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"Just decided I would write this as a showing of my NEVER-ENDING HATRED for The Fairly OddParents!. ^-^ they TOOK. AWAY. MY. DEAREST. GIR! I do not own Invader Zim or The Fairly Odd Parents".
Invader Cakez, Invader Zim's Revenge

Simply put, Hate Fic is Revenge Fic on a series-wide scale. The author sets out to deliberately attack an entire show, either through simply mocking it and its characters or by the techniques of Deconstruction.

Done well, this could lead to a Deconstructor Fleet as the author breaks down what exactly didn't work in the original show. When done poorly, this often takes the form of a badly-done Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, which attempts to discredit a show based on unfavorable comparison with another rather than by any serious examination of the target series's actual flaws; instead, they tend to abound with heinous characters (including the protagonists), Straw Losers, massive powerups, plot holes, long lectures of what sucks from the Canon and why, torturing/mutating the characters into copies of how they "should be" (if not plain torturing/mutating the characters, period) and loads and loads of cynicism.

Invariably, this leads to cries of "If you hate the show so much, why bother writing about it?"

When this is done in commercially-published work, it's an extreme example of an External Retcon.

Note: It is a Hate Fic only if it covers an entire series. Examples that focus on a single character belong under Revenge Fic.


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    Anime and Manga 

    Comic Books 
  • Three started as an open Hate Fic of Frank Miller's 300. Being aware of the existence of the Helots and the abuse they got from their Spartan masters (even by Ancient standards), writer Kieron Gillen was incensed by the glorified portrayal of the Spartan warriors in 300 while the Helots weren't even mentioned, and decided to do a comic series where the image of Sparta would be as over-the-top negative as the one Persia got in 300. However, while doing more research, Gillen realized that he actually found real history more interesting than this approach, and decided to go for a more neutral view, picturing the Spartan characters as flawed, three-dimensional human beings, who were almost as much victims of their nation's militaristic culture and expectations as the Helots were of their slave condition.
  • This trope happens frequently when Pat Mills (Marshal Law) and Garth Ennis (The Boys) are working on comics about superheroes. Ennis' The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe is pretty much thirty-nine pages of Frank Castle curb-stomping all superheroes and committing suicide when he discovers one of them was a childhood friend of his.
  • Joe Quesada's One More Day and One Moment in Time are essentially responses to "The Wedding!" (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21). His dislike for the marriage between Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson (if not necessarily either or both characters) extends to repeated diatribes about the marriage being a mistake, and also snide putdowns on famous moments in that annual. For instance a panel image in "The Wedding" Annual where Peter, Harry, and Flash raise a toast in celebration to Peter's nuptials (three hands raising glasses above) becomes reused for the end of OMD where Peter and others raise a toast to a Brand New Day celebrating the single life, snidely inverting the original emotional context on its head.
  • Transformers: Deviations is an officially licensed one to the movie and season three of The Transformers. Every Bot and Con who would've been in season 3 dies unceremoniously while the Junkions are pretty much ignored. Hot Rod gets verbally abused and keeps screwing up until the very end, where he at least gets to open the Matrix and is remembered as Rodimus Prime posthumously. It's telling that calls it an "embarrassing 1994-era fanfic in official comic form".

    Fan Works 

  • The Gor series is infamous for its depiction of a world based on sex slavery and how the heroes are the ones enforcing it. As such, nearly half of its fics on Archive of Our Own qualify as this, with a popular plot focusing on a deliberately overpowered female character being transported to Gor, murdering the slavers and rapists, and smashing the whole system to bits.
  • Inheritance Cycle has attracted a lot of fanfiction dedicated to bashing the hell out of it, with The Storm Dragons among the most well-known examples.
  • Twlight has been the subject of a lot of this, especially in the heyday of its breathtakingly massive (and vocal) Periphery Hatedom. For example, one about Light Yagami killing the Cullens and Bella.
  • The Last Ringbearer for The Lord of the Rings, which whitewashes Mordor and demonizes the good races, the protagonists and magic in general.
  • Victoria Falls is this for Victoria. The entire premise of the quest is destroying Victoria and all it stands for in an effort to revive the United States.
  • Niel Gaiman's short story The Problem of Susan is a blunt expression of how much Gaiman despises The Last Battle.

    Live-Action TV 

    Live-Action Films 

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY
    • The author of RWBY Alternate has a lot of distaste for the original story and sees his videos as "better" than it, to the point that the series was initially called "RWBY But Better" when it started.
    • Fixing RWBY is much the same. The author refers to it as ""a show with infinite potential left to squander in a desert of idiocy." The fic consistently diverts from the themes present in canon, alters characters to the point that they bear no resemblance to their canon counterparts, and includes tracts about the failings of the original show and how his version is superior.

    Web Comics 
  • Pretty much all Sonichu fanfics are this, the most famous being Asperchu. Most portray the city of CWCville (where the comic takes place) as a totalitarian state with Author Avatar Christian Weston Chandler as its dictator.
  • This one about Penny and Aggie is ridiculously homophobic, racist, and otherwise hateful and violent... but the comments left by Penny and Aggie's readers make it worthwhile.
  • CWCollateral: A Tale of the Resistance is one of the infamous Sonichu comic. It depicts the source material as in-universe propaganda put out by the mayor of CWCville to legitimize his oppressive regime, and follows the exploits of the struggles of the resistance organization PVCC to free their homes and the human race from the rein of the Chus.

    Western Animation 
  • The Dead Fic Invader Zim's Revenge, which provides the page quote, was written in response to the cancellation of Invader Zim, focusing on Zim attacking The Fairly OddParents!, believed by the author to be the show responsible for the cancellation.
  • A truly bizarre case with My Brave Pony: Starfleet Magic, a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic-that-isn't-a-fanfic written by an author who makes no secret of his loathing for the show and its themes.
  • From the same author is Friendship is Failure, a series of fanfics entailing Twilight Sparkle and co. setting out to solve friendship problems but failing every single time because most of the characters refuse the concept for one reason or another. The author makes it more clear than ever that he despises the themes of friendship, believing the show to be saying that it's the only way to happiness and "brainwashing" people into believing in such. Some stories entail the Teen Titans and have one of his many Revenge Fics involving the show play out, and he's gotten Equestria destroyed quite a few times doing this.
  • Embers (Vathara) absolutely brutalizes everyone in Avatar: The Last Airbender except the Fire Nation in general and Zuko in particular (though the Dai Li also get a few inches of whitewashing). Strangely for a Zuko-centric fic, Katara not only doesn't end up falling for the brooding Fire Prince, but gets tortured even worse than every character save Aang (whose Nation is Retconned to be Evil All Along and his canon relationship with Katara is severely damaged), stated In-Universe to be punishment for hating Zuko.
  • Steven Universe:
    • The Darkness Between Stars is an odd version of this. The authors state that they actually loved the show... right up until the episode "A Single Pale Rose" turned all the story's themes on its head and proceeded to let the villains be Easily Forgiven for their genocidal and authoritarian actions. The story is a Deconstruction Fic diverging from that episode that addresses criticisms the authors had with the canon and provides what they believe to be a more thematically consistent resolution. Several scenes from canon are directly referenced with very pointed criticisms.
    • Flawed Crystals is by the same authors as the above, and is a similar Deconstruction Fic, this time even more directly: The canon ending is revealed to be All Just a Dream, and is subjected to scathing criticism by the characters in the story, portraying it as a nonsensical mess of Plot Holes and Character Derailment that can only be explained as a sick wish-fulfillment fantasy of Steven's. Steven in particular is portrayed as a self-centered narcissist with a god complex who only helps people to fuel his fantasy of being a beloved savior. The author commentary outright calls him "a terrifying, awful person" and that "no one but the diamonds deserve to suffer his twisted, possessive, controlling idea of 'love'." (They do, however, go on to say that they liked Steven before his character took this turn in the final episodes, and his Character Development in the fangame is something of a Fix Fic in this regard.)

    Multiple Media