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Fanfic / Project Chimera - The Attic Hypothesis

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Breach of conduct is liable to result in death.

Project Chimera - The Attic Hypothesis is a Fanfiction for the Pokémon franchise by Random Access Misery, better known on this site as the Aphid.

Atticus has lived in the same room his entire life. The facility is all he’s ever known. It isn’t that bad, really. He gets the morning and evening to himself, after all. But in the middle of the day, they come for him. The professors: Dogbane, Asphodel, Cypress, Nightshade, Heath, and many others. He calls them by their names. They call him 17c3.


Day after day, the scientists perform experiments on him. Horrible experiments that no human should ever be subjected to... except Atticus isn’t human. Not entirely. This has gone on for seventeen years with no end... until the day he almost drowned and had a bit of a meltdown. Dogbane feeling guilty and the others frustrated with a lack of progress, the professors did something they really shouldn’t have.

They gave him hope. And then, they tried to take it away. Needless to say, this did not work out well for them.

The Attic Hypothesis is ongoing, and is written by fellow troper the Aphid, so you know it’s gonna be terrible.


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