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“You [Goh] want a dream, well I have one! I have a dream that I run away from this place and go to a world where there's no such thing as Pokémon, where my dad isn't a researcher and I’m never asked by EVERYONE to follow his job or that I know how to battle. A world that you and I were always best friends and Mew never ever came to take you away. And a world where Ash Ketchum never existed in the first place. If I had that chance to stay in that world for as long as I live, I’d take it because I never want to see any of you ever again!”
Chloe Cerise, a few scenes before she gets her wish.

Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail is an Infinity Train and Pokémon Crossover Fanfic by Green Phantom Queen.

Taking place before episode 29 of Pokémon Journeys and prior to Book 3 of Infinity Train, it tells of Chloe Cerise, an insecure young girl who is the daughter of Professor Cerise. She is is very unsure of her future because everyone at her school thinks that she'll easily follow in her father's footsteps but she honestly doesn't even know if she even likes Pokémon. And after a bad day at school and an even worse afternoon at her father's research lab that leaves her feeling like no one actually cares for her or the fact that she doesn't want a life involving Pokémon, Chloe decides to run away from home. However, before she can form a concrete plan on how to exactly do that and before she can go back to the lab to at least take Yamper on her, she's picked up by a mysterious train and wakes up with the number '151' tattooed on her right hand in something that does not look like the interior of a train.


Thanks to a helpful introduction video made by a spherical robot with two personalities, she learns that she's now in one of many pocket dimensions on the train she boarded and that she can go home once her number drops to zero. However, Chloe sees this as the best thing that could have happened to her. Why would she want to leave the train if all that is waiting for her back in Vermilion City is an ignorant father who cares more about his research than her, her Pokémon obsessed Childhood Friend Goh, Ash "Black Hole" Ketchum who steals everyone's attention, and her classmates who act like her future has already been decided? With the desire to reinvent herself, a goal to never return home and partners in Atticus (King of the Corginians, and Uniter of the Cardigans and the Pembrokes) and Lexi (a book capable of separating his pages into a humanoid form) serving as her guides, the three set forth on a journey to explore what the train has in store for them.


All while Chloe is completely unaware of just how concerned her friends and family really are when the only thing they can find is her discarded scrunchie in an alleyway...

While the story is still ongoing, and Chloe hasn't received a lot of focus in the anime, the author puts a lot of attention to detail that shows just what makes Chloe a reasonable candidate for the train and expands on her characterization as well as the relationships between her friends and family.

This work contains examples of:

  • Accomplice by Inaction:
    • Chloe's homeroom teacher, Miss April, puts Sara down a peg before stating her disappointment on the rest of Chloe's classmates for not doing anything to stop Sara's bullying and instead made it all the easier for Chloe to run away from home.
    • Renji admits that he knew about Chloe's problems but did nothing under the assumption that it would sort itself out. Professor Cerise is not happy that Renji just made it easy for Chloe to run away from home.
    • As Goh pointed out, Ash always kept asking Chloe to join them, but never goes beyond that. Ash could've gone to Chloe personally any time he wished to get to know her better.
  • Accusation Fic: You can tell the author has a lot of hate for several characters for their treatment of Chloe.
    • The first chapter has Chloe reach a Rage Breaking Point and chew out Ash, Goh, and Professor Cerise for being so absorbed into their work and Pokémon that no one actually cares about her.note 
    • In Chapter 5, Goh calls out all of Chloe's classmates for being more focused on Chloe battling Ash and liking Pokémon and not the fact that she's been gone for a week without anyone know where she went. The classmate who gets the brunt of this is Yeardley, whom the author specifically notes as making her believe Chloe is the victim of Double Standard in the show.
  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade:
    • The biggest problem Chloe had faced in the anime when the fic started was that her classmates were pushing her to get a job involving Pokémon. This fic explores all her insecurities and uncertainties about her relationships (especially with Goh) and future goals). The author also isn't afraid to get her hurt during her journey, such as her getting burnt when trying to stop an argument.
    • Chloe's disappearance leads to several characters guiltily reexamining their actions, from her father sadly realizing that he had been neglecting his daughter to Goh's shameful accepting that his Mew obsession was a major factor in his friendship with Chloe deteriorating.
  • Adaptation Expansion: To the Infinity Train half of the crossover, expanding on many of the ideas that are only briefly touched upon in that show.
    • Far more time is spent in individual cars, with said cars getting explored in-depth. For example, Corginia was briefly explored in "The Corgi Car", but Tulip was more obsessed with getting home and stopping the "Shadow Monster". Here, Chloe spends much more time in the city as an honored guest, visiting a garden, attending a feast, sleeping in the large temple that is Atticus's home, and even washing at a communal bathhouse. Multiple corgis are also seen as being capable of human speech, as opposed to Atticus being to only one seen talkingnote .
    • While we are shown what the passengers go through, we never see how their loved ones are coping with them having vanished, nor their reactions once they return from being gone for weeks or months at a time (outside Jesse and his younger brother Nate in Book 2). Here, the fic regularly cuts to a B-plot focusing on how Chloe's friends and family are reacting to her disappearance.
    • On the Pokémon side of things, the story expands on the incident from Journeys Episode 11 by showing that Chloe being pressured by her classmates wasn't just a one-time thing and how this decision has affected her to the point of not being able to figure out what she could be.
  • Adaptational Jerkass:
    • Invoked. Chloe's story about the wish-granter transforms its version of Mew into a childishly cruel creature that deliberately curses the protagonist to chase after them forever, drawing pleasure from their pain. Justified as even if Mew isn't actually this, it's how Chloe sees Mew for essentially ruining her friendship with Goh anyway.
    • Professor Cerise is shown to be more hostile and aggressive than his usual mellowness in the anime. Albeit this is justified; his daughter has vanished and all he knows is that this is because of some other-worldly train kidnapping her.
  • Adults Are Useless: Chloe's father is oblivious to her struggles, her Home Economics teacher's well-meaning attempt to push her creatively only serve to make her feel worse, Miss April only started chewing out Chloe's classmates for their behavior after Chloe ran away, and Renji lets slip that he was fully aware of Chloe's struggles, but passively let her stew in her anger when she proved evasive on the topic. The only adult that tried to reach out to her is her mother, who has tried to give advice, but was ultimately clueless in how to engage her in any way. The plot could have been avoided if any of these people made stronger attempts to check in on her or be more supportive... but then the Infinity Train wouldn't come.
    • Chapter 8's flashback reveals that Chloe's English teacher, Mr. Bradbury, was fully on her side by not only being patient with her with her book report, which he praised, but also punishing the students who kept mocking her. Unfortunately, it didn't stop the classmates from bullying her after class as Chloe's book report was thrown into the trash and their lunches dumped over them.
  • Adult Fear: All over the place. While the B-plot is focused on how Chloe's disappearance affected her loved ones, the events on the train also delve into this for other character.
    • Chloe's mother Talia worries about not knowing how to help her daughter, as she doesn't know her well enough to give her meaningful advice. In Chapter 4, she blames herself for not finding a hobby for Chloe sooner as she believes that it might've given Chloe something to do. Her worry has become so bad that she's only had the energy to cook omelet rice for three days straight.
    • Professor Cerise is horrified to realize just how much his daughter resents him and his work, and that he's been ignorant to her problems because his attention has been elsewhere. He can't even admit to Parker that she's gone and ends up shouting at him when he keeps insisting.
    • Both Professor Cerise and Goh feel guilty that their behavior inspired Chloe to run away from home. Goh blames himself the most because he could've gone to see her any time he wanted but instead became obsessed with Mew and runs a fever after three days of nonstop searching. It gets to the point that Chloe's classmates point out that Goh knows next to nothing about her because he never showed any interest.
    • Chloe's younger brother Parker starts blaming himself for his sister running away, believing he didn't love her enough.
    • Chloe's classmates realize that children don't always leave home to become Pokémon Trainers and that Chloe could be seriously injured all alone without anyone knowing where she went. Not to mention that there's the idea that she could never return home because of how they ostracized her.
    • Chloe wants to be able to do what she likes without being teased and bullied for her likes and has little to no adult support on her hobbies. It says something about how much she hates her life that she's willing to venture on the Infinity Train indefinitely than ever go back home.
    • Titus sent his son, Lexi, to be the partner of two passengers but had not seen him in eight years. It turns out Lexi never even left the car because the passengers were none other than Grace and Simon, the latter tearing Lexi's pages apart, electrocuting him and then burying him within the car's garden, where he remained for all this time.
    • Nico's best friend Cara became a partner to a young child...who was under the thumb of the Apex. Nico is now horrified of the idea that his friend might've been killed by those sociopaths.
  • Agent Scully: Professor Cerise rejects Goh's testimony about hearing a train on an empty street, as well as the input of 'Tri_pod', as patently ridiculous. Chryssa immediately points out that Ash's mastery of Aura is similarly "illogical" when he first makes this assertion, with other characters also bringing up equally strange things like psychic powers in later instances. These only serve to make him even angrier and claim no one is taking Chloe's disappearance seriously.
  • Alice Allusion: The train itself is one of these, and the story reinforces it by revealing that Chloe has read Alice in Wonderland five times and has a copy of it on her phone. She even compares the train to Wonderland and actively invokes the trope numerous times. Enough for those references to get their own segment on the fic's Shout Out page.
  • Aluminum Christmas Trees: Chloe uses shampoo in Chapter 3 that is called "Oncidium Sharry Baby" and she's surprised to find that it smells like chocolate despite seemingly being named after a flower (which Oliver, her corgi guide, lampshades). Turns out that it's actually a real flower that truly does smell like chocolate.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: The penguins in the Plush Penguin Car are all different colors, reflecting the ice cream flavors they're based off of: Minty is dark green with brown spots, Emperor Neopolitan is brown, white and pink and Nico — based off of sea salt ice cream — is cyan. The Sorbet Sharks are also different colors from red to coffee brown.
  • Arc Words:
    • "My life is a work in progress". This is the phrase Yeardley said as an answer when questioned about who he wants to be in life. While it's regularly repeated in reference to the original context, it also relates to how the Train works: you have to make progress on the train in order to develop yourself.
    • "Disappeared completely and never be found", in relation to how others' treatment of Chloe lead to her disappearing without a trace and how Chloe herself wants nothing to do with her old life and ventures to become an entirely new person at the cost of her friends and family being afraid for her safety.
  • Armor-Piercing Question:
    • Atticus brings one up when Chloe notes how her Yamper and Ash's Pikachu can get along.
      Chloe: He [Pikachu] and Yamper get along well...but Ash and I...we're not compatible...
      Atticus: What do you mean? If they can get along well, why can't you get along with Ash? What is he like?
      Chloe: He's...He's... not into me. He wouldn’t like me at all since Goh is essentially everything I’m not.
      (number rises from 148 back to 151)
    • When Yeardley questions why Chloe's so important to him, Goh gives this:
      Yeardley: What's there to know about her? She's quiet, doesn't talk much, eats lunch by herself. Why is she so important to you anyway?
    • When Chloe's classmates tell their teacher that they're all jealous and want to have Chloe's life, their teacher turns it all around.
      Miss April: So, let me repeat what you all just said to me and what I’ve observed. You all want to have the life of the girl who was never allowed to speak her mind, to be the girl who you all liked to call ‘Klutzy Chloe’ behind her back or make fun of whenever she had to read something or do an example of a math question on the whiteboard and then you want to be the girl who ran away from home because she felt like no one understood her and let her family worry about her when they found out she’s gone and all of her fellow classmates don’t even care if she got injured or died?
  • Armor-Piercing Response:
    • During their argument, Goh answers Chloe's furious demands this way, making matters much much worse:
      Chloe: Where were you when I needed support? When I was alone at school? When everyone picked on me for being 'Klutzy Chloe' or how I wasn't into Pokémon like you were? Where were you... Where were you?!
      Goh: Chasing my dreams, which is something you lack!
    • When Goh is running himself ragged trying to figure out what happened to Chloe, and Ash asks him to take a break, telling him that Chloe wouldn't want to see him like this:
      Goh: What do you know about her?! You don’t know anything about her!
      Ash: And apparently, neither did you.
  • Ascended Extra: Yeardley was nothing more than a Spear Carrier in the anime who proudly boasts that his life is a "work in progress" in order to jump start that episode's plot. Here, he has a slightly bigger role in the story, being an somewhat Innocently Insensitive kid who tends to vocalize the thoughts of the class and his only line is actually a reflection of what his father thinks about him.
  • Author Appeal: Descriptions of food, conversations taking place while people are eating food, lots of references to literature and characters with macabre interests? That's a Green Phantom Queen story there.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For:
    • Well, Chloe got her wish to live in a world without Pokémon. Though having a loyal animal companion that can spit fire or control lightning would sure be handy against soul-sucking roach dogs and other threats on the train.
    • Along similar lines, Goh tore into her for staying stagnant and not having any drive or ambition. Now she's off on a journey to figure out who she wants to be... leaving him and everyone else behind in the process.
    • Chloe's story about the boy chasing a wish-granting creature deliberately invokes this trope. After the boy accidentally killed his friend, he wished to see her again... but the creature twisted the wish and mocked the boy for not being more specific.
  • Be Yourself: When Chloe has doubts about if she'll ever be as good as Tulip from how Atticus talks about her, Atticus advises that Tulip is Tulip and Chloe needs to be able to find and become her best self.
  • Big "WHAT?!": Goh shouts this when he realizes that his friend Ash is the Alola League Champion.
  • Bland-Name Product: In Chapter 3, Parker is playing on a Swish console.
  • Both Sides Have a Point:
    • In their argument, Goh and Chloe accuse each other of being why they're not close anymore. While Chloe points out that Goh never replies to her messages and is so obsessed with Pokémon that she gave up trying to talk to him, Goh counters with how Chloe always runs away from spending any actual time with Goh and Ash, especially when Ash constantly asks her to go out with them.
    • When Goh chews out Chloe's classmates for pressuring her to fight Ash, while they ultimately do admit they were being insensitive, they also point out that Goh is also at fault for being completely ignorant of Chloe's feelings when he's supposedly her best friend.
    • When Lexi and Chloe argue about Lexi wanting vengeance on Grace and Simon, Lexi is right that they deserve some retribution for everything they did yet Chloe brings up how while she does want to get justice for how everyone in her life treated her, she doesn't want them gravely injured or dead.
  • Breather Episode: Downplayed. "The Plush Penguin Car" is a more relaxed adventure about eating ice cream that comes off the heels of the more emotionally heavy "The Library of Flying Books Car", but half of the A-Plot is dedicated to the characters retelling the events that just transpired in the far more dangerous adventure Midnight Car. Meanwhile the B-Plot has the major plot development of Professor Cerise and Ash learning about the Infinity Train. Then Part 2 made it just as heavy as the previous car when it shows Trip's encounter with the Apex, Lexi bringing up the possibility that Nico's friend was killed by them and Chloe's anxiety of telling her stories on stage after a flashback reveals her fellow students mocking her.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Discussed in Chapter 6. Chloe notes that the free-riders (Grace and Simon) responsible for Lexi's near destruction might not care about being confronted if they even recognize him as being 'that old book from such-and-such'.
  • Bystander Syndrome: In Chapter 7, Renji knew something was wrong with Chloe but said nothing over the idea that it would pass. Naturally, Professor Cerise is pissed off that Renji never brought it to his attention and indirectly made it easier for Chloe to run away.
  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": A Running Gag plays on how Chloe's frame of reference naturally uses Pokémon as its base, with others being confused by this. Such as her referencing Spinarak rather than spiders.
  • Call-Forward: In Trip's flashback on his encounter with Grace and Simon, he tell them that they're going to get what's coming. Considering that the story takes place during Book 3 then he's absolutely correct as the former will lose everyone she cared for and the latter will lose his life.
  • The Cameo: In One-One's video for Chloe, it shows images of Randall, Greige, Nancy, and Khaki Bottoms.
  • Central Theme:
    • Discovering yourself. Chloe is having trouble finding what she wants to be because everyone around her is basically telling her that she has to be into Pokémon to get noticed, they only see her as the successor to her father's work or they insult her for anything that she does like (Sara calling her a "Monster Lover", for example). Upon entering the train, Chloe is off to find who she truly is whereas her friends and family learn that they learn next to nothing about her.
    • The impact you have on people. Chloe feels like no one cares for her at all, but her disappearance was keenly felt by everyone she's interacted with. Her family and friends are absolutely worried for her, blaming themselves for her running away and doing all they can to find her, and even her classmates show concern upon realizing she didn't leave on an impromptu Pokémon journey. Inversely, the little things you do could add up later on: all of the insensitivity from Chloe's classmates, her family and friends (and the things that they didn't do) were what lead to Chloe running away in the first place. This is brought up in Chapter 8 when Chloe's English teacher quotes that words and actions are like arrows — once they are fired, you can't take them back.
    • Envy and resentment. Chloe is jealous of Ash for being such a great Pokémon trainer, Goh is implied to be jealous that Ash has so many friends and many of Chloe's classmates are jealous of Chloe's standing of being the daughter of a Pokémon Professor. All of them react via lashing out to hide their jealousy instead of properly communicating, ultimately leading to more hurt, particularly on Chloe's end, and their jealousy blinds them on how they could fix themselves.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Chloe is shown using Cheshire as an impromptu bat/golf club during the adventure in The Midnight Car. She uses this ability in Chapter 8 to lob a ice cream bagel sandwich into the mouth of a Sorbet Shark.
  • Coming-of-Age Story: For Chloe, but unlike most Pokémon stories, she's not doing it by going on a Pokémon journey but rather through the Infinity Train and its pocket dimensions.
  • Continuity Porn: There are numerous references to previous Infinity Train books and Pokémon episodes.note 
    • Akemi brings up the finale of the Alola League in how a boy with a Pikachu fought off against Tapu Koko.
    • Ash and Goh briefly summarize what they did in Episodes 27 and 28, one of the big things being how they ate a lot of Galarian curry.
    • Chloe wanting to battle Ash's Gengar, noting that her Yamper had battled Gengar in Episode 11. The narration also brings up the "Who do you want to be when you grow up?" scene from that very same episode. Speaking of Gengar, Goh brings up Gengar's backstory of being abandoned from Episode 17.
    • In the second chapter, Chloe sees One-One's introductory video from "The Black Market Car" and even repeats the questions like the lunch lady did. Atticus's introduction to her is the same that he gave to Tulip in "The Corgi Car" including the "Tourginia of Corginia" line. Atticus also mentions a strange deer who had unpredictable powers, referencing Alan Dracula.
    • In Chapter 3, Atticus outright summarizes the events of Book One to Chloe and even mentions how The Cat tricked Randall into making a "donut holer" business. At one point, he looks at his reflection in the river and contemplates what his Mirror Self is thinking.
    • Raboot recollects moments with Goh from Episode 4 (when Goh inspired Scorbunny to explore the world), Episode 17 (when it evolved into Raboot and also how Goh constantly dismissed its attempts to learn a Fire move), and Episode 22 (When Goh tried to leave it behind in Hoenn).
    • When talking about trains, Ash recalls how Iris and Cilan took the Magnet Train for the Johto region, which is what they did in the last episode of the Black and White season.
    • On their journey to their first car together, Atticus recites The Ballad of Stinktail and Mustard like he did in "The Crystal Car". He also reacts over Chloe carrying him across the river like when Tulip did the same and recalls the spot when he met the Steward with a shudder. Atticus also gifts Chloe a "donut holer" that was given to him for free by Randall.
    • Chloe considers Atticus's analogy of a book as an egg, like how Ash found a Pokémon egg (that would hatch into Riolu) in Episode 21.
    • When thinking about how he could have helped Chloe, Ash thinks back to how he assisted all his previous female companions (sans Misty and Iris) with their character development, recapping their respective roadblocks. He also namedrops everyone he's ever traveled with when telling Goh who he's enlisted to help search for Chloe.
    • When Professor Cerise has to lie to his son about where his daughter could've gone, he tells her she's on a journey. When Parker retorts that she didn't go to Pallet Town to get her starter Pokémon, Professor Cerise mentions that she could get her starter Pokémon in his lab like Goh did, in Episode 2.
    • In Chapter 6, Chryssa brings up Ash's Aura powers, which were a plot point in Episode 21.
    • In Chapter 7, Delilah brings up two of Ash's World Championship Qualification battles: the ones he had against Visquez and Korrina.
    • When Trip asks Professor Cerise of ways for people to travel from one place to another without Pokémon, Ash brings up that Sabrina's father could use teleportation.
    • In the flashback adventure to "The Midnight Car", a hunter is confused as to why Chloe fights with a pipe, only for Chloe to retort that it's a "donut holer", mirroring the dialogue between Tulip and the Conductor in "The Engine".
  • Curb Stomp Cushion: Yamper ultimately may have lost to Gengar, but it was able to get in at least one or two hits.
  • Dance of Romance: Chapter 6 has Lexi (in his human form) and Chloe dance to the Lobster Quadrille. The way that they waltz and how they alternate singing lyrics to said Quadrille heavily leans on the romantic. Naturally, Chloe is embarrassed when Atticus subtly points this out.
  • Deconstruction Fic: This fanfic discusses the typical "character goes on a Pokémon journey to find themselves" by having someone who doesn't want a life involving Pokémon instead being thrown into a train housing numerous pocket dimensions and trying to find themselves by visiting these strange worlds all while her friends and loved ones have no idea where they are. It also brings up the question of, "Can you be your own person in the Pokémon world if you don't associate yourself with Pokémon?"
  • Deconstructor Fleet: This fic takes a look at usual aspects of Pokémon canon and flips it on its head.
    • Of the typical Pokémon journey, be it in canon or fan works. While most characters in this world achieve their Character Development and find their Goal in Life through working with Pokémon in some way, this fic's Chloe doesn't nor does she want to do it in that way. Despite owning a Yamper and being the daughter of a Professor, Chloe's journey of growth and self-discovery has her traveling throughout the train without the Corgi Pokémon by her side and the fic explores why someone in the Pokémon world wouldn't want to constantly work with the creatures and how such a person would manage to grow as a person and find a purpose without them.
    • Goh's Goal in Life about Gotta Catch 'Em All is deconstructed by showing how much focus he put into it (and Ash) that makes Chloe feel like she's always second banana to Mew and Pokémon in general. And as shown in Episode 32, it's assumed that Goh only captures them to make up for his lack of human friends.
    • Ash is usually portrayed as an All-Loving Hero who can befriend anyone and any Pokémon. However, we see through Chloe's eyes that Ash is an unwanted intrusion into her life that essentially sucked up both Goh's and her father's attention away from her. And while Goh did make the point that Ash has frequently asked her to join them, he never shows a desire to know her all that well.
    • While Pokémon Sun and Moon touches upon what it's like for children to run away from home, this fic shows off the Adult Fear inherent in someone's child running away on a journey, especially if said child ran away after a falling out with their parents.
    • Chloe is supposed to play the role of "female companion who joins Ash on his adventures" but her disinterest in Pokémon and pressure from everyone around her in the assumption she'll get a career based on that, makes her hate him and completely avoid adventuring with him and Goh.
      • Moreover, while many of the people Ash meets already have a major goal that they want to accomplish (or, in May's case, at least a general desire to see the world), Chloe doesn't have any sense of what to do with her life thanks to her own insecurities and heavy external pressure to follow in her father's footsteps.
    • The students in Chloe's class assume that children would only leave home to become a Pokémon Trainer, and are shocked at the idea that someone could instead run away because they hated their lives, or that they could possibly be kidnapped or injured without anyone knowing where they are. This makes them realize how horrible they were when Goh calls them out for their Lack of Empathy.
    • The anime advertised Chloe being an assistant in her father's work, but we see time and time again that she does nothing for him except say hello, grab something, then hightail it out of there when Ash and Goh arrive. Ironically, because of her father's insistence to do something she doesn't like, Chloe loses any chance of finding she could like if she participated at a club at school.
      • Chloe's lack of focus in the anime also means that no one knows anything about her. Ash only has what Goh has told him, which is just "She just stopped liking them one day", Goh essentially forgets her for his own goals and even Talia is unsure what she can get her daughter interested in.
    • Chloe and Goh are supposedly friends, but Goh never ever does anything to show that he is Chloe's friend at all. Even Chloe's classmates point out that most of the problems with Chloe running away is on him for being totally ignorant of her.
  • Delayed Reaction: After Chloe challenges Ash, "Champion of Alola" to a battle, it cuts to Goh handing curry ingredients to Mr. Mime and how he's excited that Chloe is fighting the Champion of Alola... before Goh realizes just what that means.
    Goh: EHHHH!!! Ash is the what?!!!!
  • Development Gag: In Chapter 7, Trip mentions that one of the cars he visited was a gallery where they could paint a portrait of the most important person on your mind. According to the author's notes, it's referencing a car Chloe would've entered called "The Self-Portrait Car".
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: As Chloe brings up to Goh how he became so distant and obsessed with Pokémon, Goh points out his want to find Mew at least gives him a Goal in Life compared to her... not realizing that it's this obsession with Mew that is the reason why Chloe is angry. Even Ash realizes that Goh has just put his foot into his mouth and that he should shut up right now if he wants to save face.
    "Goh..." Ash said, realizing how big of a hole Goh dug for himself. Six feet. And Chloe was about to bury him in dirt and leave him behind like a bad memory.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Chloe quickly comes to regret her impulsive decision to challenge Ash, not only because it emphasized how much of a novice she is as a trainer, but also because it rubs in how Goh and her own father seem more invested in her liking Pokémon than in her in general. On top of this, Goh filmed the match on his phone, and she realizes that he could show it to everyone at school and open her up to even more mockery...which ends up happening later, just as she feared.
  • Disappointed in You: Miss April reacts this way upon overhearing Sara cruelly declaring that she hopes Chloe is never found. This disappointment extends to her whole class for their general treatment of their now-absent classmate.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: It's not hard to read the fic and notice that Chloe is essentially a stand-in for girls being labeled into specific categories without their say and being pushed around by men who seemed to focus on themselves.
    • Nearly ever single person who contributes to Chloe's Rage Breaking Point in the first chapter are men — her dad, her Home Ec teacher, Yeardley, Goh and Ash — while the only people who care for Chloe are female (her mother Talia and classmate Akemi). Subverted with Ash as he has tried to get to Chloe but it's his mere presence that has caused Chloe to hate him.
    • When Yeardley was asked what he wanted to be, he jokes that he's a "work in progress" and everyone laughs. Yet Chloe is unable to utter a word before everyone immediately decides for her what she's supposed to be.
    • The fact that Professor Cerise is more interested in Ash and Goh, a pair of boys, instead of his own daughter makes it seem like he's very sexist in a sense. Notably, Chloe's Rage Breaking Point didn't really snap until he called her out on her anger problems and sided with Goh and Ash.
    • In the flashback to The Midnight Car, the Erlking immediately labels Chloe a princess and then pulls out a list of every single trope she embodies, even when Chloe stated that she's the daughter of a "scientist".
  • Double-Meaning Title: The "Trail" comes from the term "Rail Trail" — a term for a no longer used railway track used for a walking path — and the trail that is also a path representing how everyone in Vermillion City is trying to find Chloe's whereabouts.
  • Double Standard: Chloe notes that one of her classmates — Yeardley, a boy — gets a free pass on the "What do you want to be when you grow up?" by stating his life is a work on progress. Yet she gets all the pressure to follow in her father's footsteps. Word of God points out how the writers unintentionally brought this up.
  • Drama-Preserving Handicap: If Chloe did bring Yamper on her when she boarded the train, the Puppy Pokémon's electrical attacks would be able to help her across the more dangerous cars and agaisnt the Ghoms. The lack of Yamper means that she must rely on her own strength and that of Atticus and Lexi if she wants to survive.
  • Dramatically Missing the Point:
    • Goh's lack of social skills means he doesn't understand why Chloe is upset about him cooped up in his room to look up Mew... because it's this reason why she's upset at him.
    • Professor Cerise finally shows Chloe attention... for getting interested in Pokémon battles, not realizing that she just wants him to focus on her in general, not on "her + Pokémon".
    • While reluctantly discussing Ash with Atticus, Chloe dodges around addressing her actual problems with him. This causes her number to rise back to its original state. Upon noticing this, Chloe automatically blames Ash for that as well.
  • Dramatic Drop:
    • Titus drops the pepper mill in his hand when Chloe shows him Lexi's book. We later learn that this is because Lexi is his son that he has not seen in years.
    • Nico drops a bagel half when Atticus gives a simple solution to his problems of getting penguins to like bagels.
  • Dramatic Irony: While Chloe's friends and family are freaking out over her being gone, Chloe is having the time of her life in the Infinity Train believing that no one actually cares about her and not even caring about them at all.
    • Chapters 2 and 3 have Goh, Professor Cerise and Talia worried over Chloe's safety... while she's relaxing and having a feast in the Corgi Car, one of the safest places on the entire train. On the flip side, Chloe honestly thinks her father and Goh don't care about her or her whereabouts whatsoever, while both of them (especially the latter) are blaming themselves for her disappearance.
    • Parker believes that Chloe ran away because he didn't love her enough. In reality, she felt that way about their father instead — and called him out directly on it. Yet Parker, who wasn't involved in that nasty confrontation, appears to have learned better than the Professor.
    • In Chapter 5, Goh resolves to be a better friend to Chloe, and hopes their reunion will be a positive one. Meanwhile, she had just finished writing a story where an Expy of him kills her in his ignorance and receives karmic retribution for it.
    • Chloe honestly felt like no one noticed her at all; with her disappearance, she's now the center of attention at home and the talk of her classmates.
    • Lexi wants to get his revenge on Grace and Simon for everything they did to him. Given that this is around the time Book 3 is going on, readers will know that he'll never get that chance since Simon is doomed to be turned to ash by a Ghom.
  • Edible Theme Naming: The penguins in the Plush Penguin Car are named after the ice cream flavors they're inspired from. Except for Nico, who's based off sea salt ice cream and whose name is a shout-out to NicoB. Likewise the Sorbet Sharks in the same car are based off of Italian desserts, barring Aria who is named after the term Aria di sorbetto.
  • Eureka Moment:
    • Chloe is trying to write a story in Chapter 5 but is having writer's block. She then comments that finding an idea is like chasing something that was impossible... before she figures out what her story is and begins writing.
    • The following chapter, Chloe realizes the answer to Titus's riddle — what do all passengers have in common — after she comments that anyone would've forgiven Lexi for his actions. Her answer? "Passengers have the ability to change for the better".
  • Everything's Better with Penguins: The Plush Penguin Car is filled with soft cuddly penguins who like ice cream and hold "Penguin Potlucks".
  • Exact Words:
    • Chloe's Home Economics teacher Mr. Pepper wanted all of his students to make 'their own curry'. When he's disappointed by the fact that Chloe followed the recipe exactly, she points out that this is her own curry. Unfortunately, he doesn't accept this and demands she cooks a do-over.
    • When Parker asks what happened to his sister, Professor Cerise just says that she's "on a journey". Technically she is on one, but Parker naturally pries further until he gets the full story.
    • Chloe has this happen in her story in Chapter 5. When the boy makes his wish to see his friend again, the wish-granter complies by transforming into the girl for a few seconds. The boy is devastated because he accidentally killed his best friend and what he wanted was her to be brought back to life. The wish-granter remarks that he should've been more clear about the wish.
  • Face Palm: Ash's reaction when 'Tri_pod' points out that their screen name is literally just his full name plus -od to make a punny camera reference.
  • Faux Horrific: When Atticus mentions "The Ball Pit Car", Chloe's first reaction is to laugh at how something so childish could be terrifying. Any fan of Infinity Train will tell you it is not a lighthearted episode.
  • Flashback: Many chapters have these to expand on characters.
    • Chapter 2 opens with a flashback of a younger Goh and Chloe eating some of Talia's beef stew pasta curry with Goh asking Chloe that when she makes her own curry to have him try it out.
    • Chapter 6 has Lexi recalling the moment Grace and Simon injured him and buried him within his own car. and another when Chloe remembers a time when some in her class made fun of her macabre interests.
    • Chapter 7 has Lexi reflect on an adventure he, Atticus and Chloe went through in The Midnight Car.
    • Chapter 8 shows Trip's encounter with the Apex and another when Chloe was mocked at for when she did a book report.
  • Flying Books: Chloe and Atticus enter a car that is home to this in Chapter 3.
  • Food Porn: It's a Green Phantom Queen story so this was a given. It's also one of the tags on the story. She even admits that she's not apologizing for it at all.
    • Chapter 2 and 3 shows off all the foods that Chloe feasts upon in the Corgi Car with most of the fruits and vegetables displayed actually being safe for canine consumption (barring the onions because they were planted in honor of Tulip).
    • Chapter 4 spends ample time on Chloe prepping and cooking meatball soup and Chef's salad for the flying books.
    • Chapter 6 is about Chloe's Unbirthday and the myriad of foods based off of Alice in Wonderland.
    • Chapter 7 has Ash and Professor Cerise talking to Trip over Teppanyaki while Chloe, Atticus and Lexi are at a car filled with penguins making ice cream.
  • Food Slap: Chloe decides to slam a hot plate of curry into Goh's face when Goh states that he cares about her when it's been shown time and time again in the anime that she constantly takes a backseat to Pokémon. She then throws a glass of water at Ash's face when he tries to intervene.
  • Foreshadowing:
    • Before the train arrives for Chloe, she's shown destroying trash cans with a pipe. Chapters later, she receives a pipe (sorry, "donut holer") courtesy of Randall.
    • Somebody with the screen name of 'Tri_pod' responds to a post Goh made about Chloe's disappearance remarking that it reminds them of their own experience and that they'll be visiting Vermilion City in a few days. They also allude to wanting to speak with 'the Alola League Champion', further hinting at their identity as Trip, the Unovan photographer.
    • In Chapters 4 to 6, whenever Chloe passed by the portraits of passengers that previously entered Azada, her eyes are locked into one of two teens sneering at her. Those teens? Grace and Simon who are the reason why Lexi was buried underground for eight years.
  • For Want of a Nail:
    • If Chloe didn't vocally freak out at the revelation that Ash Ketchum was the Alola League Champion, she wouldn't have been pushed by her classmates to actually battle him, which led her to snap at Ash, Goh, and Professor Cerise and thus finding herself on board the Infinity Train.
    • As shown in Adults Are Useless, if any adult in Chloe's life actually noticed her problems, she'd never run away and the Train wouldn't have taken her. The same with Goh and Ash — if either of them stopped focusing on their goals for one second and took more time to interact with Chloe, she wouldn't have held onto so much resentment on them.
    • Discussed with Lexi. He notes that if he had gone along with Grace and Simon, they probably would use him to find other cars on the train and destroy them too.
  • Free-Range Children:
    • Discussed. Chloe reasons that it can't be too difficult to run away from home. After all, ten-year-olds all across the world do it all the time. In Chapter 5, Chloe's classmates initially assume that all children who leave home are just aiming to become Trainers, and are guilt-ridden upon learning that they can have other motivations like wanting to escape crappy lives.
    • Deconstructed in the Flying Books Car. Lexi was lost and gravely injured as a direct result of the Train bringing children like Simon and Grace on board and leaving them largely unchecked. This left him with an understandable grudge against 'free-riders'.
  • From Bad to Worse: Chapter 1 is essentially Chloe's anger problems slowly building up until she explodes and runs away from everyone.
  • The Ghost:
    • Atticus mentions various characters on the train when he recaps his adventures to Chloe. He says that Khaki Bottoms made a recovery — though lost an ear — and the Ball Pit Car is restored. Chloe also gets a message from Randall attached to her dress and Atticus mentioned that Randall offered a free "donut holer" for Chloe.
    • Tulip is constantly mentioned by Atticus because of the fond memories he had.
    • Grace and Simon are mentioned in Chapter 6, as they were the reason why Lexi was found buried in the Library of Flying Books Car and their portrait was hanging on the wall of Azada.
  • Great Big Library of Everything: The Library of Flying Books Car, which is filled with sentient books and paper beings in addition to being a repository of media from several different universes.
  • Guilt by Association Gag: Ash, in a more dramatic variation. While he's never actually directly wronged Chloe, his growing friendship with Goh has further contributed to the rift between the childhood friends widening, as she feels overshadowed by his accomplishments and Goh keeps gushing about him.
  • Hated Hometown: Chloe shows no love for Vermilion City as it's filled with people who absolutely show no love for her. She even says farewell before she enters the train, and once she hopes that she can stay on said train for as long as she wants.
  • Headdesk: In Chapter 5, Chloe does one of these (just like Hiro Hamada) when she can't think of a good story to write.
    Chloe: Dumb brain! Got nothing! Stupid! Useless! No good!
  • Holding Hands: After meeting, Lexi and Chloe are shown to be holding hands all the time when together.
  • Hourglass Plot: With Chloe's sudden disappearance, Goh finds himself in the same position she once was in: left behind while his friend chases her dreams without giving him a second glance and without anyway to reach out to her.
  • Humans Are Flawed: The Infinity Train only goes after people who have some sort of flaw or going through troubled times, but the story also highlights how most of the people in Chloe's life aren't perfect and contributed to Chloe's problems, most notably for being ignorant of her problems or not doing more to support her.
  • I Call It "Vera": Chloe gives her donut holer the name of Cheshire because of how Randall started selling them thanks to The Cat.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Most episodes, save for the first, have two titles, reflecting the split nature of the narrative. The first half of each title comes from an Ability Pokémon can have, which symbolizes something about that chapter's events. The second half follows the Infinity Train trend of being the name of the train car the character is visiting.
  • Improbable Weapon User: One of the gifts Chloe receives before leaving the Corgi Car is a steel pipe that she plans to use as a weapon against the Ghoms she was warned about. She puts it to good use if the adventures in The Midnight Car are to go by.
  • Innocently Insensitive: Practically everyone Chloe encounters in the first chapter is guilty of this to some degree. Her classmates (barring Akemi) pressure her to fight off against Ash (even though she doesn't want to be near Ash at all), her Home Economics teacher reminds her how she doesn't participate in school clubs because of her father's research, Goh and Ash wanting Mr. Mime to cook lots of curry without realizing how important it was to her and Goh in the past, and Professor Cerise is proud that Chloe tried doing something with Pokémon, not realizing that it's making Chloe feel like more of an idiot for trying to fight Ash.
    • When Goh explains Gengar's backstory of being abandoned, Chloe makes a remark in her mind that she was also abandoned by Goh.
    • In Chapter 5, Goh tears Chloe's classmates for never considering her feelings and that they share the blame for causing Chloe to run away. However, those classmates quickly point out that since Chloe was a quiet loner that shrugged off interacting with most of them, Goh is more to blame since he actually was Chloe's friend and had just as many (if not more) chances to notice Chloe's problems.
    • Subverted with Lexi. After Chloe says that her little horror story is something she does to pass the time, he remarks that there are other things she can be doing...before recalling her Friendless Background. He quickly mutters, "Oh, right" in response.
  • Insistent Terminology: No, Randall did not gift Chloe an L-Bend steel pipe. It's a donut holer. For making things into donuts.
  • In Spite of a Nail: The author confirms that most of the episodes of Pokémon Journeys still play out (particularly episodes 29 and 31) even though Chloe doesn't play a part in them.
  • Internal Reveal:
    • In the first chapter Chloe and Goh learn that Ash is the Alola League Champion.
    • In Chapter 6, Chloe and Atticus learn of Grace and Simon.
    • In Chapter 7, Professor Cerise, Ash, Chryssa and Renji learn of the Infinity Train.
  • Irony:
    • Chloe's starting number is 151. While she doesn't know what it means, those who know their Pokémon facts will realize that it's Mew's national Pokédex number. And considering how much Goh is so obsessed with Mew...
    • In Chapter 2, Chloe's dinner back at her house was a chicken and egg rice bowl, otherwise known as the parent-and-child bowl. Professor Cerise would laugh at the irony if it wasn't for the fact that he's just seen his daughter run away from the lab.
    • Chloe is constantly stuck at her father's lab after school preventing her from entering clubs...which could've probably helped her find herself if her father actually allowed her to go.
  • I Should Write a Book About This: Chloe's story in Chapter 5 is an embellished take on Goh's quest to find Mew, with a vindictive Karmic Twist Ending for good measure.
  • It's All My Fault:
    • Goh spends Chapter 3 unable to sleep and thinking that Chloe running away is all his fault and spends the next few chapters blaming himself entirely for this mess.
    "Chloe's gone because of me, Chloe's gone because of me..."
    • Professor Cerise looks in horror when Chloe unleashes her outburst at him, eating the curry Mr. Mime cooked before weeping.
    • Parker thinks that Chloe ran away because of he didn't love her enough.
  • It's a Long Story: When Goh mentions that the only train station in town is nowhere near the alleyway where Chloe's hair scrunchie was found, Ash also agrees on this.
    Ash: I mean, my old friends Iris and Cilan took the Magnet Train there to the Johto region—
    Goh: Iris and Cilan?
    Ash: Long story.
  • It's the Journey That Counts: When Chloe asks Atticus the possibility of never wanting to go back home, Atticus states that she'll eventually find that she wants to go back home.
    Atticus: All journeys come to an end eventually, but we must learn to accept what the journey has taught us and to make changes to our worldview when need be. Failure to do so can have dire consequences.
  • Jackass Genie: The wish-granter in Chloe's story gleefully twists the protagonist's words around (to let them see their friend again) to ensure that their wish is effectively wasted, rendering his quest All for Nothing.
  • Journey to Find Oneself: Chloe decides to take one of these on the train in the hopes of her experimenting and trying new things without being pressured by everyone.
  • Karmic Twist Ending: In Chloe's story about the wish-granter, the protagonist grows so obsessed with capturing the creature that he's willing to kill his rival. However, in doing so, he accidentally strikes down his best friend, setting the stage for the wish-granter to twist his desire and curse him to chase the wish-granter for all eternity.
  • Kids Are Cruel: A recurring theme of the story.
    • The majority of Chloe's classmates mock her and belittle her for her love of the macabre and not being into Pokémon, being more interested in her actually battling the Alola League Champion than the fact that she vanished into thin air. Even Goh is somewhat guilty of this, stating that Chloe has no right to call him out for abandoning her since he has a dream and she doesn't. They are quickly put in their place and realize that Chloe may never return because they were a bunch of assholes.
    • The Apex are a bunch of hellions who were raised to hurt and destroy things under the "guidance" that it makes them powerful.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler:
    • Like most Infinity Train crossover fics, the author assumes the reader has at least watched Book One before reading the story, as the first thing that Chloe sees when she wakes up on the train is the intro message One-One gives every passenger as of Book 2. Atticus also explains everything that occurred that season in Chapter 3. On a lesser note, it reveals that Ash finally won a Pokémon League, having become the Alola League Champion at the end of the Sun & Moon anime.
    • Chapter 4 briefly mentions how Faba was related to why Lillie couldn't touch Pokémon. Jaden's story in the same chapter drops hints about the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime (particular of the Supreme King of Darkness).
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: After a pep talk from Atticus in Chapter 3, Chloe goes "This is my story..." in the pretense that this is her taking her life into her own hands, but also mentioning that this fanfic is about her.
  • Mirror Self: Discussed. Atticus tells the adventure of the Chrome Car that acts as a portal to the Mirror World and looks at his reflection in the river, wondering what his counterpart is thinking. Chloe also thinks of what happened if she became her mirror self: outgoing, positive, confident, speaks her mind and everyone gets the hint that she will not get a job involving Pokémon.
  • Moving the Goalposts:
    • Downplayed with the curry Chloe makes in Home Ec. Mr. Pepper wanted his students to 'make the recipe their own', and decides that Chloe following the recipe precisely simply isn't good enough.
    • When Goh accuses Ash of not doing enough to help track down Chloe, Ash responds that he's been calling everyone he can think of, spreading the word far and wide. Goh then mulishly insists that he still hasn't done enough, and dismisses the idea that she could have gotten far enough for such wide-spread efforts to have any real effect.
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • Goh quickly realizes what he said to Chloe was absolutely hurtful and chases her out into the night. Unfortunately, he misses her being caught by the train and finds only her hair scrunchie left behind. Chapters show him being completely eaten up by the guilt of what he did.
    • Professor Cerise has this realization after Chloe runs away from the lab, as it dawns upon him that he's been completely unaware of his daughter's insecurities. Word of God is that the author was really annoyed and believed that Professor Cerise was oblivious to his daughter's worries until the anime showed otherwise.
    • Some of Chloe's classmates look horrified when Goh chews them out for how they're responsible for Chloe running away.
  • Mythology Gag: When she realizes that she's stuck on the train and Yamper is unaware of where she's gone, Chloe thinks that he will be like the Ninetales who waited two hundred years for their master. This was the plot of one of the Johto episodes, "Just Waiting For A Friend".
  • Never My Fault: Yeardley and the rest of Chloe's shallower classmates refuse to acknowledge that they played any part in driving her away, turning the blame back onto Goh and insisting that he hurt her far more than they did. That said, some of them prove more willing to admit that they aren't completely blameless, and Yeardley acknowledges that he's not the only "work in progress".
  • Once an Episode: There's always going to be at least one scene of food being described in each chapter.
  • Outside-Context Problem: The titular Infinity Train is this to the Pokémon world since it's an otherworldly train that picks up people who are going through serious problems in their lives, and has no connection with any Legendaries.
  • Passive-Aggressive Kombat:
    • While informing her that he expects her to create her own curry recipe, Mr. Pepper "encourages" her by commenting that she's surely got plenty of time to come up with something, due to not being part of any school clubs. Which is only the case because she's not allowed to be, as her father expects her to help with his research.
    • This seems to be a skill shared by his fellow teacher Miss April, as she lays quite the guilt trip onto her class after catching Sara in the act of badmouthing Chloe.
  • Plot Parallel:
    • The story Chloe writes while staying in the Library of Flying Books Car features counterparts of Goh and herself as the main characters and Mew as a wish-granting shapeshifter that Goh's counterpart obsesses over.
    • Titus went through his own Adult Fear with the disappearance of his son, Lexi, only to learn that Lexi had been Buried Alive in the same car. While this neglect was in no way intentional, Lexi still lashes out furiously at Titus for failing to notice his pain or actively searching for him.
    • Lexi is filled with resentment towards those who hurt him and wishes to get his revenge in some way, shape, or form. Chloe directly compares it to her own resentment of those who hurt her with their neglect or forcing their ideas of what she should become upon her.
    • Nico being the odd one out amongst the plush penguins and getting teased for his different interests naturally reminds Chloe of her own isolation.
    • Much like Chloe, Trip ended up being treated with ice cream right on the heels of a harrowing experience, granting him a chance to relax after being brutalized by the Apex.
  • Pulling the Thread: When Professor Cerise tries lying to Parker by claiming that Chloe just "went on a journey", Parker immediately challenges this, asking why she wouldn't tell anyone beforehand, or leave Yamper behind.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Chloe having to eat curry made by Mr. Mime ends up being this. She grew to hate curry because it serves as a reminder of how much she and Goh are drifting apart (they used to eat it together all the time, not to mention that she's asked by her Home Economics teacher to make a new curry recipe). Her dad coming in just to praise the idea that she's finally started taking a real interest in Pokémon, reinforcing how he only seems to notice her when Pokémon are involved and this is after she lost to Ash in a battle along with Goh recording it so that it can be shown to her classmates and thus have her open to their jeers and mocking, also contributes to her snapping.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Chloe didn't just immediately decide to run away; the first chapter takes the time to reveal the sorts of people and their actions would shape Chloe to snap and disappear completely, never to be found.
    • Chloe's battle against Ash is heavily one-sided on his favor due to his experience and Chloe's lack of it, especially since she doesn't know that Tackle doesn't work on Ghost-types like Gengar.
    • Chloe only accepted the request to fight Ash if it'll get her classmates off her back. However, not only did the battle show how she's a complete newbie but Goh and her father only focus more on the battle then at her, making her self-loathing and low self-esteem problems worse.
    • While Ash has asked Chloe to join him and Goh on an adventure, he doesn't do anything more than that nor does he even try to understand her. It takes more than just a simple question to get someone who doesn't want to join you into actually saying "Yes".
    • In Chapter 4, Goh runs a high fever because he spent so much time finding Chloe without taking a break.
    • Children don't run away from home because they want to be Trainers. Sometimes they run away to get away from something horrible in their lives.
    • When Chloe's classmates state how jealous they are of Chloe being privileged to battle Ash, their teacher points out that Ash himself had to work his ass off to become champion in the first place and that projecting their wishes to be Chloe without doing anything at all is absolute nonsense.
    • If you had a suspicion of someone going through trouble and don't act on it or tell someone, of course you're getting chewed out. Professor Cerise is pissed off to no end that Renji knew about Chloe's problems and did nothing to help her.
    • People become bullies because they just want to pick on someone who's weird and different. They don't need to have a horrible backstory.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech:
    • During their confrontation in the first chapter, Chloe calls out her father for letting her wilt in his shadow, neglecting her in favor of his research. When she turns on Ash for stealing her best friend, Goh leaps to his defense and accuses her of not having any dreams or drive of her own.
    • Miss April delivers one to her whole class when she questions why they were so jealous of Chloe, sarcastically observing that they must all have wonderful lives, and parents who would surely be thankful to know that their children aren't the sort who would bully and isolate one of their peers. Followed by reminding them that Ash has worked hard to achieve his dreams, and they should be focusing on their own studies as well.
  • Revenge Fic: In-universe; the story Chloe writes in Chapter 5 basically tells how much she wants Goh to suffer for being obsessed with Mew.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: Goh and Professor Cerise are worried that Chloe ran away from home and got kidnapped. They're right on that part, but they assume it was a person who did it, not a train.
  • Rule of Three:
    • Per Word of God, she states that she wants to have at each car Chloe visits to be at a maximum of three chapters.
    • There's also the Power Trio of Chloe, Atticus and Lexi.
    • Chloe has resentment for three specific people in her life: her father, Goh and Ash.
  • Shout-Out: Has its own page.
  • Shown Their Work:
    • All the flowers, vegetables, and fruits present in Corginia are those that are safe for dogs to consume. The sole exception are onions, which Atticus immediately notes they can't eat and only grow in memory of Tulip's heroism (as it was her Trademark Favorite Food). Chapter 4 continues this as all the vegetables in the meatball soup and Chef's salad are dog friendly.
    • The White Knight Eligos from Chloe's story in Chapter 6 sounds like something from a fantasy. Nope, it's a real demon from the Ars Goetia.
  • Skewed Priorities: Played for Drama. When Yeardley first learns that Chloe's run away from home in Chapter 6, he brushes over that to focus on the fact that she actually challenged Ash, and is much more interested in watching the fight — and mocking the mistakes she made during it. The same goes for the rest of her peers who crowd around Goh to pepper him with questions about Ash and watch the fight.
  • Slippy-Slidey Ice World: The "Plush Penguin Car" serves as a non-video game example by way of pocket universes, though it trades out the snow in favor of ice cream.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Chloe delivers a Badass Boast in the form of a quote to the Erlking followed by an outburst of this nature (which doubles as a Shout-Out to The Owl House):
    Chloe Do not underestimate me, Erlking, for I am, Chloe of the Vermillion. A proud member of the Red Lotus Trio! NOW EAT THIS, SUCKA!!!
  • Stating the Simple Solution: Nico's shocked by Atticus' suggestion of putting ice cream between the bagel slices as opposed to injecting it, so his skeptical and mocking peers are aware that he's actually making ice cream sandwiches instead of plain bagels.
  • Take That!:
    • When bringing up the Double Standard moment from episode 11, the author remarks that she thought "Japan was free from sexism in Pokémon".
    • The author's notes for Chapter 7 brings up how Chloe has obtained little to no screen time (when the chapter was written, episode 38 had aired) and compared her to the exposure that Romin Kirishima has become a formidable female duelist "than most of the girls from Arc-V ever were".
  • Trapped in Another World: Chloe ends up on the Infinity Train but has no reason to go back home immediately because she doesn't want to confront her father, former best friend, her classmates, or "Black Hole" Ash any time soon.
  • Two Lines, No Waiting: Starting with Chapter 2, the story is divided into two parts: Chloe's adventures on the train and her friends and family desperately trying to find her.
  • Unishment:
    • Most passengers who got sucked into the train find being trapped there a living hell. Chloe, who doesn't want to go back home, finds it to be the best thing ever.
    • Lexi's punishment for accidentally having Chloe hurt from his fight with Titus is to travel with her until she is ready to go home...that is to say, he gets to spend more time with Chloe and finally have his wish fulfilled to explore the rest of the train.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Chloe running away isn't without reason as there are a lot of factors that caused her to snap.
    • Akemi innocently talked about a match that happened months ago during the Alola League that involved Professor Kukui and a boy with a Pikachu. Unfortunately, this caused Chloe to realize that this same boy is Ash Ketchum, had her classmates pressure her to go battle him and would eventually lead to Chloe running away from home and enter the Infinity Train.
    • Chloe's Home Economics teacher, Mr. Pepper, also contributes to this when he tells Chloe she needs to make her own curry recipe alongside telling her that she has plenty of time to make up for it (because she doesn't participate in school clubs) which aggravates her more when Mr. Mime makes plenty of curry for her, Ash and Goh.
    • While most of Chloe's classmates also play a role for this, it's Yeardley who first brings up the suggestion of Chloe fighting Ash.
    • And of course, Goh and her own father are Innocently Insensitive in how they react to the match, as they suddenly show plenty of interest in her...performance as a trainer.
  • Viewers Are Geniuses: Many types of mythology and books are referenced throughout the story and Chloe somehow knows about the Ars Goetia even though she's only ten.
  • Wham Line: The end of Chapter 7 has Trip explain that he met with a bunch of monsters while on the train.
    Trip: And they called themselves The Apex.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: As part of this being an Accusation Fic, this tends to come up a lot.
    • Chloe chews out Ash, Goh, and her father for leaving her behind while they constantly obsess over Pokémon and only notice her when she gets into whatever they like.
    • Goh is furious at Chloe for chucking his phone into one of the curries, complaining that he could have lost all the data on it if it was damaged. This snowballs into Professor Cerise demanding to know what's gotten into his daughter while she calls him, Goh, and Ash out for not really caring about her.
    • In Chapter 5, Goh chews out all of Chloe's classmates for being more interested in Ash and Pokémon and not the more terrifying fact that Chloe has run away from home and probably gone forever.
    • Professor Cerise is furious upon learning that one of his aides noticed that Chloe wasn't happy and didn't inform him under the belief that it would just blow over.
  • When You Coming Home, Dad?: A variant. Chloe certainly sees her father often enough thanks to visiting the lab regularly, but putting all his energy towards his Pokémon lab work and his "research fellows" means that Professor Cerise still fails to actually spend any quality time with his daughter.
  • Why Couldn't You Be Different?: Age-flipped. Chloe asks this question to her father after she confesses that she's sick of how everyone wants her to be involved with Pokémon, including him.
    Chloe: Why did you have to become a Professor? Why couldn’t you be someone different?!
  • The Wild Hunt: Chloe, Atticus and Lexi encountered this when they traversed through The Midnight Car.

“Goodbye Vermilion City. I hope you find someone else to take over my dad’s job.”


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