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This is an index of Fan Works related to Pokémon.

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    Abridged Series 


    Fan Fiction 

    Fan Fiction — Crossovers 

    Game Mod 

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    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 

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    Web Comics 

  • Boltbeam, a now-completed project, intended to create Pokémon based upon all of the then-unused type combinations.
  • Smogon (competitive community, considered the authority for the game's Character Tiers)
  • Global PokedeX Plus (aka GPX+): A free online game based around completing the Pokédex by picking up eggs and released Pokémon that appear on the main page and in the Safari, and leveling them by interacting with them and other people's Pokémon, and also battling and breeding them. All the tedium, a fraction of the violence, and zero cost!
  • The Cave of Dragonflies: A personal website filled with detailed analysis of Pokémon's more esoteric gameplay elements and glitches, as well as assorted personality quizzes and other fun goodies.

    Web Videos 


    TV Tropes 
  • The TV Tropes Pantheon has approximately 90 characters from the Pokémon franchise as deities, of whom 70 are individual species. The Pantheon has a Partnership program set up that focuses on teamwork between a deity and their selected Pokémon.

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