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"There is a very fine line between loving life and being greedy for it."

The only person I care about is me! My wants and needs matter more than yours and everyone else! I want everything to myself and I won't share it with others! This is one of the reasons why Humans Are Bastards, but whatever. Here is MY index dealing with selfish and greedy characters.

Compare with Ego Tropes, Entitled to This Index, Obsession Tropes, Prideful Tropes, and The Jerk Index, five of my defining traits. Money Tropes are high on my list of favorite priorities. Contrast with those sharing twinks at Selflessness Tropes.

These are my Tropes which you can't have!:

The hell are you standing there for? These are all mine! I'm not letting you see these!

Alternative Title(s): Selfish Evil