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The In-Universe reception of Simon Legree.note 

A Hate Sink is a character who is introduced to the story only so that the audience can hate them. This character is intentionally made to be vile and unsympathetic by the creator. Amongst a group of jerks, they stand out as particularly cruel.

Note that a Hate Sink is not the same thing as The Scrappy. Whereas the hatred towards the Scrappy is unintentional, the hatred towards the Hate Sink is entirely on purpose. While the two tropes can overlap, in order for a Hate Sink to also be considered a Scrappy, they have to be hated for different reasons than the author intended. Example 

The key differences between the Hate Sink and The Scrappy are thus:

  1. The Hate Sink is a character which was created by the author with the intended reaction to be loathed by the audience.
  2. The Scrappy is a character which was not made to be hated by the author, but still has the unintended reaction of being loathed by the audience.Examples 

Compare with Complete Monster, which is about Audience Reactions to how vile someone can getnote ; Anti-Role Model, where the character is designed to be a bad example to the audience; Love to Hate, when the viewers actually enjoy this character because of how effective they are at being hatable; The Heavy, which is about the impact for the story; Jerkass, who may be unlikable, but stays above the Moral Event Horizon; and Jerks Are Worse Than Villains, which is when fans hate the jerkass character more than the actual villain.note  Contrast with Anti-Villain, when a villain has sympathetic traits; and Laughably Evil, when a villain is funny and thus entertaining (though in some cases a villain can be both sympathetic and funny).

If all of the work's other characters hate this individual instead of the work's audience, then they are instead Hated by All, although the two tropes can and frequently do overlap — a character being Hated By All is often a good indication that the audience is supposed to hate them as well.

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Shou Tucker

Shou Tucker turns his wife into a chimera 2 years ago as well as his daughter and dog in the present day, which are actions considered so heinous that he ends up being the most unlikeable character in the story. Afterwards, he tries to reason that he and Edward are the same, making him even more detestable.

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