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ATTACK on MIKAnote  is an original YouTube channel where manga is written out and read out loud by voice actors. It mostly stars Mika and Ichi but other characters can have their own stories.

The English version is here. The original Japanese version is here.

This series provides examples of:

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  • Abusive Offspring: To unrealistic levels. The way these kids cruelly treat their parents would have earned them a serious case of Corporal Punishment from even the most lenient parents.
    • Marin, a girl genius, abuses her father, Hiroshi, for being a middle-school dropout. He’s forced to be the breadwinner of the family and do all of the housework chores while Marin relishes in his misery. Hiroshi finds out from an old classmate that he’s Marin’s birth father, with Marin being the result of an affair he had with his wife. Once he arrives home, Marin continues to berate her “father” and demands that he move out, until he invites his old classmate and admits her true parentage. Marin finds her real father repulsing and begs Hiroshi to stay, but he’s not having any of it.
    • Aika, bullies her father Kazuo for no discernible reason. Knowing that Kazuo is not Aika's real father, it's probable that his wife, Miho, influenced Aika into it.
    • Komoru is a NEET who leeches off his mother Ayaka, going as far as stealing from her just to win a raffle, and even beating her when she complains.
    • Kokomi, along with her mother, Mamiko, treats her father, Tsukasa, like trash and says that he stinks.
  • Abusive Parents: Some stories feature parents abusing their children or playing favorites with them.
    • "I tried to help my sister, but I only had $1.15...": Osamu and Erika's parents were gambling addicts who abused the former and forced him to do the shopping for them and neglected to feed him whenever they lost a bet. However, Erika always defended him from their parents' abuse until they sold her to a gang to pay their debts.
    • "Parents go on a week-long vacation with only their favorite daughter...": The Uchida couple abused Saki and treated her like a housemaid, refusing to let her go to school while they spoil her sister Yuki. When Saki called them out for going on a vacation with only Yuki, they locked her up in the veranda right before leaving. And they’re all shocked to find Saki inside and berate her for not staying locked up on the veranda before she calls them out and reveals she called the police on them and spent the whole week collecting evidence of their abuse. And the parents continue to assert they did nothing wrong while getting arrested.
    • Masumi’s parents constantly showered her younger sister Kasumi, with affection and gave her whatever she wanted while punishing the former whenever the latter accused her of being mean to her. Once they meet Masumi’s fiancé Ren, they agree with Kasumi demanding he be her boyfriend, as if he was a mere toy to pass around. Once Ren exposed Kasumi for faking her illness, along with witnessing her Villainous Breakdown, they berate her for wasting away their money and demanded she either get a job or move out.
  • Academic Alpha Bitch:
    • Callaco was the top student in her class and bullied her classmate Koki for surpassing her. She took advantage of his baldness from chemotherapy for his leukemia to bully him even more. Later on in the student reunion, she comes back as a disheveled, overweight woman. When Callaco found out Koki became a successful medic, she tried to sweet-talk him into marriage, only to be rebuffed for her past bullying of him before verbally tearing the entire student body down for their apathy.
    • Erica appears to have top grades in high school and bullied Yuko with her goons for surpassing her; things escalated to the point she purposely tipped over a beaker in biology class, with some of the fluid falling into Yuko's left eye. Five years later, she applied for a job in Ryota's construction company, with Yuko as one of the interviewers. After being reminded of her prank, Ryo pulls out his hammer and proceeds to terrorize her with it. Then Yuko sues her for it, causing Erica's parents to kick her out of the house.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg:
  • All Take and No Give: Yusuke Kawata ends up in a relationship like this when he met "R", who after a month she badgered him into buying a present for her. Furthermore, she flips her lid at him taking her to a cheap Italian restaurant he booked for her birthday, and leaves him for a rich guy.
  • Alpha Bitch:
    • Kaneko is the most popular and rich girl in high school who bullied Ichi for being poor. Later on, she still acted like that even as the others changed and apologized for their actions. Ichi gives her a "Reason You Suck" Speech that tears her down completely in front of all of the former student body.
    • Habumi is the class' queen bee who bullied Suzuka for the shape of her body. The former decided to force the latter to attend a pool party in a swimsuit. To make matters worse, Habumi forcefully inscribed Suzuka in a swimsuit contest to embarrass her even further and make herself look prettier in comparison.
    • Uzami is the most popular girl in middle school who bullied the main character Kanako for being ugly. Even after middle school she still acted like one. She tried to flirt with the boys but they turned her down. Hiyori and Kanako gave her a lecture on inner beauty and how she hurt them.
    • Kusumi Kuju is the queen bee of the class, who bullied Touma Shinomori for being overweight, driving him to change schools and later lose weight to show her up. Years later, she gets invited to his wedding to actress Minami Umibe and reveals he is Sino, a member and the frontman of the fourth generation of The Chonies, her favorite band. Later on, he gives her a blistering speech about her past bullying and the other members of G4 join in on the speech. Kusumi broke and became admitted into a mental hospital after the whole ordeal.
    • Yabami was the class' queen bee who bullied Mika with her Girl Posse and forced her to attend a class trip to bully her even more and get close to Ichi.
  • Amusement Park: The episode Proposed to a blind ex-girlfriend as a penalty… Her response was even more shocking has Hajime set Ichi up for a reunion with old friends at an amusement park.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling:
    • Yuuki always clung to his older brother Hirokazu and refusing to leave him alone.
    • Haruko always gets in the way of her stepbrother Hatsuo's relationships. However, it turns out she was the little girl he met and fell in love with several years earlier and he didn't recognize her.
  • Arranged Marriage: Sayuki's father forces Sayuki into one with the CEO of one of his client companies, seemingly shooting down her hopes of marrying her adopted brother, Eiji. Much to her surprise and the man's dismay, the CEO she was going to marry turns out to be Eiji.
  • Auto Erotica: Junpei went to the garage and noticed his car shaking violently as he found out Saki was inside with a guy, clearly cheating on him.
  • Ax-Crazy: Himeka from the story Creepy sister.... She doesn't only kill Kotomi's dog Ron but it's revealed she was like this since childhood; often breaking or trying to get rid of things. In the end, her sociopathic behavior and her mom's refusal to get her help leads to a malnourished Himeka about to burn down the house.
  • The Baby Trap: In My ex-girl friend's father destroyed my house..., Kuzumi comes with her dad to Koji's house, claiming she's pregnant with his baby, despite not having seen him for nearly a year after she broke up with him. It is later revealed that she was impregnated by a male host she spent money on while dating Koji.
  • Bad Boss: Hajime's boss is a lazy bum who abuses his authority and kills time smoking. If it wasn't enough, his name is Mento Harasu.
  • Bad People Abuse Animals: In Creepy sister..., Himeka gets fed up with her older sister Kotomi's dog, Ron, after he eats her handkerchief. She decides to poison his water with weed killer to get rid of him.
  • Badass Biker: One episode has Namiko, a motorcycle gang leader save a blind girl from a drunk man trying to take advantage of her.
  • Barely-There Swimwear: In PTA President promotes autonomy in her children, and the children give her a gift..., Ms. Fukuda showed up at the beach wearing a scandalously skimpy bikini, despite being the mother of two elementary-aged daughters. However, Hanae and the presents are grossed out because it also reveals her wrinkles and stretch marks.
  • Beach Episode:
  • Beautiful All Along:
  • Beauty Contest: Habumi forces Suzuka into a swimsuit contest, in order to embarrass her and make her serve as a foil to her so she will have Shouya all to herself. However, when Suzuka takes off her towel, she turns out to be better-looking than Habumi.
  • Beg the Dog: Being a mostly cathartic series, some episodes end with the antagonist getting in trouble and begging their victims for mercy.
    • The Corrupt Corporate Executive who abused his adopted son Eiji, and later on kicked him and his own bedridden wife out of the house, only keeping his sister Sayuki. When he forces Sayuki in an Arranged Marriage with the CEO of one of his client companies, it turned out to be Eiji. When Eiji refuses to merge companies, the man begs him to reconsider, only to be rejected by both Eiji and Sayuki
    • Yuki begs to her older sister Saki after their parents are taken away by the police. However, the latter refuses and leaves for all the mistreatment she endured.
      Yuki: Wait! Please, help me! What am I supposed to do now? How do I live?
      Saki: Don't ask me… I mean it's your life, right? Live it the way you like…
      Yuki: Wait… You can't just leave me…
    • "I went home for the holidays, and my sister demanded I take my clothes off...": Morao is a CEO who merrily abused his wife Yuka and justified it as "educating her to be a good wife". However, when her sister Mika reveals she hired a detective and has evidences of his abuse, he is reduced to begging Yuka for forgiveness despite his earlier bragging and gloating.
    • "My parents who adore my sister tells me to leave the day before her wedding day...": Years after Aoi left the house and moved into her friend Hibiki's place because her parents mistreated her and refused to invite her to her sister Nina's wedding, the same parents who abused her show up at their place and plead to her for shelter because Nina's husband turned out to be a psychopath who made their lives (apparently except Nina's) hell. Understandably, Aoi has none of it and leaves the couple at the bastard's mercy.
    • After their grandmother leaves the house to Chikage, her younger sister, Chinami, begs her for help as she is 7 months pregnant and their parents disowned her for it. However, she refuses after all the abuse she endured and leaves her on her own.
    • Kuzumi begs Koji for help after the Yakuza group he married into enslave both her and her dad for causing damage to the Chairman's house.
    • Yugami dumps her husband Masashi after winning the lottery and takes her daughter Love with her, but when he told her the ticket expired and his knowing of her affair with his friend Takuya, they come back and Yugami begs him to let her back in. However, he refuses and sues her for damages.
    • Aika and Miho are reduced to begging Kazuo not to leave after he told the former she's actually the daughter of another man and divorced the latter after so many years of abuse he endured.
  • Best Her to Bed Her: In this story, Azusa declared she will marry whoever defeats her in judo. As expected, many guys try their best but she proved too strong for them, especially her unathletic friend Toma. However, he is spotted by a judo master and thanks to his training, he was able to defeat her.
  • Big Brother Attraction: Erika is attracted to her older brother Sho, who is an introvert.
  • Big Brother Bully: Katsuya bullies his younger sister Yumi for taking their father's side.
  • Big Eater: Mika ordered a lot of food for two people at an restaurant... before handing the menu to Ichi so he can order.
  • Big Fun:
    • Benta Gakuta, an old friend of Hiroshi's, is overweight and has a cheerful personality despite owing lots of debt, which are the reason he put on some weight and hide his bald head under a toupee.
    • Daisuke Kumada is a kind young man with a large physique, for which his coworkers call him "Kuma" (bear).
    • Teruo, one of Katsuya Shishida's new friends after swearing off delinquency, is a heavyset green-haired young man.
  • Big Jerk on Campus: Shikio Ikasugi was a flashy popular guy in high school and quite a heartthrob with girls, but he was also a jerk who put his hands on many girls and made them cry as well. He even bullies nerdy transfer student Aoi Kokonoya for looking nerdy until the latter reveals she's an attractive girl in disguise.
  • Big Little Sister: Hazuki is Takuya's younger sister, yet she is taller and more developed than him. One night, he finds out that the reason is that Hazuki is adopted; her real father is a classmate of his dad's who passed away moments after she was born and Takuya was one year old.
  • Big "NO!":
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing:
    • “Don’t dive into me♡” Bikini and a cute act...: Mina may seem like a nice and cute girl but it is in fact all an act to manipulate the boys. When the boys bungle saving her from drowning, she cusses the boys out, inadvertently revealing her true self. The boys stopped talking to her after that, with the exception of Abram, who actually liked being cussed out by her.
    • PTA board president Ms. Fukuda from PTA President promotes autonomy in her children, and the children give her a gift... seems like a nice, joyful, fun lady, but this is an act. She is actually a condescending authoritarian who can't tolerate the slightest bit of criticism. Furthermore, Fukuda singled Hanae out for being the only one who doesn't bow down to her.
    • A rare male example is found in Takapiro Saionji from On the day of the engagement, his true intentions are revealed.... When he and protagonist Hitomi Shiroki first met, he acted cordial and nice to her, warranting her to accept his offers for dates. However, when he met her childhood friend Yuji, he insulted the fact that he came from a poor family, with her calling him out. Things worsened when he came at her with a marriage application form and revealed his true colors when she turned it down, even driving Yuji away by barring him from work at Shingeki Corporation.
    • I went home for the holidays, and my sister demanded I take my clothes off...: Morao appears as a kind husband, but his act is exposed when a drunk Mika opened Yuka's shirt, exposing the bruises he (and his mother) left all over her body. When questioned by his in-laws, he justifies the abuse under the pretense of "educating" her and deriding her as "coming from an inferior family".
    • The queen bee of our class invited me to the pool in hopes of embarrassing me…: Habumi seems like a Nice Girl at first glance, but it's actually an act. She is the queen bee of the class and no one can say no to her, especially Suzuka, whom she forced to attend a swimsuit contest at a pool park in order to embarrass her and have Shouya all to herself.
    • '"Divorce me!" → "I've been waiting for you to ask!"': Supervisor Tatsuya Kunihara was a kind boss who was popular with female employees and was the one who introduced Aya and Reito to each other before they married. However, it turns out to be an act; Reito's coworker Suzuki-san revealed he was her boyfriend and cheated on her.
  • Biting the Handkerchief: Near the end of this episode, Ririna is shown doing this after Hideo was thrown into the air by a now-buff Taiga.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: This episode has Satoru claim that he has only three fingers on both of his hands however he is later shown to only have three fingers on his left hand while his right hand is normal.
  • Boyfriend Bluff: Invoked and gender-inverted with Naoki Nakamura when he came to his sister Emma's place. He wanted Emma to pretend to be his girlfriend to get his pestering coworker Aika Ichinose off his back. However, it fails and Aika breaks down crying, so he tells her the truth.
  • Bratty Teenage Daughter: Kazushige's daughter Haruka became rebellious when she entered middle school, refusing to talk with him about anything. This drives him to download a dating app to ask someone how a girl feels in order to communicate with his daughter.
  • The B Grade: Mika's parents always had high expectations of her grades and they got on her when she got an 85 on a test.
  • Bridezilla:
    • Herika becomes this right on her wedding day, when she finds out half of the guests didn't attend. This is because her mother Megumi's wedding was held at the same day, in a venue next to hers.
    • At Ririna's wedding, Ichi describes the concept of this trope applying it to Ririna. In her angry response, she briefly turns into a Notzilla, complete with breathing fire.
  • Bring My Brown Pants: Erica fell unconscious and wetted herself after Ryo stopped his hammer a few inches of her face.
  • The Bully: Uzaya bullies Asuka for having a shut-in brother, the rest of the class along with a teacher named Kuzunoki also take part in tormenting her. After Asuka's brother Sho exposed the misdeeds of Uzaya and the rest of Asuka's classmates to the school, they have their recommendations withdrawn and were allocated to a low-ranked university. Kuzunoki was also fired from his job for ignoring the bullying and he can never return as a teacher ever again.
  • Bullying the Disabled:
    • Ririna threatens Sakura for being the center of attention thanks to her prosthetic leg. A day later, she ambushes her in the school backyard and breaks the latter's prosthetic leg in twain.
    • Rui's family became cold and dismissive towards her after she got an artificial eye to replace the one she got extirped for tumor surgery. However, her younger sister Misa actively mocks her and calls her "ugly" for it, even going as far as stealing her boyfriend Kaname from her.
    • This story stars a blind girl being abused by her parents and older sister. This escalates to the point she leaves her home and almost gets taken advantage of by a drunk man had Namiko not shown up.
    • Miyura-kun bullies Yui Kashiwabara for being hard of hearing and orders the entire class to ignore her.
    • Kasumi abuses her older brother Satoshi for being born with a three-fingered hand. Things escalate when she takes a picture of him with notorious delinquent Rena Mikami and makes it look like the latter prostituted herself. This drives Satoshi to yell his heart out, with Rena exposing Kasumi's usage of the school computers to doctor the accursed picture.
    • Lilian and her mom bullied Hinata to tears for her prosthetic leg. The second time the duo shows up, they steal Hinata's wallet when her brother Toma tried to pick it up.
  • Business Trip Adultery:
    • Yuria seemed to go on business trips to provide for her son Riku. However, it turned out she went on these trips to cheat on Ichi. Later on, it's revealed she didn't even have a job and mooched off of him and her lover.
    • Ririna tells her fiancé Ichi that she is going on a company vacation to Thailand. However, Ichi sees the news that the plane that supposedly transported Ririna back to Japan had crashed into the Philippine Sea. When Ichi goes to contact Ririna, she tells him that her plane had landed in Japan. It's revealed that Ririna is actually having another vacation in the Indonesian island of Bali with her American lover after her vacation in Thailand was over.
  • Casanova Wannabe: Hatsuo Togari tries to hit on girls at his work and thinks he's handsome. He once caused a meeting with a company to end because he flirted with one of their female employees much to her discomfort. Togari then tried to flirt with Mika much to her discomfort, and even got mad at a janitor for blocking his view of her. However said janitor turned out to be the president of the company. Togari was fired from the company for sexual harassment.
  • Captain Ersatz: Shiori Choko is basically Shinobu Kocho as a high schooler.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: After kicking Saki down the stairs, her sister Gozumi terrorizes her for getting Iketa's attention.
  • Compensated Dating: In the original Japanese version of "A mean girl got jealous of the new girl with a prosthetic leg…" Hayate narrates at the end that Ririna engaged in this to pay Sakura the 1,500,000 yennote  in the JP version for the prosthetic leg she broke after being exposed to the entire classroom.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: In this chapter, Junpei takes his wife Saki to Shingeki Pass as punishment for cheating on him and to scare her into signing the divorce papers. It turns out the pass was a spot for street racers and Junpei was one in his youth. Furthermore, he proceeds to drift through the road until she signs. After Saki gets off the car to take a break, Junpei leaves her behind, forcing her to walk home.
  • Cool Aunt: Aunt Takako is the only relative Kotomi looks up to since was the one who gave her Ron the dog to ease her loneliness even after her younger sister Himeka was born. When Himeka poisoned Ron and plunged Kotomi into despair, she was the only one who stood up for the latter. In the end, she lets Kotomi live with her in Hokkaido with her pets.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Eiji's father is a CEO who abuses his sickly wife into doing the house chores, and hates his adopted son Eiji, favoring the boy's adoptive sister Sayuki for her good grades. One day, he decides to marry his secretary Masumi and kicks his sickly ex-wife (and Eiji) out of the house. It is revealed he had a history of forging documents and bribing people for his company.
  • Corrupt Politician: Hatsutaro Tonaro was embezzling money from the town. When this came to light, he tried to hold an apology press conference but was arrested for the crime.
  • Country Mouse: Keisuke Uemura is a college student who hails from a countryside town. However, he is bullied by his classmate Akiko for it until she's revealed to hail from the same countryside town as well.
  • Crappy Homemade Gift: Kasumi from "My ex-girlfriend dumped me because of my handmade ring then invited me to her wedding" perceived Daichi's homemade wedding ring as crappy because of that and dumps him for not being rich.
  • Crocodile Tears: Apart from feigning sickness, Kasumi recurs to fake tears whenever her older sister Masumi had something she wanted and refused to give it to her.
  • Delicate and Sickly:
  • Depending on the Writer: Mika and Ichi are often paired together, but as love interests or parent and child depending on the story.
  • Depraved Dwarf: Mr. Shimoda is a short teacher who looks after Iori and Akane's class, sexually harassing the former for being tall. After she coldly rebuffed his advances he accuses Akane of stealing the club money driving her to tears. Infuriated, Iori pretends to get back with him while live-streaming the whole conversation to the entire class. He tells her to take off her shirt, but she reveals this and the principal fired him. Shimoda lunged at Iori, only to be kicked in the groin by her.
  • Disappointed by the Motive: Shikio Ikesugi is astonished that the reason why Maki lied about her husband Atsushi Kubota being abusive was because he worked late and she was lonely.
  • Disguised in Drag: Mika's father dresses up and pretends to be her to lure Taizou out to teach him a lesson for causing Mika to get suspended from school.
  • Domestic Abuse: Yuka is a victim of this at the hands of her husband Morao and his mother. When her sister Mika and her family discovered the bruises under her shirt, Morao justifies it by saying they are just "educating" her to be a good wife.
  • Downer Ending: This channel has a few dark endings:
    • After cutting ties with her shopaholic mother and reuniting with her husband who had been working hard to make ends meet with his newborn child, Yuki moved into an apartment together with him. Unfortunately, the doorbell rings and Yuki answers it only to turn out to be her deranged mother with a knife and the story ends with Yuki's screams.
    • A guy reunites with his girlfriend Sakura after escaping from Mana, his stalker. Unfortunately for him, Sakura flashed a creepy grin, implying she is a Yandere as well...
  • Dr. Jerk: Dr. Kujoin was a mean doctor who looked down on Mika despite her childhood illness. He was forced to resign due to his attitude and rumors spread about his behaviour so he couldn't go to a different hospital. He became homeless, but Mika helped him in his hour of need which inspired him to change.
  • Drowning My Sorrows:
    • Koji ends up doing this for a while after his former girlfriend, Kuzumi, breaks up with him and admits that she only saw him as an ATM after he refused to lend her anymore money. Thankfully, he was able to stop this after meeting Kaname, who was able to help him get back on his feet.
    • Ichi ends up doing this, along with quitting his job and becoming a recluse, after his wife, Lilina, divorces him after it's discovered that she had been cheating on him with his best friend, Taizo.
  • Dub Name Change: In Mina's story, supporting character Aburaoka is renamed Abram in the English version.
  • Empathy Doll Shot: A variant. At the end of Creepy sister..., as a malnourished Himeka holds a lit lighter to burn down her mom's house, the viewer is briefly treated to a shot of the remains of a teddy bear and a pair of scissors on the floor.
  • Empty Eyes: As a kid, Kasumi smiled with solid black irises whenever she mocked her older sister Masumi for being the only one who saw through her fake illness. She displays these solid black eyes again years later when she declares her wish to take Masumi's boyfriend Ren as her own.
  • Entitled Bitch: All over the place. No matter how much a bully or an Abusive Parent puts their victim through the wringer, the former will always have the gall to demand favors. Unsurprisingly, The Dog Bites Back at their bullies.
  • Evil Uncle: Ichi's uncle refused to get a job and was always selling his mother's mementos for money and planned to force him to get a job after middle school. Ichi eventually moved into a dorm of a high school and left his uncle high and dry.
  • Eye Scream:
    • Rui suffered malignant melanoma and had her eye extirped and replaced by a glass one to keep appearances. Her sister Misa bullies her for it.
    • Yuko lost her left eye when Erica purposely tipped over a beaker on biology class. As a result, she spent her time holed up in her room until her childhood friend Ryota broke the door and came to her aid.
  • Eyes Always Shut: Mr. Sugawara, Airi's teacher, always has his eyes shut.
  • Face of a Thug:
    • Jin has a scary face, which is fitting for a former gang member. However, he is actually a kindhearted man and currently a stay-at-home dad.
    • Yuto is a delinquent boy of whom Saki steers clear. However, he turns out to be a kind soul when he hears her crying after being locked up on the veranda by her parents. He even calls for his buddies to unlock it and let Saki stay in his place for the week.
  • Failed a Spot Check: In this story, had Yugami checked the lottery ticket her daughter Love sent her in a photo, she wouldn't be up to her neck in debt by going in a shopping spree.
  • Fair-Weather Foe:
  • The Fake Cutie:
    • Ririna hides her Jerkass behavior under a cutesy facade. It helps that her pink hair has green tips.
    • Mina adopts a cutesy persona to manipulate boys. However, it falls apart when she swears at the boys after they fight over who gets to save her from drowning at a swimming competition.
    • Aika Ichinose adopted a "dependable big sister" persona to manipulate male employees. However, protagonist Naoki Nakamura is the only one who didn't fall for her tricks, causing her to pester him to keep him under her thumb. She seems to be a Manipulative Bitch at first... only to turn out she did this to help her sick little brother.
  • Fake Pregnancy: Aira claimed to be pregnant with Hideo's child and uses that fact to keep him as a boyfriend. When Hideo tried to break up with her, Ririna showed up and pointed out that she is drinking wine despite being pregnant and demanded that Aira take the pregnancy test. She decided to run from the restaurant instead.
  • False Rape Accusation:
    • My toxic parents kicked me out, so I decided to run away with my cute childhood friend shows an example where a third party does the accusation on behalf of an alleged victim. Akira's parents suddenly kick him out of the house, claiming that his sister Nagi told them how he pinned her down and touched her. In the end, it turns out they were lying. Nagi never said anything of the sort and Akira never did that; it was just an excuse to kick Akira out of the house.
    • My wife was cheating on me in my brand new expensive car...: Upon discovering his wife Saki was using his brand new Mercedes-Benz to cheat on him with a guy named Atsushi, he calls the police and lies about his wife being assaulted. When the cops arrive and he tells Saki the same lie, she goes along with it. Junpei reassures her, not before warning her about making a false accusation, which drives Saki to change her mind and admit she was cheating.
      Junpei: I heard your screams coming from the garage, so I called the police in a hurry. I'm sure it was some thief trying to steal our car.
      He must have been waiting for the right timing. What a sneaky asshole.
      Atsushi: No! Saki and I are—
      Saki: (Gasps) That's right! I was just checking on the car when all of a sudden that guy came and attacked me! I was so scared!
      Atsushi: What!?
      Saki: I don't know that guy!
      Junpei: I'm so relieved to hear that. Well, I'm gonna go down to the police station now and file a police report. I'll have to testify that he's a stranger to you.
      By the way, I heard that if you make a false declaration, you will be punished too, so be careful. Well, you shouldn't be worried about that because you'd never lie.
  • Fat Bastard:
  • Father, I Want to Marry My Brother:
  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: Near the end of Creepy sister..., Kotomi warns her mom that Himeka might burn the house down at some point if her sociopathic behavior escalates. Even Aunt Takako gives her sister the same warning before hanging up on her. Then the abusive hag sees Himeka holding a lighter, preparing to do just that.
  • Former Teen Rebel: Natsu-san is revealed to have been a delinquent in her younger years.
  • Formerly Fat:
    • When Ririna tries to put Tsukasa down one last time, the latter shows everyone a photo of the former in high school, where she was a chubby girl with small eyes. After getting rejected by Yuji for bullying Tsukasa, she went back to gorging herself on food, regaining all the weight she lost since high school.
    • Yuta and Tsuyoshi were chubby in elementary school and bullied for it, they gradually became slimmer when they entered middle school.
    • Makabe gained weight as a result of her parent's divorce. When she started going out with Takahashi, her childhood crush, she lost weight.
    • Taiga Ichinose was a fat high school student who asked Ririna out when Hideo told him "she had a thing for fat guys." However, when he finds out it was a set-up by Hideo as Ririna turns him down and mocks him for his weight, he was determined to lose weight to no avail until his classmate Anzu Momose recruits and trains him for the school sumo team.
  • Formerly Fit:
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Sometimes Mika will make remarks throughout or at the end of a story even though she doesn't appear on-screen given that she is the titular character.
  • From the Mouths of Babes:
    • Mana and Kana, Ms. Fukuda's elementary-aged twin daughters, give her something that looks... peculiar. The reason was that the girls overheard her saying she liked it "huge and thick", even saying what they heard when she and their dad were in the same room.
    • Maya took her jump rope to play pretend with her dad Naoto. She tells him that her mom likes to be tied up by a stranger, to which Naoto learns of Akemi's cheating.
    • Loveta presents to the class a vibrator his mother has been using. Needles to say, Konomi is mortified and tries to prevent him from to saying too much to prevent further humiliation.

  • The Gambling Addict: Yuta is an unemployed gambling addict who spends his free time at a pachinko store. When Kasuhiko, a delinquent and high school bully of his, steals and uses up all of the extra baskets Yuta bought to maximize his chances of winning, he uses the amount he won until then on the slots, where he meets Mr. Matsuhira.
  • Gambling Ruins Lives: Yuta and Kasuhiko are both ex-classmates and gambling addicts who act as Foils to one another; Yuta is a kindhearted, unlucky gambler who eventually decides to overcome his addiction and make something of himself, while Kasuhiko is both The Bully and a Lazy Bum who intends to sustain himself entirely on gambling, even stealing Yuta's pachinko balls at one point. Years later, at a class reunion, Yuta has become a successful and respected businessman as a result of his hard work, while Kasuhiko is in large amounts of debt as a result of his gambling habit, and Hated by All of his former classmates as a result of him being a lazy, begging loser. Kasuhiko actually has the gall to beg Yuta, who he constantly bullied and robbed, for money, to which Yuta responds by asking offering him a job at his company, which Kasuhiko refuses. Yuta proceeds to verbally shred Kasuhiko a new one for being a shiftless jerk who refuses to put in the work to make something of himself.
  • Gender-Blender Name:
  • Gentle Giant: Goriyama Tekken, Saki-kun's art teacher, is a buff man whose shirt's buttons threaten to shoot out because of his physique.
  • Get Out!: Megumi's future husband and the other guests tell Herika to get out after recriminating her for being such an ungrateful brat towards her mother.
  • Getting the Boot: Konomi gets literally kicked out of Ichi and Mika's yakiniku restaurant after she kept pestering the former to get back with her.
    Konomi: (screams) This place should go bankrupt already!!
  • Goblin Face:
    • Ririna, Aira, and Konomi contort their faces in ugly expressions every time they're pissed off or scared.
    • Yabami displays a nasty one when Ichi calls her out on her bullying of Mika.
  • Gold Digger: Has it's own page here.
  • Gonky Femme:
    • Mami has a manly-looking face and a chubby body, made more jarring with her flashy clothes when Okamoto meets her again.
    • Recurring character Momoko also has a manly-looking face, but she has her hair arranged in odango and is a Nice Girl.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Ririna became very jealous of the new girl with a prosthetic leg since she was very popular with the students. She ambushed her and broke it.
  • Groin Attack: In Short perverted teacher goes up to a tall female student and tries to harass her..., Mr. Shimoda lunged at Iori for exposing his depravity to the whole class, but she stopped him with a knee to the crotch.
  • Gyaru Girl: Stories featuring gyaru girls as major characters have them hang around introverted guys for whatever reason, and usually end up in both becoming a couple or at least friends.
  • Harmful to Minors: This chapter has a hospitalized Ichi show his father and Hajime's mother Hinako a photo he took of his mother Aoi and her "friend" making love. Turns out the "friend" is Hinako's husband.
  • Hate Sink: Anyone who was the Jerkass in the series. Yoko Wada, Ririna, Tsuneo, and Hideo REALLY stand out as being this.
  • Hates Their Parent:
    • Herika hates her mother, Megumi, for having to work as a hostess. Her sister Chiyo, on the other hand, loves her despite of that and understands the circumstances that led her to work there in the first place.
    • Aika, like her mother Miho, hates her father Kazuo for no reason in particular, It's implied that Miho influenced her since Aika is actually not Kazuo's daughter.
  • Henpecked Husband:
    • Kazuo is mistreated by his wife Miho and his daughter Aika. The abuse escalates to the point he divorces Miho and tells Aika that she is the daughter of another man.
    • Hiroshi Suzuki is abused by his daughter Marin and his wife Kozue for being a middle-school dropout. When he finds out that Marin is actually the daughter of his old friend Benta Gakuta, Hiroshi invites him into the house to teach both his daughter and his wife a lesson.
    • Ko is abused by his wife Saki and his daughter Rui. When even Rui tells him to go die, he goes to live in his car for a month. In that timeframe, Rui phoned him over a guy her mom brought to the house who actually has a body odor problem. Rui apologizes to him and tells him that the reason she hated him was because of her mother Saki's lies.
    • Naoto is an interesting example. His wife Akemi doesn't interact much with him, but uses their daughter Maya as a proxy to physically abuse him every time he's home. However, Maya genuinely loves her father despite that.
    • Yumi's dad is mistreated by his wife and his older son Katsuya. This drives him to go unemployed and take Yumi with him before divorcing his wife.
    • Masashi is treated coldly by his wife and stepdaughter, Yugami and Love. They decide to leave him when they appear to win a lottery. Unfortunately for Yugami and Love, Masashi figures out that the lottery ticket they stole from him already expired and proceeds with the divorce, causing them to beg him to take them back to the house.
  • Hidden Buxom: Yuki Ogura, the resident shy girl from the episode I found out that my favorite model was actually my introverted classmate?! always maintained a slouching posture to hide her large breasts and the fact she is famous bikini model Yuki-chan.
  • Hiding Behind Your Bangs: Ai Sonozaki is a shy girl who sports a messy fringe cut that covers her eyes. However, during her stay with Taketora Ryugu after her parents and sister left her behind at the airport, she loses it after getting a makeover from his beautician friend.
  • Hikikomori:
    • Komoru is a textbook example of one. He is a lazy slacker who mooches off his mother Ayaka, demanding her to give him allowance everyday. He goes as far as stealing from her to spend it on a game raffle.
    • Naoto Kato is a more sympathetic example. He was outgoing in his younger years, but he became a shut-in, until his father remarried and his two stepsisters Asumi and Kasumi have him kicked out of the house for it, against both his father's and stepmother's wishes. Asumi and Kasumi did out of partly concern, thinking he needed to get out the rut he was in and give him the push he needed to focus on his studies.
  • Hoist by Her Own Petard:
    • Gozumi runs off when Iketa catches her squeezing Saki's broken leg and shows her the CCTV recordings of her abuse. However, as Gozumi threatened to ruin them both, she slipped down the stairs and broke her legs.
    • This story had Ririna, president of the class, cover for Ms. Momoko after she was hospitalized. As Ririna took over to impose her rules on the students, she forced them to wear shirts with "attractiveness scores", with hers and Hideo's in the high numbers. After Ichi got "lowered" from 50 to 1 for defending Mika, both teamed up with the other students in the school festival to rewrite the play to teach Ririna a lesson, namely by sewing markers on the back of the costumes and putting a minus in her 100.
  • House Husband: Jin used to be a scary gang member until he met Kaede, a businesswoman. He married her and became a stay-at-home dad. He even makes lunches for his daughter Koharu.
  • Host Club:
    • Megumi had to work as a hostess to provide for her twin daughters Chiyo and Herika. The former understands why she works there and loves her anyway, while the latter hates her for not giving her the life she wanted.
    • Shinko worked at a high-end hostess bar in Ginza. However, her toxic quips about Kota's girlfriend getting plastic surgery drove him away until Naomi, the bar's owner, shows up and fires Shinko for her behavior.
    • Asuka is offered a job at a host club by a random young man who tells him he has the capabilities to be a hist. Asuka takes it, and he soon gets into the top spot. However, his joy comes to a halt when his latest client turned out to be Mizuki.
  • Huge Schoolgirl:
    • Iori is the tallest girl in her class.
    • Eri Kaito is a very tall girl which gets her labeled a "giant" by the school bullies.
  • Hulking Out: Ayu bulks up with anger after Atsushi hanged up on her when she called him for sending an illustration for her wedding.
  • Humiliation Conga: Has its own page.
  • Hypocrite:
    • When a nerd accuses another student of cheating on a final exam.
    • Ms. Fukuda talks big about parents teaching autonomy to their children… by making them do things like helping with a barbecue or picking up trash. Hanae even lampshades this when Fukuda orders her daughters Mana and Kana to pick up ingredients for the beach barbecue.
  • I Ate WHAT?!: When Hideo brought an order of shirako to Buteko's table, Hinako's husband tells her it was panther pufferfish shirako, which is poisonous. Buteko froths at the mouth from the poisoning until Hideo tells the man that he just found it on the counter; it turns out it was Japanese pufferfish, which was rather safe.
  • I Have No Son!:
    • Akira is disowned by his parents. According to them, his younger sister Nagi told them he assaulted her. However, it turns out Nagi never said that nor Akira did such a thing; her parents actually lied and she actually admires Akira in spite of him being an otaku.
    • After leaving for half a year, Chinami comes back 7 months pregnant in a failed attempt to marry someone of even higher status than Kosuke. She gets disowned for it and is left on her own by Chikage after their grandmother leaves the house to the latter.
    • Sibling variant: Saki declares to Yuki that they're no longer sisters after their parents got arrested. It becomes more cathartic since Yuki is the one to first declare Saki as not her sister but a maid.
      Saki: OK, good riddance, we are no longer sisters or family or whatever...
  • I'm Standing Right Here: At a sushi restaurant, Hoshimi shamelessly admits to being a gold digger. When Takashi reminded her of his presence, she backpedals and attempts to pass it off as a joke, but he doesn't fall for it and leaves.
    Shingo: Don't tell me you're still choosing your partners based on their money.
    Hoshimi: Of course I am! Money means everything in this world! I don't care who my boyfriend is as long as he has money!
    (Hoshimi gasps after realizing Takashi heard her)
    Takashi: What did you just say?!
    Hoshimi: (laughs nervously) I-I was kidding! It was a joke! I love everything about you, Takashi!
    Who cares about money?
  • Insufferable Genius: Tsuneo is a rich classmate and a stellar student, but he is arrogant and always brags about his intelligence. He looks down on Mika constantly who is poor, and must work hard to support her family.
  • Intentional Heartbreaker: This episode features a variant where the person does it to avenge his girlfriend. Kaname leaves his girlfriend Rui (who is blind in one eye) for her sister Misa. However, it was actually a ruse by Kaname to punish the latter for bullying the former, as his break up drove her into a self-induced car accident that left her paraplegic and completely blind.
  • Interrupted Suicide:
    • Dollero stops a girl named Sachi from killing herself after noticing she was tying a rope into a tree while he tried to figure out how to keep his company afloat.
    • After his mother and sister both stated they wanted him gone, Satoshi decides to throw himself off the rooftop. However, his three-fingered hand foiled his plan and he fell back to the rooftop, where he met with notorious delinquent Rena Mikami.
    • Hazuki stands in the way of a speeding truck after running away when Takuya told her she wasn't family and awaited for her demise until he finds her and pushes her out of the way. He apologizes for the things he said afterward.
  • Ironic Echo:
    • When Naoto tells his wife Akemi that he'll have to report her for manipulating their unsuspecting daughter Maya into assaulting him, she derides such abuse as "a little girl's prank". When she threatens him with the same when Naoto has her and her lover beaten by Maya, he retorts her previous answer back to her.
    • This story starts with Mina rejecting Koharu's help when she lost her writing utensils, deriding it as pointless. At the end of the story after Mina accidentally revealed her true self to the boys she manipulated after nearly drowning at the swimming competition, she asks Koharu for letting her copy her homework, only for the latter to remind the former that she said her help was pointless.
  • Jabba Table Manners: Ririna demonstrates these by wolfing down an avocado bowl.
  • Japanese Delinquents: Unlike most examples, they can be very helpful. For example this video, they helped out a blind girl who ran away from her parents.
    • Rena Mikami interrupted the suicide of Satoshi Nohara, helped by the fact that he couldn't climb the fencing because of his three-fingered hand. They became friends, much to Kasumi's disgust.
    • Taketora Ryugu is a gang leader who took protagonist Ai Sonozaki in after her family left her alone at the airport to squander her savings. After the vacation ended, he accompanies Ai back to the airport to hold them accountable for their negligence.
  • Japanese Ranguage: Aira and Ririna are sometimes called Aila and Lilina depending on the episode.
  • Karmic Injury:
    • Misa mocked Rui for using an artificial eye after her tumor surgery, even going as far as stealing her boyfriend Kaname. Three years later, Misa had a self-damage car accident and lost her whole eyesight and the use of her legs, essentially rendering her disabled like Rui.
    • Gozumi shoved her sister Saki down the stairs because Iketa asked the former out. After Iketa finds out about it, he defends Saki and points out that the CCTV recorded her abuse, Gozumi runs off gloating before slipping and falling down the stairs herself, breaking her own leg as well. And unlike Saki, no one came to help her through it.
  • Karmic Transformation:
    • Tenko justifies her bullying of Yuta by saying that she hates ugly things and it was her right as an attractive person. After her short stature (Due to refusing to drink milk) derails her dreams of becoming a model and rumors of her bullying Yuta spread throughout her school, she ends up gaining a lot of weight through stress eating. Becoming the "fat midget" she despised.
    • Lilina used to make fun of her sister Mika for being overweight, which was enabled by her parents. While Mika worked hard to lose weight, Lilina still made fun of her despite seemingly gaining a bit of weight herself. After Mika introduced her fiance, showed off her weight loss, and disowned her family, Lilina started binge eating and drinking, becoming fatter than Mika ever was.
  • Lady Looks Like a Dude:
  • Laser-Guided Karma: In most of the stories, the antagonist is bound to receive karma for their actions.

  • Mafia Princess: In this story, Kaname is the granddaughter of the Chairman of the Shingeki Organization.
  • Maniac Tongue: Himeka sports one as she gloats to Aunt Takako about throwing her starving sister Kotomi out of the house if she gets sick. This is after the former killed the latter's dog just to spite her.
  • Matchmaker Failure: This story features an inversion. In her middle school days, Kana Takagi tried to hook up her best friend with her crush from a different school. Unfortunately, when Kana approached the guy to set them up for a date, the guy fell in love with her and not the friend, resulting in their friendship breaking up.
  • Messy Hair: At the school reunion party, Callaco's hair became a mess on top of losing her attractive looks and gaining a lot of weight.
  • Miles Gloriosus: Komoru brags to his mother about how he beat his judo master at the first attempt and his alleged friendships with gang members. However, Mr. Fujisawa shows up to Ayaka's house and reveals that Komoru was actually a wimp, crying when girls younger than him beat him at judo. Even his alleged connections to gang members turned out to be a bluff.
  • Mistaken for Pedophile: Ms. Midorihara ends up in the receiving end of this when her then-elementary-aged student Hiroki Takenaka put his face under her skirt and refused to let go of her. As a result, she got fired and since then Hiroki became wracked with guilt for ruining his favorite teacher's life.
  • Motherly Side Plait: Misako wears her hair this way, and cares for her kids Airi and Miu. She even stands up to her cheating husband Kazuhiko for refusing to let her take the kids outside to eat, because the restaurant she booked was in the same building he took a woman named Yumi to his affair.
  • Mrs. Robinson: In A weird middle-aged woman had the hots for me..., Mami Okamoto made sexual remarks towards convenience store worker Ichi despite him just starting college and her being married.
  • Mugging the Monster:
    • This chapter has an example where the "monster" actually wants to help. Hideo demands an unsuspecting Jin to take him to the hospital for "tripping" him. When Jin turns to help him, Hideo sees the latter's scary face and changes his mind, running like hell.
    • When R got a job in an advertising company, she is surprised to see her ex-boyfriend Yusuke Kawata, bullying him as usual until the other executives reveal she's a temp worker. To make matters worse for her, Kawata turns out to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, effectively terminating her contract with the advertisement agency and forcing her to work at a tiny company.
    • After the vacation ended, Maria and her parents planned to half-heartedly apologize to Ai and make her pay for everything they buy again. When they stumbled upon her and her husband Taketora, Maria sweet-talks him only to be told off and her mother realizes he's a gang leader. Taketora then has his men tell Maria what he really thinks of her, and forces her and her parents to give Ai her bag and money back.
    • When Shingo went to a restaurant with one of his latest clients, Hoshimi insults him and the client because she believes the former is still poor. However, her new boyfriend Takashi takes a look and tells her said client was the Chairman of the Shingeki Group.
  • Negative Continuity: Some of the stories featuring the series' main characters such as Mika, Ichi, Hideo, and/or Ririna are self-contained as they repeat different scenarios.
  • Never Win the Lottery: Yugami appears to win the lottery and decides to divorce her husband Masashi. However, the lottery ticket turns out to be worthless because it already expired before it was stolen by her daughter from Masashi's desk as he bought the ticket a few years ago.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Himeko makes the pose associated with it, yet laughing is not heard in the dub.
  • Not Actually His Child: Hiroshi had his doubts about whether Marin was really his child due to her appearance and intellect. However, when he reunites with his old friend Gakuta who shows him a picture of his own daughter, he finds out it was Marin, confirming his suspicions.
  • Not Blood Siblings:
    • Rin starts to put the moves on her brother Daiki when she finds out they're not blood-related. In the end, they get together after Daiki finds out that his online game partner, "Strawberry Girl", is actually a boy.
    • Before Eiji and his mom got kicked out of their house by his father, the man tells Eiji that he is adopted and therefore not related to Sayuki by blood. However, their sickly mother tells Sayuki the story of Eiji's past: Eiji was the son of an older brother of hers, who died in a car accident when he was a baby. She repeatedly pleaded with her husband not to hate him, but he refused.
    • Yuukioverheard his parents talking about him not being related to his brother Hirokazu by blood. This results in his clingy and mimicking behaviors earlier on as Yuuki wanted Hirokazu to see him as a real brother in spite of it.
  • Not So Above It All: Ayako Kisaragi is a strict company boss in public, but she turns out to be a fan and writer of BL manga whenever no one's watching.
  • Obnoxious In-Laws: Megumi's in-laws in My in-laws thought I was stupid until they found out the truth about me... bully her for being a middle school dropout yet marrying their son Ryoji.
  • Obsessive Love Letter: In this chapter, Iketa speaks with Saki about someone sending him several love letters to his locker. When Saki gets shoved down the stairs by her sister Gozumi, it's revealed the latter was the one stalking Iketa.
  • Offended by an Inferior's Success: Mote combines this trope with Entitled to Have You, Evil Cannot Comprehend Good, and Casanova Wannabe; he's a tall, athletic and shallow high schooler who openly admits to only caring about a girl's looks. When he sees that Makabe, a Formerly Fat girl who used to get picked on, is now pretty, he tries to steal her from Hiroki, her boyfriend. Mote's "argument" for why he would make a better boyfriend is that Hiroki is short and unpopular, which means a pretty girl like Makabe is too good for him, while a handsome and popular guy like himself would be much more suitable. Makabe gives Mote a tongue-lashing for thinking that she would break up with a nice guy like Hiroki, who liked her before she was pretty, for a guy who literally admitted that he was only interested in her now that she was hot.
  • Oh, Crap!: Kasumi has this reaction after realizing she blew up at Ren in front of her parents.
  • Otaku:
    • Akira is a sympathetic example of one. His parents ignore him in favor of his sister, Nagi, and they even refer to him as "scum" for being an otaku.
    • Abram, a minor character, is a stereotypical depiction, on top of making pig noises and turning out to be a masochist after the antagonist Mina cusses out the boys who fought over who gets to save her from drowning.
    • Atsushi Tadano is an otaku who works from home as an illustrator. Despite being bullied for it, his parents supported his interests. However, his younger sister, Ayu, criticized them for it since she was an extrovert who hated introverts like him, even to the point of refusing to invite Atsushi to her wedding.
  • Parental Abandonment: Yuki was abandoned by her father in the mountains. Fortunately, Takashi took her to live with her grandparents. Years later, while Yuki was helping Takashi with the store, her father returned to demand some money. He tried to punch her, but Takashi intercepted him and Hajime and Hideo were able to restrain him. The cops were called and he was arrested and put in jail.
  • The Pigpen:
    • One month after Ko decided to live in his car after his wife, Saki, and daughter, Rui, kicked him out, Rui calls him about a guy her mom brought to the house. Unlike Ko, the guy has a genuine BO problem. Turns out the smelly guy was only after the money of Saki's father, but the couple are left on their own after the man disowns her.
    • Lilina is revealed to be this when Mika reminded the former about how her family was so poor, she sprayed perfume all over her body to hide the smell of mold and when she got in trouble for it, she bawled like a baby.
  • Playing Sick: A variant. Kasumi did suffer a respiratory ailment earlier on, but after her operation, she faked it to get attention and pit them against her older sister Masumi. Years later, Kasumi is still faking her ailment and found Masumi dating a guy named Ren, whom she sets her sights on. When the couple comes to the sisters' parents' house, Ren calls Kasumi out for faking her sickness, even showing her parents a photo of himself at the slots, and Kasumi is shown smoking. She then rants at Ren unknowingly exposing her own facade to her parents.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Teruo thought that Katsuya avoided him because the latter thought of him as a loser, so he abandons the group. However, it's revealed near the end that Katsuya acted like that because it was Teruo's birthday and he tried his best to plan everything.
  • Prone to Tears: After Kasumi accidentally exposes her true colors to her parents, Masumi remarks that she tends to cry a lot, a product of being spoiled all her life till adulthood.
  • Punny Name: Mento Harasu is an obvious one if you go by the Japanese naming pattern, which reads as "harassment".
  • Put on a Prison Bus: Saki and Yuki's parents are taken away by the police after Saki explains to them the abuse they put her through, including being locked out in the veranda for talking back to them.
  • Rage Breaking Point:
  • Raised by Grandparents: My ex-girl friend's father destroyed my house... "We're not together anymore... and...": Kaname was raised by her grandfather, the Chairman of the Shingeki Organization, and his colleagues after she lost her parents when she was young.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • The poor kid in middle school became successful... He got his revenge at a class reunion: Ichi gives Kaneko one at the school reunion when she attempted to sweet-talk him into marriage just to gain status as the wife of a successful man:
      Ichi: (turns to Kaneko) But look at you… I bet you just wanted the status of the wife of a successful man, right? Who would want to be with a woman that only thinks about money?
      There's not a chance that I would go out with anyone like you! You're just way too shallow. Stay away from me for the rest of my life!
    • I saw my former classmates at a class reunion, and...: Koki gives one to Callaco for her behavior around him when he became a successful medic.
      Koki: Stop kidding yourself, I've never liked you in the past… and I never will in the future. You suck up to people who are better than you and look down on the people who aren't… There's nothing to love in a person like that. I've always hated people like you! I didn't call you ugly just based on your physical appearance! I'm saying you're ugly on the inside for having no problem hurting other people!
      (turns to the entire student body)
      You guys are the same!! Just like her, you guys have the ugliest hearts I've ever seen!! It makes me sick!
      (turns back to Callaco)
      And besides, I already have a wonderful wife. So there's no room for a person with an ugly personality like you.
      (leaves for the door)
      I've said what I wanted to say, so bye. Maybe you guys should continue living your miserable lives that way, it's not my problem anymore!
    • I was left behind by my family, but a handsome gang leader saved me?! After Maria insisted on calling her older sister Ai ugly to the latter's fiancé Taketora Ryuugu, he then has his men tell her who's the uglier one.
      Maria: H-Hmph! What's wrong with calling her ugly if that's what she is? I'm just telling the truth!
      Taketora: Oh? Then do you want to get opinions on who people think is uglier? Hey, guys? Let me know what you guys think.
      Gangster #1: Yes, Boss!
      I think the older sister is prettier!
      Gangster #2: I prefer the older sister's simpler look~
      Gangster #3: The younger sister's pretty on the outside, but she's rotten on the inside~
      Gangster #4: I mean, they do say your personality will show up on the outside one day.
      Gangster #5: I'm in love with the older sister!
      Taketora: Hey! Who confessed their feelings for my fiancee just now?!
  • Reassigned to Antarctica: When Sakamoto's company merged with Shingeki Printing Company where Suda and Kamamura work, Suda was reassigned to India, due to being a Bad Boss to his employees and giving a bad interview to Sakamoto.
  • Relationship Sabotage: "After my sister stole my fiance, some Yakuza that liked me gave me a chance for revenge": On Momoka's wedding day, she finds out her younger sister Meika stole her fiancé Shikio Ikesugi and to this effect, the lovebirds ran off with the gift money. Moreover, Momoka's reputation took a hit after the incident. Moreover, she quit the company and was about to be assaulted by shady men until meeting the man she helped earlier on, who turned out to be a Yakuza.
  • The Remake: The episode "I yelled my honest feelings at my toxic family from the roof of the school..." is a remake of the episode "My sister wanted me gone just because I was born different…so I went up to the rooftop…."
  • Removing the Crucial Teammate: When she becomes sick from overworking, Mika's parents and Lilina decide to kick her out of the house while she's recovering at the hospital, viewing her as useless. However, without her, the house becomes a mess and without her cooking Lilina's meals or using her salary to pay her medical fees, she becomes fat and lazy. Her parents beg her to come home, but she cuts ties with them completely.
  • Rich Bitch:
    • "Rich mom mocks biking a baby to school… Later, the housewife shows her true power" has Ririna depicted as one, bickering with Mika over which of cars or bikes is faster.
    • "After refusing to date the CEO's daughter, I got transferred..." stars Lilina as an intern employee and daughter of the CEO with a crush on employee Ichi. She even followed him on his business trip to put the moves on him, but when he turned her down, she had her father transfer him to work the middle of nowhere.
    • Noriko Choshi is the CEO's daughter and bullies the new worker Mika for being a high school dropout by making the latter cover for her mistakes. When Noriko finds out that she keeps working for the sake of her depressed mother, she fires Mika behind her back just to make her suffer.
    • Konomi Kanemochi dumps Ichi for taking her to a cheap all-you-can-eat yakiniku restaurant for her birthday. She even admits to dating him for being okay-looking.
    • Himeko Daifugo looked down on Toki Hiiro because she thought he was poor. When Toki was revealed to be the son of a CEO, she tried to get with him, but he rejected her in favor of Masaki.
  • Riches to Rags: In this story, Takashi's father's company went bankrupt after his old man got conned out of his money by his friend. This led to his girlfriend, Sumomo, leaving him. However, Takashi worked hard to finish his education and help his father's company back up.
  • Right Behind Me: After Yumi demonstrated her farm clothing brand for the school festival, Akiko started to tear her down for it, even badmouthing the countryside until her parents show up and overheard her.
  • Running Gag: Mother only takes the pretty twin with her and comes back years later to swap girls... has Natsumi, hers and Fuyuka's father, and Natsumi's boyfriend mentioning having gone to India for self-discovery. Fuyuka herself lampshades it the third time.
  • Sadist Teacher:
    • Mr. Hideo harasses Ichi because he couldn't keep up with his curriculum and uses his 'most worthless player' system against him. When this came to light at a PTA meeting, he was fired.
    • Yoko Wada has a stamp point system where she awards well-behaving students and punished the badly behaved ones. However, she misuses it to torment students that she doesn't like and forces them to do extra chores. She humiliated Mika when she gives Ichi her eraser but he broke it and he apologizes by making her apologize in front of the whole class. She continued to do it under duress, even though Ichi took responsibility.
    • Tsunezo bullied Ichi because of his poor grades. When Ichi's mom was hospitalized, he forced Ichi to quit school. Years later, at a reunion, he continued to berate Ichi until Mika poured beer on him. Mika exposed Tsunezo's deeds and he was fired.
    • Mr. Eritto punched Ichi just because he was late for school, which caused Ichi to get injured after hitting the ground and he was forced to go to the hospital. While Ichi is recovering at the hospital, Mr. Eritto visits him and threatens to make his school life a living hell if he ever tells anyone how he got injured. However, a man named Mr. Hououin (whose pregnant daughter was the reason why Ichi was late in the first place) decided to interrogate Ichi about the incident and thanked him for saving his daughter after her water broke. A few days later, he found Mr. Eritto and had his men take him away. The school found out about Mr. Eritto's actions and fired him.
  • Secret Diary: Kazuhiko had one where he wrote complaints about his wife Misako and his affair with a woman named Yumi. Misako herself discovers it when her older daughter Airi mistook it for one of her schoolbooks and took it with her to school.
  • Secret Test of Character: I was helping a pregnant lady at the station and was late to my audition, but... Hinako is heading to an audition to join the theater company of her idol, Kyoko Fuji. She ends up late because she stopped to help a pregnant woman, only for the pregnant woman to be revealed to be Kyoko all along. Turns out the whole thing was part of the final audition to find people that the company would want to work with, and Hinako passes with flying colors. Ririna, on the other hand, fails because she didn't bother to help Kyoko and rudely told her to go away.
  • Self-Parody: One video features Ichi as a food blogger whose blog is known as "Attack on Ichi".
  • Shoddy Knockoff Product:
    • An annoying classmate at my class reunion told me off...: When Ichi examined Ririna's "brand clothes" while she was flirting with him, he revealed they, along with her "crocodile leather" purse, were all fake. Turns out Ichi worked as an appraiser for a store for the real deal.
    • The watch I gave to my husband shot up in price... then he divorced me...: A wristwatch that resembled Takeshi's shot up in price, over which he divorces his wife Satomi and leaves her alone with her daughter. When Ms. Nagai showed up, Satomi notes she wears a jewel-embedded version of said wristwatch. Nagai then tells her that there were many fakes made of it, which makes Satomi realizes that Takeshi's watch was actually one of said fakes.
  • Shout-Out: For starters, the channel's title is one to Attack on Titan. It also contains references to Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba in the form of characters Shiori Chokonote  and Mr. Tomitanote  and to Sailor Moon in the form of Momokonote .
  • Shrinking Violet:
    • Tsukasa is a shy girl who compares herself to her supermodel sister Shiori. This makes her target for her kouhai Ririna's teasing, going as far as inviting Tsukasa to a party to make herself look prettier by comparison and score with Yuji.
    • Suzuka became shy and reluctant to go swim in PE class since some boys told her how ugly she looked in her swimsuit. This also makes her a target for Habumi, who forces her to attend a pool park on top of inscribing her in a swimsuit contest against her will just to embarrass her and make herself look prettier in comparison.
    • Kana Takagi is rich, but seems to be a shy, plain girl until Rikan shoves her into the pool later on, revealing she is actually a pretty girl.
    • Yuri is a flashy college student in Mami's group who was once a nerdy bookworm in her high school years. Being made fun of by her classmates led her to learn about makeup, relationships, and fashion, on top of lying about herself to fit in and avoid getting bullied again. However, she is still a nerdy bookworm under that facade and Mami eventually finds out the truth. She accosted her for it, only for resident introvert Takuma Kasai to show up and reveal that Mami was a black-haired, freckle-faced girl in her high-school years.
    • Emi Nibino is a shy, plain girl who wears her hair in a fringe cut. Ririna takes advantage of an upcoming school beauty pageant and forces her to compete under the threat of telling Shota Saeki about Emi's crush on him.
    • Mika is depicted as a shy girl in this story. She suffers routine bullying by her classmate Yabami and two other girls.
    • Yuki Ogura is a shy introverted girl whose hair covered her eyes and held a slouching posture. She secretly works as a bikini model to provide for her ailing mother.
    • Nagisa always wore Opaque Nerd Glasses and a face mask to hide her face. She defended Tomoya from Taizou's mockery.
  • Sigil Spam: In some chapters, the manji symbol (卍) is featured, mostly as a brand. Especially when Hideo is around for the chapter since it's the symbol associated with him.
  • Silly Walk: Konomi walks with her legs crossed in an exaggerated fashion whenever she turns, in spite of her looking like an Ojou.
  • Sins of the Father: Keika and her mother had been ostracized by Ren's father after Keika's father killed his wife in a DUI. The abuse got so bad that Keika's mom was Driven to Suicide. He soon realizes the error of his ways by the end though.
  • Slasher Smile: In My elementary teacher went missing over summer break. 10 years later…, Ms. Midorihara flashed one at Hiroki in a reunion party as part of acting like a creep to make Hiroki feel better over the incident at Shingeki Elementary.
  • Smug Snake: I went home for the holidays, and my sister demanded I take my clothes off...: Morao gloats to his in-laws that they will never be able to sue him for beating his wife Yuka. However, his bravado falls apart when Mika tells him that she hired a detective to get concrete proof of his abuse.
  • The Social Darwinist: Eiji's dad shows this attitude through his treatment of his wife and children: he marries his secretary and kicks his sickly bedridden wife and Eiji out of the house; the former for falling ill, the latter for his bad grades and being adopted. The mother revealed that he didn't actually build the company but inherited it from his own father; he's actually a slacker who can't do things by himself.
  • Sore Loser: Habumi tried to embarrass Suzuka by forcing her to participate in a swimsuit contest held at a pool park. However, her plans are foiled when Suzuka's surprising good looks led her to yell at the boys for wanting to see Suzuka and not her. As a result, her own friends abandon her, and gets kicked out of the park for assaulting one of them.
  • Spoiled Brat: The series has several examples of these, with Tsuneo being a recurring example in earlier stories.
    • Chinami became the new spoiled child after her older sister Chikage failed a private elementary test, leading their parents to see the latter as a failure. However, the tables turn on her when Chikage brings Kosuke to the house, as he worked in a big company. After receiving a slap for calling them out, Chinami left the house for half a year and came back 7 months pregnant, in an effort to marry someone better than Chikage. Her parents disown her after that.
    • Yuki was spoiled rotten by her parents, treating her older sister Saki as her maid, at one point even calling her as such and not as her sister. However, it all comes crashing down when Saki calls the cops on their parents for locking her out in the veranda and Saki leaves her on her own. Following the couple's arrest, Yuki was sent to live with strict relatives.
    • Kasumi was already spoiled from the get-go, but since she had an operation for a respiratory ailment, she kept faking illness just to be spoiled by her parents, getting her sister Masumi in trouble whenever she doesn't give her what she wants. Years later, she's still faking illness and upon finding out that Masumi was dating Ren, she wanted to steal him. When Ren comes to her family's house, he calls Kasumi out for being such a coward by acting like that.
  • Staircase Tumble: The episode Twin sister kicks her down the stairs... But it doesn't stop there... has Gozumi kick her twin sister Saki down a flight of stairs for getting Iketa's attention. When Iketa still visits and comforts Saki, Gozumi threatens her with doing this again. Once she gets caught, Gozumi herself falls down the stairs while running off and gloats about how she will ruin them.
  • Stalker with a Crush:
    • Kaori has been crushing on Ichi since college despite him having a girlfriend, she always leaves work early to stalk him and his girlfriend Mika under the delusion that she is his girlfriend. She even goes as far as to accuse him of cheating.
    • Gozumi spends her time stalking Iketa, sending him a bunch of love letters every day and even watching him in his sleep. However, when he asks her sister Saki out instead, Gozumi kicks her down the stairs and then abuses her while she recovers.
  • Tampering with Food and Drink: Tokiya attempts to get back at his bully Taiki by adding some buckwheat flour into his lunch to get back at him for stealing his food, he eventually falls unconscious due to his allergy to buckwheat flour.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Chikage's younger sister Chinami comes back 7 months pregnant after her parents turned on her because of Kosuke. She left the house to marry someone better than Chikage but found out her mark was already married.
  • Terrible Artist: Kirariis bad at drawing, unlike her older sister, Saki-kun. However, their parents favor the former while putting down the latter until art teacher Goriyama Tekken reviews her crappy paintings.
  • Those Two Guys: Hyodo and Ichijyo, who appear whenever there's someone arguing.
  • Threat Backfire: Buteko Fute attempts to get her husband to fire Hinako's husband from the Izakaya, however, he points out that her husband was already fired for having an affair with one of the part-timers behind her back.
  • Threw My Bike on the Roof: Natsumi, the leader of a group of delinquent gyaru girls, breaks Takumi's handheld console when she's fed up with his discussions about being a professional gamer.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Dollero was a Bad Boss to his employees to the point that some of them quit, but when he saw a teenage girl named Sachi who plays the trumpet trying to end her life, he stops her and developed a bond with her. Sachi's friendship and teamwork with other band members during a concert inspire him to be a better boss to his employees.
  • Traitor Shot: Aira makes a traitorous expression after becoming Hideo's girlfriend.
  • Trash of the Titans: Saki's house became this after her husband, Ko, divorced her and took their daughter, Rui, with them, leaving Saki alone with her smelly new boyfriend after her own father disowned her years ago.
  • Traumatic Haircut: Fed up with Tsukasa stealing Yuji's attention from her, Ririna follows her to the bathroom and forcibly cuts off her hair after dumping a bucket of water on her.

  • The Un-Favourite: Has it's own page here.
  • Universal-Adaptor Cast: Each story that features Mika, Ichi, Hajime, Ririna, Tsuneo, and/or Hideo is self-contained and has them in different roles, relationships, and settings.
  • Upper-Class Twit: Morao from "I went home for the holidays, and my sister demanded I take my clothes off..." is a rich man who not only abused his wife Yuka and justified it as "education," but he also deemed her to be from an "inferior family" because she was from the countryside.
  • Vandalism Backfire:
    • "These drawings are trash" My parents suppressed my hobby...: Saki's abusive parents tear all of the paintings in the room, starting with her canvas. When they rip the paintings pinned on the wall, she reveals they belonged to their favorite daughter, Kirari. This scares them into stopping and resorting to damage control when she arrives.
    • Mean girl forces me to go to a matchmaking party, but...: Ririna takes what she thinks is Hinako's phone and uploads an alleged picture of her in a dominatrix costume to humiliate her. Much to her dismay, it was Hideo's phone, and the dominatrix in the picture was actually Ririna.
    • My ex-girl friend's father destroyed my house... "We're not together anymore... and...": A pregnant Kuzumi comes with her dad to Koji's house after he married a woman named Kaname. The man breaks the doorknob to force Koji to come out and brags about being part of a Yakuza group called the Shingeki Organization, but Koji reveals that the house belongs to the Chairman of the Shingeki Organization. The man loses his bravado when the gang members show up.
    • Cheating wife steals her husband's watch and goes on an affair trip...: Kuzumi steals a wristwatch from her husband Sota and runs away with her lover Kuzuo after being caught cheating. Allegedly, it wasn't Sota's watch, but a Yakuza's. However, he reveals the watch did belong to him, he just lied to make Kuzumi pay.
  • Villainous Breakdown: In My sick and coddled sister said she wanted my boyfriend..., when Kasumi couldn't stand the pressure of Ren investigating her and seeing through her lies, she flips her lid and gives Ren a long-winded rant. Logically, she ends up blowing her own cover.
    Kasumi: Shut up already, you talk too much! Taking advantage of me… A pretty girl like me is asking you to go out with me! Just be quiet and be mine! I'm more attractive than her! You really are an idiot if you don't realize that!
  • Villains Want Mercy:
    • Eiji's and Sayuki's father begs Eiji to reconsider his refusal to inherit his company by marrying Sayuki.
    • Kasumi begs for help as Todo-san dragged her off the ceremony to force her to explain what happened after he heard her begging Daichi to take her back.
  • Wedding Smashers:
    • Ichi finds out that his sister, Ririna, lied about him being dead to everyone during her wedding. This prompts him to crash the wedding to debunk her lies and expose his family for neglecting him in favor of Ririna.
    • Atsushi does an indirect version of this via an illustration he sent for his sister, Ayu's, wedding. Since she lied about being an only child to make herself look respectable, the groom started to question her.
  • World's Strongest Man: Katsuya Shishida was the top-cat of Shingeki High School since he never lost a fight in his delinquent days. However, he decided to turn a new leaf and become a proper student.
  • Work Off the Debt:
    • Mami was forced to work at the bar when she found out that she had no money to pay for her and the group's drinks.
    • Konomi defaulted on paying the debt collectors after kicking her husband Yutaka out of the house and ended up working various jobs, including construction work, to pay off the debt.
    • Hatsuo kept deferring to his dad when he was asked to pay at Mika's father's restaurant. When his father was arrested for embezzlement, Mika's father charged him $10,000 total and he was forced to work at the restaurant to pay off the debt.
    • Gurune and her lover are forced to wash dishes at the hotel's restaurant to pay off their debt when she is unable to pay the $4000 hotel bill after her husband, Hayate, cancels the credit card.
  • Would Hit a Girl: When Erika stood up to Yabao's bullying of Sho, he threatened to break a beer bottle on her head until Sho stopped him.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Yabao threatened a small Ichi when the latter stumbled upon the former with his corn dog and staining his jacket. However, Sho tries to defend the boy, only for Yabao to pour beer on him.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Natsu Kanzaki is described as one by her fiance Daisuke Kumada.
  • Yandere:
    • Gozumi stalks Iketa to the point of sending him love letters by the droves on his locker, and it's implied she watches him on his sleep. She reacts with vitriol when the boys she stalks ask someone else (especially her sister Saki) out instead. Hence she doesn't like when Saki tries to look cuter.
    • Yuma rejected Fumika because she was ugly. Years later, Fumika grew into a beautiful woman. She asked Yuma's coworkers out to find out about him then dumped them once she was done with them. Fumika and Yuma began dating but he soon found out that Fumika was a Yandere. He soon quit his job and moved. He met a new girlfriend, but it is implied that the new girlfriend is Fumika in disguise...
  • Yaoi Fangirl: Ayako Kisaragi, Soji Shinzo's beautiful but strict boss, is revealed to be one when Soji finds a doujinshi of Hajime and Ichi she dropped.
  • You Are Fat: Touma Shinomori is the target of bullying for being overweight, especially from queen bee Kusumi Kuju. He changed schools, only to suffer flashbacks to those days when someone called him "fatty" in his new school. This motivated Shinomori to lose weight and show up his bullies.