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Giles: Remind me — why should I help you?
Spike: Because. You're the goody-good guys. You're the freaking cavalry.

Heroes have to deal with a lot of obstacles on their quest, or even everyday life. Not just from the Big Bad, but also fellow citizens. One of the most annoying is the Ungrateful Bastard, who won't thank the heroes over being rescued, or worse, complains! Of course, there are worse bad habits out there. Chief among them is acting like an Entitled Bastard.


The Entitled Bastard comes in two flavors:


Regardless, both types share defining traits: The Entitled Bastards usually think it's all about them; they don't feel at all sheepish about asking the people whose lives they've made hell for help, and they see no reason to thank them for it afterwards. What happens to them depends on just how annoying or harmful they've been, and how nice or naughty the heroes are. If they've just been bad-mouthing a generally Good Samaritan of a hero, they'll be saved no matter what. If the hero has a sense of humor, they might leave them in a safe place... hanging by their underpants. On the other hand, outright murderous villains will likely die with a look of bewilderment as the Anti-Hero refuses to help and leaves them to their fate... or even speeds their death along.

Compare the Spoiled Brat and Narcissist, who often displays entitled behavior themselves, as well as Entitled to Have You, when a character feels they automatically deserve sex or a relationship from another character. Usually a source of Dude, Where's My Respect?, and often a case of Villain Ball. The vast majority of villains in general show this quality to some degree given that their way in life is getting whatever they fancy without caring about whether or not they have any rightful claim over it, and it's also one of the defining traits of The Sociopath.


Not to be confused with literally entitled bastard, who holds a seat in the peerage of a kingdom despite the circumstances of their birth.

If the hero actually does decide to save the jerk willingly, see Save the Jerk.


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    Films — Animation 
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2: Chester V, despite mockingly calling his assistant Barb the Orangutan a "monkey" throughout the film and firing her when she shows hesitation at carrying out the order to kill Flint's friends, has the nerve to beg her for help when he's cornered by the heroes and the Foodimals, all the while still calling her "monkey". This is what causes Barb to fully turn on him and cement her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Kuzco in The Emperor's New Groove is this in spades at the beginning. After being turned into a llama, he demands that Pacha escort him back to the palace while still openly intending to raze Pacha's village to build his summer home. He gets better...unless you count The Emperor's New School as canon, since Kuzco suffers Aesop Amnesia there and returns to his egotistical ways.
  • The Duke of Weselton in Frozen. From the very beginning, he makes it clear that he intends to take advantage of Arendelle's riches, and when Elsa's powers are exposed, he brands her a monster and tries to have her killed. In spite of all that, when all is resolved, he still demands an audience with Elsa... only to be shocked when Elsa not only refuses to meet with him but permanently severs all business ties between Arendelle and Weselton.
  • The Incredibles: Young Buddy Pine believed that being able to invent jet-boots and claiming to know Mr. Incredible's moves, fighting style and catchphrases automatically entitled him to become Mr. Incredible's ward. Even when he recalls the hurt he felt at Mr. Incredible rebuking him for his foolish decision to interrupt the confrontation between Mr. Incredible and Bomb Voyage, the audience sees the flashback is actually a Self-Serving Memory; Bomb Voyage is completely missing in Syndrome's version.
  • Toy Story 3: Even though Lotso had enslaved other toys and put them through Cold-Blooded Torture, he pleads for some of them to rescue him from being shredded at the dump, which was his own fault to begin with. Woody and Buzz do grant him his wish, but he betrays them and their friends by leaving them all to be incinerated. They then realize that saving Lotso was a bad idea.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Aquaman (2018): David Kane demands Arthur to rescue his father from drowning, completely ignoring that his father had performed a Backstab Backfire on Arthur after the latter tried to spare him. Arthur shuts him up for this, saying that they deserve no mercy after they massacred a bunch of innocent Russian sailors.
  • The Banana Splits: Mitch had been unfaithful to Beth by cheating on her with his co-workers and neglecting her two sons. He later begs for Beth to take him back because he still loves her, genuinely expecting Beth to return the favor. She then decks him and claims she wants a divorce.
  • Batman Begins: Inverted when Ra's Al Ghul is trapped on a train bound to crash, but rather than expect to be saved he taunts Batman on whether he's learned the necessity of killing for the greater good. Since his mercy earlier at the monastery allowed Ra's to torment him, he was implying that Batman's lack of desire to kill is self-invalidating and even in that case (where Ra believes he is on the right and Bruce is on the wrong) he won't be able to stop him because his thinking is inherently flawed. Batman notes (pretty much shirking the issue and glossing over that he set up with Gordon's help the train to crash):
    Batman: I won't kill you, but I don't have to save you.
  • Batman Forever: During a meeting with Bruce Wayne, Edward Nygma revealed his invention, "the Box", which manipulates brainwaves to beam television signals directly into a person's brain. Bruce is initially willing to look into the technical schematics and set up a meeting through his assistant, but Nygma refuses to wait and demands a direct answer from Bruce himself, insisting he deserves it; he's subsequently crushed when Bruce turns the idea down and devotes the rest of his life to humiliating and killing him, becoming the Riddler.
    Nygma: You were supposed to understand. I'll make you understand!
  • Descendants 3: Audrey is revealed to be this, though in all fairness, it’s not all her fault. Being the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, she was constantly encouraged to win over Prince Ben, who was the heir to the supreme throne of Auradon, and become his Queen, by her well-intentioned by entitled family. They raised Audrey from a young age to believe that she was the best candidate for Queen, and no one else deserved the title more than her, coming from an elite royal family on both sides, and the daughter of a famous Princess Classic. This, Audrey grew up believing that she was destined to marry Ben and become Queen of Auradon. When she fails to achieve such, her grandmother breathes her in public for not being able to hold onto Ben, saying that she has shamed her family by failing to become Queen. Egged on by her grandmother’s harsh words and a lifetime of expectations wasted, Audrey snaps and steals the throne of Auradon for herself, plotting to overthrow Ben.
  • Exam: White genuinely believes that he is better than everyone and should be the one to get the job. Dark mentions that this is one of the symptoms of his Narcissistic Personality Disorder.
  • Hardcore Henry: Estelle. After having worked with Akan to royally screw Henry over, she has the gall to be shocked Henry would kill Akan. When she gets thrown out of the helicopter door, she begs Henry — who, again, she personally helped manipulate — to "listen to your heart". Henry's heart tells him to slam the helicopter door on her fingers and send her plummeting to her death.
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Even though Umbridge sadistically tortured Harry and many other students by making them carve words into their own skin (in Harry's case, "I must not tell lies"), took over Hogwarts, and forced students to follow increasingly inane rules, she is genuinely shocked when Harry refuses to save her from a herd of centaurs that she pissed off. Harry even gets to use an Ironic Echo for her which he didn't use in the book ("Sorry, Professor, I must not tell lies").
    • Harry gets to use it again in Deathly Hallows ("You're lying, Dolores, and one must not tell lies").
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park: Gives us Peter Ludlow, a fairly stock Corrupt Corporate Executive who views all the dinosaurs on Isla Sorna as his company's personal property and disregards the wishes of his uncle John Hammond to go after them.
  • Spaceballs: Princess Vespa starts out this way, but gets over it pretty quickly (she kinda lost the attitude along with the matching luggage).
  • Spider-Man Trilogy:
    • The wrestling arena manager from the first film spitefully scams Peter out of his $3,000, yet once he himself gets robbed, he is genuinely surprised that Peter never helped him out.
    • As a whole, Harry Osborn is basically a rich kid, spoiled by his parents, and neglected by his father and he still expects stuff to come his way because of his upbringing and Dad's name. He expects Peter to be an Extreme Doormat, MJ to regard him as the best thing that happened to her, and the fact that his father was a terrorist is a minor detail compared to his issues with him. Even before that, Peter and MJ reflect on Harry's utter ignorance about life for poor people and his subtle classism:
      MJ: I think he'd hate the idea of my waiting tables. He'd think it was low or something.
      Peter: It's not low. You have a job. You know, Harry doesn't live on a little place I like to call Earth.
  • Titanic (1997): The fiancé actually uses a small child (just grabs her off the deck, and given that the boat tipped over and dumps most of its passengers, chances are good that said girl got dumped too) to get a seat on a lifeboat, seeming like a Karma Houdini, but then we learn he kills himself because of the 1929 Wall Street crash.
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Obstructive Bureaucrat Galloway, after repeatedly insulting Lennox, Epps, his troops and the Autobots (even calling the dead Optimus Prime a pile of junk), expected that Lennox would help him get to safety when there was a problem (actually rigged by the heroes to go help Sam) with the airplane. Of course, Lennox does us all a favor and shoves Galloway off the plane with only his parachute.

  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The other reindeer who verbally abused and socially isolated Rudolph for his entire life expect him to use his glowing nose as a foglight for them. He does it, the poor sap, and everyone acts like the resulting fame makes up for how poorly treated he was.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Prince Nana, a Rich Bastard Evil Prince who didn't have to work for anything of necessity, eventually got tired of spending time in Ring of Honor and left. Given he had all but retired from the ring in favor of leading a Power Stable, his Embassy, whose sole two purposes seemed to be ruining the days of wrestler not a member and acting as a vehicle for Nana to flaunt his wealth, no one who wasn't an Embassy member was sad to see Nana go. But Nana came crawling back, disrupting shows with pleas to be rehired after he was cut off from Ghana's tax revenue. He was dragged off by security each time, so when he regained his wealth by way of a stimulus package technically not meant for him, he took revenge by hiring people to attack wrestlers who retained their ROH jobs by virtue of not quitting them.
  • Andrea's reasoning for joining C4 and ambushing Shine Wrestling's top baby faces was that the promotion did not reward her for her loyalty. Given she was hired specifically by SoCal Val to wreak havoc, you'd think she'd be thankful to have any employment from Shine, much less a continual spot after Val was disposed of. Incidentally, she does get banished from Shine, but only after four-fifths of Las Sicarias beat her down at the conclusion of a loser loses a member match C4 foolishly agreed to. After that, she does show some gratitude to one staff member she had habitually harassed, for about fifteen seconds.


    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • As a Rich Bitch, Weiss Schnee acts as such early on. Best shown in "The Badge and the Burden," where she vocally complains about how she wasn't made leader of Team RWBY and tells Professor Port that Ozpin made a mistake making Ruby the leader. Port even sums her up as "a girl who spent her entire life getting exactly what she wanted", which Weiss admits isn't entirely wrong.
    • Everything Cinder Fall does is built on entitlement; she pursues the powers of the Maidens relentlessly, and openly states that she's the only one worthy of them. Volume 8 reveals this is a product of a horrifically abusive childhood, and she feels she's entitled to power and justified in taking whatever she wants because of her past suffering. Dr. Watts tears this apart, telling Cinder straight to her face that the world doesn't owe her a thing and if she wants power, she needs to actually earn it.
    • As revealed in Volume 7, a significant portion of Dr. Watts' motives are because he felt General Ironwood took his genius for granted and denied him the respect and credit he felt was rightfully owed to him, despite the fact that he was a privileged elite Atlesian scientist who basically had everything he could have ever wanted. The final straw was when Pietro Polendina's project was chosen over his own; Watts, out of jealousy and spite, joined up with Salem and devoted himself to getting revenge on Ironwood by any means necessary.
      Watts: You never appreciated my genius, James. You just stood atop it and called yourself a giant!
      Ironwood: I gave you everything you could have wanted!
      Watts: You chose that fat imbecile over ME!!
  • RWBY Chibi: In "Happy BirthdayWeen", Ruby acts like everything should go her way and everyone should do what she wants because it's her birthday, up to and including forcing Team JNPR to give her their Halloween candy as a present and stealing an entire bowl of candy left out by Dr. Oobleck. By the end of the skit, the rest of Team RWBY has gotten sick of it; when Ruby tries to convince them to buy a Halloween costume for her, they dress her up as a trash can complete with a sign saying "TRASH".
  • In the Team Service Announcement Metal and Dispensers, the RED Soldier causes a ton of trouble for his team's Engineer by wasting the ammo crate during the setup period. Later he dashes to him demanding a dispenser... but the Engineer doesn't feel all that obliged.

    Web Comics 
  • In 8-Bit Theater Thief goes on a rant about this to a random villager who wants a new shovel handle about how he can't be bothered to do the most trivial tasks because they might interfere with his "schedule of vigorous masturbation" while expecting them to interrupt their work of saving the world to help him out. Except that the guy wasn't asking them to do it for him, and is rather confused at having his shopping interrupted.
  • Girl Genius: Duke Strinbeck on the Pink Airship. While the ship is under attack, he still demands the captain obey his orders — at gunpoint — rather than evade the assault. Then a most satisfying order comes to throw useless objects overboard...
  • Paracule from Tower of God. Plots to overthrow you and cries for your help the next day.

    Web Original 
  • The bread and butter of most customers in Not Always Right. They deserve absurd discounts and assorted goodies when employees make inconsequential errors, get disgruntled from all the verbal abuse, or can't do what they asked because said action is literally impossible. They're the owner's friend/relative/whatever who can have you fired with a single phone call, or the Queen of England, or totally a real lawyer who will totally sue you, or whatever obvious lie they think will intimidate you into giving them what they want. Some of them don't even bother making up crazy lies and simply declare that "the customer is always right", and they are a customer, therefore they are entitled to get exactly what they want no matter how impossible it is, and any worker (or anyone they think is a worker) that fails to comply must therefore be either incompetent, lying because they're lazy and trying to avoid doing any work, or both.
  • Likewise, the Reddit Subreddits like r/Entitled Parents and r/Choosing Beggars are full of these.

    Web Videos 
  • In Noob, Bartémulius and Nostariat, the recurring Insufferable Genius Quest Giver pair. Their dialogue when they run into the protagonists can be summed up as: "You're a bunch of ignorant lowlife idiots. You'd better not be asking for our help. But since you're here, would you mind killing that monster that's after us / being our escort / running an errand or two?" To top it off, they can also be found under Ungrateful Bastard.

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