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Once Upon A Shooting Star is a Crossover Fan Fic created by the deviantART user and Troper RoyalFanatic (sometimes called RF) mainly based on Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but tying in bands composed of characters from many, MANY other games.

The fiction focuses on Action Girl Jocelyn Michaels and her band, Explosive Underbelly! Version 2, known more commonly as V.2 to distinguish from her brother's band of the same name. Consisting of Joc, her pretty-much-brother Albert "Al" Makar, computer-savvy guitarist Grace Williams, and Sharky, the man who pretty much raised the Michaels twins, V.2 strives to reach the Rock Immortals challenge in the midst of musicians hearing a strange voice, collapsing on stage and even disappearing. After Al is told by a little psychic girl of "the chosen sixteen" and the threat of "the other side", V.2 finds themselves caught in the whirlwind of mystery.


But they are not alone. Soon, two other bands join them, and they seek out the final few chosen, learn more of the once-shrouded Redemption Organization, and, ultimately, set out to save the world.

RF has also written oneshots to supplement this work; they may also be cited here.

Additionally, she plans on writing five sequels to this. This page may grow rapidly over time...

Ladies and Gentlemen... ARE YOU READY TO ROCK!?


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