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An Accusation Fic is a Fix Fic or Revenge Fic with a Fandom-Specific Plot. It is generally written directly because of canon events.

Perhaps the actions of the lead characters demonstrated Moral Dissonance. Perhaps there was a moment in which the canon author sided with the hero but the Fan Fic writer didn't. Perhaps it's Values Dissonance between the author of the canon and the fanfic writers.

It doesn't matter where the original wrong lies — whether it's a misguided author or a Misaimed Fandom. The result will be a plot in which the canon events will be deconstructed, or the results of the events turn dark. A careless author will use Diabolus ex Machina for this; a clever one, using suitably flawed material, will make the consequences seem natural, or plausible if we've hit an Alternate Universe Fic, which it often will be if the canon is long-running and the fic is about an event set midway through the run.


There will be negative consequences for the characters who did the perceived wrong. There may or may not be negative consequences for innocent characters, depending on how cruel the author is feeling.

Naturally, this sort of fic will tend to be a Dark Fic.

If the canon events in question are required by the Anthropic Principle, then the fic is a Hate Fic; but not all Accusation Fics are Hate Fics. An Accusation Fic can overlap with a Betrayal Fic, but not all Betrayal Fics are Accusation Fics. A good rule of thumb is that if the fic you're reading spends most of its time taking the wrongdoing characters to task on how they messed up, then you're reading an Accusation Fic. If the fic spends most of its time on the character who was wronged, then you might have a Betrayal Fic.


Examples of Accusation Fics from the following media:

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    Anime & Manga 
  • Pokémon anime: A lot of CoriFalls's later fics are basically Cori using other characters to call Ash out for everything from his apparent "abuse" of the Team Rocket trio to any minor offenses he may have committed towards his friends or other people.
  • Several Love Hina fanfics focus on punishing the cast for their self-centered attitudes and over-the-top abuse of Keitaro.
    • An Alternate Keitaro Urashima has Granny Hina taken to task for enabling the girls' issues instead of helping them work through them, and for abandoning them so she can enjoy her world tour. The girls also have to face realistic consequences for their normal antics, such as Naru risking expulsion when she attacks Keitaro at their cram school, or Mokoto getting arrested for threatening him with her sword.
    • For His Own Sake includes Keitaro and Mutsumi along the cast members getting called out. Having spent three years trying to manage the Inn before giving up at the start of the fic, Keitaro is taken to task for being such an Extreme Doormat and enabling the girls' bad behavior, while Mutsumi keeps shipping Naru/Keitaro against their will.
  • Mad King Zoisite plays this for laughs, with Zoisite surviving Beryl's attack on him and being pissed off at Kunzite for making him do most of the work for their mission.
  • There is no lack of Ranma ½ fan-fictions (such as, for example, those of Hung "AnimeAddiction" Nguyen) that go to town claiming how horrible the cast allegedly is. (especially Akane Tendo). Depending on the story, many members of the cast eventually wise up (although maybe not without a Trauma or Humiliation Conga beforehand)... but on Nguyen's fics, the one that never does is Akane.
  • There are a good number of Naruto fics in which Kakashi, Jiraiya, Tsunade or the Third Hokage (sometimes several or all of them at once) get called out for not doing more to provide Naruto with a stable upbringing, especially because they're revealed late in canon to have known who his parents were (not to mention the fact that Jiraiya is his godfather and Tsunade is his blood relative). Kakashi also often gets flak for not training Naruto and Sakura as much as Sasuke, while the Third gets targeted for his law forbidding any discussion of Naruto's connection to the Kyuubi (resulting in Naruto being hated by the village for seemingly no reason).
  • In My Hero Academia, Shoto Aizawa threatened to expel the lowest-ranking student on the Quirk Apprehension Test, and while he says that he lied about this, All Might reveals that Aizawa expelled his entire class last year, prompting Aizawa to admit that he expels any student without the potential. Coyote has Aizawa getting called out for this, with the principal revealing that many of the expelled students went on to other hero schools while badmouthing UA, or dropped out, became villains or even committed suicide. Aizawa is also taken to task for supposedly being too lazy to train students and is thus suspended from his teaching job.

    Comic Books 
  • There are a lot of fanfics out there that take place during Marvel's Civil War, and that take Tony Stark to task for being such a colossal douchenozzle.
    • Origin Story, a Power Girl/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover, was written specifically as a way to symbolically "punish" not just Tony Stark but the entire Marvel Comics Universe for what the author saw as the "travesty" of the Civil War story arc.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • TRON and TRON: Legacy fanfics have a fifty-fifty chance of going here in regards to some of Kevin Flynn's actions, mostly about lying to his friends or blowing off the Programs' concerns and needs because of his infatuation with the Isos.
  • Fics in the Star Wars prequel era, and sometimes even out of said era, will often have someone call out the Jedi's behavior and how it made the fall of Anakin Skywalker more likely. At times, it even goes further than that, taking aim at most of their behaviors: particularly their views on emotions, detachment, and recruitment.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In Smallville, Clark Kent never told Chloe that they did some heavy making out while under some influence, and more seriously, in "Abyss", wiped her memories of his secret. He gets called out on stuff like this quite often in fanfic.
  • From House fandom: At the end of season 4, Wilson asked House to risk his life to save Amber's. House did. Then Wilson broke off his friendship with House because he failed to save Amber, even though House did what was asked and couldn't have done anything more... This event is still being written about, and a high percentage of the fics are going "What the hell, Wilson?" in one capacity or another.
  • From the Charmed fandom: Many Cole fans wrote accusation fics about how Phoebe had flat-out dumped Cole despite all the good he had done after he came back. Also, how Phoebe never even bothered to find out that Cole was possessed by the Source of all evil against his will. There's a fairly good fic called The Cleansing. It showed the direct side-effects of what might happen.
  • iCarly: Sam breaking up Carly and Freddie in season 3's iSaved Your Life by getting it into his head that Carly's feelings were not real. When Sam kissed Freddie in the season 4 finale some accusation fics were written about the idea that Sam's actions prior were because she was hiding her feelings but didn't want Freddie with Carly. Naturally when Carly puts two and two together in these fics they get dark.
  • Quite a few fans of Veronica Mars were, to put it mildly, disappointed with the eponymous heroine's actions in season 3 (and, to a lesser extent, season 2, particularly its first half), thus fics where Veronica gets called on her attitude, especially concerning Logan, are pretty common. Still, it rather rarely goes dark, especially in Shipping cases.
  • In Doctor Who, it's licensed! Many Expanded Universe novels during the hiatus have pretty much everybody, up to and including his past and future selves, mercilessly let the Seventh Doctor have it, sometimes going past What the Hell, Hero? and right into Revenge Fic. Why the hate? Well, Seven was The Chessmaster, and sometimes used his friends as pieces on the board when absolutely necessary, and this was seen as being a callous jerk by many. Though the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors that came after the end of the hiatus have their own shades of grey and skeletons in their closet, they are frequently called out for such behaviour, and the Doctor is referred to by several characters — both good and bad — as being unsafe, blood-stained, and followed in his wake by death, even referred to as the "Trickster" or "Goblin" in the legend of the Pandorica.
  • Angel has a canon example of this trope in the Season 5 episode "Damage". Angel and crew get called out by AndrewWho?  of all people for the morally questionable move of taking over Wolfram & Hart and the resources the evil law firm provides.
    Andrew: (to Angel) News flash — nobody in our camp trusts you anymore. Nobody. You work for Wolfram & Hart. Don't fool yourself... we're not on the same side.
  • Both Tony DiNozzo and Tim McGee are common focuses of this in NCIS fic, based on the various ways they have been mistreated by the other members of their team. The most common theme in Tim-centric fics is the aftermath of the dog attack in "Dog Tags", while Tony's usually focus on Tim and Ziva turning his radio down in "Dead Air" leaving him without backup while he was undercover.
  • Because of the grand scale of action on Supernatural sometimes a character takes an action that affects the whole group, but not everyone is aware of it.
    • In fan fic, Castiel is called out for releasing Sam, which triggered the events that led up the Apocalypse. In canon, neither brother is aware of this and Castiel never mentions it, although he tries to atone for it through his actions. In fan fiction, however, he is forced to admit and be chewed out for his role in the destruction it caused.
    • Although Dean chews Sam out for it multiple times, about three years pass between the time Sam fails to search for Dean in purgatory in season 8 and the time he apologizes for failing to do so in season 11. The action is so out of character that there is a great deal of fan fic that explores Dean being angry and Sam being immediately and genuinely remorseful.
    • Although Dean expresses remorse in the series and Sam is rightfully upset, a large chunk of fan fiction delves further into the angst they feel the brothers should have experienced when Dean tricks Sam, who has a long history of being physically violated, into being possessed by an angel who turns out to be a villain.
  • There is a small niche of Gilmore Girls fic that explores Dean being upset with Rory after she leaves him by himself to deal with the fallout of their adulterous affair in a small town while she goes to Europe for the summer. In canon, Dean's life is shown to implode (divorce, having to move back in with his parents, being viciously gossiped about all around town, some merchants refusing to do business with him), while Rory enjoys traveling abroad for the summer before continuing on to attend Yale in the fall and everyone commiserates about how Dean corrupted her. Some Fan Fic also reimagines what it would be like if Rory, the town golden child, had been treated as harshly as Dean following their affair.

    Video Games 
  • Pick any Mass Effect fanfic that deals with the aftermath of Horizon, particularly if Shepard romanced either Ashley or Kaidan. Chances are, 4 times out of 5, it will be a thinly-veiled accusation fic against the first game love interest (though it is worth noting that Kaidan gets the brunt of this more than Ashley does). Fourth Wall Myopia tends to run very strongly in such stories.
  • Redress has its version of PMD Explorers's hero call out Chatot in Brine Cave for his mishandling of the Perfect Apples incident.
  • Super Robot Wars Z2: Saisei-Hen did this with Ougi's decision. Schneizel reveals to the Black Knights and ZEXIS the true identity of Zero a.k.a Lelouch vi Britannia and tells them about the properties of Lelouch's geass. It gets worse when an angry Ougi appears after hearing everything about Zero from Villeta.

    While the majority gets manipulated into believing what Schneizel says, only a handful of people (Sumeragi, Roger, Heero, Chirico) are able to see through Schneizel's plan and deceit. When Zero arrives, the Black Knights are prepared to pounce on him like in the anime but some members of ZEXIS (Sumeragi, Roger, Heero, Chirico, Crowe, Simon, Viral) tell the Black Knights to wait and give Zero a chance to explain his actions.

    If the player has managed to obtain enough Zero points, Ougi will have the option to believe or not to believe in Zero. With Ougi deciding to give Zero a chance to explain his actions and the betrayal of the Black Knights being averted, an embarrassed Schneizel has no choice but to leave peacefully. Zero then removes his mask and starts explaining his actions to everyone.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • A Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones fic, In Questioning Ghosts, has Eirika unable to explain Lyon to the people without calling him on every mistake he made and in the end being unable to ever forgive him.
    • Another fic for Fire Emblem Awakening deconstructs Chrom's ending, in which a male Robin expresses his anger towards Chrom for not letting him deal the final blow to Grima, citing that it was not Chrom's decision to make and that he was selfish for doing it. He ends up sneaking off by himself to end his life as well as Grima's, and Chrom is left to suffer the damages and consequences of his choice.
    • Senbonzakura, a post-Conquest route Fates fic, presents Sakura as being far more resentful towards Corrin over his choice as a way of the author addressing their problem with Conquest!Corrin's choices and actions.
  • The Persona 3 fanfic Second Time's The Charm has Yukari (like the author) getting fed up with Aigis repetitively and hypocritically reminding her that Ryoji (Yukari's boyfriend in this fic) is dangerous and saying "Well, so are you, yet we still keep you around. Goes to show it doesn't really matter, does it?"
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Invisible: From the Desk of Princess Daisy is a fic where Daisy is Driven to Suicide because she thinks no one wants her around and that her friends find her annoying. It is a Take That! against how the franchise regulates Daisy to spinoffs. In the end, Daisy wakes up from a coma. Peach tells Daisy that she was wrong, that her friends do like her.
    • There's a sizeable amount of fanfics that place the blame for Bowser's invasions on Peach, citing her kingdom's lack of strong security and her attempts to put her foot down never having a lasting impact. This somewhat ignores Bowser's Determinator tendencies, meaning even if she definitively put her foot down, he'd still try to find a way around it anyway.

    Western Animation 
  • In Lilo & Stitch: The Series, the eponymous girl and her illegal genetically engineered alien are tasked with capturing the other 625 experiments and repurposing them before the bad guys get to them. However, some would naturally be caught in order to avert a Boring Invincible Hero. Some fans cried foul about how Lilo appeared to seem to just let some of the captured experiments go. Experiment 166: Fury (which may in fact be the first Accusation Fic, depending on how old the genre actually is) invents a specially-made fan experiment that calls Lilo out on this, and at the end, she and the others go and rescue the until-then captured experiments.note 
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Avatar: The Last Airbender
      • Stormbenders was written by an author who believed Aang wasn't a true hero, that he was selfish and refused to grow up and change, and thus painted him as an unsympathetic child. In her view, it was Zuko who was the Real Hero (and more importantly, deserved Katara's love more).
      • On a lesser scale, An Aging Ideology has Sokka calling Aang out for his refusal to kill Ozai in the finale.
      • The Stalking Zuko Series also has Katara calling Aang out on not killing Ozai, and the implication that he is hypocritical for not killing Ozai, but sinking Fire Nation ships while fused with the Ocean Spirit. The author's ultimate goal as far as Aang's character arc goes is to give Aang Character Development that he never got in canon, particularly the realization that he isn't always right, and as such, very few of Aang's major decisions pass without scrutiny or criticism.
      • Vathara's one-shot, Theft Absolute, points out how stupid it was for Zuko to steal that ostrich-horse in "The Cave of Two Lovers". ("What will bring news to [Azula's] ears more swiftly, nephew? Two refugees who leave in the night... or an ostrich-horse thief?") This one-shot would then go on to form the basis of Embers.
    • The Legend of Korra:
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fandom has so many, there's a collection for it. Here are some notable ones:
    • Multiple fanfics set after the Canterlot Wedding finale call out almost everyone in the fore for the stuff they did. Twilight for accusing the false Cadance with a lack of information to back her claims, her friends for ditching her in her time of need, Shining Armor for disowning his sister (though whether he did that himself or was mind controlled into doing so is up to the writer), and Celestia for choosing her niece's comfort over the safety of her people. Most, if not all, Accusation Fics focus on calling out Twilight's friends for ditching Twilight, but there are some that accuse Celestia and Shining Armor for failing to protect Canterlot from the threat they had received. In fact, in one fanfic, it becomes fuel for an Anti-Celestia rebellion. A Canterlot Wedding Aftermath is another one where Twilight is traumatized with nightmares. Many fics also have the real Cadence finding out what happened at the rehearsal and calling out everypony for how they treated Twilight, some having her break up with Shining and call the wedding off altogether.
    • Setting these in the aftermath of "The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" is also common. What's Eating Rainbow Dash?, for instance, lays the blame primarily at Twilight's hooves, painting her as unaware that publically humiliating Dash would have long-term consequences, to the point that Dash nearly leaves Ponyville.
    • More than a few have popped up regarding the Wonderbolts, particularly in light of their appearances in Wonderbolt Academy, Rainbow Falls, and Newbie Dash. The Quiververse story "A Light in the Dark" has a potential Wonderbolt recruit go so far as to tear up her application to join in Spitfire's office and then angrily chew her out for her leadership style and willingness to abandon her comrades.
    • "...That's It?" is an example showcasing an alternate version of "The Cutie Remark" two-parter where Starlight Glimmer tells Twilight Sparkle her Freudian Excuse and reason to time travel and Make Wrong What Once Went Right... and Twilight becomes Disappointed by the Motive (not surprisingly, considering that Starlight made a lot of Bad Future Alternate Universes — one of which is essentially the canon version of Fallout: Equestriajust because her friend got a Cutie Mark before her) and completely tears into Starlight with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    • There was once a popular accusation fic community for the Season 3 finale "Magical Mystery Cure" in which Twilight calls out Princess Celestia for imposing her "destiny" to become an alicorn princess on her when she already learned during the episode that it is wrong to have a destiny imposed on you. These fics often have Twilight rejecting her alicornation and princesshood, and either end with Twilight reverting back to being a unicorn, or Twilight being dismayed with her transformation being permanent. These have died down since the show made it clear she's not going back to normal and is in fact quite happy with her transformation.
    • There are a ton of these fanfics (Such as Bitter Tears: An Anon-A-Miss Fic) written in reaction to the Anon-A-Miss incident from the Equestria Girls Holiday Special, to express the fans' disgust with how quick the Humane Five were to abandon Sunset on flimsy evidence, or how petty and spiteful the CMC's reasoning was for framing her, and how easily they got off punishment-wise for they did.
    • RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse got one to its own Season 1 Finale, Grass&Clouds2's After The Night which starts with Pinkie Pie confronting Trixie over her actions at the very end of AtGGG. It caused quite a stir, and that is all that is going to be said of it.
    • Twilight's behavior in "No Second Prances" led to a few accusation fics. One, Her Life Was In Your Hooves, has an uncharacteristically upset Celestia call out Twilight for almost driving Trixie to suicide.
    • The Great Breakout calls out the princesses for sending a foal to Tartarus without even a trial at the end of season 8. Cozy Glow is just a very troubled, immature child who needs therapy more than anything. When her parents can't convince the princesses to let their daughter go, they break into Tartarus themselves and get her out.
  • A lot of Meg-centric fic for Family Guy involves this trope, with the Griffins and other antagonists of her being ripped a new one for their behavior. On the non-Meg front, we have Payback from a Pipe, in which Stewie calls Quagmire out on his hypocrisy regarding his own accusations towards Brian.
  • Teen Titans:
    • The episode "The Beast Within" featured Beast Boy becoming more aggressive after being doused in chemicals, eventually culminating into him turning into a mindless beast, and being found with an injured Raven's cloak clutched between his teeth. It looks like he hurt her, but Beast Boy just can't remember what happened. Robin tells him that if he can't remember, then he has to assume the worst and he'll have to take him to jail. While it was a bad situation, a lot of fans don't feel that Robin handled it well, and it ends up causing Beast Boy to undergo another stress-induced transformation. While not super-common, there are some fics where Beast Boy or another Titan will call Robin out on how he acted.
    • The End of Ends calls out the Titans, The Doom Patrol, and Terra for all the "wrongdoings" they’ve done to Beast Boy, although, in an odd twist, Beast Boy is the only one who dies after a stint as the supervillain Count Logan, with the implication being that the surviving Titans and Terra have to live with what they did. The author, Dakari-King Mykan (of My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic infamy), even has a name for this kind of fic: "Punishment Fics".
  • The Winx Club fic Promises of Protection has Timmy snap and shriek blame at Bloom for all the hardships Tecna ever had to face, up to and including her being frozen by the Trix and having her wings torn out. It's only a small portion of the story, thankfully; the rest of it is about Tecna and Timmy vacationing in a peaceful realm.
  • With This Ring, a Young Justice Self-Insert Fic, calls out the League on how they fumbled with Superboy: while Paul admits that Superman doesn't have to get involved, it doesn't excuse how no one bothered to check up on him. OL had Miss Martian check Superboy's mind for implanted triggers and help integrate his psychically implanted knowledge. It's only through Orange Lantern, Miss Martian, and Wonder Woman's efforts that Superboy isn't the maladjusted, angry mess that he was in canon.
    • The League gets a massive call-out for their mishandling of the CADMUS investigation.
    • OL and Zatanna lose faith in the League when they had to find out from the news that Nabu, the creature that kidnapped Zatanna's father, is being allowed into the League'
  • The Kim Possible fic "Maslow" presents a more detailed view of Drakken and Shego's relationship, with some of the things they've done to each other during the series being treated seriously instead of comedically, with realistic anger, hurt feelings, and strain on their partnership.
  • Steven Universe: The oneshot Unlucky Jasper is one towards "Change Your Mind" and the general treatment of Jasper. It has a depressed Jasper calling out the Crystal Gems for not sympathizing with her more and instead trusting her abuser Lapis. Jasper then shatters her own gem in front of Steven, Lapis, and Amethyst because she has nowhere to go and no one to support her.


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