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Abraxas is a Godzilla MonsterVerse fanfiction written by Hrodvitnon, which is available to read on and Archive Of Our Own (with extra author's notes).

Set after the events of Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and diverging from the MonsterVerse continuity before Godzilla vs. Kong, the story's set-up in the first chapter is that not only does King Ghidorah's severed head still contain San's (also known among the fandom as "Kevin") living mind, but it’s also carrying Vivienne Graham's Only Mostly Dead body after she was Swallowed Whole by Ghidorah's central head during the film — San is reviving and regenerating her to form a new half-human, half-Ghidorah Kaiju chimera; with San and Vivienne's minds residing in separate heads on her transformed body as "brother and sister". Caged by Alan Jonah and his mercenaries in an unknown location after the duo's painful rebirth, Vivienne suffers from PTSD and warily makes a truce with San so they may escape to freedom. The story follows the fused siblings' building relationship and their struggle to avoid slipping to their pain and madness.


As of December 2021, the story has the fourth-highest hit count and the twenty-first highest Kudo count of any story in the Godzilla: King of the Monsters category on AO3.

Status: Completed as of October, 2021

Official description: "Within the head lies the seat of the soul. Despite all appearances, Dr. Graham didn't die that night. Ghidorah has plans for her, punishment for her efforts to contain him. He will remake her in his own image. And now Jonah has them both. But things rarely go according to plan, and the head left behind to keep her is too curious for his own good. Far too curious... and far too eager to learn."

The author has announced she will not be writing a sequel and has instead encouraged readers to create their own Recursive Fanfiction for the AbraxasVerse, although she has posted a timeline which describes significant events during the four years following the main story's ending. Recursive Fanfiction sequels that have been published as of July 2022 include a trilogy of one-shots (an outdated original version and an updated "Second Edition") and Abraxas: The Clash of Silver, by SyfyGuy2.


Post-completion, the author has also posted a playlist for the story.

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The main story contains examples of:

Universal tropes and tropes featured in the Timeline:

  • Adaptational Heroism:
    • Monster X (Vivienne and San) is benevolent, aligned with Earth's Titans, and comparatively goes further out of its way than most Titans do to avoid innocent human casualties; instead of being an evil invader.
    • Mandazawa is an innocent Protectorate to the heroic Titans and tries to be a Tagalong Kid in Chapter 17, whereas the original incarnation was an Anti-Villain and subsequent incarnations in movies have been Brainwashed and Crazy or straight-up monsters.
      • This extends to Manda's father the Lord of Dragons before him, who was on outright friendly terms with Godzilla when alive and isn't mentioned as having gone to any morally ambiguous lengths defending his territory.
    • The Abraxas version of Ren Serizawa, who was introduced before Godzilla vs. Kong came out, is a mostly heroic character who develops a respect for the Titans, rather than a callous Evil Genius with an anti-Godzilla agenda.
    • Rodan and Scylla both fight for Godzilla against the Many; whereas in canon the closest either of them have come to acting heroically is when they submit to Godzilla's dominance, and they're outright described in the Godzilla vs. Kong novelization as being among the nastier Titans.
    • Subverted with Apex Cybernetics. They approach Monarch with plans for legitimate projects which could better prepare mankind to defend itself against Titan-level threats and make the Titans' job of defending the world somewhat easier for them, but the Timeline all but confirms that though their plan is a bit different in this continuity, their philosophy and end-goals are roughly the same.
      • Maia Simmons however eventually has a Heel Realization by 2024, and makes plans to side with Monarch against Apex if the latter loses control of Project Talos; compared to how the MonsterVerse version was loyal to Apex to the end.
  • Adaptational Intelligence: Both Mark Russell and Maia Simmons get this alongside Adaptational Nice Guy.
    • Mark becomes the emotional kind due to Character Development; growing into a more competent parent figure to Madison who overcomes the My Beloved Smother and Just a Kid pitfalls, compared to his canon counterpart's failure at both those hurdles in Godzilla vs. Kong.
    • Maia is an Iron Lady who knows how to amicably get what she wants from people, and she also shows explicit awareness of her Psychopathic Manchild father's shortcomings. Compare that to the open book jerk in Godzilla vs. Kong who was little more than her father's lackey and who infamously shot at Kong.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy:
    • Mark Russell starts the story with the same temper issues and judgmentalism that he persistently displays in MonsterVerse canon, but he calms down and becomes more open to others' reasoning. The ending heavily implies this version of Mark will be more considerate and have a much better relationship with his daughter than the relationship strained by My Beloved Smother and Fantasy-Forbidding Father that they have in Godzilla vs. Kong.
    • This continuity's version of Maia Simmons is a lot more amicable on business than the smug, rich jerk from Godzilla vs. Kong, even if she is still complicit in some very illegal stuff.
  • Adaptation Origin Connection: The Timeline states Monarch operatives Nathan and David Lind are involved in the Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicles' construction, whereas in MonsterVerse canon, Nathan and Monarch were only introduced to the vehicles after their construction and David was dead by this time.

  • All There in the Manual: The author has provided some extra pieces of information about the story's universe on her Tumblr account (not all under the same tag), and in the Archive Of Our Own author's notes and comments section.
  • Alternate Universe Fic: Continuation type. The fic began publishing in 2019, and the author originally wanted to match the fic's events within the frame of any future developments in the canon continuity such as Godzilla vs. Kong before the film's release, but the fic has since become an Alternate Continuity. Major divergences from post-King of the Monsters canon include Ghidorah's decapitated head continuing to regenerate instead of decaying to an undead skull, and the Titans from the Mass Awakening remaining active yet keeping the peace with humanity's world. Many human characters and Titans who were introduced in post-King of the Monsters MonsterVerse installments are confirmed (within the main story, the Timeline or by Word of God) to also exist in the AbraxasVerse's canon, and the Timeline indicates that some of the events of Godzilla vs. Kong will likely still happen in some form and that the Hollow Earth's Realm Below is much like the Godzilla vs. Kong depiction.
  • Ambiguously Bi: It's hinted in the story that Vivienne is bisexual, with Word of God further supporting this. Word of God has also suggested Godzilla probably mated with males and females in his past.
  • Ambiguous Situation:
    • A lot is left ambiguous to the end and even into the AbraxasVerse Timeline about the Zmeyevich. Do they have any way of knowing what they are or about Ghidorah and its plans for them? Are they Always Chaotic Evil, will Nurture over Nature succeed on them, is it even crucial?
    • Precisely who or what caused Mechagodzilla's "glitch". Was it caused by Abaddon and Megiddo, or other Zmeyevich, or Ghidorah, or the Many? Is this a sign that Mechagodzilla has tissue from the Many or Zmeyevich integrated into it?
  • Animals Respect Nature: According to the author, the Titan Scylla in particular is irate at the damage manmade Global Warming has done to the ice caps (which her specific environmental effects work to reverse in MonsterVerse canon).
  • As the Good Book Says...:
    • The Many's dialogue makes clear references to the Bible at times, fitting with how their Hive Mind is a disturbing mix of Horror Hunger and fanaticism. It seems to be a kind of family trait: the Many, Ghidorah's heads and Mechagodzilla all respectively reference Genesis 3:5 in particular.
    • It's revealed that Apex Cybernetics secretly encoded verses from the Book of Samuel referring to David challenging Goliath into the Encephalon supercomputer, presumably to act as a villainous Morality Chip – the implication is that Apex see themselves (or rather their weapon, with Apex blasphemously painting themselves as the Israelites) as David, and they see Godzilla and his Titan allies as Goliath.
  • Been There, Shaped History:
  • But What About the Astronauts?: Word of God suggests that after Ghidorah exterminated the Makers off of one planet, it subsequently discovered smaller colonies of the Makers' species were alive on other worlds (until Ghidorah got to them).
  • Classified Information: The abandoned Monarch outpost's existence is buried under this, as is Thor's existence according to Word of God, and Apex's reports on Mechagodzilla's test run are heavily redacted.
  • Contrived Coincidence:
    • A little bit. The abandoned Monarch outpost which Jonah's paramilitary take up residence in happens to be the one next to the odd Titan who rejected King Ghidorah's summons during the Mass Awakening, which results in said Titan remaining in the vicinity to respond when it hears Monster X's Howl of Sorrow.
    • The AbraxasVerse Timeline reveals that the Final Battle of the main story occurs precisely on the one-year anniversary of Ghidorah's awakening and Vivienne's death in Antarctica.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Maia Simmons and her father Walter Simmons, the heiress and director respectively of Apex Cybernetics. Maia is ultimately a downplayed case, as she illegally trafficks Abaddon and Megiddo to Apex and she has some involvement in Project Talos' secretive true purpose, but she slowly has a Heel Realization. Walter Simmons however is a straighter example — part of the reason Maia has a Heel Realization is because of just how far the former is willing to go to get what he wants, and it's implied that even without a Ghidorah skull, Simmons' Evil Plan here is not much, if at all, different from his plan in MonsterVerse canon.
  • Deep Sleep:
    • In the aftermath of their first Heroic RRoD, Monster X fall into such a sleep and possibly even a Near-Death Experience before their second Metamorphosis begins. They have a brief, deep and much more peaceful sleep after Keizer Ghidorah's death.
    • The Timeline reveals that after all the events of 2019 and 2020 which demanded his attention, Godzilla enters a rest period of dormancy for three years.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
  • Elemental Personalities:
    • As in canon, Godzilla is an aquatic monster who seeks to maintain the world's balance, Mothra's ability to create blinding flashes of light matches her protective nature, Methuselah is a rocky monster with a peaceful and passive disposition, and Rodan is a highly-aggressive pyrokinetic beast.
    • Monster X is a positive Electricity when they manage to activate their bio-electrical powers, with the Vivienne Graham half of them being a Reluctant Psycho who's unwilling to sit on the sidelines but is prone to Berserker rages for most of the story, while the San half of them is actively inquisitive; in contrast to Ghidorah's negative Electricity.
    • Scylla is Ice: Word of God confirms that she's responsible for reversing the ice caps' melting like in the King of the Monsters Creative Closing Credits; she makes a hard and pragmatic attempt to kill a Titan ally before said ally can turn and become a threat after he's been infected by the Many; and she apparently has destructive urges and a mean penchant for mischief such as causing the 2021 Suez Canal Incident.
    • Camazotz, though only appearing as a Continuity Cameo in the main story and on the Timeline, gets extra Darkness points beyond his MonsterVerse portrayal for apparently having gone into seclusion following the events of Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019), unlike the other awakened Titans.
  • Evil Counterpart: Monster X overall is a Good Counterpart to Ghidorah, having similar powers and a similar origin but remaining on the side of good. Vivienne has an Evil Counterpart in Ichi/Eldest Brother, who is essentially what Vivienne could've become if she became hateful due to her traumas and abused San instead of forming a caring bond with him. San in turn gains an Evil Counterpart in MaNi/Elder Brother, who remains loyal to Ghidorah and lusts to see Monster X's capacity for violence, in contrast to how San makes a Heel–Face Turn and genuinely loves Vivienne as a sister. The Zmeyevich were intended by Ghidorah to be an Evil Counterpart Race to humanity, aiding Ghidorah analogously to how humans form symbiosis with the terrestrial Titans.
  • Evil, Inc.: Pharmaceutical companies and corporations including Bio-Major are apparently scrambling over each-other and willing to hire mercenaries to obtain Titan DNA samples (including the Ghidorah samples Jonah has obtained) for lucrative purposes. There's also Apex Cybernetics, who participate in a form of Human Trafficking and are overall implied to be just as bad here as in canon.
  • Fantastic Romance: The Timeline reveals that in 2022, Monster X and Rodan are reportedly a mated pair (trio?). For Rodan to become Monster X's mate, Vivienne had to get turned from a human into a Titan, and San had to get separated from Ghidorah and merge with Vivienne.
  • Foil: Both Viv and San have several contrasts – besides Alan Jonah, they have Foils in Godzilla, Manda, Thor and Madison. They aren't the only ones either – Jonah and Ghidorah are Foils, and Mark Russell has Foils in Thor and Ren Serizawa. See the characters' respective folders on the character pages for more details.

  • For the Evulz:
    • There's the Many leaving a security headcam message for the torch-and-bury op to find in Chapter 11. They seemingly had no reason to do that except to screw with them.
    • Discussed in Chapter 17. Barnes observes that Jonah and his paramilitary had nothing to really gain towards their cause by Playing with Syringes on San's original head, and he speculates they pretty much did it just because they could. Of course, Barnes doesn't know about Jonah's Love Makes You Evil motivation for his cruel experiments.
    • Word of God comments that Ghidorah, true to the character's proneness to this in MonsterVerse canon and previous licensed iterations, would sometimes personally wipe out species who hadn't challenged it just for fun during its conquests of alien worlds.

  • For Want of a Nail: A few by the story's end in relation to post-King of the Monsters MonsterVerse installments:
    • A conversation with Dr. Brooks results in Mark Russell being talked out of enrolling Madison in a public school, and getting some further parenting advice against the canon Mark's questionable parenting methods in Godzilla vs. Kong. The Timeline reveals this leads to Madison becoming Mark's assistant in Monarch by 2024.
    • Due to his Adaptational Heroism personality, Ren is conducting corporate espionage on Monarch's behalf instead of being a willing part of Apex Cybernetics' agenda.
    • Due to San's old head continuing to regenerate instead of becoming an Undead Abomination skull, Apex Cybernetics have Abaddon and Megiddo instead of a Ghidorah skull in their custody.
    • Monster X intervenes to prevent Camazotz' Perpetual Storm permanently enveloping Skull Island, and most of the island's inhabitants are saved with the storm dispersed.
    • Skull Island's Vile Vortex is apparently completely caved in after the battle against Camazotz, rather than merely being de-stabilized as in Kingdom Kong. As a result, the Lind brothers' first attempt to enter the Realm Below takes place in Antarctica instead of Skull Island.
    • Because the Titans from the Mass Awakening remain awake in this continuity, they all join Godzilla in destroying Apex Cybernetics bases in 2024.

  • Full-Conversion Cyborg: Kiryu is this as far as we know, being a supercomputer-brained mechanical construct with Titan bones integrated as the basic framework.
  • Guile Hero: Both Ren Serizawa and Maia Simmons (after her Heel Realization) use their own wits and covert methods to aid the heroes amid their corporate environment.
  • Head-in-the-Sand Management: Zig-Zagged by Monarch. Word of God says that if Vivienne was asked to address this wiki's Strawman Has a Point entry which describes Monarch's ineffectual handling of The Government in King of the Monsters (see here), Vivienne would admit that she and the rest of Monarch were indeed being highly indecisive and they defaulted to trying to stall the government long enough to reach a firm consensus on humanity's stance about the Titans.
  • Heel Realization:
    • San has a particularly brutal one in Chapter 5, when he's viewing Vivienne's memories and has a painful epiphany about just how what he and his brothers did to her has caused her so much misery and why she's been so wary of him.
    • Word of God confirms that San-2/Youngest Brother had his own Heel Realization during the events in Chapter 17, which in his case was likewise partly triggered by viewing another's memories of their lost loved one/s.
    • Maia Simmons slowly becomes concerned about Project Talos and her father's actions, and eventually she makes plans to pull a full Heel–Face Turn if Apex do lose control of Mechagodzilla and Kiryu.
  • Hidden Villain: Played With. It's never revealed in the original AbraxasVerse canon what is possessing/haunting Mechagodzilla, but the author drops hints in the Timeline for Recursive Fanfiction to explore which make it clear that it's a Ghidorah-related or -derived entity which intends to continue Ghidorah's work. It could be the Many, Abaddon and Megiddo, Ghidorah itself or a new entity.
  • Hollow World: Titans can use tunnels cutting through the Earth's mantle to shorten global travel time, like in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but later chapters also hint that the real Hollow World ecosystem located at the planet's core (here referred to by Ghidorah as the Realm Below) is largely unexplored or untouched even by them.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Monster X in its first form and final form is a Monstrous Humanoid, and what makes it overlap with this trope is that half of Monster X is San (a former head of Ghidorah). The Zmeyevich once they're born have a Ghidorah-evocative Monstrous Humanoid appearance, and it's hinted they have some eldritch nature themselves.
  • Humans Are Flawed:
    • Discussed by Dr. Chen in Chapter 12. Indeed, after the Mass Awakening, the majority of the public have grown accepting of the Titans' power and natural authority and their ecological importance, though there's still a minority that advocates attempting to kill Titans such as the Ghidorah-like Monster X out of paranoia. Vivienne and human characters also deride the sheer reckless hubris of the military who deployed the Oxygen Destroyer, and the corporations who are utilizing Titan DNA.
    • Word of God describes the terrestrial Titans' varying opinions on humans' flaws, and notes that most Titans are aware that humanity overall have both their faults and their redeeming qualities.
  • Humans Need Aliens: The events of King of the Monsters have made the human race generally more conscious of the fact the world needs the Titans for survival; with the Titans' ecological crucialness and humanity's inability to effectively usurp them if they tried being brought up as much in this fic as they originally were in King of the Monsters, whereas post-King of the Monsters MonsterVerse installments such as Kingdom Kong and the Godzilla vs. Kong novelization have humans treating these things more like an afterthought. Even Maia Simmons at least acknowledges it's the Titans rather than humanity who are currently the world's real main line of defence.
  • Humongous Mecha: Project Talos is creating two mechs in Godzilla's image (namely Kiryu and Mechagodzilla), as part of the Muggle Power.
  • Hybrids Are a Crapshoot:
    • Subverted with Monster X. Viv and San's first hybridized form is unintentionally crippled and plagued by Body Horror, but with Mothra's aid this gets completely fixed to make them a fully-functional Titan.
    • Ultimately downplayed with the Zmeyevich: although they're born fully functional, appearance-wise they didn't inherit any of Ghidorah's good looks and they're quite conspicuous-looking.
  • The Idealist: Ilene Chen and the lepidoterran Titan her family worship have this in common. Ilene drops a couple glass-half-full arguments during the main story, and Word of God says Mothra sees humanity in a light not that far off from Good Cannot Comprehend Evil.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Despite the events of this story and the Alternate Universe Fic points, some things at the end remain the same as they are in MonsterVerse installments set after King of the Monsters:
    • In an In-Universe clone variation; though the circumstances leading up to San-Who-Could-Have-Been/Youngest Brother turning against his brothers in favor of aiding Vivienne are very different, and he never develops the main San's thanatophobia, the facial cues he cycles through when he hears Vivienne calling him "brother" are notably exactly the same as San's when he first heard the same. It's also heavily implied that like with San, the major turning point in San-Who-Could-Have-Been's Heel Realization was viewing another being's emotion-tinted memories of their lost loved ones.
    • Despite the Titans from the Mass Awakening remaining awake in this continuity, Camazotz still invades Skull Island as he did in Kingdom Kong.
    • Mark and Madison still move to Pensacola (albeit a year or three earlier than when the Godzilla vs. Kong novelization states they did), and Mark still rejoins Monarch and becomes co-director.
    • Ren Serizawa still takes a high-ranking job at Apex Cybernetics, albeit for very different reasons than in MonsterVerse canon.
    • Apex Cybernetics still obtain a remnant of Ghidorah via a black market dealing (though not a piece of the three-headed creature itself this time), and they obtain it just over a year after the events of King of the Monstersnote .
    • Despite the Iwi's and the Skull Island ecosystem's Spared by the Adaptation, Jia's parents are still killed in the chaos caused by Camazotz, and Kong still has to leave the island in 2024 due to growing too big for the ecosystem.
    • Skull Island's bio-dome from Godzilla vs. Kong is presumably never built, but Monarch and Apex do still build a giant protective dome elsewhere in 2021; namely atop Dagon's grave in the Philippines.
    • Apex Cybernetics have no Ghidorah skull, they approach Monarch with a collaborative proposal years earlier than in MonsterVerse canon, and their plan involves building two mechs in Godzilla's image instead of just one. But they're still illegally building Mechagodzilla in Hong Kong with completion still occurring in 2024, and the mech has shown signs of being possessed by something that's related to Ghidorah.
    • Maia Simmons still gets assigned by her father to join the efforts to man a Hollow Earth expedition, albeit a year earlier than in MonsterVerse canon and before the Linds' failed first attempt.
    • In a more meta sense, the AbraxasVerse Timeline confirms that in a world where Titans emerged in 2019 and several major cities have been completely levelled, the Suez Canal Incident of 2021 still occurs but the cause is an aquatic Titan.

  • Interspecies Romance: It's heavily implied that Barnes got it right in King of the Monsters when he assumed Godzilla and Mothra have a thing going on. Rodan has some definite Belligerent Sexual Tension with a certain half-human, half-Ghidorah hybrid.
  • Jerkass:
    • Guard B-04 is an immature, cowardly shit who relentlessly bullies Vivienne in her and San's helpless state.
    • In one of the internet users commenting on Monster X news, username HumanityHellYeah, we have your standard Internet Jerk with a bit of pre-Mass Awakening kill-the-Titans sentiment.
    • What we know about Walter Simmons doesn't paint a picture of an Adaptational Nice Guy. He's a borderline taskmaster with his daughter, he'll swing from saying he's open-minded into Can't Take Criticism when you give him critique, and he's overall implied to be power-hungry and egotistical like his canon counterpart.
    • Rodan is highly snarky and condescending ,and a bit too ready for a fight, but overall he's a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Karma Houdini: Downplayed with Bio-Major. They're openly accused by Monarch of illegal activity which they are in fact guilty of, and they face severe backlash once the Zmeyevich created by the treatment they illegally obtained and marketed are born. However, nothing is mentioned of them ever being punished for illegally trafficking two recently-orphaned Zmeyevich.
  • Kraken and Leviathan: In addition to the whale-like, crocodilian Godzilla and the part-cephalopod, part-crustacean Scylla, there's a couple undersea Kaiju battles involving a giant Dracolich in the main story.
  • Kryptonite-Proof Suit: Apex Cybernetics are working on protective infantry gear designs designed for the new age of the Titans, and Ren thinks about how they can be insulated against the radiation that Titans feed on and produce so that humans can safely tread through Titan territory. The Timeline reveals this new gear is finalized in 2022.
  • Left Hanging: The author wrapped up the main story whilst leaving several plot threads dangling. This pattern reappears in the Timeline which doesn't specify what happens following the eve of the enimatic Clash of Titans, leaving it up to Recursive Fanfiction to explore.
  • Lovecraft Lite: Moreso than the MonsterVerse in terms of both the Lovecraft and the Lite. The Titans, especially Ghidorah, can have a very Lovecraftian Brown Note effect on humans which can cause temporary bizarre behavior or permanent madness, plus there's the (fortunately long-dead) Abusive Precursors. Though the Titans were already heavily implied in the MonsterVerse to have human levels of intelligence and emotional sentience, in AbraxasVerse it's outright confirmed, although it's still not as wacky as the infamous Animal Talk translations in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster. Godzilla is even known by Ghidorah's heads as "the Deep One".
  • Maybe Ever After: Maia Simmons seems to catch Ren's eye, although she mostly keeps it ambiguous to her peers whether or not she reciprocates. The AbraxasVerse Timeline indicates they haven't yet gotten together by the Timeline's ending point.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Vivienne's name means "alive", which is relevant to her being Only Mostly Dead and coming Back from the Dead reborn after Ghidorah ate her, and it also reflects how she's at risk of becoming dead on the inside if she and San can't heal from their traumas and they give in to madness.
    • Monster X's name is a reference to Ghidorah's Monster Zero designation, and its Protagonist Title name is a reference to the Gnostic figure and concept.
    • The Many's name refers both to their Hive Mind nature, and their genetic source, the One Who Is Many itself.
    • Meanwhile, one of Dr. Chen's Mothra-worshipping daughters is named Yong, meaning "perpetual"/"eternal" — pretty fitting considering their family's relationship with Mothra.
    • The Zmeyevich are appropriately named after the spawn of a multi-headed dragon by human women in Russian folk-tale In-Universe. In Real Life, Zmeyevich was one of the names of the malevolent dragon Tugarin, who in some versions of one of the tales about him slept with the king's wife. The individuals' names also leave a lot to the imagination about what might happen after the Timeline's end-point in Recursive Fanfiction timelines:
      • Abaddon and Megiddo are both named after biblical places of destruction, including what's believed to be the predestined site of the final battle between good and evil (fitting Simmons' Knight Templar perspective, and also fitting what could very well come of Apex's use of the pair). Abaddon is also the name of an archangel of the abyss — sound like the Zmeyevich's fathers? Ivanna is named after Ivan the Terrible, who poetically had a Disappeared Dad during childhood, and became ruler very young (reflecting how the Zmeyevich are Younger than They Look).
    • Apex and Monarch's collaboration on creating mechs for the Muggle Power described below is called Project Talos — in Greek mythology, Talos is the name of an automaton, considered by some the earliest conception of a robot, which guarded the island of Europa against invaders and outsiders. The mythical Talos was kept alive by the ichor of the gods in his body, fitting how Project Talos aims to power its mechs with the same borderline-divine energy source that gave Godzilla his dorsal spines' power, and one account of Talos' downfall claims he was driven mad by the spirits of the dead (fitting what could come of Dagon's skeleton being integrated into Kiryu, and Mechagodzilla implicitly having a connection to Ghidorah or its children). Talos was also the name of a mythical Greek inventor who made a saw out of a serpent's teeth (fitting with Apex's occupation and the project's use of a Titan skeleton for building Kiryu respectively), and he was betrayed and murdered by his mentor who attempted to bury his body under the guise of burying a serpent, only for the same animal who inspired Talos' saw to expose the murderer.
    • Kiryu's supercomputer brain is named Encephalon, which is Latin for... you guessed it. "Brain"!
    • Apex's Godzilla clone is nicknamed Ladon, befitting its saurian nature. Ladon of myth was killed by Heracles as his penultimate labor, in his pursuit of golden apples, and well, considering the original headcanon about what Apex planned to do with the creature...
    • The Hollow Earth's energy source is temporarily named Zohar, meaning "radiance" or "splendour" in Hebrew – pretty fitting considering how the element is heavily implied to be no less borderline-divine and intrinsic to the planet in this continuity than it is in Godzilla vs. Kong, and it's coveted by a hubristic Corrupt Corporate Executive who implicitly wants to overpower everything that's "Physical Godly".

  • Mirror Character: As the story goes on, more parallels emerge between Monster X and other characters; namely Ghidorah, Godzilla, Thor, Manda, Susan Graham, Alan Jonah and Madison Russell. Likewise with Thor and Mark Russell, with Mark and Ren Serizawa, and with Madison Russell and Maia Simmons. See the characters' respective folders on the character pages for more details.
  • Morality Chip: The Encephalon software was apparently designed with a villainous MC in the form of biblical verses encrypted in its software, meant to influence Kiryu's subconsciousness according to Walter Simmons' design. Ren Serizawa switches the original Chip out with a new one in the form of the Elder Futhark; an act which implicitly will give Kiryu a chance of rebelling against Apex and/or the entity haunting Mechagodzilla.
  • Muggle Power: Monarch seek to achieve a completely-benevolent Type I by building Kiryu MK I as a human-piloted artificial Titan so they can contribute meaningfully to Godzilla and the benevolent Titans' future Behemoth Battles. Apex Cybernetics however, have a far more insidious agenda.
  • Named by the Adaptation: The Timeline reveals the Hollow Earth's nameless energized material is temporarily named Zohar, and the temple built by Kong's and Thor's kindreds is dubbed the Citadel.
  • Offing the Offspring: The AbraxasVerse Timeline reveals Esfir attempted to strangle her Zmeyevich son to death. Word of God also reveals that Walter Simmons is willing to have his own daughter assassinated by hitmen in order to keep a corporate Dark Secret.
  • Ominous Latin Chanting: A justified, Old Norse variation. Playing an Old Norse galdr recording during the fight against Keizer Ghidorah is enough to awaken Monster X, and it implicitly also helps Thor in the fight. It's later encoded in Kiryu MK. I's Encephalon computer.
  • O.C. Stand-in: The author confirmed here that Tejada, Travis and Kauffman are this to notable nameless Mooks in Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019). Travis is also based on a named minor character in the movie novelization. Dr. Ling and her twin nieces Ziyi and Yong get some characterization in this story which they didn't have in their very-brief appearances in King of the Monsters, as do the Titans Scylla and Methuselah. Steve Martin meanwhile is based on a Mythology Gag name-drop in King of the Monsters' Creative Closing Credits. Ren Serizawa and Susan Graham are/were both The Ghost in MonsterVerse canon when the fic's incarnations were introduced.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Besides Ghidorah; Monster X and Manda are considered draconic, and there's also MaNi/Elder Brother. Interestingly, all three of these new draconic creatures can be elementally aligned with lightning, water and undeath respectively. See their respective folders here and here for more details.
  • Parental Abandonment:
    • It's revealed in Chapter 10 that San and his brothers were originally born from a clutch of eggs with no biological sire involved in their early life, and Vivienne speculates their species laid the eggs and then left the young have to fend for themselves similar to sea turtles' eggs. As San's Character Development progresses, he becomes curious about and craves the experience of having a mother figure.
    • Downplayed with Godzilla. It's revealed in Chapter 18 that he hasn't seen his mother since he grew old enough to fend for himself, and his biological father had no direct role in his upbringing.
    • The Timeline reveals that Jia's parents are apparently killed amidst the battle against Camazotz despite Skull Island's Spared by the Adaptation.
  • Parent-Child Team: The Timeline reveals that by 2024, Mark and Madison are such a team within Monarch, with Mark now Monarch's co-director and Madison acting as his assistant.
  • Poor Communication Kills: In 2024, when the Titans begin mysteriously attacking; with Monster X (the only creature who can currently communicate with both Titans and humans) unavailable, Monarch have to work out what's happening based on the physical evidence and they can't try talking the Titans into calming down.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: San can be quite Manchildish when things aren't serious, and though the Psychopathic part is downplayed (especially after his Character Development), he's still more nonchalant to violence than Vivienne is. San-Who-Could-Have-Been/Youngest Brother is naturally as childlike as San was at the story's beginning and lacks San's Heel–Face Turn. Remarks about Walter Simmons in the story imply he's a Psychopathic Manchild rather like in MonsterVerse canon.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Godzilla among the Titans, Dr. Brooks and later Co-Director Mark Russell among Monarch, and Colonel Foster among Monarch's G-Team.
  • Small Parent, Huge Child: The author's artwork shows Vivienne was taller than her mother Susan even when human, nevermind after Vivienne's been turned into a 100-foot Titan. This trope extends to San after Susan acknowledges him as adoptive family.
  • The Sociopath:
    • Played Straight by Ichi/Eldest Brother and Ni/Elder Brother, averted by San and San-2/Youngest Brother: the former two heads have absolutely no empathy or conscience, they have little to no meaningful emotional attachment towards each-other or their Youngest Brother or anything else, they make their entire purpose in life to be sadistically killing or repurposing any and all living things they encounter for the sakes of their own joy and bringing more destruction, they have a pretty big ego, and they make up for their Cannot Tell a Lie with cunning psychological manipulation.
    • Walter Simmons is implied to be a mid- to high-functioning sociopath like in canon. He displays cunning and manipulative streaks, he doesn't like being critcized, and he's willing to have his own daughter murdered just to keep a secret; on top of the hints he's committing many of the same crimes he committed in MonsterVerse canon.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: The AbraxasVerse Timeline reveals Skull Island's ecosystem and (most of) the Iwi survive after the battle against Camazotz instead of being wiped out by a Perpetual Storm, implicitly due to Monster X's intervention.
  • Superior Successor: Mechagodzilla is intended to be an "improved" counterpart to Kiryu MK I.
  • Taking Up the Mantle: The AbraxasVerse Timeline reveals that by 2024, Mark Russell is the new co-director of Monarch, with Madison as his assistant and confidant; not unlike Serizawa and Vivienne's dynamic in Godzilla (2014).
  • Uncertain Doom:
    • Rada, one of the Disposable Vagrants, isn't heard of again after Chapter 6, leaving it unknown whether she was among the survivors or fell victim to the Many.
    • In Chapter 9, Vivienne is unsure whether her mother is still alive, has died of old age since the Mass Awakening, or died in Ghidorah's global Titan chaos. Subverted when Susan's fate is finally revealed in Chapter 11.
    • Somewhat inverted with MaNi/Elder Brother. Word of God reveals that he was likely rendered Only Mostly Dead, and if his remains were left intact, then he could be revived, but it's unknown whether or not Monster X disposed of his remains in a way which renders them permanently dead after the last we saw of him.
    • At the story's end, it's uncertain whether all of the Many died at the Final Battle or remnants of them are still on the loose.
    • It's unknown if Nadezhda died in childbirth as the main story implies. The Timeline reveals that she and Zima at least agreed to a name for her child.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Jonah seems to have been the accidental kind who blunders into helping rather than being actively manipulated, due to the long-term repercussions of him selling Ghidorah's DNA from San's old head on to other parties. It's later implied in the story that Bio-Major, who are apparently one of Jonah's buyers, are unwittingly aiding Ghidorah's long-term plan by using Ghidorah's DNA for fertility treatments. The Timeline heavily implies that Mechagodzilla is possessed by or connected to a Ghidorah-derived entity, and that Apex Cybernetics are too arrogant to recognize the red flag that they're being used.
  • Virtue Is Weakness: Jonah doesn't have a high opinion of Heroic Sacrifices, in Chapter 6. Word of God comments that Ni/Elder Brother associates goodness and love with weakness, and MaNi's behavior towards San-Who-Could-Have-Been/Youngest Brother shows this in Chapter 16. Walter Simmons declares Maia has lost her edge after she gives Ren some words of comfort, in the Timeline.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds:
    • The author likes to think Rodan doesn't exactly get along peacefully with his fellow Earth-native Titans – and indeed there are hints of this statement in the story with some of Rodan's interactions with Godzilla – but they will still watch Rodan's back when the chips are down.
    • Vivienne and Lauren Griffin apparently had this kind of dynamic before the events in Antarctica. They considered each-other a nerd and a jarhead respectively, yet Vivienne finds in Chapter 14 that she's very much missed their banter.
  • Weather Manipulation: Besides Ghidorah's ability to generate lightning-filled tempests, the Many seem to have inherited its ability to cause stormy weather wherever they go. Monster X can influence pre-existing stormy weather with their abilities and presence, and Word of God says they can form storms of their own.
  • White Sheep: San has always been less actively malicious than his brothers, and after fusing with Vivienne, he makes a genuine Heel–Face Turn and is on the heroes' side. Downplayed with San-2/Youngest Brother due to him having the same personality as San before the latter's Character Development, then Played Straight when San-2 turns on Ichi/Eldest Brother and Ni/Elder Brother.