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Shows with their own pages:

  • All My Children: Michael Cambias is to this very day almost-universally despised by both the characters themselves and the fanbase for his rape of Bianca.
  • Arrow:
    • In Season 1, Malcolm Merlyn is a sympathetic Tragic Villain. Post-Season 1 Malcolm is an irredeemable Dirty Coward who is indirectly or directly responsible for nearly every terrible thing that happens to Oliver and co. that isn't the result of HIVE's actions. Yet despite Ollie hating him more than anyone else, he's still alive, even though he's probably the one person that both Team Arrow and people in general would happily support Oliver in waiving his Thou Shalt Not Kill policy for.
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    • Season 3 has a flashback character Matthew Shrieve, a nationalistic US Army General who attempted to wipe out all of China. He succeeded in infecting about 70% of Tokyo with a virus, and that included young Akio. Shrieve later laughed in the crying parents face. All this make the Cold-Blooded Torture Oliver put him through, well-deserved.
    • Agent Watson, the FBI agent investing claims Oliver is the Green Arrow in Season 6. Even though she's supposed to be on the side of good, she's an insufferable self-righteous jerk who's needlessly rude to everyone around her and is an Inspector Javert of the highest order, deliberately ignoring the good that Team Arrow has done for the city simply because she hates vigilantes. This cultivates in more-or-less blackmailing Oliver to go to prison in exchange for the FBI's help to end Diaz's control over Star City.
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  • Battlestar Galactica (1978): Sire Uri from the show's pilot "Saga of a Star World" is a member of the Quorum of Twelve, the ruling council governing the Twelve Colonies of Man. Once a man of integrity and good intentions, Uri became corrupted by fame and power. In the wake of the near-annihilation of the Colonies at the hands of the Cylons, Uri gorges on hoarded food while most refugees starve and shows no mourning for his wife, instead enjoying the company of women decades younger than him. Despite the fact that Commander Adama voted for his seat on the Council, Uri makes attempts to undermine him at every opportunity, including plans that impact the fleet's survival and despite knowing that the Cylons are still chasing them, Uri tries to push through a plan to disarm the Colonies' militia, a plan that falls through when Cylons attack an announcement of his plan and Uri is forced to relinquish control of the situation to Adama's son Apollo.
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  • Black Mirror: Catherine Ortiz, from Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too, is the aunt and manager of Ashley O and an abusive and manipulative sociopath. While claiming to love and support Ashley, Catherine actively resents her niece and belittles her attempts to truly express herself behind her back. Catherine will stoop to any low to control and exploit her niece, including putting her into a chemically-induced coma and attempting to have her killed once she no longer needs her. When her plans are foiled, Catherine dives for the stage and cowers in fear of the police while her niece gives her a well-deserved middle finger.
  • Breaking Bad: It became very clear that Jack Welker was meant to be despised by the audience. Jack starts off using his prison connections to arrange the murders of ten prisoners Walter White is afraid will turn into state witnesses. Jack later kills DEA agents Hank Schraeder and Steve Gomez with his gang and steals the money Walt had buried after personally executing Hank. Jack keeps Walt's old partner Jessie Pinkman enslaved and chained in the meth lab to cook for the Jack's gang under threat of murdering his loved ones. A threat that turns out not to be idle when Jessie attempts to escape. After Jessie is forced to witness the murder of his beloved Andrea, Jack informs him her son will be next if Jessie tries anything again. Even when Walt returns, Jack decides to kill him rather than bother with any other step and only stops to parade Jessie's poor treatment in front of him. Similarly, his Nazi buddies (The Aryan Brotherhood) also deserve the Hate Sink.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • The McClay family from the season five episode "Family", consisting of Tara's father and brother, are an allegory for homophobic families and abuse against their gay children, using Tara's magic as a substitute. The Maclay's claim to have Tara's best interests in heart and want to take her back home, revealing to have emotionally manipulated her with the lies that she is a demon waiting to awake. It's revealed that this is a lie the men of the family spread to the women to control them and treat them as slaves. When Tara's brother threatens to beat her down, Buffy and her friends stand up for Tara to her family and expose their lie. While Tara's cousin, Beth, seems sympathetic, she sees Tara as a "selfish bitch" for wanting to live a free life, angrily asking if she's "happy now" when the lie is exposed.
    • In his numerous appearances, D'Hoffryn seems to be a tough but fair father figure to Anya. As the leader of the Vengeance Demons, he seems to extend this to his other girls, but season seven shows his true colors by releasing Anya from her demon powers, disowning her for leaving him and kills one of her friends to punish her, before sending demons to kill her out of spite. Becoming the Big Bad of the season ten comics, D'Hoffryn kills fellow council members in a plan to take control of magic and creates Anya's Ghost that is still loyal to him. He claims to be upset that Anya's friends took her away from them, but they shoot down his claims by stating he thought he owned her. D'Hoffryn orders Anya to kill Xander, before killing her when she turns against him as well. The other Vengeance demons abandon him when they see how selfish he is, and when about to be killed, cowardly tries to swindle his way out to Buffy and her friends.
  • Carrusel: Maria Joaquina Villasenor and Jorge del Salto are given many more negative traits than the rest of the students combined. Yet neither one of them is a sociopath. Maria Joaquina's greatest crime seems to be not returning Cirilo's love. In fact, somebody even lampshades that while she may be conceited at times, she is not cruel. Jorge is a big more selfish and haughty, but he genuinely thought he was doing the right thing. He is even portrayed as being wrong simply because he wanted to read instead of playing with the other boys in the class.
  • Chernobyl: Anatoly Dyatlov, the Deputy Chief Engineer who was running the safety test that caused the reactor to explode, is one of these in universe. He verbally and physically bullies his subordinates into carrying out the safety test despite the fact that they weren't trained for it and don't understand the instructions left for them. After the accident he refuses to accept how bad the situation is and accuses anyone who tries to tell him otherwise of lying, despite having seen graphite from the core with his own eyes. Absolutely nobody has anything good to say about him and he quickly becomes The Scapegoat for the whole accident. This ends up being deconstructed in the final episode when he, and the other plant managers, are on trial. Valery Legasov points out that while Dyatlov is responsible for many of the things that happened, the hatred being focused on him is distracting people from the systemic lies and governmental cover ups that also contributed to the accident.
  • Cold Case loves this trope. Virtually any episode with a Sympathetic Murderer will also have a secondary villain who is genuinely scum, and as the investigation proceeds it's typically revealed that they've committed a (non-murder) crime, too, enabling the cops to throw the book at them. Examples include...
  • Coronation Street uses this trope egregiously and they usually wind up being a Karma Houdini. Examples include:
    • Faye's schoolyard bullies.
    • Bethany's schoolyard bullies.
    • The thugs who continously harassed Roy.
    • Callum Logan, Kylie's worthless, abusive scumbag ex and biological father of Max and Harry.
    • Local criminal, Serial Killer and all around bad guy Pat Phelan.
    • Grace Piper, Faye's "friend".
    • Kirstie Soames, Tyrone's ex and mother of Ruby.
  • CSI:
  • The Day of the Triffids: The token human bad guy Torrence is clearly intended as this. The Triffids are scary man-eating plants, but are unlikely to attract the audience's hatred. Throughout the entire crisis Torrence keeps showing himself as a Dirty Coward, power-hungry, deceitful, and egomaniacal, to the point where he's possibly a bigger threat to the heroes' survival than the actual monsters.
  • Deadly Class: Brandy Lynn, a cheerleader who is also the leader of the neo-Confederate and neo-Nazi clique. She combines all the usual traits of Alpha Bitch characters with blatant, explicit racism, and she openly fantasizes about the other ethnic gang cliques killing each other off so that only the white students will remain.
  • The Defenders (2017):
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Enemy of the World": Salamander is an outright villain, but it's hard not to admire his style and audacity. His deputy Benik, on the other hand, is a thoroughly sadistic, cowardly and contemptible little man.
    • In "Genesis of the Daleks", Davros is truly terrifying, but at least he's kind of fun. Not so for Nyder, his repugnant, emotionless right-hand man.
    • Gibbis, that annoying rat-man from "The God Complex". After the initial humour of his planet of origin, he let go of Howard to be eaten by the Minotaur. And they were so close to finding out who he was. Many people could have been spared if not for Gibbis.
    • "Arachnids in the UK": Corrupt Corporate Executive Jack Robertson is a Bad Boss and Dirty Coward who will happily throw even people loyal to him under the bus to save himself, and is ultimately responsible for all of the deaths related to the spiders because his shady business practices created them in the first place.
  • Emergency! had a few of these in various episodes, due to rarely having any real antagonists very often. The most obvious one was Craig Brice in season 6. He was written to be annoying, anal, perfectionist, self-righteous, and an overall jerk. In other words, to make the viewers yell "get Johnny well and back on the job please?"
  • ER, as a medical show, rarely had outright villains, the closest it came being the occasional Asshole Victim patient and the largely nameless and faceless terrorists seen in the Doctors Without Borders arc. Instead, the show offered plenty of dislikable doctors to direct viewer ire, often of the Obstructive Bureaucrat type. Kerry Weaver in season 2 was the first, being the unexpected new Chief Resident from another hospital that all the staff hate. Upon her Promotion to Opening Titles, however, Kerry received many more sympathetic traits, and the baton was passed to Ellis West (played by many-time villain actor Clancy Brown), an extremely slimy pharmaceutical exec who is more or less Kerry without a single decent trait. When she stands up to him, you're rooting for her. After him, the Jerkass, cavalier Chief of Surgery Robert Romano took over until he too got Character Development, and the show never really settled on one Hate Sink after that.
  • Joey Caruso in Everybody Hates Chris. His role in the show is that he's a ruthless bully who spews out racial slurs towards the titular Butt-Monkey and beats him up regularly, not to mention he does other things to get Chris in trouble, such as stealing his clothes on picture day, selling his father's Playboy magazine, and making him fail his project. It's clear that Caruso is not a character anyone should like.
  • Fawlty Towers:
  • The Flash (2014):
  • FPJ's Ang Probinsyano: Corrupt, lazy, greedy, cheapskate, egotistical, narcissistic, and massive Hypocrite Barangay Kapitan/Captain (later Konsehala/Councilor) Gina Magtanggol, created as a Foil to Cardo's grandmother, retired Barangay Captain Flora "Lola Kap" de Leon. Aside from those aforementioned vices she's also guilty for harassment, breaking and entering, slander, attempted corruption of minors, all directed at Dalisay's family and friends (and now food poisoning as well to an innocent customer of the "Flora's Garden" eatery, again to publicly humiliate the protagonists). And she's a notorious Karma Houdini who eventually cheats her way into the Councilor position in spite of her glaring flaws. She also escapes retribution several times only because characters who planned to investigate her wrongdoings were written into other more important storylines, and forgotten, numerous times. Even after Cardo's group Vendetta is given a presidential pardon, Gina's group insist on Bullying the Dragon and do not cease on the harassments; the only reason Task Force Agila (basically Vendetta under a new name and on the side of the law, with presidential backing) don't bother with Gina's antics is because they have bigger crimes to solve. And Gina takes offense that she is not considered a mastermind worth Agila's time. And she has somehow lasted longer than any other, more competent, more interesting villains in the series because she's supposed to be a comic relief character, whose antics are more on the cringeworthy than actually hilarious.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has a number of very dislikable antagonists over its run, but one that really takes the cake is Judge Carl Robertson, the antagonist of the political campaign arc of Season 3. Robertson used to be the mentor to Uncle Phil who got Phil to where he is today, but once he was running against Phil for District Court Judge, Robertson has no qualms about pulling every dirty trick in the book to discredit and slander his former pupil and gleefully rubs it in the Banks' faces (indeed, his entire campaign seems to be entirely be based on slamming the opposition and little about what he stands for). Additionally, he is a Dirty Old Man with with an annoying and abrasive personality who constantly surrounds himself with women in skimpy clothes and has been stated to once issue a conviction in order to date the hot prosecutor rather than serve justice. Tellingly, when Robertson ends up having a fatal heart attack after Will finally tells him off, nobody misses him (one man says he's only at Robertson's funeral to make sure the judge is actually dead and the entire crowd even applauds for Will when Will admits to feeling responsible for Robertson's death (again, at Robertson's funeral)) and chances are the viewers won't either.
    • A close second has to be Will's father Lou. If him running out on his wife and son when Will was four years old doesn't make you hate him then his lone appearance in season 4 will. Lou shows up out of nowhere at Will's college, spends several days bonding with Will and even makes plans to take him on a trip across the USA. Then, right before they're about to leave, Lou arrives at the house with a (pretty flimsy) story about a new job that he just can't turn down which means he can't go on the trip with Will. To make matters worse he tries to duck out of telling Will this himself and attempts to pass the buck onto Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv. Phil and Viv won't have any part of it and furiously chew him out for abandoning his son again. Will is able to speak to Lou one last time before he leaves and coldly bids him farewell. If the audience had any lingering sympathy for Lou it's destroyed by Will's furious rant about how Lou was never there for him which ends with him breaking down in tears and asking Phil "How come he don't want me, man?"
  • One episode of Get Krack!n has the Kates press-ganged by the studios into taking on a male co-host by the name of Brendan O'Hara. As soon as he gets on-screen, Brendan does everything he can to upstage the Kates, acting in an incredibly sexist and unprofessional manner all the while claiming to be an expert on women's issues. At no point does the audience get any mirth out of this douche, with his repulsiveness only growing with every passing second.
  • The Gifted: Roderick Campbell of Trask Industries is the most irredeemably soulless character the series has seen yet, seeing absolutely no method too low, including blackmail, experimenting on mutants, labeling them animals, and brainwashing them into hunting other mutants. His methods even make then Sentinel Service Agent Jace Turner uneasy. His cruelty comes into full focus when he kills Dreamer just to get the Strucker siblings to cooperate for his experiment, and when he is nearly caught by Blink, Thunderbird, and Eclipse at an anti-mutant summit, he uses a child as a human shield in the middle of a crowd of children to escape. Suffice it to say that as much as Polaris' destruction of the charter plane he was on, which included innocents, marked the beginning of her Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, no tears were shed for his demise.
  • The Good Doctor:
    • Shaun Murphy's father. He is hated for his abusive behavior towards Shaun and the scene where he is most despised for was when it was revealed that when Shaun was a child, his father killed Shawn's pet rabbit by taking the rabbit from Shaun's hands and throwing it hard against the wall. This convinced Shaun and his brother to run away from home.
    • The shooter who tried to rob the grocery store in the episode "Apple". He is shown to be a utterly despicable man as he caused Shaun to get stressed out by pointing a gun at him and demanding his wallet, which causes him to collapse under pressure. He also shot a 20 year old woman in the abdomen during the robbery, which endangered her life and caused her to lose her spleen. Not only is he shown to have a huge disregard for life but he was also shown to be a practicing Neo-Nazi and one heck of a racist Jerkass towards the nurses who were taking care of him. It was satisfying to see this guy get clubbed in the face with a baseball bat by the store cashier.
  • The Good Place:
    • Tahani's whole family. Her parents were stuck-up snobs who played favorites with their kids to the worst degree and her sister Kamilah was a similarly stuck-up jerkass who never once tried to help Tahani, leaving Tahani horribly insecure and desperate for their approval (which tainted the good deeds she committed in her life, landing her in the Bad Place).
    • Eleanor's parents Doug and Donna. They're trashy, stupid, selfish and were horribly Abusive Parents towards their daughter, which left her with a deeply cynical and self-serving outlook that only began to improve after she died and realized there was indeed an afterlife that kept track of every bad deed she had committed.
    • Trevor, a literal demon from The Bad Place. He spends every single moment he's onscreen being rude, crude, petty, and evil, and he's intensely misogynistic to boot. He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever; his sole purpose is to be loathed both in and out of universe.
  • Freddie Lounds in Hannibal is an Intrepid Reporter who runs a tabloid news site that cashes in on the FBI's investigations and constantly leaks what should be confidential information. That's not including her abhorrent treatment towards Will Graham, whom she publishes articles on, saying she believes he is a psychopath and potential killer himself. In the second season, Freddie arguably becomes a more layered character, and the Hate Sink baton is passed to sociopath meat packing heir Mason Verger.
  • Heroes: While previous seasonal Big Bads Daniel Linderman and Adam Monroe were both Well-Intentioned Extremist types, the same cannot be said for Season 3's Big Bad Arthur Petrelli. A smug, overpowered Archnemesis Dad whose introduction to the show was a massive Make Way for the New Villains train that killed off several more interesting characters, Arthur then proceeded to sit around and mostly just spot generic Nietzschean platitudes, getting up only to Kick the Dog to keep the plot moving. While the previously mentioned Big Bads were mourned by fans (and both eventually found their way back into the show via flashbacks and dream scenes) no one shed a tear for Arthur when Sylar killed him and he never again appeared in any form.
  • How to Get Away with Murder has Emily Sinclair. Any of her positive qualities gets brought down by how self-righteous and smug she is. From resorting to blackmail (and not as a last resort), to planting illegal bugs in a suspect's home, to eagerly baiting people by pushing their berserk buttons (especially Asher's), and her consistent self-satisfied smirk, she's the easiest character to hate on the show.
  • Horatio Hornblower: Midshipman Jack Simpson is a snivelling coward, a sadistic bully, an apathetic, lazy leader and an attempted murderer. Simpson is scum, pure and simple. However, true to the trope, viewers love to hate him. He's a compelling villain.
  • JAG: In "Mishap", Captain Ingles acts as this, by charging Lt. Skates for culpability in an air accident and impeding Harm’s subsequent request for documents in Skates’ defense. It turns out she was not doing anything wrong; but rather that the crew was overworked and underfunded (lack of manpower, lack of spare parts etc.), and Ingles didn’t act maliciously or with any hidden motives other than to maintain his prerogative of command and unit cohesion.
  • Justified:
    • Season 4 lacked a genuine Big Bad in the vein of previous villains like Bo Crowder, Mags Bennett, and Robert Quarles, focusing instead on Raylan and Boyd competing to capture fugitive Drew Thompson. Unfortunately, this meant that Boyd and Wynn Duffy, two of the most popular and well-liked characters ended up in the antagonist role for the season. In order to save them from the audience's hate (and prevent them from looking incompetent) the writers created Nicky Augustine, a mobster from Detroit who arrives in town also searching for Drew. He's not really any more evil than Boyd or Wynn, but where they are Affably Evil Punch Clock Villains, Augustine is a smirking Smug Snake with the maturity level of a schoolyard bully. By the time he's had Boyd and Constable Bob beaten, come onto Ava after demanding to know how many people she's blown to get where she is, betrayed Johnny to Boyd, attacked Raylan's family, and tried to betray Sammy Tonin (while disregarding the advice of his right-hand man, the Affably Evil Mr. Picker) it's impossible to not want him dead.
    • Clover Hiller leader Lee Paxton takes the role in the early part of Season 5. Again, while he's no more evil than Boyd (and in fact has a far shorter rapsheet), he's characterized as a crass, misogynistic, classist jackass, whom the audience can direct all their loathing at.
  • On Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, most culprits are outright villains, guilty of rape, murder, child molestation, and many other especially heinous offenses. And then there's Ken Turner (played completely against type by John Stamos) from the episode "Bang," who manages to be one of the most despicable people ever seen on the show despite technically not doing a single thing prosecutable under the law. Profiled as a "reproductive abuser," he's a Handsome Lech Con Man who has a fetish for seducing women, getting them pregnant, and then abandoning them, and has fathered nearly thirty children this way. He gloats that he's a modern successor to the great kings of old such as Montezuma who had massive numbers of consorts and children, and doesn't relent even when all his victims gather at the police station to call him out, including the mother of one woman who killed her child and then herself after Ken abandoned her - Ken's reaction to meeting her is simply to remark that he doesn't recognize her because she's far too old and ugly to have been one of his conquests. The detectives are horrified to discover that his actions are technically completely legal - New York has no law to prosecute nonconsensual pregnancy as long as the sex was consensual. The episode ends with a rape counselor who had been assisting the investigation brutally stabbing Ken to death and calmly surrendering to the police. Nobody cares.
  • Lost excels at introducing characters who seem completely unlikable at first, only to reveal that they're more complex than they seem at first glance. However, there are two big exceptions to this rule: Anthony Cooper and Martin Keamy. Each of these characters only appears in a handful of episodes, yet manage to come off as more evil than any of the show's main villains. The writers have stated that Keamy in particular was a deliberate attempt at creating a character with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.
  • Lou Avery, Don Draper's replacement at SC&P in the final season of Mad Men, is pretty much the anti-Don - a racist, sexist, incompetent asshole who's sucking all the fun out of the Creative department. This is almost certainly intentional, as he represents the problems besetting the company in the wake of their decision to put Don on leave and send Pete and Ted off to California, effectively leaving the New York office in the hands of a bunch of old white men.
  • Merlin: Uther's active hatred for magic is basically the sole reason that the show has any plot at all. Merlin's goal is to save the town from whatever is ailing it this week without Uther finding out about it. The sole reliance of the show on this plot device led to an unfortunate case of The Chris Carter Effect.
  • Night and Day's Frankie Radcliffe is probably better placed here than as The Scrappy, since she was clearly written to be tough to like, having spent most of the show's run self-righteously berating father Will and anyone else who'd indulge her for having the temerity to be sexually active, culminating in the foundation of the Virgin Army - a militant hyperfeminist sect dedicated to misandry and book-burning. In truth though, even Frankie was a relatively complex character as far as soap opera goes, and it's easy to sympathise with her when you see her tearfully clutching her stuffed panda; she's simply a young girl who's absolutely terrified of losing her dad, and of growing up.
  • Person of Interest:
  • Persons Unknown: We don't know who's behind the kidnappings of our main cast, but Bill Blackham, played by Sean O'Bryan, seems to be a repository for all the negative reactions one could have to being kidnapped and placed in a ghost town. Everything he does is selfish or irrational, especially his forcing Janet's gas mask away from her (which backfires), trying to rape Tori, and blackmailing Charlie when he finds out about Charlie's possible Mercy Kill / serial killing of his wife.
  • Charles Augustus Magnussen from Sherlock. While Moriarty may be far more murderous and involved in acts of terrorism, he is at least Laughably Evil and entertaining, and perhaps mildly sympathetic insofar as he is clearly mentally unstable. Magnussen, though, much like his literary counterpart Charles Augustus Milverton, is flat-out stated by Sherlock to be the worst person he has ever met, a "shark" who preys on peoples' vulnerabilities and blackmails them into letting him exploit and bully them (up to and including sexual assault). A media baron, he claims he is willing to run stories that he can't actually prove in order to ruin a person's life, and even if it puts them and their family in mortal danger. At one point he even had Watson trapped in a fire just to see if Sherlock cared enough about him to save him, though he claimed that he had people ready to save him if he didn't. He is a Dirty Coward who begs for his life when confronted with a killer he tried to blackmail, but smugly threatens to expose and destroy said killer and their family and friends the moment he regains the advantage. In the end, Sherlock decides shooting him is the only way to stop him- which he does after Magnussen was childishly flicking Watson in the face just, again, to show that he can.
  • Most of Smallville's antagonists were either too tragic or too charismatic to really qualify them for Hate Sink status, but Linda Lake fits the bill admirably. An evil Intrepid Reporter who truly believes that It's All About Me, to the point where she ruins lives and commits murder with a shrug and a rancid smirk, Linda made both a literal and figurative splash when she hit the scene in Season 6. Despite drowning a man, spreading Malicious Slander about Clark and Lana, and attempting to murder Chloe with a nail gun, she pulls a Karma Houdini at the episode's end and disappears. Unfortunately for her the Karma Houdini Warranty kicks in when she returns two seasons later, just as evil and now afflicted with a terminal case of Too Dumb to Live. After being apprehended for her crimes this time, she attempts to blackmail Davis Bloome into releasing her, an amazingly bad move as Davis is the unstable alter ego of the season's Big Bad Doomsday. Though killing Linda is arguably his Moral Event Horizon, fans still cheered Davis on for it, just because she was THAT much of an Asshole Victim.
  • Brandon Brindle (and, to a lesser extent his wife & daughter) from Small Wonder. He's the boss of protagonist Ted Lawson, despite being incredibly incompetent and seems to have kept his job due to a combination of stealing Ted's ideas and sucking up like crazy. He always interjects himself into pretty much anything Ted is doing and is cowardly & greedy up the yin yang. Yes, he routinely has bad things happen to him or his plans to screw Ted over to get ahead always backfire but that doesn't make him any less annoying.
  • Ellis from the Season 1 of Smash starts out innocently enough, as Tom's eager assistant, that is until he starts feeling entitled, thinking that Bombshell is his musical, for merely suggesting the idea to Julia and Tom that a Marilyn Monroe musical could be possible. Over time we find out how much of a Manipulative Bastard he really is as he connives his way into becoming Eileen's assistant, and begins pulling strings to get Ivy as the lead. His evil comes full circle, when he angrily confronts Eileen for choosing Karen to be Marilyn over Ivy, right after he smugly boasts that he was the one who poisoned Rebecca after slipping the peanuts, to which she is allergic to, into her drink. Worst of all, outside of getting fired by Eileen and most likely blackballed out of the Theater community, he doesn't really get what's coming to him, like going to jail for attempted murder of a well known celebrity. He becomes so hated, that his only appearance in Season 2, is in Tom's literal Nightmare Fuel, when he begins to feel like he's giving up his soul, and manipulating the business, to ensure that Bombshell is a hit, where he looks into a mirror only to see Ellis grinning evilly back at him in his reflection, only for Tom to wake up in a panic.
  • Sons of Anarchy: Several characters fulfill this trope. All of these characters seem to be added to the series to be hated and/or for the public to applaud when the heroes kill them. After all, if you have a series about brutal vigilantes, you do need to make them look as good as possible:
    • James O'Phelan, a ruthless mobster and terrorist who is involved in gun running. He stands out as one of the few gangsters in the show who has no redeemable traits or sympathetic qualities.
    • The Ghanezi brothers, who made torture and rape porn.
    • Alice Noon is an utterly loathsome woman who made child pornography. She also made Venus' life a living hell. Due to her horrendous actions, she is completely hated in the show, even by a Dirty Cop.
  • Stargate SG-1:
    • Senator Kinsey. He is arrogant and unpleasant and is very much a Corrupt Politician. Everything he does and say is against our heroes starting with shutting the Stargate program while Alien Invasion is coming and ignoring all warnings from SG-1. Then, he create a shadow group called N.I.D. and tries to take control of the Stargate program. They resort to blackmailing General Hammond and replacing with a Hate Sink and incompetent General Ripper. Other of his schemes involve stolen alien technologies for profit and military use, which all backfire due to misuses.
    • Harry Maybourne fills almost exactly the same roll as Kinsey whenever he appears. Not only does he serve this roll for the audience, but also for the cast, garnering reactions such as: "General Hammond, request permission to beat the crap out of this man" and "You rat bastard!" Though he does manage to get a few slightly redemptive episodes that Kinsey never does.
    • If not for his redeeming qualities seen in the season 9 episode "The Scourge", then in the 5th season of Stargate Atlantis, Richard Woolsey would fall heavily into this territory.
  • Metatron from Supernatural. He steals Castiel's grace (after manipulating him into killing an innocent nephilim and cutting off the hand of a cupid), forced all of the angels to fall from Heaven (which killed some of them), had Gadreel kill Kevin, manipulated angels into joining him (without telling them he was the one who closed Heaven), caused a civil war between angel factions, made it so human souls who were supposed to go go to Heaven were stuck on Earth, tricked us into thinking Gabriel was alive, turned Cas's followers against him using suicide bombers, tried to kill Dean which caused him to turn into a demon, lied about being able to remove the Mark of Cain, and has an annoying voice. Metadouche indeed. Needless to say his Heel–Face Turn in Season 11 even as it destroys him comes as something of a surprise.
  • Sweet/Vicious: Nate Griffin is the Alpha Dog of Darlington and Kennedy's boyfriend who raped Jules and one other girl before the series. Throughout the series, Nate continues to scare Jules and tries to turn Kennedy against her. Nate refuses to take responsibility and generally seems to believe he did nothing wrong, getting more exasperated the more he's confronted. In a drug-fuelled rant, Nate says that victims deserve to get raped and that he is untouchable.
  • Twin Peaks: Richard Horne is the sociopathic son of Audrey and a sleazy drug dealer. Richard establishes himself as a prick by threatening a girl with rape in public. Later after accidentally running over a child, Richard attempts to brutally murder a witness and bribes a cop into deleting evidence. He then brutalises and robs his own grandmother before calling her the c-word. Richard also displays indifference when his boss gets killed by Cooper's doppleganger.
  • Tyrant plays with this trope in the third season. In the first half of the season, we're meant to root against Leila Al-Haddad, who's cynically trying to promote herself as a reformer after years of looking the other way on her husband's crimes against human rights. But as the season goes on, and Emma is brutally murdered, Molly becomes the hate sink, as she deals with her grief by engaging in increasingly selfish behavior that more often than not hurts other people.
  • The Walking Dead:
    • It's made abundantly clear that the Saviors are meant to be hated by the audience with their casual murder, sadism, gleeful violence, smug overconfidence, childish bullying, constant harassment, occasional bigotry, and overall oppressive nature. The noncombatant Saviors living at the Sanctuary are an exception to this, generally being forced to toil under Negan just to scrape by, and are just as vulnerable to persecution by his thugs as those from communities in the Saviors' extortion network.
    • Gregory the sleazy Hilltop leader is deep in here being both a Dirty Old Man and incompetent leader who gave bad info on Negan when he sent the group to kill him and sycophants the Saviors while attempting to sell out guests who oppose them.
    • Spencer Monroe was this to most people (and cast members). He hated Rick, wanted to be the leader but didn't show any leadership qualities, and tried backstabbing his city's leader to Negan while he wasn't around. Negan wasn't having any of it and gutted him.
    • Father Gabriel was this from his introduction throughout Season 5. When it looked like he was going to be humanized at the start of season 6 many weren't convinced he was redeemable, but with time to slowly grow on people and him trying to be helpful to Alexandria and the group he eventually slipped out of this territory, even calling out Spencer (above) in season 7.
  • The Wire: Given that the series previously operated under Grey and Gray Morality, it became abundantly clear that Marlo Standfield (the Big Bad in seasons 4 and 5), was intended to be hated. This makes sense, as Marlo is cold, ruthless, self-centered and unsophisticated.
  • You has a murderous stalker as the protagonist, yet he manages to be marginally less repulsive than some of the other characters:
    • Beck's previous boyfriend Benji is as Joe describes: "Everything that is wrong with America". He's over-privileged, vain, pretentious and the way he talks about Beck sounds outright misogynistic. That's all before we find out he got away with manslaughter.
    • Beck's grad school advisor Paul Leahy puts her on the college equivalent of the Casting Couch. When Beck yields, he slut-shames her and threatens to cut her job prospects short. Beck collects several anecdotes from his previous victims and he tries to spin the blame on her again.
    • Peach Salinger is a Rich Bitch who plays up her neuroses to the point where Beck is guilt-tripped into never leaving her side. She goes as far as to get Beck drunk and rope her into a threesome which is clearly an attempt to date-rape her.
    • Joe's neighbour has an abusive boyfriend named Ron. The guy is a violent drunk that doesn't hesitate to berate or even strike his girlfriend's son just to safeguard his sense of masculinity.
    • Dr Nicky is Beck and Joe's therapist. It's revealed that he took advantage of Beck's emotional vulnerability and had an affair with her, abusing his position.


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