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Veronica Lodge is not only spoiled, she's also in denial about it.

Drew: Look, sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do because they're good for us.
Angelica: Not me, Daddy. I'm special.

You know the old saying "Spare the rod, spoil the child"? Yeah, pretty much this trope in a nutshell.

Some kids can get whatever they want by screaming at their parents until they give in. "I want a pony" is one common demand of these types, as is any rude demand for food. These kids do not like being told "no", or any other words to the effect of denying them what they want, and will often fly into a tantrum if so denied.

Usually, but not always, female — and may grow up to be an Alpha Bitch or a Rich Bitch. Indeed, the grown-up version may still be referred to as a spoiled brat if they still rely on their parents' money and influence. Never Nice to the Waiter and prone to Never My Fault.

If the spoiled brat has a sibling, Parental Favoritism most likely played a role in shaping the brat's attitude.

While the parents are usually depicted as the fault of their child's behaviour, it's not always their fault, as the brat is usually spoiled by enablement and a lack of consequences for their actions. It can be anyone; a cowardly teacher who lacks discipline, a naive authority figure, or someone that had put the brat on a pedestal and just never said "no" to them. They can be spoiled by the media when it gives them too much attention and praise, causing the child to believe that they can do no wrong and nobody can stop them if they get out of hand.

On the other hand, since Children Are Innocent, the cause may be their parents' treatment of them, whether neglect or being a too-Doting Parent. (To be fair, if the parents put their collective feet down, the child would have to change.) Removing them to more natural circumstances may cure them entirely, unlike adults of similar personality. Many a Magical Nanny specializes in it. This is especially likely if the parents lavish material goods on them in place of affection or attention; any Parental Substitute may bring the child back to good manners by providing attention and discipline, and often wins the heart of the child that way, to the shock of parents, who may complain, "But we give him everything." The older the child is, the less likely this is to happen. In extreme cases, this may result in an All Take and No Give relationship with their parents.

This often leaves the kid Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense.

A Super-Trope to Royal Brat (where the brat is part of a powerful family).

Greed and Pride are the chief sins of this character type, though not a few are also Envious as well.

In older works, the Brat may get their comeuppance in the form of a Comedic Spanking — which as in the old saying is believed to be the opposite of "spoil the child" — but this is subject to Values Dissonance these days as corporal punishment for children is considered less acceptable. Either way, if there's any Character Development, it will probably involve Break the Haughty or Pride Before a Fall.

Compare with Egocentrically Religious, who has this attitude towards God and the universe rather than towards father and the local community. Also compare with Idle Rich. Contrast Non-Idle Rich, Spoiled Sweet, and Lonely Rich Kid.

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  • The Toyota Highlander commercials circa 2008 featuring the little blond kid. He talks about how his parents used to be lame before they got the "cool" Highlander. The way he brags about it and the way he looks down on the kid whose parents drive an older car really give off the Spoiled Brat vibe.
  • A series of condom ads highlight a very poorly behaved youngster who is obviously accustomed to getting his own way. This is just telling the viewers that they better wear condoms, or else they'll end up with a bratty old child.
  • A Fruit Roll-Ups ad has it to where a kid says "Pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse" throughout the entire commercial for his mother to get him a snack. So she gets him a snack.
  • Recently, commercials for Halos oranges, a brand of oranges specifically marketed toward kids. The tagline is "If you don't have Halos, they don't have halos.", and one even features a little girl who duct-taped her baby brother to a door.
  • In this commercial, a bratty little girl complains to her mother over fish that is an appropriate size for kids her age to eat. Unfortunately, the mother makes her happy rather than punishing her for her ungratefulness.

  • Kayko & Kokosh: Kaprilda is a incredible wealthy teenage princess, who acts like a spoiled child every time she dosen't get what she wants.

    Comic Books 
  • Archie Comics:
    • Veronica Lodge is the daughter of the wealthiest man in town, who gives her anything she wants... usually. The trope picture comes from a story where she tries to prove to Betty that she also works hard, by being "forced" to drive all of her family's expensive cars, do country club sports, and attend fancy parties. She even tries to imply that wearing a designer dress and white fox wrap to social events is part of this "work".
    • In another story, she wants to get a job like all her friends have, but she's just not motivated enough to actually apply for one. In one comic chapter, everyone is busy with their summer jobs... except Veronica. She has no siblings (that we see, anyway), and her parents are busy running the family corporate empire, so she's pretty much alone and already bored with the empty days of summer vacation. She wishes she has something to do, even a job because this boredom is driving her crazy. Archie eventually comes by and visits, telling her about this one position open at the jewelry shop in the nearby mall. He says this position would be perfect for her since she wears so much of it. Veronica looks like she's going to accept... then decides not to, because she's so wealthy she doesn't need to work. Apparently, having loads of money means one can never get an actual job, even if it's just to pass the time.
  • Of course, Viz magazine's eponymous Spoilt Bastard Timmy Timpson. In every strip, he bullies and emotionally abuses his rather weak-willed mother, blaming her for whatever problem he's caused (and what's more, she always believes it's truly her fault) and leading her to spend money she doesn't have to cater to her son's every whim. In one old strip, he pretends to be sick to get out of school and keeps implying that it's his mother's fault. The doctor then tells Timmy's mother that "There's nothing wrong with your son that a good smack on the bottom wouldn't cure!". In the annual he runs away from home because his mother put two sugars on his Weetabix when "She knows!" that he only has one and three-quarter sugars.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Sensation Comics: Mona Menise's father is irritated at her behavior and does tell her off, but doesn't actually punish her and gets her anything she wants despite her totaling numerous cars, and blaming the police officer when she gets pulled over for reckless driving.
    • The Legend of Wonder Woman (2016): Alpha Bitch Pamela Smuthers' father is a rich politician and it has done her personality no favors to be his spoiled daughter.

    Comic Strips 
  • The titular character of Garfield can be considered this, as Jon always feeds Garfield all the food he wants and pampers him to no end. Garfield even expects Jon to open the door for him, even though, as Jon pointed out, there's a pet door (Garfield replied "Forgot the security code"). One time, Jon even gives Garfield a hot towel after finishing his meal. Garfield, after using that towel, hangs it on Jon's face.
    Jon: You're spoiled, you know.
    Garfield: I am not. And where's my mint?
  • Downplayed example from Luann: Toni's niece Shannon. Her father leaves her with Toni every chance he gets, and since Toni is an Extreme Doormat in regards to her brother and niece, she just lets the kid do whatever she wants. As a result, Shannon has become fairly well-behaved over time... but only because everyone caters to her whims. The few times she doesn't get her way, she throws a massive tantrum, but all the adults in the strip merely grit their teeth and suffer through it (or simply cave in to her) rather than admonish or discipline her. So it's downplayed in that she only acts like a brat during those times where she's not being spoiled.

    Fairy Tales 
  • "Morozko": The old woman's daughter has been thoroughly pampered since she was a child, and as a result, she has grown into a rude, entitled, and disrespectful child who is too stupid to understand you should not go out of your way to piss some people off.
  • In "Mother Holle", the widow lets her pampered, lazy daughter do whatever she wants. The daughter's indolence comes back to bite her when she enters into Frau Holle's service, expecting to get a reward without actually working to earn it, and gets showered with unremovable pitch instead.
  • In "The Three Little Men in the Wood", the stepsister has been completely pampered by her mother. So, when the stepsister goes to meet the titular men, she barges into their house, without knocking on the door and without giving them a greeting, and sits herself down by their oven. When she starts eating her lunch, the little men ask her to share her food, but she refuses to give them any. When they ask her to sweep their back door, she replies she is not their housemaid. Finally, when she sees that they were not going to giving her anything, she leaves without saying goodbye and without realizing that her entitled, rude behaviour has gotten those magical creatures mad.

    Fan Works 
  • In Faded Blue, Steven zigzags this trope in a very strange way. In his words, "Whatever a Diamond wants, they get." However, he hasn't really been shown as actually wanting that much, relatively -– he loves Earth as it is, and his "end goal" when the story starts is to tour all of Earth before eventually exploring space. Part of this seems to be due to Blue Pearl being extremely accepting of what Steven wants.
  • Harry Riddle, thanks to his "auntie Bellatrix" spoiling him rotten:
    Harry: Can we go to Diagon Alley anytime soon? The letter demands my reply by today, you know, but I already sent it, so don't worry. But Draco's already gotten all of his stuff. Can I get a snake? I want a snake. Or... Can I take Nagini?
    Voldemort: No, you may not take my familiar.
  • Exaggerated and justified in the first half of the Kill la Kill fanfic Maim de Maim with Ryuko Kiryuin, who's portrayed as easily the most hellish Spoiled Brat you can ever encounter, although she does show some brief flashes of compassion and eventually gets better much later in the story.
  • In My Master Ed, this is Hohenheim's initial impression of Edward before he proves to be far too generous and beaten down to be spoiled.
  • As a child in Natural Selection, Ryuko was rather self-entitled, as she refused to apologize when she hurt others by accident and would only do so when Satsuki demanded it. Even then, she didn't mean any of the apologies she gave. This only got worse as she got older, to the point where she became a Psychopathic Womanchild. Gamagoori even thinks of her as "a spoiled corporate princess with no concept of refusal".
  • Deconstructed in the Kung Fu Panda fanfic series the Necromancers of China Saga. Po and Tigress meet their daughter from the future, Fenhong Se. They eventually learn that their future selves spoiled her so much and gave her everything, but she could not get the one thing she wanted most: to be a greater hero than either her mother or father. Her spoiled nature plays a vital part in the existence of a Bad Future, causing Po and Tigress to realize they must raise her properly when the time comes.
  • Played for Laughs with Hinata Hyuuga in Of the Day's Annoyances, who grew up into a feared tyrant because her uncle Hizashi (who survived the Kumo incident) kept spoiling her to spite his brother.
  • Persephone: As he loved Hiccup, Gobber admits to Stoick that he didn't discipline his son enough, and when he did it seemed like it was overcompensating to Hiccup. He does recognize that Hiccup has learned discipline and grown since he's been gone and tells Stoick this so that the chief will speak to him as a man.
  • Lolly in The Racket-Rotter Chronicles. She clearly enjoyed her family's wealthy status until she lost it around the beginning of the story. Even then, she still extorts money from her father and grandparents, and acts very nasty as a result. The Builder mocks her with this information right before she's killed in Arc 3.
  • The Reading Rainbowverse has Powderfluff, who is so sheltered that, when she does briefly visit Ponyville, many ponies interpret her paranoia and immaturity as legitimate mental illness.
  • Retrograde Motion: While the younger Jason is generally a sweet child, he can be very bratty at times as an Annoying Younger Sibling to Tim and Damian and he is unquestionably spoiled — the only people that are able to say no to him are his parental figures, Dick and Artemis.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness: Arial Kuyumaya has shades of this, constantly throwing destructive temper tantrums when she hears criticism or doesn't get her way, as well as openly expecting Mizore to respect her despite being a Jerkass who tried to murder her in a jealous rage. In Act VI chapter 15, Moka flat-out calls her "horrible and rotten" to her face.
  • Renesmee has become one by the time The Wedding Crashers takes place, since her family is ridiculously wealthy and her parents and Jacob pretty much cater to her every whim.
  • Hero Chat: In the main fic, Chloe has mostly moved past this, realizing that there is more to life than extorting gifts out of her father. A side story from her teacher's perspective helps show how she got to this point. Ms Bustier tries saying "no" to Chloe when she does something wrong, assuming she needs someone to stand up to her, but that just makes Chloe defensive and angry. Chloe only starts to improve when Bustier realizes that what she actually needs is praise when she does something right; Chloe has spent her entire life chasing the approval of her mother (who has, on a regular basis, forgotten Chloe's name), and her father throwing presents at her does nothing to help.
  • Total Drama Legacy: Morgan's defining character trait; heck, it's even her label. All she does in "Here Come The Sons… And Daughters" is complain about having to do things that might mess up her looks and complain about how the camp doesn't meet her impossibly high standards. Is it any wonder she's the first to get booted?

    Films — Animation 
  • Marie from The Aristocats has some shades of this. It's most notable when she and her brothers Toulouse and Berlioz are fighting to see who gets inside the door first at the beginning of the film. They ask her why she has to go first, and she tells them, "Because I'm a lady, that's why." She also constantly calls for her mother whenever her brothers mess with her.
  • Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, the Direct-to-DVD sequel to Beauty and the Beast, reveals the titular Beast was once a spoiled prince who rejected his servant's Christmas presents, and displayed the same attitude to the beggar disguised as The Enchantress who cursed him into beast form.
  • Child star Darla Dimple in Cats Don't Dance is this to insane levels, demanding that she be given everything she wants and be focused on 100% of the time. How she got this way is never addressed, since she doesn't seem to have parents.
  • Played for Laughs with Batman from The LEGO Batman Movie as he behaves like spoiled child in front of Alfred, who even owns a book on how to deal with spoiled children.
    Alfred: (to Batman) You're scheduled to go to Jim Gordon's retirement party.
    Batman: What? No! (stomps his feet and pouts) I don't wanna do that!
  • Prince John from Robin Hood (1973) is an extremely self-entitled, whiny, childish Psychopathic Manchild. This is best shown when the Nottingham citizens shout out their loyalties to King Richard; Prince John jumps up and down on his throne and throws a tantrum benefiting to only a toddler.
    Prince John: Enough! I am king! King! KING!!!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Arthur Hoggett's granddaughter in Babe, who, upon seeing the beautifully made dollhouse that her grandfather spent so much time making, begins crying, screaming that it isn't the one she had seen on television.
  • Natalie Sands of Girls Just Want to Have Fun has her father wrapped around her finger, including acting annoyed she only has one car. When she becomes The Rival in the dance contest, she bribes another contestant to ruin the routine of his partner, who has just ticked Natalie off (as in not letting Natalie get away with nearly running someone over).
  • Britt Reid from The Green Hornet is a wealthy Manchild. He's pretty irresponsible and self-absorbed, using his late dad's fortune for parties and drinks. He's also an Ungrateful Bastard to Kato and anyone else for that matter.
  • Alan from The Hangover becomes this in the second and third movie, treating both his parents like servants. This gets to the point where his father dies of a heart attack after having enough of his antics. Not to mention, he is constantly rude to his own mother (at one point even saying she should have died first).
  • Sharpay Evans from High School Musical is self-centred, arrogant, and narcissistic. She wants everything to go her way and is very entitled. Sharpay is willing to backstab anyone, including her twin brother Ryan, in order to be in the spotlight. Her family is wealthy and often spoil her with expensive gifts. Nevertheless, she is proven to be kind and loyal towards her friends and family.
  • The meaning behind the title of The House of Yes. Jackie was so spoiled that the word "no" was simply never spoken in their household.
  • In In This Our Life, Stanley is spoiled mostly by her rich uncle Fitzroy, and she gets away with everything she wants. Not only is she completely selfish because of this, but she always complains that no one cares for her.
  • Iosef Tarasov, the asshole son of big Russian mafia boss Viggo Tarasov, whose unbridled arrogance and massive sense of entitlement lead to him pissing off John Wick, one of the deadliest men alive. He is so out of his depth when it comes to Wick that it doesn't dawn on him how absolutely screwed he is until Wick takes apart a club full of his father's men just to get to him.
  • Hugh "Ransom" Drysdale (played by Chris Evans) from Knives Out is a jobless Manchild who mooches off his entire family. In fact, when he hears he's not receiving the family's heirloom courtesy of his grandfather, he tries to have his grandfather killed.
  • Steff McKee from Pretty in Pink, is a huge example of one. He brags about his money, throws destructive parties in his parents' expensive house, and tells his best friend he'll stop hanging out with him unless he stops liking a girl that's poorer than them. He also likes to spend money just because he can. He eventually gets told off by Blane, his best friend, at the end of the movie.
  • Angela in the "Quebec province 1975" segment of The Uncanny. Her cruelty to Lucy earns a terrible fate at the ends of her cousin and her cat.
  • Missy Wiener from Welcome to the Dollhouse. She acts innocent and sweet, but in reality, she's a Manipulative Bitch who has mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger. Her favorite pastime is baiting Dawn into getting into trouble.
  • In What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, the titular Jane used to have a theatre act as a child in the 1910s where she was a cute Shirley Temple-esque girl who sang and danced. Off-stage she was a complete brat.

  • The title character of "Rich Girl" by Hall & Oates is implied to be one, as she "can rely on the old man's money" and is explicitly a Rich Bitch.
  • The girl described in "Money Bought" by Nickelback is one, but she's also a deconstruction. Most of the song is spent pointing out that everything from her lifestyle to her circle of friends has been bought with her parents' money, which means she'd lose everything if that money went away.
  • The parody rapper character Unknown P frequently brags about how his 'Daddy' pays for whatever he wants.

    Mythology and Religion 
  • Ishtar/Inanna in Mesopotamian Mythology. According to The Epic of Gilgamesh, when she had a crush on a mortal, he had two options: either lay with her to be killed or transformed into a beast or be killed on the spot. As Gilgamesh refuses her, she threatens to release on him the Bull of Heaven, then threatens the other deities not supportive of her actions to open the gates of the Underworld, so the dead will outnumber the living.

  • Victoria from WHO dunnit (1995) is a Black Widow who treats everyone like dirt. Her father, who is secretly employed as her butler, enables her behavior by attempting to murder a man who threatened her.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Aria Blake and Salina de la Renta openly refer to themselves as "Spoiled Brats" when they tag. De la Renta moreso uses her connections to help Blake continue to live her spoiled lifestyle, as de la Renta apparently had a rough childhood that made her a spiteful adult. Whether she genuinely likes Blake or sees her as another tool to make people miserable varies by promotion.
  • Jim Cornette, a nerdier expy of Gary Hart below. Cornette's mother was actually a fairly popular saleswoman, so a lot of fans didn't so much see her as purposefully spoiling him as him doing nefarious things with her money behind her back. But when he could hire a bodyguard, she was still probably giving just a few more dollars than she should have.
  • Ted Dibiase and Ted Dibiase Jr apparently did not have the best relationship in junior's developmental years. Sr. attempted to make up for it by spoiling his son as an adult.
  • Playboy Gary Hart, who apparently had little trouble picking up ladies but relied on his mother's money for everything else he had. Money alone wasn't quite enough to get him into the wrestling business, but he kept trying...
  • Dominik Mysterio, after betraying his father Rey Mysterio and joining the Judgement Day. His complaints about Rey range from the somewhat sympathetic (Parental Neglect due to Rey focusing so much on his career during his children's childhoods) to the absolutely ridiculous (getting Dom a BMW instead of Mercedes for his first car, and one that wasn't even an M-Series at that).

  • In The Insect Play, the ichneumon larva doesn't like the several freshly killed crickets her Daddy brings her every day.

    Video Games 
  • Recurring NPC Flambeaux from City of Heroes is utterly self-centered and unconcerned about anything that doesn't directly affect her. She became a superhero solely for the attention and adulation she expected she'd receive. And when she didn't get as much as she thought was her due, she became a villain and started terrorizing journalists into publishing worshipful articles about her.
  • Disgaea:
    • Prince Laharl from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. He initially refuses to pay his vassals because "That's my allowance! Nobody's touching it!" Even after Etna goads him into paying, he opts to steal the funds instead. He eventually does shape up a little, mostly because Etna made it clear that she was perfectly willing to off him and take his place if he didn't.
    • Emizel from Disgaea 4. Both his profile on the official site and his early in-game class description flat-out call him a "spoiled little brat". This changes when he joins Valvatorez and Character Development kicks in, though.
  • Alexis's backstory in Evil Genius starts with her inheriting her father's massive fortune. She could have just taken that and lived a life of effort-free luxury, but she wants more, so she works her way into stardom, quadrupling the fortune in the process. But it's still not enough. The only thing big enough to satisfy her desire is to Take Over the World.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • The spoiled brat in the auction house in Final Fantasy VI is the number one reason you never get to have any model airships or talking chocobos (and you have to wait several minutes for the unskippable exchange to end so that something you can actually obtain might appear on the auction block).
    • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Doned and Mewt become this when confronted with the possibility of having to leave Ivalice. They probably have the two most justifiable excuses for wanting to stay: Mewt's mom is alive, his dad is in a position of power, and as prince, no one's allowed to bully him anymore, while Doned is perfectly healthy and no longer needs a wheelchair to get around. They both come to feel entitled to what they have in Ivalice and make Marche's life a nightmare trying to stop him from breaking the spell. Doned attempts to invoke this trope by claiming that Marche is the spoiled one for wanting to change the world back when he has friends and his health in either world. It falls flat when Marche reminds him that every major upheaval the family has been through was a response to or negative consequence of Doned's illness, and Doned monopolizes so much of their parents' time that Marche is functionally The Unfavorite and has to just shut up and deal with it because he's the older brother. Mewt is snapped out of it when Marche, Cid, and Babus finally convince him that forcing others to live in his delusions isn't healthy or ethical.
  • Retired Outlaw Michael's kids in Grand Theft Auto V became this as a result of their Nouveau Riche lifestyle and his Parental Neglect. His son Jimmy became a lazy, overweight Basement-Dweller while his daughter Tracey became a bulimic, ditzy Valley Girl who hosts pornographic webcam shows, and both of them have no qualms about swearing at their own parents while leeching off their money. They both receive a bit of Character Development and slowly start to improve themselves near the end, however.
  • Cindy from Kindergarten is an implied example. Her parents are never seen or spoken of, but she has the arrogant, demanding personality you'd expect from this trope, and her outfit from Kindergarten 2 is called the "Spoiled Pink Dress".
  • Dōjo from Onmyōji, most notably when she throws a fit at Seimei when he tells her he doesn't remember her because of his amnesia. She also frequently acts bratty towards her older brother Oguna.
  • Tales of the Abyss has this as a major flaw in Luke's character until he becomes The Atoner. It was so bad that all the other characters are surprised when they each first hear him say "Thank you."
  • Touhou Project:
    • Remilia Scarlet is considered the franchise's poster child for a spoiled brat. A 500+-year-old vampire with a perpetually 11-year old temperament and a Hyper-Competent Sidekick for a head maid. What Remilia wants, Remilia gets.
    • Tenshi is also something of a Spoiled Brat, with emphasis on the spoiled. She also has such a silver spoon on her tongue that she was bored to death prior to the events in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.
  • One patient in Trauma Center: New Blood is one who complains that his surgery for appendicitis at 30 grand is not expensive enough because one of his friends had gotten a 40 grand surgery recently. However, in retrospect, this Spoiled Brat is a godsend since one of the surgeons the player controls manages to talk him into making a 12 grand "donation" to pay for the surgery of an impoverished child with the same condition.
  • Musume Ronshaku from Yandere Simulator is spoiled rotten by her Loan Shark father, and she whines and pretends to cry until he buys her whatever she wants, using the money extorted from his clients. And Musume isn't the slightest bit grateful for it, either.

    Visual Novels 
  • In ClockUp's Euphoria, Rika isn't a kid but is treated such as one by everyone, using her cuteness as a way of getting everything she wants. Byakuya and Takato even drop the name of the trope in Rinne's route, and Byakuya proceeds to try to correct her behaviour.

    Web Animation 
  • ATTACK on MIKA: The series has several examples of these, with Tsuneo being a recurring example.
    • Chinami became the new spoiled child after her older sister Chikage failed a private elementary test, leading their parents to see the latter as a failure. However, the tables turn on her when Chikage brings Kosuke to the house, as he worked in a big company. After receiving a slap for calling them out, Chinami left the house for half a year and came back 7 months pregnant, in an effort to marry someone better than Chikage. Her parents disown her after that.
    • Yuki was spoiled rotten by her parents, treating her older sister Saki as her maid. However, it all comes crashing down when Saki calls the cops on their parents for locking her out in the veranda and Saki leaves her on her own. Following the couple's arrest, Yuki was sent to live with strict relatives.
    • Kasumi faked being ill just to be spoiled by her parents, getting her sister Masumi in trouble whenever she doesn't give her what she wants. Years later, she's still faking illness and upon finding out that Masumi was dating Ren, she wanted to steal him. When Ren comes to her family's house, he calls Kasumi out for being such a coward by acting like that.
  • Manga Rabbit HoméNoba: Akuo Kusunoki was spoiled by his parents, which turns him into a Jerkass who looks down on his brother, Yuuta. When he and his parents visits the inn where Yuuta works at, he looks down on the place and tries to steal Honoka from Yuuta. Unfortunately for him, the owner turns out to be the chairman of the company he works for and the inn is one of the properties he owns. Even after the reveal, Akuo still insists that he is an elite and tries to convince Honoka to break up with Yuuta. In the end, he ends up getting fired a few months later.
  • Manga Soprano:
    • Aki got herself in a huge debt for spending too much on nightclubs. She disappeared, leaving such debt to her sister Haru. After finding out she's dating Narita, Aki plans to steal him just to spite her. When Aki phones Haru to gloat about stealing Narita, it turns out the man she went to vacation with wasn't Narita, but Koda, an impoverished womanizer.
    • Sayuri became spoiled all her life since she was the first girl her parents had. Furthermore, she squanders money in frivolities and always begs her sister-in-law Ram to give her money. She then steals sells a card given to her niece Haru by her friend Alto. From then on, Ram isn't having any of her shenanigans and tells her off. When Sayuri gloats to Ram that she stole the latter's credit card to spite her, she reveals that it's Kairi's and he doesn't use it anymore.
  • MoniRobo: Mayuko became this after her father wins the lottery and becomes rich. She spends a lot on money on designer bags, and even tried to compete with Sana, who turned out to be richer than her despite being modest. She eventually spent so much money that her father cancelled her credit card and she was forced to work at a diner.
  • RWBY: Weiss Schnee acts as such before Character Development kicks in. A standout example is in "The Badge and the Burden", when she vocally complains about how she wasn't made leader of Team RWBY and tells Professor Port that Ozpin made a mistake making Ruby the leader. Port even sums her up as "a girl who spent her entire life getting exactly what she wanted", which Weiss admits isn't entirely wrong. Port goes on to point out that Weiss is basically throwing a temper tantrum over the fact that something she wanted went to someone else, which is not going to get Ozpin to reconsider his decision.
  • Sekai No Fushigi: Protagonist Mizuki Watarai muses this about the intern Adachi since she makes mistakes and plays up her cuteness to get out of trouble knowing she got hired because of being the relative of the head of another department from his company.

  • Ghost Theater:
    • Rahee at the beginning of the story. She begins learning empathy as she helps the ghosts with their problems.
    • Many of the students at Seoyeon High School are rich brats protected from the consequences of their actions by their influential parents.
  • Isheil (Breshen's daughter) in Juathuur. She drinks a small dose of poison because her father won't come to her birthday. And dies in agony.
  • In Sinfest, Percy accuses Pooch of spoiling his ball, unlike the tough love he gives his own ball of yarn.
  • Stand Still, Stay Silent: Emil was raised as one, but has hit a Riches to Rags patch by the time the story proper happens. In a dream showing how he lived in his younger years, he's shown refusing to have a given cake for his dinner dessert because he already had a piece of it for breakfast. The nanny serving his dinner promptly produces another cake.
  • Gavin Gothicus in Wizard School spends his time listing things his father owns or bought for him.

    Web Original 
  • The Amazing Atheist reads some tweets from kids/teenagers/adults who complain about what they got or what they didn't get for Christmas. He expresses extreme disgust for them.
  • Cobra Kai: Combine a Daddy's Girl with a Rich Bitch who gets her jollies out of picking on others and you get Yasmine.
  • This is Das Mervin from Das Sporking's interpretation of Renesmee from Twilight since pretty much everyone she meets dotes upon her and she's actually raised by a guy who's magically enslaved via Mind Rape to cater to her every whim and refuse nothing to her. Oh, and since she's mentally an adult, she understands what this situation means perfectly well, and yet does things like bite hard enough to draw blood when she's not fed quickly enough.

  • South Korean manhwa series "Stingy Family":
    • The rich rival of the main character Na Dol Rong being almost this.
    • The boy from a chapter of the volume 14. Wherever he didn't get anything he wanted from someone, he will write down the name of an staff that's related to and call his father (also the boss) to fire them.


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