have this ability naturally as one of their Combo Platter Powers, aptly titled "Weather Control." One Rahkshi that had this power specifically was capable of conjuring fog and miniature thunderstorms.

    Video Games 
  • Discussed in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Villagers with the Uchi (Big Sis) personality will sometimes mention a book titled "[Villager's species] Storm Caller", and wonder if they can call storms too, before deciding that the town doesn't need more storms.
  • City of Heroes has the Storm Summoning support powerset (for Defenders, Corruptors, Controllers, and Masterminds), which has a variety of wind, ice, and lightning-related powers more focused on disabling enemies than direct damage.
  • Cloud: The player character can manipulate clouds.
  • Dragon Age: Origins has the spell combination Storm of the Century, produced by casting Blizzard and Tempest in the same area. This causes a localized electrical storm.
  • The Sorceress in Dragon's Crown manipulates the weather for her most damagingnote  crowd-control spells. Blizzard has her summoning up a blizzard to freeze and damage all enemies on screen, while Thunderhead has her conjuring a storm cloud that peppers the battlefield with lightning.
  • In Dungeon Crawl, worshippers of the god Fedhas Madash can create sunshine and rain.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • In the series' backstory, the extremely technologically advanced but now extinct Dwemer were known to make Weather Control Machines, one of which you actually get to use in Morowind's Tribunal expansion.
    • Also in the backstory, the Psijic Order has demonstrated their ability to use this power, summoning a storm that swallowed the Maomer (Sea Elves) fleet whole when they tried to invade Tamriel.
    • The Tsaesci "snake vampires" of Akavir are believed to have power like this. Uriel V's invasion of Akavir was absolutely plagued by seemingly supernatural bad weather. The Akaviri winter was far longer and more intense than his intelligence reports indicated it would be. Further, it was plagued by a sudden and mysterious drought. Finally, severe storms along the oceanic supply lines sank many of his ships traveling between Akavir and Tamriel. Magical manipulation by the Tsaesci is speculated to be the cause in all cases.
    • Skyrim has two Shouts that can manipulate the weather: Storm Call, which calls down lightning bolts on friend and foe alike, and Clear Skies, which clears any weather effects in the area.
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 5: Weather effects exist and are relevant in combat, along with the power to change said weather with the powers of captured monsters and certain Limit Breaks.
  • The villains of Jade Empire steal a god's power, allowing them to control the weather, and specifically end a drought that's devastating the Empire. (This is their reason, or at least justification, for the act.) Unfortunately, saving the Empire means dooming some other part of the world, and the god's absence has led to the dead being unable to move on, causing all sorts of problems.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
    • Although his actual control is limited, in Ocarina of Time and its sequel Majora's Mask, Link can make it rain anywhere (even, sometimes, inside), by playing the Song of Storms.
    • Breath of the Wild: If left alive long enough to active their Field Power Effect, Ice Wizzrobes and Blizzrobes will create localized blizzards and freezing temperatures, while Thunder and Thunderstorm Wizzrobes will create lightning storms.
  • Persona 4: Marie, real name Kusumi-no-Okami, has control over weather phenomena, including fog that routinely finds its way into Inaba. While this is downplayed for the most part, the game's Golden Ending shows her taking up a job as a weather reporter, and any forecast she predicts ends up coming true every time.
  • Pokémon:
    • Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Sandstorm and Hail change the weather temporarily to intense sunlight, rain, sandstorm and hailstorm. Drought, Drizzle, Sand Stream and Snow Warning are Abilities that do the same when Pokémon appears on the field; initally exclusive to Groudon, Kyogre, Tyranitar and Snover line, respectively, these Abilities are now more widespread. Back in Generation 5, the weather effects spawned by these abilities were permanent, and as a result, this caused the infamous 'Weather Wars' which ruled over Gen 5 OU, and likely were a big part why Drought, Drizzle, Sand Stream and Snow Warning got nerfed.
    • Rayquaza's Air Lock causes current weather condition to have no effect on the battlers (it doesn't actually remove it, however). Certain Pokémon have similar Ability Cloud Nine that works the same way.
    • On top of Abilities mentioned above, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza are the embodiments of land, sea, and sky, respectively. The first two have access to Primal Reversion, while Rayquaza has Mega Evolution. Both are essentially super modes that summon stronger variants of their weather (with Rayquaza summoning strong winds).
    • Castform can use all weather-summoning moves, transforms in the presence of weather, and had a Signature Move that altered with the weather.
    • Raihan of the Galar region has Sandstorm as one of his specialties. He'll compliment you if you counter this with one of the other weather manipulation moves.
    • The fan-made game Pokémon Uranium introduces the Thunderstorm and Nuclear Fallout weather conditions in addition to rain, harsh sunlight, sandstorms and hail. Thunderstorms can only be summoned through the Secret Art of the Volchik line, while Nuclear Fallout can be summoned through the "Fallout" move or by Gamma Urayne's Chernobyl ability. However, unlike the other weather conditions, Thunderstorm and Nuclear Fallout only damage Pokemon in battle on every odd-numbered turn, with Electric- and Ground-Types being immune to Thunderstorm while Nuclear Fallout damages each Pokemon unless it belongs to the Nuclear- or Steel-Type.
  • R-Type Final has the second boss, Negus O Shim, which resembles an organic sack that protrudes tentacles. It's bio mentions that it's capable of changing the climate in the area, and during the battle, it can extend a red or a blue "prong" from its body. Destroying the red prong will cause the water in the area to start boiling, while destroying the blue prong will cause it to start raining. Should either happen, the next playthrough of Stage 2 will be a Remixed Level with its climate changed to a more arid one (red) or a more watery/cold one (blue), with Stage 2.1 being a dry wasteland, 2.2 being a swamp, 2.3 being a river, 2.4 being underwater and 2.5 being frozen over and underwater.
  • Singular Stone has Miku causes snow to fall on the map she's currently in when she transforms into Snow Miku on special platforms with snowflake symbol. This changes enemies that present on the map, freezes the surface of water bodies, and creates ice platforms to make a way to normally inaccessible areas (the last one is only available at Level 16 or higher).
  • This is Wonder Tweek's power in South Park: The Fractured but Whole, manifesting in-game as Supreme Lightning, a barrage of lightning bolts that also shocks several foes, Icicle Strike, a blown ice kiss that also freezes the target for one turn, Soothing Showers, a localized rain shower that heals an ally, and his first Limit Break, Single-Origin Overdose, which is basically a more flashy Supreme Lightning with more damage and range and no shock effect.
  • Super Lesbian Animal RPG has Bigby, one of the villain Javis's four 'sons', a being created from a fragment of Javis's life force and who possesses weather-manipulation abilities. In battle he casts powerful elemental attacks and uses "Forecast", a move that changes the weather, causing certain elements to be more or less effective.
  • Mallow from Super Mario RPG has the power to summon rain, either in a localized cloud or a massive downpour, and can also summon snow and lightning. These powers serve as the basis for his magical attacks.
  • Touhou: Tenshi Hinanawi has a sword that gives her this ability.
  • In World of Warcraft, Shaman can call on the elemental spirits of the Air and Water to manipulate the weather for abilities such as Thunderstorm and Healing Rain, and Druids can beckon the natural world to create a Hurricane, Cyclone or Typhoon.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • During the pilot episode, Glynda battles Cinder in an attempt to stop Roman escaping custody. In her attempt to ground the ship, Glynda creates a circle of purple glyphs in the air from which storm clouds appear. They rain down shards of ice that Glynda directs with her riding crop and two fingers to strike the ship like darts.
    • When Cinder demands proof that she's standing face-to-face with the Spring Maiden, Vernal closes her eyes and raises her hands. As a strong wind whips into life around them, dark storm clouds gather from out of nowhere to darken the skies above. The Spring Maiden has also been known to summon forth lightning from a clear blue sky to bring an unruly crowd of people back to order. Vernal is actually a decoy; while she puts on a physical show to grab everyone's attention, the real Spring Maiden summons the storm anonymously.


    Web Original 
  • Academy of Superheroes: Sultry of the CSV is a weather controller of tremendous power. She can fly with wind, create tornadoes and snowstorms and is immune to her own powers (and any similar effects generated otherwise i.e. she is immune to electricity whether it's a lightning bolt or a taser, is immune to extremes of heat and cold no matter the source and so on).
  • Empires SMP Season 2:
    • As a god of the skies, one of Joel's divine abilities includes control over the weather, and it's shown that it starts raining when he gets mad.
    • Hermes, Joel's demigod son, can control the weather even as a young child, most likely inherited from his "Thunder Daddy". It's also said that he changes the weather when he giggles.
    • At the end of her series, Shelby chooses weather and storm magic as her specialty and trains under Joel to improve her magical abilities; she continues to grow more powerful in this field a decade later as "the Storm Witch".
  • Feather Adventures:
  • How to Hero discusses these in the entry on freak meteorological phenomena.
  • QSMP: On multiple occasions, it has rained on Quesadilla Island (where it never rains) when Tubbo was at his lowest emotionally. Fit even remarked that it was due to Tubbo's sadness, implying that he can at least somewhat control the weather.
  • SCP Foundation:
    • SCP-628 ("Flute Copse"). The trees that make up SCP-628 have the ability to increase local wind speed from 9 km/hr to 77 km/hr in less than 80 seconds as well as altering cloud cover.
    • SCP-716 ("The Train"). SCP-716 gives off an unknown form of radiation that can (among other effects) alter the nature and severity of local weather patterns.

    Western Animation 
  • In Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode "Super Hero", Shake's idea of being a superhero called The Drizzle is to have the power to make it rain. That's all he says The Drizzle can do... making it rain only to wet criminals, Meatwad even points out how they'll just continue with their crime-spree without being affected, while Shake drenches himself in radioactive waste thinking he could get rain powers.
  • Uniqua as Weather Woman in The Backyardigans episode "Race to the Tower of Power".
  • The original Biker Mice from Mars series had the Weathermeister, a one-shot antagonist from the episode "Chill Zone". Unlike most examples, however, she manipulates the weather by slapping stickers of the types of weather she wants onto a map.
  • Danny Phantom villain Vortex has this power. Given the nature of ghosts in this series, he may well be the Anthropomorphic Personification of storms. Danny himself had temporary control over weather when he got zapped by Vortex's lightning.
  • After wishing it would stop raining forever, Heckle and Jeckle try to make it rain again to alleviate a global drought in "The Rainmakers." They corral a small child cloud but it winds up angering its parents, two huge cumulonimbus clouds. Their attack on the birds create the needed rain.
  • MeteoHeroes: Each team member has a different power related to the weather:
    • Thermo controls the temperature allowing him to use freezing and hot attacks.
    • Nix can control snow and summon blizzards.
    • Ventum controls the wind and tornadoes.
    • Pluvia can manipulate rain and water.
    • Fulmen has lightning and thunder powers.
    • Nubess is able to control clouds and fog.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Villain of the Week Stormy Weather has exactly the powers that her name would suggest.
  • Molly of Denali: In "Home Made Heroes," Molly's comic character Shaeeyaa can use her cape to control the weather and generate things such as ice and lightning.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Pegasi all have this ability, to the point that controlling the weather is a common job for them (as is the case for Rainbow Dash). Earlier incarnations of the franchise did not give pegasi this ability. Unicorns are mentioned and eventually shown to be able to use their magic for this purpose, both by manipulating existing clouds the way pegasi do and creating clouds wholesale. However, other than Trixie and Twilight Sparkle, all instances shown are special cases (Princess Luna is all races at once, and extremely powerful, and Rarity believed she had Rainbow Dash's job and destiny.)
    • In the season 6 opener "The Crystalling", the Crystal Heart is revealed to be the one thing insuring that the Crystal Empire keeps a temperate climate. Without the artifact, neither pegasus cloud-manipulation or even alicorn magic can keep at bay the arctic temperatures and fierce blizzards of the Frozen North.
  • What's Opera, Doc?: Elmer Fudd as Siegfried can do this with his magic helmet. This is best showcased after finding out Brünnhilde is actually Bugs Bunny in disguise, conjuring a massive storm complete with mountain-cleaving lightning with the intent of killing da wabbit. It works, much to his regret.
    Elmer Fudd: "I'LL KILL DA WABBIT! Awise storm! Nowth winds bwow! South winds bwow! Typhoons! Huwwicanes! Eawthquakes! SMOOOOOOGGGGG!! Thundew, wightning! Stwike the wabbit!"
  • Winx Club: Stormy. It's even in her name! Also Icy to an extent. She can manipulate Ice and snow.

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